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But the thing that amazes me to no end in ToZ the X is how much the creators of the anime had to make the plot so far-fetched and forced only for Alisha to be relevant.

Like, they changed so much plot for the sake of her having more screen time… They introduced completely new plot device - freaking telepathy… They sacrificed almost all of the character develompent… Changed the time of her becoming a squire… Had to shove Mikleo and Rose away… Ignored Maltran up to this point…
Cut off Mayvin arc… Ignore Heldalf… Add new rule that the squire dies if the Shepard dies…

The story just does not work with Alisha having the role of the heroine (or just secondary character). I don’t know if it’s her fault as a character that the show is so wonky, but her extra time could be used to make the show better.

But, yay, she’s the waifu, right?

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I'm torn between Jimin and Taehying right now and I'm seeing them in Chicago in TWO DAYS. I'm not ready to be wrecked by them in real life yet! How the fuck are you suppose to prepare yourself to see these beautiful beings in person?!

im putting my money on you’ll find a third bias at the concert and that will be your ultimate bias mostly going to be hoseok or jungkook ALSO YOU DONT PREPARE YOURSELF YOU JUST DIE

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is good at reading people, great at applying eyeliner, kinda scared of horses

1) I don’t know? I try to be, and I do think I’m at least somewhat perceptive to moods etc, but that might also just be social anxiety and overanalyzing. I also tend to get really self-involved, so I miss a lot, but I’m trying to work on that.
2) sufficiently skilled, but I also use a 7x magnifying mirror when doing eye makeup bc I’m far-sighted lol
3) I used to have an anti-horses and anti-horse-girls rebellion phase as a tween (you know those girls who were really into horseriding and stuff? and had horse dolls and stuff.. you know what I mean), but I suspect that had more to do with me crushing on said horse girls and dealing with it badly lmao. I still stand by the fact that horses are weird (they are very large and oddly shaped), but also I really want to learn horseriding at some point and ride through the glens and let my hair flow in the wind firing arrows into the sunset. sorry for saying horse girls so many times.

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Sana! I was wondering how you guys would feel about maybe promoting a bts witch au ask blog? You guys are just lovely and you have hilarious, lovely followers, but I don't want to use your blog as a sort of platform or anything, especially if it would upset any of you

hi sweetheart, this is actually the nicest promotion request we’ve ever gotten, but it wouldnt be fair because we’ve said no to everyone else before you ;-; sorry bae <333 good luck with your blog (i think i follow it lmao)

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On behalf of majority of supercorp shippers, we do not all act that way. Only the select few are that immature and obnoxious. I ship supercorp but also respect other ships as it should be. I apologize for the way they treated you and hope it doesn't effect how you view us all.

Nah, don’t worry. I know that only the worst kind of fanatics tag their shit in pro tags and unfortunately, they are a part of every big fandom and supercorp IS big. I follow and know some supercorp shippers and I love them dearly. I may not ship Kara and Lena romantically, I prefer their friendship, but I’m not against romance. I just want them to be happy, no matter with who. As for haters, they amuse me and I seriously enjoy their sweet attempts to piss me off ;)

Thanks for the message, have a nice day/night and sorry if I spammed your dashboard with shit. Kisses and unicorns :D

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Sorry for any "like" spam on your dashboard. Tumblr is being an asshat and erasing some of my likes on your art. THIS WILL NOT STAND!



Last one for today and I’m sorry if I spammed your dashboard, I had a spare room I partitioned quite badly because I just had to have a giant bathroom, so I decided for a small home office with a “tea” sitting area. When the new gp hits, I might make it a yoga room, but in the meantime.. 

Anyway, I just discovered omorfi-mera‘s cc and I’m obsessed with the candles and the flowers. A special thank you to all of you wondeful creators out there! 


ok i’m tempted to turn off anon bc this is getting ridiculous

keep your hate to yourselves. if you don’t like me or my opinions or my posts or my ethnicity / race or whatever else, then you can unfollow and block me. if you don’t like another blog, please don’t come into my inbox to complain about it. please refrain from sending me racial slurs or nsfw insults or other forms of hateful speech.

i’m not going to turn off anon yet because the anon feature helps out people who have genuine questions to ask, but if it escalates even further, i will turn it off.

i apologize for clogging up your dashboard lately with all of these negative messages and other things like that, so please block the tag #anon hate. 

also, it was brought to my attention that the messages + my replies to things were also clogging up dashboards. again, i’m truly sorry about that as well, and i will do my best to not spam as many replies at once.

thank you so much for putting up with all of this. i really appreciate all the support that you guys have given me, and i’m sorry for taking up all of your time. i hope you have a fantastic day!

hello, everyone!
i’m really antsy about making this post, but i have discovered that i really do not have the funds and i need to reach out

there was a fluke, and i just found out, today, 2/3/15, that i have to take on two, possibly three, extra classes in order to graduate from high school

only one of these classes will be free, and one other i am already doing at this moment is free.

but the other is $100, or can even be up to $150

depending on how quickly i finish the class i already have started, i’ll be able to start my second class for free.

but i do not have the money to afford this, what with saving up for college + trying to prepare for potentially moving out of the house.

i already have a commissions post going around for my writing (which you can find here) but i’m worried i might not be able to make the money i need within that time.

so, just in case, i set up a donations button on my blog.

if one hundred people donated just one dollar, i’d be able to get what i need.

sadly, i can’t offer much in return.
hell, i’ll write all the fanfiction you’ll ever want if you wanted me to–i truly wish i could pay back in some way that equates this!
i have shiny pokemon giveaways in store already, but again, some pixels on a screen do not compare to a hundred bucks.

for now, all i can is ask is that you please help me.
if anyone has suggestions on what i could do later on in order to pay this all back, i would love to hear it.

my deadline is unknown right now, but i’m shooting to be done with this current course i’m on by february 18th

thank you so much!