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I am honestly so impressed with Mystic Messenger after finishing the game, and I loved that one end scene from Secret 02 so I took it, embellished it, and drew it out <3 

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Hello my dear! I don't know about you but when Jon said "my father always said, the man who passed the sentence should swing the sword" made me remember of Janos Slynt. And I REALLY want Sansa to know that Jon beheaded Slynt and after seeing that awful poop montage I have hope that we might see it, but then again, Jon may go to Dragonstone and Sansa will never know. Do you think there could be a possibility? Or nah?

Hey doll!

I am not entirely sure honestly. (Yes I realize it is annoying af that I took so long to answer you and then gave you a non answer lol. I am SO SORRY! I am The Worst.)

If it does happen in the show I will be OVER THE MOON! But idk if it would have the same significance that it does in the books tbh? Part of what makes the Janos Slynt connection so cool in the books, at least for me, is the juxtaposition of the two quotes from Sansa and Jon’s respective POVs:

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Baby too Soon │Part 5

Okay, so this is the final part for Baby too Soon. I really hope you all enjoyed this short multi-chapter fic. Thank you to everyone who read and the feedback. :) <3

Word Count: 4,181

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  Part 4

It’s been days since I left. Lucas has called every day, and I send pictures of Thomas to him. Our calls last no more than ten minutes and consist of mostly silence between us. The silence between Lucas and I never bothered me before. It was something that I always found comfort in, but now it’s different.

The silence that lingers between him and I now have been scary. It’s almost like the ability to talk to one another disappeared, and neither one of us knows what to say. Actually, it’s almost like we aren’t comfortable speaking to each other, and it hurts because speaking to Lucas is one of my favorite things in the world and I just want to get back to where we were. But, I’m worried that maybe we can’t.

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hi i love u and ur blog and i was wondering if you have any recs (poetry, books, movies, authors) on in the matter of hope -for a better future,that maybe it will be okay, that we might survive- lol sorry if it seems oddly specific it's just that i've been thinking a lot about it thanks in advance!!

hi i love u 2 sorry this took me so long but here are some things

some poems: 

good bones by maggie smith
wandering around an albuquerque airport terminal by naomi shihab nye
a brief for the defense by jack gilbert
during the impossible age of everyone by ada limon

some articles: 

i have seen the tops of clouds by quinn norton
how to see the future by warren ellis


this video that always makes me cry
this post by gatheringbones
do you play video games? do you like watching video game playthroughs? consider horizon zero dawn, a game v much about survival & hope

A Little Too Real (4.5)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Summary: RealityTV!AU- You are a wardrobe supervisor for a popular TV network. The show is planning a reality TV show like the bachelor and Bucky is the newest contestant. But as the competition starts he realizes that he doesn’t like any of the girls…on the show anyway.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventual)

Word Count: 3300

A/N: Wow! With this part that makes week 2, 300 words short of 10,000 words. It’s kind of crazy to think about. I’m sorry that you’ve had to wait so long for this, but there is a lot of setting up that I had to do through this chapter and you may or may not catch on to it, so it took me a little longer. I love you guys and Enjoy!

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, google translate

Tags: @fangirl1802, @seargantbcky, @lust-for-pan, @38leticia, @barnes-and-noble-girl, @karipaleta, @capandbuck, @camillechan, @findacauseandserveit, @audasia25, @kendallefire , @alicerozenju, @snuggleducky

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“So what happened on your date?” Y/N and I were sitting in my bed, eating whatever cereal I had in my cabinet and watching some rom com that was on TV. She had already told me everything that happened with Tony and how it was not a successful date and as much as I hated to think it, I was very happy to hear that her date had gone poorly. But following the talk of Tony, she became very insistent on knowing how my date went and I wasn’t exactly sure why I didn’t want to tell her that I really didn’t like any of the girls.

“It was okay.”



“And that’s all you want to tell me?”

“She was great, beautiful and she knew all the right things to say to me.”


“But she was as…normal as every other girl I’ve dated.”

“And?” I laughed at her, she just knew me so well.

“And when we kissed, there wasn’t anything there.”

“So, much like my night.”

“Pretty much.”

“Well we tried, right?”


“Are you going to keep her on the show?”

“I guess I should for now.”

