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Harry Potter Preference – Them Having a Crush on You Would Involve

- Trio Era-


- Draco would be super shy around you!

- You’d be really surprised when your friends tell you that they saw Draco standing up for you after he heard someone saying rude things about you

- He’s just extremely protective of you

- If you ever did something such as kiss Draco on the cheek, he’d act really cool about it but would continue talking about it to Crabbe and Goyle for days

- And they can’t exactly tell him that he’s being stupid about you because he’s rather defensive when it comes to you

- Catching him staring at you during meal times and when you smile at him, he gives you a small smile back and blushes furiously

- Draco’s really smart so if he ever sees you struggling with some work, he’d be at your side in 0.2 seconds offering to help you

- Whenever you’ve spoken to him in the morning, throughout the rest of the day he’d be really nice to everyone so you’d suddenly have people encouraging you to go out on a date with him because if he’s this nice when you just talk to him, imagine how great he’d be when you date him

- He’d probably be really cautious about bringing you up to his family. He knows his mum would fully approve of you but his dad, on the other hand, would be really iffy about it and Draco doesn’t want to push you away any further because of his family

- Draco would really want to buy you something to show that he likes you and so he finds out what your favourite sweets are. In the end, he can’t decide on just one treat to get you and ends up nearly buying out Honeydukes

- Would constantly deny having feelings for you even though it’s completely obvious and whenever someone asks him about it he’d go, “pfff, I do not fancy (Y/N)! Actually… why do you ask? Did she say something to you?”


- George has to hear about you ever 5 minutes and if you’re ever nearby he has to tell Fred how many times you looked their way

- Waving at you during a Quidditch match, whether you’re in the stands or if you’re playing in the same game as him, and completely missing the bludger he was meant to be hitting away from Harry (Harry does not appreciate this)

- But if Fred was ever worried that it was too cold and you didn’t have enough winter clothes, he would write to his mum asking her to send any of Ginny or his old winter sweaters that he would then send to you

- He’d think you wouldn’t know that the Owl that lands in your cereal one morning with sweaters that have the letters ‘F’ and ‘G’ on them were from him but you’d kind of have a hunch

- Plus Fred would’ve been watching your reaction the entire time and when you’d look at him, he would look away really quickly

- Being showered in compliments by him. He’d never let you go feeling as if you were ugly or not good enough. Even if you’re just studying for an exam, he’d be sitting next to you complimenting how good you look AND how smart you are! (He has to cover all grounds of compliments)

- The only time you’ve ever seen Fred angry was when you told him about some people that were being rude to you. He’d take it very personally and would promise you that he’d avenge you – this would probably be one of the dead giveaways to you that he fancies you

- He’d find any reason to spend time with you. You kind of wanna have some girly talk? Fine, braid his hair and bitch about the rude Slytherin girl. You’re struggling with potions? He’d become a potions master overnight to help you

- Trying to subtly see if you like him back.

               - “Hahahah (Y/N), Angelina keeps telling me that we should just hurry up and date. Ridiculous, isn’t it?”

               - “I mean, we would be really cute together. The fittest couple at Hogwarts, I reckon.”

               - “Fred, do you fancy me?” “WHAAAT? FANCY YOU? HAHAHA…. Why, do you fancy me? My answer is going to depend on what you say.”

- He’d plan out the best dates for the two of you. He wouldn’t specifically say they were dates but you’d kind of assume they were when you’d go to Hogsmeade and it was just the two of you (which rarely happened). He’d plan picnics, save up money so the two of you can have a decent meal together, go exploring together, ect. It would be lovely.


- George is the type of guy who doesn’t just fancy a girl right away. You’d start off as friends, maybe having a class or two together and one day he’d realise that he fancies you and when you go to talk to him like usual he’d be all sweaty and would be like, “is it hot in here? I think it’s hot. I must go”.

- He’s a tall guy and one of his ways of flirting with you is to tease your height

               - “George, I’m not even that short. You’re just a giant.”

               - But he would always give you piggy back rides, get things for you off high shelves and rest his chin on your head

- Fred would try to wingman him, even though George wouldn’t approve. And by wingman, you’d be sitting at your table during lunch and Fred would come sprinting in towards you, yelling incoherent things that was him attempting to tell you that George fancies you and George would full on tackle him in the middle of the Hall to stop him

- After long and stressful days, he’d really like going for walks with you around the lake or just around the grounds – he’d be a lot more insightful and wise than he’d let other people see.

