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-so basically connor never talks to anyone when he has especially bad days and his bad days lasts for about a week 

 -jared and evan freak the fuck out, they think connor hates them and is going to dump both of them 

 -they are, of course, w r o n g 

 -so jared’s all like “fuck this im going over there” and evans like “jared no” and jared’s like “jared y es” and so they go over to the murphy’s house 

 -jared barges in and is like “ok what the fuck you haven’t texted us in three days woah did you fucking die” bc connor over here is buried in his blankets 

-then they talk it out and decided from that moment on, no matter what’s happening, they will always be there for each other 

 -so then jared goes to 7/11 and gets food and movies and they all cuddle and skip school until connors depression is bearable again 

 -evan hansen is, as we know, anxiety central 

 -at first he doesnt say shit about his anxiety making him not want to go to school so he just doesnt show up and ignores their texts, making connor and jared, again, freak the hell out 

 -evan just doesnt want to bother them but they showed up and had like a box of pizza and candy and then connor was like “oh you’re okay we thought you were sick” and evans like “wouldn’t you bring soup if i was sick?” And jareds like “I TOLD YOU” 

 -so again, they have the talk about “its okay to come to us for shit” 

 -and now every time evan has really anxious days, he texts them and one of them goes over to his house with food and does pretty much anything until school ends and the other joins the party 

 -jared is great at hiding all his problems. Like neither connor or evan know about jared’s dad verbally abusing him and his mom not being home that often

-so jared constantly is told about how worthless he is and how he should be getting better grades in school (literally the only “bad grade” he has is in english and its a B-) 

 -jared bottles that shit up bc connor and evan face “real problems” and jared thinks his problems aren’t real, so he just takes care of them instead of himself 

 -well first of all, jared constantly worries about if he even deserves evan and connor and how they would be much better without him 

 -he jokes about it mostly until one day they just completely seem to forget about him during a movie night and start making out and jared just gets up and starts leaving no fucks were given 

 -evan and connor stop and were like “wyd” and jared was like “oh you know, you two are sucking the life out of each other and this movie is boring as fuck, so i figured i would go home while you two shit your pants about how fucking gay you are.” 

 -then jared leaves and evan keeps insisting something’s wrong and connor tells him that if something is wrong jared would tell them and evans like “he just told us whats wrong in his own way we gotta help” 

 -so they not only spam text him they go to his house -it takes a really long time, but eventually jared tells them whats wrong and they continue their movie night and reassure jared he’s just as loved and apart of the relationship 


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i'm rly sorry for butting in but abt ur haechan stans getting hate post ! u should expose their blog url anyway,, they shouldn't be dealt with a light hand considering that they are being quite cruel going around sending hate to innocent stans :/

you’re right! so, i will put this all under a read more since it’s a long long post.

the thing is, they’ve since deleted their blog or changed it’s url. the anon that’s going around used to go by the username ‘momorinzxc’. i’ll show you how i know under the cut. but since, they’ve been going around harassing users on anon, the best way to completely block messages from them is to do this:

there’s an option on tumblr that allows you to block the ip address of the anonymous user, which should disable them from completely messaging you at all. even on anon.

trigger/content warning!: mentions of situations where minors are sexualized

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I’m on my second glass of wine, and honestly???? The Purple Wall™ at Magic Kingdom Park® at Walt Disney World Resort© is so iconic for so many reasons. Like, I don’t even know who the first person to take a picture there was, but it just spread like wildfire, and suddenly, everyone and their mom was taking a photo at this wall and they were finding other walls at WDW to take pictures at. And I’m so happy about it? Like, it encourages people to go be cute for a hot second and just let loose and take photos and be cute and happy and I just love it so much. Like??? I was looking through old Purple Wall™ photos earlier and

They’re just so good. And then people found the Bubblegum Wall at Epcot -

And then there’s the Blue Wall by The Living Seas (which some call the Toothpaste Wall)

And that doesn’t even COVER Animal Kingdom which is just an aesthetic PARADISE

And then, if you go to the other coast, Disneyland has great aesthetic spots too!

