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MLM March prompt: Chat keeps stalking Peacock!Nino's tail

“Okay, so if we come at the akuma from behind, I think we’ll have the advantage, and-” Ladybug frowned. “Chat Noir, what are you doing?”

Chat Noir froze. “Oh, um. Nothing.”

“Because it looks like you’re about to jump on Le Paon’s tail.”

Chat Noir stood up as their newest member turned to look at him, a brow raised. “Of course not,” Chat Noir insisted. “There’s an akuma.”

Ladybug frowned. “Right, okay. So, like I was saying…”

Chat Noir struggled to pay attention to her as she strategized, still staring at the very colorful, very tempting tail trailing behind Le Paon.

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You know, that’s a really weird murderer. Anyway, THIS IS FUN! Honestly, i’d be dead already, because i don’t really care about convincing anyone when it comes to shipping. Before i start, i’m gonna state that ANYTHING I’LL SAY HERE IS BECAUSE I’M FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE, DON’T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONAL, GUYS. These will be pretty much the reasons why i ship them. The first part is a bunch of “objective” reasons (well as objective as it can get, because shipping can’t be a totally objective thing) and the other one is personal, so is up to you when to stop reading this. I apologize in advance for my English.

1)      Levi and Hanji are both really interesting and complex characters. He isn’t just a typical shonen badass guy and she’s not a typical crazy scientist. Levi is actually , from my pov, the most caring and selfless character of all SnK, he literally sacrifices himself over and over for the sake of others. Hanji isn’t just this sweet cheerful character, she has a mesmerizing willpower, nothing can stop her.

2)      They complement each other amazingly. They are both strong and smart, but in different ways. Any virtue that Levi doesn’t have, Hanji has it. Every flaw that Hanji has, Levi doesn’t. And they share two really important virtues, which are the foundation of any healthy relationship: they are both so loyal and passionate. They are literally willing to give up their lives for the people they love.

3)      THEIR INTERACTIONS ARE SO FUN TO READ/WATCH. You just know that, whenever they are together, something great is going to happen. There’s something refreshing about them, about their bickering, about the way they work together, about the way they care about each other so deeply.

4)      I think nobody can understand them more than each other. They have experienced similar things as soldiers, they have lost people they love countless times. I bet they could be sharing each other stories all night long, reminiscing all of those good times with Moblit, Erwin and their old squads.

5)      Okay, i won’t force my ship to anyone, but since i’m fighting for my life here, i’ll say i think there are actual canon hints for Levihan. Like the “Levi bathes Hanji” thing, the “we tell each other everything” thing (don’t u dare telling me Hanji clearly said they’re just friends, cuz isn’t that what every Levihan shipper has as a headcanon? The idea of them not admitting their true feelings and say “we’re just friends” ‘cause they’re both awkward dorks), their interaction in ACWNR, their interaction in Shingeki! Chuugakkou, and the “Levihan is similar to Eremika” thing. It’s up to you, random killer, to decide if that means romance or not.

6)      I hate to fangirl here, but HAVE U SEEN THEM? They are both beautiful and would have babies as beautiful and brilliant as them. What a blessing. I love drawing them so much because their character design is gorgeous. Levi with his cold colors and Hanji with the warm colors, they even complement each other in that aspect.

7)      The Levihan fandom is amazing. Besides the fact that there’s no drama and everyone is so kind, I’m pretty sure this is the ship with the funniest fan art. Even the most serious person would smirk even a little bit while scrolling through the Levihan tag. I mean, we’re all about the laughs. All of the other ships usually focus on the classic romantic stuff (i say “classic” , because from my pov there’s nothing more romantic than the OTP having fun ❤). With Levihan, you’ll get from the most intense fan art to the most ridiculous headcanon, it’s so much fun. Some Levihan artists are pretty well known among non Levihan shippers because of that same reason, like @alemanriq, @trash-god or @drinkyourfuckingmilk . I mean, really, if you’re feeling down and need to cheer up a bit, they’re the way to go.

One of the main arguments people have against Levihan is that they’re too different, so it wouldn’t work. They even go as far as saying that Levi doesn’t really care that much about Hanji. My first response is that both Hanji and Levi are highly misunderstood characters. We don’t have to let our personal experience makes us decide what is love and what isn’t. We all show our love in very different ways.

Now heres my second argument to that idea and this is gonna get personal. If you don’t wanna read about my life, skip this.

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A Bonding Experience

So someone once submitted a very cute imagine and I’ve been wanting to write a thing for it. So here it is!

Dark had kept you company while you had painted before. He watched the brush strokes as they varied from thin to thick, solid to spotty, and it was something he had never really took the time to sit and observe before. He never found a reason to.

Sometimes he watched you sculpt, working with anything from clay to marble. How you found this much time, he had no idea. You dabbled in some pottery. Once you asked if he would model for you, and he agreed with a smug grin before you told him it was just a bust drawing. It took you long enough to muster up that courage, but it certainly didn’t hold a candle to how much it took to ask Dark to actually sit and draw with you.

“Are you sure?” he asked. “I’m not exactly the artistic type, in case you hadn’t taken note of that.”

“C’mon,” you said, nudging his arm, “it’ll be fun. We can just… chill. Talk a bit. It’ll be nice.”

Dark sighed, showing that he wasn’t jumping for joy at the thought of sitting and painting or whatever for however long. He had better things to do. But if it would keep you contented, he was willing.

“I don’t even know what to do,” he muttered, tapping the brush against the side of the palette. 

“Just… whatever comes to mind? A landscape, maybe? Something else? It’s what your heart is telling you,” you suggested, mixing a couple of colors on your palette.

Dark tried to formulate an image, but failed. He decided that maybe some improvisation wouldn’t hurt as long as he was doing something. You looked at your phone for reference before the screen began to glitch and fragment.

A message. It had only two words, but you knew immediately who it was from.

“̲̝̭̹͔̜c͠o҉͔͕̼͔̭m̼͕̦̮͇̲͠ͅi̛̳n͏̹̣̭͚̺̣̻g̦̰͕̲̠͢ ͏̣̗̰̗͕o̭͞v͈͎̼̲̤͍͢e̶̬̟͖̙̩r̙̟̳"̞̙ͅ

Before you could protest, there was a knock at the door before Anti opened the door and let himself in. Dark looked up and his lip twitched upwards in anger. “What is he doing here?” he asked and you shrugged. It wasn’t like you could control him.

"̖D̝͘o҉͔̤͇̦̤n͉̯̬̭̰͉'̨̻̲t̖̀ b̴͕̰͎é̫̖̻ ̸̜̣th͟a͝t̰̺ ͏̫̦̣̼̯w̯̯̙̜a̷̘͍̖̘͉͔̩y͚̩̱͢,͚͘ ̡̹͇̺D̤̣̖̩̳a̠͉̜̭̮r͉̟͠k̩̯͔̘̞̲y̰͞!̹̗̜͓̗̞"̵͍̣ Anti buzzed, taking a seat on the floor between you two.  "̳̹̫͚͔̪̯F͟e͚̥̭͈͞ͅe̡͈̝l͕͇i̮̳̭n̠̹̮̙̲̥͜'̢̬̺̩̺̺ ̹͔̪ḷ͖̞͖͠o͓̲̲͚̖͟n͔̰̤e̮̬̫͉̩l̵̲̝̲͎ͅy̰ͅ,̶̳ ̻̫̲͕I̦̙͔̭̯̺̹ g̙̜̮̦͕̩̻͢u̼̥̬̮͎̝e͉̻̫̻̫͠s̹s͍.̮͉̪͝ ̨̩͖͈̺̭̩̹I̖̮'͇͡m̷̹̥ ̮̟̫̲j̡u̯̫̗s͖̩t̯̣͕̗͔͖͡ ̬̙̻̥̖̟h͖͖͇͍̕e̺͙̘͉͞ṟ̶̩̝͓̥͖͙e͎͍̥̥̼̝̱ ͈͖͉̰͎͝t͉̬̦̥̣̬o͔̝͚͎ ̸̱̮̪͔h̖̘̭a̙̘̱̭͈v҉̣e̢̹̟̖̖̺̤ ̜̣̫̲̥̼͙a ͔g͏̗̘̙̦̩͙̦o̡̼̘̣̩̻̻͉o͖͠d͖̺͇ͅ ͕͔̱̤̠ti͔m͍͉̝̠͈e̯͖͙̲̻͠.̜̞̣͈̥͙̲"̰͎̫̰̪̮̪̕

“No.” Dark glared at Anti, waiting for him to leave. You smiled a little at the juvenile reason Anti gave for dropping by so suddenly. “Go away.”

“Well, he’s not hurting anyone,” you said, looking at Dark. Anti seemed to light up at your defense. “Art isn’t just for certain people.”

Anti stuck his tongue out at Dark for a split second, a smug grin on his face. Dark sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Let me see if I can get anything for you,” you said, putting down your palette and brush.

You returned after a few moments, surprised that Dark and Anti weren’t at each others’ throats. “Sorry,” you began, “but all I could find was some crayons.”

"̵͎̟͎̲̣̘Ṱ̶̞̗h̰̰̬͘a̳̯̗̠̫t̠̰̮'s͈̜̤͔ͅ ̫̰f̧̤i҉̪͇͚̭n̨̙e͍̪!͎̦̠̯̙̱̯"̬̘̳͘ said Anti, excited just for the chance to join in. You placed a coloring book in front of him and he laid on his stomach, flipping it open to a random page.

Dark gave you a disapproving look, but you just shrugged at him. “Could be fun.”

“You owe me for the headache I will inevitably get from him.”

