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The start of Infinity War, probably. Welcome to the wonderful world of having shitty big brothers who pick on you, Peter~

Inspired by basically any interview starring Holland with Mackie and/or Stan :P

image description below the cut:

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666-ophelia  asked:

HI!!! (I'm sorry I ask you so much but you're so helpful in your explanation methods and...halp) I'm having some difficulty with profiles when I draw (side and that awkward in-between) and I have so many ideas but I can never draw them right because I keep messing up the angles!! You give amazing descriptions and tips, it doesn't have to be elaborate but I was wondering if you could help? THANK YOU SO MUCH 💕🖤💕❤️❤️🖤

Sorry this took so long to do!

anonymous asked:

What If one of the fakes had a high school reunion or something like that and just took the crew and it somehow ended in a shoot out with the cops.

Let’s just be clear, it’s not a pride thing. Geoff has never cared what people said about him, not outside a professional sense anyway; he knew exactly who he was, what he was capable of, even before he’d taken an entire city to its knees. So it’s not that he felt the need to prove himself, it’s just that there’s something particular about high school trauma, isn’t there? Something that lingers, even when it shouldn’t, something that emerges from even the most upstanding adults when thrown back together for a reunion, the bullies and the bullied, all desperate to show what they’ve become.

Geoff’s last high school was nothing like he’d ever been to before, a snobby upper-crust hellhole he was only in because his Ma’s third husband pulled some strings, and the other students were quick to point out just how much he didn’t belong. Between the tattoos and the smoking, the lazy looks and slow sneering drawl, it was always all too easy to label Geoff a loser, a drop out, trailer park trash everyone knew would be washing their cars one day. Never mind that he scored higher than most of his cohort even when skipping more or less every class, never mind that he is possibly the most well-read crime-lord in the country, back then he had an image and teenagers are relentless. Not that Geoff was all that phased even at the time, only a year or so away from the day he picked up his first gun and never looked back, but it’s the principal of the thing.

So when an invite forwards through from an email so old he’d forgotten he’d even made it Geoff has to laugh. Then pause, consider, hatch an utterly ridiculous idea, and laugh some more. Because he might not care, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy ruining the night for all the pathetic stuck-up nobodies he went to school with; rubbing your success in everyone’s faces is what reunions are for, after all. The fact that it has a theme, that it is masquerade of all things, really just cements Geoff’s resolve to drag his crew halfway across the country into one of the strangest nights of their lives.

Everyone knows the option to bring a guest to these events is, in reality, the offer to bring a romantic partner, singular, but it isn’t technically stated. There are no rules barring Geoff from RSVP-ing for 7, so that’s exactly what he does. Sure he receives a few increasingly less polite emails suggesting he’d been mistaken but he doesn’t even bother opening them, doesn’t try to clarify that he is bringing his friends, his family, not his entire harem. Let them talk; they’d do it anyway. Plus, it’s not like the Fake’s aren’t all entirely too pleased with the suggestion, cackling hyenas who spend the next few weeks laying it on thick, batting their eyes and blowing Geoff kisses, picking out increasingly absurd meet-cute stories to tell his scandalised classmates. Between creating new identities and playing dress up in masks and suits they couldn’t be happier.

Masks or not they catch every eye in the room when they make their entrance and why wouldn’t they; Geoff and his unusual request must have been the talk of the rumour mill and identity hidden or not clearly this must be Geoff, it’s not like anyone else brought along 6 dates. As stage whispers hit a dull roar it’s obvious no one was prepared for what they were seeing, perhaps imagined instead stained tank tops and a string of strung-out baby mama’s, not expensively tailored suits and an attractively refined entourage. Paying the noise no heed Geoff swans into the room with Jack looking elegant on one arm, Gavin at his most Ken-doll glamorous tucked under the other, flanked on either side by Ryan, Michael, Jeremy and Ray, all dressed to impress.

Shock and jealousy aren’t good looks on anyone, let alone rich brats turned elitist yuppies, so Geoff’s classmates behave just as poorly as he’d anticipated, years and newfound maturity doing nothing to stop the tittering laughter, the sneers and judgmental looks, fake pleasantry and condescending questions. But then, his crew didn’t exactly play nice with them either.

Ray and Jeremy immediately beeline to the food table and bar, respectively, and each set themselves up and settle in for the night; loud, obnoxious and tactlessly talking about everyone around them. When asked about themselves or their relationship to Geoff they’re both frustratingly vague, Jeremy chattering away without saying much at all and Ray simply staring people down until they can’t bear the tension.

Michael and Ryan set off together to explore the room but quickly separate to accommodate their vastly different methods of surveillance. Ryan skulks into the background, ducking numerous attempts to catch his interest in favour of fading into unlit corners and empty nooks, frightening the life out of anyone trying to slip away for some private time. Michael, on the other hand, seems determined to be the life of the party, cheerfully making conversation only to laugh in the face of every so-called achievement, ruffling feathers and causing major offence wherever he goes.

