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Drunk Confessions

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1,337

Warnings: Drunk!Reader, Annoyed!Dean, feelings confessed, fluffy Dean at the end

Request: Hey can u do a dean x reader where the boys go on a hunt and they come back to the reader blasting music, dancing on the table, with a bottle of Jack in her hand and she admits her feeling for him

Author’s Note: If you want to be a Queen or a Dean Bean, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists! So sorry this is out so late, I hope whoever requested it, that you like it!

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Being alone in the Bunker was fun. It was big and spacious, giving you more than enough space to do the things you wanted to do without Sam or Dean bothering you. Ah, Dean Winchester. Him and his brother were out on a hunt right now but that didn’t stop you from thinking about him.

He was always on your mind, whether that be his voice, his body, his eyes, the way he cooked or cleaned, the way his fixed his car up, the way he held a gun or anything for that matter, the way he hustled people in pool, the way he drove, and especially the way he killed monsters.

He was just a hero to you but there was no way you’d be able to tell him your feelings. You haven’t been with the Winchesters long enough to really know Dean. You’ve heard stories about his past and you even spent a night or two talking with Sam about Dean.

Sam knew about your little crush with Dean and tried to tell you everything but there were some things that Dean needed to tell you himself. Which was fine, you didn’t need to know everything now but you got what you needed from Sam anyways.

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P l e a s e write something about the au you just posted, it sounds amazing. You don't have to do it right away unless you want to, though.

The place was big, not as big as their old home, but big none the less. It was a beautiful red and white Victorian styled home that had been fully restored by the previous owners. It was spacious, three stories including the attic! The never ending backyard had a large barn in the back that would make an excellent fort once the rats and spiders were swept away. It even had a lake for swimming and fishing, what could be better than that?

Yet, Max hated it. As they pulled into the driveway, the ten year old hoped a sudden meteor would collide with the building, send the damn thing up into flames.

While his parents would stare at the debris, he would already be climbing into the car so they could return to their real home. The home where his friends were waiting on his return.

No such meteor came to his rescue though, and they stepped from their car without incident. Max held onto the strap on his backpack with a tight grip, just approaching the house made him angry.

His mother turned her nose up once she saw how isolated their new home truly was. Acres of trees surrounded the house, and their closest neighbors were an elderly couple that owned a farm miles away. The only other residents within close distance were children that were on the other sides of the lake for summer camp, and they would offer no conversation his mother would like to be apart of.

She stared at the house, surrounded by the towering oaks and over grown plants.

“Gives you a horror movie vibe doesn’t it?” She looked to her son who just snorted in response. Finding no comfort in his response, she clutched her white leather handbag to her chest.

His father had picked out the place, saying it was like a vacation for the entire summer, but his son was no fool. Max had raised himself to see through the lies of adults, and He knew for a fact they were there to lay low until the commotion back home passed.

“Don’t complain. It’s a good house for what we payed and we’ll have a good time for the summer. This is the last time I’m going to hear a complaint about it.” His father attempted to comfort, but his voice was too stern. As if he was actually scolding his wife and child for being upset with being put in the middle of nowhere because of what he did. Besides, his father was never the comforting type, nor the talking one for that matter. Max thought he should just keep your mouth shut, he didn’t have the right to talk to them anyways.

So he told him exactly that.

“Excuse me?” His father looked taken back at such verbal rebellion from his son.

“You heard me. You’re just mad because you have to spend the summer with the child bride you alienated and some stranger kid that you share DNA with.” And with that he walked up the cobble stone steps that led to the entrance of their new home and used his foot to kick open the front door.

The faint echoes of his father’s muttering reached his ears as he stepped into the house.

“Why when we were kid, you’d go pick your own switch for disobedience! You’re lucky I’m so kind, boy.” His father swore, more so under his breath than to anybody.

“Yeah, yeah. You’ve clearly haven’t damaged your kid enough by neglecting me, why don’t you add physical abuse to the cesspool that’s my childhood.” Max wasn’t sure what a cesspool was but it sounded gross enough to be associated with the level of torment his parents inflicted on him.

His father growled and began taking off his shoes and coat. He said something more about how Max was tracking in dirt, but the boy ignored him.

He took in the house, as soon as he got passed the entrance hall he was greeted with a fully furnished living room. The furniture was more modern but the various stains it sported showed that it had been used. They kind of looked like blood with a mixture of grape kook aid, but whatever it was Max was it sitting on that couch.

There was a large wooden staircase that lead up to the second floor. The second floor was open, no wall separated it from the rest of the house. If Max ever wanted to spy on those below in the living room, he’d have a perfect view. The railing of the stairs ran all the way up and to the wall. Bordering the second level off, so if he wanted to walk off the second floor to his doom, the guard rail would stop him.

Dammit. This house was no fun.

From his position at the entrance, Max could see onto the second level, and could make out doors and paintings that lead down the hallway. But it was too dark to see all the way back.

The whole house seemed, very open. When he stood looking at the home, it seemed as though the interior was looking right back at him with the same curiosity.

His father pushed passed him and stomped up the stairs. Max saw him disappear into the darkness of the hallway and he could hear the slam of a door.