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I was wondering if you could write a smut where Jimin is a cute very shy nerd friend but that has always turned you on. One day you meet up with him at a library, when you get there, a couple of guys are teasing him and you decide to walk up to Jimin and kiss him so the guys will stop and leave. He started your one on one tutoring session but you couldn't concentrate so you get up drag him to the restroom and that's when you realize he's not so shy after all ;) -p.s. I love your work

Tutor Session: 

“Y/N? Pay attention.” Jimin chuckled ruffling the girl’s hair as he brought her from a daze.

“Mmm sorry Jimin I didn’t mean to.” She smiled sheepishly leaning forward to kiss his nose. 

“Are we still on to study in a minute?” He asked her standing up to put his stuff into his backpack.

“Of course cutie, just let me get my stuff from my locker and I’ll meet you there ok?” She replied calmly getting her stuff ready and they both said goodbye to each other that sweet smile lingering on Jimn’s lips.

The girl walked towards her locker in a daze, sighing softly to herself she played with the knob putting the combo into the locker and opening it she switched out her books and grabbed a notepad sighing as she rested her head against the locker. She had been day dreaming about Jimin the whole time she was with him. Trying to work on math problem because she was struggling with that subject the most. But god, to her Jimin was so cute, with his adorable puckered cheeks whenever he concentrated or how his eyebrows furrowed together and he bit on his lips and he worked out problems. But the problem was he was her best friend and she couldn’t just jump on him. He was shy and he didn’t really react much to her teasing before hand even though it was subtle. 

Shaking herself off, she shut her locker with a loud groan stomping her way towards the library still in a daze. Thinking about sitting on his lap and kissing his lips, playing in his smooth brown hair. Her steps carried her slowly one foot in front of the other. Thoughts still running wild in her head, how his college uniform clung to his body  He was such a sinful being to watch and she didn’t know if he even knew what he was doing to her or if she just couldn’t keep hiding her hormones for too long. 

“Hey! You hear us talking to you Jimin-ah~” Snapping out of her thoughts, the girl looked around the library walking in deeper to find the male. She walked behind a row of books to see Jimin surrounded by a group of men taunting him and teasing him. “Where is your girlfriend? Oh that’s right you don’t have one because you’re a pussy.” One man called out pushing at Jimin’s chest. And poor Jimin he just sat there letting them do it, balling his fist up and staring straight ahead trying to avoid them. 

She sat there and watched for a bit as Jimin got teased and fucked with by those assholes before it pissed her off. She couldn’t let her best friend get picked with, because that wouldn’t make her a good friend at all. So doing what she could only think about she walked forward with her head held high, her heels pressing down against the floor. 

“Yah, there you are Jimin-ah.” She smiled sweetly walking around the group of guys towards the male who went from looking red in the face and very pissed off to a bit relieved and happy. 

“Y/N-” He spoke her name but before he could utter out anything else she pressed her lips harshly against his softly nipping on his bottom lip she sat her back down letting a hand travel up into his hair pulling on the soft brown locks, she kissed him until she released a soft moan feeling his tongue poke out against her bottom lip. Pulling back she braced her forehead against his, cheeks lighting up the color of scarlet, the room seemed to be getting smaller and much hotter. 

“Hope I didn’t keep you long jagi.” She muttered out pulling back letting her body stand up straight. Turning towards the three boys looking at her in shock one of them avoiding her gaze as they shifted. 

“If you don’t mind, my boyfriend and I need to study now, and since I am a pet of the librarian lady, I doubt you’d want me to call her right?” She asked with a hard tight smile across her lips that didn’t reach her eyes. 

“She won’t believe you. It’s not like you have proof so run along little girl and let grown men talk.” One redheaded male spoke to her, but before the girl could respond back to him a woman with soft gray and black hair, big round glasses and soft brown oval eyes stepped beside her. She had on a long black floral dress to her ankles and black high heels on her feet.

“Gentlemen, I will have to remind you that this is a library not some circus act. So please leave right now, or I will have to call campus police.” The woman stated softly as she looked at each of the men. “Now run along.” She sent them off flicking her hands forward until they were going out of the library.

“Thank  you so much Mrs. Choi.” The girl smiled softly bowing her head before she went to sent down on the other side of Jimin. The librarian walked off after making sure they were ok moving towards the front and turning to Jimin the girl smiled widely at her friend. 

“Are you ready to study?” She asked softly.

“Are we not going to talk about how you pressed your lips against mine?” Jimin asked tapping his pen against his notebook letting his gaze flicker onto the girl, but something in his eyes made her heart clench. She didn’t know what to call it and she didn’t want to talk about it so she shook her head. 

“No let’s not address it until after we are done with our homework, I really need help with this problem but yes Jimin we will address it when we are done.” Smiling at him, she reached down for her backpack opening it up she placed her book out on the table opening it up wide. She gripped at her pencil tapping it against her notebook like Jimin had just done a second ago.

“Okay.. Let’s start with this one..” Jimin muttered out reaching over her shoulder to point at a math problem. 

She sighed softly to herself, starting to do the hard ass math problem. She chewed on her bottom lips, trying to think of the steps that Jimin had taught her how to do on the previous problem and she tried to focus on the problem at hand. She wanted to do good. She found herself not focusing however, because she just couldn’t shake off the feel of kissing his lips. How he tasted. Jimin was a good kisser, and she did not know that. She didn’t know that her best guy friend knew how to make her heart flutter. 

“Are you alright?” Jimin asked softly leaning over to press a hand against her shoulder. 

“Y-yeah?” She said softly looking at him. 

“It’s just you just stopped working and you didn’t even start the problem just doodling.” He pointed out at a problem as her eyes shifted back and forward. 

“I can’t concentrate.” She admitted to herself and him both, her legs crossing as the wetness started to seep into her panties. 

“What’s wrong Y/N?” Jimin asked softly gripping at her shoulder. 

“You.. And you are going to help me fix it.” The girl said slowly letting her eyes linger on him. She couldn’t fight it anymore- no she needed Jimin and she needed him now. Standing up she gripped at his wrist walking towards the back of the library and through a exit towards a set of bathrooms into the hallway. 

She opened the door up to the girl’s bathroom and pushed him inside towards the wall. Lips crashing against his she kissed him harshly, wanting to feel those plump lips back against her own. To her shock Jimin started to kiss her back, hands moving up to grip at her hips, he let one hand slip up between the valley of her breast, up her neck to grip at her hair tugging it back harshly while his mouth devoured hers. 

He moved his legs to place on leg in between her two, his thigh pressing against her crotch. The hand on her hip started to move her up and down his thigh, making her grind against it. A smirk on his lips because she was already wet and soaking through her panties. His tongue slithered into her mouth, sucking on the wet pink muscle he fought her for dominance, his hand slipping down towards her ass cheek to grip the plump flesh tightly smacking his ass repeatedly. 

He flicked his tongue against the roof of her mouth, letting his spit mix with hers until they were both breathless and he had to pull back to stare down at the girl. Full lips that were bruising, flushed out cheeks and hair that was becoming disheveled. How hot she looked grinding against his thigh rolling her hips and softly begging for more.

“I’m going to fuck you like a little slut. I hope you know that. But this is just a quickie for now. I’ll ruin you later.” He picked her up moving you towards a bathroom stall. He shut the door slowly, moving back he only unzipped his pants slowly eyeing her with a wink as the zipper slowly moved down his pants. He pulled his member from his pants letting it spring free slapping the bottom of his stomach. 

He grabbed at her hips and pulling her close he slipped her panties to the side. Lifting her up he wrapped her legs around his waist, letting his tip brush against the wet pussy waiting to be taken. He ground his hips back and forth letting his dick get wet and covered with her juices before slowly slipping into her. He sat down on the toilet seat starting to slowly bounce her up and down on his shaft, watching how he slipped into her. 

“Hold your skirt baby girl.” He rasped out watching as the girl gripped the hems of her skirt holding it up so that he could see it better. His hips snapping against hers harder and harder both of them gasping and relishing in the pleasure. His dick throbbed as he felt the warm walls squeezing around his dick. She was so fucking wet and the noises she was making didn’t help him either. How her breast bounced even in her bra made him fuck her harder, knowing he could only do so much because people were bound to come in. And as if on cue the door opened and it sounded like a group of girls walked in. 

He stopped moving only to pick her up and press her against the stall. A hand covering over her mouth because he knew she would be loud, he started to grind his dick in and out of her dripping slick walls, winding his hips up against her. His eyes bore into hers, his glasses fogging up from the heat that was going on between them. His thighs spread her legs wide as he continued to push his dick deep inside of her, switching angles until he found out where her spot was. Deep and slow he fucked her, trying to keep a steady pace but she felt so good and he was so close. He leaned in to press his mouth against her neck sucking harshly on the skin to create a hickey as he got closer and closer. 

Her walls convulsed around him and she knew she was close, grinding her hips down to press against his she meet his thrusts more so when he was pushing against her spot. She felt the pit of her stomach start to clench and tighten and that was when she released giving Jimin everything she had. She sucked on one of his fingers, letting her hands fist his shirt as she came. She was so spent thighs trembling around his waist. It took mere seconds for Jimin to follow suit groaning he pulled back lifting her up in the air as he turned towards the toilet and let his cum shoot out into the toilet. Kissing on her lips slowly to bring them both down from their high and let them relax he held her close letting his hands work and massage on her thighs as the girls left out the room. 

“If you act like a good girl, and do your work with me then I’ll fuck you nice and hard when we get back to my place.” Jimin muttered against her lips. 

“Is that a promise?” She asked him softly, nuzzling their noses.

“Oh baby, I think I need this more than you.” He chuckled sitting her down and helping them dress up.

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Ouuu, I have a request! How would the RFA + V + Saeran react if they had an MC who couldn't stop laughing over something? (When I find something funny, no matter how benign it is, I usually can't stop laughing for the life of me)! Please!

Ohhh I love thiss!! I’ve always been one to laugh until tears! 

