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Could you write a short Harry story where it's you're 21st birthday in Vegas and you meet Harry at a club then end up at his hotel room? I had a dream like this and I wanna read about it over and over again xo

this is a little different and i’m sorry this is so late but i suddenly got inspired to write again so !!

“to finally being able to legally drink!”

you laugh as you lift up your glass and toast with all of your friends. drowning back the expensive champagne that your best friend had bought for this special occasion, you can’t help but let a tear slip down your cheek.

“happy tears, right?” your best friend tries to keep up your happy facade in front of the rest of the guests, and they all buy it, but you secretly know better. to say the least, this year was the hardest year of your life.

harry had left you.

on perfectly understandable circumstances, of course, but that doesn’t mean it hurt less.

“we can’t be together if we’re on opposite ends of the world,” he had whispered into your ear as you cried into his shoulder. “but i love you, kitten. i’ll always love you. and maybe one day, we’ll meet again.”

“oh yeah? what if you’re with somebody else?”

he pulls away slightly so he can look into your eyes–so you could see the severity of his promise. “it’s always going to be you. my heart is always going to belong to you. no matter who i’m with.”

and for the last year, you’ve been tucked away in boston, studying criminal law and trying not to search up his name on your computer every chance you got.

but now you were in los angeles, because your best friend had insisted you to drive down to party in the party state. so you did. and surprisingly, not once on the way down did you think you’d see him.

he was off in france, the last time you heard, filming a movie. so bumping into him in one of the roughest bars in downtown LA was just as likely as you becoming a surgeon (and with these clammy hands and fear of blood? that wasn’t gonna happen in three lifetimes). 

but as you sip the last remains of your drink, you see him.

you see him looking at you, through the midst of people–through the fog of cigarette smoke, there he was.

harry styles.

looking at you.

at first you’re certain you’ve finally gone crazy. you even pinch yourself a couple of times to make sure you’re not dreaming. and you see him smile when he spots you squeezing the skin of your arms.

hi, he mouths, like you two have never met.

like you didn’t think about him every single day.

your friends didn’t notice your sudden silence, blaming it all on your shallow alcohol tolerance, so they didn’t question you when you said you wanted to be excused to the bathroom.

meeting harry’s eyes again across the room, you watch him excuse himself from his friends and you’re halfway up the stairs when you see him following you. and it’s not until you have your arms around his neck in the small bathroom space that you knew for certain he was real.

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“i missed you,” you blurt out in a whisper, tears stinging the sides of your cheeks. “how are you here?”

“your best friend texted me and told me that she would kick me in the bullocks if i dared to show up here,” he chuckles under his breath and wipes a stray tear away from your face. then he wraps his arms around your waist and holds you to him tightly. “but i couldn’t resist. i had to see you. even if it was from a distance.”

“how’ve you been?” you both ask at the same time. you giggle but you can’t stop crying and then you realize he’s crying as well and you both fall into each other’s arms like a bag of limbs.

harry rests his head in the crook of your neck and whispers, “come on, let’s get out of here. my hotel room is right upstairs.”

“my friends…” you trail off, not bothering to finish that thought because they surely would understand. this was harry after all, and you would give up anything to spent a second with him.

even if that meant everything you had.

harry wasn’t kidding when he said his hotel room was right upstairs, because it took only a few minutes for your back to hit his perfectly made sheets and for him to pull the curtains open–letting the night sky stream in as he turned the lights off.

thinking back now, one might think that sex would be coming next. which is a reasonable guess, since you both hadn’t seen each other for a year and here he was standing in front of you looking more gorgeous than ever…but one must realize that there was a thin layer of something very pure between you both.

and sex would surely break it.

“do you still love me?” you ask softly as he lies down next to you, suit crumbling underneath him. 

you turn your body towards him and run your hands through his short hair as he whispers, “of course. i don’t think it’s possible for me to stop loving you.”

“i like your hair,” you say, because there was nothing else you needed to know. you’re scared that you’ll never stop crying. “it looks really good on you.”

“i like your hair too,” he licks his lips as his fingertips rub the tips of your newly-cut hair. “we should’ve gone to the same barber,” he jokes and you smile. he hesitates, before asking, “are you….are you seeing anyone?”

you don’t know what to say but the truth. “yes,” you confess. “he’sare you?” and from the moment that question leaves your lips, you know the answer. he looks down from your eyes for a moment, unsure of what to say, so you tell him, “i’m happy for you. you deserve…happiness.”

“she’s not you,” he blurts out. his hands slowly inch down to cradle your cheeks in his palms. “you know it’s always you.”

“and you know it’s always you,” you pull him closer and breathe in his familiar scent. “tell me she makes you happy.”

harry smiles a little sadly, “yeah, she does.”

and you’re surprised because you genuinely feel happy for him. not one ounce of selfishness possesses you. okay maybe one ounce. “does she tell the best jokes?” you ask as your lips gently graze his jaw and you hear him suck in a breath.

his dimples are evident as he grins, “you know you tell the best jokes.” unable to resist it any longer, you kiss him. it’s slow and tender and full of passion, as if all the words you’ve been aching to tell him over the course of a year are finally being said all at once.

he pulls away and rests his forehead against yours. “i’m sorry i broke us,” he apologises and you shake your head because you refuse to believe that he can be capable of anything but happiness. “i hope he didn’t mind picking up your shards.” you laugh and a tear escapes his eye when he sees your laughter lines. “tell me he makes you laugh. i know how much you love to laugh.”

“he likes my sense of humour,” you say, “and he likes the way i get passionate when i present a case in class–he’s a budding lawyer too, just like me.”

“i’m glad,” harry whispers, tracing circles into your skin. “i’m so glad you’re happy.”

“you don’t know how happy i am for you. but no matter what, if this is the last time we’ll see each other–” both of your hearts skip at this “–i want you to remember that i’ll always be here for you.”

harry’s tears are staining the sheets below. “and i want you to remember how much i love you.”

you smile. “promise me this: in a couple of years when i graduate and you’re at the peak of your career again…”

“we’ll get together,” he promises. “we’ll meet in a coffee shop, or a bar like just now, or a park, or a concert, wherever…”

“and we’ll be together,” you conclude. “forever.”

he vows, “the next time we see each other, we’ll be together forever. and that’ll be it.”

“close your eyes,” you tell him, and you do too. “i like to think that when i open them again, you’ll be mine for good. and i’ll be yours unconditionally.”

both of you hold each other like the pieces of a ying yang. perfectly, naturally, rightfully.

