and something something


just something little for today! cas using his Mighty Trench Coat to shield all dangers of this treacherous world

i’d like to think that if cas had been there when jack showed up, this is probably how things would’ve turned out


A tip: if you don’t want to start crying again don’t think about jake peralta saying “this is really happening, this is real” not only as a reassurance to amy that it wasn’t a part of the heist but also to himself because holy shit after months of planning and being away from her, there he is: down on one knee, asking the woman he loves to be his wife.

It’s real.

anonymous asked:

okay its pretty late where i am but i can’t sleep because i can’t stop think about this: if a blind person took the hair of a person that could see & drank polyjuice potion, would the blind person no longer be blind?????!!!!????!!???!??????!?!! just for the time they have the potion? i think i need the sleep

this is actually a super interesting question. that i am not qualified to answer.

*ahem* but it’s cool to hash through..? 

voices aren’t changed, only appearance, right? so if you keep your own vocal chords, then surely you would also keep your own eyes/optic nerves/etc.? perhaps it’s just the appearance of them that is being replicated, rather than their functionality? but on the other hand, I don’t think Harry every had trouble seeing without his glasses while using polyjuice potion. and also, barty crouch seemed to have acquired mad eye’s vision when he polyjuiced as him, right? he could use his magic eye and everything? 

but again, physical features are being altered, but that’s kind of it. your brain stays the same, and likely your heart and other organy internally type things as well? maybe? so in that case, cause of blindness would have to factor in? ah man. i have no idea. 

anybody else have any thoughts here?