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Olicity Drabble: Shooting Hoops

Hey guys! I got some inspiration recently (and a prompt) - sorry to the anon that it took me so long to write this btw I was just really struggling with finding the energy/want to write, but I finally got around to it! I hope you all love it!

Prompt: Oliver comes across Felicity shooting hoops they have 1 on 1 and she wins

Read it on AO3


Felicity stood at the foul line, ready to shoot the ball. She was more than determined to make it.

She was by no means an athletic person. The only type of sport she had been good at was Mathketball, but according to Dig and Oliver, that “didn’t count” as a sport.

But then Felicity started to watch the NBA, even though that was a complete accident. Oliver had left it on one day when he left for work, and as Felicity lazily began to watch on the couch, she slowly became intrigued in the sport when she could see how angles and geometry could be applied. Suddenly, sports weren’t so much of a bore to her, and she soon became a full fledged fan (of the Lakers of course, since Vegas didn’t have an official NBA team).

So when they had built the basketball court just a few blocks from her and Oliver’s townhouse, driving by it every day captivated her interests. After her and Oliver had fallen asleep watching the game - the Lakers had surprisingly won - Felicity woke up around 1 AM, wanting to try out the game for herself.

She extracted herself from Oliver’s grasp, which was a difficult feat, and made her way downstairs, before grabbing her keys and her coat, and leaving for the basketball hoop. Thanks to Oliver and herself, the city truly was a lot safer this late at night, and thanks to her self defense training, she was more than comfortable going out alone (even though she knew Oliver would object if he found out).

A few minutes Felicity found herself at the basketball court, lucky enough to find a basketball by one of the benches (she really hadn’t thought this plan through). She tried to get into the mindset of one of her favorite players, hoping that it would allow her to make this basket. She took a deep breath, stepped up to the fowl line, bounced the ball twice, and aimed. She took into account the slight wind, and the velocity at which she would be throwing the ball at, and shot the ball. It made a perfect swish into the basket, causing Felicity to smile widely and throw her fist into the air.

“Nice shot,” called a voice from behind her.

Startled, Felicity turned around, before smirking at the familiar face.

“I just wanted to try it out,” said Felicity, as Oliver stood before her, his arms crossed as if he disapproved.

“At 1:30 in the morning?”

“I didn’t mean to wake you, I just, well I couldn’t sleep. And you know how I get when I can’t sleep, and I wasn’t going to sleep if I didn’t at least try to play some basketball, and so I-” Felicity stopped herself mid babble, watching the ever-growing smile on Oliver’s face.

“I do know you. And I also know that if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re going to be very cranky tomorrow. And we would’t want that,” replied Oliver as he walked closer to her before pressing a quick peck to her lips. Felicity smiled up at him, before tucking her head into the warmth of his chest.

“How’d you know where I went?” questioned Felicity, her face still buried in his chest.

“I heard you as soon as you got up, and I had a slight suspicion that you might just end up here.”

“You do know me too well!”

“I’ll tell you what. Let’s play a one on one, if I win, we go to bed. If you win, we’ll still go to bed, but I will bring you breakfast in bed tomorrow morning,” challenged Oliver.

Felicity lifted her head out of his chest, before looking up at him once more. “You’re on Queen. But watch out, I’m playing like Ingram tonight.”

Oliver let out a groan. She knew it turned him on when she talked about sports, and he had no doubt that she had slipped that piece of knowledge to use it against him. He shouldn’t have expected her to play fair. Felicity smirked at him once again before running to the other side of the court and picking up the ball. She dribbled it a few times before making her way to the three point line, “Ready?” she asked. Oliver simply nodded as he moved closer to defend her.

Felicity dribbled a little bit, although she was still a bit shaky, before pulling back behind the three point line, doing a quick set of calculations in her mind in a second, before shooting the ball. Once again it swished, and Felicity was up by 3.

“Three to zero Queen, you’re making this way too easy,” chuckled Felicity, as she went to retrieve the ball. Oliver gave her an inquisitive look when she didn’t give the ball to him, but Felicity simply said, “make it, take it.”

Felicity ended up making every single shot. Oliver didn’t know what was going on. After she had made her sixth shot, he waved his hands in defeat. “I give up Smoak, you win,” spoke Oliver, the pride coming through his voice.