“happy birthday,” he murmurs.

“you’re right,” you smile. “I almost forgot.”

you can’t help but realize how perfect you two look right now: him in a suit and you in a white dress.

the irony of it all makes you hold him tighter.

ahahaha lmao this is such crap but oh well

My Mission (Part 7/11)

Summary: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and would do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you just might end up doing anything for Bucky, too.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1700 (sorry it’s short)

Warnings: Language, more angst/conflict, still some sad!Bucky. Small POV change.

A/N: We’re furthering our journey on the Conflict Express. *choo choo* Also, I finished writing this last night, and I did end it with 11 parts, so yay for finally figuring that out.

Tags have been moved to the END of the post - still can’t believe this many people want to be tagged in it. Thank you so much!!

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Pokemon sun and moon - (Tiny)Team skull boss and Xurkitree

“The Xurkitrees think Guzma was one of their kind, yet they confused why he is too small/short and think he must be a newborn ub…..” 

Since I had drawn him in his ub form (Tiny Xurkitree) with the Xurkitrees so, why not in his human form too? lol and I just love when he is ub and being mistake and take care by original xurkitree  = w =

PS. I’m not sorry ; w ;

Edit : I edit the picture so it would be smoother than original! :D 

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Tom having a sleep over with Marco and they both end up playing truth or dare, and Marco being bold dares Tom to kiss him

Ahhhhhhh! This is such a cute idea I loved reading this! It was so cute! I wasn’t sure if this was just an idea or you wanted a fic, so I wrote a fic anyway because the ide was just so cute!! I hope you love it! Sorry it’s a little short, enjoy!


“Truth or dare?” Marco asked. Tom laughed a bit and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t you think this game is kind of childish?” Tom asked, leaning against the couch. Marco laughed and nudged him, causing the demon to blush.

“Oh lighten up!” Marco teased. He then scooted closer. Tom blushed deeper, Marco was rarely this forward, but it seemed like he was really pushing this silly game. Tom rubbed his neck and Marco poked him playfully. “Truth or dare?” He asked again.

“Okay, okay, okay.” Tom agreed. “Truth.” He answered. Marco giggled, hoping he would pick that one.

“Do you have a crush on anybody?” Marco asked. Tom burst out laughing.

“What are you a middle school girl?” he asked. “Do I have a crush on anybody? This is the type of question they ask in teen romance movies.” He teased Marco mercilessly and Marco laughed, pushing him over playfully.

“Answer the question!” Marco demanded. Tom giggled and sat up, he was blushing again.

“Okay… yes I do.” he admitted, his blush was deepening. Marco grinned very big and scooted even closer. Tom blushed deeper when Marco sat so near.

“Truth or dare?” Marco asked again. Tom tilted his head.

“Aren’t I supposed to ask you now?” Tom asked. Marco shook his head and scooted closer still, eager for the answer. “Truth.” Tom said again, blushing deeper. He now understood Marco’s game and why he was acting so bold. Marco grinned.

“Who do you have a crush on?” Marco asked. Tom’s face was burning red and Marco was practically on top of the poor demon. Tom was so flustered he felt like he was going to burn the house down. “You have to answer.” Marco added.

“I-I um…” Tom trialed off. “I think you know…” He mumbled. Marco giggled and moved closer, putting his hands on Tom’s shoulders. “I don’t want to play this game anymore.” Tom said, looking away. He was becoming so embarrassed! How did Marco know? Marco smiled and pulled Tom in a little bit.

“One more.” Marco begged. Tom bit his lip, but nodded. “Truth or dare?” Marco asked. Tom gulped, hoping this would be what he was hoping for.

“D-dare.” Tom responded. Marco smiled very big and pulled Tom in a little bit more so they were only inches away. Tom was flaring up and praying that he didn’t burn Marco and ruin this moment, but he was lucky enough that he didn’t for now.

“Do you know what I’m going to dare you to do?” Marco asked. Tom gulped and nodded a little bit, unable to form words.

“I-I think I h-have a f-feeling.” Tom stuttered. He then smiled a tiny bit. “But you have to say it or the dare doesn’t count.” He made the rule up, this made Marco giggle a little bit and lean closer still. Tom blushed even more, but giggled.

“Okay then.” Marco smiled. “I dare you to kiss me.” Marco beamed. He leaned in and Tom smiled, meeting him halfway. The boys closed their eyes and Tom kissed Marco very gently on the lips. The two of them thought they’d both be too nervous and pull away fast, but they stayed. It was a light kiss, but it was deep and kind.

Tom pulled away and saw Marco looking at him with stars in his eyes. Tom smiled and giggled yet again, he just felt so giddy. He couldn’t stop smiling and giggling whenever he saw Marco looking at him. Marco grinned as well and had the same reaction as the demon. He leaned in again and Tom wrapped his arms around the human, pulling him close to be able to cuddle with him by the couch.

“Truth or dare?” Tom asked. Marco laughed lightly at how Tom turned the tables on him and changed up his little game. He smiled and thought about it for a moment, playing with Tom’s hair.

“Both.” He smiled. Tom pressed his head against Marco’s and thought for a moment.

“Did you start this game just so you could get a kiss out of me?” Tom asked in a very teasing tone. Marco giggled and nuzzled closer to Tom.

“Maybe.” He snickered. Marco the burried his face in Tom’s shirt and whispered. “Yes.” Tom smiled and hugged him again.

“And for your dare… I dare you to give me a kiss.” Tom said, matching Marco’s earlier tone. Marco smiled and gushed at the cute demon. He moved in and cupped his face, giving him a sweet kiss. He pulled away and smiled at Tom’s blushing face. Marco giggled and gave the demon another kiss on the nose. He didn’t want this to end, so he looked at the demon and smiled cutely.

“Truth or dare?”

More dragons! Woot woot! This ended up being more about the dragons themselves instead of S/o.

Sorry about that! I just… Really love them.

(Ps sorry for taking so long. I am but a small forgetful child. Pls forgive.)


• He sees his dragons as equals for the most part.
• They tend to a bit devious, but highly educated and eloquent.
• They also sleep like giraffes (and yes they do rest, but only for short periods of time).
• Sometimes they talk so much that Hanzo ends up tuning them out and focusing on something else.
• Introduced themselves to S/o out of the blue one day without telling Hanzo first.
• Loves taking naps with S/o and will happily be pillows.
• Show offs.
• Like, is always 120% more graceful when S/o is around.
• Also super possessive.
• The dragons will strike someone down for them if need be.
• Especially if they feed them cherries.
• They LOVE cherries.

