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SO TO CONTINUE MY SPAM (SORRY) Whenever this go get too much for either of you, he's down to pick you up and just drive with no set destination. It either consists of talking or singing along to whatever music he has on at the top of your lungs (tbh it's mostly you, but he gets a kick out of watching you do it)

YES!! I LOVE THIS!! jamming to heavy rock and using your fingers and drum sticks hitting them against the dashboard to the beat of the song and then whenever he stops he leans over and kisses the part of your neck where your collar bone and neck meet and he’s just so ***HEART EYES*** bc he loves you so much and you’re the only light in his life and UGH SO MUCH LOVE

But the thing that amazes me to no end in ToZ the X is how much the creators of the anime had to make the plot so far-fetched and forced only for Alisha to be relevant.

Like, they changed so much plot for the sake of her having more screen time… They introduced completely new plot device - freaking telepathy… They sacrificed almost all of the character develompent… Changed the time of her becoming a squire… Had to shove Mikleo and Rose away… Ignored Maltran up to this point…
Cut off Mayvin arc… Ignore Heldalf… Add new rule that the squire dies if the Shepard dies…

The story just does not work with Alisha having the role of the heroine (or just secondary character). I don’t know if it’s her fault as a character that the show is so wonky, but her extra time could be used to make the show better.

But, yay, she’s the waifu, right?

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The start of chapter 3, oh man oh man. I was first gonna just post the first 4 pictures but that’s way too short, ya know? sorry if the cut off it awkward but this is the best I could do. Also listening to Kendrick Lamar’s Complexion and reading Natsume Yuujinchou heals my heart. 

Hopefully I can keep up these daily updates. here’s your 3rd day in a row ;). Also sorry if I’m not answering all your asks so quickly. I love all your replies I’m just lagging behind (and I don’t wanna spam you dashboards)

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You killed me again with part 2 ;-; and that drabble. I love you miss kim for shipping those two D: Would you do a drabble in the future some time of their first real date and how it's any different / similar from their best friend dates?? Thank you for the part 2 omg fboy hoseok got me feeling aoghwvsockw!!!!

ahh its 10:30pm and i have to get up at 5am for school but i really want to write this!!!! ok here we go.

a list of firsts: the date | heartthrob/fuckboy!hoseok, drabble #2

genre: fluff

jung hoseok was a fucking a liar. 

he told me he had never gone on a date before, never met a girls parents and introduced himself as her boyfriend to them. however here was sitting, standing at my front door in a suit, speaking to my parents with a blinding smile, no nervousness, just charms. i pulled nervously at my dress and walked to stand beside him, obliging when my mom insisted on a picture of us. we walked hand in hand to his car where he sat me down and gave me a small kiss on my lips before settling into the drivers seat.

but that was were the fairytale ended.

as soon as we walked into the 5 star restaurant he had reserved for our first date, it became awkward. the setting was awkward, he was awkward, we were awkward. it was like we had never met before. not a single conversation could be held between us. i felt the dread creeping into me as i ate the tasteless salad before me.

“hobi,” i said, making him glance away from his unappetizing dinner to me, “this is horrible.”

“i know,” he agreed in a disappointing tone, “jimin told me to bring you here, he said it was a good location for a first date…”

“fucking jimin,” i muttered, pulling at my uncomfortable dress. hoseok glanced at me and frowned, he glanced at his watch and abruptly got out of his seat. 

“where are we going?” i asked staring at him as he dropped a hundred dollar bill on the table and stuck his hand out to me. 

“just.. trust me.” hoseok said, grinning at me. i placed my hand in his because lets be honest, with a smile like that he could be taking me to hell and i wouldn’t mind.

he guided me out of the restaurant and back into the car. he put one hand on the wheel and the other hand in mine as he drove and drove. hoseok abruptly stopped in front of the arcade just around the corner from his house, and unbuckled his seatbelt grinning at me. i grinned back at him as he walked over to my side of the car and held his hand out for me again, 

he pulled me out and leaned me against the car pecking my lips softly.

“i tried too hard make the perfect moment again, i forgot that every moment with you is perfect and i shouldn’t have to try to impress you, especially since you’re mine, you always have been and always will be” hoseok mumbled against my lips, pressing his lips harder against mine as he said the last words. i raked my hands through his hair and kissed him back. 

“are we going to make out here all night or are you using your body as a distraction because you know that im going to beat your ass at mario kart again?”

first of all, thank you, thank you all for the support and kind words Uwu

This time I wanted to open myself a bit since I almost never do that… I really appreciate all of your support and kind words and making me feel like I’m not that bad at all ;w;

The reason why I came to tumblr in the first place was because I wanted to share my interest into undertale and its fandom, sharing my art so people would be happy with it, or comic ideas to make people laugh, that’s what I really like to do; sharing love and happiness with other people, help others be happy because everyone deserves it right? UwU

I’m not really kind of a person who is proud of himself about anything he does. And tbh I don’t really like talking about my art, or saying it is any good, that kinda feels like it would be selfish for me to think so… There are a lot of nice people who does share love and happiness and I think they all do it better then I do and I admire and support them. I want to inspire people in the future, like these people I admire.

I always care about what all of you think or your opinion about something, at least I think I try to do so. Thats why I always ask your opinion on something I’m planning to do. So if I mistakenly hurt someone’s feelings I’d be glad to hear them telling me what I did wrong.

Lately something makes me think; do I really deserve all of the support and nice words of nice people like you? … I know my art is not impressive or good or my none of my ideas are funny to make people feel better. So I’m not really proud of anything I do? I guess… I dont really know ;v;

But being like that right now I am doing the opposite of what I’m supposed to be doing; making people happy. I’m really sorry about that, guess I just needed to share this to feel a little better… but maybe I’m now just being selfish and make you people not happy… I’m sorry for taking your time or filling your dashboard with my weird talk.

I really want to thank you all again for all your support and kindness, I really appreciate it Uwu

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👀 your favourite part in cypher 4 

yoongi’s part! 

Click clack to the bang, you and you
쉽게 얻은 게 하나도 없음에 늘 감사하네
니 인생이 어중간한 게 왜 내 탓이야
계속 그렇게 살아줘 적당하게
미안한데 앞으로 난 더 벌
건데 지켜봐줘
부디 제발 건강하게

eng trans:

Click clack to the bang, you and you
I’m always thankful, for not earning anything so easily
Why is it my fault, that your life is noncommittal
Keep on living like that vaguely
Sorry but continue to look
Because I’m gonna earn more from now
By all means please healthily

🔥 RM, 1VERSE or Agust D?

AGUST D!!!!!!!!! 

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We always have the saniwa being all motherly and patting the heads of the citadel children, but how would (Tonbokiri, Yamabushi and Kogarasumaru) react if the saniwa did the same to them?

Last one for now, I’ll stop spamming your dashboards I’m sorry rip but hey, with this out the askbox is down to 14 asks.

I’m kind of glad to see an ask like this, it’s really cute and nice.

• Gets kind of flustered but doesn’t say anything about it because he kind of likes it and wants you to do it again.

• Is initially confused but just laughs after a moment. He understands why the tanou enjoy it so much. He is honestly proud in receiving the affection.

• Gets incredibly embarrassed and assures you he is much to old to receive a gesture like that.


-Five’s death scene ZNT!SP

Have a random ZNT!StagePlay gifset. 

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in forever. I have not abandoned this blog (if anybody cares) I’ve just been all over the place, and right now… well, I’m on vacation in Japan!!!! :D  I haven’t seen anything ZNT related though, or I’d be spamming your dashboards with it.