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So I got two 5-month-old rats (both males and I'm assuming brothers) how do I get them to trust me? I've currently been doing little things like letting them sniff me and hand feeding them treats. They are incredibly skittish and don't like if I try to pet them. Also - one of them keeps grabbing my finger (or anywhere he can) with his teeth, it's not hard but it's firm and sometimes hurts a little.

Stop trying to pet them. Back up and let them come to you in their own time - could be weeks or months, but let them choose it. Stop by and talk to them without touching, drop off food and leave, hang out and let the choose to sniff your hand. Teach them that you won’t pressure them to go beyond their comfort zone and they’ll be more willing to explore and investigate you. 

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So, 2 questions. 1: If other ppl made de-whitewashed edits of dami and Talia would you like to be tagged? 2: what color pallete would you recommend skin tone wise? (I don't want to end up acidentaly being more racist while trying to fix whitewashing)

Yes of course! matter of fact you can tag me in anything really and I will check it out.

When it come the colors I use, I usually try to use these three:

Sometimes it doesn’t work out so I use others but usually I use this as the reference or guidelines.

Also its worth mentioning that there’s more to whitewashing than just the skin color so that’s why I sometimes try to change other things beside the skin like for example I try to change the eyebrows and the eyelashes by making them thicker and if you notice with my edits their eyes has slightly more wider and almond-shape to them so that they will have dat Arabian eyes look (its very hard to notice because like I said I’m not an artist) and I even try change their clothes to make them similar to traditional clothes now all of that is fine and all but you need to be careful with it and not go overboard so you wouldn’t accidentally make them look like a walking stereotype, my advice for you is just to talk to people and ask them for their opinion before you posts your un-whitewashed pictures and you will be just fine :)

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dr karaii, do you ever know any of those students who never study and do better than you on exams? how do you keep yourself from being frustrated and angry at yourself over things like that? sometimes i feel so horrible that i have to put in twice or three times the work studying only to come up short than someone who plays tetris during all their lectures.

Oh man, I feel you so hard.

In high school, I was like that. I could cruise by without studying and breeze with a 90. Now, though? I read from several textbooks and copy notes meticulously in class and watch videos and do everything and I still suck at test-taking. And there’s always the dudebros (and their lady equivalents) that sit back, play Candy Crush on their phone and somehow get fantastic scores.


There’s actually a “mafia” – that’s the word we use – at my school, that steals exams periodically, so I KNOW some of them are cheating their way through school. Drives me bonkers. But those people aside, there are some folks that just… have really good memory, and a really good foundation, and they can make connections faster and better and it sucks to not be one of those people, cause you have to work twice or thrice as hard to get half the rewards.

Don’t give up, though. In the end, medicine should not be a competition to see who has the biggest grade. It should be instead: how can we work together to save as many lives and raise the quality of life of as many people as possible. There will be times when you don’t know an answer, and a colleague will help you. There will be others when you know that obscure fact that cinches a case.

Try not to look at life comparing yourself to others. It’s hard – especially in a competitive field like this one – but it can be done. Focus on yourself.

Why are you not retaining information? Do you need to change the way you study the material? For example, I learned that I shy away from audio lectures because my brain doesn’t take in information as easily if I hear it, as opposed to if I see it. So I took to watching videos and it helped me tremendously to understand core subjects like Biochemistry.

It also helps to look at the tests your being given. Are they oral? Multiple choice? Short answer responses? Try to figure out what kind of questions they ask. If you were the teacher, what questions would you devise from your reading material? If you think like that, it can help you predict what sorts of things you’ll be tested on, no matter how arbitrary.

Finally, look at the real world. If someone gets sick, ask them what medicines they are taking so you can start making a mental bank of medicines. Learn to recognize the active ingredients so you can explain to them how it’s working in their bodies. Take everyone’s blood pressure. Practice on everyone that gives you a chance. Medicine is not always cerebral – a lot of times its knowing how to talk to a patient.