I hope this is something you wanted!^^


  • you’re scrolling through your phone while you wait for the oven to go off
  • you come across one of those vine compilations and quickly play it 
  • you’re 5 vines in and omg youcantbreathe
  • itiswednesdaymydudes
  • zen hears your dying seal noises laughter from across the house and promptly investigates 
  • he finds you sitting on the floor crying
  • at this point your laughter is silent and for a second he is terrified 
  • but as soon he realizes that you are laughing, he pulls his phone out and takes a dozen pictures before you even notice his presence 
  • you’re just too cute for this guy
  • he’ll ask you what you are laughing at but the thought of it just makes you laugh even harder
  • eventually you’ll show him the vines
  • he’ll laugh a bit but you’ll be rolling over crying again 
  • it’s honestly not even that funny
  • but it’s okay because he loves your laugh more than anything 
  • “Your voice is music to me, princess.” 
  • you’d be laughing too hard to hear him


  • yoosung has been working on this quest in LOLOL for  h o u r s
  • “MC, the boss for this quest is said to drop legendary armor!”
  • you’re watching him bark out orders into the voice chat to his team 
  • he’s so excited it’s adorable 
  • he had already made an agreement with his guild that he would be the one who collects the loot
  • he probably screams when he defeats the boss
  • he begins to walk towards his earnings 
  • you don’t even play this game and the anticipation is killing you
  • the loot is just in reach when a fellow guild member sprints in front of yoosung and grabs everything 
  • the player leaves the game and the voice chat before anyone can react
  • Yoosung is frozen still
  • there is a long pause in the room and in the voice chat
  • he makes a pained groan and slams his head onto the desk
  • a laugh that you tried your hardest to suppress lets itself free and you quickly put a hand over your mouth to muffle it
  • “H-hey! MC, it’s not funny!” 
  • you laugh even harder
  • Yoosung is slightly offended
  • you try to explain that it was just the timing of everything and how quick it happened and that you aren’t laugh at him
  • you’re laughing too hard it just kinda comes out as a jumbled mess of “I’m sorry!” and “It was funny!”
  • baby tries pouting at you, but once he sees your huge smile he cannot bring himself to 
  • you manage to calm down enough to pepper the poor boy with kisses
  • He admits that it was a little funny


  • you approach her with a shit-eating grin on your face
  • you’re already holding in laughter when she sees you
  • “J-Jaehee?” you voice is shaking as you try to remain calm
  • “What is it, MC?” she stops, looking up from her work
  • “D-does J-Jumin-” you start laughing before you can even finish the joke
  • your legs give out and you’re lying face first on the carpet laughing
  • she is so confused
  • “Does Jumin what?” She pries. 
  • you manage to lift your head up and tell her
  • “D-Does J-Jumin Han is gay?”
  • She raises an eyebrow and smirks but doesn’t really understand 
  • she appreciates your humor


  • cat videos ftw
  • While jumin is at meetings you stay home and watch compilations 
  • the ones where they try to jump onto something and  f a l l 
  • you’recryingtheyaresofunny
  • the meeting lasts shorter than expected so jumin comes home
  • he can hear your laughter as soon as he walks through the door, and follows the sound of it to the bedroom
  • you are rolling around the bed laughing
  • even the meeting was short, it was stressful and it didn’t go the way he had hoped.
  • hearing your laugh made everything feel better 
  • he stands in the door frame listening to it with his eyes closed until you notice him
  • and once you do, you show him the videos of the unfortunate cats
  • he thinks it’s a little cruel to laugh at them but there really is no harm
  • “As long as you are happy, MC.”


  • honestly, he would probably be the reason for your constant laughter
  • he’s also probably the same way
  • anything he says makes you laugh and he loves it
  • probably goes out of his way to make you laugh
  • will randomly (on purpose) fall over just because of how funny you think it is
  • can and will make dumb faces at you from across a room to make you laugh when you need to be serious 
  • can literally just make eye contact with you for a couple seconds and you will smile
  • he feels so good about himself whenever you break into a grin
  • he also laughs at his own jokes 
  • which makes you laugh
  • which makes him laugh
  • it’s a vicious cycle 
  • at this point, he’s pretty sure that he wouldn’t even make jokes if you weren’t around to laugh at them
  • what did he do to deserve you


  • he thinks you are the cutest
  • he doesn’t make many jokes but once you start laughing he does his best to keep you going for as long as he can
  • things that make him simply smirk make you roar with laughter and he thinks it is amazing
  • he probably thinks that your happiness is art
  • he cannot see but he is so glad he can hear
  • feels like he can see every color and shade through your laugh (he’s such an art hoe smh)
  • loves when he surprises you with kisses and/or hugs and you do that cute little surprised giggle


