and spacious

most people fantasize of living in opulent luxury should they become insanely wealthy but honestly

i’d want to live in a humble but sturdy, well built and insulated cottage like house in the country. a good amount of land, half open fields, half forest. i have a pond, a vegetable garden, and gorgeous wild and foreign flowers everywhere. a greenhouse! where butterflies and bees take refuge on chilly nights. hummingbird feeders. a spacious chicken coop with happy little cluckers who like to sit on my lap. a hammock or rocking chair or two. warm, cozy fireplace. 

and little kids will start a rumor i’m a witch or a faerie but not in a mean way. the neighborhood kids come to learn about caterpillars and metamorphosis, or ask to feed the koi, pet the chickens, or just watch the bumblebees stuff their faces in the flowers. cookies and milk and lemonade and strawberries. kids of all ages can come in refuge. 

and because im crazy rich? the poor kids, not expecting much on christmas, will receive dozens of presents on Christmas/Hanukkah from an anonymous Santa (their parents too!). Kids who can’t afford school supplies awake to find a backpack stuffed with pencils, paper, erasers, and library cards. Teenagers aching about not being able to afford college will be surprised to find out someone’s paid all four years of their tuition in advance, plus textbook costs. Single parents struggling to feed their kids will find a basket of fresh veggies, eggs, and baked goods on their kitchen window. bullies and their victims find brochures in their rooms about how they have free counseling/therapy sessions at local offices. 

bascially i want to be the anonymous rich hermit who brightens the lives of others

(hold me close) ‘til the night turns gray

Or, how ebf thinks the Kabby accidental honeymoon might have started. And also the scar-kink fic I threatened @shefollowedfires and @marcuskanc with. Set between 4x01 and 4x02, and obviously here be smut // NSFW stuff. Title from “Hold Me Close” by Overcoats.

For the third night in a row, Abby slips into the spacious room Marcus has claimed as home while they’re in the tower, medical bag in hand. She knows damned well  that he’s a competent grown man and could change the bandages around his wrists easily enough, but she’s desperate for reasons to be alone with him and this one looks respectable enough on paper. She’s not sure which of his other traits will define him on Earth, but his tendency for weird injuries is growing a reputation and Abby sees no harm in using that to her advantage.

No harm, either, in a few lingering kisses before she leaves and wanders back to her own bedroom down the hall. But no more than that either.

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O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America! God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood - and sisterhood
From sea to shining sea!


You know, when Yuuri first takes Victor to see what would be his new room, I thought the banquet room had to be one of the most spacious places in the whole inn, compared to other guest rooms. And so I didn’t get why Yuuri started to apologize for the lack of space. But then it got me…

…Yuuri might have assumed Victor is used to live in places much, much bigger than the old unused room. And he’s not wrong. But even if Victor is accustomed to bigger and spacious places…


He was satisfied with what they gave him, he loved the food he got to try everyday, he was thankful he could spend more time with maccachin. He was finally able to enjoy, each and every little thing, each day brought, thanks to Yuuri and his family.

Now this dork is asking for a sofa…

Yuuri states they don’t have any, and after that, it doesn’t look like something he’ll remember.

BUT IN THE NEXT EPISODE WE SEE VICTOR WITH A NEW SOFA. I’m sure Yuuri must have figure a way to get him one.

And I adore the fact, Victor for his part is satisfied where he is, and feels at home. While Yuuri is trying to make him feel as comfortable as possible, not really sure whether the other man likes it there. These dorks not in sync, but so in love, will be the death of me.

(Also the fact, the place Victor is staying when going to Yuuri, is a banquet room, must have been foreshadowing something ≖‿≖…)

mood: dancing naked in my spacious apartment in the summer while my lover watches on the couch with a dopey grin and tea. The breeze and the sunlight peeking through the window kisses my skin, we listen to the music playing and fall more in love with life and each other.

centipede real estate agent: this house is very modern, very spacious, but costs an arm and a leg to purchase

centipede [detaching 2 appendages]: that cheap??? ill take it!

