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When I hear women say “I’m definitely not a feminist.“ and “I think the man should work and the woman should stay home with the kids.“ I always think: “No, we should all have the same political, social and economic rights.“ People who say they’re not feminists are nuts. For me it’s natural.

The twins meet another child at the pirate ship behind their house….

Gianna:  “Hi!  I’m Gianna and my dad owns this town.”

Shauna just gives the girl a look……

Shane:  “So?  I’m going to own the world someday.”

Gianna:  “Then I’ll marry you because I’m going to be just like my mom and be a mob princess.”

Shauna:  “You’re so silly.  Let’s play pirates.”

Gianna:  “Ok!”

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Hoshidan Festival: Sophie and Kanna Parent-Child Convo

Honestly, this conversation actually cements Sophie as Felicia’s daughter to me. The clumsiness is just seeping through the bloodline and makes Kanna run directly into trees. 

Felicia and Silas’s supports are okay to me, so I guess could main-ship it… 

Favorite for Silas is still Camilla, but only the localized version.

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A new image for the Pripara movie event!

It seems that the items you collect in the event can be used towards a special gacha! The amounts are unknown as of now. It seems the space outfits from the movie poster will be PPR cards but only for SoLaMi♡SMILE. This event will be starting on February 28th 18:30 UTC (4:30am eastern). The date it will last until is unknown.

I hope you continue to enjoy Pripuz!