  • he doesn’t really get it
  • It’s not even that funny
  • Looks really confused at first
  • He does understand that you are happy though
  • Your laugh makes him smile
  • He really likes it
  • Like
  • Really
  • he thinks he may actually go insane without it
  • He’d never admit it
  • He loves when he makes you laugh. it’s never in purpose
  • He gets a little(very) jealous when anyone else makes you laugh
  • will kiss your neck just to hear your happy squeak/giggle 
  • He is happy whenever you are
  • He hopes you always stay that way
  • 'Is Hoseok single?' Yoongi jerked his head up in surprise.
  • 'As far as I know. You interested?' Yoongi asked sarcastically, looking over the other idol from head to toe. It was nonsense-- the notion that an idol was crushing on Yoongi’s group mate.
  • 'Actually, between you and me...' the guy muttered. Yoongi nearly dropped his draw. He composed himself quickly, a current of anger and jealousy running through him with a vengeance. Yoongi gulped, looking across the room at Hoseok, who, oblivious to the conversation happening across the room, was mingling with the Vice President of MNET. five idol groups and a handful of actors had been invited to the elite gathering, but Yoongi applauded Hoseok’s ability to socialize with such ease. Earlier in the night, Yoongi and the other members had been sitting together and eating the meal; Hoseok munching cutely on all the dinner rolls while listening intently to the president’s speech. They were sitting next to each other, Hoseok thigh constantly grazing Yoongi’s-- sending strange little shocks throughout Yoongi’s entire body. He'd always ignored these touches; a forbidden feeling fighting its way into his mind. Off limits, he always reminded himself. And besides, Hoseok was the unattainable tease. Yoongi was more curious than ever to get inside that man's brain.
  • Yoongi looked at the idol in front of him, and then glanced to hoseok.
  • 'I won't tell.' He said cooly, sipping his drink and looking around the room. It was suddenly a bit awkward.
  • 'You don't think- he'd be into me?' The idol asked. Yoongi glanced over him. Shaggy black hair, a cute dimple, nice jaw. He'd be able to get any girl he wanted. Why hoseok? Yoongi huffed.
  • 'Hoseok is quite picky. He doesn't talk about his dating life much.' Yoongi said, his tone slightly more clipped. The idol nodded.
  • 'Just look at him. He's perfect, isn't he?' The idol smiled. Yoongi looked to hoseok, their eyes meeting suddenly. Hoseok smiled softly, Yoongi's heart in a rampage.
  • 'He is.' Yoongi said thoughtlessly. The idol looked at him with surprise.
  • 'Speaking of his talents, of course!' Yoongi laughed.
  • He tried to get out of this conversation and back to the members table quickly. He scurried over with a plate of desserts, sitting next to namjoon with relief.
  • 'You alright?' Namjoon asked. He was scrolling through Instagram and people watching.
  • 'Can we do something tonight? After this is over?' Yoongi asked. Namjoon closed his phone in surprise.
  • 'You actually want to hangout with us?' Namjoon asked, eyes wide. It was something like that. Or rather, as long as Hoseok would be there, too.
  • 'Let's drink or something.' Yoongi offered.
  • 'Let's poll the group when they come back. But I think if they know you suggested the idea, they'll all be interested' he said. Slowly, the members sat down with their dessert. Yoongi waited eagerly for hoseok to sit, glancing at him impatiently, saving his last piece of cake so he could give a bite to his favorite guy.
  • Twenty minutes passed. But no Hoseok.
  • 'Where's Hobi?' Jungkook asked.
  • 'I saw him pulled over by Sehun in the corner.' Jimin said, an irritation in his voice. Yoongi scanned and saw the two of them giggling and touching one another's shoulders with ease.
  • 'Yoongi, tell them your idea!' Namjoon offered. Yoongi suddenly didn't feel too excited by the thought. A smitten and distracted hoseok? There was nothing that irritated Min Yoongi more.
  • 'Scratch that plan.' Yoongi grumbled, shoving his fork sharply into his last piece of cake-- the best piece.
  • Hoseok came back to the table some time later, setting down the exact piece of cake Yoongi had wanted to offer him to share.
  • 'Hyung, I know you like this cake. I got it for us to share.' Hoseok smiled, laying his hand behind yoongis neck and massaging sweetly. Yoongi closed his eyes and suppressed a light moan. Instead, he could feel the bitterness creeping in.
  • 'I already ate.' Yoongi said, the other members noticing his irritated tone. Everyone was aware of the close bond between Yoongi and Hoseok-- it's just that no one knew of their true inner feelings.
  • 'Oh.' Hoseok said, his mood lowering. He ate the cake quietly, Yoongi feeling a pain at his chest. He hated making hoseok feel bad .
  • 'But thank you.' Yoongi whispered. Hoseok looked at him with curious and questioning eyes. What was wrong with his favorite hyung?
  • After a long event, the members took their car back to the dorms. Hoseok was sitting in the back
  • With V and jin, while Yoongi sat with the others. He was working up the courage to ask hoseok to go for a walk once they got home. He just didn't know if it was the right thing to do. Hoseok was his coworker. He needed to get over this, and get over it quickly. He'd suppressed his feelings for so many years, it had barely phased him.
  • But recently, something had changed. The way they looked at each other. The way hoseok smiled at him/- knew his every
  • Mood. The way they stayed up through the night and talked without a second of uncomfort. Hoseok knew more about Yoongi than Yoongi did-- he sometimes thought.
  • And tonight, Yoongi had learned just how desirable his Hoseok was to others. He felt oddly territorial. Yoongi was more curious than ever. Who else was interested in his precious hoseok?
  • He waited for hoseok to get out of the van and lingered back.
  • 'Hey.' He said quietly, scurrying next to him.
  • 'Hey.' Hoseok yawned. Shit, he was tired.
  • 'Ah,
  • Never mind.' Yoongi said.
  • 'You're acting strange: what's up?' Hoseok asked.
  • 'Can we walk for a bit?' Yoongi asked.
  • 'Of course!' Hoseok said effortlessly.
  • 'Guys, we'll be up a bit later.' Yoongi called, veering hoseok down the street.
  • 'Can I join?' v called back. Yoongi groaned.
  • 'Nope; sorry.' Yoongi said, causing the other members to giggle a bit.
  • 'I see how it is!' V exclaimed.
  • Yoongi and hoseok walked for a
  • Few minutes in silence, growing further and further away from the dorm. They sometimes took walks like this- venting out frustrations and relieving stress.
  • Hoseok sat down in the grassy patch and laid down. He had stripped off his nice coat, and was sprawled out in his black dress pants and a silky blue dress shirt. He looked even more handsome than usual-- just looking up at Yoongi so comfortably.
  • 'Okay, talk to me.' Hoseok demanded, offering his hand to Yoongi. Yoongi took it and let himself be pulled next to hoseok, their hands warm and interlocked.
  • Hoseok released but Yoongi wished he hadn't.
  • 'You don't like anyone, do you?' Yoongi asked, his palms sweating nervously. Hoseok eyed him suspiciously.
  • 'What are you up to??' He asked.
  • 'I'm just curious.'
  • 'I, uh-- I don't really have an answer.' Hoseok looked down nervously.
  • 'Who is it?' Yoongi pressed.
  • 'Yoongi-- ' hoseok pleaded, sitting up.
  • 'I... I know someone who likes you. I'm inquiring for them.' Yoongi stuttered.
  • 'Yoongi... you know that even if I did like someone, I couldn't act on that interest. You know better than anyone!' Hoseok exclaimed.
  • ' I do.' Yoongi glanced at his crush with longing eyes. He really did know.
  • 'I'm flattered that someone is interested. I'm sure they'll find someone suitable in no time.' Hoseok offered, eliminating himself as an option. Yoongi laughed lightly. That was a hoseok response. Removing himself from the equation.
  • 'I have another question.' Yoongi felt more comfortable now, just being there with hoseok-- all alone. Just the two of them, what he liked best.
  • 'Oh here we go.' Hoseok joked. Yoongi twisted his fingers with jitters all through his body.
  • 'Have you ever... liked one of the members?' Yoongi asked. Hoseok nearly choked at the question.
  • 'Yoongi, why are you doing this?? You know that these kinds of questions are really crazy, right? What if I said yes?? It's completely against the rules. And If I did, what would it matter?? It wouldn't be reciprocated. And if I did, all it would do is lead to more problems!' Hoseok spewed off angrily.
  • 'I-- I...' Yoongi started.
  • 'What, hyung?' Hoseok asked.
  • 'I...'
  • Yoongi looked at Hoseok and Hoseok looked at Yoongi. Min Yoongi had never seen such a beautiful person in his entire life. He'd never wanted to lay his own lips on another's with this much passion.
  • And then suddenly, he had.
  • He was kissing Jung Hoseok.
  • Hoseoks initial reaction was shock. He pulled back, looking at
  • Yoongi with wide eyes.
  • 'Yoongi...' he breathed. Yoongi didn't give him another minute to pull away, looking like once more. The way Hoseok moved his lips against Yoongi’s-- Yoongi had never felt this before. A warmth spread throughout his whole body. His skin was on fire. The feeling of hoseoks fingers brushing his cheek was enough to send him into another dimension. This kiss was mutual, Hoseok could feel it too. He wanted more. He wanted this so badly. But something inside him was signaling to stop. This is bad for business, his mind reminded him. But it feels so right; he thought again. Stop. Stop. He argued with himself until finally he pulled away from Yoongi, who had placed his hand sweetly around Hoseok’s lower back.
  • 'We can't.' Hoseok said gruffly.
  • 'I know.' Yoongi opened his eyes and exhaled. Hoseok had never seen yoongis face so flushed and pink. He looked nice with a bit of color. He always looked nice.
  • 'This never happened.' Hoseok offered. Yoongis heart dropped into his chest. The dejected feeling hit him immediately.
  • 'Hoseok...'
  • 'No. it never happened.' Hoseok said, standing up. It was the last thing hoseok wanted to do-- he wanted to lay with Min Yoongi until the sun rose in a few hours. He wanted to kiss his soft lips and talk for hours about anything and everything.
  • But Hoseok had gone through too much to let love change anything.
  • He couldn't let his emotions get the best of him. He couldn't let Yoongi ruin his career either.
  • 'It really meant nothing to you?' Hoseok could hear the hurt in yoongis voice.
  • He crouched down and took Yoongi’s hand, kissing it lightly.
  • 'It meant everything to me.' He whispered, darting off towards the dorms.
  • Min Yoongi had never felt so conflicted in his entire life.
Second Chances

James Potter was having a horrible horrible night. He hated these stuffy Pure Blood parties. He hated the patronizing way the older wizards spoke to him, as if being a professional Quidditch player were just a passing hobby - a rebellious phase, if you will - and that any day now he’d come to his sense and go into the ministry just as his father had done. Never mind that he was one of the top Chasers in the league, or that he was on record time and time again saying that No, he was not going to be an auror so please stop asking. 

As if dealing with his parents’ deaths hadn’t been enough, it stoked the fire more. If one more distant aunt came up to him and told him that it was time to stop all this nonsense now that he had inherited the Potter fortune he was going to scream.

Downing his third glass of champagne he skirted the edges of the party, looking for a way out. Sirius - his one lifeline at functions like this - had abandoned him to go snog the coat check women, so he had to brave the crowds on his own. He wouldn’t have even come to the stupid event if it hadn’t been for the team’s sponsors. 

It was as he was nearing the doors to the garden that someone snagged him by the sleeve reeling him back in. Plastering a fake smile on his face, he turned around. A petite witch stood before him, looking up gleefully, her dark hair just brushing the shoulders of her lavender dress robes. “James Potter?” She asked, eyes sliding over him. “That’s you, right? Chaser for the Montrose Magpies?”

“Yeah, that’s me.” The witch was pretty, he had to hand her that. Her face was round, and her eyes were green. Not strikingly green - not the way they would’ve been if she was, say, ginger - but pretty all the same. 

She held out a hand for him to shake. “I’m Vanessa Litfield, part time reporter for The Daily Prophet.”

He shook her hand, but said “I’m not doing interviews tonight, sorry.”

“A bit conceited, are we?” She laughed, shaking her head. “I didn't approach you for an interview, Mr. Potter. You just seemed lonely and in need of quality conversation.”

“And you figured you could provide me with that conversation?”

“Well, I am known for being good with my words.” she winked. 

“We’ll see then.” He nabbed two champagne flutes off a passing tray, handing one to her. “Show me what you’ve got.”

Vanessa, it turned out, took that to heart and babbled on for a good hour. James didn’t mind it, though, because it kept other potential conversation partners at bay. He could endure a pretty girl's incessant chatting no problem. In fact, he was coming to find that he quite liked talking with her. She didn’t seem to take anything too seriously, which he found refreshing. 

“Can I see you again, Mr. Potter?” she asked as the party dwindled down. 

He shrugged, pretending to think on it. 

“Are you going to leave a girl hanging?” she laughed, nudging his shoulder. “I need a response quick, my roommate is making her way over to fetch me.”

He decided that he wouldn’t mind spending more time with her. Maybe he’d enjoy it. He’d been in a bit of a dry spell recently, anyway. “I suppose so,” He joked. “Well, alright. Owl me and we’ll set something up.”

“That’s romantic,” she rolled her eyes. “I can see why you’re swarmed with women.”

He opened his mouth to reply - with what, he wasn’t sure, not after he caught sight of the women approaching them. No, it couldn't be, he thought. But it was. 

The willowy red-head reached out, tapping Vanessa on her shoulder. James, too busy taking in the sight of her, missed their exchange. She stood just as she had five years previously at Hogwarts - just as sure, just as beautiful, her hair just as red. Her eyes just as green. Her freckles had faded out for the most part, and her face more angular. She wore a set of deep purple robes, just the right color to offset her pale skin. 

“Are you ready?” she asked Vanessa, her voice just as musical as it had been the last time they spoke. Vanessa looked from the girl beside her, to James, and finally the red-head did as well. Her expression mirrored his, he was almost certain. The surprise, the confusion. It was all there, scrawled across her beautiful features. He was always able to read her so easily, five years didn’t erase that.

He wanted to speak, to greet her, to at least say something. But instead, he just gawked. How could he not?

“Do you two know each other?” Vanessa asked, looking between the two. 

It was her who recovered first, naturally. She shook her head, laughing it off. “Nah, he just looks familiar, is all.”

“Well, he’s a famous chaser. You’ve probably seen him in the Prophet.”

“A famous chaser, huh?” She looked him over in that knowing way that made his insides twist up in knots. “Seems fitting.”

Recovering at last, James extended his hand. “James Potter,” he said. As if she didn’t already know that. As if he didn’t feel kicked in the gut the moment she feigned ignorance. 

"Nice to meet you,” she took his hand, and he saw the slight color stain her cheeks. He felt the heat of her skin radiating through him. “I’m Lily Evans.”