Bottom line - The Disney Parks fandom kind of just became a beacon of positive self-image because of this one wall that was a pretty shade of purple in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom, and I’m so happy to see people post pictures of themselves and their friends at these places. And if you’re EVER at a Disney Park, feel free to be basic for however long you need to be. Take as many photos as you want. Make yourself feel good. Know how beautiful you are. If you see a wall/an area you think is pretty, take a picture of yourself there. Make it prettier! <3

Seven Years [EruRi]

[explicit, on Ao3]


Every day the man walked down to the sea.  He limped when it rained, now, and his temples were threaded with silver, but every evening, no matter how foul the weather, he could be seen picking his way down the overgrown trail to the sea where he’d sit and watch the seals.

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Jim!!!! Where have you gone??? it's been a week! Are you alive???? PLEASE BE ALIVE JIM, I CAN'T LIVE LONG AND PROPSPER WITHOUT YOUR AMAZING BLOG!

* //sweats

* Uh, yesterday I was actually gonna post something about how I was feeling off and that I’ll be postponing a new comic for a day (i’m just about to start working on it) but then i was like ‘eh I’m probably the only one who keeps an eye on my schedule, I won’t spam people with text posts, no one will notice if it’s a day late’

* …Apparently I was wrong.

* I am sorry anon, it won’t happen again. u_u

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Hi I really love your blog! I was wondering if I could ask for headcanons on what sort of texts Izaya and Shizuo would send to their s/o a lot?


  • I picture Izaya texting his s/o a lot. When I first thought about it, I assumed he might not be too big of a fan of it, since texting doesn’t allow him to immediately catch the reaction of his s/o when they read his text. But on the other hand, I bet it’s fun to him to interpret their responses – or even just a Read 8:13AM – in a psychological way too.
  • Speaking of Read 8:13AM, Izaya’s a light sleeper and basically lives off of coffee. More than often, his job requires him to stay up late at night or even skip a restful sleep entirely. He’s gonna spam his s/o throughout these entire nights. They should expect casual 2-5AM messages.
  • His texts have a large range of variety regarding his style of writing, depending on the current topic he’s talking about.
  • Generally though, he’s pretty eloquent and types A LOT (in a sense of many short messages over one large one)!!!
  • The amount of emojis and emoticons he’s using should be illegal. Not only the amount either, sometimes it’s hard to make out why he uses certain emojis for certain texts, they’re confusing and seem way too random at times.
  • Nevertheless, he never uses short forms and always uses proper grammar. He’s a perfectionist when it comes to that.
  • Now, naturally, there’s gonna be occasions where the topic is rather serious, for example. In cases like these, he sends a wall of text, using zero emojis whatsoever and remaining 100% mature and serious throughout to an extent where it’s almost creepy.
  • Moving on to what kind of stuff he’d send his s/o: random af things
  • Memes, links to silly videos, ALL THE GOSSIP AND DRAMA and most importantly, selfies. So many selfies.
  • Randomly talking about his day “Haha, I just ran into Shizu-chan and used my stealth skills to record a video of him meowing back at a cat!” as if stalking someone like that would be any better, Izaya.
  • “(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧”
  • “Namie brought this amazing coffee to go from this new place nearby!”
  • “Let’s go there!”
  • “Meet you there in an hour. (*゚∀゚*)”
  • Sexting. So much shameless sexting.
  • And giving his s/o all the petnames, ranging from adorably sugar sweet to kinkshame worthy downright sinful ones.


  • Shizuo rarely ever sends text messages. He thinks they’re pretty silly and prefers to have a face-to-face conversation with someone, especially with his s/o.
  • Nevertheless, he does admit that he’s pretty thankful for high technology allowing him to stay in touch with his s/o even during work shift hours or when they’re currently far away from each other, i.e.
  • His texts are awkward though. It’s because he really does feel awkward and keeps overthinking what to write.
  • So, generally, it’s his s/o initiating a little chat conversation through text messages.
  • Even then, it takes Shizuo so long to reply, because he rethinks his answer approximately a million times, at least.
  • You couldn’t tell he puts much thought into it though, because he never sends back texts longer than three-word sentences at most.
  • “Sure.”
  • “OK”
  • “Alright.”
  • “Why not”
  • You could almost think he’s pissed or something, but really, it’s just because he thinks anything else would be overdoing it or not cool enough. Poor boy.
  • The only time he ever spams something is when he’s really pissed off. One time he was in a raging fit when his s/o texted him and he used all caps to tell the entire story with so many cuss words it could fill 3 swear jars at once.
  • One time he asked Tom for advice on how to send a loving text message and he sent this really long text filled with him expressing how thankful he is to have them in his life, followed by a “sorry, this is so cheesy… I love you.”
  • Blurry selfies. Or any blurry picture, he can’t take proper ones.

