and sorry I'm rambling it's quite late

I’ve really been thinking about this lately, so i thought i’d ramble a bit about it. I’m still angry, and frustrated with the loss of Silent Hills. Its been quite some time since the cancellation of it, i know, but my emotions have still stayed the same. I want to know the story, or at least the concept for it. I’m more mad about never getting to know the story to go with it. I don’t care if it would be a flop, or shit, i just want to know more about my creepy little town with its freaky monsters and crazy cult. I want more, i want to understand what they had in mind. I don’t care if we don’t get the game, i just wanna know the plot. At this point i would die if they turned it into a comic, or released the script or something. Its probably the best thing Konami could do at this point.

I have no idea what i wanted to get out of this, i just want a Silent Hills comic or something, idk. I just want more of my creepy little town. I’m still in denial that the franchise is dead…. Still.