“She works at the Prophet with me.” Vanessa explained. “She’s one of our best columnists.” But James already knew that. He read everything she wrote. 

Lily tugged on her friend’s arm, pulling her towards the door. “We really need to be going, Nessa.”

“All right, don’t get your knickers in a twist.” She let Lily pull her away, only pausing to call over her shoulder. “I’ll owl you for that date, Mr. Potter!”

James only nodded in reply, as he watched Lily Evans walk away from him for the second time.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I love reading your small fics and hcs for Dark! You're writing is so good!! Keep up the good work! I've been thinking, or well suggesting if some time where Dark just loses composure, or becomes flustered. I mean, I'm sure that the guy doesn't have to be all cool and silent angry and such, right?

I love teasing my favorite characters in prose. It’s a daunting task to try to fluster Dark, but hopefully this is alright. It’s up to interpretation what it was that caused him to get this way since I can’t come up with anything and everyone’s different.

This was probably the only time you had ever seen Dark like this.

He seemed entirely at a loss for words, eyes widened just slightly in what you perceived as surprise. He averted his eyes as though making eye contact would only worsen the situation and you tried to stifle a laugh, with only a small degree of success.

If you looked hard enough, you thought you could see a bit of color rising to his usually pale face. It was oddly cute.

“That word doesn’t suit me,” Dark answered, a little too fast. You hadn’t realized that you had said that out loud.

“Would you have preferred adorable?” you quipped smugly.

“Don’t test it. Stop talking.”

You chuckled as Dark pardoned himself, refusing to make eye contact the entire time.

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

A.N: For the Fandom Bingo card spot 1-5; ‘madness’.

They call it Despair. 

The state by which a Sky can be fully broken, rendered unable to form Guardian bonds, when their Flame is corrupted and the Will turned against itself, gnawing away at the bonds keeping the soul tethered to the body. Within months, a Despaired Sky will usually either attempt to kill themselves to escape the never-ending bond hunger, or go completely mad and attempt to force their corrupted bond on another. 

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15strawberri3s  asked:

oh wow, AU headcanons!! um, how about for your favorite fantasy series? If the Voltron crew lived in that world, what would that look like? (Hope this entertained you!)

Yes! My favorite fantasy series is a High Fantasy book trilogy called The Obsidian Trilogy, by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory. It centers on a young man named Kellen, who struggles to find his place in the human-only Mage-City where he lives. After discovering a different, “dangerous” form of magic, he’s cast out and goes on to find epic adventures outside the City Walls, including escapades with elves, dragons, centaurs, and discovering his own calling in the larger world.  I recommend it if you’ve got time to spare this holiday season! A bit verbose on the description in places, but that’s Mercedes Lackey for you. Great war tactics. Excellent excellent world-building. 

I’ve included quotes from the source material to help with context. No copyright infringement is intended. Uh. This is also the longest prompt I’ve done yet. By, uh, a considerable amount. Oops. Enjoy!


00. Magic always has a Price.

This was the Mage-City of Armethalieh. Mages had built it, Mages ruled it, and Mages were the only people of any real consequence in it, though it had nobility and rich men in plenty.

…when it came to power and the wielding of it - well - Mages were the only men who had it, and they guarded their privileges jealously.

- The Outstretched Shadow, pg. 14

The Mage-City of Armethalieh is also called The Golden City, so titled for a reason. All your needs are taken care of, here; people want for basically nothing. High Magick runs the city. It regulates the money, the weather, the bell towers ringing in perfect unison and harmony. It steadies the waters in the Harbor; cleans the streets at night; keeps food from spoiling; can heal illness, disease, and charm all manner of objects and problems into impeccable compliance. High Magick rules the city. It’s orderly. Prescribed. Perfect. Nothing changes, here. Nothing needs to.

If you live ‘out there’, beyond the Wall -

- why would you? No one wants to be ‘out there’, out in the wild. The weather’s uncontrollable. It’s chaotic. There are demons. There are creatures who don’t look like us. If they aren’t human, they’re not allowed into our Harbor, through our Wall. If they were worth talking to - dealing with - they’d be in here. And they aren’t.

Life here is better. Life here is best. Other types of lifestyles? Other people, other cultures, other experiences and other types of magick?

Surely no one could want anything other than life here in Armethelieh.

Keith doesn’t.

But that was before Shiro disappeared.

01. Gunderson

The Mage College…was surrounded by the homes of the Mages, and no one who was not himself a Mage or a Mage-to-be had ever set foot upon the grounds. Many of the wonder tales circulating about the City dealt at great length with a young Apprentice’s first sight of the College. All were completely inaccurate, as none of the fabulists had ever actually seen it.

- The Outstretched Shadow, pg. 55

There’s something about the new student that Keith can’t quite put his finger on.

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seconds-and-centuries  asked:

Hi! I'm sure you get this a lot, but I've just seen your ACNL map on my dashboard and I was wondering how you made it. c: I'd love to do something like that to help me plan my town but I wouldn't even know where to begin! I looked through your "anne plays new leaf" tag but couldn't seem to find anything on how to make a map like that, I'm sorry for bothering you if there's a guide or something on your blog already that I just couldn't find;; Thanks very much!

oh wow, i wasn’t expecting that to get more than maybe a handful of likes lol.

hello, though! i hope you won’t mind me publishing this on the offchance anyone else is curious–it’s really quite simple, actually, but i’ll give a few tips. there are probably better ways to do this, but this is how i go about it.


firstly, you just need MSpaint, and some patience.

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rrcastelli  asked:

Hi! So, I've been following your art through deviantart, tumblr and blogspot for some time, but I couldn't find your thoughts on improvement. Do you have any thoughts on it? Like, are anatomy books[loomis, hogarth...] that helpful? Having a drawing/sketching routine? Don't draw "cartoon" until you know how to draw "real" stuff? Or, maybe, the-most-valueable-piece-of-advice-ever? I find you very inspiring and would love to hear some thoughts from you (: Wish you all the best!

Thank you kind stranger! 

Agh, I’m actually having trouble writing about this because I’m going through a strange mental recalibration on how I think about and approach art. But I’ll try my best to answer! 

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darkanoir  asked:

Good evening darling! It's been a while since I last gave you a prompt but I saw your post and couldn't resist! Unfortunately, I don't have any specific idea, but would you mind if I requested something anyway? It is a bit banal, but I'd love to read a knotting fic, with jonghyun as the alpha and Kibum as the omega. Feel free to ignore this if you don't feel up to it! Thank you for replenishing us with lovely drabbles to read <3 Hope you're having a nice new year so far! <3

Wow! My first ever omega fic. So… yeah. It wasn’t so much a story as it was vignettes of their lives? I hope it makes some sense! I know it’s long, but I didn’t want to put it under a read more because they’re still not working properly for me. Sorry!

Kibum can’t think of anything worse than being the pack’s omega.

When the pack’s leader, Jonghyun, took a fancy to Kibum one day when they passed the lone omega on a trek, Jonghyun insisted that Kibum come along with them. An omega doesn’t simply ignore the wishes of an alpha.

Jonghyun isn’t the nuisance though. It’s the three other betas in the pack: Jinki, Minho and Taemin. Jinki is the most aloof out of the three and generally wanders by himself, but Minho and Taemin take their sweet time beating up on poor Kibum. The pack knows how powerful they are with three betas and a dominant alpha, and Kibum has become the chew toy for the youngest two pack members to relieve their boredom.

When Kibum nears his heat, Jonghyun disappears from the pack. Jonghyun gets violent around omegas in heat and wanders off on his own for everyone’s protection. No one, as far as they let on, know where he goes to be alone. In his absence, Jinki steps up to the role of alpha. He pays even less attention to Minho and Taemin wrestling and brawling with Kibum every chance they get. The pair of troublemakers could quite literally get away with murder under Jinki’s watch.

It’s a snowing morning when Minho and Taemin start their ministrations. Kibum is barely awake when the nips begin. He rises slowly, peering at Minho and Taemin as they circle him.

Minho is a wolf larger and more powerful than Jonghyun with dark, course fur. Taemin is smaller with ash-colored fur and relies on brute strength to taunt Kibum. When they come together, they’re a merciless pair. When Kibum is nearing his heat, they’re particularly ruthless. The two despise that Kibum drives their alpha leader away.

Taemin nips at Kibum’s heels as Minho hovers menacingly behind him. If Kibum gets out of line, Minho bites him and pins him down into the fresh coat of snow. Rather than take the beating, Kibum gallops away through the snowy landscape.

Minho and Taemin follow him for a while. They’re trying to steer him a certain way. Kibum can tell. Once they’re a considerable distance from encampment and wherever the two wolves wanted Kibum to end up, they turn back suddenly. Kibum watches as they wrestle each other and try to outrun the other. Within minutes, they disappear from view.

Kibum rises to his feet, shaking the snow off his fur. He doesn’t know why they ran like bats out of hell, but he’s glad that they’re gone. For a little while at least, he won’t be harassed by the overly playful beta counterparts.

There’s a cave nearby. It’s a small crevice in the mountain edge, but it’s enough to squeeze through to shelter himself from the snow. It’s just as cold as it was outside, but Kibum’s body temperature is enough to keep him comfortable, even in human form. Once he transforms and is up on two legs again, naked as the day he was born, he steps further into the cavern.

A snarling growl echoes from the end of the cave. Kibum freezes. He encroached on someone else’s territory. With Kibum teetering of the edge of being in heat, stumbling into someone else’s territory spelled disaster.

Kibum lets out a small whine of submission. It’s quieter than it would have been if he were still a wolf. It gets the job done. The growling stops.


It’s Jonghyun, the alpha.

Kibum doesn’t leave time to think about the possibilities. He bolts. Or, at least, he tries to.

