and sometimes a i cry about

so today i finally qualified in something at my job that literally for the last 3+ years I have been horribly dreading and basically telling myself I couldn’t do…I just assumed I would eventually fail (there was also an enormous amount of pressure on me from everyone else to be successful which didn’t help). but like…i didn’t fail. i SUCCEEDED and I honestly wanted to cry with happiness when i realized that today lol…anyways this moral of the story is idk some corny shit about how you should always believe in yourself from the beginning  i guess BUT ITS TRUE BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

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do YOU need/want a hug? you're a really cool and helpful person and sometimes people who help are the ones who need/want help *offers as many hugglez as you want/need*

((*hugglez you hard* Thank you so so much! You’re so sweet I think I’m going to cry ;v; I’m actually really happy today, and your message made that about 10 times better, but I’m always up for hugs <3 Thank you for being so amazingly kind, I hope you’re having an even better day than I am <3))


The smoke drifts from her lips in spirals, and her eyes seem to look far beyond the road in front of us.
We talk about pain and poetry and sometimes we cry,
but its ok.
And I can’t help but reflect on these days.
When she clutches the steering wheel after I point out a pedestrian for the fifth time in the half hour.
And she turns around and says
“Mari….. you are such a backseat driver.”
But theres something loving in her tone, something caring in her eyes as they glare at me.
And she has doves in her hair,
That doesn’t make sense but she does.
They fly between the strands of her hair and perch on her nose.
And I wonder if they’re affected by the tendrils of smoke that rise from her lips.
I worry about there safety sometimes, like when we discuss the feeling of smoke pooling at the bottom of an empty stomach.
I turn to the doves, just to make sure they’re still flying.
Just to make sure her hair isn’t without its accessory.
Im not sure what ill do if one day I look and..
They’re not there.
I get scared sometimes that Ill turn from the window and she won’t be there.
Shell have flown off into the clouds where she belonged.
And I sometimes ponder what Ill do if one day she becomes light enough that her doves can carry her off,
Away from me.

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If we keep trash talking kmbw one of her fans gonna snitch and she gonna come for you next! But her most recent video bout monsta x had me lowkey excited because no one talks about them but lord JESUS that video was the biggest reach I've seen from her blog. They treated the black fans exactly the same! I didn't know if I wanted to cry or laugh during that whole video. Sometimes she makes good points in regards to got7 and maybe exo but I feel like she's just making stuff up now 🙃

Lmao 😂 you lowkey read my mind like i was worried about that too. but nah i don’t know this girl so i can’t really judge i’m only criticizing on the stuff that i’ve seen and the stuff that my followers have told me i don’t want beef i’m vegetarian (not really). so i think i’m done talking about her i might go back and delete all my post made about her i’m not with giving out free promo

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About sad music ask. Actually some studies has shown that you feel better after listening to sad music. Plus, sometimes it's good to be sad because if you keep pushing the sad feelings away you'll eventually explode...

When I listen to sad music and start crying I’m not able to stop for hours. I’m avoiding this kind of music and it helps. That’s my experience.

Awww! 💖  I won’t lie - playing Iris has sometimes made me cry mid-game, because I am the softest of marshmallows.

If we don’t get to see her hometown before we wrap up the campaign, I can always do a lil’ sequel comic about it or something. :)

I know, I’m trying to remind myself that being with someone is not going to complete me. I’ve lived this truth for 6 years. But then sometimes loneliness sets in when you come home to an empty room and you’re tired of that. 
Then guilt and confusion set in… do I not love myself enough that I have to yearn for someone else’s presence to fill this void, or what? Maybe. If I were ready for a relationship I probably wouldn’t cry about it. I’d accept the loneliness and stay still. But sometimes my heart is like a petulant child that wants what it wants right now. 

IM BURSTING WITH LOVE LIKE. it’s os embarassing but sometimes i think about how much people mean to me and i just start crying bc it’s SO IMPORTANT. these people in my life are like shining stars i never thought i would ever find or get the opportunity to have and yet here they are being great and HAPPY and im so happy they’re happy and that i get to be happy with them every day is SO GOOD.

bro sometimes i catch myself thinkin about glee and like… bro it had some of the wildest scenes ever… remember when tina rubbed vic on blaine’s chest crying…. when sue was throwin sticks at mercedes in the hallway for no reason…. literally any will schuester scene…………… 

“I felt like sometimes she didn’t want me born. I was like Cinderella—even though I was a dude. She blamed me for everything. Maybe it’s because I was ugly, I guess. Girls were all running from me. My brothers were better looking. When I grew older, it was all about money. Mom and I never discussed anything personal. It seemed like she always wanted something from me. One time I called her crying, because I was trying to quit marijuana, and I felt really depressed. She just told me: ‘You’re wasting all that money on weed. You could be giving it to me instead.” She used to cash my student loan checks. One time she even used my social security number to get a credit card, and I didn’t even know until I got the bill. So I detached myself from her. I stopped answering the phone. Then two years ago she called to tell me she had cancer, and she needed an operation, but I didn’t even answer the phone. I thought she was tricking me again. She left a message, it said: ‘Michael, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you. I love you. And I know you love me.’ And I just ignored it. And she died. And I’m haunted by that. I’ve been trying to write about my life lately, but I can’t get past my mother. I wish I could just start my story with that phone call. With her saying that she loved me. The only other time I ever felt love from her was when I tried crack cocaine. I was a teenager, and I had been using for a couple weeks, and I went in her room to ask for baking soda. She started crying, and she looked scared, and she said: ‘Michael, why do you need baking soda?’ And I felt love at that moment. And it was so strong that I quit doing crack right then. I never used again. I didn’t go to a program or anything. That’s how strong that feeling was.”