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can i have a headcanon request about Akaashi, Kuroo, Oikawa and Tsukishima on their instagram? like their bio, feed, captions, followers etc etc thanks!

sure thing chicken wing!

(also these are so long i did not mean for this to happen im sorry if u wanted smth shorter aaaa)


Akaashi’s bio is just “Akaashi Keiji, 2nd yr, Furkurodani.”  the link in his bio is literally just to the school’s website.  it’s so boring it hurts.

He follows some darker themed men’s fashion accounts and some volleyball ones, but he never sees any of it because his feed is always taken over by Bokuto’s excessive posting of outdated white text memes and blurry selfie spams.  Because of this, Kuroo hacked Akaashi’s phone during training camp and made Akaashi follow like four different Really Edgy™ meme accounts and Akaashi still doesn’t know.

(In relation to this, Kuroo also once changed the link in his bio to lead to yvette’s bridal but Akaashi noticed and changed it back).

Akaashi’s captions are probably like…fake deep quotes.  Like the kind of stuff you find edited over pictures of sunsets that have no credit for who says it.  Either that or he just leaves it blank cause he’s a square.

Everyone in Fukurodani is following Akaashi simply because Bokuto would not let anyone rest until he did.  Bokuto has been memeing on instagram so long that he practically went into cardiac arrest when he found out Akaashi made an account, and the next day he showed Akaashi’s account to anyone who would listen.  But, Akaashi does gain quite a few female followers all on his own, cause his account is on private and all the girls wanna stalk the pretty owl boy.

Kuroo’s bio literally just says his name, then a bunch of really dumb emojis.  The link in his bio leads to business cat and you can’t argue with me on this one.

He follows So Many Meme Accounts.  this dork is dank.  He tags Kenma to the shittier ones because he has nothing to lose and Kenma’s dry responses make him laugh.


His captions are all emojis.  He never captions anything with words.  If you went to his account you legit would not be able to figure out even what language he spoke unless you found like…his bucket challenge video from like 2 years ago.

He posts memes so he has a lot of followers.  Not a lot of people from school follow him though.

Oikawa’s bio has his basic info with some kaomoji splashed in, along with “#iwachansmells2k16.”  The link in his bio is to a video of seijou playing the interhigh prelims game against Karasuno.

Oikawa, like Akaashi, follows some men’s fashion accounts and volleyball accounts.  He also follows some more (forgive my phrasing) “mainstream” meme accounts and probably gets tricked into following shoutout accounts a lot. He also follows conspiracy theory accounts unironically.

He posts ton’s of selfies, but they’re always ones where he’s with someone else, how cute.

His captions are explaining whatever he’s doing in the picture, usually.

He has so.  many.  followers.  A lot of them are girls who like him, as one would expect, but there are also a lot of guys following him too.  Pretty much everyone at Aobajohsai is following him, and a lot of people outside of school admire his success in volleyball and follow him too.

(Ushijima tried to follow him and was instantly blocked).

Tsukishima’s instagram might as well not exist.  His bio is completely blank except for a link that leads here.  He doesn’t even have any posts.

He follows a lot of music artists and a couple of volleyball accounts.  He also-regrettably, he says–follows everyone on Karasuno, except for Narita, because he kept posting nothing but closeups of everyone on the team’s faces while they were playing volleyball.

Literally the only people who follow him are the members of Karasuno, his brother, Kuroo, Bokuto, and Akaashi.

