and sora's like what


Sora: Hey Riku, can you help me pick some flowers for Kairi?

Riku: Sure. How about some roses?

Sora: She doesn’t like roses… and so do I…

Riku: Oh alright. What about these ones? “Aster Tataricus”?

Sora: The Shion flowers? The colours suit her. I think she’ll like them.

Riku: And they have a good meaning too.

Sora: They do?

Riku: Yeah. It means “I won’t forget you.”

Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s some Sokai Christmas fluff.



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Hi destiny! I love your FFXV and KH interactions so much they're all so cute~ I wondered if you had any personal headcannons for their interactions that you haven't mentioned yet? Just any random little things that you've thought about but stuff that maybe isn't enough for a drawing/comic? Just curious~

I’m glad you like them, Anon! Hmm… Let’s see…

FFXV x KH Headcanons That I Have But Probably Won’t Doodle Part 1(?)

  • Sora really wants to take the Regalia for a spin and Ignis is Very Much Opposed (I mean. I can’t blame him. Here’s a well-meaning but somewhat reckless and excitable boy from literally another planet and he wants to drive the Very Expensive Car??? No!!!)
    • But Noct and Prom see how disappointed Sora is that Ignis won’t let him give the Regalia a spin so while Ignis is otherwise occupied, they sneak to the car and stuff that dorkupine into the driver’s seat
    • Sora’s an average driver but
    • Oh boy
    • The Regalia Type F
    • As soon as that baby is airborne, Sora flies it like he was born to do it. Our little ace pilot boy is gliding and twirling that flying car and everyone is so impressed.
    • Including Ignis and Gladio who see the car from the ground
    • After that, whenever the Regalia needs to take to the skies, Sora’s the one at the controls
  • Sora is a picky eater and he hates spicy food. But he will not tell Ignis about his preferences since he’s embarrassed about his pickiness. (Don’t make fun of picky eaters, guys!) He forces himself to eat whatever Ignis cooks until he’s not hungry anymore, and then he finds a way to discreetly get rid of the rest of his food
    • Yes he usually tries to feed it to nearby animals.
    • Yes he accidentally feeds brussels sprouts to a daemon
    • Yes Ignis rushes to his aid and immediately the jig is up. But Ignis senses Sora’s embarrassment and doesn’t approach him directly about his food preferences
    • So Ignis works on being even more Observant than usual during mealtimes and picks up on what Sora likes and doesn’t like. He doesn’t always accommodate Sora! But each meal usually includes at least a side dish that he knows Sora likes
  • Sora almost beats Gladio in an arm wrestling match and this fact keeps Gladio up that night
    • Sora has cut through buildings and sliced through rock. Kid’s a beast. 
  • Sora summons Tinkerbell and the boys all get to fly around for a while! Yay!!!
    • Ignis is pretty tense the entire time he’s in the air. I don’t think he’d enjoy flying very much
    • Prompto on the other hand
    • Noctis can’t stop giggling. He is having so much fun it is SO CUTE
    • Yes the boys have used pixie dust to float over mountains they’re too lazy to hike up
  • Sora is used to blazing island heat, so he’s usually not suffering in the desert as much as the other boys are
    • But he does get cold much more easily
    • He usually needs extra blankets in the tent. He becomes a little sleeping bag burrito with only the brown spikes of his hair sticking out of the top.
  • Sora likes to sleep under the stars sometimes. He likes to look up and think about all the worlds out there and hopes his friends are doing okay. It comforts him and helps him fall asleep.
    • Yes sometimes the other bros join him! :)
  • Story time around the campfire!!
    • Sora loves hearing embarrassing stories from the chocobros’ childhoods
      • Gladio and Ignis have sooooooo much dirt on babby Noctis growing up
        • Like the time he tried to be a mother hen by stealing eggs from the kitchens, folding them up in a Very Expensive pillow, and sitting on them. Crushing all of the eggs inside. Noctis thought he’d killed the unborn chicks and oh my GOD how he CRIED!!!!
    • Sora tells them about the other worlds he’s visited
      • Everyone wants to go to Neverland since not growing up would be Nice
        • Sora wishing and wishing during the long night that they’d all just gone to Neverland and stayed there forever.

