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Plotting face

For @snowbaz-feda​ day 22.


Every now and then Baz will look at me with this expression that I’ve come to know as his plotting face. His eyes will narrow just slightly, and his chin will tilt up just a little, and there’ll be a tiny crease between his eyebrows, and this cloudy look in his eyes, like he’s deep in thought even while he looks straight at me.

Like I said. Plotting face.

Sometimes I catch him watching me in class with the plotting face. On those days he usually ends up picking a fight with me up in our room. Probably to throw me off my guard. I’ve seen him give me the plotting face while I’m carelessly shoving down food in the dining hall, as though he’ll find some way to use my awful table manners against me. (Maybe poison.) That day that he forged the note from Agatha and I came back in the early morning shivering, cheeks red from the cold and hair dusted with snow, he blatantly stared across the room with his plotting face. 

‘Maybe that’s just his face,’ Penny says. ‘He has resting plotting face.’ 

‘If he has resting plotting face, it’s because he’s always plotting,’ I say.

I’ve learned to recognise the plotting face. I never know what he’s up to, so he’s always a few steps ahead, but at least this way I can know when he’s up to something. (Which is pretty much always.)

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Fanfiction is awesome.

Just wanted to give a shout-out to fanfiction writers out there. My job is pretty stressful sometimes, and y'know, after a tough meeting, there are times I come back to my desk and get excited cuz one of favorite stories got updated.

Or I stop and think, “Hey! That cool story updates on Saturday!” and it’s Thursday. Little things like that are quick pick-me-ups, so thanks for sharing your awesome talent and stories with us!

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I sometimes wonder about the age & celeb knowledge of a lot of the anits/het harries/Freddie's (lol that still makes me laugh). Their constant "respect the guys privacy" (as they encourage & support stalkers but I digress) "don't force a sexuality on them" etc. This online chatter & discussion happens in EVERY FANDOM & is part of being a celeb, having fans who talk online. They give off the feeling that they think it's only happening here in the 1D fandom, shipping, chatting, etc, when it's not.

yeah i have to wonder if this is the first fandom for a lot of them because let me tell you fans in the twilight fandom who thought or hoped kristen was gay (or at the very least who thought or hoped she was non-straight) and who wanted to date her were called krisbians.

every fandom is rife with speculation and shipping. the entire media industry and tabloid culture is BUILT on speculation and celebrity romance (contrived or legitimate). but because most of those are ‘straight couples’ it’s totally allowed and not invasive at all according to the hets.

apparently it’s totally okay to speculate and assume that harry’s hooking up with ever victoria’s secret model he follows on twitter or instagram but the second a fan goes ‘huh i think harry might not be straight because HE PUBLICLY SAID SO when he said that being female is not that important to him when looking for a partner’ they’re apparently ~forcing a sexuality on him~ and ~not respecting his privacy~

every night at around 2am i get an inexplicable urge to go to tesco. not because i need to buy things, or because i want to go for a walk, or anything like that - my brain is just like “go to tesco” and sometimes i’m like “yeah ok” and i get up and go to tesco, and make an excuse to buy a pack of chewing gum or something just so it doesn’t feel like a completely pointless trip, even though it is. 

anyway. every time i give in to the Tesco Urge there’s always the same youngish ponytailed guy there working the night shift, and when he sees me he always gives me this little nod of recognition like “ah, it’s you again” and i nod back and pretend like it’s completely normal to constantly turn up at tesco in the middle of the night for no apparent reason and wander aimlessly around the fruit and veg section. we have never actually spoken. all i’m saying is: imagine your otp

Star-Crossed Innocence

I’ve been staring at the same sky
As you tonight
Like I do every night
After a conversation that reminds
Me why
I need to hold on tight
To you.

Many wishes,
Passionate kisses,
Across long distance
Upon flickering stars that glisten
Always listen
To me call your name.

My guiding rays
To count the nights and days
I’ve loved your ways
From Polaris to Aquarius
Libra to Aries
Constellations’ burning haze
Lighting brightly, impassioned blaze
Sky above me, constant praise
Each star gives their constant gaze
Allowing me to dream of you.

Sometimes we take for granted
All of the wishes enchanted
By each magic light implanted
As a fallen star is supplanted
Upon a memory transplanted
With visions of a child that’s chanted
“Have my wish I wish tonight.”

But, starlight, star bright, hear me
I give my wishes freely
Upon you I hope us truly
To one moment share us fully
Time again for us to be
Having you to believe
While in darkness you will help see
There is nowhere else, nobody
Who can share your majesty
Like two lovers holding closely
Looking up at you.

Close my eyes, bow my head,
Alone again, at least for now,
Say a wish, my starry night,
I’ll blanket myself myself with you.

