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I love Mor, and I love Azriel, and I even liked ACOWAR, but I think Maas treated them both like shit. Mor deserves a better story and a better explanation of her sexuality, and Azriel deserves more fucking credit. He's a grown ass Illyrian warrior who's been through a lot, he can handle one of his best friends going "hey I'm more interested in woman, love you tho". It's like Maas decided halfway through she needed a new plot twist and Mor and Az's characters got sabotaged for it.

Yep, yep. The whole thing is 100% a plot twist and I know some people are defending her and saying that it wasn’t but that honestly just makes it worse? That she might have planned something like this? I said this in the last ask I answered, but I don’t think Az would be upset for himself, he’d be upset that she felt like she had to hide herself from him and go through a lot of that… sort of on his behalf? Mor deserved so much more from acowar. She deserved to have Rhys (of all people!!!!) defend her and understand why being in the same room as Keir and Eris still give her anxiety and make her highly uncomfortable. She deserved a narrative that actually did queer rep justice, and she deserved a better backstory that wasn’t just “I was in love with Andromache” (WHO WAS THEN FORCED INTO A STRAIGHT RELATIONSHIP AND FORCED TO HAVE CHILDREN?!?!?!) Kallias’s relationship got more backstory than Mor did, and he’s a brand new side character. 

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I saw your weight loss progress pics and you're doing great! I hate my body too but I suck at finding motivation or drive to even get started on trying to lose weight lol. But I hope you're being healthy and not starving yourself bc one of your tags just said "im so hungry" so wow maybe I shouldn't be so in your life huh? But just wanted to say stay strong and keep going! <3 <3

I’m not starving myself per say, I’m just denying myself all of the things I love. Pasta, pizza, bread, sweets, and my most favorite thing in the world….Ice Cream 😩😩😩😩

Now my diet consists of meat, veggies, beans, and nuts. It sucks, but I’m aiming to get to 170, which is where the BMI chart says a person of my height should be. Hopefully I can get to a place that I’m content with my body and not worry about the number on the scale. But I’m not there yet…

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What’s your advice for those bad days during your art making and when you start to lose confidence? because I’ve been kind of berating myself unnecessarily even though I recognise I’m good at what I do, but I never think its enough, and its partly impatience and part preparing for failure before it can even happen.. and I think I’m stuck in a rut after losing my way a little recently

Hi anon! For one, thanks for asking a good question! Sorry you had to wade in on my blog right in the middle of a stupid discussion with the pedo-anon, but I promise you that some new art will eventually push that garbage down to the bottom of the scroll. Eventually. 

Anyway, uh, about losing art confidence… I don’t think there’s a decent artist alive who doesn’t feel that way every now and then. There’s always someone out there who manages to do your thing better than you, and that’s a helluva bummer to think about. But the thing to remember is that this struggle is yours, and yours alone – it’s no one’s business whether or not you’re better than whoever. And because this struggle is yours alone, you get to pick and choose your battles. Focus on your trouble spots – like not being able to draw backgrounds, or cars, or hands/feet, or the same face from a different angle, etc – and actively study and work on improving those weak points – and I will guarantee you will get better at them. Someone once said, ‘when inspiration fails to show up to work, just get started first and it’ll come round eventually’, to paraphrase. Basically that means to work on your stuff regardless of how you feel, because if you only draw when you feel like it, your shit will never get better. It’s tough, I know! But that’s what discipline is: working through the hard, boring parts. Alone. That’s your struggle.

But here’s a tip: confidence is built upon hundreds upon hundreds of tiny victories. You gotta draw a thing ten damn times to get it right once. Sometimes you have to ‘draw out the ugly’ before you can start squeezing out a diamond. You spend more time drawing poorly than well. Not on purpose, but that’s just how it is. How much time do you spend erasing instead of mark-making? Maybe it’s time to throw out a bad drawing and redraw from scratch? Only keeping the good drawings completely obscures the fact that you had to draw and redraw that stupid fucker eighty thousand times just to get it to look even remotely close to what you pictured in your head. And the more time you spend working off the ugly drawings, the sooner you can get to accidentally making good ones. So, it’s really a numbers game.

It takes hard work to develop self-discipline, not just for drawing but for anything in life. Hard work usually means enduring a ton of boring shit that you’d rather not do, like having to draw a hundred thousand windows on a building, or drawing and redrawing one stroke until you get the one that looks decent. Draw lots of ugly, bad shit until one good one happens.

I think that’s enough blithering from me on that subject! Lemme know if you ever want my help on anything – crit, advice, techniques, photoshop shortcuts – and I’ll see what I can do!


Supernatural 12x12

       ↳ In which, Cas is dying, Dean is still as dense as ever, and Sam is just pissed off about his ship. 

This originally was supposed to be a standalone - but I continued it because science. Part 1 (Part 2)

Reaching your desired body goals takes persistence, patients, time, and determination.

Dont give up if you arent seeing instant results. Stay positive, surround yourself with people who motivate you, and invision success!

I love Xiumin like he’s so iconic? Remember when Suho said they drank together and then Xiu out of nowhere said “yeah and we slept together lol” and the members started losing their shit while Suho was all flustered, when Chen said that he thinks of him as a brother and he said “nah he’s like a wife”, when he exposed on national television that Yixing spreads his ass cheeks and now that he stares at Chen’s ass when he comes out of the shower and gives it some pats because is cute and round nsjdgd king of not giving a fuck


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Shouri’s thank you message during the curtain call very quickly escalated into just him shouting the entire thing.  But he’s just that happy to be Kuroo!

Please do not repost gifs