Gavin slinks off like a man on a mission and doesn’t come back for over an hour, offering no explanation for the absence beyond a dangerously self-satisfied smirk. His work becomes obvious soon enough anyway, once the yelling starts; Geoff’s two main high-school tormentors, mentioned only in passing stories over the years, simultaneously having huge, public, relationship-ending blow ups with each of their significant others. What are the odds? Across the hall Gavin laughs, all tinkling glass and sparkling charm, smoothly working the room like Michael’s mirror opposite.

Jack stays at Geoff’s side all night, hackles raised into something abnormally cold and unimpressed any time someone comes up to speak to them, protective instincts in full force no matter how often Geoff claims to be unaffected. He fills her in on all the worst gossip about those who approach, and as the night progresses and general unease begins to spread Jack mellows, sinking back into something sweet and mocking, somehow even more unsettling playing docile arm-candy than she was rabid guard dog.

Throughout the night the Fake AH Crew remain a key topic of every casual conversation; they might have been regardless, even this far from Los Santos no one can get enough of their scandals, but with the huge heist pulled just last week there was no way to avoid it, everyone has their two cents, their praise and condemnation. It’s too funny, the whole crew killing themselves trying not to break character, to laugh or correct or manipulate the conversation but all their self-control is well rewarded in the end.

Half the room removed their masks less than an hour into the night; too difficult to eat and talk and drink in, too vain to keep their hard earned looks covered, so it’s not at all strange when the Fake’s start to follow suit. Jeremy and Ray start it, the newest member and the one caught on camera the least often, casually dropping their masks mid-conversation. They each get a confused squint or two, a double glance, a few individuals trying to place them, remember how they’d met before, why they were so familiar.

Next came Gavin and Michael, having goaded each other out onto the dance-floor they were playing as much as they were moving to the music, laughing and grappling and generally making a bit of a scene. They snatch off each other’s masks as they play and the looks double, because alone they’re each distinctive but together, together, people have seen those faces together, somewhere they’ve seen them and so often together..

Last is Jack and Geoff, more graceful than their counterparts and moving with far more purpose they reveal their faces in the centre of the room and, like a party trick, they instantly catch the whole room’s attention. Out of context, in ones and twos where they don’t belong, the members of the FAHC could be mistaken but no one in the country would fail to recognise Ramsey and Patillo, the kingpin and his right hand, rulers of the most well-known gang in the US. And here they stand, casually mingling at a high school reunion.

In the calm before the storm the crew gravitates back towards one another, can almost see the cogs turning around them, the lightbulbs flickering on in a slow ripple spreading out across the room, disbelief and the first hint of horror swirling together as people start unconsciously reaching for their phones. As Ryan slips back out and wanders over, the last still masked, always masked, the chatter seems to crescendo then crash into something still and almost silent as a room full of entitled trust-fund babies recognise their own terror.

Finally uncovered and flanked by his family Geoff’s grin creeps across his face, slow and violent and more confirmation than anyone needed as he lets the oppressive tension sit for a long moment, arms spreading out to his sides like a magician revealing a clever trick before he breaks the silence; Surprise motherfuckers.

Guns are pulled from jackets and from there it’s all running and screaming, no honour or courage, just a stampede for the exits to the sound of cackling laughter and the occasional aimless pot-shot. The Fake’s aren’t looking for lives, not worth the hassle really, and this job certainly has no monetary reward beyond the wallets Geoff’s filthy little thieves have no doubt absconded with, but the fear in the air is delightful and even the sound of incoming sirens can’t ruin the mood. If anything it only hypes them up further, all savage grins and ramping excitement as they make for doors, reloading their weapons and pumping themselves up for a whole new police force to terrorise, Geoff’s magnificent little miscreants.

On the way out they pass a wall of yearbook photos, blown up large and captioned with names and all the old superlative awards. Ryan stumbles to a halt and snorts, snatching one off the wall and tucking it into his jacket to take back to the penthouse, though not before flashing the Lads a glance at that all too recognisable face, sending them into peals of screeching laughter as they pour out into the night. Geoffrey Fink; Least likely to succeed. 

headcanon time: shen and wolf boss (i really need a name for him) were childhood friends, and would play hide and seek in the palace. sometimes as a challenge, little 8 year old wolf boss would try to play with just his nose (hence the blindfold), and since the palace already smells like shen, he would take a long time. this particular time, he was sniffing around for so long that shen fell asleep waiting, and eventually, this happens *u*

Oh, my…

I really am a lazy ass. I can’t believe I started this like on Friday. I am ashamed of myself. Now, maybe the fact that I only worked on this while watching Allesia’s stream may have something to do with my slowness. 

I got the idea for this on the stream. We know that in Alessia’s “behind the scenes” AU, Sans and Alphys are not married, tho they still have a cute little baby. Anyway, I thought that Alphys would look really good in a wedding dress, so I drew her. This is TimeTale’s Alphys by @allesiathehedge but really it could be any Alphys you want.

