and sometimes they actually work on tumblr

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what are the slashes after the words in some of your tags for?

It’s so that it doesn’t actually show up in the tags (like if someone searched for the tag on tumblr) but if someone has that word blacklisted it would still work. Same reason people sometimes put a bunch of numbers after the tag, just in case someone’s searching those tags for certain reasons that might not be good. This is how people have told me it works so I just do it

  • Two male characters: *constantly angry at each other, insulting one another, only sometimes working together as part of a team*
  • Tumblr: thats it!!!! they must be gay!! definitely 100% pure gay canon gay¡¡!! they! are! gay!
  • Show writers: Um actually that's not--
  • Tumblr: So the creators are queerbaiting by making us think these two characters would be together and here's an entire dissertation about how they should be ashamed.

The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part One— the comprehensive preview

Thanks to Amazon’s preview feature, we have received a plethora of pages from the upcoming first part of the Korra comic trilogy, Turf Wars. This serves as a masterpost to see them all together, in order.

***IMPORTANT NOTE*** These are NOT LEAKS. The pages were released by Amazon legally and publicly as previews, for free. There are, however, SPOILERS (obviously) so do not look if you don’t wish to see pages from all throughout the book, including the end.

There are a total of 38 preview pages (the whole book is 80 pages long). The following pages are available (note that the actual comic starts on page 5 and ends on page 76):

  • cover, inner cover, title page, credits page
  • pages 5-19
  • approx. page 30
  • pages 37-38
  • approx. page 42
  • approx. pages 47-48
  • approx. pages 60-63
  • pages 69-71
  • pages 73-76
  • back cover

These pages are all compiled below the following “read more”. (Note that sometimes read mores don’t work on the Tumblr mobile app, if so don’t read further if you don’t want to see!)

Keep reading

To Maggie Stiefvater - thank you

Dear @maggie-stiefvater,

A year ago this month, you replied to my ask about how you deal with the fact that your OCD will never go away. I wanted to tell you how much that reply​ means to me, even a year after you wrote it.

I cried when I got that response, and then laughed and literally went for a run around my neighborhood because I was so excited. I had been struggling for so long, and hearing from someone who understood - and who was my favorite author - was more amazing than I can tell you. I printed that reply out and hung it up on my wall beside my bed so that I can read it whenever I’m struggling.

And I went though a lot of struggles in the past year since you wrote that reply. I started seeking help for my OCD, and that involved a lot of unhelpful and even rude therapists and medications that made me sick and even more anxious than I already was. I lost my best friend. The social anxiety that accompanies my OCD got so bad I couldn’t even talk in school without almost having a panic attack. I almost quit school. I stopped writing because I couldn’t do it without my OCD making me hate every word I wrote. Even reading became hard because my brain was too stuck in a loop of obsessions to focus on what I was reading. I started having awful suicidal thoughts and urges to self harm. Every day, I wondered how I would make it to the next. If I would.

Your words - whether they be in the response you wrote to me, in your books, or what you’ve posted on tumblr - helped to give me hope. There were times that I’d lie on my bed crying with my Raven Cycle books next to me because they reminded me I wasn’t alone. I read about Gansey and his anxiety in BLLB and felt like someone understood. I read about Ronan in TDT and found enough hope that I, too, would survive the suicidal thoughts. In the midst of being extremely lonely, I read about all love and friendship between the characters and felt like I had a friend in them, too. Sometimes at night, I would take the response you wrote to me on tumblr down from my wall and read it to remind myself that I’d be okay. Sometimes it didn’t feel true. You said my OCD could be a super power, but at that time it just felt like it was trying to kill me.

Even though it didn’t feel true then, it feels true now. I kept working to find the right medication and therapist, and it worked. The suicidal thoughts began to fade. They only really come back when I’m having a bad day, and they’re much easier to control. I can sit at my computer and actually write. It’s still hard sometimes, but I’m finally finding joy in it - and the rest of life - again. Also, I’ve realized that when I’m not in the midst of being controlled by my OCD, I’m driven and can get a lot of work done quickly. I don’t think I would be this way if I didn’t have this disorder. That doesn’t mean I love having it - there are still times that it feels like torture - but it is slowly becoming something I can control and use instead of something that controls me. Sometimes it still feels like a curse, but now I’m starting to see that yes, sometimes it’s also a super power​.

So thank you. Thank you for that response and your books and your honesty. Thank you for giving me hope. Thank you for helping me choose to stay. - theletterem

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Hey rat what where the things that made you stop defending sixpenceee. I did some of my own research but I wanna know what you think

The main two things that I saw all the time and could absolutely no longer defend:

  • sheer laziness in post-making; she didn’t fact-check basic points, she got names/dates wrong, her posts were riddled with terrible grammar and spelling, and she sourced sporadically at best. I couldn’t understand why someone with such an influential blog would spend so little time on it. not to mention a lot of the posts were awkwardly worded and/or just badly written in general.
  • post-stealing; I’ve seen her copy-paste huge chunks of Wikipedia articles, huge chunks of Reddit stories/threads, huge chunks of other bloggers’ posts. she’s even done it to me – I’ve posted something and @’d her in the tag, and she’s taken the post and reposted it to her blog. sometimes she would “credit” me as in saying I found it, but she never reblogged my actual work. god knows how many other people she did this to.

