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Right so have you ever played saints row 3? Specifically the opening mission where the saints rob a bank while all dressed as Gat "because who wouldn't wanna be johnny Gat" Cuz I keep thinking of the fakes pulling off a heist when someone (probably Gavin) has suggested they all do it dressed as the vagabond. Hilarity with the pre heist banter and then ridiculous news reports as 5 vagabonds pull of a heist accompanied by a 6th female vagabond

Oh man I haven’t but that is amazing. The Fake’s would be so into it too, the second someone floats the idea they’re all in, sourcing jackets and masks, debating pants, brainstorming the most appropriate heist to debut this beautiful nightmare. Best of all; they don’t tell Ryan. He’s off on some job, and even when he returns they keep their planning on the down low, too hyped up to cover the inevitable sniggers and pointed looks but no matter how creatively Ryan asks no one spills the beans.

When the fateful day finally comes around they let Ryan arrive at the meeting place first so they can truly appreciate the range of his reaction as the rest of the crew shows up one by one, all fully decked out and doing their best menacing Vagabond impersonations, complete with ridiculously puffed chests and comically deep grumbles. Ryan’s not exactly impressed at first, wary surprise moving to confusion then annoyance, flaring into a moment of true anger before crumbling into amusement, Ryan laughing just as hard as anyone else when he realises that the true butt of this particular joke isn’t him at all.

The Los Santos police don’t have a pleasant relationship with any of the Fake AH Crew, but there’s no denying that on any given day the mysterious Mercenary is their greatest antagonist. This is an LSPD who have never seen Ryan’s face, have never managed to catch him at all let alone long enough to rid him of that infernal mask, so of course pinning him down in an alley following his attempt to escape the FAHC’s latest bank heist leaves them thrilled. At least until the Vagabond rips off his skull and hurls it away, leaving nothing but a mess of red, white and black paint smeared across a grinning face, the momentary shock of recognition giving Geoff more than enough time to fight his way free.

To say police reports got hazy and confused from this point on is an understatement. A handful of officers are convinced the Vagabond doesn’t even exist, unknown for so long because he is not an individual at all, simply the alter ego of the Fake’s boss or perhaps even a rotation of their known members. Except then of course yet another Vagabond saunters out of the bank and into the street, mini gun whirring as he peppers the area and forces officers to duck for cover, masked head thrown back and cackling the unmistakable wild laughter of Mogar. 

In the face of that realisation it isn’t hard to identify the next pair to tumble out of the bank and flank Jones, both dwarfed by their jackets in different ways Dooley and Free are visibly thrilled to enter the fray. As the maskless Ramsey reappears and regroups they’re joined by another pair, one sporting the long flaming red-orange hair of the Firebird, the other making liberal use of Pattillo’s distinctive shotgun. Last but not least comes what can only be the true Vagabond, retrospectively unmistakable in direct comparison, all size and strength and seeping menace as he lifts his gun and joins his crew.

The FAHC are surrounded on all sides now, not that you’d know it from the crew’s attitude, audibly laughing and jeering, seemingly having the time of their lives as they swan about the street. They are all referring to each other as Vagabond, all stomping around and shouting vivid threats that would be horrifying if not for the strange inflections and stutters they’ve all adopted. At one point the true Vagabond stops shooting all together to stalk after Free, sending him scuttling behind Ramsey and cutting off a particularly graphic diatribe about being sexually attracted to diet coke of all things. For the most part though Vagabond prime seems to be enjoying the inexplicable farce as much as anyone in the crew, crowing about good looks and superior talents, assuring his team that he understands because honestly, who wouldn’t want to be the Vagabond?

Still, alarmingly playful interactions aside the tide has to turn eventually, pinned in the FAHC are certainly causing brutal damage but faced with wave after wave of LSPD reinforcements their ammo begins to dwindle, their bodies start to tire. Deadly they may be but at the end of the day they are, after all, only human. They can’t last forever.  

Which is, of course, when the final two Vagabond’s make their appearance; a giant, heavily armoured black truck crashing through police barricades like tissue paper, both driver and passenger masked but easy enough to identity for anyone who has spent time studying the FAHC. The driver, with Bragg’s shaggy dip-dyed hair emerging from his black skull, pulls the truck around as the passenger hangs half-way out the window and lays down a spray of covering fire. Collins’ cheerful voice rings out above the chaos, cajoling the Fake’s into the car like a soccer mum gathering her brood, all c’mon kids, say goodbye to the nice officers now it’s time to go home.  

By the time the troop of Vagabonds escape, truck packed like a clown car and busting out as easily as it burst in, only the enormous property damage, relentlessly replayed media footage and a truly staggering number of civilian selfies taken with all nine Vagabonds remain to convince the LSPD that the whole bizarre experience wasn’t a collective fever dream.

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I don't get cheating. You love someone you don't cheat its as simple as that. You can't cheat and still claim to love the person you cheated on.

I won’t profess to understand cheating but that is a really black and white way of looking at the world and I don’t think life is ever that simple. Especially when I think in this instance it’s the exact opposite.

Let’s really think about it. Robert’s not that different than Aaron in some aspects. He’s never felt like he was enough, not even with his own family. Then he met someone and really truly fell in love. Opened himslef up in a way he never had before. Not just anybody either. This is Aaron Dingle. Aaron with his many beautiful shades of grey but who is still just so infinitely good™. I mean jesus look at the way this fandom rips itself apart over this. No one is disputing that or that Aaron deserves better. Just some believe Robert does too.