Dunno if this really looks like a Wedding Dress, I mean, I got the idea for the dress from Leannkan and Drawingwithgreen (i really hope that this is how it was spelled). I don’t know if they have a tumblr so I can’t tag them.. I didn’t want to do the traditional white dress, but maybe i should have.

Y’know, I have the impression that this dress could be worn even if you aren’t a bride. Really, If it was black in place of white I would wear this.

Edit: I knew it. This really is @leannkan ‘s blog. 

So lately I’ve been reading (and loving) “Seeking His Hand”, its a beautiful Lawlight fic full of so much pureness and fluff and it’s so lovely and oh god /shot/ …I was going somewhere with that but my emotions won’t let me. My point. It’s very good. It has a historical setting (Victorian, I think?) And It reminds me a lot of  Pride and Prejudice (The only work of Jane Austen I have read) because of the adorable nature of the love between the protagonists.  If you love this pairing, please read it. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, here’s a quick sketch of how I picture Mr. Lawliet in my head. I have to say he’s been my favourite since the beginning. And his oh-so-famous poet’s shirt ~

If I have the time i’ll definitely try to draw more things related to it in the future.

I hope the author likes this, I’m kind of nervous, haha ~


Description:  After a fight, Taehyung can’t bring himself to apologize to his girlfriend until he realizes that she might have moved on.  If he wants her he needs to go get her.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut and Angst

Word Count: 11620

Warning: Rough sex, possessive dirty talk, spanking

A/N: These just keep getting longer, sorry about that.  A special thanks goes to @avveh for being my soundboard and helping out.  Hope jealous Tae is everything you (and I) want!

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katsukiyuuristrophyhusband  asked:

post-canon domestic fluff :)

Yuuri makes a very important discovery one morning, one rare morning when he actually wakes up first and doesn’t immediately crave the sweet darkness of sleep.  No, he wakes slowly and easily, warm and well-rested, and for once, he doesn’t really care what time it is.  Instead he just sighs, noting the warm, heavy weight of Viktor’s arm over his hips, and rolls over slightly–

–and freezes.

And it’s not like he’s never seen Viktor asleep before, or even that he’s never noticed the smattering of pale freckles that lie sprinkled across his bare shoulders.  He’s seen the way Viktor’s eyelashes flutter ever so slightly as he dreams, seen the rise and fall of his body as he breathes.

All of that, and yet, in this moment, he still finds his breath taken away when the sunlight slants through the window just so, and Viktor’s hair falls across his face at just the right angle, all mussed and wavy from sleep, lit up like molten silver in the morning glow.  Yuuri lies there and looks at him, breathless with wonder, and realizes, oh.  I really am married to the most beautiful man in the world.

And then he wants to laugh, because he knew that already!  It’s not a discovery if he’s been aware of it since he was twelve.

But there’s something different about this Viktor, the Viktor who snuggles close and tucks his nose into the crook of Yuuri’s neck and wraps himself around him as they sleep, as if he’s afraid to be left alone (or, perhaps, because he just seeks out any and all warmth as he sleeps, because he’s clingy like that).  There’s something tender and warm and beautiful in a wholly different way about the imperfections–about the messy, untamed hair, the slight crease in his brow from time to time, and the freckles that are no longer hidden under foundation.

Yuuri touches one of those beautiful, pristine, imperfect cheeks, and smiles.  He strokes his thumb over Viktor’s cheekbone, caresses away the hair flopping across his forehead, and pulls his husband closer, tucking him snugly beneath his chin. 

Viktor stirs with a slow, soft sigh.  “Yuuri?” he mumbles, shifting, stretching his long legs beneath the sheets.  Yuuri hugs him tight and doesn’t bother fighting down the smile that tugs at his cheeks when he hears Viktor’s soft, sleep-roughened voice, a voice meant only for him.  

“I’m here,” he mumbles back, closing his eyes again.  The sun is pleasantly warm against his skin, and Viktor presses close, nuzzling his neck with another sigh.

“G’mornin’, my love,” he murmurs, more asleep than not, and Yuuri smiles, heart full fit to burst.

“Good morning, dear,” he says, and it is.

Backwards Clock~ Langst P.1

Important A/N

This is an extremely triggering series. Following chapters will have these triggers:

Child abuse


harsh words/language

alcohol induced rage

Alcohol/drug abuse

implied rape

child molestation

sexual harassment

self harm

suicidal themes

attempted suicide

descriptions of violence

Side A/N

This was supposed to be a one-shot but it’s getting too long so I’m breaking it down.

This is for the person who asked for the De-Age fic and a maximum langst fic. 

Please read the trigger warnings. If you are affected please do not read this series. Your health is more important to me than reads, notes, or any other forms of acknowledgment. 


“And that, my friends, is what I call a job well done,” Lance joked while landing Blue and placing his helmet to the side. 