“I think I’ll have waffles tomorrow. Or pancakes. Or both. You know what - add French toast to that list as well,” spoke Felicity as she walked closer to Oliver, and snuck her hands around him. She looked up at him to see him smiling even wider than before.

“You can definitely have them all. That was by far the hottest thing I have ever seen. I didn’t know you could play basketball!”

“I told you I was good at Mathketball. You brought this on yourself, Queen,” grinned Felicity.

“Mathketball is not a sport Felicity,” replied Oliver as he brought his lips down to hers for a sweet kiss. His hand snaked around her head as he deepened the kiss. After a minute he pulled back, “as much fun as this was, I think we both should get some sleep Smoak.”

“I couldn’t agree more Queen,” replied Felicity as she placed her hand in his and tugged him gently. They fell into step next to each other, neither of them saying anything. It was nice how after all these years, they could still just be Oliver and Felicity, even with all the madness going on.

A few minutes later they were already home, and tucked into their bed. Oliver threw his arm over her, his chest pressed to her back, and pulled her in close to him. “I love you, you know that?” spoke Felicity quietly. Oliver smiled for a moment before replying, “I love you too. Goodnight beautiful.”

The next day Felicity woke to waffles. And pancakes. And French toast. Oliver truly was the perfect man. Once she had finished her breakfast and put the tray to the side, she noticed a note on her nightstand:“Rematch tonight? - Maybe not as late :)”

Felicity smirked, before writing her reply: “Game on, Queen.”


Did you like it?? I hope you did! I’m sorry I’ve been absent for writing for so long, but hopefully I can get back into it. I absolutely love comments and kudos - they literally keep me going - so drop me one if you can! 

I love you all!

P.S Let me know if you want to be tagged in any of my future fics!

P.P.S I have a drabble series on my AO3 (@ginahavens002) and a Bratva AU (it’s 70k words) which I hope you’ll check out (if there is demand for an update I’ll try and continue it!)

xoxo gina <3

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Oh how about sidon reacting to a pre op trans male s/o whos dysphoria makes swimming unenjoyable and self esteem super low (but i did just make a surgery appointment so ill be flat chested!! :D)

(Sorry this took so long, like you said, my inbox is quite full so I’m trying to chip away at it. I never delete anything sent to me, it just takes me a little while… ^^; Congratulations on the upcoming surgery though! I hope everything goes well for you!~ Have this as a congratulatory present~ Enjoy!~)

Swimming Dysphoria:

Warnings: Dysphoria, Dysphoric thoughts, Transexual, Low self esteem

  • Swims Often

- (Like mentioned in a previous post) Sidon likes to go out swimming often as part of his regular Zora lifestyle but also because he finds it very enjoyable and something that he would love to share with you

- And with the tradition between Zora couples, he would take you out so that you can indulge in the activity that is so commonly practiced in his culture

- Of course, he is aware of how you feel about your body and he doesn’t care, but in the kind way where who you are and who you want to be don’t matter because he loves all of you regardless

- Though the idea of wanting to physically change from the gender that you were born with to a different one is a very foreign concept to him

- Sidon would eventually understand that it is a hurdle in your life and he will gladly help you to get through it and become the person that you want to be

- Back to swimming, Sidon suggest it to you because swimming is something that he often does whenever he is feeling overwhelmed and just needs a break from everything around him

- He believes that if you try your hand at swimming you two will discover that it is a wonderful way for you to unwind, forget about the thoughts that haunt you many days, and spend some time with him as well

  • Doubts And Dysphoria

- While you definitely appreciate Sidon’s efforts to help you, it is always a near constant struggle for you to enjoy even simple things like swimming with your boyfriend

- And it’s because of those haunting thoughts that linger around you nearly every time you catch a glimpse of the body that has never felt quite right to you

- It has never felt like yours

- Even though many people compliment you, Sidon especially, on your looks it doesn’t feel good, you don’t feel like you deserve them especially not when they are about the body that you hate, the one that isn’t yours

- Every day it’s the same struggle when you have to face this strange girl in the mirror and see her get dressed and go about her day while you can only watch and try to make yourself comfortable

- It’s difficult for you to not be able to make the final changes that would get rid of your worries and perhaps let you live the free life of a man that you have always wanted but you make-do with your binder and loose clothes and Sidon is always there to love and support you no matter what