                         i will be the answer at the end of the line
                      i will be there for you while you take the time
                in the burning of uncertainty i will be your solid ground


SoRikuWeek2017 Day 4: Nightmares 

Riku wasn’t a crier. Never had been. But there were times of weakness. Times after his harrowing journey that he broke. Most often they happened in the cold darkness of night. Painful emptiness would plague his dreams. He was alone–truly alone. 
No allies
No enemies
Just a horrifying void threatening to consume him.
He would wake up in a cold sweat: panicked and irrational. It was hardest on nights where he awoke alone in his bed, but most nights he had his anchor. Sora was a light sleeper and would be at full attention before Riku was even awake; holding his hand in an attempt to ground him, pull him back to reality. When realization hit him, Riku would cling to Sora and let tears soak a familiar shoulder. Every tear was shed out of unabashed relief. Sora was fine, he was fine, the world was fine if only for a moment. Here, in his arms, was the love of his life–the one person he couldn’t bear to ever lose again. The sun kissed smile he vowed to protect. Here, rubbing comforting circles into his back, was his sanity and salvation.

stop saying stupid things.

FFXV x KH Headcanons That I Have But Probably Won’t Doodle Part 8

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

There will be no angst in this post because it it Prompto’s birthday and he deserves every happiness today and all days but especially today

  • Gonna talk about some Status Effect ideas today:
    • Toad
      • So Prompto gets turned into a frog, and the curse doesn’t wear off even after the daemon who’d inflicted it has been slain… and the party has run out of remedies and they’re too dirt poor to buy new supplies
        • Cue Sora, Friend of Actual Fairy Tale Princesses, suggesting that Noctis try to give him a kiss.
            • Also Sora: “Stop looking at me like that!!! I’m telling you, it worked!!”
            • Also Sora: “…Eventually.”
          • They’re getting close to the hour mark since Prompto was cursed and the boys are getting a little Impatient. Prom’s obviously not too happy either.
            • FREE THE BOY
          • Sora: “Noct.”
            • Noctis: “I’m not kissing a frog, Sora.”
            • Sora: “That’s your best friend, Noctis. He might be a frog FOREVER because you are a COWARD
            • Noctis:
            • Noctis: “I’m not doing it in front of Gladio”
              • Five minutes later:
                • Sora: “Hey, Gladio, can you get something for me? It’s over there. Far away. Yeah, bring Specs with ya. Go for it. Byeeeee.”
                • Sora: “OKAY HE’S GONE DO IT”
          • Noctis does it
            • It doesn’t work
              • Sora: “Well now I’m just disillusioned. There’s no magic in this world.”
            • The spell wears off at random while the party is in the middle of taking on a hunt so they can actually afford to buy a remedy for froggy Prom
    • Petrification
      • So the boys are in a cave somewhere fighting Mindflayers and Coeurls– a lot of them
        • Sora is getting pretty overwhelmed by a bunch of daemons attacking him at once– too busy to notice the Mindflayer about to cast a spell on him from behind
        • Gladio: “MOVE IT, KID!”
          • Gladio grabs Sora by the wrist and yanks him up and out of the way– lifts the spiky boy right off his feet
          • The Mindflayer’s spell hits Gladio instead
            • Surprise, kids. It’s Petrification!
                • Our little dorkupine boy is now dangling by the wrist a foot in the air with a bunch of daemons swarming around while Gladio’s stone statue body holds him up
                • Cue the other boys having to step up and protect Sora, who can’t really defend himself in his position
                • Prompto tries to toss Sora a remedy, but a Coeurl gets in the way at the exact wrong moment and it smashes on the floor
                • Prompto takes a photo before the Gold Needle is distributed and Sora is freed with a Very Sore wrist from the grip of a Very Confused Gladio
    • Confusion
      • Tbh sometimes the boys think Sora is confused at times when he’s not
        • This kid can talk to animals
          • Like straight up he can.
          • Like Prompto and Noctis are watching him talk to a chocobo at length about which accessories look best on its saddle and they’re wondering if they need to Intervene
            • They may slip a remedy in Sora’s smoothie at Wiz’s cafe
              • After lunch, they follow Sora back to the chocobo and… Nope. It’s not confusion. Sora’s just an Animal Whisperer
                • Sora: “Chichiri doesn’t like to eat that brand of feed because he says it dulls the color of his feathers”
                • Noctis:
                • Noctis: “Did he now”
        • The boys are on a mission to find a dog tag and they find it… but it’s wedged in a very small crevice between two rocks. There’s no way any of them can reach it
          • Sora: “I can probably reach it if I turn into a toy”
            • Gladio: “Sora, what, literally, the fuck”
            • Ignis: “Perhaps you’d like to lie down for a moment”
                  • I just love the idea of Sora having every single one of his abilities at his disposal and USING THEM