These are the two things I saw constantly all the time, and the laziness and plagiarism just really rubbed me up the wrong way. Some of the other stuff also happened often but didn’t annoy me as much (but I didn’t appreciate it, either), and some of this stuff rarely happened/I didn’t witness myself, but they’re all factors:

  • the money grabbing/constant self-promoing/note grabbing; like, I get it. no one is on Tumblr if they’re not looking for notes, but stuff like “follow for my woke soul” and ““deep”” quotes I used to see on stickers for MySpace profiles were just embarrassing and annoying. not to mention the mall goth shirts and the constant reblogs of her several other blogs. I didn’t follow for that. I followed for creepy content, and I got less and less of that over tie.
  • the art stealing; sixpenceee made shirts out of a lot of art I’m pretty sure she’s not licensed to use, including stuff under copyright law. this is really reckless behaviour and while most of the time I think copyright laws are bullshit I only apply this to massive corporations raking in billions. small independent artists are a different matter altogether. plus the shirts are constantly reblogged and very badly made. it’s just more of the above: she puts no effort in to anything.
  • ableism; I’m going to admit that I haven’t seen as much of this as it’s made out and that was the main reason why I sat on the fence for so long, but the more I read multiple accounts of people saying the same thing the more I can’t turn a blind eye anymore. once enough people are saying it, and for so long, it’s probably wise to take note. also when I sat down and thought about it I do remember several occasions where she’s tagged things mentally ill people have made/gone through as “creepy”, and a lot of the stories she rips off from Reddit do have the cheap ““twist”” of “and then………… he was MENTALLY ILL!!!111!!”
  • harassment/bullying/etc; this was something I hadn’t seen when people first started messaging me about her and for a while I did have the opinion of “well she can’t control her followers” but the more I’ve looked into it the more I’ve seen countless people saying that she either encouraged it or played the victim to encourage it, and several bloggers have been bullied into taking breaks or leaving altogether. she seems to do this to people who speak out against her, or other paranormal bloggers. I get you can’t control your followers but she has so much influence that she could shame them into stopping with one post. I have a fraction of her followers (in the five digits) but even I have had to do it in the past. it’s simple. you just make a post saying you don’t condone it and to stop, and 90% of people do. if people are bullying others in your name, shouldn’t you be ashamed? shouldn’t you want them to stop?

I feel really annoyed that it came to this because sixpenceee did help me out a lot at one point, and while I’m still grateful for that, one reblog two years ago is not enough for me to stay silent about all this anymore. there’s too much evidence against her and this “pay me to be nice to you” idea of hers says too much about her that makes me personally uncomfortable. I followed for good creepy content, not lazy posts, plagiarism, and fraud. everything else I’m more inclined to believe because of that “sixpenceee heals” post, too – and the fact that so many people have messaged me calling me brave for calling her out and saying they’re too scared to do it themselves just proves the other points. it’s a shame, but I can’t pretend it’s not happening anymore. 


heyyy!! heres a quick post explaining some of my fav note-taking methods and some tips that i find useful. these are for taking notes from a textbook :^ ). lets get started!!

where to start -

  • my textbook chapters are subdivided into three or four parts so i mark in the margin which subchapter i’m at. this helps alot when i look back on my notes and want to find a specific subchapter/topic. i usually write it in highlighter so its even more noticeable. plus idk it looks kind of cute hehe.
  • then i use the subchapter title provided by my textbook and write that usually in big blue ink. i always just use the textbook titles when making my notes.

advice -

  • draw diagrams, draw diagrams, draw diagrams!!! i know sometimes i feel super lazy when i make my notes and don’t want to draw some diagrams but i force myself to!! its so worth it omg. idk i can really remember the material better once its visualized. with my teachers i get bonus marks for including diagrams so thats a plus!
  • write important notes in the margin! if i really want to remember a certain point i note it down in the margin so it really stands out. i can remember these points much much better and when looking at my notes my eyes go straight to the points.
  • use a different colour for vocabulary. idk if this is obvious this is just what i do. i pick a different colour for vocabulary and this helps me remember the definitions a lot better. 
  • don’t use too many supplies. i’ve tried to colour code my notes with 6 or 7 different colours and omg it takes way way too long. i usually use one black pen, one blue pen, a highlighter, and a coloured fineliner. this way i don’t have to cap and uncap pens over and over again which actually wastes a lot of time hehe.
  • spice your notes up! sometimes to motivate myself to start making notes i search tumblr for some of those cute banner idea posts. i use these in my notes because i find them kinda fun to draw?? im lame sry.

other posts i find helpful -

thx!! -

ok i hope this quick post helps you out at least a little!! make your notes the way it works for you obvi.  also tag your posts with #studywright and i’ll reblog all your posts : ^) have a good day!! xx

(As always, you can find all my fic recs in my FIC REC MASTERPOST)

(This week fic rec is an obvious example of “when I’m sad, I read famous/not famous AU. Bear with me)

 -  Here In The Afterglow , by @fondleeds  :  “If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t have many friends,” Louis whispers, the blossom of insecurity in his stomach unfurling and clawing its way into his throat.  Harry is silent for a long time, and then he speaks; a soft, slow uncurl that makes Louis’ stomach shake. “I’ll be your friend.” -1970’s AU. In a tiny town in Idaho, Louis’ life is changed forever by the arrival of a curious stranger.

Larry Historical and High School AU (88k):  amazing fic, very accurate in terms of History, well written with great characterization. LGBTQ themes and coming out, bottom Louis for the smut. And now I want to come back to SF.

