and spock seems to think 'what did i expect seriously it's bones'

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For space husbands: #1 :)

This got completely out of control. Thank you so much for requesting it! I love first kisses.

1. A First Kiss

Words: 1,979 

Pairing:  K/S

Universe: AOS, because I’m on an AOS high since Beyond.

Rating: G

Summary: Spock approaches Jim with a problem, and Jim comes up with an alternative solution.


“Systems functioning normally, Captain,” Scotty reported, the same drawn-out half-yawn that was in his voice the last time he’d reported the same, an hour before.

Jim sank lower in his chair, stifling a yawn of his own. The bridge was as bright as it ever was, though by the ship’s clock it was well past midnight. He was alone, watching the space station they were orbiting through the viewscreen. His whole function right now was to keep up standard orbit and monitor systems, while the crew enjoyed themselves on the station. Someone would come to relieve him in a few hours, just like someone would come to relieve the rest of the few officers left on board. Except Scotty, of course.

“Scotty, go to bed,” Jim said, eyes rolling. “Just because we have a skeleton crew doesn’t mean the ship is going to explode.”

“You dinnae know that.” Scott warned, earning a sleepy laugh from Jim.

“Is that why you rejected shore leave, again?”

“Someone’s got te look out for the ship, sir.”

“And I’ll look out for her while you’re asleep. Besides. Mister Spock is around here somewhere. He’s got everything under control.”

“Aye, maybe I’ll take forty winks and trust it to Mister Spock for an hour.”

“Oh, I see, so you trust Spock and not your own captain?” Jim was teasing, of course. Scotty could take it.

“The way yer always flyin’ her into certain peril? I don’t think so.”

Jim laughed out a “goodnight, Scotty” and heard the engineer sign off. He returned his eyes to the viewsceen, watching the station disappear to their side again, like the slowest merry-go-round in existence.

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