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BTS:  Younger sister being betrayed in a relationship *read original request*

Original Request:   “Hello can I request the BTS and Monsta X members having a younger sister and reacting to her coming to the dorm in tears one night, because she found out that her boyfriend of 9 months has been cheating on her/ been in a 4 year relationship and lied about it. He also lied to the sister saying that she meant more to him than just sex, and he took her virginity too.. and his girlfriends friend is verbally attacking the sister on social media. this happened to me a week or so ago, so that’s fun.”


He would stay mostly silent while you explained your situation to him, although there was millions of things going on in his mind.  He would be thinking about how to comfort you, how to stop the idiots from bullying you on social media, and how to get away with murder, all at the same time, while listening to you break down in front of him.

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Cutesy Jimin would disappear so fast the second you started explaining what this man did to you.  He might not confront the person right up front but he would do something about the people harassing you and if it persisted any further, he would then take it up with the scum bag who started all of this in the first place.

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Seokjin couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  He never could have imagined not being able to protect his little sister from something like this.  He would take action against the people harassing you, maybe even legal action and would make it his duty to protect you from any future potential harm that might come your way.

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Hoseok would probably do the most in terms of taking action against the people involved in hurting you.  He would make it very clear to the man you had been dating his thoughts about him and what he would do if he ever tried to contact you again.  He would also consider taking legal action against the online harassment. 

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For once, his brain would shut off.  He was an excellent listener and knew the basic things to say to a person during a traumatic event but since you were his little sister, all words would fly out the window.  He would try every once and a while to say something but would come up empty handed.  Listening to you vent, he would stick by your side and become extra protective of you afterwards.

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His eyes would immediately be filled with concern but he would be unsure of what to do.  He would most likely just try to be your emotional rock, trying to avoid any confrontation that would cause more drama and stress for you.

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Lord help the boy who did this to his little sister.  Baby little maknae would be no more.  His incredible hulk like muscles would be practically aching to kill the guy.  He would most likely only get physical with the person as a last resort, however, he would make a very obvious yet indirect threat to the people who were hurting you.

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