and stay safe!


ᗯᗩᖇᑎIᑎG: ᒪOᑎG ᑭOᔕT

I didn’t want to have to address this but it’s getting out of hand. Anyway, as we all know or should know, Jimin has been getting a mass amount of unwarranted hate. This can go from name calling to death threats to even threatening his family members and honestly it’s downright disgusting.
A Twitter user by the name of Selja has been saying that they, and their accomplices, are going to BTS’ concert at the Honda Centre in Anaheim on the 1st of April.
They stated that:
‘The pig will soon die’ and 'My place is rather discreet for the concert, my gun in my bag and when Jimin will sing Lie, Boom he will die!!!’
This is just two of the horrible things they have said and there are many more I could have used.
What’s worse is that they went on to say that they 'hope his mother dies also’ which breaks my heart to see.

We are not alone in fighting against them. I have come across countless Exo-L, VIPs and other fan bases supporting and contributing to the ridding of these people.

I as an ARMY, Exo-L and VIP would like to ask you NOT to try and contact Selja or any of their associates. This will not make any difference to us, they will just come back at us full force.
The most we can do for now is report and block them. I have emailed Big Hit about the situation and so have many others. Honda Centre know about the issue and are tightening their security and taking all the necessary precautions they can to protect the boys from harm.

To anyone who is going to the concert, please stay safe and enjoy yourselves as much as you can. Don’t let this spoil your fun.

Stay strong ARMYs!!!

I am honestly so worried for the boys and also very angry at the fact that there are people out there who think it’s funny and okay to continuously send death threats to Jimin. NO ONE - idol or not - should ever be treated so cruelly. I don’t fucking understand why haters would go as far as wishing for Jimin to leave BTS and send pictures, texts, tweets that threaten to kill him, what has he done to deserve this?! Jimin (along with the rest of Bangtan) has been working so hard and is always showing how much he loves ARMY and how grateful he is for our love and support so I don’t get why these shitty rumours about him and the others are being spread.

ARMY, let’s all make sure that BTS stays safe and protect our kind, beautiful, talented and warm-hearted ChimChim. Let’s all make sure that these haters back the fuck off because they don’t deserve any of this shit.

To all the Aussies

Are any of my fellow Australians in the cyclone zone? I have probably left asking this too late as by now you may have lost power and/or internet/moblile signal. If you are in the impact zone I’m thinking of you and will be sending a few up to the big fella for you all. I hope you all have evacuated and are safe in a cyclone shelter. If I can help you in anyway, please don’t hesitate to ask. If I can I will. Batten down, stay safe cause that bitch is coming in at a category 4. Sending Love God Bless.  


BTS, and more specifically Jimin, have been recieveing death threats. It has been all over social media, and I wanted to inform everyone that you should NOT engage in an argument with these people. It fuels their hate and makes them do more terrible things. If you come across one of these accounts (whether it be on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) please report them. Send your love to BTS and inform BigHit of the situation. Be smart and stay safe.

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My friends suck they call me fat when in reality the one who told me that is larger than me they ignore me I am a person who needs attention

If your friends make jokes about you or call you those things they’re not friends and you should get rid of them. Plus, if they ignore you, that means theydon’t care, why would you want to be withpeople who don’t care?

I understand that maybe you keep them around so you’re not alone, I’ve done that as well. But sometimes, alone is better than being surrounded by people like your “friends”. Maybe when you get rid of them you’ll beable to find new friendships :).You can always message me when you need :)

And never forget: you’re beautiful and worth it. Stay safe, stay alive.

Look out for your family, colleagues, anyone

When you’re dropping someone off, especially at night, weight for them to enter their houses before you pull off, disasters can happen within minutes and in the blink of an eye. We hear tons of stories of how people are attached right after parting ways with people or the person they were with before the attack, look out for one another, be extra careful, be/stay safe and alert. Be extremely vigilant

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I'm trying so hard to get thin but the numbers just won't go down, you are beautiful and I WILL be like you one day.

I love you anon you’re beautiful ❤ stay safe

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People need to stop being pissy about who wears dreads because, spoiler alert , hardly anyone gives a damn about what some preteen on the internet thinks. If everything were to go by the logic of "you can't do that because you're not apart of this race and only people apart of that race can do it" we'd all be screwed tbh. You're also hella cute , stay safe 💖

Yeah it’s literally racist…which is weird because I was basically called a racist but the anon was being racist themselves. The internet is weird, thank you for the kind words❤️


I can’t be on here very much anymore. I accidentally clicked into this tab and a teacher caught me there so I now have it and p much everything else that I can contact you guys on (minus gmail) is blocked. Restricted, by that fuckface.

My mom IS CONSIDERING getting me a phone, so there is hope. Message me if you want my gmail address. I will be on periodically on weekends.

Stay safe, my frens.


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don't feel bad for binging,you slipped a bit for a couple days,it's fine! it won't undo all of your hard work,you probably havent gained that much. the most important thing is that you get back on track now,and stay motivated (and safe)! don't give up on your goal,but don't hate yourself for eating a couple fries,everyone has some hard times,it's okay to lose track a lil /sometimes/. love your blog ♡♡♡

Thank u ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

hey guys, sorry haven’t answered any questions recently I’ve been really busy and I’m flying to Berlin today for a week, so won’t be on much 💕 hope everyone stays safe and has a good week. blessings to you all ✨🌷

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Hi! I'm between 5'5" and 5'6" and 120-130 lbs (it fluctuates a lot :() and was wondering what a good goal weight would be?

if you can keep it at 120, that’s a perfect weight for you! the lowest you should go is 115, though. also, if your weight is fluctuating, you probably aren’t measuring it in the morning, before you’ve eaten or drank anything (your weight fluctuates sooo much during the day!) also try hydrating more, it will flush out toxins! stay safe

Body Checks and Face Reveal?

I’m getting a lot of people asking me to do body checks lately, and though I’m flattered, I’m really still fat and would like to wait until I lose a few more pounds before I start posting them. Also, maybe I’ll post a pic of my face if you guys would be interested? Idk, so let me know what you guys want. Stay safe, lovelies!

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omg i'm so proud of you for breaking the 150's!!! i just (today actually) broke 150 after being stuck for MONTHS, and it really does feel so good. i hope you can stay with steady progress!! stay safe, love ❤️

Congrats!! And you too❤️ thank you so much