Play to your strengths. Keep your cool. In the end, what matters is how good of a resource you’ll be to your future patients and how capable you’ll be of problem solving a way to help them, not how fantastic of a grade you get as you’re learning the material :)

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hey, the easily bored anon here. i don't really have the capacity to enjoy things either. like i enjoy things in a self-aware/intellectual way. if i see the northern lights i'd think 'not many ppl get to see this up close and this is a beautiful privilege' but i wouldn't /feel/ excited or like my heart was going to burst. other people, their feelings can't help but come out in gasps and exclamations etc. they just /exude/ emotion in a way i don't and idk it makes me feel broken sometimes

You’re definitely not broken. Everyone experiences and appreciates the world in different ways. I wouldn’t say I was particularly vocal about my excitement for things either. You might just experience and appreciate things in a different way!!


Potter has done too much for me for me to ever want to shit all over it. I’m never going to say: ‘Don’t ask me questions about that’. I remember reading an interview with Robert Smith from The Cure. Somebody said to him: ‘Why do you still wear all that makeup, don’t you feel a bit past it?’ And he said: ‘There are still 14-year-olds coming to see The Cure for the first time, dressed like that. I’d never want to make them feel silly.’ It’s a similar thing with Potter. People are still discovering those books and films. It would be awful for them to find out the people involved had turned their backs on it. Though sometimes, people do come up and say ‘I loved you in The Woman in Black,’ which is really sweet. That’s them knowing that it matters to me that I’ve done other stuff.

Jeremy shada:

“ Because they’re definitely more rivals in a lot of places but the nicest thing is sometimes seeing him and Keith kind of have to come together at times. And when they actually do work together for a common goal they actually end up working really well together and they’re almost like space ranger partners which is-you know-which will be cool “  


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harsh advice for the signs based on people i know
  • Aries: Your optimism is a gift to those around you and it inspires others to have hope, but you have to consider the not-so-positive outcomes of each situation you find yourself in, Aries.
  • Taurus: You believe that changes and surprises are always a bad thing and you always have your guard up, but you need to learn to give things a chance to be great before you judge it as a bad thing, Taurus.
  • Gemini: You have the power to be everything you dream of, but you need to go after your dreams instead of coming up with reasons why you can't or why you aren't good enough for them, Gemini.
  • Cancer: You spend so much time worrying about other people's well-being and happiness that you forget to take care of yourself, it's okay to put yourself first sometimes, Cancer.
  • Leo: You say it matters that others have a chance to shine but if you really cared about other people like you say you do, you'd make some small sacrifices with their happiness as your top priority, so make sure your actions reflect your words, Leo.
  • Virgo: You need to give yourself more credit than you think you deserve because you work really hard, but you have to accept that you're good enough for yourself no matter the results, Virgo.
  • Libra: You can be really quick to form a bad opinion of someone if you don't like their behaviors which can be a good thing, but you forget that other people might have good intentions but miscommunicate them, so try to be more forgiving, Libra.
  • Scorpio: You keep people in your life that don't add any value to it because you're afraid of being alone, but you need to understand that it's okay to drop negative people because it's better to be alone and happy than to be with people who hurt you, Scorpio.
  • Sagittarius: You get so lost in your dream world that's in your head that you forget to appreciate what you have in life especially the little things because life isn't meant to have explosively happy moments, Sagittarius.
  • Capricorn: You need to show appreciation towards the people that care about you instead of ignoring them for someone who doesn't, people are getting tired of being taken for granted, Capricorn.
  • Aquarius: You're so nice to the people that disrespect you that they think it's okay to walk all over you, and some things are worth getting mad about, so allow yourself to be angry, Aquarius.
  • Pisces: You're so good at acting like you're always the victim and like you're an accepting person, but you need to step back into reality because people can see through your fake bullshit, Pisces.

What if Mystic Messenger was a fairytale ?

I just can’t stop comparing them with fairytale characters after I played every route xD

Seven as Cheshire Cat in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ because he stalks MC everywhere, anytime. He’s kinda crazy too (he even meows sometimes <3).

Zen as The Wolf in ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’. No need to explain why~

Jumin as The Beast in ‘Beauty and The Beast’ because he’s over-protective about things he likes (Elizabeth The 3rd, MC). He wants to lock them up to protect them from any trouble. //my fave <3

Yoosung as Cinderella in ‘Cinderella’ because he’s kinda bullied by his own mom (pretty strict, goodbye freedom, goodbye LOLOL) and by the bodyguards (they don’t like dirt and think the apartment needs to be cleaned). Poor Yoosung… Don’t worry, MC is there to make your dreams come true~

There is no “making up for it” when it comes to abuse. People cannot just try and do positive things afterwards to even the scales.