- Which is why it is hard for you to deny his help even though you know from past experience that you will not be able to put yourself in that pool

- So you agree to his plan and on the day when the weather is so nice and your Prince is eagerly leading you toward one of his favorite swimming spots - quiet and away from prying eyes so the two of you will have plenty of privacy - you can only think of how such perfection is wasted on someone like you

- Sidon is the first and only one to dive in but he looks to you almost expectantly waiting for you to remove your clothes, revealing your swimsuit, and then jump in to join him

- But when you only sit on the bank of the river and dip your toes in he seems a little disappointed but this is quickly replaced by concerned confusion seeing the discouraged look on your face

- You don’t want to let your issues interrupt Sidon’s break because of your issues but as always he is determined to get to the root of your problem, dropping everything else in favor of making you feel better

- You always appreciate the effort that Sidon puts into cheering you up but you feel guilty always being the cause of his worries

  • Narrow Down Issues

- When Sidon does manage to get you to relax and tell him how you are feeling he understands, not completely but enough to know what he needs to ask questions about so he can get the answers

- So he drifts towards you, wrapping his arms around you for some support as the two of you try to get down to all of the little things that bother you and prevent you from getting in the water instead of just a general miserable feeling

- He can’t control your feelings; he can help to calm them so they’re not so intense but physical things that bug you are much easier for him to change or adjust to make you more comfortable

- Privacy is not a problem thanks to the location so being around other people isn’t a problem though you do confess to being a little insecure around Sidon

- The swimsuit is an issue because you have never felt comfortable wearing such form-fitting clothing especially when all of them were designed for a girl to wear, which you are not

- You would gladly wear guy’s swim shorts but that would mean you would be shirtless and you are definitely not ready to do something like that, especially not when your only protection would be your binder

- You don’t want anyone to catch you like that, it would be humiliating and you already bring yourself down enough you don’t need anyone else to say something about you

- You want to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy fun things like swimming with your boyfriend but you just can’t take that first step

  • Alternatives

- That date ends sooner than expected but a day or two later Sidon asks you to go swimming again but this time he has found ways to work around your insecurities

- The first and most important problem he tackles is your swimsuit which he does by giving you different options of suits that he had specially for you

- There’s a special swimsuit made specifically to fit your body comfortably and cover your chest or there is also different shirts, sleeveless or not, to go with your swim shorts if you don’t want the full body option

- He can’t make you get over your fear of revealing what you’d rather hide but if he can at least make you comfortable wearing something just a little revealing then that is good enough for him

- Sidon won’t even make you get in he water if you’re not comfortable with it, he’d be happy to let you just put on the swimsuit but only dip your toes in

- The Zora is fully willing to give you all the time to adjust to being in the water comfortably so there is no rush for you to get used to anything

- He knows that being comfortable is the first step to helping you so he will do everything he can to make you comfortable with swimming and, in a way, your body


Sorry this took so long, this is the video I was talking about with Aaron, it starts off seeming he’s just mad at a few people, then devolves into him just seeming to go off on Chinese people in general, especially with the video being called ‘An Open Letter to China’

There’s also the description, which people rarely read which is why I don’t think people caught on to this but it reads as follows:

“"And if you’re carrying pictures of Chairman Mao you ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow.” These are the words that got the Beatles banned from ever playing in China. And with this video, you are getting a lesson in Chinese dishonesty. Unfortunately, none of the lying, cheating, dishonest , trickster Chinese chip suppliers will ever see this, because China makes sure that their citizens will not get to see YouTube. Beware in dealing with China. They beg you to trust them, and then screw you as soon as they have your money.
Besides this lesson in Chinese business ethics, you are getting a behind the scenes look at my “ultra modern” programming lab.“

That all treads into incredibly racist territory, at least for me and seems to just blanket say that Chinese people are inherently dishonest, lying tricksters.

My comment on my feeling like he may not like muslims is mostly a hunch based on when the Trump sign fisaco was going down, he was making comments about loving all his fans.. but felt like he needed to separate Chinese and Muslim for distinction in a way that felt very odd, like the way some people who have more overtly racist and bigoted mindsets do when they try to say they have no problem with a group. Having remembered the above that’s the impression I got last November.