• His dragon is his bestfriend.
• Even though it’s mute, they have the deepest understanding of each other.
• It sleeps like a cat, and loves getting pet and hugged.
• Is weary of meeting new people; so, when it was time to meet S/o, Genji had to coax it out with some watermelon.
• Watermelon is probably the quickest way to its heart.
• Really likes to dance!!!
• Genji babies it hardcore.
• Enjoys fighting with both Genji and S/o, it thinks of it as protecting them.
• High-fives with its tiny hands!
• Cannot leave Genji and S/o alone.
• Ever.
• It’s almost like having a toddler around.

Smartass (Isaac Lahey Imagine)

Summary: Reader is sick but denies it but ends up being taken care of by Isaac.

Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Warnings: That it sucks and it’s really short (sorry)

Requested: YESS

Senior year was already stressful enough, but finals knocked out the whole year and won the worst week of high school.

Y/N had studied so hard and gave all of her strength to pass her classes for the past few weeks that she forgot to take care of herself through it all. She walked in carelessly to the first day of finals without caring what she looked like for the rest of her day.

She had pulled on Isaac’s lacrosse jersey over her tired body and pulled her favorite comfortable leggings over her tired legs earlier that morning only with fifteen minutes before she needed to leave for school. Everyone stared at her out of disgust while she entered her math class sniffling her nose as she took her usual seat next to Isaac.

He had watched her walk in class like a hypnotized zombie and fall to her seat without even noticing his presence next to her. “Babe? Are you sick?” He asked while rubbing her back to soothe her down a bit.

“I’m not.” She mumbled, lifting her head up to face her chuckling boyfriend that found her amusing when she lied of being sick.

“When we take this exam I’m taking you home and you’re going go lay down and eat some soup with me.” Isaac pressed his lips on to her forehead when the teacher started handing out the exams without her protesting. She simply nodded and started her exam calmly.

Y/N could feel the cold sweat dripping down her warm forehead as she handed in the full exam with Isaac right behind her. “Let’s go home baby girl.” Isaac wrapped his arms around her waist carefully to walk her towards her own car.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were sick?” Isaac asked, handing her the bowl of warm soup to her palms. Isaac took her to her bedroom and made her change into warmer clothes while he was downstairs making her some chicken soup for her to eat.

“I didn’t want to worry you, you already have your stress about exams as do I.” Y/N admitted as she took the first spoonful of soup between her lips. “Also, I was trying to deny being sick so I couldn’t actually feel sick but that clearly didn’t work out.”

“No it didn’t you smartass.” Isaac chuckled, sitting besides her in her bed while pulling out his latin class notes. “Now eat your soup so we can study a bit and then we can have a warm bath together.”

“Oh God, what did I do to deserve such a wonderful guy like you?” Y/N grabbed Isaac’s chin carefully and pecked his lips before continuing on eating her soup.

Isaac rolled his eyes playfully as he continued to study his notes from his class quietly. Maybe finals week wasn’t as bad if they were going to be like this every day.

The Lost Girls

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Request: Your the VP of an all-female MC and you all go to Charming, you and Jax fall for each other. 👯

Sorry this is a bit short. The next part will be longer and will be up soon. xx


You had always been in love with the lifestyle. Your childhood had been filled with the constant roar of motorcycles and it was only inevitable that you’d end up being a part of the life.
Motorcycle clubs had always had a certain stereotype.
Big burly men with beards stuffed into leather that was clearly too tight.
The Lost Girls were a little different, however.
You were the VP of an all female motorcycle club.
This life wasn’t cut out for everyone, it was a very specific type of lifestyle that asked for a lot.
You must follow without question, trust without proof, and be someone people can depend on, always.
But for you, it was everything you’d ever wanted.
There’s a certain rush that comes when you flirt with danger. An adrenaline rush that comes with being affiliated with something so notorious and known world wide as the Hells Angels, the Bandidos, or the Sons of Anarchy.
There’s a satisfaction that comes with being respected by the citizens or feared by them. There’s the knowing that so many people want to be you, to be where you are, but they never will be.
But the thing that made you want it the most was something you had craved your whole life.
A bond stronger than that of blood, a dedication to each other’s lives that most people would never understand. Your problems were everyone’s problems, and theirs were yours.
It was loyalty, it was a sisterhood, it was a family.
You hadn’t been VP for long, a little over a year maybe. But you were good at it.
Your president was good too.
You were both young, but you were already wise. Older members of the club respected you, both of you, but it hadn’t always been so easy.
You had had to fight, to prove your worth, and you weren’t proud of the things you’d done to get to where you are.
But your club was everything you were, everything you had left.
Your father had been a member of a motorcycle club and both your parents had been killed by a rival gang.
Maria Garcia had taken you in and raised you along with her own daughter.
Ella was like a sister to you, and Maria hadn’t been pleased when both of you had joined the Lost Girls.
She had fled her home years ago, when she found out she was pregnant, and her past had been filled with Club affiliations.
She had raised Ella alone before taking you in as well, and despite all your promises to her she was still angry about you both being in the club.
The club had a reputation, and despite being the only female MC in the state, you had made your mark.
People feared you.
They knew not to mess with you.
You took what you were owed and nothing could stand in the way of the club getting whatever they wanted.
You were notorious.

The wind blew through your hair as you pulled your helmet off.
The street was quiet and you leant against your bike as you pulled your cigarettes out of your pocket.
You had woken up to a missed call and a text from your President telling you to get to the clubhouse by 10.
It was 9.30 now, and her bike wasn’t outside yet.
“What’s going on?”
You turned and smiled as you saw Scully walking out of the clubhouse.
She was an older member of the club, and someone that you turned to when you needed to talk.
Smoke left your lips as you exhaled with a shrug and you ran your hand through your hair.
“No idea.” You said and stood straight.
The sound of bikes roaring down the street caught your attention and you turned as four bikes came into view.
You stood with Scully as the bikes stopped in front of your clubhouse and the women got off.
Ella was the first to leave her bike and you smiled to her.
You had always been close, and now that she was President and you were VP you were even closer.
“What’s this about?” You asked her as she approached, her brown hair blowing gently in the breeze.
“I dunno. But we’re about to find out.”
You followed her gaze and saw her mothers car pull up in front of the clubhouse.
“Ma called this?” You asked as you dragged on your cigarette.
Ella nodded and sighed.
“Says she needs to talk.”
You exchanged a look with her and turned to watch the older woman get out of her car.
The whole club loved Maria. She was a mother figure to many, and to the older members she was a trusted friend. She had never approved of her daughter being a part of this lifestyle but she had accepted that no matter what she said Ella wouldn’t leave.
So she had done what she could do to embrace the club.
Everyone respected her, asked her for advice, for comfort, and she loved each of you just as much.
The rest of the club arrived and you all entered the clubhouse together.
The Lost Girls weren’t a big club, there was only two charters, and the few nomads.
Your charter had only 9 members, and a few prospects.
But it was enough, and when you were together you were unstoppable.

