and sorry for the crappy quality sobs


Nalu Week: Day 1: Gift

Natsu: Happy Birthday Lucy! I made you a present for your birthday and it took me a lot of time to make. Anyways I hope you like it.

Lucy: Thank you Natsu. (opens the box)…

Natsu: Yea, I hadda’  take some of iron from stupid Gajeel who was to stubborn to gimme’ some and… Lucy?

Lucy:…(tears on her eyes)

Natsu: !!! Oh, Crap! Lucy I didn’t meanta’ make you cry! I just…(gets interrupted when Lucy hugs him)

Lucy: Thank you, Natsu. I’ll cherish it forever.

yeah well, I suck at writing stories. -_- but I wanted to share it for nalu week. hope you like it ^-^ ( btw, the card says “we are family we are forever”


I have a confession(?) to make.
I’m currently out of country(in Korea) for medical treatment, and my laptop I carried with me crashed on me. (It won’t boot saying “inaccessible boot device”. I’ve looked every method, only to find the only way to fix it is to format it, but I wanna save my files before so I’m gonna wait till I get back to the States on the 20th)

Since I don’t have access to digital painting and am on a hectic schedule&pain, things will be slowed down for the next few weeks. Art uploads will most likely be phone pictures of traditional medium. Most importantly, my shop is less likely to open until I have my laptop fixed ;w;

I know the date I gave was around the beginning of August, and I’m so sorry to those of you who have been asking&waiting! I’ve been registering products and the shop was close to opening, so it’s a double bummer… mrgrgr. (On a positive side, I might have more products by the time I open the shop!)

I drew two of my favorite Fates characters with my Fatesona&MU being apologetic(?) as a token of my gratitude~ ;w; I hope the picture quality isn’t too crappy. I can’t even tell *sobs*
(I might have had a bit too much fun drawing my characters huggling Elise&inappropriately touching Joker the husbando but that’s beside the point *coughs*)

Thank you so much for those of you who are awesome and have been waiting for my shop&commission. You have no idea how much I appreciate the support!!

I’ll do my best to make things come true as soon as possible! Also, hello and thank you to new followers~!!♥♥♥