and star trek references


Imagine not telling the Winchesters you’re a witch, but Dean discovers you using magic.

Dean: (y/n), what are you doing?

(y/n): Nothing, I was just…twirling my pencil.

Dean: With what? The force?

-Also I just watched this past week’s episode yesterday, and Dean’s back at it again with the Star Trek references-

tbh will and nico are both canonly huge nerds (nico with mythomagic + will makes a star trek reference which im taking to mean hes watched it headcanon accepted yes please)



• listening to the adventure zone together and realizing they could totally find people to play d&d with at camp and having monthly or potentially weekly d&d sessions (their characters may or may not be dating)

• will finds out nico only knows anything about mythomagic and shows him tons of other trading card games, because even though he doesnt play he’s a total card hoarder and loooves to collect. nico finds himself partial to pokemon for a while. theyre just so cute…. but he doesnt say that

• they go to toy shows and things because will is all about Quantity (“buy me that one- oh and that one- oh and that one!!!”) whereas nico is a total dork and needs his figures to be High Quality (“hmm…. nico yazawa is one of my favorite girls…. but is she favorite enough for this price?” “whats the price” “[points]” “[in quiet horror] holy shit”

• will is super nervous about showing nico star trek because its his Favorite Thing Ever but even though nico kind of finds it super boring, seeing will laugh and get so passionate about the characters makes it one of his top ten favorite shows

• they also watch xena warrior princess and laugh for ages about the inaccuracies while lementing that xena and gabrielle should just kiss already, obviously theyre in love, anyone can see it

• they also convince the hermes cabin to bring in some game consoles so they can beat eachothers asses at videogames whenever they want. will likes games like skyrim and fallout where you can kinda just screw around a bunch but nico likes it better when he convinces will to play dark souls “WHY DO YOU EVEN LIKE THIS GAME” “because its the only time that you suffer when i’m allowed to laugh” “….you are an evil man. no kisses for 2 weeks.” “okay” “wait no i take it back-”

• nico doesnt know the famed star wars plot twist. he doesnt know. he is pure. will realizes this and it wakes him from deep sleep and, in a cold sweat, he leaps out and runs to the hades cabin, hands shaking. “NICO YOU HAVE TO WATCH THESE MOVIES OH MY GODS-” (nico; “luke and leia are cute i guess but endgame is obviously luke and han, right?” will; “just… just wait for it, okay darlin?”)

• will showing nico all the gay comic book heroes, like northstar and iceman and barbara gordan and billy kaplan and striker and hulkling and midnighter and apollo and tommy shepherd (“okay its not canon but he’s totally bi and i can confirm because im totally bi-”)

• just… will and nico being cute gay nerd boyfriends

AU where Spock is a vulcan engineer at the NASA and Kirk is an astronaut -and constantly flirting with him-

(Vulcan has just been discovered and is barely starting diplomacy with our planet. Earth is still using space rockets and Vulcans proposed to send some of their people to help us with space travel)

what she says: im fine

what she means: the beastie boys band canonically exists in the star trek reboot universe and jim kirk canonically enjoys the song “sabotage” (if nothing else from their discography). however, theres a conflict here since the song “intergalactic” (by the same band) references star trek and more specifically spock not once, but twice, with the lyrics “like a pinch on the neck of mr spock” and “super educated im smarter than spock”. if the beastie boys exist in the rebootverse, does “intergalactic” exist also? and if so, are the aforementioned lyrics simply omitted or transformed into a seperate in-universe scifi reference to maintain the song’s theme?

“Warmth of Cardassian Sun”

I’m not drawing. Like at all. I mean, I would like to - have lots of ideas but no skill, so my sketches had never reached publishing stage before. This is too scary for me right now, I hope everything goes well.
And here I am, just couldn’t resist giving those two a happy ending with sunset and etc. Basically - it’s somewhen post-canon. 

someone save us from this carpeted bathroom