“Yeah, but uh, Lance, you have a few fans outside,” Shiro joked.

“What do you- Woah,” Lance voiced. When he stepped out of the lion he was expecting everyone around the Black Lion examining them and trying to see the face behind its metal.

Instead, the King of the Mooi and his people were standing in front of Blue, staring up at Lance with wide eyes and glowing skin.. literally. They surround him, cheering and laughing.

Lance was mildly uncomfortable with the attention. Don’t get him wrong, he loved attention, being able to tell stories and speaking out, but those times he had control of the situation. This was completely different.

The Mooians petted Lance causing the later to curl back a little before allowing the others to hold his hand and inspect him.

He glared at Keith and Pidge who were holding on to each other trying not to fall over in laughter.

Hunk was panicking not knowing what to do and Shiro was talking with Allura.

“Apparently,” Shiro started to explain, “they liked how you flew, all flashy and stuff, and they realized you piloted the lion.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Lance called out. He shuddered in discomfort as one of the Mooians rubbed their face on his upper arm, though it didn’t last as one ran a finger softly across his stomach causing him to laugh.

“The people of Mooi are strangely obsessed with beauty and glamor,” Allura explained, “As the ‘most handsome’,” Allura quoted Lance,” they were naturally drawn to you.”

Lance smiled, “Well, of course, they did,” He joked. “Thank you, but this really isn’t necessary,” Lance tried to explain. He stepped away from the citizens.

They cleared away revealing the queen in her purple and gold robes. She carefully made her way through the crowd, nodding to certain people and acknowledging others. She made it to Lance and bowed. 

Lance stepped back in shock while the citizen’s followed in the queen’s pursuit. 

She stood up straight once more, “Someone such as yourself must stay young forever. Your beauty must be preserved.”

“Uh,” Lance froze. He wasn’t prepared for this, “Thank you, your highness, but I couldn’t accept something as valuable as this.”

The queen shook her head and pushed the drink into his hands. She stepped away and nodded her head expectingly. 

Lance gulped when the citizens started to lean forward. He looked down at the liquid. 

The purple liquid was far too dark for his liking and when he stirred it a bit in the glass it didn’t move. No light reflected off the surface and it smelt like gasoline. Beside him, Allura scoffed and nudged him. Lance took in a breath and downed the drink. He ignored the bitter taste and the stinging sensation it left. 

People around him cheered and ushered him to the plaza where a celebration would take place.

“Hunk!” Someone screamed in the castle. Keith jumped out of his bed, grabbed his dagger and ran towards the noise. The echo messed up his sense of hearing, making it harder for him to tell where it was coming from but small shuffling noises in Lance’s room told him everything. 

Hunk came tumbling out of his room at lightning speed. He tripped before knocking on the door, “Lance?” The noises stopped. “Lance? Buddy? It’s me, Hunk! Open up!”

“H-Hunk?” Lance called from inside. The door slid open.

What the two expected was their normal lanky legged friend with a goofy smile and bright blue eyes.

Instead, a kid in their mid teens stood awkwardly staring at the floor. He looked up to Keith, taking a step back and then to Hunk.


“Lance?” Hunk stepped towards Lance, “What the heck happened?”

“Where am I? Who is he? Where’s Hunk?” Lance started blurting out questions, “Why do you look like Hunk? Why is everything in this room blue? Why-”

“Lance. Lance!” Hunk interrupted the younger male. “What happened to you?” Hunk questioned, “You look 15!”

“Well, that would be because I am 15!”Lance screamed. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration. “Where am I? Who are you?”

Keith coughed, snapping himself out of shock, “You’re in the castle. Do you really not-“

“What the hell?” 

All three of the boys turned to the door where the youngest paladin stood.

“Lance?” they shouted. 


Pidge and Lance screamed at each other; Pidge for shock and Lance for frustration. Keith tried multiple times to get them to be quiet, only to have Shiro come in and pull Pidge and Lance apart and bringing them into the bridge. 

Allura was notified and Coran and her tried to contact the people of Mooi to get an explanation.

“So,” Lance tried to grasp everything he was just told, “I’m in a huge alien castle-ship.” Everyone nodded, “I’m supposed to be 17? I pilot some huge blue lion ship that I’ve bonded to, and I’m always happy and jokey?” Lance looked down, “Go me.”

“We found it,” Allura shouted, “Umioreo. Pidge, can you look it up on the pad?”

Pidge ran to her seat and pulled up a tab, “Erm…here! Umioreo was known as the Liquid of Gods. Blah blah… it is made from the Umi fruit found only on the planet Mooi. Mooians give it people who look like Gods to stay young for eternity and to preserve beautiful youth. It…” Pidge stopped for a moment. She took a shaky breath and continued to read, “It makes the drinker become younger until they cease to exist…therefore they stay youthful forever.”

Shiro stood up, causing Lance to shrink into his seat. “Can you tell us how to reverse it so we can get Lance back to normal?”

