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trc harry potter au

because every fandom needs at least one and up to many, many hp aus. probably safe to assume this has already been done but heres my take (this became a Very Long Post sorry)

•blue is a gryffindor and she’s kind of one of the obnoxious ones
-consider: PROUDLY gryffindor blue sargent reppin that red and gold 24/7
-consider also: Down With The System Blue Sargent intentionally losing house points after discovering that gryffindor has won the house cup like every year due to just. blatant favoritism @dumbledore

•gansey’s a ravenclaw no contest he’s always in the library
-when he’s not in the library he’s interviewing ghosts
-or statues. or paintings. they all have interesting things to say
-or trying out new incantations
-or wandering around the castle with his gang searching for hidden passages or rooms or corridors

•slytherin adam
-no but he’s so driven like that boy is going places. he hates his housemates mostly but he w i l l be the best and he will do it himself !
-good for you adam we love you

•Ronan’s in gryffindor too
-street racing whom ronan lynch the wizard is the gryffindor seeker and is often flying around the grounds at night
-always a l w a y s losing house points
-surplus of daring and nerve. jury is out on chivalry

•hufflepuff ghost noah
-so there’s this ghost that’s always hanging around everywhere
-gansey thought noah was his roommate for like. three months. because he doesn’t pay attention to things sometimes. including the fact that a. noah is wearing hufflepuff robes and b. noah is both dead and semi-transparent
-he’s chill everyone likes him

•ravenclaw henry
-because absolutely ravenclaw henry
-“language of thoughts” henry is absolutely a ravenclaw
-gansey’s always testing out new incantations but henry actually thinks of the ones that work
-he and gansey are roommates! noah is not

•the gangsey is bad and often hangs out in the forbidden forest
-especially adam and ronan sometimes they run into each other there at night

•Quidditch whom
-Ronan’s a seeker as stated above and he’s damn good at it too
-he does get a lot of penalties though
-Blue’s on the team too. she’s a Beater and will whoop you despite her small stature
-Henry’s the ravenclaw seeker. he and ronan have a friendly-(ish) rivalry
-and kavinsky. is the Slytherin seeker. he and ronan have an unfriendly-(ish) rivalry

•it is a school too I guess they go to class
-blue never pays attention in divination and actively hates it but keeps taking it as a class. she’s a classic DADA loving gryffindor student
-noah is a Disruptive Influence but none of the professors can really do anything about it which he l o v e s. he and peeves sometimes get along
-Ronan’s kind of unreasonably good at everything spellcasting but he never does his classwork/homework/anything he’s assigned. McGonagall likes him but pretends not to because he’s a terrible student but he transfigured his teacup into a live mouse on the first try and then just to show off transfigured the mouse into a flock of birds
-gansey is a nerd and has a time turner and loves taking every class
-as previously mentioned blue likes DADA. adam likes herbology and DADA too, ronan pretends not to like anything but reads about potions a lot; henry’s into charms most of all but also likes care of magical creatures and astronomy; gansey’s just a nerd and always on about something. he’s the only student who likes history of magic and actually does his muggle studies ad divination homework

•gansey is a pureblood and comes from a long line of wizards and witches (so probably has a weirder last name and goes by his middle name or smth in this au?)
-helen is slytherin head girl
-and declan is slytherin head boy actually
•adam’s a muggleborn. it’s kind of a sore spot. his fellow slytherins use to give him bs about it, but if you call him a mudblood that ronan lynch kid will probably hex your arms off
•speaking of ronan,,, he’s a half-blood. niall was a super-powerful wizard and aurora– there’s a lot of rumors about her lets put it that way
-but yeah declan’s a slytherin and matthew’s a hufflepuff
•blue’s a half-blood too her dads a tree and her moms a witch
-they thought she was a squib for a long time turns out she’s not but just has no gift for divination
•henry’s a pureblood as well but he doesn’t like to bring it up. because why would he? blood status doesn’t matter
-adam holds that “oh yeah blood status doesn’t matter, unless you’re a muggle born or a half-blood” which always makes for fun conversations!

•their patronuses!!
-gansey’s is a stag! harry potter w h o m but idk it just seems fitting after trk… I didn’t think it through really it just seems right
-henry’s is a bee!! because naturally it is. gansey was not overjoyed at this discovery as it turns out
-adam’s is a crow! which he initially thinks is really disappointing (especially since it took him so long to finally produce a corporeal patronus and then it ended up being… a crow.. ) it’s not even a raven. but it is close enough to a raven that uh he does some self-examination after he casts it for the first time what does this mean
-ronan’s is a unicorn. when he first casts it everyone is like w h a t the hell ronan what’s going on here why’s that so cool and so… Not Ronan Lynch? but at the same time…
-and blue’s is a doe. which isn’t something she is going to think about very much no there is no significance to this she refuses (cinematic parallels…..)