“Whats going on Ma?” Ella asked as she sat in her seat at the head of the table.
It was the three of you in the room, Ella, Maria and yourself.
The rest of the club would join once you knew what was going on.
Maria sighed and looked at her daughter lovingly.
“Its always been you and me, my Ella.” She smiled and turned to you.
“Until you came along.”
You smiled warmly at the woman who had raised you and you wondered where this was heading.
“There’s a reason I wanted you to stay away from this life. But it was naive of me to think I could stop you. Its in your blood.”
Ella frowned slightly and looked at her mother.
“What do you mean?”
Maria sighed again before continuing.
“When I found out I was pregnant I ran. Your father never knew. You never asked about your father, and I thank you for that. Its always been painful for me. But its time that you knew.”
You exchanged a glance with Ella.
“Ella when you were born I gave you your fathers last name. He was a good man, he never deserved not to know you. But I was scared. I had to protect you.”
“Ma what are you saying?” Ella asked. She laid her hands on the table and leant towards her mother.
“His name was Marcus. Marcus Alvarez. He was a member of a club, the Mayans. I haven’t heard from him since I left that town, he never knew where I went, or why. He still doesn’t know about you. But I got a phone call last night. It wasn’t him, it was from is cousin. But he’s in trouble, and I think he could use your help.”
Ella watched her mother carefully before she spoke.
“My father was in a club?” She asked quietly.
Maria nodded and smiled warmly towards her daughter, as her eyes filed with tears.
“Hes the president of the Mayans.” She said. “Thats why your so good at what you do, its in your blood.”
Ella smiled before glancing towards you.
You nodded your approval and she turned back to her mother.
“You want us to help him?” She asked her.
Maria smiled and reached out to squeeze her daughters hand.
She nodded slowly before speaking.
“I want you to know who your father is.”
The women smiled to each other and you stood to let the rest of the members in.
They took their seats and watched their President carefully.
After explaining to them what her mother had said Ella paused to look at you.
You nodded reassuringly and she took a deep breath.
“So what does this mean?” Ruth asked from across the table.
“It means we’re going to Charming, California.”

Not Good Enough - Josh Dun Imagine

Imagine- Josh, your boyfriend, is on tour and when you call him he yells at you. He knows how much you hate being yelled at.
(I promise it’s a fluffy ending kay)

Triggers- cutting, overwhelming thoughts

Note- Sorry that this is kinda short, i hope you don’t mind. I wrote this in one sitting :,))


You hate being yelled at. Just the thought can make you tear up.
Josh must have forgotten that while you were talking over the phone.
He was upset about something, you could clearly tell. When you continually asked him about it, he yelled at you. And he continued to yell at you.
‘All your friends and family hate you, and now so does Josh,’ You thought, tears rolling down your cheeks.
'When he gets back from tour he’s going to move out. He’s going to move out and find someone else, someone who deserves him. Unlike you,’ Your thoughts started to overwhelm you. It was too much.
You saw were several text messages from Josh saying he was sorry.
'It’s all fake. He doesn’t love you, he never did,’ you told yourself.
'In fact, he’s probably telling Tyler how annoying and you are right now. You can’t even hold your tears in when someone simply raises their voice at you.
You needed an escape, you needed to get away from your demons. Even if it was only for a second.
You slowly got up off the ground and walked to the bathroom, grabbing your razor, sitting on the floor.
You started getting doubts.
'Do i really want to do this? I’m two months clean, do i really want to break that?’
You gripped tightly onto the razor and thought; 'Of coarse you should. You deserve it for all the pain you’ve caused to everyone you meet, including Josh.’
You winced in pain as you pressed the razor into the flesh on your arm. You watched as blood started spewing out.
The dark red liquid against your skin was actually quite pretty. You stared for a moment before picking another spot to dig your razor into.
You bit your lip when you realized you went too deep this time, blood all along your arm.
You just sat, staring for several moments. Until you heard the front door open.
“Y/n?” You instantly recognized the voice. You panicked, quickly trying to find a towel to cover your arm- but it was too late.
You heard a gasp from the bathroom door. You didn’t dare look up, you couldn’t. You would just burst into tears again.
“Oh my god, y/n, i’m so so sorry, i’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it, I’m so sorry,” You felt two muscular hands draw you into Josh’s chest, and you started crying again. Your knees felt weak and you felt like you were going to collapse. You were grateful when Josh sat both of you down on the ground, sitting you in his lap.
He rocked back and forth, pressing kisses onto your head and whispering to you that it would be okay. You believed it.
You pulled back, your face wet with tears, and Josh looked into your eyes.
“I’m sorry,” Is all you could muster.
“Baby, shh, I’m the one who should be sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you, i know you were just trying to help. I’ve been pretty stressed recently and i didn’t think about what i was doing until it was too late.”
You rested your head on his shoulder and he continued to rock you.
“Weren’t you supposed to be on tour until next week?” You asked into his shoulder.
“I had to come to make sure the light of my life was alright. I don’t know what i would do without you, y/n. You are so, so important, I hope you know that.”
“I love you, Josh,” You looked up to him, tears in your eyes. Not sad tears. Just so very thankful to have Josh in your life.
“I love you too, baby,” He kissed your forehead. “How about we clean your arm, now?”
You nodded your head and he helped you up.

Dream pt 3

Hi! Love your stories! I have a newt request if you fancy it? The reader is marrying a man she doesn’t love (arranged marriage or she doesn’t remember newt because she was oblivated) but newt is in love with her and she with him. He asks her not to go through with it and kisses her, they end up sleeping together then Newt asks her to come away with him and travel instead and she agrees

Part 1  Part 2

Tags- @danilovesstuff @i-ship-it-ironically

It’s a tad short so sorry but I hope you enjoy!