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Hello and welcome to Griffin's amiibo Corner, I'm Griffin and this is the VR Zone, a beautiful virtual world that has proven to be an inescapable tormentor for this amiibo reviewer. It has been 3 weeks since my body and mind were surrendered to the harsh whims of the VR Zone, and I am beginning to worry that I may never see the light of the flesh world sun ever again. My connection to the outside world has been severed, leaving me stranded, adrift in a virtual sea that was designed for in-depth amiibo reviews but not for human survival. As such I have had to salvage the natural resources of this world to satisfy my life requirements, such as this lean-to shelter, which is surprisingly spacious and maybe even a little bit comfortable. This humble hut is home to me, and my only companion in this world; the Toad amiibo, whose paint lines were compromised in an attack on our hut by a swarm of Harvesters, a virtual menace that covets and seeks out foreign matter originating from the flesh world. Though my form is completely virtual I still desire sustenance. Obtaining food has led me to commit unforgivable acts of violence against the wildlife in the VR Zone, but such is the order of things, following a belief system that natives to the VR Zone call "The Great Wheel." My only other company in the VR Zone is the Dark Orb, which silently watches my endeavor to stay alive in this cruel environment. To touch the Dark Orb is to become one with the VR Zone and find peace in its endless quiet expanse, but to do so would betray my oneness and my human agency. Every day I greet the Orb like an old friend and consider its eternal offer. Every day I have refused, but I do not know how long my willpower can hold out, may The Great Wheel sustain me. This morning the Toad amiibo further gave of his body to aid in my survival. He forfeited his near-field communication chip embedded deep inside of his base, to help me attempt to establish a connection with my home terminal using this virtual machine, which is mostly comprised of wood, flesh, and teeth. In defiance of the Dark Orb's will, I will now attempt my escape, using this, my first and final lifeline. It seems to have worked! I can feel my home terminal's emergency protocols activating- wait, oh my god. Oh my god Toad, no. No please wait! Please god! Stop! Toad please! Come to me Toad! Please Toad no...

Yuuri settles to St. Petersburg quite comfortably.

Victor’s apartment is spacious – there’s white walls and fancy design furniture; and Yuuri absolutely adores the view over the city, as the clouds slither over the buildings, the rays of sunshine breaking through the bleak whiteness of the winter sky. The view, however, isn’t the best part – neither is the design furniture, or the white walls that reflect light.

It is something much more simple.

They sleep together, and evenings are a comfortable routine after two months of cohabitation. Victor puts the light out. Yuuri puts his phone on charge. Makkachin jumps next to them. Victor tangles their fingers together and Yuuri kisses his forehead, whispering good night and shuts his eyes, knowing that in the morning, he’ll wake up in this bed, next to this person, and he still can’t quite believe how lucky and in love he is.

Victor wakes up every morning to his husband (his husband) curled around him, their legs tangled together, the weight of Makkachin’s head on his stomach and he’s so full of love it’s almost too much. The morning sun slides over St. Petersburg softly and he can hear the seagulls as they battle against the winds of the Baltic Sea, the shimmering ocean splashing white foam against the shore.

It’s winter and it’s cold, but Yuuri’s hand is still holding Victor’s, cool fingertips dancing against his skin. Yuuri shivers as goosebumps rise on his skin and Victor pulls him closer. There’s a soft kiss shared between them, then another. It’s gentle and slow, the pull, their lips gliding together and Victor can taste Yuuri’s smile on his lips. Yuuri’s mouth is plying as Victor opens his mouth and slips a little tongue in. Yuuri’s other hand slides in his hair and it’s quite wonderful. There’s a good morning somewhere in between.

Sleeping in Victor’s bed, waking up to soft kisses and warm cuddles, the view of his husband (his husband) standing in the kitchen, holding a cup of coffee in his cold hands, bare feet tapping against the floor as he leans against the window and looks at the skies with a concentrated scowl – Yuuri’s heart swells and it all feels unreal.

This is home now.

Yuuri settles to St. Petersburg just fine.

drumming song (m)

requestfantasy au ; dark faerie!tae. for @lthyl ♡

pairing: taehyung | reader
genre: angst, smut
word count: 7.048
warnings: none.

The shift in the atmosphere is thick and sharp the moment you enter the house. On the outside, there was barely a sound shifting the air — only an unsettling silence as you watched the magnanimous house rising right in front of you, tainted by the stutter of your heart that seemed to want to get out of your chest.

You were nervous, body buzzing before you opened the unlocked door and entered what looked like another dimension. From the outside, you’d guess it was just another abandoned house — with its darkened windows and unkempt garden, jagged walls and gloomy atmosphere; the ghost of a residence that stirred with past lives.

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Happy Holidays - part 2 of 4

This modern house is the perfect place for a small family with interests in cooking and throwing casual dinner parties. Gather around the spacious kitchen island or savor a delicious dinner in the glassed dining room.

Pine Lane 1 - (cc-free)
Lot Size: 30x20
Price: §56 462 (furnished) §21 605 (unfurnished)
Lot traits: Natural light, Good schools, Chef’s kitchen
Location: Cookout Lookout in Newcrest
Used packs: Get to Work, Get Together, City Living, Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat, Dine Out, Backyard Stuff, Perfect Patio, Movie Hangout, Romantic Garden, Cool Kitchen

OBS! I’d advice you to enable the bb.moveobjects cheat in build mode before placing the lot for the clutter to stay in place.

Download at the Gallery: Origin ID - Allisasims or #Allisas
Download Tray-files: Simfileshare