Tho lol remember when Riku convinced Xion to commit suicide and suffocated Roxas to forcibly extract his memories and personal identity, and then no one ever talked about that again.

FFXV x KH Headcanons That I Have But Probably Won’t Doodle Part 5

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

  • Sora at the Assassin’s Festival
    • Sora has obviously never heard of the Assassin’s Creed series, but Noctis and Prompto are so excited that he!! gets!! excited!! too!!
    • Sora’s DELIGHTED by what a fanboy Noct is. He loves seeing Noct so unabashedly happy and wants to keep the hype going for as long as possible.
      • Noct: “Sora! OH MY GOD!!! That’s a replica of the apple of Eden!!! It looks just like from the games!!!
      • Sora: *Having no goddamned clue what an apple of Eden is* “FUCKIN SICK BRO!!! THEN WE BETTER GO TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU HOLDING IT!!”
    • Sora is completely comfortable in the Medjay robes, but he feels really bad that Ignis isn’t!
      • Trying to be as inconspicuous about it as possible, Sora finds a shawl at one of the costume kiosks and drapes it around Ignis’s shoulders.
        • He plays it off like he wants Ignis’s costume to be more elaborate than anyone else’s to justify why only Ignis gets a cape. So if any of the other boys ask, that’s why!! >:(
          • Sora: “If Specs is going to be a dork for a night, he’s going to DORK BIG or DORK HOME”
            • Ignis looks badass and isn’t self-conscious all night. Win-win!
    • Sora is a BEAST at Whack-a-Cactuar
      • Uses his medallions to buy stickers for the car since he doesn’t really have much use for anything else
        • Ignis does NOT APPROVE
        • Gladio: “C’mon, Iggy, let the kid have some fun. Won’t hurt the car any.”
          • Ignis relents but let the record show that he does NOT APPROVE nor will he EVER APPROVE
    • Gladio offering Sora pointers about flirting
      • You guys
        • YOU GUYS
          • Sora has the flirting prowess of a crushed soda can okay this kid is an awkward noodle okay please be patient with him
            • You’re really cute and he can’t stop blushing and words are HARD
              • Sora: “Y-You… come here often? You like… Assassin-ing, huh?”
              • Gladio: “Sora no”
    • Ignis and Sora attempt the tightrope walk together
      • Ignis kills it, naturally
      • Sora…
        • Surprisingly? Unsurprisingly?
          • Almost GETS killed
            • You’d think this kid would be all balance and grace. Not so.
              • Once he realizes that he’s not going to be able to make it across by walking the tightrope, he may or may not abuse one of his special abilities to glide the rest of the way across………. >_>
                • Sora: “That’s not cheating, is it”
                • Ignis: “I’m fairly certain that’s cheating”
    • Prompto’s not alone when he voices sympathy for the MTs.
      • Sora bleeds empathy. Of course he’s going to feel sorry for these mindless machines created to essentially be cannon fodder. (He feels bad for Dr. Finkelstein’s creation in KH2, after all!)
        • Sora has no idea how much it means to Prompto to hear someone else voicing sympathy for the MTs
          • Prompto: *Sniffles* There’s hope for your generation after all, isn’t there"
          • Noctis: “You’re that old already? They sure do grow up fast”
          • Sora: “I’m LEAVING”
          • Prompto: “Isn’t it too late for children to be out walking around by themselves?”
          • Noctis: “Yup. Pretty sure there’s a curfew, too, now that you mention it”
    • Sora kind of breaks the DLC though
      • Cindy: “We gotta get them keycards”
      • Noctis: “No we don’t”
      • Cindy: “We don’t?”
      • Prompto: *Pointing to Sora* “Meet the Incredible Human Lockpick”
      • Sora: "Hello”
      • Cindy: “Hi”