“Newt! What in the name of Deliverance Dane were you thinking!?” Tina whisper-yells at Newt. 

You wince at the sharpness in her tone. You didn’t blame her for being mad, and she probably could have lived the rest of her life without seeing you and Newt naked in the case. You knew what you did with Newt was wrong but, something about him seems so familiar.  

“Here honey” Queenie says holding out some spare clothes and a mug of cocoa in her hands. 

“Thank you Queenie” you mumble. You put on the clothes and sit back down on the bed. You can hear Newt and Tina arguing outside Newt’s shed. 

“Queenie, do you think what I did was a horrible thing?” you ask. 

“Well, you two did have a real special connection.” She says, “But, you are engaged” she continues. 

You put your face in your hands. 

“I know, I know” you murmur. You stand up and start walking towards the door. 

“Where are you going honey?” Queenie asks. 

“I’m going to walk around the case, maybe something will jog my memory” you answer. 

You slip by Newt and Tina who were still deep in conversation. You walked over to some tree, green stick creatures were on the tree. One perked up when it saw you and started crawling over to you. 

“Why hello there” you say to the little creature who was now on your hand. You stared at it for a while, making some light small talk. 

“Well you better go back to your tree little one” you tell it.

You move your hand towards the tree but the creature scampers up your arm and sits on your shoulder. 

“Oh alright. You can stay with me” you say. 

You hear chirping coming from across the tree. A nest lays parallel. You walk and peer into the nest. Little blue dragon beasts curled up like a spring were chirping at you. You cupped your hands and placed them down next to one of the creatures. It slithered into your hand and looks at you. You bring it closer to your face and smile while it keeps chirping at you. 

You wanted to pet it but something in the back of your mind said no. You didn’t know why but you listened to your head and set the little creature down. A shiny glint caught your eye. Curious, you walked over to discover what was causing the light. You were met with a chubby mole, platypus looking thing. You let out a tiny squeal, 

“Aren’t you just the cutest” you gush. 

You held out your hands and the creature jumped into your hands. You brought it to your chest and started scratching its belly. The beasts started pawing at the necklace chain you had. 

“Careful y/n, he may look adorable but he’s a little bugger” Newt says. 

You look up and see Newt leaning against the little guys habitat. 

“What is this thing?” you ask, still petting him. 

“He’s my Niffler. Nasty little pest” Newt replies. Newt holds out his hands for the niffler but the niffler just stares at him before turning back to you. 

“They really love you Y/n” Newt says. 

“I guess they do” you answer. You hear a tiny noise and look to your shoulder. The green creature sits happily. 

“You found my bowtruckles I see, Finn still remembers you” Newt observes. You give him a confused look. 

“Oh right, um before you lost your memory you made quite the impact on my creatures.” Newt says sadly. 

You stay silent, you wanted what you used to have with Newt but you just didn’t remember what that was. You could see he really cared for you. 

“I feel like I already know all of them” you admit, “This place, it’s like another home” Newt meets your gaze. 

“You know y/n, my animals could really use another parent” Newt confesses. 

“What?” you ask. 

“Come with me. We could go to England. They don’t have the same rules about muggles like here” Newt pleads. 

“W-what? Newt, My life is here. My things, my fiance for gods sake” you exclaim. 

“We can get your things, I-I need you y/n. You can’t tell me you didn’t feel anything last night. I am so in love with you. I won’t lose you again.” Newt says. 

You stand there in confusion. You didn’t have a job, your family didn’t live here but, Jason. You still had a life with him. 

“Newt, I love you I truly do but, I can’t just ditch my fiance the day before our wedding. I mean, I know he’s busy a lot but…I still love him too” you admit. Newt’s face fell, the tiny hope he had vanished. 

“You’re right, it was a stupid Idea anyway” he says sadly. 

He turns and starts to walk away. You felt torn. You could go home, get married to a man who doesn’t pay any attention to you or you could run away with a man you forgot about but you slept together and you felt some sort of connection. 

“Newt wait” You call out. He stops and turns around. 

“I-I’ll go with you” you say. 

Newt starts walking closer, “You will?” he asks. 

“Ill go to England with you” you repeat. 

A smile appears on his face, he runs to hug you but you stop him. 

“Newt! Niffler!” you say looking at the ball of fur in your arms. 

“Oh right sorry” Newt takes the niffler and puts him back in his burrow. He takes Finn off your shoulder and places him on his tree. 

“Now” Newt pulls you into a hug. 

“Oh how I love you y/n” he says. 

“I love you too Newt, I don’t need the past memories. I know now that I love you so much” you confess. 

Newt crashes his lips onto yours. You melted into his kiss and place your hands on the back of his neck. 

“But Newt, how are we supposed to get past MACUSA?” you ask. 

“We’ll find away, I promise” He reassures you. 

“I can’t believe I’m running away from my wedding with a wizard with a magical suitcase because it’s against magical law” you mumble to yourself. 

“Yeah but you love me” Newt jokes. He takes your hand and you start walking over to Tina and Queenie. 

“Are you ready to get yelled at by Tina?” you tease still holding on tight to Newt’s hand. 

“As long as I get to stay with you, I’ll take a million scoldings” Newt says dramatically. 

“How cliche” you say.

 Newt rolls his eyes and walks over to Tina. It might have been cliche but at this point, you could care less. You were together again and that’s all that mattered. 

This was so cringy I’m sorry. But this is the end of the Dream series. Hope yall liked it. 

Million Reasons

Pairing: ReaderXDean

Inspiration: Million Reasons by Lady Gaga 

Prompt: you are a hunter with Dean and Sam and you have recently been thinking about leaving the business, however something has been keeping you there.

A/N: i don’t really like the ending because i started to sorta worry about the imagine being too long so i feel like i cut it short, sorry!!

You sat in silence watching the mile markers pass by the Impala’s passanger window. Sam was passed out in the back seat after a long hunt which left you curled up in the front seat. Although you didn’t like having your legs tucked up against your chest, considering you were the smallest out of the little trio, you always got the smallest space whenever night time drives came along. 