Abuse may be forgiven, but it is not forgotten. Even if the mind forgets, the body remembers. Abusers cannot scar you and act like it never happened by doing nice things for you to “fix” it.

Your abuse is real even if your abusers are kind to you sometimes, and even if they trick you into thinking it never happened. They cannot steal that reality from you.

Gemini things

Over the years I have observed many things about Geminis (being a Gemini myself and being friends with a few) here is a list of things I noticed that we all do

Get attached very quickly but go into denial about it

Overthink even the smallest of things

Ungodly blunt

Sharp mouths that only come out when they are done with someone’s bullshit

Masters at hiding their feelings

When they work themselves up they tend to hyperventilate

Very protective

Fans of the silent treatment or short answers when mad

Do not open up until they are 100% sure they are comfortable with you

Observers that understand everything but are sometimes the densest people in the room

If you like them you have to tell them they will not get it

They won’t admit it but they like to be cuddled and loved in excessive amounts

Geminis are NOT two faced. They simply see both sides of the situation

They are actually very sensitive and things you say will hurt them

If you wrong a Gemini they will never forget it

They will stand up for what they believe in

They don’t know when to pick their battles

They hate slow thing and are distracted easily

Once they fall in love that’s it, there is no going back until something truly horrific happens

They have problems expressing themselves

A Gemini isn’t used to hearing positive things about themselves. They almost constantly bring themselves down mentally

Geminis constantly shower people with affection and positive things but don’t understand how people can do the same for them

They give out mixed signals without realizing it

They often are mistaken for having mood swings. They actually change mental directions so fast people mistake them as mood changes

Once a Gemini stops caring about you; you’ve lost them for good.

They notice little things

They love to laugh and have the most obnoxious laughs out there

Death glares that can kill

Best way to their heart: make them laugh

Dating wise: are attracted to people who can handle themselves

Will not be controlled

Likes deep conversations

Have problems sleeping

When in a relationship they love the late night talks, secret whispers or just conversations with their partner in general


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

i know there’s some negativity going around but consider all this shamelessly happy nonsense instead:

  • max hearing anne laugh for the very first time and feeling her chest get all tight because it dawns on her at that very moment, as if for the very first time: she loves her. she loves her with all that she’s got. and she’s loved in return by this beautiful and fierce and incredible woman.
  • john kissing james’ shoulders- john realizing in the most overwhelming way imaginable that he’s got the most debilitating weakness for all that freckled skin no one else gets to see!!
  • john really, really liking the muscles of james’ thighs. he goes out of his way to make sure james is aware of this completely noble, very refined, totally not shallow appreciation for the male form
  • james reading to john. the first time he does it, he’s not quite sure if john likes it. they’re lying in bed together and john falls asleep half through, so james is a little disappointed. but in the morning, john tells him how nice it was to fall asleep to the sound of his voice, all low and calm, and proceeds to describe the really weird dream he had about Don Quixote 
  • jack being a total snot and challenging max to do english tongue twisters (and getting schooled because, for all his intellect, he’s shit at french)
  • max blowing a raspberry when she gets stuck on a particularly hard tongue twister and cursing in french and it being the cutest fucking thing in the world 
  • madi’s face brightening up when she talks to silver about early memories with her mother or her favorite dishes at home. john being struck by the fact that she’s got one of the most beautiful smiles in the entire world!!
  • eleanor having peace. just give the girl peace. just let her have a sweet morning of sleeping in with woodes and waking up to a really nice breakfast, staying indoors with him so she doesnt have to waste her time with useless corsets and all-too-neatly tied hair and severely proper manners. just let this girl have rest. 

Jeremy Shada:  Because they’re definitely more rivals in a lot of places but the nicest thing is sometimes seeing him and Keith kind of have to come together at times. And when they actually do work together for a common goal they actually end up working really well together and they’re almost like space ranger partners which is-you know-which will be cool


Just friends.
But we stay up until an ungodly hour talking to one another. We talk about everything that late at night. Past midnight, that’s when the deep stuff comes out.

