and sort of the one eye dribble tears

Salvatore or Hale

Reader x Derek

Requested By Anon

“(Y/N) Salvatore six hundred Billion!?” Stiles gasped as he read the list.


“Salvatore as in the vampires?” Derek asked suddenly and all the wolves looked at you when your heart began to race.


“What?” You snapped which had Derek closing in on you, arms crossed, a blank look settling on his face.


“You’re a bloodsucker?” He asked almost growling.


“No.” You sighed but he shook his head.


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Phillip x Reader We Are Going To Be Parents

Requested by anon: for a Phillip x reader in which reader is pregnant and Burrs daughter

we have some angsty stuff happening here.

A/N: I’m starting a new semester with new classes. I need to show one of my sweet freshman mentees around school tomorrow so she will know where her new classes are. The only problem with that is us meeting up before school and we are having trouble understanding where the courtyard is. It is literally right there you walk through it a dozen times, the place where the flagpole is, the space between the separate buildings of the school, the big outside stairs, it is all going swoosh over her head but hopefully, we will work it out in the morning 

Fact:  Aaron Burr was incredibly supportive of his daughter’s education getting her the best of teachers and tutors and all sorts of stuff, horseback riding, different languages, math, literature, biblical studies the whole nine yards. 

Word Count: 2,700ish


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I know this was a sad episode and all that, but can I just point out how I absolutely love the attention to detail for the posture here?

I mean, you can totally see and tell that Crona is so upset that he’s not even making an effort in standing, as he seems to just want nothing more than to just curl up on the ground and cry.

I’ve seen a lot of shows just sort of have characters stand there and cry with only tears in their eyes, and Crona is one of the few characters I’ve seen that do the full out realistic approach, with the snot dribbling out the nose and clenched teeth and the shaking and the flushing of the face and babbling. 

It’s the little details that I like…