and somethings just deserve to be reblogged more than once

We have got to stop acting like once someone does something problematic they don’t deserve love until they’ve apologized many times. That’s not how it works. Once someone does something problematic you tell them what they did wrong and why/how it’s wrong. You don’t send them death threats or body shame them, because that makes you look more ignorant than them. There’s a huge difference between people that have done a few problematic things and people that are just fucking out there. 

Not trying to call anyone out but I’m gonna call someone out. There’s that gold vs mold account that compares two celebrities. They list about five things each of the celebrities have done, but the difference is that they make one seem like Donald Trump and make the other seem like Rowan Blanchard. They list all the good one celebrity has done (donating/calling people out/etc.) and all the bad the other celebrity has done (sexism/racism/homophobic comments/etc.). If you take a look through their account you’ll see that they list the celebrities that everyone seems to love as gold (Zendaya, Fifth Harmony, etc) and ones that everyone loves to shit on as mold (Halsey, 5sos, etc.). And it’s not just that account! Everyone does that, even I do!

But no, that’s not how real life is. No person on earth is 100% good or 100% evil. We’ve all done problematic shit, and we’ve all done good shit. Especially when most things are years old, when they were in their early teen years. Like, no, age does not equal maturity, but if you pay attention to what people say/do now, and if you can really see that they’ve grown and learned from it, why can’t you let those things go? You’ve forgiven yourself for shit you did last month when you still lowkey do it but why can’t you forgive them for things they did years ago and they’ve obviously matured? I get that you want an apology from them but maybe they don’t want to bring all that up again. 

And if someone does something problematic, you should, like I said earlier, still call them out for it. Don’t defend them (unless someone has the details wrong and is making the situation seem worse than it really is), admit they were wrong. Your idols don’t have to be “cancelled” when they do something wrong. No one is unproblematic. Remember that. 

I hope this made sense to you guys and you learned something from it.