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Dads react if Dadsona having trouble with a toxic ex-wife or husband, and trying to get back with Dadsona?


[I may or may not have accidentally deleted the first one. I hate myself. I’ll be breaking this into 2 parts because it’s too long. endings are all the same. thank you anon for the prompt! this is where their ex partner is called XX and and their relationship was more of verbal abuse. its kind of long. trigger warning for abusive relationships/cuss/verbal abuse. enjoy and feel free to send in more asks/prompts!]

XX had been spamming your repeatedly with texts. Day after day your inbox was bombarded with their messages.

“(D/N), I’m sorry. Please come back to me.”

“I love you still”

“Are you ignoring me now? Maybe I should just go over to where your sick arse and drag me back, just like how you dragged Amanda with you away from me.”

“I’m sorry for that message. My emotions got ahead of me. I’m sorry.”

“Do you think you’re so smart? I’m not gonna back down just because you’re too fucking dumb to reply me. You’re such a pussy.”

You clicked the button that sent your phone screen into a black void and you laid your head against the headrest of the vehicle. Their hand reached over to give your thigh a quick squeeze. “You ok?” You smiled back at them and nodded, putting your hand over theirs.

They turned into the carpark and after parking, both of you headed into the diner where you and Craig had your bro brunch after your first workout together. Nothing spelt better than all-day breakfast pancakes and bacon. Soft 80s jazz played in the background and there was the low buzz of chatter paired with heavy metal utensils against China. A waitress with a white apron brought you to an empty booth and slid menus onto the shiny wooden tabletop.

“What will you be having, sirs?” she smiled brightly at you with notepad in hand. “One chocolate milkshake please. And a side of fries,” you answered, not even having to open the menu. “Uhhhhh… Can I have a…” you had to stifle a snort as they glanced over the menu quickly. After ordering the waitress left with the menus tucked under her arm and a soft hum leaving her lips.

You glanced out of the window, watching another car reverse easily into an empty lot. You peered at the car plate as the driver got out of the car and slammed the door shut, then locked the doors. Your blood ran cold. No. It couldn’t be them. “Hey, we need to go. Now,” you grabbed the hand that was opposite the table. They tilted their head to the side a little, ugh, why did they have to be so fucking cute now. 

“For what?” they said softly and rubbed the back of your hand with their thumb. “Are you ok? You’re pale,” you jumped as the door to the diner opened. “We. Need. To. Go,” your voice was wracked with nervousness and they nodded, albeit confused. “Yeah- Ok, just let me-” they were cut off as XX grabbed your wrist, yanking your hand away from theirs. “How curious to see you here,” XX smiled and gave them nothing more than a bored glanced. “Let’s go,” they tugged you up, clearly not caring that they were doing this in the middle of a crowded diner.


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Hi~ hope u r doing it okayy :) Can i get a text scenario where the boys try to give jealousy their gf talking about their first love, but they actually talk about her (cs she’s their first [true] love) ?¿? Thanks ♡

req by: anonymous 

sorry for the spam guysssss, i havent been able to be this active in so long im just doin alot of catchin up. hope you enjoy this one !! xoxo

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So. I'm in a long distance relationship. We mainly just message each other, but she haven't been responding lately. It hasn't been too long, but it's worrying. I know she went online lately since she posted some stuff, but she still didn't answer. Now I'm wondering: did she realize that she didn't love me or something? Was I too clingy? I have been kinda spamming her... is she too busy? That'd be fine but she could at least tell me... Sorry for bothering you with this, just gotta tell someone.

No no, its okay, and i hope you don’t mind me posting this. This happens with me a lot, where I wont text my boyfriend for a bit because I’m busy, but I’ll still pop on and off my social media and stuff because I have small bits of time. There are also times when I’m not in the mood to talk to anyone, or I don’t want to try and initiate a conversation when I can’t stay and finish it. I wouldn’t spam her, and let her work through whatever it is on her end, but small messages of affection should be okay and let her know you’re still thinking of her without coming off as clingy. I hope this helps, my dear anon!