Pidge looked away, “There isn’t.”

“Pardon me?”

Pidge looked up from her screen, “There isn’t a cure.”

Boastful Drunks

Description:  A drunken argument between a boastful Jimin and Jungkook leads to a competition in which you are the impartial judge.  The question up for debate: Who is better in bed?

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 9413

Warning: Dom!Jungkook, Dom!Jimin, spanking, breath play, slight daddy kink, punishment, drunken sex

A/N: Thanks to anon for the inspiration.  Sorry it took so long but I hope it is everything you wanted.

 @avveh SURPRISE!  I can’t believe I kept it hidden from you.  

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I was asked a while ago if I could make visual references for Awakening tome effects to go along with my tome project, so I compiled a whole bunch of screenshots of every tome in the game and matched them with each cover! These should be helpful if you ever want to draw characters casting a specific spell or if you’re just curious about what all the tomes actually do when you use them!

The covers for all the tomes are here as well, but you can find higher quality ones in my original master post of the tome project here. You can see the details and writing on each much better. Additionally, just for fun, I decided to make this the complete tome essentials post and include a written description of how each spell looks (in case the picture isn’t enough to visualize) as well as in-game information about each and every one!

Everything else is all under the cut in order of how they appear on this post! Sorry about it being so super long!

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Tales of Zestiria + Titles

ok story time, the sandwich is called a tripleta (3+ types of meat) and is made here in Puerto Rico on food trucks, when i first came to Puerto Rico my family took us out to eat it and i just stared wonder what this was and if it was even healthy, turns out its AMAZING! and i sold my soul to it. so yeah a week ago we went to get some and it made a klance scenerion in my head i had to draw.
I plan on making another page with lance’s answer and keiths reaction to the sandwich. (though don’t hold me to it)
(also didn’t draw the beach, cant do that shit to save my life)


a.c.e and their birth flowers

↳ park junhee (june 2nd, 1994)

june’s birth flower is the rose. roses are symbols of love and passion. each color offers a distinct meaning: red, the lover’s rose, signifies enduring passion; white, humility and innocence; yellow, expressing friendship and joy; pink, gratitude, appreciation and admiration; orange, enthusiasm and desire; white lilac and purple roses represent enchantment and love at first sight.


here’s 火神 ! (huo shen)
people nickname him as urchin

He’s human+dragon hybrid! in human years = ?? yrs old. in dragons years= 21-25 yrs old. do not judge him by his size

Huo shen is narcissistic, a fast thinker, a bit of a hypocrite, cunning, dishonest, and extremely hot headed. Hard 2 please. Pretends to be cool n chill. isnt chill
He likes to show off a lot and impress people (often risky stunts. its hard to tell if hes afraid of dying or not). His logic goes like GO HARD OR GO HOME

Used to be soft and easily showed his emotions, but that when he was young n knew nothing about the world, and he regretted knowing Nothing back at that time. Because NOW, he has such a negative and misanthropic view on everyone and life.

Living for so long has made him see, study, and realize, a lot of things, He’s siiiiiiiick of literally everything. Doesnt want to deal with anyone so he’s mostly an independant person.
Keeps his “everyone is stupid” talk to himself if he has the patience .

Internally insecure and afraid to show weaknesses. prone to self harm by using his claws, whenever hes frustrated (digging nails/scratching/cutting skin. has clawed out some skin from his chest b4)
When he’s mad, he forces himself to shut up, thinking that if he didnt he would break his character if he lashes out since he represents himself as such a Magnificent Perfect being. He doesnt show his anger through actions but through harsh words.
The only authority to him is Himself, he would never take away anyone’s rights though.

-hatched from an egg.
-hates slow people and will pressure u if ur slow.
-Huo Shen has a good sleeping shedule + exercise routine.
-Takes care of his body really well. Hunts his own food even if he has money for it.
-Eating COAL is like eating CANDY for him.
-spits LAVA instead of breathing fire, but his breath can heat objects.
-Quite a skilled fighter
-He hoards sharp things and anything warm colored
-His wounds heal faster than a human’s, although scars seem to remain just as long. -His “hair” isnt actually hair. theyre just….spikes…but bendable
Also he’s trans

anonymous asked:

I loved your Jasper and Bismuth headcanons! Can you do the other Crystal Gems at some point as well?

Oookay this is a doozy, wedding headcanons for Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Lapis and Peridot! ***This is all implying the reader is human!! Sorry if you wanted to read this as a gemsona. You could tweak the words if you wish. Mini HCs for Steven, Connie and Greg at the end, not for marrying them but how they’d act during a wedding with you an the gems. 