-H. Murcia 8:21PM 4/21/2017

@creatingnikki I hope this is something you may enjoy reading. Thank you for the tag! I LOVE stars, skies, night, moon, suns, and this helped!


yesterday, my kid told me he had 0% love left and I told him “That’s OK, because I have enough love for the both of us.” and about 2 minutes later he asked for a hug so I (a sap, who has never refused her child a hug a day in his life) obliged. After about 30 seconds he pulled back and said “I have 100% love again, thank you.” and like…I teared up. 

Sometimes this is all it takes to help someone. Just…a hug, a touch. A reminder that when they feel drained you can carry the load for both of you for a little bit.

I am always astounded by the double standards Fandoms have sometimes. Like why the heck is everyone hating on Ryuji? He is a teenage boy, so what if he wants to be popular with girls! my little brother wants to be popular with girls that doesn’t make him a bad guy! So what if he says some dumb shit sometimes, it makes him a teenager! Like y'all have double standards, Akechi is you’re number one boy, but he straight up murders you if you fuck up! Literally none of you can give me a valid reason to dislike him as much as the fandom does!

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So I used to be with FWB with this guy but he had a girlfriend and before school sometimes he would pick me up and he would finger me on the way there and sometimes we'd stop at redlights and there would be people waiting for their bus and we'd stop right infront of them and he would finger me so hard and then we'd stop in this empty parking lot and I would give him a blowjob. No one knew what was going on.. and before I left his car I'd say "thank you sexy" and walk away with him watching me😍


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I might show some of the items going into the envelope, but most of it will be a mystery. Some things will be witchcraft related. 

Some people, especially trainers, think that because they have added positive reinforcement to their corrections and correction collars that they are more gentle and somehow “better.” Don’t get me wrong, I love that people are open to using food and toys. Wonderful. Great.
However, an animal’s ability to predict and have the perception of control over things that happen to them is what gives them a sense of calm and stability.
When a dog is sometimes getting food and sometimes corrected, it leads to unpredictability. The inability to control things is what leads to significant behavioural fallout.
My main point being that an “all quadrant” approach may be sold as using all the tools in a toolkit. However, if a dog is getting mixed messages, as usually happens, that just messes the dog up. For example, a dog is being reinforced for walking nicely around people. They may start to develop a positive association to strangers. But then, they pull to that stranger and get pinched with a prong collar. That very likely creates a negative association. So the dog isn’t just learning to walk nice. The dog is learning that sometimes when you see strangers good things happen and sometimes bad things. Strangers are bloody unpredictable and thus very concerning.
Very similar things happen when people do classical conditioning to strangers/dogs, and then the dog gets shocked on an electric fence as they approach passing strangers/dogs. Strangers/dogs are unpredictable. It happens when dogs are being reinforced for not jumping on people and then corrected for pulling to people.
A trainer doing such things is likely to say, “But the correction is for the behaviour.” Doesn’t matter. Associations are tied to skills - intertwined. When using physical discomfort and pain, the brain is wired to look for a reason in the environment to explain it. Which is why wonky negative associations from corrections usually form to what the dog was looking at during the correction.
No, you cannot avoid that by correcting “properly.”
—  Yvette Van Veen

Sometimes i think dogblrs and people in general are totally intolerant to other opinions. Like this is just MY opinion and MY preference. I dont give a flying monkeys what you fucking do or think. Provided you aren’t hurting anyone i dont care.Im not instantly shaming anyone or insulting them and theres no need to start arguments because you think you know better or act all righteous on me. You have an opinion. You dont get to guilt trip me or start calling any other opinion wrong. You dont even need to comment or send me hate on it. Just accept its another opinion and move on (but if you did that, how will people know that you’re better than me?!)  

Recently i made a post stating that I personally dont like to be called my dogs mum,  i didn’t birth those fuckers. At NO POINT did i state that i hate people who do like being their dogs mothers. At no point did i state that i thought anyone who did was odd, weird or fucked up. At no point did i do anything that hurt anyone, i just expressed an opinion. Yet i got a SHIT TON of hate on it. Like guys, its an opinion. I clearly love my dogs, they are obviously not being hurt because i refuse to think of them as ‘fur babies’ rather than my dogs. I still treat them like i’d treat any child - i provide love, attention, food, play dates, boundaries, food and all the mental stimulation their little brains could hope for. I just don’t call them my children. Calling them my dogs doesn’t mean they are any less valuable or important than kids. Dogs are awesome wonderful creatures and the word ‘my dog’ to me symbolises an amazing bond, a relationship formed out of choice on all parties and it can be a wonderful lifetime of friendship. My Dog is the highest commendation i could give. It is the highest level of relationship i could have. No one understands you quite like your dog. No one is there for you unconditionally quite like your dog - not even a child. I dont call them my kids because to me they are better. They are my dogs and that is the highest title i could ever give them. 

