and sometimes the outside

I’d say 95% of [my songs] are autobiographical, yeah. And then sometimes… a song like Happier, for instance, is an experience I’ve experienced but it wasn’t necessarily in New York on that specific street seeing someone outside. But you know, it was like, sometimes I’ll draw from things I have experienced and then create a scenario where it, um, I don’t know, it’s a bit more… ‘song.’ Yeah. 'Cause everything that’s in that song happened over the course of like four years rather than one specific moment. So I think it’s, yeah, it’s better to have an artistic license with stuff like that.
—  Ed Sheeran for RTL, March 13, 2017. [x]

Spoiler Speculation. Aaron is back and everyone welcomes him home. Party maybe? Sometime into the celebration he is overwhelmed and goes outside into a full blown panic attack. Prison/Jason flashes? Robert has followed him outside. He comes up behind him, in his mind he’s being attacked again. Aaron pushes, maybe even takes a swing at Robert. Realizing what he’s done apologizes, but Robert holds him and keeps repeating that he is home. That he is safe. That’s when Aaron is finally truthful with Robert and tells him what happened and what he went through. Essentially killing any thoughts Robert had of being honest with him now that he is home. At least for now. So the secret continues…

I can’t wait til I’ve saved up enough money for a cat. I hate living alone. It’s too quiet, and my thoughts are too loud. I feel so isolated, I don’t even have any family to come home to at the end of the day. Just silence. And being an adult sucks because everyone’s too busy all the time to visit. So I go weeks without seeing anyone outside work sometimes. And now that I’ve moved, it will be very likely that there will be solid MONTHS without seeing anyone, just like the last time I lived alone.

Thank god for let’s players and longass livestreams. I just let them play as background noise so I can pretend I’m not completely alone.

This Gorgeous Photo Series Crushes Stereotypes About Black Masculinity

Loftin shot the photo series after seeing the stark contrast between the Google results for “black boy in hoodie” and “white boy in hoodie.”

In contrast to the images of black men depicted in the Google image search, Loftin’s poses are sweet, affectionate, and sometimes silly.

Black people, and black men specifically, exist outside of the stereotypes that have been created for us by the media and those that control it,” he told.


They always portray us as dangerous thugs in black hoodies, nothing new. And the fact that whites still believe that black people are dangerous to them proves just how ingrained white supremacism is in this country!

This man just wanted to say that racism is still a reality we have to deal with. Inferential racism certainly won’t go away by no one talking about it. We have to accept that there is a serious problem in America, that many white Americans are raised with these subtle cues all around them telling them to “fear blacks”.

Stop making up false stories about us, we are just people, just a little darker.


so its christmas now

concept: my room stays clean and i dont feel crowded. my window stays open so i constantly feel the cold air outside. the wind blows occasionally and sometimes my favorite song is the rain. i paint things on my wall so when my house is empty and abandoned someone will wander upon it n walk inside and wonder what kind of person wrote those things and why.

Just a little praise for Chertiz~

The reason why a game like Mystic Messenger has done so well is, even though it’s a 24 hour game with lots of extras, the story is engaging and you really come to feel like you know the characters in just 11 days of interactions.

And every route, you learn something about another character that you didn’t know the previous route and that sometimes can be bad and sometimes can be good.

Cheritz did little to no advertising their game outside of their own tumblr. The game is so good that word of mouth alone did the trick. So good that it brought out haters and put otome games in a spotlight.

People UNINSTALLED THIS GAME and now they are reinstalling it to play an event. That’s crazy when you think about it.

It really does come down to how well you can tell a story and develop your characters. As much as I hate to say it, I really don’t think I’ll see a game do this again. I knew when this game was released and I started playing it, that it was something special and I don’t think Cheritz nor the otome community just knew how special.

Hats off to you, @cheritzteam. I’ll follow you all until the end of time if you continue to put out solid games with good character development!