Anon: Can you do a hobi snap and/or text to him responding to a video of you dancing that just got posted? Kind of weird but I rlly love your reactions~

I’m so sorry this took so long to do!! But it was really fun!! I’m posting this now to break up the ask spam, and anon I hope you like it ~ Again, sorry about the wait 

- Admin J


When you spam the members after their comeback


YOOOO Sorry this took so long it’s way past their comeback now :(( I’M STILL NOT OVER IT THO

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Can I ask you for some Chen Spam? Maybe some abs idk thanks! I love your blog btw! - CL @kpopthirstaddicted 💕

Oh hooooo you’re in for a treat @kpopthirstaddicted​!!!

WARNING: ultra loooooong post ahead!
Let’s begin!

Well let’s start from the beginning where EXO was always asked to show off their superpowers… Here we have jongdae and his slightly embarrassing lightning power:

He got the name ‘Chensing machine’ from his fans
You gotta admit he’s living up to that name these days

Aside from his dancing, his vocals are top!!!

Not forgetting rocker!dae because we need more of that

He’s a total fish sauce magnet

And an occasional resident troll in EXO

His visuals are A++++

He’s our favourite OST king

His photoshoots are always on point

And he looks so good in every single MV released
even if he only appears for a couple of seconds 

His acting deserves a grammy award

Also, his amazing taste in fashion?!

His ability to pull off all kinds of hairstyles…

And how he’s always looking out and having fun with his members

Not forgetting his unending love for his fans too…

Then there’s the occasional teasing and rudeness

And some dae abs as requested

Also the occasional appearance of the cheeseball that he is

But in actual fact he’s actually a weird ball of sunshine

Was this too long? I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.. I think there are over 50 gifs here out of my collection of over 500  I hope you like this! ♡


At the risk of writing another long-arse post, repeating myself, and being called sanctimonious, let me say…

The fact that a significant portion of Tom’s fandom thinks that harassment (tweeting at him for ‘lying’ and not being where they want him to be), hate blogs, wishes of harm (to career or self), manipulation of facts, etc., is acceptable because they’re 'upset’ or feel 'betrayed’ is highly worrying to me.

The fact that they don’t see the harm in their actions is even more worrying.

Some of these girls and women are punishing him for 'lying’ when he did no such thing. They’re blowing things out of proportion and twisting facts to make him into the bad guy and themselves into poor victims who were deceived. They’re imposing expectations and standards on him and then getting angry at him for not meeting them.

I already said as much in a reblog, but it bears repeating: how you act and treat others online may eventually have an impact on how you treats others in your 'real’ life. If people constantly affirm that it’s okay to mistreat strangers online as punishment for their misconstrued relationship and reaction to them, all because they’re a fan of the person… then I do worry that such an attitude of entitlement and anger will bleed over into how they feel about - and possibly treat - people irl.

Maybe it won’t. Maybe the anger expressed on the Internet is entirely fuelled by the disconnect between person and screen, and these people never treat their real relationships and friends this way. But there’s a chance they will. And I don’t want to see anyone take that chance. There’s also the chance that directing so much anger online will eventually build up and cause serious personal harm. How many people have I heard about breaking down and crying over all this, because they’re so angry? A fair few.

And you know what? It’s all good and well telling me and others that 'we’re allowed feelings and opinions’ but what some don’t understand is that these feelings and opinions are directly harming themselves and others. They’re not healthy. How on earth can you say that starting a hate blog, crying - literally crying and being distressed - over a 'PR stunt’, spamming Tom with tweets about getting back to Australia, trying to start hashtags like #TomIsALiarParty - how can you say any of that is healthy?

It isn’t. It truly, truly is not healthy. Expressing your feelings and emotions in such an angry, aggressive and abusive manner is not healthy and should not be encouraged. If I am upset at someone in real life, I do not have the right to spam them with texts and voice messages calling them a liar - for two months. I do not have the right to whisper lies in people’s ears to drag them down. I do not have the right to cruelly devalue their achievements or enjoy their humiliation.

The same is true of the online sphere. Don’t kid yourself. The same is true of the online sphere. Think about that before you place your feelings and entitlement as a 'fan’ over the dignity and autonomy of another person.