But god does Aaron love Robert. Maybe he’s not always the most vocal about it but it’s always there. In the way he looks at him, touches him, laughs with him holds him, kisses him. Aaron’s insistence that Robert will get him through this. And it’s not just Aaron who’s showing this new belief and trust in Robert. It’s Liv and Chas. Even Paddy ‘Mr. Shifty will never be good enough for my son’ Kirk openly admits that Aaron’s time in jail will be different because this time he has Robert. So Robert starts to believe maybe he really is enough. Maybe for once he can be the person somebody needs. And he desperately wants to be that person for Aaron. Aaron is his whole world. Everything he’s done has been about proving to Aaron that he’s a better man. That he’s committed and wants to be with him forever.

So the things Aaron said that day at the prison came as a crushing blow to Robert. It was like having all of his love and devotion and soppy speeches thrown back in his face. So once again he realized he wasn’t enough. So in true Robert Sugden style he lashes out and does the one thing he knows will hurt Aaron the most. Before anyone attacks me, take sex and consent off the table. Robert openly admitted to Chas he wanted to hurt Aaron and once he started he couldn’t stop. (And this ladies and gentlemen is why Robert will always be seen as the “villain” and Aaron the “martyr” and why I’ll forever be bitter we don’t have more background on those missing years. Because while Aaron turns his pain internally, Robert turns his externally.) But that doesn’t change the fact that he felt his marriage was over and wanted to hurt Aaron for hurting him like that. Aaron also admits the next day that he’s fully aware he made Robert believe it was over. I think ultimately this is where Aaron’s forgiveness will cone from. And Aaron’s forgiveness is the one that really matters here.>

Hey guys it’s turned May 24th you know what that means


If you have a matsu tiny(ies), make sure to congratulate them and give them cake; it’s technically their day after all  ♡ ~(‘▽^人) (if you have non-matsus you’d have to ask them, although I’m sure they wouldn’t mind having cake too.) 

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My mom told my therapist that me and my sisters are more like roommates than actual sisters, and I'm still thinking about it, because what the fuck are actual sisters like? My mom said you get scars out of it and fight over everything but, why? Also my mothers family might just be a bit violent, so I was wondering how you act with family? Or how you did in your teenage years

I have a different relationship with each of my sisters. I’ve only sporadically spoken with my older sister (but considering she’s in the military, has young kids, and lives in Hawaii, I suppose) over the years, but I know we’d get along fine if we ever decided to sit down and chat again.

I have another sister that I’m on Roommate Terms with, if even that. Our relationship was pretty good when I was a teenager, but as we’ve gotten older, it’s… well, let’s just say I don’t see us talking much when we both move away from home. She doesn’t like me, doesn’t like our family honestly, and I’ve gotten tired of trying to change her mind. Hopefully once she’s a bit older, she’ll realize what a raging bitch she’s being.

As for my baby sister, I’d say I have the best relationship with her. She’s fourteen and into a lot of the same things I am. We joke, we watch shows together, we play games together, we have those deep talks sisters can have. I love her to bits.

What I’m trying to get at is there really isn’t a ‘right way’ to be sisters. I consider all three of them my sisters (second one pending), but I have different relationships with each one. I’ve fought with them on things (especially my youngest sister, and man we get vicious towards each other), agreed with them on things, been there when times were tough (like when my older sister’s husband died in Afghanistan in 2010, rest his soul), been with them when times are good, etc etc.

I’d say the true mark of a sister is that, no matter what, you know that if you really needed them, they’d be there. It’s fighting with them, but at the end of the day sitting down with them and still being good.

As for when I was a teenager, mmm. I went through my phase where I was too cool for family, especially sisters. I was the different sister, the one nobody would ever understand. I wrote angsty, terrible stories while listening to Evanescence, I acted like I wasn’t as into things as I was, I got upset when my sisters got into stuff I was into (because then it wasn’t cool and Different™), and I got mad at family when they couldn’t tell via telepathy that I was depressed.

Thank fuck I grew out of that nonsense. But for the most part, aside from Teen Angst Pop? It’s the same as it is now. Only difference is I’m not sitting down to watch Dora the Explorer or Hannah Montana with my little sister as a way to connect.


And @lollipopsimblr I see you. 

I’ve already seen some people complain about Ariana Grande cancelling her tour because of the attack.
You’re seriously going to complain and demand your money back? There are parents who want their kids back but never will because of this.
Get your priorities sorted or keep them to yourself.

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At least Scarecrow and Poison Ivy are buddies in this one. Can imagine how both work together to make their toxins more powerful since both almost use the same materials (ex plants) while fighting sometimes because both have resistance to each toxic.

They are on the same side, but I don’t know if I’d consider them “buddies”. For some reason I find it hard to imagine the two getting along? I think their personalities would clash, and I have a feeling that Ivy wouldn’t want her accomplishments associated with a man. In her mind, she’s above Crane and his methods.

Also, Ivy is resistant to most toxins while Scarecrow isn’t. (aside from his own toxin, which even he can’t handle at times) I suppose they could work together to create a new strain of toxin, but I think they’d argue a lot during the process.


Inej is the only one who can touch his cane without being murdered on the spot ♡