Oh and say hi to Jang Kim for me cause he’s legit the best. lol

The signs : outside vs inside

aries: tough on the outside // really wants to let you know how much they care

taurus: easygoing on the outside // internally dying and are trying their best to stay calm

gemini: friendly and popular on the outside // wonders if their friends really care

cancer: shy on the outside // wants to be friendly but is afraid of getting hurt

leo: proud on the outside // sometimes worries that they are not good enough

virgo: smart and clever on the outside // fears the day that their smarts will fail them and those they care about

libra: level-headed and kind on the outside // needs a break and just want to sleep

scorpio: reserved on the outside // just wants a friend that understands

sagittarius: adventurous and bold on the outside // fears that their dreams will be struck down one day

capricorn: in control on the outside // they might snap at any second

aquarius: unique and rebellious on the outside // wishes that one day they will find a place were they truly fit in

pisces: supportive on the outside // wants a friend that will support them and give them shoulder to cry on

Have You Ever Heard The Sound Of More Headcanons Appearing On Your Dash?

wOuLD yOU LikE TO?

So I like the idea of Sport and Robbie being everybody’s metaphorical fathers

(Can also be found at: @sportarobbieincantation)

•Robbie will sometimes take the kids into his lair when it’s too hot outside and just let them play around

•So long as they don’t break anything, of course
•He makes snacks and everything
•The first time Robbie “reluctantly” did this, Sportacus lost his shit
•He thought something horrible had happened and it made it worse because his crystal wasn’t saying anything
•Eventually, his elven hearing picked up on music coming from underground and he had never run to the lair hatch quicker in his life
•He raced downed it and was immediately upset that he hadn’t brought a camera
•Robbie was dancing the Macarena with the kids and they were all ENJOYING themselves
•"I knew you’d be a great dad.“

•Another time, Sportacus had shown up and they were all cuddled up in the chair.
•All of them, Robbie and all the kids just snuggled up together asleep
•Bonus points because Robbie had Stephanie cradled in his arms rather protectively and she was hugging him back
•Sportacus had a camera that time
•Robbie’s favorite tool will always be mallets and hammers. He has some type of magical connection to them that not even he understands.

•He has kinds of all shapes and sizes when it comes to his hammer tools, some even bigger than himself
•Sportacus failed to lift one of the larger ones, but then Robbie picked it up and slung it over his shoulder no problem???
•"You can’t even lift me!”
•Anything made with these hammers is connected to Robbie in a magical sense, like his microwave or his disguise machine
•Sportacus has seen Robbie wield them as a weapon only once and he made a vow to never make him mad enough to see again
•"How can you lift those?“/“Magic or sumthin’, I dunno.”
•Robbie *still sleepy af*: “Pixel’s a close second.”
•Sportacus *over the screams of angry children*: “ROBBIE PLEASE.”
•Sportacus caught Robbie dry cereal out of a cup while upside down in his chair and Sportacus swore to the heavens he had died on the spot
•Both have been called “Uncle” and/or “Dad” by all the kids at the least once
•In return, they’ve called them “my son/daughter”
•Everybody kinda stopped noticing after a while
•The kids like watching Robbie do magic as much as they love watching Sport do acrobatics
•Sportacus doesn’t like admitting when he needs help

•This has ended him up in many a situation that it was Robbie or the kids that had the save him
•Sportacus will sometimes bottle up his frustration whenever he can’t figure something out on his own, even after the problem’s been solved
•This is becausehe’s the hero and he needs to protect them, not the other way around
•Eventually, the dam breaks and he’s left bawling in Robbie’s arms
•Robbie helps him understand that needing help is okay and admitting you need it is okay too
•Sportacus still has this problem from time to time, but it’s not as frustrating anymore
•"Robbie, is that a skirt?“
•"Yes. Why?”
•"…Does it come in blue? And do you have any shorts to go with it?“
•Sportacus is gonna be the big spoon even if he has to fight for it
•Robbie is Emotional Support Dad™ while Sportacus is Physical Support Dad™

•Robbie lets the kids cry on his shoulder and even helps them through their problems
•Sportacus doesn’t let the kids out themselves down about how they look and always makes sure to bring their moods back up

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have all tagged me to post a selfie sometime in the last couple of months (i think since like November) but here it finally is and I’m still alive and shit man. Thank all of you for the tags! I appreciate it even if i take forever to get to it.

Ill tag @blodbranddod @nasty-guest and @agwith to post a selfie if they want.