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lance [smirking]: get ready to not walk straight for a week, mullet

keith [pressing his bayard against lance’s throat]: i haven’t took a hetero step in my entire life

sound-of-inspiration  asked:

Oh my gosh, the new Fantasy Update!! Kuroo as the voice of reason! But the question is: Will Tooru listen? Or has Hajime already won over his heart with that smile from last week? I can't wait to see~ :D Also, you always draw Tooru so cute, I honestly can't! <333


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something that really sucks about “hard work versus talent” though is privileged people are often going to look “more talented” because they (we, i can admit) fundamentally have more time to hone a trade. that doesnt make them “better” than you. if youve got the magic in you but youre working 2 jobs or raising a kid or otherwise unable to spend time pursuing your passion, youre amazing and i hope you’ll be recognized for what you’ve got, and that you’ll hold onto that love and be able to pursue it even in small moments


zest??? zest!!! 


Gypsum ASMR 

 by wowgsttsg.asmr 

Imagine smiling to yourself at the sight of Woozi eating his meals well.