Just friends.
But we’ve been to the movies together a few times. Just the two of us, alone, together, in the dark. He picks me up and pays for the whole thing. Sounds like a date to me.

Just friends.
But when he brings me home from our dates, he walks me to the doorstep and we kiss. He kisses me right on the lips, and sometimes on the cheek. We kiss a lot.

Just friends.
But after one of our dates, he brought me to a motel. I lost my virginity to him, right there on that bed. Fast forward a few months and he comes to visit me in my dorm. We have quite the interesting nights up there.

Just friends.
He won’t tell anyone about me. He won’t even give it a label. Not boyfriend, not dating, not even friends with benefits. Nothing. Just friends.

…Yeah, okay.


“Just friends”


So one of the things I imagine happening after Danny got his ghost powers is that he’s much more light on his feet, and so his family hardly ever hears him when he comes up or down the stairs, and often times scares his mom or dad or Jazz when they don’t realize he’s there until he talks because he’s behind them, and they sometimes tell him he’s like a ghost in the house and its funny because of how true it is even tho they don’t know it, and yea


Summary: You’ve got some big news for Tony, and you’re nervous as hell about it.

Word Count: 1,874

Warnings: minor language? overused plots?

A/N: So sometimes things come to mind and instead of working on things I should be working on (like actual requests) things like this happen. Relax about it! (jk I love you guys and I know, this is so overdone but I just love Tony, okay?) Actually no, @sleepingdream1998 asked for more Tony, so that’s what inspired this. This counts as a request fulfillment according to me. Overruled. But for those other requests: yes, I’m working on them, yes, I have ideas, but lately I have been a writing struggle train. Sorry. They are coming. Not my gif. 

“Stop staring at it.”

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I just recently found an art blog called Overblotch, and all of the work on there was fantastic. However, when I was scrolling through I found one drawing that was so amazing I had to write something. This is what I wrote.

The picture is here for all those who want to see it.

No one ever makes it out of tragedy without trauma.

No one ever survives unscathed.

No one ever, no matter how hard they try to hide it, is completely alright.

Not after the kind of things she’d been through.

She’d wake up and it was cold. The world around her was burning cold. Reality was etched in lines of ice and her heart beat so slowly she was afraid she was already dead. 

And always it was cold.

So very cold.

Unbearably so.

Like before.

Like when she had been their pawn.

Like when she had seen people as only a mission statement and a headshot.

Like when looking down the scope of a rifle was the only thing that kept her heart beating. 

She reached for something, trying to find something warm in a world that was made only of cold.

So cold.

She did not see the bedroom. Her mind was elsewhere, in a laboratory where she had been taken apart piece by piece and made into something new.

In a place where blue skin had crawled up her flesh like a virus and her eyes had changed from their original green to an impossible gold.

Where her heart had been stopped. 

Where her mind had been stolen.

Lights and sounds and thoughts that weren’t hers filling the air, filling her, destroying her.

And always, it was cold.

She clawed at the sheets, trying to get away from the injections and the machinery and the men who had unmade her.

And suddenly hands wrapped around her and pulled her close.


“I’m here.”


“It was just a dream Amélie.”

“Stop, please!”

She was there, keeping her sane, driving back the cold. In a world made of frost she burned like the sun, driving away the past and pulling her back into the now. She wasn’t in that place anymore. She was here, she was with her. 

But she was still so cold.

“It’s so cold, Lena, help.”

“I’m here.”


She let her tears flow freely, too afraid, too cold, to stop them. She hid it so well, but she wasn’t alright, might never be alright. How could she escape the cold that had almost reclaimed her?

“Shhh, it’s okay luv, I’m here.”

She clung to the only warm thing in her world, until the cold had faded somewhat and the fear had turned into nothing more than a sharp edged memory.

She sat up and wiped her eyes, looking up at Lena. She saw no disgust, no hatred, only concern. She began to cry again.

“Are you okay?” she asked quietly.

“It was so cold, so empty, I…” Her voice failed her. Lena reached over and pulled her into a tight embrace. Amélie hugged back fiercely, getting as close to the warmth as she could, trying to drive away even the memory of the cold.