Jonghyun blocks the exit before Kibum can even shift. He slams into Jonghyun’s furry ribcage, getting knocked backward. Jonghyun wastes no time in crawling on top of Kibum, sinking his teeth into Kibum’s shoulder.

Kibum arches into Jonghyun, holding onto Jonghyun’s shoulders.

Kibum knew this would be his reality eventually. Jonghyun wouldn’t have picked up an omega for the hell of it. No, Jonghyun knew that the pack would soon need to grow in numbers. The easiest way to train members of the pack was from the time they were just pups. Mature wolves were much too independent to teach properly.

Kibum was Jonghyun’s surefire way to get pups.

Kibum feels Jonghyun’s knot swell deep inside of him. He doesn’t know whether he wants to kiss Jonghyun or scratch his nails further into his arms.

Jonghyun hasn’t said anything since he murmured Kibum’s name. Even his whines and groans were few and far between.

Kibum assumes that Jonghyun is using him as a business transaction more than anything. Kibum decides not to touch his lips to Jonghyun’s skin.

When the swelling goes down, Jonghyun pulls out with a sickening noise and pulls away from Kibum. The warmth on top of Kibum disappears. He shivers when he’s hit with a blast of freezing air from outside.

Jonghyun shifts in front of his eyes and bolts out of the crevice.

Kibum shifts as well but instead curls up in the dark little cavern, closing his eyes. He should follow Jonghyun while his scent is still strong, but he doesn’t want to lift himself off the floor just yet. He decides to wait out the snowstorm and then find his way back to the pack.

When Kibum returns to the pack, Taemin and Minho are circling the encampment. Kibum assumes that they’ll pounce when they spot Kibum, but they don’t. They draw their ears back against their skulls and keep their distance. Kibum’s tail drops between his legs as he passes them. He doesn’t know why they’re acting like that.

Jonghyun is nowhere to be seen. Neither is Jinki.

Kibum decides to curl up on the edge of the encampment. Minho and Taemin continue to circle, but they stay a considerable distance away. Feeling particularly safe, Kibum rests his chin on his legs and settles down for sleep.

Weeks pass.

Kibum becomes considerably more lethargic. He refuses to go on hunts. In the beginning, Minho and Taemin prepare to pounce, but one glare from Jonghyun has the two backing off the omega. Jinki doesn’t spare a glance at Kibum.

When they return with fresh meat, the first slab is offered to Kibum by Jonghyun himself. Kibum turns his nose to the food. Minho snarls at Kibum’s rude gesture toward the alpha, but Jonghyun attacks. The beta backs off.

Kibum stares at the food before rising to his feet and walking off, away from the pack. He doesn’t want to eat.

Jonghyun moves the pack to an apartment building on the outside of town. The buildings are reserved for packs, deemed to be a halfway house of sorts. The humans in the town made peace with the werewolves as much as possible. Each tenant building can house up to thirty wolves, but Jonghyun moves the pack into one of the smallest buildings. Minho and Taemin are given a small apartment two floors down. Jinki is on the first floor and given the duty of patrolman. Jonghyun takes the apartment on the top floor, forcing Kibum up with him.

Kibum drops himself onto the bed in the apartment as soon as he shifts into his human form. He’s so exhausted from the hike to the tenant building that he’s not sure if he would have the energy to shift back if need be.

Jonghyun enters the room long after, hovering in the doorway before entering the bedroom. Kibum holds his breath.

“I don’t know why you’re trying to hide it,” Jonghyun says finally. “They all know.”

Kibum hides his face in the pillow that he drags closer. “When Minho and Taemin stopped bothering me so suddenly, I figured.”

“Well, they certainly don’t want to hurt the pup now.”

Kibum curls in on himself when Jonghyun goes to touch his stomach. “Please don’t.”

“I’m not going to hurt you either,” Jonghyun murmurs, leaning down to nose against Kibum’s jaw.

“You just care about getting more members for the pack.”

“Maybe a little,” Jonghyun admits. “But that’s not the only reason. You’re a pretty face,” he draws back with a wolfish grin. “But right now, your job is relaxing. Jinki is on watch. Minho and Taemin won’t bother you anymore, not when you’re mine. They know better.”

Kibum can’t look Jonghyun in the eyes.

Minho and Taemin come up to visit. Jonghyun went out with Jinki and demanded the pair to keep an eye on Kibum.

It’s rare that Kibum saw them on two legs since he’s joined the pack. They look much less menacing as humans.

Even so, their gaze is still judgmental. Kibum is still the outsider as far as they’re concerned, whether he’s imprinted on Jonghyun or not.

The betas welcome themselves to a seat on the couch. Kibum sinks into the recliner that’s usually reserved for Jonghyun. He didn’t want to be near to either of them. When their gazes become overwhelming, he settles his hands on his belly.

It’s a small thing still, his baby bump, but it’s prominent on his usually thin figure. The baby isn’t kicking yet, but Kibum knows it won’t be long before it is. The betas stare.

“I can’t believe we have to babysit an omega,” Taemin grumbles unhappily, standing up to help himself to food in the kitchen. “That’s just so wrong,” he makes a point to glare at Kibum. “You know, if Jonghyun wasn’t an alpha, I would—”

“Taemin,” Minho scolds gently. “He’ll squeal to Jonghyun. Don’t bother.”

“Why are you both acting like we haven’t been in the same pack for months now? I’m an outsider, yes, but–”

“An outsider I can handle,” Taemin spits, a new fierceness in his eyes. “A pampered omega, I can’t. It’s not right.”

“Taemin, just—”

Kibum can barely comprehend it happening. Taemin is on top of him so quickly that he’s stunned until he feels bristling fur rub against his cheek. He screams, trying to shove the wolf off. He’s too shocked to shift to protect himself.

Jinki bursts into the room, Jonghyun on his heels. Jonghyun hauls Taemin off of Kibum. There’s white hot anger in his face. Kibum has never seen him so livid.

Kibum tries to sit up before Jonghyun leaves. “Jonghyun, don’t hurt him—!”

Jonghyun doesn’t listen to Kibum though. He doesn’t hear the struggle downstairs once Jinki nudges him into the bedroom, but he hears Taemin whimpering in the silence of the night.

Even pressing the pillow over his ears doesn’t block out the beta’s whines.

Kibum’s back begins aching relatively early on in the pregnancy.

The pain eases when Kibum shifts into wolf form, but Jonghyun scolds him every time. Kibum doesn’t understand why but listens. He spends most of his time in bed.

Jonghyun comes in the room late one night. Kibum isn’t asleep, but he isn’t really awake either. He shuts his eyes when he feels the bed dip with Jonghyun’s weight.

“Where does it hurt?” Jonghyun asks softly, running his fingertips down Kibum’s spine.


“Your back.”

“O-oh…” Kibum shifts slightly to set his hand on the small of his back. “Down here… kind of. I think it’s just the extra weight…”

Jonghyun doesn’t ask any more questions. He uses a gentle touch to slowly massage Kibum’s back. He purrs in response, nuzzling the pillow. Kibum isn’t sure if it’s the massage or the attention that makes him feel so warm inside.

“Jonghyun,” Kibum murmurs. “Is… the baby going to be an omega too?”

“Absolutely not,” Jonghyun hisses. “No pup of mine will be an omega.”

“Stop calling it a pup. It’s a baby,” Kibum snaps.

“Don’t talk to me like that. Learn your place, omega.”

“I’ll speak however I damn well please when I’m the one carrying a baby that I didn’t even—that I didn’t want!”

Jonghyun bares his teeth, slamming Kibum back against the pillows. Kibum sinks back further, clawing at Jonghyun’s wrists when he pins Kibum to the bed by his shoulders. He doesn’t want to be held down by Jonghyun.

Jonghyun doesn’t look happy. “I gave you a spot in our pack, omega. How dare y—”

“You made me into a chew toy!”

“I’ll take this pup from you when it’s born.”

Kibum seethes. “I won’t let you.”

“You’ll do what I say.”

Kibum bites. He isn’t thinking. He knows he’ll get reprimanded for it later, but right now, he doesn’t think about it. He’s more worried about protecting his baby now. When Jonghyun pulls away, leaving a window of opportunity for Kibum, he bolts.

Once outside, he spots Minho and Taemin barreling after him. He doesn’t stop running.

Kibum locates the cave he first encountered Jonghyun in. The mouth is nearly covered by the last snowfall, but he digs a hole so he can crawl inside. He trots to the very end and curls up against the wall, resting his chin on his legs before forcing himself to sleep.

Kibum isn’t alone when he wakes up. He isn’t as cold either.

Jonghyun is curled up against him, neck against the back of Kibum’s neck. He’s using his body to block the frigid air from hitting Kibum, as well as becoming a wall of protection.

Kibum lifts his head. Jonghyun moves back, watching Kibum for a moment before cleaning his head. He licks Kibum’s fur until he feels comfortable enough to lay down on his side.

“You shouldn’t have ran off,” Jonghyun murmurs after he shifts, resting his cheek against the scruff on Kibum’s neck.

Kibum whines, turning his head away. Jonghyun continues stroking his fur.

“I was out of line, even as an alph,” Jonghyun continues. “I would never take your pu– your baby away from you.”

When Kibum hears that, he tilts his head to lick Jonghyun’s cheek. He leaves a stripe of saliva behind.

“Come back with me. It’s too cold for you to be out here like this.”

After that, Jonghyun spends more time with Kibum. He becomes more protective of Kibum as his due date approaches. Jonghyun will snarl at even Taemin or Minho if they approach Kibum too quickly.

Kibum finally feels a sense of security in Jonghyun’s presence.

The closer Kibum’s due date gets, the more Jonghyun guards the bedroom. He’ll sit in wolf form at the side of the bed, on alert. Sometimes he’ll sit close enough to the bed for Kibum to scratch his ears. Other times, he’s sitting stiff in the doorway.

