and sooooooooooo many more

Wattpad Phandom be like:
  • hey : 3333333333
  • i'll try to make this short XD
  • my name is [___]
  • i love dan and phil !!1
  • the cat whiskers come from within !! =^•^=
  • normal is boring xD xD xD
  • and phAn is sO fucking reel like gtfo if you want to dispute me >_<
  • i am awkward
  • what even is the outdoors?
  • i have cringe attacks every 37.295 seconds : /////
  • and i suffer from crippling depression : '((((
  • so donate a small loan of 1million $$ to my gofundme : )
  • well, only if you want to.
  • like no pressure or anything.
  • this is getting awkward, so...
  • a few facts about me to clear the ice xD
  • > sexuality - bisexual! i'm attracted to llamas AND lions!
  • > pronouns - i do not identify as anything. no labels for me ^-^
  • > my wardrobe is 95% black and 5% galaxy ;-)
  • > i FREAKING LOVE muse and fob and umm what's another band that'll make me fit in with this demographic? mc- shoot that's too triggering.
  • > don't even get me started on supernatural!!!
  • > melanie martinez and halsey are my moms xo
  • > dan and phil have saved me from suicide 17.3 times <333 my heroes <333
  • > i also really love zoe sugg joe sugg troye sivan thatcher joe tanya burr jim chapman iisuperwomanii zoella hannah hart ingrid neilson tyler oakley conner franter and sooooooooooo many more !!!
  • > everybody on here is a smol precious angel bean and i will no joke sacrifice 7.5 hours of my day to help EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU individually through your struggles. <333333333333333333
  • anywayy..
  • i'd hate to drag on,
  • so from ur fellow danosaur <3 / phillion ^_^ / phannie XD,
  • stay trashy!!1 and read my new book "phil lester's sister" xD
Ich habe noch bis 2019 Vertrag beim FCB. Da will ich gemeinsam mit dir noch gaaaanz viele Titel einsammeln.

Thomas Müller wishing Bastian Schweinsteiger on his 30th birthday.

“I still have a contract with FCB till 2019. So I want to win sooooooooooo many more titles together with you.”