I’m going to try and doodle the wedding rings later (including Jasper’s and Bismuth’s), so that’s why they’re not described in the post! -Mod Lapis


  • She’s very at-ease the whole time, but also beaming and excited.
  • The wedding was indoors, in a large ballroom looking place. There was a hallway leading to the ceremony room, and another hallway leading to restrooms and other facilities. The decorations were simple, mostly darker maroon velvet covers on things with white as the accent color. It reminded you vaguely of red velvet cakes.
  • Surprisingly, she really enjoyed planning it out, she spends a lot of time planning her vows especially. 
  • If she wore a tux, it would be a very dark plum color with blue and red wrist cuffs. She wore a tie instead of a bow-tie. She’d wear her afro naturally.
  • If she wore a dress, she’d wear a fishtail dress with glove-like details. (Something like this!), her hair would be pulled back and pinned with flowers. (something like this is what I was imagining
  • Nothing really “goes wrong” at your wedding, it has a very peaceful atmosphere overall. 
  • You don’t follow the “you can’t see the bride until the ceremony” ritual, she assures you it won’t matter. You two spend the day together until it’s time to get ready, then you separate for a bit until the ceremony. 
  • Some of your relatives make off-hand remarks about Garnet wearing her visor the whole time. It irritates you but you don’t let it ruin the wedding. 
  • Come time for the ceremony, you and Garnet have dopey smiles plastered on your faces, she even giggles a few times which made you smile wider. 
  • Her vows are short, but genuine, her demeanor changed from giggly and happy to sincere in an instant. “Today, you and I make a commitment to one another. To stay together. To act together. To suffer together. To celebrate together. From this day forth, you will always have someone to put your faith into, to share your joy and your pain with.” She takes your hands- “I love you.” 
  • She takes her visor off to kiss you, looking you in the eyes before pressing a gentle kiss on your lips, smiling as she pulled away. 
  • The after party consists of lots of karaoke, dancing and chatting. Afterwards you went home with your wife, holding one of her hands as she carried a tuckered out Steven in the other. 


  • There’s lots of nervous laughter from Ame, her jokes don’t deliver well all day and she’s very affectionate- yet quiet. It’s pretty out of character for her. You could tell she’s got a lot on her mind. 
  • You and Ame let Pearl plan a lot for the two of you, so the decor was very elegant, lacy tablecloths with lilac and (favorite color) trimming or ribbons, even the flowers were color-coordinated. It clashed a little bit with the beach simple setting, admittedly, but it was still very pretty. 
  • If she wore a tux, she wouldn’t actually wear a tux at all. She’d wear a white collared shirt with a black vest and dark purple slacks. Her hair would be up in a pony tail. 
  • If she wore a dress, it would still but on the more casual side. (Something like this!) with her hair down, but pulled back out of her face. 
  • The ceremony starts off well, but midway through Ame starts crying, she tells you she’s okay. When it comes time for her to say her vows, she grabs you by the face and kisses you. She pulls back but keeps you close and whispers “I-I didn’t make any! I didn’t know what to say I didn-” you pull her back in for a kiss and assure her it’s okay. 
  • You two keep pecking little kisses across each other’s faces. 
  • She holds your hand as the two of you walk down the isle together, wiping her tears away and looking at you with glistening eyes.
  • During the after party, Greg preforms lots of his songs as the two of you just sit and listen, peacefully. There’s lots of actual partying happening, but you two just wanted to spend time with each other. 
  • Peridot makes a big dork of herself during her speech, telling you how you’re now legally fused with the “superior quartz”. Ame giggles and scoffs at it, so do you. Garnet takes the mic from her and expresses how happy she is for Amethyst, and gives you two her best wishes. 
  • The two of you dance together to cheesy pop love songs on the dance floor, giggling to each other again.


  • You both decided to have your wedding in a chapel. (She just loved the aesthetic of it so much)
  • The decor is all white and cream colors, she really stressed that “the light shining through the stain glass might make some colors unflattering to look at”, you agreed for her sake, she was pretty stressed.
  • If she decided to wear a tux, she’d wear a similar one to what she wore in Mr. Greg (It’s Over Isn’t It episode), perhaps a different color, like pale blue. The accent colors would all be pastels, of course. She’d wear her hair normally.
  • If she wanted a dress, she’d wear something simple with elegant details that flowed well. (something like this!), she’d wear her hair normally still, but would wear some sort of hair accessory. Very pale silver leaves, pearls, something simple but lovely like that. 
  • You did follow traditional rituals with her, more for the fun of it instead of actual belief in them. 
  • There was a light drizzle of rain before the reception, it stopped quickly and left little glittering water droplets onto the stain glass windows. 
  • The reception went over well, Pearl recited her vows without skipping a beat. “From this day forward, I, Pearl, take you, (y/n) to be my spouse. To have and to hold, in peace and in strife, I will stay by your side. So long as your heart still beats and my gem still shines, I will love you.”
  • The kiss was short and sweet, with Pearl’s nose bumping into your own briefly, making you smile.
  • During the after party, you and Pearl slow danced a lot. There was a dance where you traded off partners with someone else, which was a lot of fun. It broke off into more loose and dorky dancing afterwards.
  • Pearl took you outside to the church garden to walk around and be with you in peace for a while. 
  • Greg was the one to give you two the “good luck, I’m so happy for the two of you!” speech, he looked especially happy the whole time. You noticed he and Pearl talking a lot, too. 
  • The two of you stayed until everyone had left and cleaned up together, Pearl would give you little cheek kisses when you would pass each other to throw something away.