“He probably went to the study. Maxwell can’t you get along with him?” His
Mother berated and clicked her tongue. She was eyeing the second floor wearily.

“Wouldn’t it be creepy if you were sitting on the couch and you just look up and someone was standing there looking down?”

“He’s the one whose acting as if we should be worshipping the ground he walks on. He’s never around for more than a few hours and now he expects us to be spending every moment together? You’re not my parents, your strangers! We don’t know a thing about each other! We are just a bunch of strangers living in a creepy ass house where serial killers can look down on you while you watch porn on the TV.”

His mother narrowed her eyes at him.

“You better not be watching porn, young man.”

Max sighed and threw his backpack on the

“I’m glad that’s what you took from that.”

He eyed the couch and walked on. He examined the glass coffee table and old Tv that sat in front of the couch. Maybe he could watch cartoons while the movers brought in the boxes.

“How about I get started on lunch huh? I’ll see what we’ve got in the car, but I gotta see this kitchen.”

“Can you even cook without a servant helping you?” Max inquired fiddling with the buttons on the TV.

“They aren’t servants Max, their our maids who we can totally live without!” His mother corrected, but she knew he was right. She hadn’t lifted a finger to cook and clean in ten years, she wouldn’t be able to handle the work she used to do for a living.

She huffed and walked on through the front room that was connected to the kitchen, that had large bay windows covered by curtains.

“It could be fun here. Go pick out your room! There’s a few bedrooms you can choose from.” She tried as she brushed passed him and headed into the kitchen, throwing curtain off every window she went passed.

He really didn’t want to pick out a bedroom. He really didn’t want to sit on the disgusting couch. He really didn’t want to be here.

As he watched her leave and disappear into the kitchen he felt an odd tingling on the back of his neck. He could feel something, as if someone were standing right in front of him.

‘Look up!’ His instinct told him, and immediately he checked on the top floor where he swore he saw something retreat into the darkness of the hallway.

– I thought I’d give this chapters! So consider this part one! Thank you for the request it means a lot to me!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Jupiter in fourth house

want a life of comfort and leisure

make sure you don’t lose yourself when giving to others

don’t like to work hard

make decisions using your gut instincts

getting your hands dirty is something you don’t want

have strong instincts

people tend to take care of you

guided by what you feel, particularly on a professional level 

you don’t seem to worry about taking care of yourself

make warm connections with others happily

may be more of an active person when older

value your family and close friends

want a spacious and airy home

strong morals were reinforced in childhood

when you have a happy home, you yourself are happy

probably had very loving and encouraging parents

nurturing and comforting person

can have many benefits from their family

give and give a lot to others

feel that happiness is at home

Pet shop owner! Jisung

- it’s no surprise that jisung is a pet shop owner

- his pet shop mostly sells puppies and kittens, a few bunnies and hamsters

- his pet shop isn’t that well known, a few people come by every day

- but jisung doesn’t really mind, he loves the animals and lowkey gets sad when they get sold

- you came to know of this pet shop from daniel

- he was a cat maniac and once posted on his instagram how he found this cozy lil pet shop that had the cutest kittens and how he became friends with the owner

- you thought puppies were cute and asked him where the pet shop was the next time you two met

- daniel dragged you there, and you came to this spacious, two story pet shop

- the furnishings were warm and cozy, and there were some puppies that ran around with the kittens

- you immediately cooed and went over to one of the puppies who wagged its tail and ran towards you when you stepped in

- “seems like cookie likes you” dont question the pet name

- you looked up at the unfamiliar voice, and came face to face with a guy

- daniel popped out behind him with his bunny smile and introduced you

- “y/n, this is the owner of this fine establishment, jisung. jisung, this is my friend, y/n.”

- you greeted him and started complimenting him about letting the pets out to play

- some pet shops don’t let their pets out, which you didn’t approve of

- you thought that the pets should be let out to have some freedom to play, at the least, instead of being kept in small glass cages

- jisung agreed with you enthusiastically, and continued on about pets, and about how some owners abuse them and such

- it shocked you that a pet shop owner would be so genuinely concerned about issues like these

- jisung realised that you were staring at him, so he stopped talking and blushed

- “i’m sorry, i tend to ramble a lot, so please tell me if i speak too much,,”

- “no, it’s okay, i enjoy the conversation.”

- now it’s time for jisung to be shocked

- usually, when he starts talking about things related to animal rights and pets, his friends would tell him to be quiet and talk less

- it’s the first time, other than daniel, that he could talk about things like this with someone

- he smiled at you and oh my god it was so cute,,,

- jisung’s eyes just go into tiny half moons and the ends of his eyes curl up

- and wow his teeth it’s brighter than my complexion

- from that day on, whenever daniel paid jisung a visit, you would tag along too

- and the three of you would goof along with the pets, sometimes helping him to clean the shop or wash the pets

- it was tiring, but fun

- in fact, you bought a small corgi and named it after jisung

- daniel snorted at that and jisung cried fake tears

- anyways, the friendship between the three of you were really strong

- but whenever jisung’s hand brush against yours, you’d feel small sparks exploding on your skin

