and staring at pretty lights


shimokaji | otomate party 2014 disc 4

ways to cheer yourself up number eleven

lie on your back under a christmas tree and stare up through the branches

its especially pretty when the lights are on plus if you do it right you get some nice comfy chill out time and youre also concealed from any relatives you need to avoid

it may also be a good idea to build yourself a little barricade out of presents

Stranger Things Week {Day 3}
☆Mileven (Mike x Eleven)☆
“Still pretty?”
“Yeah, pretty. Really pretty.”

•Upon realizing that Eleven had never really seen the stars before, Mike snuck her out of the house in the middle of the night to look at them. Eleven was so astonished by them that she spent the whole time staring at sparkling lights. Mike elected instead to watch Eleven. Pretty, he thought quietly with a small smile on his face.

•On Mike and Eleven’s first date, Mike was shy and stuttery and he fumbled over his words. Eleven, of course, didn’t think too much of it, deciding instead to just grab hold of Mike’s hand as they walked around the park. Although it didn’t seem possible, Mike turned into more of a blushing mess which made Eleven laugh in joyful amusement.

•Eleven was given her own walkie-talkie soon after she returned. She mostly used it at night, though. Whenever she had a nightmare, she would call Mike on the walkie from the Byers’ house and he would talk for awhile about all the things that she has yet to experience (Do you know what snow is? Have you ever been to the movie theater? Have you ever had pie before?). This usually worked to calm her down enough to tell him about her nightmare.

•Eleven doesn’t really get when and where to initiate physical contact and often does it in the weirdest places. Like one time, right in the middle of a D&D campaign, she reached out her hands and brushed her fingers over Mike’s cheeks. She told him that the freckles on his cheeks were like stars, right in front of the boys. Mike blushed like crazy. They teased him for weeks about it, but hey, Mike wasn’t complaining.

•Sometimes, if it’s just the two of them, Mike and Eleven will lay side by side in her blanket fort. They talk about things sometimes, but mostly it’s just a comfortable silence, with Eleven resting her head on Mike’s shoulder and his arm wrapped around her middle. They usually fall asleep, knowing that nightmares won’t plague them if the other is right next to them.

okay but imagine going to the fair with michael and just looking at all the pretty ride lights in awe and michael staring at you the same way bc you looked so adorable. you both buy tickets, then make your way to the first ride that were little planes that spun around and went up and down. while the ride was moving, you’d be squishing him, but he wouldn’t mind cause he loved having you so close to him. then on other rides you would feel cameras pointed at you both, people taking pics of you on rides, him buying you food, and him attempting to win stuffed animals for you. you both wouldn’t mind though bc you just loved keeping to yourselves and having random but funny convos as you stuffed your faces with funnel cake.

lonely snowflakes


The snow was cold, and Emmabelle felt it to the bone.  She looked up, shivering.  Her mask was a pale blue - icey blue - and its sparkles seemed to blend in with the snow in the cave.

So cold.  She shivered, even the long sleeves on her light blue shirt doing nothing against it.  She had fallen down here… one day ago?  Two?  It was harder to tell in the darkness of the cave.

A town teased her in the distance, but fear kept her away.  She was frightened, not because they were monsters, but because they were people.  Her tongue twisted itself in knots and her legs turn to stone.  Strangers were uncomfortable, a finger of fire on her back.

So she stared at the town with its pretty winter lights, hair catching the lonely snowflakes and making them into gleaming bits of reflective light.

It was cold.