  • She was VERY excited, but terribly nervous. She’d ask you tons of questions about this “tradition” and how to celebrate, occasionally making off-hand “that’s weird” or “oh! that sounds fun!” remarks. 
  • Peri wanted to hold the ceremony in the barn after reading it’s supposed to be held in a “special place”. 
  • Lapis, Pearl, and Garnet helped remodel and redecorate for the occasion. Lapis had made a large ring of water around the barn, not in front the entrance of course. Garnet moved a lot of things outside and behind the barn out of sight, with some help from Greg and his van. Pearl and Peri took care of actual decorating for the most part. Peri made some wind-chime looking meep-morps out of tin cans and pieces of different colored glass, she hung them at the entrance of the barn. Pearl set up chairs in the barn, making a reception area in the back. A large piece of white tulle hung from the ceiling, creating a large upside down V looking shape, it was weighted down from moving by fabric flowers. There was more white tulle on the walls, mainly near the entrance, (looking like curtains) and hanging from the high points of the ceiling with more of Peri’s meep morps. It was odd looking, but very pretty. 
  • If Peri wore a suit, it would be green, with a bright green bowtie. She’d wear her hair as usual, but would make sure it was extra well kept. No pieces sticking out or out of shape!
  • If she wanted a dress, she’d wear something shorter and cuter, (ideal to walk and party in later, she planned it out ahead of time). (Something like this!) The top part of her hair would be pulled back and secured with a barrette, with the bottom still flared out a bit. 
  • During the reception, Peri kept looking at you, she’d smile and her cheeks would flush.
  • Her vows were incredibly dorky, but there was a lot of sincerity to them. “Fusion- it’s the most intimate a gem can be with another; or is it? They share their physical and mental state with each other, they become one. Here on this day, we become one, we’ll share our lives together from this day forward. Our physical and mental states combine, but stay separate, making us use honesty and communication. We don’t share a body, but we’re still one. Today, I fuse my life with yours.” 
  • Peri’s vows earned an odd look, a giggle, and an “awh” from Garnet within seconds of each reaction. 
  • She actually missed the first time she went in to kiss you, kissing you on the side of your mouth. She realized this and awkwardly laughed, you cupped her face and pulled her back in for a proper kiss.
  • The after party was a lot of fun, there was mostly dorky dancing, and a marathon of Camp Pining Hearts in a truck bed. 
  • She comes up and asks you if what she said was “okay”- of course it was, and you tell her she did great.
  • You learned Peri can’t dance. At all.


  • She suggested the wedding be held on the beach, you asked if she was sure, she said she was. “I have enough bad memories about the ocean. It’s time to make some good ones.” 
  • The wedding was held at night. Greg was kind enough to lend you his old light-up floor. (This one!)
  • Lapis heard the old saying “rain on the day of the wedding is good luck” so she made it rain throughout the morning so it would have time to dry before setting up.
  • Chairs had been set up on the flooring, the gentle whirring of Greg’s van made for comfortable ambiance while everyone else was quiet. There were flowers and flower petals scattered on the beach, but overall it was very simple, with the full moon overhead. 
  • If Lapis wore a suit, it would be a simple button up with dark blue slacks. She’d roll up the sleeves and wear a loose ribbon tied in a bow around her neck instead of a tie or bowtie. She still wouldn’t wear shoes. Her hair would be in a low ponytail. 
  • If she wore a dress, it would be simple in the front and backless with a bow at her lower back. (Something like this, the one on the left! sorry I couldn’t get a single image of it in a good resolution.) Her hair would be down like normal with the back of it in a flat braided bun, and she still wouldn’t wear shoes. 
  • She said her vows quietly, very softly. “After all this time, I’ve finally found a home on Earth. Home is being with you. So I guess I want to stay home forever now.” she laughed a bit, but she held you hand a bit tighter, you could tell she meant it. She pulled you closer into a hug, holding you there and pressing a kiss on your cheek before putting her hand on your chin and pulling you in for a kiss. 
  • The two of you half-heartedy listened to the speeches your friends and family gave, mostly just holding each other and appreciating the moment. Lapis paid the most attention when Steven spoke, recounting the day he met her and saying how happy he was to see you two together now. 
  • She took you out onto the ocean and danced with you there, smiling and pressing little kisses into your shoulders and neck. 