“I’m here, you don’t have to be scared…”

The tears kept flowing as the two held each other close.

They stayed like that, awake in each other’s arms, until the sun rose and warmed the cold Earth, as Lena had warmed her.


I just wanted to be part of that fantasy. I saw it [The Star Wars Trilogy] pretty young—at six or seven years old. And I’ve been a part of it since then. It felt like being a part of it made me feel like I was growing up faster. Sometimes as a boy, you really want to feel older and mature. And to me, these films represented that. It was like the step from watching the films your parents would play for you to making your own choices, you know? And this was one of my first choices. […] I grew up with all these characters’ names and all the gadgets and everything in Spanish, you know? So every time I would hear it, it would be like, “Oh, and then this thing comes in!” And I would be like, “What is that?” I would have to see the visual to understand and then would go, “Oh, you mean that!” My connection to this is in Spanish. […] I have to do the voiceover for Latin America. It was a cool process, you know. I realized a big difference between the films we grew up with and the films American audiences grew up with. There’s a step you don’t see: the interpretation of these dubbing actors. It becomes an adaptation no matter what. They adapted it, and it’s kind of interesting to be part of that process. 
 /  Diego Luna by Maarten de Boer {x}

One of the things I really like about Garrus is that he’s a 7 foot tall terrifying and ruthless bird person who carries around a huge gun and will murder you if you step out of line ….

….and his go-to expletive is ‘crap’.

I mean yeah he says ‘damn’ sometimes for emphasis but he opens an elevator and comes face to face with a BOMB and just goes “Oh crap!!” like he’s 12

One time a husk manages to sneak up on him and he freaks out for a second and blurts out “whaT THE FUCK!?” and everyone just whirls around and stares in shock because did he just swear??? and they all kind of laugh and comment like ‘wow I didn’t know you had it in you!’ 

Garrus is horrified he might have offended someone and apologizes non-stop for like 45 minutes 

bellarke things i just sometimes like to think about are

bellamy’s completely lack of rationality when it comes to endangered clarke like

in 4x01, when bellamy comes charging through the crowd to confront echo about threatening clarke

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like if kane wasn’t there to hold him back, what would bellamy have done? literally would he have just gone up to echo and punched her in the face? or try to shove her? or try to grab the sword or something?? even though echo has like 30 ice nation soldiers behind her??

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what on earth was his plan for this 😂😂  he is impulsive by nature but as soon as clarke is in distress it’s like 1000x worse and he basically loses all sense??

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i mean he’s lucky he got her back in one piece in this situation but like?? only because kane started talking echo down. and he’s still so triggered he’d go after echo anyways but then the ambassador butted in

and i mean here too in 3x02:

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wtf was his course of action going to be when he would’ve had a billion ice nation scouts chasing after him had pike not stopped him? like he gets so stressed to the point he’s almost dysfunctional

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he is literally losing his damn mind and so he comes up with another incredibly stupid idea and this time no one stops him

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the boy literally dressed up as a member of a hostile army and then infiltrated through its ranks while it was on a war march to get to clarke i mean? stop and think for a second bell?? what’s your contingency plan if you get caught??

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and so then he finds her but is so shook just by being in her presence again he doesn’t even check the room for her kidnapper?? excuse me?? bellamy ‘always be prepared’ blake?? bellamy ‘eyes sharp, they could be anywhere’ blake?? he doesn’t do the most basic action in a rescue mission bc clarke is right there in front of him?? i s2g i’m already so done with him

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and so then obviously roan gets the jump on him and makes sure he injures him in a way that bellamy would not and SHOULD NOT be able to follow them but he’s so obsessed with clarke’s safety that even after sustaining a serious injury he goes after her anyways??

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again, wth was his plan supposed to be if kane and monty hadn’t found him?? literally bleed out to death in the middle of the woods?? on one leg?? with no weapon?? where’s your sword or knife or gun dude?? 

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and then not one but TWO people need to talk him down from this manic/obsessive compulsion to get to clarke,  but not before he literally explodes and yells “I/WE CAN’T LOSE CLARKE!!!” like

bellamy blake, you are whipped af