- George would be a lot like Leslie Knope out of Parks and Rec in the way he’d have really weird anniversaries? Aside from your birthday, which would be the most important event of all, he’d celebrate the first day that you two met, the day you officially became ‘besties’, the day you fell down the moving stairs, ect

               - He’d also have gifts for you on those special days

- He’d blush really easily whenever you’re around. You’d find it really cute but Fred and Lee would probably make a game out of it to see who can give the best guess at how many times George will blush while you’re around

- Would make up facts and statistics to try and impress you. For example: “yeah, that constellation there is the… Mollyation constellation…”

- Sometimes you’d point out that you knew he was making it up but other times it was just so cute that he was trying his hardest to impress you

- George has 100% attempted bad pickup lines on you that Ginny promised him would work


- You would have Harry wrapped around your finger without even knowing. He would drop everything to help you and cancel any plans if it meant spending time with you. You probably wouldn’t realise this until you noticed that whenever other people attempted to make ‘chosen one’ jokes like you do to Harry that he’d get annoyed with them.

- All you’d have to do is walk into the same room as Harry and he’d instantly be taken out of his bad mood and be happy just because you’re there

- Everyone in the school would secretly be shipping the two of you. Professor McGonagall would have even paired the two of you up in class and people would Harry how his crush on you was going

- He’d really trust you – Hermione would tell him that it would probably not be a good idea to let you in on some of his secrets and Harry would be like “you’re right, Hermione” and then you’d sit down with them and he’d turn around and tell you exactly what Hermione just told him not to tell you

- Harry would make a fool out of himself in front of you 24/7. Water would come dribbling out of his mouth whenever you were talking, he’d trip over his own two feet and would take you with him – he’d really come to hate his luck

- He’d be super protective of you

- Even if someone just looks at you and their expression just doesn’t seem kind enough, Harry goes into full protective mode and his hand will remain on his wand until you’re safely away from this person. That person will remain on his watch list for a very long time.

- Will offer to help you with your problems even if he doesn’t really understand them. You’d have to tell him the story twice so he can see why that dude is an absolute prick and why Harry now has to hate him as well.

- Has asked Hermione as to how he should ‘win you over’ and when she suggested just asking you out on a date, he rolls his eyes because that’s obviously a stupid idea

- Harry has definitely accidentally done something like give you a forehead kiss or held your hand when he was nervous. He wouldn’t even realise what he’d done until hours after it had happened and would actually curl up into a ball.

- He hates talking about the Dursleys’ but if he notices that you need some cheering up, he’ll tell you the most embarrassing things that they’ve ever done just to see you smile


- Neville would either be extremely nervous around you or really confident around you – it would all just depend on how he was feeling that day

- He probably has a habit of spacing out when you’re talking because he’d get distracted by how pretty you are

- Neville doesn’t really have a very large self-esteem so when he realises he likes you, he accepts it and tries not to do too much about it but there are often times that he still finds himself desperately trying to impress you just in case he stands a bit of a chance

- So any time you compliment him in the slightest, he’s the happiest person in school for several days. He’ll even fall asleep with the biggest grin on his face.

- He’s a very nervous guy but he’d do anything for you. Neville would just absolutely adore you and will always be one of your biggest protectors even if he doubts he’d do a very good job at protecting you.

- He’d get you plants that remind him of you:

- Even if, to you, the plants kind of look kind of ugly, you’d know that Neville doesn’t think you’re ugly and what would remind him of you would be the plant’s ‘personality’

- He’d write you a note of the plant’s personality so you can keep it and just remember how great you are

- Neville has probably sent you little secret admirer notes – whether they’re just telling you how pretty you look that day or how great of a person you are, sometimes he just thinks that the notes will make your day better (and they of course do)

- Notices small details about you and uses this to strike up conversations with you

- Neville lets you do just about anything. If the two of you were studying by the lake, he’d read out to you what you need to know for your upcoming exam while you make him a flower crown which he will wear during dinner because you said so


- Probably starting out as friends and you having a habit of tracing his freckles and making patterns out of them when you’re bored but now that he has a crush on you, he gets goosebumps really easily and his whole face goes bright pink

- Even though Ron is technically only the second youngest, his family would treat him like the youngest and Ginny, Fred and George would constantly be teasing Ron about his crush and trying to bring it up around you in not so subtle ways

- “So, (Y/N), how do you feel about our ickle Ronnickins? He might not be the best looking but mum swears that it’s what’s on the inside that matters.”