- Then We Talk Slow , by @letsjustsee : (…) A famous/non-famous AU in which Louis banters back and forth with his new record company on Twitter, only to find out that Harry is the man behind the tweets.

Larry famous/not famous AU (20k) : okay let’s be real, I’m in love with this fic. I mean, all my fav tropes are here : famous/not famous, Twitter interaction, Tumblr fandom at their best, so much flirting, EVEN STEVE AOKI IS THERE. REad this now. Just do it. (bottom Louis for the smut)

- Reduce Me To A Pleading Cry (Break The Skin and Tantalize) , by @taggiecb : As the CEO of Styles & Styles, Harry Styles cuts a brooding and handsome figure at the helm of a very successful business. His reputation for intensity is well known, but you would be intense, too, if you had to work numbers all day, give countless orders, and conduct endless meetings. When all you really want to do at night–ache to do–is give away the reins, let someone else make the decisions, be ordered around for once, just–let go. Harry has reached his breaking point when one touch from a man whose very stance commands attention leads him back to a place he thought he’d never return. Or Harry is a broody submissive boss, Louis is a natural dom who works in the mail room at Styles & Styles, Niall is a matchmaking oracle, and a slender, dark haired man stands mute at the coffee stand encouraging others to spill their secrets.

Larry BDSM and Boss/employee AU (33k) : Hooolllyyyy god. I’m not even usually in sub/dom fics. But this is something else, REALLY. Sub!Harry and Dom!Louis, awesome smut, and really great explanations about BDSM rules.

- All the Lines We Cast Will Bring Us Home  , by @afirethatcannotdie :  Harry wakes to a series of tweet notifications.  @Louis_Tomlinson: Sooo excited to announce I’m going on tour !! In America in 5 weeks and then coming back to the UK ! Get tix here:    @Louis_Tomlinson: Gonna be siiiick !! “Niall!” he yells, running out of his room. “Louis is performing at the O2 in January. Niall, I have to go. Wait. Niall. Oh my god, we’re gonna see Louis Tomlinson’s bum.”  AU. The one where Louis is a famous singer, Harry’s a uni student obsessed with his music, and sometimes things have a way of working out.

Larry famous/.not famous AU (10k), cute and fluffy, with Tumblr / Twitter themes. No smut.

- Carried Away Like Butterflies , by anonymous : “Actually…” Liam said, scratching his chin absently. “I have a friend who is moving to London soon.”
“Without anywhere to live? Who is it? Do I want them living in my home?!”
“You met him at my birthday party. Harry, from Cheshire. Remember? Really tight jeans, curly hair down to here?” Realisation dawned on Louis, staring at Liam who was gesturing round about his nipples. Did he remember Harry? Did he remember Harry? He remembered Harry’s square front teeth biting into his collarbone, and he remembered Harry moaning, loud and obscene with no provocation. He remembered Harry dropping to his knees at the edge of the bed and roughly pulling Louis closer. He remembered, vividly, Harry’s lovely plump lips wrapping around his- “Lou?” “Uh- what?” Louis said, startled. “Oh, yeah. Um, I think I remember him.” -  It was probably a huge mistake for Louis to let his former One Night Stand move into his spare room, especially when said One Night Stand doesn’t seem to remember him.

Larry Roomates AU (17k) : ahaha I love the plot so much !! so this is very funnt, with a lot of pining, so good smut (bottom Louis) and nicely done !

- What do you mean he’s coming? , by @mediawhorefics : When Harry accepted to be his sister’s Maid of Honour, despite how non-traditional of a choice he was, he didn’t think writing a speech for the wedding reception would be this hard. Now, not only does he have less than two weeks left to find something moving and inspirational to say, but Gemma just confided in him that her old childhood best friend is going to be in attendance. The one who moved to LA and they haven’t seen in fifteen years because he was too busy becoming an Academy Awards winner. But hey, no pressure. It’s just Louis Fucking Tomlinson. Harry is screwed.

Larry famous not famous and ex friends to lovers AU (15k) : so actor Louis and photographer Harry, a “long time no see” story, perfect for when you’re sad :) (no smut)

- Stars and Boulevards , by @cherrystreet : They’d been friends for years, had known each other throughout middle school and into high school, meeting in a music class on a sticky September morning. They hit it off instantly, falling into one another immediately, never looking back. Their friendship was comfortable, genuine, safe, always there, achingly present and solid. Harry never felt uneasy confiding in Louis, their one year age gap making Louis somehow seem more worldly, more experienced, and even when Harry had to look down at Louis, he still looked up to him. They spent the quickly passing school years making each other’s homes their own, Harry’s mom calling Louis her honorary second son, Louis’ mom giving Harry a similar title, and everyone knew that if you wanted to find Harry, you had to find Louis first. 

Larry Uni and coming back together AU (6k): well written, with a BFF to lovers relationship is reaching the break-up point because … life and long distance. nicely done, with happy end, and barely smutty (bottom Louis)

- Like Candy In My Veins , by @littlelouishiccups :  “Um…” Harry said slowly after a moment. “Okay. That’s… this is… Let me get this straight.” He lifted up a hand and swallowed. “You told your family that you have a boyfriend… and my name was the first one you thought of?”  “Harry Potter was on TV, alright? It wasn’t that much of a stretch.” Louis pinched the bridge of his nose. He couldn’t believe he was explaining himself to Harry fucking Styles. He couldn’t believe he was stooping this low. “Forget it. I’m sorry I even thought about bringing you into this.”   Harry snorted. “What? Did you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend or something?”