Post-Chapter 9 Stuff Under the Cut

  • Chapter 9
    • Sora starts crying when he sees Luna’s wedding dress
      • He’s really excited to see Noct get married okay
        • Please don’t think about Sora wandering around while they all wait for Noctis to wake up, walking through the wreckage Altissia becomes and finding the tattered wedding dress amongst the rubble
          • Noctis was so excited to reuniting with Luna
            • They were so close
    • As much as he wants to help Noctis tame Leviathan, he knows that isn’t his battle to fight. So he helps the other bros with evacuation efforts
      • This is one of Sora’s first real tastes of how awful the Empire is. He’d heard about what they did to Insomnia and other parts of the world, but seeing first-hand as soldiers terrorize innocent civilians is almost more than he can take
      • The Keyblade becomes an invaluable tool when Sora dedicates himself to digging people out of collapsed buildings
    • The most devastated parts of the city are the ones closest to where Noct undergoes the trial of Leviathan
      • So Sora is pretty close by when Noct finishes her off… and then tumbles out of the sky, completely drained from the fight
        • Actual Junior Lifeguard Sora dives into the water the second Noct’s unconscious body smashes into it
          • Ahhh the waves are still too turbulent
            • No worries. Sora can literally make himself half-fish
              • Prompto sees Noctis fall, too, and runs over to the pier as quickly as he can. He makes it just in time to see Sora dragging Noctis out of the water.
                • Prompto: “Is that a tail”
                • Sora: “Um”
                • Prompto: “So you’re not just an alien, you’re an alien mermaid. K.”
    • I’ll probably have more Ignis-related headcanons after Episode Ignis comes out. Who finds him in the aftermath? What happens immediately after? Ughhhh it hurts
  • Chapter 10
    • AKA “The Chapter Where Everyone Is Upset and Sora Doesn’t Know What To Do”
    • Sora and Prompto stay with Ignis while Gladio and Noctis go their separate ways to brood
      • They borrow Ignis’s daggers to carve simple shapes into the caps of the curatives so Ignis can quickly identify which to use in case of an emergency
  • Chapter 13
    • Okay but if Ardyn doesn’t do something to get Sora out of the way for a while, Noctis’s trip through Zegnatus Keep will be decidedly easier and less emotionally weighted hahaha
      • Ardyn: *Closes door and locks it in Noct’s face* “Too bad mwahahahaha”
      • Sora: *Taps the door with the Keyblade to unlock the door* “Go suck an egg, you tacky trash can man”
      • Ardyn: “…”
        • Sora isn’t around when Ardyn pretends to be Prompto and tricks Noctis on the train, so maybe Ardyn could disguise himself and trick Sora that way
          • Now there are two precious boys missing OH GOD PLEASE FIND THEM
      • EDIT: @thesohirydestiny made a good point about how Ardyn would probably just lock all of the doors and post MTs everywhere to counteract Sora’s Keyblade
        • Cue MOUNTING FRUSTRATION as Sora and Noctis are trapped in a maze of locked rooms filled with killer robots and daemons that the Keyblade only makes marginally easier to navigate
          • Ardyn: *Laughing hysterically when Sora punches a wall because he and Noctis spent the last hour moving through corridors just to end up at a broom closet because– you guessed it– Ardyn locked that too*
        • Sora and Noctis getting blasted in the face by MT ambushes enough times that when they unlock doors, the boys stand on either side of them and Sora cautiously sticks his arm out to do his Keyblade thing
        • I want to doodle this
    • Sora wears himself out trying to break into the Crystal to try and free Noctis
  • Before Chapter 14
    • When Ardyn approaches Sora to temporarily treat his Starscourge, Sora LOSES IT
      • Sora just lets out all of his fears and frustrations on this monster of a man
        • Would have killed a normal person dozens of times over
        • How much of his rage is his own, and how much of it comes from the darkness spreading inside of him?
          • He feels like it might be equal amounts of both

hey guys, i just finished kingdom hearts II for the 8 trillionth time, but this time, i was on a screenshot hunt

i intend to post all of these, but just, indulge in what i got

i also captioned all of them when i took the pictures and im gonna post the captions with them, have fun

aladdin is such a good father, oh my god

angry sons

axel just killed himself




demyx tf

did you mean alex hirsch