- Ron would probably have no idea how to act around you now that he has a crush on you

- Sometimes he’ll come off as cold or he can come off being really cheesy. He really just has no idea what he’s doing but he just wants you to like him back so bad.

- One of his brothers have definitely sent him a book on ‘how to get girls’ and you have caught him reading it

- His voice can be very loud at times and you have accidentally heard him talking about how pretty you look

- Naturally, when you’ve asked him about it he’ll completely deny ever even speaking about you

- Ron would be your biggest fan. He’d always be encouraging you in whatever you do and helping you reach your goals because he knows you’re capable of great things and he’d just be so proud of you!

- He’d be pretty shy around you and wouldn’t be the best at complimenting you but if you ever have even a hint of self-doubt, he’s there yelling at you just how great you are and cannot believe you would ever doubt yourself because you’re so amazing

- Him apologising over and over again if he ever did something like accidentally hold your hand when he was nervous or just absentmindedly wrap his arm around you and then getting even more embarrassed when you tell him that it was fine and you kind of liked it

I just watched Train to Busan and omg it was terrifying and heartbreaking

But more than that, I read that it’s in the works of becoming a Hollywood adaptation and I just…why? Why is it necessary for white people to take something that’s ours and GOOD and ruin it by trying to make it palatable for other white people? Is it that hard to see other ethnicities on screen? Is it that hard to read subtitles? The rest of the world does it all the time with American films, and you don’t see a Korean Iron Man or Batman or whatever the fuck. You don’t see a Korean adaptation of La La Land or Frozen or whatever else ranked top at the box office. We make our own fucking material about our own people. Why do you feel this incessant need to constantly take this from us?

This isn’t the first time white people have taken a Korean/Asian film and literally just tried to make it their own, and what with Ghost in the Shell and the Great Wall movie and Doctor Strange and Death Note and everything else Hollywood has done to shit all over East Asians and Asian Americans, I’m just so fucking tired.

Stop whitewashing us, stop stealing from us, stop destroying our work by trying to make it “palatable.”

Train to Busan is more than just a zombie movie, it’s a movie about Koreans fighting against zombies. It’s a movie with its own commentary about Korean society and the Korean government, and you can’t just replace that to make some generic white people film.

What infuriates me more is that some Korean people see this as a good thing, they think Hollywood is something to seek the approval of, and it pains me to see major Asian actors coming to fill generic stereotypical roles that aren’t worth their talent or star power, all for the sake of reaching white people.

I’m pissed off every time I see the Ghost in the Shell trailer because Scarlett Johansson has a history of being in works that ultimately degrade East Asians and Asian Americans, and she has yet to realize her part in that. In fact, she’s continuing to benefit from Hollywood’s complete degradation of Asians. I’m pissed off that Tilda Swinton reached out to Margaret Cho to speak on the behalf of the entire Asian community, when the character she was supposed to play was Tibetan, and Margaret Cho is Korean - and she had the fucking nerve to defend herself for her privilege and whiteness. I’m pissed off because Matt Damon, a Harvard grad who really should have fucking known better than to accept this role, became some white savior for the Chinese people. These are all things that happened in 2016 and 2017 - THEY ARE ALL HAPPENING NOW. Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s isn’t a thing of the past, but a tradition that is still being followed.

I’m pissed off because Hollywood has a history of pushing away Asian people, shunting us to the sidelines and making us props. We are not people, we are objects to be admired and put on display. We are an aesthetic to be seized and appropriated - and I am so fucking tired of this.

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I think jmo at the con last week gave a glimpse Into the recent wardrobe decisions. She said all Emma had when first coming to SB where a handful of clothes and now shops regularly in snow's closet/80's style thrift shops. plus she said Emma incorporates hair style from memories like the WishAu!. I think the no makeup is a JMO personal thing..IRL she doesn't wear much anymore either.

Thanks, Wardrobe!Anon, but then JMo is doing the character of Emma Swan a massive disservice because on TV, costumes send powerful messages about character. Emma’s foray into white lacey button-up high-collar shirts is coded as sexual repression– I’m pretty sure that’s not what’s intended. (Even the expression “buttoned-up” is shorthand for repressed.)

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And you get a button! And YOU get a button!

