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Modern Fairytale

Summary: You felt it was love at first sight, akin to those fateful meetings described in fairytales.
A/N: AU romantic and hopefully realistic sort of oneshot filled with cute sweet moments. Yes, this is the oneshot I mentioned some time ago. I’m just glad it’s finished x.x
Ship: YouxRiko
Words: 8,591

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♈ ARIES //  You watched me limping, wounded, and unfamiliar with the sight of my own blood. You took my gentle hands and placed smoldering coals in their bruised palms. Curled my fingers into a fist so tight that my knuckles turned ghost white and the skin threatened to split open. You said that sometimes, it’s not enough to make them hurt. They have to burn as well. Your scorching touch left blisters. That raw skin grew back thicker.

♉ TAURUS //  You may have been an angel, the way you sat down beside me in the shade with such blissful grace. You hummed a simple something and started plucking absently at the meadow grass. I looked your way with inquisition. You brushed the dirt off my cheek and smiled. Your fingers wove wild flowers through my tangled hair as you sweetly rambled over the softness of each strand, and of how beautiful I looked. And I truly felt I did.

♊ GEMINI //  You woke me at 2am – lightning in your eyes and mischief behind your teeth. You shook the sleep from my limbs, said I didn’t need heavy things, and dragged me far from the bed I’d made. But you let go of my hands just as the storm rolled in, and started sprinting. I realized then you had made me weightless so that I wouldn’t fall behind. We became wind and raced like hurricanes until the sun returned. Now I laugh when I hear thunder.

♋ CANCER //  You led me by the light of moon to the weathered shore, and stopped at the oceans mouth. The sand slowly conformed to the curves of my toes, my feet sunk in ankle deep. You had promised me that this world would always make room for me to stand. The tides rose higher. You kept your fingers laced in mine. With waves now at our throats you said, “It will be okay”. And I was not afraid when the sea finally swallowed me whole. I will be okay.

♌ LEO //  You had to squint through your own blinding rays to see, but once you saw that I felt cold. You sauntered over, cupped my face with smiling warmth and kissed my forehead and cheeks. Bubbling light spilled from your lips as you announced that I was the brightest being you had ever seen. It was empty, I knew that – but for a fleeting moment, I did feel luminous. You had fingers dipped in summer heat. Sunburn lingered where your hands had been.

♍ VIRGO //  You had the most humble touch – almost like a whisper. You placed your hands lightly on my shaking shoulders, and I thought you were a ghost. My left arm was made of glass. It shattered on contact. You simply let me cry, and started sifting through the broken fragments. I apologized, and said you didn’t need to help. But when you placed those pieces in my right hand, I saw the fractures in your own. I felt why your touch was so gentle. You smiled. I understood.

♎ LIBRA //  Your hands are elegant, but they have never really met my own. Not completely, anyway. Because when you turned left, and I turned right. I stepped up just as you stepped down. You only ever smiled when I frowned. It isn’t bad – it’s just balanced. We have met each other, though. It was in the middle place, and only for a second. You waved kindly as we passed, and I think your fingertips may have grazed mine. Something felt like feathers.

♏ SCORPIO //  You have never been afraid of the dark, have you? Or maybe you have, and that’s how you knew I would be, too. Your hands were like that. Like mine. I thought I was alone and stumbled blindly. Frantic hands – I grasped desperately at the nothing in the empty spaces. But when my fingers suddenly felt foreign flesh, I didn’t even flinch. Because although I could not see, I somehow knew whose skin it was. And those places didn’t feel so empty. And I no longer felt alone.

♐ SAGITTARIUS //  You stopped along your endless trek one day, where the air was thin and the ground was cracked. You saw me there, too scared to move, and pushed the corners of my lips into a more positive position. The Earth split open beneath us, but you just took my wrist and spun me ‘round. You lead me in a dance, sparks on your heels. We laughed, and pretended that we weren’t on fire.

♑ CAPRICORN //  You offered a gracious hand to me as I dangled helplessly off the edge of the universe. Feebly straining to grab your fingers, I cried, “I can’t reach” and you replied simply, “You will.” And that pulled out a strength buried deep in my bones. It was not much, but it was enough. You heaved my tired mass the rest of the way – proud that I had come so far. I was full of doubt, but you were right. The view is much nicer from up here.

♒ AQUARIUS //  You asked to read my hands. Hesitant, I held them out flat, and offered an apology. You ignored the sorry, brushed my callouses and called them unique. Then you coated them in dirt and told me to look when my eyes were closed. When I did – I saw that it wasn’t dirt at all. It was stardust. I held the Milky Way, and wept into my open palms. I thanked the air, since you had vanished by the time I dried my eyes. I can still see stars on them sometimes.

♓ PISCES //  Your hands found mine on day one, out at sea. They haven’t seemed to drift too far since. They carry me back to shore when I’m flailing, being toppled by wave after wave after wave. And once when I was particularly determined to dive – you held on and sank with me to the bottom of the ocean. You said that no one should drown alone. That you’d been here many times before and that you’d breathe for us both until I was ready to inhale again. There was never any pressure.

Bubblegum & The True MVP Series | Fem! Natsu 

For @raezora and most lovingly for @doublepasse

Every day is a great day to encourage women of all ages to redefine what others think of them to something they are worth and someone they want to be.

Also I mean, in general Emma Watson is pretty hella. 