And not really a bigotry thing, but I also think it was really scummy of him to stick his nose into the Pulse Nightclub shooting just to see everything happening instead of just going home, especially when his wife told him to take a different route.

I’m fine if someone still likes Aaron as a creator, wants to work with him, wants to watch him etc… But that shit isn’t okay, it isn’t funny, and it makes you look really bad to just act like all of what Aaron does is fine and that he doesn’t have real problems when it comes to respecting others, ego, and attitude. It shouldn’t be common place to just 'expect to be mistreated’ like I had one RAE fan say to me. It’s not ok.

I say all that because there’s a lot of people who have made posts in support of Aaron after this one was made, but the way they’ve done it makes it look like they support everything he is doing and has done, including his bigotry, politics and insulting and being a POS to people for disagreeing with him. Even people I like a lot have done this. I don’t want people to assume the worst about them for it and I don’t want to have that seed of doubt either. They know who they are. Please be careful on how you decide to show your support, because you’re looking like you’re condoning hateful behavior which goes even beyond his politics. Even in this video he berates someone for giving him advice.

Also sorry this is so long, if you want me to just reblog with link and commentary instead I will.

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Can I have a scenario where Todoroki's s/o makes him laugh? But he laughs so much that he snorts and gets super embarrassed? Thank you!!

I’M SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG, AND THAT IT’S PRETTY SHORT!!!! But, thank you so much for requesting. Again, I’m sorry! <3

“Hey, Shouto,” You called your boyfriend’s name.

He stopped working on his homework and looked up at you, “Yes?”

“Want to hear a joke?” you grinned.

“I don’t see why not,” he shrugged his shoulders.

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Europe who?”

“No you’re a poo!” you started laughing. The joke wasn’t even that funny but you couldn’t help it. Next thing you know, Todoroki started laughing at the way you were laughing. This continued until you heard a snort.

You looked at Todoroki, whose eye’s were as wide as frying pans and whose face was as red as a tomato. You both just stared at each other until you started laughing all over again, this time even harder.

Todoroki groaned and put his head against his desk, wishing he could somehow take back that stupid snort. Sadly, he couldn’t. All he could do was watch you laughing on the floor while you rocked around like an idiot.

Later on he ended up covering himself with a blanket and didn’t want to take it off, too embarrassed to face you again.

Linear Progression Chapter 5/?

Dinesh/Gilfoyle, Richard/Jared Just warnings for bad language again! I’m sorry this took so long, life had been insane but I’m making time to write again :) Apologies for any typos, I typed this up over the course of a few lunch breaks. Will cross post to Ao3 when I get home from climbing! There will probably be 6 chapters in all!

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Do you have any hcs for the trishas or Deandra? :0

i have !! some!!

-well first of all the trisha’s are girlfriends so jot that down
-ever since i rewatched that season two episode where tanya says trisha 2 had a “fat freshman year” i can’t stop thinking about chubby trisha 2…
-trisha is a bi/pansexual polyamorous trans girl and she loves her boyfriend and her girlfriend…trisha has two hands…….
-both the trisha’s consider every one of their friends their best friend even if they aren’t that close
-trisha 2 still talks to and hangs out with members of the former atchinson cheer squad occasionally and bc of this she’s partially to blame for jenna being stabbed since she was the one who told tanya about jenna…..
-trisha is a ditz obviously but she’s actually very smart in school and such (not just with technology! with most academic subjects!)
-trisha 2 and deandra have actually known each other for a while and were even pretty good friends at some point
-do i even have to say deandra is chubby or are we all already in an agreement of that already
-deandra is pretty neutral when it comes to like social groups and such so she’ll help out just about anyone with just about anything so long as she gets something out of it
-also because of her neutrality to like anything, deandra will hang out with anyone so there’s hardly a person at overland park who isn’t friends with her
-deandras love for food comes from her parents, who are both cooks!!

sorry for taking so long to answer this HHGG ANYWAYS THANKS FOR ASKING I LOVE THESE THREE A LOT


Saeyoung: Ohhhh, Saeran! I’m so happy! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Saeran: Yeah…you too. Happy birthday…idiot.

Saeyoung: Hey, let’s take a selfie with your new phone! Get over here!

Saeran: *sighs* Alright.

Saeyoung: Smile!

Saeyoung: This has been the best birthday EVER!! Thank you, Saeran…