It’s when Jonghyun is trotting around the living room that Kibum feels the first contraction tighten his belly. Jonghyun is in the room before Kibum can call out to him.

Jonghyun howls, shaking Kibum to the core. He walks up to the bed, nosing Kibum’s arm. Kibum knows what he wants.

“I don’t want to shift,” Kibum shakes his head, hiding his face in his pillow.

Jonghyun growls.

“Stop. It hurts. Don’t growl at me…”

Jonghyun stops the snarling but doesn’t stop badgering Kibum. Once the pain passes, Kibum shifts and follows Jonghyun.

The surgery is performed by a doctor with the Werewolf Preservation Society. Jonghyun paces by Kibum’s side throughout the surgery, his three loyal betas standing guard by the door.

They’re prepared to welcome their new pack member.

Kibum has a higher pain tolerance in wolf form. That’s how he stays with his tiny baby girl.

Anyone who approaches too close is growled at, even Jonghyun. For the first few hours, Jonghyun allows Kibum his space to bond with the pup. She can’t shift yet, but Jonghyun will teach her well when she comes of age.

When Kibum seems calmer, Jonghyun trots over and gives Kibum a tentative lick on the side of his head. Kibum doesn’t snarl, so Jonghyun takes that as an invitation into Kibum’s world.

Jonghyun sniffs the baby, nosing gently against her head. She cooes in her sleep but doesn’t wake up. Kibum peeks an eye open to survey the situation but allows Jonghyun to do as he pleases.

Once Jonghyun is well acquainted with the baby, Kibum lifts his head to bump his nose against his. Another invitation. He wants Jonghyun to be close. Jonghyun inches closer, curling around his omega and his pup protectively.

Kibum relaxes, checking on his baby. She’s happy, healthy and warm.

Kibum knows exactly what to name her.

Haneul. He’s found his heaven on earth.

Missing (Saeyoung x MC fic) - Part 12

Vanderwood pulled over to the designated rendezvous.  Turning off the engine, he notices that the search teams were already there.  What surprised this group was that Jumin himself was waiting in one of the vans, and his eyes were glued to the car as soon as it entered the area.

“What?  Why’s Jumin here?” Saeyoung commented, grabbing all his hacking equipment, and taking some of the things that Saeran was holding, while the other just blankly stares at his brother.  

“That’s mine.”

“Don’t carry stuff with your bad arm.” Saeyoung argues, pointing at his brother’s bandaged arm.

“Don’t think with your bad head,” he then points at the bandage around Saeyoung’s head, and then grabbed his belongings back.

Before Saeyoung could protest, Saeran got off the car, happy to be out walking and stretching his legs. It’s been a three-hour drive, and his legs are just aching.  The backseat was loaded with equipment, Vanderwood’s rifle, and some random stuff he brought with them.  Saeran was even surprised that Vanderwood even managed to bring sandwiches.  Packing all of those in a sports car didn’t really provide much wiggle room. Looking over at Jumin’s spacious van, he found himself wanting to hitch a ride with the corporate director just because of extra leg room.

“It’s dangerous out here, Jumin,” Saeyoung called out, genuinely worried.  Jumin was never one who does fieldwork, and he stuck out like a sore thumb. He still looked fresh and sharp in his pinstripe suit despite being in the middle of a forest clearing near the road.

“I wanted to personally see that you’re doing well, and that this operation must not fail,” Jumin replied, crossing his arms over his chest. “I will be well-protected and will stay here.  Jaehee took the liberty of bringing MC’s used clothes from the hospital with us to help the search dogs to sniff her out.”

“Good to see you, Saeyoung, Saeran, Vanderwood,” Jaehee called to them.  Like Jumin, she also looks a little out of place, but instead of a short pencil skirt she wore black dress pants and donned a black trench coat. “The medics are over there; we need to get those wounds tended to.”

“There’s no time,” Saeyoung replied, “but thank you, Jaehee.  I need to get to MC before it’s too late.” He’s already busied himself in setting up their equipment on the hood of a random parked vehicle, using it as a makeshift table.  Saeran assisted him, running cables and connecting them to devices needed for the operation.  Vanderwood was also busy checking communications data.

“Then let’s round up everyone,” Jumin instructed, which was responded by a quick nod from Jaehee. She immediately set out, and approached each of the team leads.

The search party leaders formed a semicircle around the RFA members.  Once everything was set up and ready, Saeyoung stood straight.  Glancing at Jumin, the RFA leader gave a quick nod which he returned, and then turned to address the team.

“Okay.  Here’s the plan.”


“Did you plan this all along, Mr. Park?” you dared to ask, placing as much emphasis on his last name as possible.

“Shut up or I’ll shoot you.”

You have never heard him talk this way.  Ever. In the office, he was your gentle guide, your benefactor.  He taught you so many things that helped you succeed at work.  Hearing him talk and behave so crudely like this gave you chills.

As much as you try, your head can’t grasp the idea of him doing something like this.  Was he being bribed?  Was it for money?  And what did I do? All these questions were looming over your head, leading you to even more questions.

A few moments ago, you have arrived at your destination.  You can tell from the sounds you hear that there were only a handful of people in the—house? Facility?—and all of them spoke in hushed tones, careful not to let you pick up anything important.

Your captor has led you in what you assume a room, since you heard the audible click of the door as it closed, cutting off the sounds from outside.  You hear the steady humming of the indoor heater, and you sat against a concrete wall.  The air was dry, and with all that walking, your throat is parched.

The gash on your leg had stopped bleeding, but it would still make you wince when your leg moved in an odd way, especially that the blood had dried matted on your knitted leggings.

“What do you want from me?”

He was silent.  You can tell that he has busied himself with something; you can hear him placing heavy metal objects on what you assume is a wooden table from how it sounded like.

“Can you at least take off my blindfold?”


“Why are you doing this?”

“I will really shoot you.”

“No you won’t; you need your boss to say yes to that.”

“You are forgetting something, woman,” he spoke with darkness in his voice, soft but absolutely threatening.  “The boss wouldn’t care less if you die by somebody else’s hand.  It’s but a minor inconvenience. He just fancies killing you himself.”

“But he won’t be happy,” you quipped back.  You know you are really pushing your luck, but you need to get something—anything­­—out of Mr. Park, to ground you somehow, to have some sort of thing to grasp onto in all this confusion.

It was then you heard three loud knocks at the door.  

“Well,” your captor said, in a menacing tone.  “I guess this is it.” You heard the chair move as he stood up, and his footsteps as he approached you.  He cupped your chin and tilted your head up.  “It was nice—working—with you, Mrs. Choi.”


“Sir!” one of the trackers called Saeyoung’s attention, motioning him to come to where he stood. Saeyoung sprinted, his head low, and crouched beside the tracker.

“The dog picked up a scent,” the tracker reported, “and it appears that someone did pass through here.”

The two men scrutinized the ground.  The tracker stretched his hand to point out the telltale signs to Saeyoung.  “Someone fell in this spot.  There’s a patch of blood, probably a few hours old, on the protruded branch over there.”

Saeyoung’s heart jumped at hearing the word “blood”.  Without his glasses his vision is not perfect, but he can definitely see blood on the branch.  Worry starts to eat at him, but he dismissed the feeling.

“Look,” the other man pointed at another seemingly uninteresting area.  Saeyoung is good at infiltration, but he was almost always never sent out to track someone physically.  He looks at the guide questioningly, and the guide understood his lack of understanding.  “The way these branches snapped—it’s going towards a certain direction.  Hopefully the kidnapper is careless.”

They followed the trail. There were drops of blood on the ground, and since the leaves that have fallen are also in the same color, it was very easy to miss; however, the dog’s nose is much more sensitive compared to a trained human eye.  

As they continued to walk, searching for the next clue, Saeyoung swatted something out of his face. He caught it in his hand, thinking it was a spider web, he looked closer and found that it was hair.  

It’s her hair.  He knows exactly how her hair would shine against the sun, and the warm color was unmistakable.

“I got something,” Saeyoung called out to the tracker, who doubled back to check, and he nodded in agreement.  “That’s a good trace.  Let’s look for more.”

Later on they found more evidence—hair, loose thread from a shirt, heavy footprints, blood, scratches on tree trunks. The tracker gave a sigh, seemingly impressed.  “These are all deliberate.  She wants to be found.  She must have deliberately fallen back there to give an excuse for walking erratically, leaving all these traces.”

Saeyoung felt his heart bloom with love.  You never ceased to amaze him.  Every day was like a new discovery; to him you were a wellspring of new things that makes his heart skip a beat.

But above everything, this has taken his heart a thousand times.

“Oh MC, I love you,” he whispers.


You suddenly feel scared.  Absolutely mortified.  Your heart starts to drum wildly against your chest, your ears drumming, as if you can hear your own blood frantically rush through your veins.  When you heard him get up from his chair, you almost wanted to grab his ankles to stop him from opening the door.  Whatever illusion of bravery you’ve had is slowly shedding, and you feel yourself succumb to panic.

You almost yelped when you heard the door click open.  “Yes, she is here.”

And then you heard it. Slow, deliberate steps on the concrete floor, heading towards you.  Somehow this pace seems…familiar.  Horrifyingly familiar.

“Oh my, you’re so much cuter in person,” the man spoke, and his voice was laced with so much malice you felt your spine shiver.  You heard the door close, and you feel the tears starting to well in your eyes beneath the blindfold.

The man chuckled. “Oh.  My apologies, where are my manners?  I’ve been staring at you for a long time…here, let me take the blindfold off you.”

You flinch as you felt cold hands brush against your cheek, and he yanks the blindfold off.  The sudden assault of brightness from the window made you a little dizzy after many hours of seeing absolutely nothing.  You squinted, blinking several times for your eyes to adjust to the onslaught of light…

You froze.