You listened as Dean’s music softly played. He had put it on to hide the quiet that had filled the car the moment Sam had fallen asleep. You admittedly weren’t being very good company. You remembered how your father used to bring you along on long road trips to keep him awake. He used to joke about how caffeine never worked as well as your voice, constantly filling his ear with nonsense you had learned on the TV.

However that was all before you had entered the business. It had been almost four years since you had last seen your father, anyone in fact. 

You weren’t born into hunting like Sam and Dean, it wasn’t something your family had raised you to do. Monsters and the horrible things they could do to you was completely unknown to them, similar to how your location and what had happened to you was unknown to them. Four years since your last sighting at a gas station. Four years since you had been kidnapped by vamps and saved by the Winchesters. Four years since you had become a hunter. 

“Hey.” you heard Dean’s voice speak in a hushed tone, knowing he most likely didn’t want to wake Sam from his slumber. You finally broke your gaze away from the passing asphalt and looked at Dean whose eyes glanced at you before returning back to the road.

“Hey.” you responded in a tired voice. In all truth you too would probably be passed out right now if it wasn’t for your thoughts keeping you awake. 

“You should try and get some sleep, I’m gonna need you to drive at some point so I can get some shut eye too.” Dean said in a soft but firm voice.

“As if you would let me drive your car.” you chuckled. In all the years that you had been with the Winchesters you had never seen Dean let anyone drive the Impala aside from the handful of occasions in which he was too intoxicated to. “And I can’t really sleep.” you groaned, shifting your position, hearing a couple joints crack while you moved your legs to the other side of your body, resting your elbow on the center counsel. 

“I can wake Sammy up and drag his ass up here if you need more space.” Dean suggested, glancing at you again as you let your head rest in your hand.

“No it’s okay.” you laughed, knowing all too well that Dean would do it if you even so much as hesitated on an answer. The car was dipped into silence once again, but this time for only a minute or two before Dean broke it again.

“Okay, what’s up with you?” he asked, his voice louder this time but still not loud enough to wake Sam. “Normally I can’t get you to shut up when you’re in the front seat and tonight I can’t even get you to talk.”

You looked at him for a moment before looking down at your legs, not a word leaving your lips.

“(Y/N).” Dean spoke again, this time his voice stern and boss like. You noted how quickly he was able to go from a sensitive to dominate tone. It was almost a second.

“I’m thinking about leaving the hunting business.” you answered sheepishly. There was no other way for you to say it, there was no other way you could say it. 

You looked up at him after almost a minute of him not saying anything, questioning if he had even heard you since you had said it so quietly. His jaw was clenched and his fists were white knuckling the steering wheel. You suddenly felt the car beginning to slow down, not like it was going very fast in the first place on the 30mph country road.

“What are you doing?” you asked as the car cruised to a stop and was put into park. 

“Get out of the car.” Dean said in a firm voice, his own hand unbuckling his seat belt while the other opened the driver door. 

“Why?” you asked, fear in your voice. Was he about to leave you on the side of the road? You knew what you had said had hurt him, especially considering that he had been the one who had brought you into hunting and taught you everything you knew, but you also knew he cared about you. Would he really leave you in the middle of no were. 

He didn’t answer your question as he pulled himself out of the drivers seat, closing the door behind him and walking around to the back of the Impala. You couldn’t help but to follow him. You getting out of the car was either going to happen voluntarily or against your will and with your don’t-make-a-scene nature, you obeyed his stern voice.

The air was cold against your skin, much colder than you had remembered it being when you had first gotten into the Impala several hours early. 

“What the fuck (Y/N)!” Dean suddenly yelled the moment you met him at the back of the car, his breath showing up in the fridged air. You tensed up slightly. You had heard Dean yell at people before, hell he yelled at someone almost everyday, but it had never been you. “Do you realize what happens to hunters who leave the business?” he asked.

“Please stop yelling.” you spoke calmly. You hated confrontations like this.

“They die!” he continued, completely ignoring your request. “Do you want to die at the hands of some fucking thing that goes bumping the night? Or even worse be turned by something and become a monster yourself?”

“I have the same risk of that happening now Dean!” you said, your own voice suddenly matching his loudness. Rarely did you snap at people, but right now your body was tired and your mind had been running on over drive ever since the Impala had pulled out of the parking lot. “I have a million reasons to leave this fucking pile of shit that my life has turned into. I pray every god damn day for something to happen that could make me leave, something that will make the worse seem better!”

“Then why the hell did it take you four years to even bring up that you wanted to leave? If like with me and Sam is so horrible and if being a hunter is so bad then why did you even start in the first place?” Dean retorted, his voice hitting a volume so loud that you could see the veins in his next sticking out.

“Because I thought it would be a fucking adventure! I was 19 Dean, I wanted to see what I was made of a do something cool!” you practically screamed. You were ashamed of yourself for loosing it so much, but you couldn’t help yourself.

“Then why didn’t you leave the minute you realized you didn’t want to be here?” he asked, stepping closer to you.

“Because by that time I had already fucking fallen in love with you!” you screamed. After that the air became silent again. You felt your body cooling back down from its blood boiling state. “You were the only good reason to stay.” you spoke in a normal voice, not cowering from what you had just said. 

“What?” Dean asked, his expression changing completely. The anger in his face had left and it was now filled with a mixture of confusion and something else you couldn’t quite put your finger on. 

“I don’t know what the hell it was but I fell in love with you, hell I still am in love with you. I would’ve left three years ago if I hadn’t had fallen for you.” you admitted, still trying to figure out what his face was expressing to you. It wasn’t until what he did next that you realized what the other expression was. As he leaned into you and kissed you gently on the lips, the red tailgate light illuminating the two of you, you realized his expression was love.

Lost (Negan x Reader)

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Summary: Negan loses your child in a mall

A/N: This ended up really short, I’m sorry :(. It’s hard for me to write from the perspective of parents rip… Also, this is a combination of two requests I got since they were so similar and I though thevplots would work well together. :)

#68: “He’s four years old!!”

#77: “I lost our child.”

You despised Christmas shopping with your entire being. From rude people to crowded stores, it was not a pleasant experience, especially with your son and your husband, who seemed to be more childish than your son. The mall was especially bad, with children and adults alike bustling to get to their next destination with little regard for anyone else.

It wasn’t until you stopped at the mall directory that you or Negan had realized your child was missing. As you were looking at the large map deciding which store you should hit next, the sound of your husband’s voice grabbed your attention. “Hey, Y/N?” he called gently, “Don’t get mad, but I lost our child.”