But obviously none of you give a fucking shit because you’re too busy being personally insulted that someone voiced an opinion you dont agree with. You can say you’re your dogs mother, brother, neighbour, third cousin twice removed or your dogs fucking pet budgie for all care. As long as you dont hurt the lil guy i dont care what words you use to describe your relationship. So lets stop with the hate ok?! I delete all messages anyway and move on with my life. Anon is now turned off :) 

And then sometimes, while you’re starting to build a website for your final in a class, your brain comes up with a new AU. As if I didn’t have enough AU’s going on, it gives me another one. And the starting line. Modern, but can’t settle on where it would take place. Want the line?

Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp was a practical woman - belief in fairy tales, knights in shining armor, and love everlasting just didn’t have a place in her life.

releasing urls

hey faves, i’m going to be releasing these urls into the wild wild west soon, so if you wanted to claim any of these before they are anyone’s taking then give me a message :)

for your info:

  • reblogging to spread the word would be much appreciated
  • i’ll be editing this original post to update which urls have been taken, and i’m very sorry if you are misled and a url that you like has been claimed already :(
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  • i’ll release the urls sometime on wednesday (utc+10:00) if no one claims
  • *** means canon, + means plural, and striked means taken

the urls:

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Just listened to episode 66 and wanted to give you a spoonie high five and hug. Campaign makes me laugh even when my own chronic illness and anxiety tear their ugly heads. Much love Kat!

💖❤️ thanks. Much love to you. This has been a particularly bad migraine week, so this message comes most welcome. I sometimes get all flustered and shy when I get these asks. But I do always appreciate them. Sorry y'all go through stuff too. It sucks. That’s ok.

😑 I’m gonna take my final form of migraine med now and get this ding dang episode up. Wish me luck.

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ever thought about pursuing art?

pffffft unwittingly anon you have broached a touchy subject with me ahaha

i wish i could do art. i really really really do. there is so much that i write that i wish i could also draw because i want that visual to come across just as i see it and i have to rely on words and sometimes they just … don’t feel like enough. and it’s hard to feel like you’re doing enough appreciating other people’s work if you can’t draw fan art for them ;;; there are so many of my friends’ OCs and stories and AUs that I wish I could give them fan art for but … I can’t. I can only use my words to tell them how awesome they are and sometimes that doesn’t feel like enough ;;;

it’s particularly hard for me because i come from a family of artists. my mom is an artist and has a degree in graphic design, my middle sister did art for a while and was pretty good tho she’s since put her pencils down for a literature major and history minor, and my youngest sister (this is the most infuriating of all) randomly picked up a pencil and a figure drawing book and drew like … exactly what was in the book and is now getting a degree in illustration

and then there’s me … who can’t art for shit ahaha

believe me, i’ve tried. i had art classes in middle and high school and they were fun, but … i could tell i just didn’t have the talent for it. and while i know if i practiced and practiced and practiced at it i could probably be okay, maybe good, but i just don’t have the patience for it. i want it to look good immediately and i can’t make it look good, so i just give up ahahaha i always think “i could be writing instead. i know i’m good at that, at least”

so i kind of shoot myself in the foot, but yeah … art is not my calling. XD

TL;DR version - i’ve tried and failed and so i stick with my writing

you can have a doodle of my fork!Kuroo tho:

don’t ask

sleepover saturday!

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What's your mom like, Chip? I'm pretty sure she's nothing like the Mrs. Brewer in this timeline

“Yeah, see, that’s the thing - my mother ain’t a ‘Mrs. Brewer’, but I guess my birth mother might be… ? I was just a baby at the time, but the official story is somethin’ happened to my dad, she couldn’t afford to feed me, an’ had to give me up… ”

“I was adopted by a lady of the name Bea Chandelier. She, uh, did okay raisin’ me… had kinda a ‘hands off’ approach sometimes, since she’s in The Business… left me with our nanny a lot… but she does care. She won’t eat ‘til I get home. No matter how late it is, we always have dinner together.”

“So, uh, I can’t exactly answer that question.”

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What kind of magic are you using to show us cameras and such? I don't remember our caddy doing that before

“White Magic. Not all monsters are really that adept with it, but put a few basic shapes together an’ there’s a lot you can do in a pinch. An’ I’ve been in my fair share of pinches.”

“But seriously, thanks for givin’ me a minute… I get real jittery sometimes, but anybody who’ll give me a decent cup’a coffee is okay in my book.”