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Soulmate AU where only a handful of people in the world have a tattoo of their soulmate’s first words to them on their forearms.

And little Dean Winchester looking down on his left arm and seeing in big, bold letters “I’m a Novak” and not understanding what the hell a Novak was.

And twenty something Dean Winchester finding out that Sam got a job working for Novak & Sons Law Firm and deciding to “pay Sammy a visit”.

As soon as he gets into the large building downtown, he goes straight to reception and asks where he could find a Novak at this time.

To which he hears a crisp “I’m a Novak” from behind him, and he turns around to see a beautiful girl with fiery red hair in a sharp business suit. She sticks out her hand for him and says “Anna Novak, at your service.” and that’s all Dean needs. Because not only is she gorgeous, she’s the one.

He asks her out that night and finds out that they have a lot in common for soulmates. They both love classic rock, pie, and their families. Dean tells Anna about his tattoo, and she’s ecstatic. They’re thinking of a nice spring wedding maybe. Lots of flowers. Anna tells him that she’s having a family reunion in a couple of weeks, and it would be a perfect time for Dean to meet all of her brothers (because there happen to be five of them) and Dean agrees. 

Within those few weeks, they hit it off, and Dean is so happy that he did it. He finally found his soulmate. He barely stops smiling the whole time. 

On the day of the reunion, Dean’s supposed to meet Anna at this really big venue outside of town. When he gets there, it looks empty (which is weird because the Novak’s are a big family). Then Dean spots a man standing by the window. 

“Hey man, have you-” Dean stops mid sentence when the man turns around. No scratch that, when the absolutelyhotasfuckohmygod man turns around. Dean is pretty sure he’s not breathing anymore, and he’s not sure if it’s because this is the most attractive man he’s ever seen, or if it’s because those are the bluest blue eyes ever to blue. 

The man squints at Dean confusingly and Dean clears his throat. “I, uh, I’m looking for the Novak’s?” he says (without stuttering he might so proudly add) 

The man nods, “I’m a Novak.” he says with a voice as smooth as gravel. And that’s all Dean needs. 

They get married in the spring. Lots of flowers. Lots of bees. 

you know, one of my really fucking real iron man mcu franchise resentments is how the im3 score is now the Big tony stark score when i’m here just like. have you listened to ramin djawadi’s “driving with the top down.” the little heroic tune that plays while tony is flying for the first time. AND THEN THE FEELSY REPRISE OF THE SAME TUNE WHEN HE’S SCREAMING AT PEPPER TO PUSH THE BUTTON

thAT is tony’s superhero theme as far as i’m concerned i’m sorry

milady-momo asked:

I'm looking for references and inspiration for an art project themed around Fairy-kei. Do you know any fairy-kei artists I could look at? Or maybe the designers who do the designs on shirts and skirts? Thank you!

I have some!

Japanese artists:

MAGICAL (did a collab with Milklim!)

Saaki Pryop

Mimorin (FUNKY PENT aka the person who illustrates most Milklim stuff)






Yurie Sekiya

Fluffy x Fluffy (KOKOkim illustrator)

Western/English Speaking:




Miss Jediflip

Lilacck (Cute Can Kill owner)

Holley Tea Time

ciali (doesn’t post artwork often but her fairy kei stuff is lovely~)


                                               ★    ★    ★

There are lots more lovely artists, but for this list I stuck with people who post 90% fairy kei/dreamy-cute related stuff, compared to regular pastel stuff ;; 

I hope this helps!~

atutsie asked:

Followed for KUROKURA! I love how cute your arts are, they look so fluffyyyy makes me want to hug them xD i also love all the troll arts. You made chrollo a damn adorable and a handsome loser in my eyes. And i also admire ur oc designs, it shows how creative ur mind is xD i'm not really an expert when it comes to drawing, but i don't see any thing i dislike about ur style. Keep up the awesome work!

Hahaha thanks!! xD I actually had a goal to completely ruin his character with my nonsense (since I was under the impression that couldn’t do that to Ging). I kinda wish I wrote what other ideas I had left because all I can remember is the icecream raid (which isn’t that funny lol). And ooh my oc!! I’m surprised you mentioned this! I put months into making them yet I rarely post anything about my ocs T_T. I have so many ocs… tons of stories… so much to do… but if anyone wants to your more than welcome to ask me about them!

i hit my goal. so selfie party??

idk what i want to do? a selfie party because i’m not close enough to a lot of mutuals to do a follow forever but i want to get into the habit of selfie party. tag me in a selfie and i’ll reblog alright ( more than once probably ). just think it’s really cool that i hit another hundred.

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when you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes

michaelsofficial my fav lady / work pal- always cheers me up & lets me rant to her, I am truly thankful, the cutest little bean in the tin. Ily lady💖

hawaiianloubear - technically my mother- always checks up on me, so so funny & has great dad dancing. Ily!

jumpingoffthatclifford Cari, so recently you had taken me on as your sister ( ty much appreciated) so so cute & funny!

suburbanroses em! Haven’t rly been speaking for long but you’re so lovely!

ifthisroomwasburningg, you’re so cute & Lovely time zones suck so it makes it hard to talk!




This is the best thing Aleks has posted to instagram.