Larry a/b/o and fake relationship AU (30k), add some hate to love, some amazing sisters, great smut (bottom Louis) and you’ll get an unconventional Christmas fic :p

Sometimes I forget that most people probably don’t connect their computers to their TV. Like, I can put my German DVDs in my computer and watch them on the large screen even though my DVD player won’t accept non American DVDs.

And I mean…

Why wouldn’t you want to watch vine compilations on a large screen? Look what I can do.

Look at me writing this very tumblr post on a 43 inch screen I love doing this.

My YouTube small screen is bigger than the actual laptop screen.

It works for reading Wikipedia articles too.

And pictures of pasta. Look at that pasta. It’s huge.


A relatable post on my tumblr feed. HDMI cables are magical.

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How do I get people to read what I write (on tumblr)?

What we have here is not a question about writing, but a question about marketing.

First of all, unless it’s fanfiction, roleplaying, or really snazzy hipster poetry, don’t post your writing on Tumblr. This is not the best site for that, instead try Fictionpress, Wattpad, and/or Quotev.

Things To Know About Marketing On Tumblr:

  • Tag your original posts with things people will actually search; first five tags are most important. 
  • Do some searches yourself to see which tags your stuff should be attached to. Tag the subjects (nature, love, sci-fi), the style (poetry, fanfic, story rec), and anything else that your target reader group will be looking for.
  • Follow prompt blogs and reblog your responses to them. Tumblr users love a good story following a prompt.
  • Follow, reply to, and basically get the attention of writing blogs bigger than you that sometimes share others’ works. If it’s a critique blog and they’re open to it, you can ask for a review.  
  • Do not send asks or messages soliciting people to read your writing. 
  • Obviously, amateur writing gets noticed the least, so keep honing your craft. 
  • Everyone else is trying to get noticed too, so don’t expect readers to flock to your writing. It’s not your fault, that’s just how Tumblr works.


FUTURE ASKERS: This was a one-time thing. Please, do not come to me with questions about marketing your writing as that is not the purpose of this blog. Use the advice above to get your own writing off the ground, and most importantly keep practicing and improving your writing.

Reposting art

Hi! Sometimes people repost my works on socials and this happens to everyone, actually I never thought this would been happened to me too, being not a popular artist.
Anyway I always told that it’s okay using my stuff for icons, headers or graphic stuff for personal use, just credit me and it’s okay.
What I don’t like is repost for likes of my stuff on socials where I already am, twitter, tumblr, facebook and instagram, even if credited. (If you’re on other socials, well just ask me the permission ok?)
Me and some friends of mine have reported some reposts of my artworks on instagram and it looks instagram has removed the accounts directly. Because of this I am truly sorry, I already reported some stuff but it’s never happened the removal of the user account. I didn’t want this. I stopped to ask to remove my works because I had bad experiences of people deleting my comments ignoring my request to remove the reposts from their accounts. But also some of them were sorry and taken off them from their accounts.
I just wanted to say sorry to these people but please

Thank you! (I’m sorry for typos, writing from smartphone is hell)

I love the Tumblr Clique

I love the Tumblr Clique because we’re here for each other,
We don’t come here in an effort to get noticed by the boys
Sometimes we’re just happy to notice each other
We’re actually here posting for ourselves and for each other
As opposed to other branches of the Clique who only really post in an effort to get attention from Tyler and Josh,
I love us
Keep up the good work, everyone.

okay. we got to talking about headcanons tonight, and i got to rambling. so here are some of my newsies hcs.


okay so spot is a vegetarian. know that. you’ll pry veggie spot from my cold, dead hands. gay. just straight up gay. but it took him a long time to recognize that. he was raised by a single dad, and his mom is in prison, and he has a much older sister that he’s not close to. (i actually have a really detailed backstory for him that im saving for a rainy day.) speaking of rainy days, he loves them. spot is very into that “treat your body like a temple thing”. he does yoga. lifeguard. plays a lot of app games? like angry birds, temple run, etc. loves to read. depending on the au, he’s either a law student or works in construction with jack. he’s got some ptsd from Some Stuff That Happened Once. drives a big ass jeep with loud music, usually either rock or rap, blaring from the speakers. actually a really good rapper, but pretty much no one sees that. likes to read.


sarah is like 90% gay. she’ll occasionally make out with a guy for fun, like with jack, but let’s be real. when she decides to settle down, it’s going to be with a lady. she and davey are twins. she’s a botanist with a big interest in environmental conservation (science twins.) very sarcastic. she’s the less compassionate twin.


specs is nearly legally blind, but not quite there. he’s a ridiculously slow driver. dad friend. bi. dancer at nyu. also plays baseball and the cello, and he’s very athletic- he runs every day. specs is incredibly detail-oriented and responsible. also, he and jack are the oldest, and he’s kind of jack’s secret right hand man. a lot of people think it’s race or crutchie before davey shows up, but no. it’s actually specs, he just works in the wings. loves crime shows. he and romeo are really into the paranormal- like ghosts and stuff.


in my head, romeo is colombian, so i dont see him as any of the actors that played him. he’s gay, but also ace, but flirts a lot just because he thinks it’s fun. he and specs have been best friends forever (im not getting too into detail about that but keep reading my christmas au). romeo loves candy, and constantly has like, a bag of twizzlers or pixie sticks in his bag or something. he’s really good at crafts, especially making friendship bracelets. like specs, loves the paranormal.