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So far in The Bubblegum Series;

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: 'HOLD THE DOOR' *sobbing* did willis see himself holding the door for bran whilst he had his seizure? did he always know that was going to happen to him? is that why 'hodor' was always so willing to help bran out? does bran now know how much hodor obviously cared about him? i just-
Ong Seongwoo Soulmate au!

Okay, the start of the soulmate series~ I may go back to the Harry Potter series, but I like this one for now. (The header collage isn’t the best but I didn’t know what to put on it, I promise they’ll get better!)   Enjoy~

•When you look in the mirror, you can see your soulmate next to you,

•Your first memory of him, you were sat in front of your mum’s wall length mirror, and couldn’t stop staring at his toothy grin ,

•You asked your mum who it was and what they where doing in your house,

•And then the whole soulmate talk ensued,

•You thought you where lucky this was your soulmate key, (better than something like loosing the ability to see colour when you meet your soulmate),

•And you also got a head start on what your soulmate looks like,

•Damn where you lucky,

•Sometimes you look at him in the mirror and catch a quick laugh and you feel blessed™,

•(Head over heels and you haven’t even met him),

• When you look in the mirror you see your soulmate the last time THEY looked in the mirror next to you,

•So you see him all dressed up on his first day of high school, with his blazer adorably too big for him, and his hair becoming more styled,

•It takes you approximately 0.0245 seconds to notice when he first gets his ears pierced and BOY do you dig it,

•You always compliment him even though he can’t hear you,

•"Your freckles are so cute,“ and “Wow, tell me your skin care routine”

•Your friends always ask you to describe him (because everyone has different soulmate signs), and you never know where to start,

•"He’s got these soft eyes, okay, and these little freckles here, and he’s around this tall? I don’t know much, but I know I’m lucky,”

•Everyone coo’s you but realistically you just don’t know how to convey how you feel,

•(‘I once saw a man so beautiful I cried’ sorta feeling)

• So imagine your suprise,

•When your out ice skating with your friends because you all have a free weekend (a rare occurrence when half of you are working and the other half are in uni),

• You’re going way to fast for someone who looks like Mix of Bambi and the personification of panic itself,

• Your skate Catches a nick in the ice and damn you go flying across the ice like a bowling ball (That’s trying it’s best to avoid all the pins AKA people),

•When you finally bump to a stop your cheeks are burning from embarrassment but you’re also laughing because if you didn’t it’d be awkward,

•Better to laugh than to cry yanno,

 • And you gotta admit it was pretty funny,

• But then a shadow covers you and you think it’s one of the supervisors to help you exit your bowl of icey embarrassment,

• So You roll over to look up with all the grace of a walrus and your breath is knocked out if you for a whole different reason,

• There stands the goofy grin and little freckles and warm looking face,• While you’re excited about finally meeting your soulmate,

• (Because omg that’s the person your destined to spend your whole life with),

• You can’t help but think it could have  been in better circumstances,

• Like you’d just rescued a puppy from drowning or beat Eric Nam in a sing off,

• But you’ll get what you can take at this point,

•You have no idea what to do, so you just stare, comparing his face to the one you saw in the mirror this morning, and the one when he first wore his school uniform and 10 years ago as a kid,

• ‘Would you like a hand up?“ You feel as if his smile could heal all the anxiety you ever felt about meeting him,

• You grab his gloved hand and he heaves you up, stronger than you where expecting so you fly up quicker than both of you imagined,

•And fly right into your soulmates arms and chest,

•Oh nO, hOw UnForTuNatE,

• It’s great really,

• He laughs as you quickly step back,

• But he hasn’t stopped holding your hands, which makes your whole body tingle with warmth you’ve never felt before,

• “Your hair looks so good today,“ 

•All those years of complementing him in the mirror has created a reflex and it takes you a second to double check what you just said,

•You would feel mortified but,

•"Only today? I thought your bed head this morning was rather cute, though” He teases, but your heart feels light and it feels as if nothing else matters,

•"Yes today, although your hair in middle school was cuter,“

•Its at this moment both of you truly realize you’re soulmates,

• Did you cry? No one knows,

• (You refuse to tell anyone you did let a few tears go and Seongwoo has sworn that information a secret except to your first pet),

•You find out your soulmate,

• (Ong Seongwoo, what a pretty name to suit a pretty face),

• Is extremely superior to you when it comes to skating, and your friends are more than willing to let you ditch them, So you two spend the next hour doing the cute couple things together on the ice shyly,

• Let’s be real you both love it despite how cheesy it is,

• You guy’s take it slower than most soulmates, although your normal shy nature dissolves with Seongwoo

,•You just really enjoy savouring the small things like sharing Ice creams and going on walks around lakes,

•Every year for your anniversary you go ice skating together and it becomes your thing™,

• No one ever explained to you the easiness you feel with your soulmate,

• Or maybe it’s not all soulmates, just Seongwoo and you,

• Because you constantly feel loved and able to talk about whatever’s on your mind,

• While you guys don’t agree on everything, you balance each other out to come to simple conclusions and easy compromises,

• TL;DR - Having Seongwoo as a soulmate is the purest thing to walk the planet, and the galaxy. 

Done! First one to kick start this, still figuring out who to do next??? Thanks for reading.

the girl who cried wolf (removed vocals)
the girl who cried wolf (removed vocals)

michael what the fuck i just cried [ i do not own this song, all credits to 5sos ]