•they’ve got pets too -ronan’s got chainsaw and it makes him look metal af. are you allowed to have a pet raven? no. can they really do anything about it if you transfigured one of your pillows into a raven while sleeping in the middle of your second year? not really no
-blue has a toad AND a cat and if you insult them bad things WILL happen to you
-adam didn’t have a pet at first but basically adopted one of the owls in the owlery after it kept following him around

and a note because they’re at hogwarts so they must be from the uk
-gansey’s from england. because he’s gansey. he’s got this posh southern accent and everything. but don’t worry he’s highkey spending all his time in wales
-blue is scottish because. angry and down with the establishment and such (plus just let me have scottish accent blue okay that’s good thats a good thought)
-ronan’s irish. because ronan lynch.
-adam’s english too but he’s a northerner
-henry’s a l s o english and he’s from london
-noah? northern ireland. I don’t know what’s going on in northern Ireland.

•other things -adam, gansey, and blue all make prefect (yes all of them..) adam ends up being head boy
-noah mostly hangs out with them and acts like a regular student but sometimes he puts his ghostly powers to good (read: bad) use. like scaring people while they shower, for instance
-the gangsey is like the inadvertent model for inter-house cooperation how did they become such good friends nobody understands (it’s shared adventures/detentions of course)
-kavinsky and his gang? mostly slytherins, nobody likes them, no wonder Gryffindor keeps winning these losers are always dueling people for the spectacle
-look this is so much I got really into this AU and I keep coming up with more and more ideas

add more please I want to amass this giant collection of HP AU ideas thanks

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australian gothic

- we all refer to the prime minister by their first name. we know them well, and they know us. all of us.

- there’s a man on the street corner who never leaves. “just waiting for a mate,” he says. you realise he is on every corner, of every street.

- you are swooped by a magpie in the same place, at the same time, every single day. “it’s swooping season!” says your neighbour. it has always been swooping season.

- sometimes you hear a woman whispering late at night - or early in the morning. “rage” she hisses. “rage”.

- the prime minister never seems to last long and often disappears through no discernible democratic process. one of them eats a raw onion in an attempt to assimilate. he is gone by morning, replaced by another.

possible reasons why keith got expelled from the garrison

  • he was never even enrolled he just walked in one day and by the time they realised a full year had already passed
  • eating pencil shavings
  • using the faculty bathroom and wrapping the soap dispenser in so much toilet paper that it couldn’t be used
  • writing ‘where’s shiro’ on his forehead in sharpie and smashing his head through iverson’s door at 3am
  • they caught him with his phone in an exam but he wasn’t cheating he was just watching kitten videos and gently patting the screen
  • 'do you know you’re late mr kogane?’ 'do you know you have a receding hairline?’
  • 'where’s your homework mr kogane?’ 'where are your eyebrows?’
  • 'go to the gym tomorrow for detention’ 'too bad i’ll be at your funeral instead’
  • shaving off the edges of his desk with a metal ruler
  • closing his eyes and snoring in the middle of a sentence iverson was saying to him
  • getting out of the flight simulator, ripping his shirt off and screaming
  • duct taping himself to the school flagpole and belching out 'where’s shiro’ like some 22nd century mulleted Ulysses
  • leaving notes in lance’s locker saying 'i like you more than handsome squidward’
  • lighting wastepaper baskets on fire
  • in home ec, when they were cooking burgers, the patty fell on the floor and he put it back in the bun
  • stealing a hoverbike
  • wearing socks with sandals
  • writing 'keitholas’ on all his exams
  • picking up a bin in the cafeteria and throwing it, raining trash on everyone’s heads, because they ran out of pudding cups
  • iverson pulls back his blanket at night to go to sleep and he sees keith curled into a ball, wheezing 'where’s shiro?’
  • growing a mullet

the new taz ep was really fucking good and emotional I almost cried and this is what I’ve decided to draw to express that

Social interaction 🗣😩 Sorry I only 🙅🏻‍♂️🤚 AVOID 👏✨ Catch me talking to No One 🚫😤 Friends who???? 💪 You think craving human contact will stop me from fleeing from it?? ⚡️THINK AGAIN 💫 Isolation 💡 Loneliness ❌ AVOIDANCE 🚨💫 I work every day every night 🌙🌞 There’s No End ❤