kath has chronic migraines. she ids as queer. she wants to be a reporter, but has a very successful blog, as well. (like a long-form blog, not like tumblr) with a few thousand followers. very politically inclined, and she and elmer talk about politics a lot. she and jack dated for a while, and they had a legitimately good time, but things sometimes just dont work out, and thats what happened with them. kath also really loves youtubers and spends more time than she wants to admit watching makeup tutorials. her dad is pulitzer, but he and her mom never married, so her actual last name is plumber (her mom’s maiden name) and she was raised by her and her stepdad, who she adores.


okay so he’s diabetic. (btw the mush fc i always have in my head is ephraim.) he’s SUPER good with kids. like, they think he’s an absolute superhero. he’s really, really patient and tells really good stories. he’s a big ol stoner. he and blink are best friends (sorry, i dont ship it!!) and he’s quite a potty mouth. mush and blink are actually REALLY fratty. also, he plays guitar


albo is colorblind. it gives him a variety of vision problems. albo is obsessed with cryptids: his favorite is bigfoot, and he’s also very into aliens. favorite movies: space jam and the fast and the furious. albo is also dyslexic and adhd- he and jack bond over it. as a result, school really isnt his thing, and he just sort of wants to be a mechanic, because cars make sense to him and he loves them. then there’s his whole backstory- two older brothers, one of whom is a marine, and then a half sister. his dad cheated on his mom and got the girlfriend pregnant, but he loves his sister a whole lot. albert likes to make a lot of jokes about his colorblindness. he is also pan or queer bc what is projecting, anyway? ummmmm……………. he gets really frustrated by how he’s treated because of his learning disabilities. he loves dogs and cities and loud noises. also, that boy is a mama’s boy


jack has severe dyslexia, to the point where reading is EXTREMELY difficult and frustrating for him, so he just doesnt do it. he’s also got adhd. he’s an artist, but for his day job, he’s a house painter. or sometimes just generally in construction, idk. i generally make him a painter. he does a lot of odd jobs. jack loves cartoons. his favorite show is bob’s burgers. he also loves american ninja warrior. likes to think he’s fearless but he’s actually pretty scared of thunder. jack unironically loves nickelback


race is a future rocket scientist, obviously. his dream is to get people on mars. he’s got severe adhd. he’s constantly fidgeting, and his favorite fidget toys are tennis balls or rubiks cubes. ps he can solves a rubiks cube in under half a minute. loves the kardashians- especially khloe. used to do a lot of shoplifting, but grew out of it. scared of horses. not a huge fan of animals in general, actually. queer or pan. totally tells everyone that his favorite color is green, but it’s be real. it’s gold glitter. used to smoke like a chimney but quit, although it was a struggle. 


gay. hecka gay. he realized that he was gay when he played soccer and realized that he didnt want to be the soccer player, he just WANTED the soccer player. loves animals but snakes especially. also really likes alligators? anxiety, but like, the kind of anxiety where if you try to talk to him, he’ll get pissed. let him be alone. started as a business major for practicality but switched to zoology. RIDICULOUSLY sarcastic. very flirty. has had multiple relationships before jack. scared of heights. doesnt love horses, but he’ll deal with them. loves lord of the rings more than almost anything. hates getting his hair wet. VERY good at mario kart. he used to speedrun it and at one point, he was 14th in the world. 


okay so: crutchie’s disability can be a few things, depending on  the universe im using, but i generally do it as either a degenerative disorder or a major injury that was never treated properly so it never healed. hates mornings. so much. terrible loser. will literally fight you if he loses. sarcastic. can be kind of an asshole. wants to be a runner. : ((( crutchie is THE best wingman. like, you’re trying to impress someone? call up the big leagues aka crutchie


sarcastic motherfucker. news junkie. super skeptical. questions everything. trouble with his eyesight. he’s the kind of guy who replays arguments in his head thinking up comebacks he should have used. he’ll text you at 3 am like “AND ANOTHER THING”

I don’t think cis/AGAB-aligned nb gay people fully understand just how alienating the language we use to talk about gay sexuality is to trans people. I’m not just talking about saying stuff like “I love dick/pussy” or whatever. It goes a lot deeper than that.

The fact is to most gay people who aren’t trans, we’re an afterthought and it shows. I wonder how many cis gay people even know the common ways that trans people have sex, or if they assume it’s how cis straight people have sex. How many know the common terms used to refer to our bodies? How many have really, truly interrogated /their/ relationship to sex independently of their genitalia? “Not all men have penises/not all women have vaginas” isn’t enough. What about us? Do you actually know anything about how we relate to our bodies? How about trans people who have had surgery and /do/ have cis-looking penises/vaginas?

Trans people having gay sex shouldn’t just be something you make an effort to be inclusive of in spite of it being uncomfortable for you— it should be the /norm/. The gay sex that trans people have is gay sex. Normal gay sex. Things like muffing, or going down on a t dick— that is normal, standard, default gay sex. How many cis people actually know how either of those things work though?

And I know to many people this just sounds hollow, like I’m expecting that just because I repeat these words a bunch of times that’ll magically make it true. But consider: that’s how I feel reading literally every post about cis gay sex. Every short story, every thinkpiece, every shitpost on tumblr. That’s not true for everyone, obviously, transness is incredibly individualized and encompasses a huge swathe of sometimes conflicting experiences, but it’s true for many.

