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For those of you wondering, this was the friend I made on my walk the other day.

He flew past my head and landed on a tree on front of me. I whistled at him, he came to sit on my shoulder and proceeded to nest in my hair. I couldn’t get him out of my hair (more like he refused to come out if it) so I was forced to take him back to res on my shoulder. About a 30 minute walk from where I found him.

He then proceeded to bite anyone else that touched him and once we got him wrapped safely in a tea-towel, he chirped loudly when I left the room.

We made him a nice box-bed and gave him some cut up apple and some water. The wildlife centre came to pick him up about 9:30pm that same night. (I only had him for about 4 hours)

His name is Pidge and he likes the Peter Rabbit song and kisses.

TL;DR: The bird nested in my hair and was very attached to me. Only in Australia.


I have gained 10 lbs and do I care? Yes I do. Should I stop eating whatever I want, HELL TO THE NO! YOLO 😂👊

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could it not be lucas' sweet sixteen he is actually a year older than the rest and I may not be understanding the american school system but wouldn't you turning 16 in 10th grade...which is where lucas should be. (and Zay I still dont' know where he falls age wise aha)

Yes, Lucas should be 16 since he had to repeat a grade. But we know Maya turns 14 in the spring of 7th grade (Master Plan) so she’d be turning 16 in the spring of 9th grade too. And sweet 16 parties (MTV show aside…) are typically more of a girl tradition, which is why I think it’s more likely Maya’s

In NYC can’t wait for tomorrow/////!!!!!

It’s gonna be way too crazy hot and I don’t want to make myself sick or miserable so I’m not queuing till around 3 or 4. I don’t want to waste a whole day in nyc and at 95 degrees it’s going to be way way too hot out all day. Better to stand a little farther back then end up passing out before they even start honestly.

irlpinkiepie: not to insult your helpful advice at all but where the hell do you live where you can describe 96 degrees as ‘only’ i feel so sorry for you

arizona, and i’ll give you a hint on how hot it is here, people still walk around in shorts and tank tops in the middle of december here

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Did they say when this ep is suppose to air? Someone on insta said that the writers said its gonna be in september. Can you confirm?

MJ said nothing about an air date. The host of the show for the live audience (I think his name is Robert) said “late August or September” but I think he’s wrong (and he’s been wrong before). There’s no way this episode is before A Christmas Maya or WoT3. The kids are wearing spring clothes too.

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You live in Colorado Springs? I do too :D It's a small world!

No no I’m just visiting I’m in that fancy hotel!


Serge Durandal


Rating: G

He would stay there all through June and July, and when August rolled around his mother and father would ride the train up to take him home. One summer, they never came. When his grandmother waited all day and night at the rocking chair by the window, he walked up to her and placed his head on her lap.

He told her, “it’s okay.”

He loved summer at his Grandmother’s. Surely he’ll love fall, winter, and spring too.

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it’s weird being an 18 year old who looks older and naturally kind of acts older, people who meet me keep mistaking the way i act for the way i am and get shocked when they realize my mature demure springs from being too harsh on myself and the way i talk/look (i was super ugly when i was younger) idk where this is going. point being that i act mature but am a baby

the barn is red (red like blood, red like the sheen over his eyes, red, red, red for enemies, red for death). he thinks he should paint it black, cover the open wood windows, set the animals free and knock down the wooden stalls, scatter the hay over his barren fields like golden flower petals in spring. it’s winter, too cold, like his wet eyelashes might freeze. he thinks he wants the barn to be a large and empty building, a dark and fathomless vacuum, not the place where a little boy could swing from the rafters into the hay, and carve his names into the red, red slabs. he thinks he should burn it.
—  prompt: describe a barn from the perspective of a father who’s son has just died in a war (by @how-i-met-your-mulder)

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skdjad I KNOW he is so sensitive to temperature changes but here i am just loving autumn/winter half year cause that means mark in sweaters... one of my favorite concepts.. personally i like the cold more.. but id give him all my oversized hoodies he can have them.. id buy him 30 more if he wanted me to :(( and i would just wear a t-shirt the whole winter.. anything for him (i cant believe im like this asldjka) he especially looks good in pastel colors!! the softest!! - LA anon

he doesn’t just wear sweaters during autumn/winter. he wears them during early-mid spring too. poor boy and the cold. during summer he usually just wear a tank and throw a jacket over it at the airport lmao. also i know! he gets cold and sniffles easily. that’s why i been saying he should bundle up more even though he is wearing 72818261 layers already smh. okay i’m not trying to be that mark fan but he looks good in all colors.👀