“It can’t be…”


A/N:  I know I mentioned some…stuff…on the author’s notes on Part 11 about the next chapter, but I decided to cut that out first.  I’m not satisfied with how I have written it, so please give me some time to fix it T_T

Anyway I hope you stay tuned; thank you so much for staying with me this far *bows*

Part 11 is here!

Part 13 is up!

lazylittlenomad  asked:

carol's birthday

On Madison Avenue (Early April)

On Madison Avenue, the telephone rang. The floor of the living room was strewn with bits of cardboard, bits of paper, photographs, drawings, and the beginnings of a new model for a new set. In the middle of it, Therese, home alone, lay sprawled on the floor, fingers fiddling, feet jiggling to the magnificent music. When the record stopped spinning, she got up and played it again. It was Billie Holiday’s latest record: Billie Holiday Favorites. Therese had found it on the kitchen counter that morning. The note had said, demurely: You’re my favorite. It was from Carol, of course. Of course.

Billie Holiday had been singing for Therese all day. The music surrounded her. It wound its way through the apartment, soared out through the open windows, out onto the balcony. It hovered over Madison Avenue. A keen pedestrian may have heard the last of its melodies. It spun Therese a vast, glistening web. From its strings, she drew her walls, her rooms, her palaces. She saw them suspended above her, around her. She was beginning to make the apartment her own.

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As in Champagne

Oh, hello … This is part one of two, and was inspired by this picture that ducky17 posted, like, three months ago. I started this right after she posted it, and then a few weeks later she posted her first chapter, and I put this aside, but then feels came back and I figured the stories are different enough. (And my motto is ‘Everyone write it!’ so I should heed my own words, I guess.)

Anyway, like I said, this is the result of on and off writing for a couple of months … And I do plan to post a second part, which I’ve only JUST started. So, not sure when it’ll show up. But I think this part is about as done as it’s going to get, and I hope getting it out there will free up headspace for part two and other fics I’ve been working on.

Also, I figured with all the angst over episode 1, maybe it would be nice to have a clean slate/tabula rasa type fic, where they’re only just meeting each other. *shrugs* I don’t know, I just hope you like it! (Tags are at the bottom.)

* * * * *

Rae has just finished re-alphabetizing the punk section when she feels something warm curl around her ankle. She tenses momentarily before realizing who it is.

“Back again, Sandi?”

The cat purrs, rubs its head once more against her ankle/ and then leaps up onto the bins, surprisingly nimble for an animal of its size. Laying back across a row of CDs and pulling its paws up to under its chin, the cat knows exactly what it’s doing.

Rae reaches out to scratch it behind the ears briefly, a rueful smile on her lips. “I know what you’re after …” She makes her way over to the break room, and opens the door that reads: “Employees Only! KEEP OUT” glancing behind her. “Well? Are ya comin’ or not?”

The cat jumps to the floor and pads through the doorway like it was one of the crew at ShipWreckords. It’s been coming to the store almost every day for the past three weeks, having walked in with one of the customers the first time, surprising Rae when it sprang onto the counter and rubbed its whiskers on the corner of the till.

She had been a little annoyed at first, but the cat was so friendly and affectionate, purring and trilling and butting its little furry head against the back of her hand to be petted, she couldn’t help but fall a little bit in love.

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Sunday Morning

Based on this by @pammspamm ! Their art brings me so much happiness when I see it on my dash, it legit dragged me out of my unproductive writer’s block! I just discovered the blog today, though I’d seen their art before, and if you haven’t, I highly recommend checking them out! I’m pretty sure I sent an ask to them already telling them just how amazing their art was, but I figured, why not write a whole fic about it, lol. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I wrote about a thousand in appreciation for that drawing, but it still won’t compare- I hope I don’t offend the artist with this trash lmao xD

I’m going to stop rambling now~

Thanks, @chunbunny  and @katryusha for being my betas <3

Days like these were rare.

Alfred had a lot on his plate. Pursuing further education and doing odd jobs to keep them financially stable was only some of it. He was more mature than he let on and spent most of his time working or studying during the week. 

They didn’t have time to be together as a couple. When Arthur would wake up, his boyfriend would already be out the door. Maybe if he set an alarm, he’d have time for a quick peck on the lips or a rushed breakfast, but most of the time he’d have to settle for a phone call or a loving text. 

When they’d first met, it was puppy love. The emerald-eyed realist didn’t expect them to last long. It was like a starched fairy tale for dreamers with their head stuck in the clouds. Not for someone like him.

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notebooks-fluid-creativity  asked:

Something wasn't quite right. Something was touching them and they could feel it. Which was odd, they couldn't feel anything usually. Because they were suppose to be off. But no wait... Colors in their eyes, flickering on... The android blinked a few times, a hiss of air coming from their mouth, to clean dust and keeping the circuits inside cool. Something wasn't right. They were decommissioned... Where were they? Something red caught their eyes and they focused on it. A person, " Hello? "

“You can talk?” Harry smirked going over to him a look of glee on his face. “How fascinating!” Harry had found the robot, left in an ally broken and forgotten. He had no money and couldn’t afford to buy one of the new models they had in store. So he fixed this poor little one. “Oh I’m sorry if that came off odd, I really didn’t think I could get you working again!” He was good with computers and old electronics but was usually behind in the times, an android was a big task to take on when he could only go by memory.

8. Teasing
  • Luke: The sun dress you wore to his house was driving him crazy, and he couldn't keep his eyes off you. It wasn't revealing in the slightest, yet in his eyes, it hugged your body in every right way. He loved how it fell around your curves perfectly, and the color flattered your skin tone. The project you two were working on kept being disturbed by Luke's eyes wandering over your body. "If you keep looking at me like that and if your pants keep getting tighter, I'll have reason to believe all those rumors that you like me, Hemmo," you laughed. His cheeks flamed bright red as you giggled at your taunting comment because he knew he wasn't doing a good job at hiding his feelings from you, and you noticed how turned on he was becoming.
  • Michael: You were definitely in the mood because Michael was finally home from a long tour, but he was too distracted by his new video game. You read your textbook as Michael clicked away on the game console. "How's the studying going, babe?" he asked as the next level loaded. "It's going well," you sighed, quickly glancing at him before he returned his attention to the screen. A few minutes passed before you became even more bored. You didn't need to study anyway, so you crawled off the couch to sit behind Michael. You attached your lips to his skin causing a breathy moan to pass his lips. Your hands trailed over his clothed abdomen as he fought to keep his attention on the images flashing across the screen. The second your hands dipped to the button of his pants, he paused the game, scooped you up, and plopped you on the couch with his lips attached to yours.
  • Ashton: This new song was stressing him out. He could't focus on anything else except completing it for the album. You hated seeing your boyfriend so stressed out, but you knew how important this was for him to finish. Still, you believed he deserved some form of a break from working so hard. Your efforts to pull him from his work failed, until you decided to tease him out of working. You watched him tap the beat against the notebook, pondering the next few lyrics. You plopped down next to him. "How's the songwriting?" you questioned. He sighed, "I'm stuck." You pouted, "Do you need a break?" He shook his head, and you stood from your seat. "I'm going to make lunch," you replied before sauntering past him and knocking the notebook and pen out of his lap. "Whoops! Sorry," you smirked, bending over in front of him as your dress slightly rose up. You heard Ashton clear his throat. "M-Maybe I could use a break."
  • Calum: He was on the phone with an interviewer, and you placed yourself beside him on the couch. He had promised the interview wouldn't take longer than ten minutes, but it was now approaching twenty minutes. You only had another day to spend with Calum before he and you both returned to work, but he had to take this call. He rolled his eyes at you as the interviewer asked him another cliche question. You rested your hand on his inner thigh, unknowingly placing it near his crotch. His breath hitched, and he stuttered an answer as you noticed your hand. You started to rub circles on his leg, noticing the growing bulge beneath his black jeans. Quickly, he ended the call. "You drive me crazy," he said before crashing his lips against yours.

Remember how I said I write dumb stuff when I’m tired? Guess what’s getting a sequel! Part 1 (More parts to come! About 6 I think, stay tuned! #Sorbet sleepover)

Despite living only about 30 miles away, they first had to drive back to Quantico to pick up Hannibal’s car before moving on to Will’s home, making it nearly midnight before they arrived.

Hannibal parked behind Will in his driveway, stepping out to be greeted by the loudest barking, howling, and yapping he’d ever heard in his life.

“Sorry!” Will yelled at him over the clamor, “I haven’t been home all day and you’re a new person, they’re a little overexcited.”

Hannibal stepped gingerly up to the porch, impressed Will had managed to corral all of them there. Unfortunately, as soon as Hannibal stepped foot onto the porch itself, he was fair game for sniffing, licking, and jumping on.
Hannibal started back as the largest of Will’s mutts attempted to use him as furniture.

“Rusty! Hey, hey, no, down,” Will grabbed Hannibal’s arm, pulling him out of harm’s way, “We’re working on it, he’s just a little over-affectionate, but he wouldn’t hurt you for the world. But he still knows better,” Will glared at the russet-colored dog who seemed to know he’d made a mistake and whined apologetically.

“Come in, come in, I’ll feed them then they’ll be a lot quieter,” Will explained, ushering Hannibal inside.
Hannibal, for his part, was just glad to be indoors where the animals were not, for the time being.

“I now understand why you need so much space,” Hannibal commented, considering hanging up his coat at the available coat rack, but knowing he might be ambushed by an attack of canine affection at any time made him long to keep it on.

Will laughed faintly from the kitchen over the sound of kibble being poured into dog bowls, “Yeah it uh… it’s not as lonely as people think.”

Hannibal smirked softly, stepping further inside, “So, where do you want me?” he said as soon as he had Will in view again.

Will looked up blankly, “Pardon?”

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