The point of this post isn’t to say “you as a cis person should go have sex with more trans people or else you’re a big bad transphobe.” The point is to say, consider that although it feels important to you to be able to talk about gay sex in terms of specific sexual acts or body parts, although that may feel like an important part of your experience— that’s not what it means to be gay. Don’t be passive about normalizing transness, don’t just reblog trans people’s posts and then sit back and expect that (acknowledging the work trans people are doing) to be good enough. /Learn from trans people./ Bring us into the discussion, solicit our thoughts and experiences even where they’re not otherwise mentioned. Do the research and the personal work to help equilibrate the years all of us have spent steeping in cisnormativity. All of that should be the absolute bare minimum, the baseline of even talking about gay sexuality. Only then can we try to engage in more complex discussions of sexuality and sex-repulsion and bodies.

Imagine Chris being on your set.

A/N: Epilogue 😊 Sorry this chapter was short, and sorta…weird. I don’t know what I was writing, if I’m being honest. I was kind of just writing stuff that came to my mind, or stuff I got from my everyday life (conversations with the ever wonderful @yourenotrogers, for example) I don’t think I really had a plot, but it worked out so- onwards and upwards. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series: ‘Perfect’ - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Fated’ - Masterlist; Chapter 8: ‘Beginnings’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5)

By the time December rolled around, pre-production was almost done. You had a few things to finalize before the shoot could start, and seeing as the shoot was schedule right after the New Year- you had a fairly busy December. You worked up until the 21st, and apologized to Chris the entire time because of how much you were missing. It didn’t help your conscience that Chris had declined his family’s invitation for the annual Disney World trip in Florida. He said it was because Jack was still a baby, but you knew it was because of your work schedule. This was the second time Chris had to pull out of the annual trip, the first time being last year when you were pregnant. You felt so bad you begged him to go and have fun, assuring him the three of you would be fine because your parents were more than happy to drive down and stay for the week. Chris laughed in your face, calling you “ridiculous” for suggesting it. He told you he appreciated the notion, but he wasn’t going anywhere without his wife and baby.

Despite how busy you were, you still had time with your family. You managed a Saturday as well as your usual Sundays where the three of you would go run some Christmas associated errands: tree decorating, gift wrapping, visiting Santa’s Village at your local mall, baking of Christmas cookies, and holiday card photographs. And after the 21st, they had your undivided attention. You all watched Christmas movies, drank hot cocoa, roasted marshmallows outside over the fire pit, dressed in matching Christmas pajamas, and just spent time together as a family.

On the morning of Christmas Eve, the four of you headed down to your parents’ place with plans to stay until Boxing Day. You were excited for Christmas as it was your favorite holiday, but you were more excited to see your older brother. He recently got engaged to the amazing Erica, the girl he’d been with for almost three years now; three years in January actually. The pressure had been on for him since you got engaged to Chris, it further increased when you had Jack. Whenever you and Chris had Donovan and Erica over for dinner, he’d complain about how much pressure your mom was putting on them to get married and have kids. She was hoping her first child would have a child of his own before her second had her second, though you and Chris assured her it was going to be awhile before that happened. Whatever pushed him to finally proposed, you were glad because Erica was as perfect for him as Chris was for you. They were yet to set a wedding date, but at least she had a ring on her finger.

New Year’s came and went as quickly as Thanksgiving and Christmas had. You and Chris actually had a good New Year’s, leaving Jack and Dodger with your parents so you could go to the Downey’s. They had a big New Year’s bash that majority of the Marvel cast and their partners attended, minus a few familiar faces who already had plans. Sebastian and Ava, Chris and Elsa, and Paul and Julie. You were hoping to see Sebastian and Ava, and were devastated when you heard they were sticking with the plan to fly out to LA when Jack turned one. It made sense, even you and Chris didn’t want to fly with Jack unless you really had to. Not only was it a huge job to fly with a baby, you didn’t think frequent flights were good for babies and their immune systems. It wasn’t long now, Jack was turning one in March meaning you and Chris were finally going to meet your godson. Likewise, Sebastian and Ava were finally going to meet theirs. As eager as you were for that to happen, you didn’t really have time to fixate on it as it was now the 15th of January and you were two weeks into your shoot.

Your main cast consisted of four people, and a dog as adorable as Dodger. Most of them were new to the industry like you were, so they made for a good, compromising team. Your leads were all a few years older than you, but they remained respectful and open minded to your direction. While it was because they were all genuinely nice people who saw your small production as an opportunity rather than a chore, it was also because they were fans. They were all fans of Chris, that was pointless to mention. But the girls were actually fans of your work, having followed you on Tumblr when you were still active and reading what was still there despite your leave. They couldn’t believe you were finally doing what you’d said you’d do, and that you actually married the celebrity you wrote about.

Said celebrity was on your set at least twice a week, offering advice where you and your cast needed. Chris being there was always reassuring, like a safety blanket that you could hide under when things got too overwhelming. He’d leave Jack with your parents, sometimes with Donovan and Erica when he visited. He never brought Jack on set because you both agreed it was too out in the open, but he did bring him in when you were working at the studio. Twice a week was the minimum, with thrice being the maximum. Chris would’ve stopped by everyday if it was allowed, but it wasn’t because that wasn’t the point of his hiatus. The point was for him to take it easy and spend time with Jack because unlike you, when he started work his job was going to take him all over the globe and not just a couple hours from home.

Today was one of Chris’ days on your set, and though he was a fountain of knowledge and advice- he was also quite disruptive. He was currently sat behind you, chatting quietly with one of your crew guys. At least, quiet was what he thought he was being. It was no wonder, during your set visits, that Anthony and Joe kept you and Chris separated while the cameras were rolling. If he was that loud with a crew guy, he would’ve been even louder with you- his fiancée at that point in time. You loved the big doof, but you really needed him to quiet down so you could finish the scene and call it a day.