  • They helped set up a lot, Greg always offering to play music.
  • Steven and Connie were always the flower boy and ring bearer. 
  • Steven wears a pink vest and pants with a white button up underneath, Connie wears an off the shoulder long sleeve mint dress with a white belt. Greg wears his tux from Mr. Greg. 
  • Greg almost always references his relationship with Rose in his speeches, saying how you need to talk to one another and be honest, communication is key, you should trust the other one to love you despite your flaws. No one is perfect until you see them as they are completely, and if you still love them as they are entirely, then they’re perfect for you.
  • Steven always says how happy he is that his friends/family is getting married, gives you the best wishes he can, makes a handful of jokes. 
  • Connie doesn’t give speeches, but she is very happy to be around and says congratulations when the ceremony is over. 
  • Greg, Steven and Connie do karaoke- Greg and Steven are happy to do back-up vocals for people, too. They all sing very well! 
  • Steven and Greg welcome you to their family afterwards.

@preludeinz a selection of sands, photographed with my phone and a clip on macro lens.

Photo quality is a little off, because I was photographing through the jars and the light was a little weird, but they’re still pretty cool. All shots taken at the same scale.

In the top row we have my most and least matured sands. On the left is the freshest, from Jökulsárlón in Iceland. First generation, eroded straight from the volcanic ranges and transported a short distance downstream by glacier. All the bits are weirdly shaped and jagged.

By contrast we have Sydney basin sand from Long Reef. It’s really old and has been sand at least once before this. Then it got lithified (turned into rock) into the Narrabeen Sandstone during the Triassic, and then exhumed and eroded down to sand again millions of years later. All the grains are really well rounded and almost polished looking.

In the bottom row we have two different sands with very different compositions. On the left is sand from Loch Ard Gorge on the Great Ocean Road. It’s a mix of quartz and shells and limey bits of different shapes and sizes (the technical term is poorly sorted. I know, really.). 

And on the right we have sand from Coolum Beach in Queensland. Very fine, almost entirely clear quartz. This beach was very white, in contrast to the more golden sands around Sydney. The sand is also really fine, partly because I collected it from higher up the beach face where wind does most of the transport.

dressesmakemefeelmanly  asked:

Asdfghjkl, your art is aBSOLUTELY precious and aHHH!! Would you mind doing some A1 TsukkiYama. Like a real, genuine hug from the both of 'em. The type of hug that just--asdfghjkl. The hugs that you so dearly want after a long and tiring day? hAHAHA, gosh, I know that was too descriptive but I just really want to see more fanart of these types of hugs (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

TYSM   (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

I’m sorry for the late reply! i just finished semester finals about a week ago. I could really use a hug like this but i don’t have a s/o ; u ;

anonymous asked:

Top 10 books recs, please?

oh, sure! sorry if this is long and boring, but i had to explain why i recommend these books and make a tiny description of what i think about them, in case you’re interested to read one and have no idea what you have to expect for it.

  • crime and punishment, fyodor dostoyevsky; along goethe’s faust, i think this is my favourite book. even though there are almost 600 pages of heavy dostoyevskian description, complex monologues and even more complex events, i literally devoured it in two days and absolutely love it. if you want a complex read but also a fascinating story with beautiful characters, you must read it. 
  • agony and ecstasy, irving stone; this book changed my life. this novel, which is about michelangelo’s life, emanates such art, with its richness of information and smooth, beautifully-written prose. you’ll immediately wish to know more about art and you’ll become conscious of what a divine thing it is.
  • the blind assassin, margaret atwood; i don’t like contemporary books, but this novel is definitely an exception. her writing style is marvellous, raw, and even though the story seems kind of banal, this book is an experience. an easy, but complex and surprising read. totally recommend. 
  • les fleurs du mal, charles baudelaire; baudelaire is my favourite poet for who i carry in my heart an eternal and intense love. you absolutely need to read his poems! they’re so gloomy, palpable, cold. and i love him. 
  • against nature, joris-karl huysmans; this is the most pretentious book i’ve ever read, but also one of my favourite. however, it’s a book hard to love. the number of the characters is insignificant and the action is almost nonexistent. the book consists mostly on descriptions and monologues. but they’re more than beautifully-written and, oh, i can’t put it into words. life-changing. it’s a small and strange read, but its complexity is fascinating. and huysmans is such an underrated author, he’s incredible.
  • hamlet, william shakespeare
  • king lear, william shakespeare; in case you wondered what are my favourite books by him. they have, especially hamlet, a deeply important place in my heart. 
  • the portrait of dorian gray, oscar wilde; i find this book an essential read only because it utterly changed my view in literature. it was my first classic. you just can’t not love this novel.
  • the aleph and other stories, jorge luis borges; he’s m a g i c a l. his writing style is extremely poetic and wondrous and his ideas are sublime.
  • faust, johann wolfgang von goethe; my absolute favourite book. my heart beats for it. every moment i live, i live with this play in my mind. my love for this piece of paradise is hard to put into words. everything about this was beathtaking and goethe is such a genius. someday, you need to read this book.
  • orlando, virginia woolf; her works are delicate, vernal, fragile. they give me an inscrutable and unique feeling. and this book is my favourite.