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And I’m back! So sorry for the long delay, but all this computer stuff has been a mess.

I’m in the process of setting up Superbatfamily Week for next week, so feel free to submit (and a huge thanks to the people who already did: you’re lifesavers!)

Update & Plans

So my plan today is to answer some of the asks that I’ve gotten recently, as well as post a few ships. I also want to post one or two of the relationship question requests I’ve gotten. (I have a Melina/Carlos and a Regina/Sea Three one requested. Requests for my OC ships is still open). I’ll do all this when I get home, I hope.

Also, I’m sorry I haven’t updated the masterlists! I’ve been meaning too, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I only have masterlists on desktop, I don’t have a mobile one yet. But I will get around to updating my already existing masterlist, and maybe one day making mobile ones.

But I just wanted to give you guys an update and everything, sorry I haven’t posted much and such. I’ve been a bit stressed and life has been kind of hectic. I’ll try to post another headcanon set today or tomorrow though!

Thank you all so so so much for understanding.

Love you all my Army and Guard! 💙💜💙💜💙💜

-Miss Queen

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australian gothic

- we all refer to the prime minister by their first name. we know them well, and they know us. all of us.

- there’s a man on the street corner who never leaves. “just waiting for a mate,” he says. you realise he is on every corner, of every street.

- you are swooped by a magpie in the same place, at the same time, every single day. “it’s swooping season!” says your neighbour. it has always been swooping season.

- sometimes you hear a woman whispering late at night - or early in the morning. “rage” she hisses. “rage”.

- the prime minister never seems to last long and often disappears through no discernible democratic process. one of them eats a raw onion in an attempt to assimilate. he is gone by morning, replaced by another.

the new taz ep was really fucking good and emotional I almost cried and this is what I’ve decided to draw to express that


i’m dead

“have you ever seen a vocal rap like me” no seungkwan no

“vernon does this provoke you / just wait i’ll catch up” (so he’s just purposefully adding vernon’s name into the lyrics not much change other than that)

boonon lives


Harry Potter Art Challenge- Day Eight : Favorite Quote

This is a quote from Dumbledore in Goblet of Fire. I thought it fit every character in the book so..

I’m sorry I’m rushing this so much but I have no time

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