and srk breaks her heart by showing her shaadi pic


Aman’s mom: “You love her, don’t you?”

Aman: “Who maa?”

Aman: “There’s no such thing. I don’t love Naina..”

Aman’s mom: “But when did I say Naina..”

Aman: “I don’t love her!!!”

Aman’s mother: “I’m your mother. You can’t lie to me..”

Aman: "So what do you want me to do maa? Tell her the truth?“

"How do I say that for the first time this heart is beating for breathing someone’s name.. for the first time this heart has loved I say..Naina the love from this heart is very strong..but the heart itself is very weak..How I give her my weak heart, Mom? How do I tell her..that the girl in the photograph is not my wife..that she is my doctor..who’s fighting day and night just to keep me alive for a few more days?”