I saw something like this and decided to share my own

Things I love about critical role:

- the way grog and pike talk with each other and the little voices they use

- when scanlan sings and everyone joins in (literally my favorite, especially mid battle when everyone’s stressed and you know it’s exactly the momentary relief they need)

- vax using his crazy stealth to prank vex and grog

- when keyleth or someone who’s trying to Do Good™ looks to pike for support and pike kinda shrugs with a “Well…" because she's part of the shenanigans herself

- taliesin’s "that’ll do"s

- the little gnomes always rolling low initiative and scanlan saying he was preoccupied with his flute playing or some Unimportant Thing

- Matt making kickass NPC voices on the spot

- the side conversations and jokes that happen while someone is talking to Matt

- when you can see them interact and makes faces at each other from different tables

- keyleth when her voice gets soft and high and optimistic

- vex when her voice gets low and sultry and coy

- when vax runs into something without consulting the group and they all collectively face palm/panic

- when a party member does something and Matt’s eyes go wide and he laughs because holy shit he didn’t see that one coming but boy is it marvelous

- "How Do You Want To Do This?” followed by a collective: "WHAAAAA!!!“ and near table flipping

- when keyleth casts a spell and marisha’s shoulders turn and her front hand comes up in a reaching/grasping motion

- percy trying to be all diplomatic and adult and then Taliesin just losing it because grog said something quietly across the room

- when grog says something quietly across the room and ashley’s the only one to hear it but she’s too focused so it doesn’t register for a second but then it does and they just laugh in the corner together

- vex calling everyone darling

- laura getting frazzled and saying "well i’m just gonna shoot it again!” in a really distressed voice and everyone reassuring saying “no no that’s good” and “yeah do that”

- scanlan mentioning his many titles

- the shits

- when they all are legitimately crying because this shit is real

- when grog and scanlan go off together

- lady kima being salty towards scanlan

- pike being in awe of lady kima because that woman is badass

- literally everything about Gilmore

- scanlan trying to leave trinket behind all the time and vex getting worked up and annoyed because he’s helpful scanlan

- when travis wants to say something so bad and you know it’s painful to hold back but he has to because grog wouldn’t say it

- magic poop?

- when somebody is about to do something questionable and they look to everyone else and they are all being like “no don’t do it” meanwhile scanlan and grog are grinning and nodding from behind them

- the fleeting look of panic when Matt has everyone roll initiative

- all of vex’s reactions all the time

- when matt is describing something and somebody asks for clarification and then get excited because he described it just like they saw in the head

- when travis starts dancing

- when vax leans back on the bench to disappear and when laura does the same thing but because she’s laughing too hard

- the fact that I can’t interchange the characters and the players' names because they’re different people to me and the reaction that travis has is completely different to the reaction the grog would’ve had

- when two characters are having their own moment and everyone else is reacting and making faces and trying desperately to not make too much noise

- Ashley rolling for a check and pausing for a second and asking about having advantage or getting a bonus before eventually trailing off and saying “so… I rolled a four.” and everyone laughing because oh my god Ashley is the cutest

- the sun tree and the fact that matt not only does the voice but the whole persona as well

- dagger dagger dagger

- “I would like to rage”

- scanlan lowkey saving the entire party from huge conflicts all the time because he’s so amazing and charismatic and deceitful

- honestly just the entire show it has consumed my life I love it so much


I’ve let this go on for too long.

INFPs did not invent sadness, nor do they cry all the time. INFPs are bodies of hope in spite of the sadness around them. I like to think that they invented hope and optimism, because despite the horrible things they know of ourselves, they believe the best about others.

Maybe INFPs are fragile for good reason. Don’t you think that a ripe apple tree in the middle of a rotten orchard would tend to be a little distraught sometimes? The world is an ugly place. Guess what? Despite all of this, the stereotyped cry-baby of the MBTI would go there to the end for people they’ve never met.

INFPs did not invent sadness. They invented hope.

i don’t know how to erase hurt. sometimes i still cry about him when i didn’t cry at his funeral. nobody really cares how you cope with things as long as you cope quickly, a silent rehashing of your life in the sudden void. stuff goes missing in the wake of it. like something has to fill up all that sucking emptiness. the pit of no end. you throw in your emotions or food or showers or everything. and people ask you why you don’t just get over it. there’s always somebody better at getting over it, and sometimes it’s you. sometimes you’re at work the next day even though no one expected that from you; only to miss a solid week seven months in the future. how do you explain that. sorry i just kind of put it in a box and the box finally leaked. sorry it just got out on me. i know it’s silly. i know it’s silly.