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When you first started losing weight how did you start? Like what steps did you take and what steps are you taking now?

I was over 400 pounds when I decided to lose weight, I had been trying for months with no success, but after a suicide attempt and spending some time in a mental hospital I finally found the motivation to change. 

I guess that’s the hardest step isn’t it? Finding motivation to change something negative about yourself, even if it seems impossible. I started by going to the gym and changing what I ate. I have lost weight before so I knew the steps to follow it was just a matter of discipline. 

Get a Gym membership. This is crucial and I know it’s a step that is a lot harder for some people than others but it is absolutely my number one recommendation. Go there, talk to the trainers, introduce yourself to people and ask for advice, surround yourself by the change you want to become.

As for what I did personally I cut out soda completely, I actually only drink water now even after having lost the weight, it’s just a healthier way of life really. Then you make yourself a list of foods that are okay to eat and foods you’re going to stay away from. In this step you can choose to follow specific diets or just follow your own feelings, I suggest sticking to a specific diet at first just so you have a guideline to follow until you feel comfortable.

One thing that helped me above anything else food wise was drinking tea, it helped me reform my body and my metabolism and I couldn’t be any more grateful for it. You can find teas that suit you by doing your own research but if you’d like to try it I recommend they have a variety of teas for different purposes and they’re very clear and upfront about it and I like that. I personally drink teami skinny and teami detox, although you should feel free to try any variation that works for you. They’ve actually sponsored me thanks to my huge success with them so you can get 15% every order you make if you use my coupon code “BENJI″ 🌞

Along with all these steps you have to follow physically what you do mentally is just as important. Changing your lifestyle to a healthier one is more than just changing what you do with your body on the outside. Surround yourself with positive and encouraging thoughts and behavior. Having a clean room and a clean environment helps you stay stress free which helps your body out in the long term and cutting off toxic relationships does the same. 

So you see being healthy is more than just reducing the number on the scale, it’s a process of healing for both body and mind. I hope this helps anyone who is having a hard time finding the motivation to start or struggling to maintain their path remember that it’s all worth it. I lost close to 200 pounds and it has been absolutely world changing. Not only did I make sure I can be there for my daughter in the future but I saved myself from my depression by freeing myself of the physical cage I had built for myself. It’s super cliche but I promise you if I can do it so can you. If you need any more help feel free to reach out to me, I am always willing to lend my experience and knowledge to help those who need it. Good luck <3

Got a new friend the other day! I’ve named him Ronan and I believe he’s a Haworthia Retusa. Any advice?

—– he’s cute! And look at that bloom! These don’t like direct sun. Their windows are very sensitive. And water when the leaves start to lose their plumpyfatness!

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where do u think you'd be if u never read homestuck?

i only read it last year so i dunno, before that i was into undertale but i was starting to lose interest by the time i decided to read homestuck

so i wouldnt have developed my art this much and probably would still be pretty crappy at it lingering in the stage of wanting to improve but having no motivation to do so

also i wouldnt have met some of the nice people i made friends with over the past year

i can’t believe it took you guys this long to start losing it over that whole aj styles/flat earth thing from talking smack like i was sitting here waiting for it

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im sad you deleted the kingdings blog :c

Ah, mysterious anon friend, I have to admit that sometimes I regret that decision too. On the other hand, I wonder how you got here; I did not give the link to my main art blog anywhere there, and besides… it was a year ago!

In any case, I was a little too sad to continue. When you see that your fully coloured works are worth less than a few not very neat lines, you start losing faith in what you are doing.
I don’t really care now, but at that time these silly numbers broke my heart. Oh, the mistakes of youth!

But I’m kinda proud that you still remember? Thank you for this message ♥
I learnt a lot since then and I’d probably be able to provide better content and don’t give a damn about numbers. Hmm…~ ;3

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As someone with a body image issue, I always wonder, with G and B, they have their insecurities in regards to their looks/body images. I always wondered before they started any physical relationship, do you think they talked about it first or it was just caught in the midst of passions thing and continue from that, kind of thing? I mean, I would imagine how scary or maybe embarrassing it was, after all they've been in a long monogamous relationship.

I got a lot of heat for this the last time I said it but I still think it’s part of the reason Blake started losing weight and working out in summer of 2015. He really gained a lot of weight while he was going through the end of his marriage and separation, then started losing weight while he was going through the actual divorce, but then he got *really* fit after he had moved on and kept it off basically the rest of the year. And I totally think a lot of it was because looking his best was just another way he tried to “impress” Gwen in the beginning of their relationship. She’s literally famous for being so in shape, I think he felt like he needed to keep up. 

And as for her insecurities have always been a lot more internal than external, in my opinion. She knows she looks good, and putting a lot of effort into her appearance isn’t because of insecurity so much as just enjoying that process. That being said I’ve always thought they might’ve taken the physical part of their relationship slow (not super slow but I just think they didn’t sleep together immediately), not because of physical insecurity or body image, but because of her emotional insecurity and trust issues. Her relationship with her ex was more physical than anything else, which ended up causing all kinds of problems because they weren’t really romantically/personally compatible. So I think she maybe tried to make sure she was really into it before she decided to “dive in” per Splash. (That being said I think they did a lot of making out anyway. lol). 

Just my opinion but I think it was probably scary but not too much of a roadblock. :) 

Favorite Ezekiel Jones Episode

Boom! Point of Salvation. End of Discussion.

Well, no, this is me, I ramble about everything.

Day 2 said “season/scene/episode” and I knew long ago that nothing could beat Point of Salvation in my eyes. It’s just– ergh!

It’s an Ezekiel-centered episode and and it’s a videogame and it’s— It just shows so much of who he is and the lengths he’ll go. He’ll willingly burn his hand a thousand times because their trapped and Cassandra is scared. He has to watch them die over and over and over, and he just starts to lose hope that the time loop has any wiggle room for him to save them and he just begs, collapsed on a crate, because he can’t do it anymore…

God, when he realizes it’s a videogame and that means there has to be a way out, a way through, that’s just… Hope, finally, after so many, too many, let downs…

He locks them in that storage room because even though he now knows there is a way to get out, that doesn’t make it any easier to watch them die. So he goes it alone. Spends playthrough upon playthrough learning physics and engineering and how to fight to get everyone through safely. Explaining every time what’s going on, shooting Jake and healing them because they don’t ever believe him any other way.

Those times we miss when he learns about them. Gets so close to them, hears those stories they don’t tell anyone else. Restarting with all of them every time when their memories reset…

Listens to that story, to Baird calling him the bravest man she’s ever known over and over, because he likes the way she looks at him when she tells it…

And that last time, when he glitches the game and knows this is their last shot. He’s done everything he can possibly do. He gets them to that portal and he’s out of grenades and there’s no way out for him… but he’s okay with that because all that matters is that he saved them.

Whether he remembers any of it or not (and I truly believe in my heart that he remembers all of it), this is just…

Okay, I’m tearing up typing this just like I do everytime I watch this episode. I love every scene with Ezekiel (the runner up may be the scenes with baby!Nessie or Stumpy), but whenever I think of my favorite Ezekiel scenes/episode, I think Point of Salvation.


Supernatural 12x12

       ↳ In which, Cas is dying, Dean is still as dense as ever, and Sam is just pissed off about his ship. 

This originally was supposed to be a standalone - but I continued it because science. Part 1 (Part 2)

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