Your eyes widened before the shock morphed into fear then anger. “You what?” you apoke lowly, anger permeating your voice.

“He was right next to me, I swear. Then he just, wasn’t,” he shrugged.

“How are you not terrified right now, you lost our child in this giant mall,” you said, hands on your hips and glaring at the man in front of you.

“He’s my kid, he’ll be alright,” he smirked, chest puffing out.

“Now is not the time to be stroking your fukcing ego, Negan, he’s four years old!” you seethed. “Go find him, now,” you growled.

Negan muttered a small, “Yes ma’am.” Before walking off in the direction where he last had him, you glared at his retreating form. He was so going to get it when you got home.

Finally - Percabeth

hullo yes this is……..late… but my (wayyyyy shorter than I wanted) gift for @iwriteshakespeareanninsults for @pjosecretsanta2016 I HOPE U LOVE IT IM SO SORRY IT IS SHORT K HERE WE GO

words: 1066

Annabeth laid on the bed, chest up and arms hovering close to her sides. Right next to her was her black haired best friend, whose green eyes almost always peeled the truth from her. The room was a guest room at their friend Piper’s house, them and a group all hung out on a Friday night. Piper had said that it was to celebrate the end of the semester, but Annabeth didn’t care much. Time with her friends without worries of assignments was a great idea for a night.

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  • Snow: You called me down?
  • Principal: Yes, have a seat. I just have a few concerns about your lesson plans...particularly about why all of them seem to involve birds.
  • Snow: Isn't it great? They're getting the best bird-based education in the country.
  • Principal: How could you possibly know that?
  • Snow: By the time they graduate, they'll be fluent in 12 dialects of sparrow.
  • Principal: How about a language actually in the curriculum like Spanish or French?
  • Snow: Sparrow is very useful!
  • Principal: If you're a princess turned bandit on the run from an evil queen. We're trying to prepare these kids for--
  • Snow: Were you about to say "the real world"?
  • Principal: I'll see myself out.
The fangirl blues (Dan x reader x Phil (platonic))

A/N: This imagine is written from an outside perspective, because I thought that was more fit for the way I wanted this story to end up, just so you know ^.^

Also: Anon requested a female reader, but you can obviously change the pronouns. Sorry for this being so short, I tried my best :3 I also apologise for the wait (I apologise for a lot today wow) something went wrong and I couldn’t upload anything, but here it is. Enjoy!

 Requested by anon

- - - 

Dan and Phil had known (Y/N) for years. She had always been a happy ray of sunshine, no matter how hopeless a situation would be. That was one of the things Dan and Phil loved most about her: (Y/N) was always there to cheer them up. She could make any black hole seem like an adventure. One of the things (Y/N) loved the most, was Panic! At The Disco. She would constantly talk about them, but Dan and Phil never knew how serious this love was until one faithful day.

The two best friends were shooting a “Day in the Life” video, so naturally, they were out, pretending to be active and super social. Still laughing at some stupid pun Phil made, they walked up the stairs to their apartment.

“You’re such an idiot,” Dan chuckled as he opened the door, looking at the other with what the fans would call the “Heart eyes Howell” look. Phil laughed, but didn’t respond, as he heard something from their other friend’s bedroom.

“Do you hear that?” He asked worriedly. Dan fell silent and he heard something that sounded like sobbing. He turned his chocolate eyes to the camera and said:

“We’ll be right back, guys, I think something might be wrong with (Y/N).” He turned off the camera and together with Phil, he hurried to the bedroom.

“(Y/N)?” Phil called, standing in front of the door. He had never seen (Y/N) cry, so he was not only worried, but also surprised. He couldn’t imagine what could have happened to make her cry. The only reply he got, was her muffled sobs.

“(Y/N), we’re coming in, okay?” Dan asked. As imagined, no reply came. Dan carefully opened the door and walked into the slightly messy bedroom. (Y/N) was sat on her bed, back turned to Dan and Phil.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?” Phil hurried to your side, wrapping his arms around the sobbing girl.

“I-It’s stu-stupid,” she managed to get out.  Dan sat on her other side and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

“You can tell us, you know that right?” She nodded.

“I know,” she replied softly, “but it’s- it’s nothing.”

“I wouldn’t call you crying nothing,” Phil stated, looking down at his friend. She had rested her head against his shoulder and avoided his gaze.

“You don’t have to tell it, if you don’t want to of course,” he quickly added and he could’ve sworn the younger female smiled a bit. She didn’t reply, however. After a few minutes of silence, when she had calmed herself down a bit, (Y/N) took a deep breath and softly spoke: “You know how much I love Panic! right?”

“Of course,” Dan replied. It wasn’t hard to find out what her favourite band was. She listened to the band’s music whenever she could and she had lots of merchandise.

“Well…” (Y/N) hesitated for a moment. After a soft chuckle, she continued: “I know it’s stupid but… I just realised something. I just… I realised I can’t marry Brendon Urie.” 

anonymous asked:

How about hcs for jonathan and speedwagon with a short tempered s/ o?

I feel like garbage as I write these, so if they end up being kinda shitty I’m sorry ;-; I hope you like them anyways. Also I feel like I’m pretty terrible at writing for Jonathon oops


  • Fortunately for his s/o, Jonathan is used to dealing with short tempers *cough* Dio *cough*. Its really easy for him to diffuse their anger, he just has that natural calming affect on people. I mean calm on, its hard for anyone to lose their temper when they’re around this teddy bear of a man.
  • If his s/o loses their temper at someone and is ready for a fight, Jonathon will have no trouble holding them back. He’ll end up holding them back with his tree trunk arms while simultaneously apologizing to the other person and scolding his s/o at the same time.
  • Jonathon would do his best to keep them away from things that he know would set them off. He would prefer to stay at home reading or just some cuddling on the couch. 
  • Jonathon would try to calm his s/o down by holding them against his chest and stroking their hair. However if they’re really worked up this might just end up having the opposite affect and might just end up making them lose their temper even more. Unfortunately for them though, Jonathon will either hold them like this until calmed down or became so enraged that they passed out.