“Does she actually?” Chris laughed and you sighed, yanking your headset down to your neck as you turned around. “I honestly thought she only wore the beret when-” He cut himself off when you cleared your throat. “Oh, sorry.” He winced at your deadpan expression. “Am I being too loud?”

“A little bit,” you nodded and he pretended to zip his lips shut. “Can we have silence on the set please?” You called, making sure all those who’d been chatting were now silent too. “Thank you,” you shot Chris a look; both of you tried not to smile when you said that. “Can we go back to your line, Hailey?” You quizzed and she nodded, doing as you instructed.

Chris’ smile surfaced as soon as you turned your back on him. This was not the first time you’d to remind him to be quiet, and you were both sure it wouldn’t be the last. But still, he couldn’t believe it. His wife, a director, had just told him to shut up on her set. Her set! He was so proud of you, and slightly turned on by how well you were handling the authority your new position gave you. He said he was there to help- which he was, yes. But he was mostly there to watch you work, to observe your leadership skills and ability to orchestrate a movie set. You were doing very well for a girl who said she couldn’t direct, and he was so happy to be able to point at you and say, “that’s my wife.” Every day, he grew even more proud of you.

The day’s shoot wrapped around 5:40PM. After your crew packed the equipment up, you held a small briefing about tomorrow’s shoot before you sent them home to rest and rejuvenate. You and Chris weren’t so lucky, you had to stop by the studio to gather your materials for tomorrow’s shoot before you could start the drive out to your parents’ to pick Jack and Dodger up. Only after all that were you going to get to go home. Thankfully, picking Jack and Dodger up at your parents’ place meant that you didn’t have to worry about cooking dinner; your parents made sure to provide that for their busy daughter and her supportive husband.

The location you filmed at today was on private property which meant the public couldn’t get to you. You and Chris were able to walk hand in hand to his car without security personnel leading. Tomorrow’s shoot, however, was going to have Jason Caldwell present; the security detail hired by Chris through his management team. Jason was usually only requested when Chris had a big red carpet event, or if he was taking you somewhere he didn’t think he could handle the crowd and paparazzi on his own. But now, Jason was requested whenever Chris couldn’t be on set with you. Your husband may have been fine letting you take a cab to work every morning, but he was not letting you take a cab home. He made sure Jason was always there to pick you up after work to drive you home, explaining that it saved him from worrying about you being caught by paparazzi or rowdy fan girls. After three years, despite how happy you made their idol who was your husband and the father of your child- there were still a handful of his ‘fans’ that hated every fibre of your being and wanted to see the relationship to fail. Unfortunately for them, that was never, ever going to happen.

“I almost had to kick you off my set today, Chris Evans.”

“I know, I know.” He pulled his hand from yours, doing hand gestures of every kind to overact how apologetic and grateful he was towards you. “I am just- I feel so bad about that. Really, I am so sorry. You’ve got to excuse me, I was just so nervous. But I know now that I should’ve been more respectful to you, Miss Director.” You tried not to laugh as he firmly took your hand, shaking it. “I am so sorry, thank you for being so patient with me. Really, thank you.”

“You are such a dick,” you laughed and tried to yank your hand from his, only to have him tighten his grip. “God,” you groaned and simultaneously giggled. “What on earth did I see in you, Chris Evans?” You joked, and Chris chuckled; he released your hand to wrap an arm around you, pulling you into him. “They say never meet your heroes. I should’ve listened, but no.” He squeezed you as he laughed. “I had to actively fantasize about being with you, and write fan fiction so well you had to come find me. Why?!” You looked up at the sky, shaking your fist while you exclaimed dramatically. “I asked for a Disney Prince, not this!” That made Chris laugh hard enough for him to do his signature left boob grab.

“Don’t think I don’t know you got that whole-” He shook his fist at the sky as a reference to what you just did; you stifled your laughter. “From Salma. I saw your conversation, talking about finding your Disney Princes. What, I’m not enough for you? Huh?” He pretended to bite your neck with a playful growl, making you squeal with laughter.

“You always read the parts that make me look like a total bitch, you never see the rest.” You defended yourself and he chuckled; he was very aware of the rest and reading it always made his heart swell. You’d never said a bad word about him, he was always up on a pedestal. It was fairly obvious from the way you wrote about him, even before you got to know him- he was your perfect man. Even after you got to know him and he did things that confirmed he was as he said, “a guy who does fuck up-” he was still perfect to you.

“Oh, darling. I always read the rest, I’m too curious not to.”

“Yeah, I know,” you nodded. “Which means you know I’m happy ‘cause I got-”

“Captain freakin’ America,” the two of you said in unison, then burst into laughter. “Yeah,” you sighed with a great deal of satisfaction, smiling up at your handsome husband. “I don’t need a Disney Prince when I’ve got a Super Soldier.”

“And this is why you’re my best girl,” Chris smiled, pressing his lips to your hair.

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Chapter 9 soon x

anonymous asked:

The blog is amazing, and I love all four of you! Can I ask - what do you do for your careers? Do you write or something?

Wow! Uh, well, for me (Raylee).. I don’t write professionally. I actually sell steel. I write for fun, and currently, I am the co-admin of an RP group here on tumblr, if you’re interested in writing with me.