- and you just can’t seem to look at him in the eyes without turning into a tomato

- you really liked jisung, and you loved his caring personality, how he was always there to comfort you

- and made sure everyone was happy

- for jisung, he really loved how you would always understand him and not say hurtful things unconsciously like some of his friends

- and you’d always be taking care of him silently too

- he noticed it all

- so he talked it out with daniel, and they planned something together

- it was to take place when you visited the next time

- you were informed that daniel and jisung were already waiting for you at the pet shop, so you travelled there alone

- when you entered, a puppy ran over and started licking your leg

- you bent down to pet it, and noticed a small piece of paper rolled and secured under its collar

- you slipped it out, and told you to go to the back of the store where there was a toilet to wash the pets

- there, a sticky note was on the mirror which had a sweet sentence written on it

- “you’re so pretty to me, i wonder if it’s a dream.”

- you thought it was cute and walked out again

- but this time

- there were kittens and bunnies and puppies, all wearing shirts that had a heart on it

- you were dumbfounded, because you were sure there was only one puppy outside before you went to the toilet

- just as you were blanking out, a sweet voice started singing

- jisung walked out, and he was singing a song, supposedly the song which had the sentence on the sticky note earlier

- when the song came to an end, he came forward to you and looked straight into your eyes

- and held you hand softly, lacing your fingers together

- “y/n, be mine?”

- you were staring back at his eyes, his long eyelashes and the perfection named yoon jisung

- and you nodded

- jisung was moving closer and closer to you, and there were only a few inches separating your lips

- and daniel had to ruin the moment


- daniel sweetie

- but from then on, you would drop by more often, sometimes bringing your corgi along

- and you two were the ultimate couple man

- all the customers would comment how well you two work together

- it didn’t take someone who was observant to see the love jisung was always directing at you and making sure you could handle some stuff

- so gentlemanly!!

- if the puppy was a lil too heavy (because some breeds can be like that) he would tell you to relax while he handles it

- and daniel always ruins your moments

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Is it just me, a person who has lived in the US since birth, get this ineffable feeling when I see European architecture?

Cottages are just so closely knitted together and less spacious than the US’ mundane gridded building system with skyscrapers - I get really baffled when I compare their appearances.

And like, what do Europeans think of the weird ass rock formations in National Parks? How you need to drive thirty minutes to school because of how the cities are built instead of walking to class from your home in like ten minutes? How it takes hours to drive to a different state, but you’ll never know because it’s all just fucking desert and in Europe you can just walk or take the train to another country in several minutes.

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i'm just waiting for the moment when pt realizes that the romantic boutique hotel cole booked for him and lili to stay at/do their intimate photoshoot in is the same one that kj and cole stopped at on their road trip from vancouver to la. (not bullshitting you either, i went back and looked at their old insta stories from that road trip to confirm and it's the very same one). it's a romantic place, so it's of no surprise to me that cole would go back to it with the love of his life, lili.

Yeah, I suggested it might be the same (but couldn’t find the instas) last night before I went to sleep….now it’s confirmed down to the room! She’s gonna have a colossal fit this AM…..also here’s the description of the room:

ROOM 410: (“Miss Mary Lake’s Suite).  Uniquely spacious and ornately furnished in the 18thcentury French style, this junior suite is romantically decadent.  A grand Louis XVI King bed is fit for anyroyal couple. A charming sitting area is tucked into the bay window alcove.   And the throne room is wonderful in its size and amenities.  The rate range= $200.00 to $350.00,depending on time ofyear.

I was wondering why he didn’t pic something bigger, with a fireplace/jacuzzi…..and then I noticed “18th centrury French style”

Laps and Naps

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Pairing: Sebastian Stan x female!Reader - Cast x female!Reader

Request: So my idea was a fic with seb and reader on the set of Infinity War. Reader likes taking naps on the casts laps, and after a while seb notices that she’s never napped on his lap and gets a bit jealous. A few cast members notice his crush on the reader and one day reader finds seb and the rest of the cast sitting together and goes straight for his lap. The whole cast looks up in awe and snap multiple pictures and seb is all flustered and blushy. You can change it up if it didn’t make sense lol ☺️ (-anon)

Warnings: none, really!! just pretty fluffy stuff

Word Count: 1.2K

A/N: it’s been such a weird week, and i really hope today will be good. but i’ve been havin’ a pretty bad mental-problems sort of day streak, so any memes sent to me are and will be greatly appreciated !!

“Y/N,” a distant, low voice sneaks through your sleepy mind. “C’mon, Y/N, I have to be in the suit in five minutes.”

The groggy veil of sleep slowly lifts off of your as you begin to wake-up. You could feel a heavy hand beginning to gently shake your shoulder.

“But I was so comfy,” your tired voice grumbles.

“I know,” Chris’s soothing voice drifts through the room. “But you’ve been sleeping on me for almost an hour, and I really have to get ready.”

Fine,” you groan, lazily pushing yourself up into a sitting position, snuggling into the corner of the couch as you pry open your heavy eyelids. “But you should know, that was a good nap.”

You blink away the sleep from your vision and look around the room, your gaze locking on Anthony.

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