  • When his s/o looses their temper it can go one of two ways. Speedwagon is either terrified of them or he is just as mad as they are.
  • If someone has riled them up and his s/o is ready for a fight, Speedwagon will be right beside them. When his s/o gets worked up he will also as a result of them getting angry. He’ll end up yelling at whoever or whatever managed to loose their temper. If it comes down to it he’ll end up fighting them. (Just imagine speedwagon narrating Jonathon fighting. Thats basically what he sounds like)
  • But if they are really pissed, he’ll probably  be too scared to say anything and will just let them go at it. Ranting or fighting or just stewing in silent anger. Eventually after they calm down he’ll just give them a simple pat on the head.
Hidden Present

[prompt : blushy, flustered 2009!dan riding a dildo for the first time while Phil watches through Skype bonus points if cute dan hiccuping through the end of it]

2009 pHAN SMUT IS MY W E A K N E S S, ESPECIALLY 2009 PHAN SKYPE SMUT YAAAALL LET ME TELL YOU. (and i can still never end smut fics right whet de fyuk)

sorry that it’s short but i hope you guys like it :)))) (tell me about mistakes!)

[Contains: toys, skype sex (if u listen closely, u can hear me sobbing in the distance), 2009!phan (a big brendon urie “fuuck yeEEAAAAAAAAH”), riding (good shit thats some good shit)]

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anonymous asked:

Okay when we saw the flashback of young yurio when victor made the promise to choreograph his short program, i rewatched it and noticed that yurio was blowing his nose so maybe a sickfic of yurio at that time with sort of a fever and victor helping him out after the promise was made?

Yay, I love writing about baby Yurio! He was always so precious. No puking in this fic, Yurio just had one of those horrible kiddy colds/fevers. This ended up being quite short (sorry for that). I’ll call Yurio ‘Yuri’ in this, cause he won’t have the nickname yet. Hope this is okay.

Viktor watched the junior skaters as they took a break from the ice. Most stood in little clusters, like bacteria, chattering and laughing together. Only the little blond boy sat alone, staring moodily into space. He coughed every so often, his chest sounding congested and thick with mucus.

Viktor knew the boy; he’d just promised to choreograph his short program when the kid made his senior debut. Yakov said his name was Yuri Plisetsky - a cheeky little tyke with big potential and an even bigger mouth.

Big mouth or not, it was clear the boy was feeling ill. He was slumped limply on a bench, his head against the wall, as if it was too heavy to hold up. Viktor sauntered over to the boy, trying to appear casual. Yuri glanced at Viktor as he approached.

“Don’t think you can go back on your word already. You made a promise,” he said fiercely. Viktor was taken aback, then laughed heartily.

“There’s no flies on you, kid. You’ll go far.”

“I plan to. What do you want? You’re about five years too early to choreograph my short program,” he said, hunching over as he was seized with a coughing fit. The coughing was harsh and relentless. Viktor raised his eyebrows.

“You don’t look well, Yuri. And you certainly don’t sound well. Maybe you should go home now, give yourself some time to recover,” Viktor urged. Yuri sniffed determinedly.

“I’m fine. It’s just a cold,” he insisted stuffily, wiping his nose on his sleeve. Viktor cringed and handed him a tissue.

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you any manners?” Viktor teased gently. Yuri blew his nose and fixed his fierce eyes on the older skater.

“My mother never taught me anything,” he said, looking Viktor right in the eye. He turned away as Viktor visibly softened. The older skater placed a hand on the boy’s clammy forehead before Yuri could push him away.

“You’re burning up, Yuri. Come on, you need to rest. There’s no point in me promising to choreograph your short program if you kill yourself before you can make your debut,” Viktor said, trying to help the young boy up. Yuri pulled away violently.

“No! I can skate! I have to skate!” he cried, leaping up quickly.

This was a mistake. Yuri felt a rush of dizziness wash over his head, and the rink suddenly started pirouetting around him. He stumbled helplessly, half blind, and would have fallen to the floor in a heap if Viktor hadn’t caught him, grasping the boy’s skinny shoulders.

“Whoa! Steady, Yuri.” The young boy whimpered, clutching onto Viktor desperately.

“D-dizzy…” he muttered, closing his eyes.

“Okay, hang on.” Viktor placed the boy back on the bench, pushing his blond head between his knees. 

“It’s okay, Yuri. Just breathe,” Viktor soothed, rubbing the boy’s back. Yuri’s bones felt fragile as glass through his skin. Viktor worried he might shatter if he pressed too hard.

Gradually, the world around Yuri stopped whirling around him. He heaved a sigh of relief, sitting up again cautiously. His cheeks were flushed rosy with fever.

“You’re going home. I won’t choreograph your short program if you don’t get some rest now,” Viktor said, only half joking. Yuri poked his little pink tongue out at Viktor, but for once he didn’t argue.

Missed Birthdays-Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf Imagine:#51 Prompt:#…None

Request: an Isaac Lahey one where he forgets your birthday and doesn’t realize he did until like 11:30 at night or sometime when it’s too late to make it up and then he feels guilty and you can decide the ending-anon

Word Count: 741 (Sorry it’s so short…)

Warnings: Missed Birthdays, feelings of sadness

A/n: So this was requested a while ago and I totally forgot about it (I had a bad organization system for stuff) I’m sorry but here it is now!

Originally posted by itsbecauseteenwolf


Coming Soon

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anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you, but I am rather new to the tumblr roleplay scene and I was wondering if you could point me in a 'list' of active Kingdom Hearts roleplayers? Whenever you have time that is!!

Bless You Anon !! Anonymous.

Ahh hello sweetie pie !!
Welcome to the Tumblr roleplay scene ; I hope you enjoy your time here !!
And it’s absolutely no bother at all, I appreciate you coming up to ask !!

The list may be quite short ( or missing a couple of people ) due to my memory,
but I hope that it does end up being useful to you at least !!

@thalxssas,   @scvtteredmemories,  @prcmising,   @helmsplit,   @skyblade,   @cheekykeybearer,    @axorcism,    @incendiiac,    @endss-of-the-earth,    @eternefiamme,    @empxrical,    @rxcusant,   @thekingmickey,    @teardownheaven,   @papilia,    @photondebugger,   @prism-rain,    @praestigii,   @aspiringparasyte,   @duskisms,    @destinyislandscutestgirl,    @fideluxx,    @guardianofdawn,    @dawnsonyou,    @hopesaved,    @juniorhero,    @levitersora,    @xlilium-stargazerx,    @keybladc,   @burnfcryou,    @bondsinthedark,    @nymphatragicae,   @mouseymiracle,    @mxssmouse, @keyblessed, @embracefate, @herocor,    @terra-eternus.