I (Hilary) work at a university library! It’s pretty cool and I do write sometimes in my down time. I was an english major with a writing minor, so writing’s been a hobby for a while! I post the rare fanfic, work on original stories I never quite finish, and am attempting to start an actual legit blog.

Morgan here - I’m actually a 911 dispatcher!  But I did major in writing back in college, so who knows maybe I’ll hit gold some time in the future (I won’t put any money on that, thought).  I currently have quite a few fanfics that are nearly ready to post, and you can check out my ao3 account here!

I (Owl) work at an app company, actually. I’m a product manager, which essentially means I plan new features and boss around developers. I’m pretty good at both of these things, if I do say so myself. I do write occasionally for my job, but most of my HP-related writing can be found on my personal blog.

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Sir Atticus, first of all, thank you for making the e-books free! But personally, I would feel (kinda) bad if I just snag them without paying anything. So would you be open for a pay-what-you-want kind of thing? Like, we can put anywhere from $0-$whatever? I'm not saying that you should do this, but I was just wondering. Thankies much!

You are very kind, but the books will be forever free.

At the moment, the Evil Supply Co.’s store is more general fun wickedness. I do not offer, lets say, a “Strawberry kissing Red Kelp” t-shirt. A huge chunk of the folk who shop at the store don’t know about the stories, and huge chunks of people who read the stories want character-specific things over genera wickedness.


The books aim to bridge that by reaching out to new audiences, making it easier to read for the existing audience, and tap into folk who enjoy our stories but do not want to just occasionally read them when they are on Tumblr and a story goes live. Its a bit hit-or-miss, as this is the nature of social media, and something I’m looking to get around.

Mix and match

The other thing – Evil Supply Co. stories are rambling. Timelines are seemingly non-existent, characters are introduced willy-nilly then disappear, sometimes for actual years, grammar is more of a suggestion than a set of rules that make sense. Nothing makes sense!

Which works really, really well for ESC but is a hard sell on books.

Plus, by keeping them free, it allows me to completely mix-and-match anthologies to what makes sense, rather than worrying about “ah papercuts are people going to feel ripped off if I build a 13-story book about Strawberry and Red Kelp? They’ve already seen 7 stories if they have yadda-yadda-yadda books.”

It also allows me to do things like “Here is a book. It is literally nothing more than pranks Lemon Peel has played on Atticus. There is no plot. Just an increasingly exasperated shape shifting villain and an equally increasingly happy tiny yellow dragon.”

anonymous asked:

I feel like one of the worst feeling as a writer is feeling underappreciated. Because sometimes you work hard on a story and you're actually proud of it, but when you show it to the world it just... gets thrown into the void. That's why I think it's so much easier to be productive and motivated when you have a consistent following. I could ask for prompts every day and get nothing in my inbox. I could write for hours to get maybe three notes on tumblr. Idk it just makes me want to stop trying...

Dude…..I’m gonna let you in on a pretty shitty fact.

That feeling doesn’t go away.

I get, on a slow day, about five asks a day. three will probably be prompts for something. I know that this is a good thing! And maybe this is what you’re working for! But unfortunately those shitty feelings just end up manifesting themselves in different ways.

No prompts/ not a big following = no one cares about my work or this would be getting notes, I’m obviously not good, what’s the point?

a lot of prompts/ big following = I post a new fic and all people do is ask for more without recognising the effort I’m putting in, they don’t appreciate it, what’s the point?

This sort of thing is something that I can’t help you with, because I have the same issue. Always have, probably always will. I’m not sure if you’re the same, but it’s more of a confidence thing than anything.

All I can say is keep trying. 

With things like tumblr and basically any other social media, popularity is very much luck of the draw. A popular blog can spot your work amongst the thousands and reblog it, which may end up getting you a ton of notes and follows. Or they can just pass over it without reading it. I have been very lucky to get where I am in such a short space of time, but it’s also to do with a lot of hard work. I’m very active (because I haven’t got a life lmao) on here and so I can post more and generally interact more. Some people just don’t have the time. 

But honestly dude- I could say that you just need to keep going because you’re doing it for you and not anyone else, but let’s be real, that’s not the case. You write and you post it because you want people to notice, to like it, to praise you. If people didn’t compliment or acknowledge my hard work, would I post it? Definitely not. 

I think a big part of this is about people in the fandom taking everything creators do for granted, though. Honestly, I don’t think consumers of the content people produce are even slightly aware of quite how much an impact their feedback has. They can adore a fic to the depth of their soul, but still not like, reblog or comment on it. I know this for a fact, because that was exactly what I used to do. I’d love a fic…and then I’d just leave. 

It’s so, so bad. And honestly, if everyone who enjoyed a fic just did so much as reblog it with something nice in the tags, they could have the potential to save that fic from being deleted. I’ve been in the situation in which I was about to just say fuck it and delete the work which, due to lack of response, I was convinced was horrible- until I got one comment. One comment, and it saved the fic.


But yeah. My friend- I really hope you keep going. All content is Good content. Sometimes it just takes time to build up momentum. Sometimes it just takes practise. Sometimes it’s out of your hands, and it’s up to the consumers to fucking show authors and artists that they enjoyed something (!!!!!). But whatever it is; I believe in you. You can make it! And even if your brain is telling you something is bad, honestly, don’t believe it. It’s bullshit- you’re awesome.

I’ll be going on vacation to a lake upstate for the next week and idk if I’ll be able to properly post anything or answer your asks so ah, see you in August