These kind of shirts are wildly impractical for sherrif-ing or savior-ing: they limit your arm movements, they don’t handle sweat well, the lace is scratchy, and the itty-bitty fastenings take ages to put off and on. Not to mention it would take Hook forever to unbutton her one-handed. They’re the type of shirts worn by women who DON’T have to swing broadswords down main street.

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That’s more like it!

In fact, if you want your wardrobe to say “open to love” you put the character in soft silks and cotton and open v-necks– open necks are a sign of vulnerability. You know, like Emma wore in S1:

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This is sexy and functional and very Emma

Coupled with Emma’s lack of makeup, these white starched high-collared shirts put her firmly in the “beginning” section of the Repressed Schoolmarm Who Has a Sexual Awakening trope. The only reason IN A ROMANCE for someone to have their hair pulled up that severely is for her lover to take it down; the only reason for a woman to have buttons up to her neck is for her lover to rip off said buttons later in a moment of passion. 

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*bow chicka wow– wait*

But “The Ravishment of Emma Swan” is not what we’re seeing, is it? On the contrary, the show goes out of its way to avoid any confirmation of consummation and has Hook hang back from Emma’s repeated invitations to come in for Netflix and chilling. The overall effect is weirdly re-virginizing. WHY?

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Freulein, defy your father and refuse to join the convent– your feelings must compel you!

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How could I give my heart to a man so blind to the concept of honor? 

And now Hook has to win Emma’s father’s approval AND Emma’s approval and regain his honor. This is now the story of a disgraced knight fighting for redemption through Brave Deeds and the woman waiting for her love to come home. Nothing wrong with this trope. I’m fine with this trope. I’ve read some lovely books on this trope … but S1-3 Emma WAS the brave knight! You can’t pull a switcheroo like this on the audience and not expect them to notice.

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When will he return? My lost, lost love!

It looks like I’m pouring salt all over CS, but I’m not– if you put Emma in her S1 wardrobe and keep the dialogue exactly the same the scenes in Emma’s house this season take on an ENTIRELY different feel. You lose the “virginal schoolmarm waiting for daddy’s approval” aspect completely. The tonal mismatch is all on the makeup and wardrobe– which are changing the reading of Emma’s entire character in a way I don’t think the show runners intended.

CONCLUSION: Someone take the costume choices away from JMo because she’s changing the entire feel of the CS romance unintentionally into something rather Victorian– and it doesn’t scan with the Emma Swan we signed up for.


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               I’ll be looking forward to your email o(^◇^)o

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Hi! Im a huge fan of your work and your writing in incredible! I think it would be a funny fic to have bughead having a heavy smutty makeout and with all the hormones jug gets a little, "excited" if you know what I mean, so when the group barges in and betty gets off his lap they (arch, v etc) see his hard on and make fun of him - i just think that it would be really funny to see the whole group not taking the relationship too seriously and having a good laugh :) thanks !

Here you go! I’ve gotten a few messages wanting me to write various versions of this particular request, so hopefully this will satisfy those anons as well. It also is a continuation (although not really) of the “Jughead shirtless at a construction site” fic lol. You can read that one here.

A/N: Things get a little steamy, but nothing tooooo sinful happens so I’ll say it’s smutty-ish?? lol ;)

**This got kind of long, so I had to add a “keep reading” cut, so if you’re reading on mobile the story unfortunately gets cut off. Sorry about that!**

Betty set her French book on the thin blanket she had spread out on her front lawn, glancing up at the threatening clouds rolling in across the horizon as she heard the booming clap of thunder in the distance.

“No!” Betty shrieked, already reaching for the notebooks and textbooks surrounding her as the first few raindrops began to fall onto her forehead. “Crap, crap, crap!”

Before she could react, the skies opened up and the rain started pounding violently atop everything around her, completely drenching her books and soaking her clothes.

“Seriously, we were in a drought a week ago and you choose this moment to open the flood gates?” Betty cursed mother nature for her dreadful timing, her wet hair whipping around to smack her in the face as she frantically grasped for the flyaway papers rolling across the lawn.


Betty spun around to find Jughead leaning against Archie Andrews’ front porch, watching amusedly as Betty flew across the grass, the rain coming down even harder the quicker she collected her belongings.

“What do you say? Be the Debbie Reynolds to my Gene Kelly?” Jughead raised a playful eyebrow, referencing one of her favorite movies, Singin’ in the Rain.

“Ha ha, very funny,” Betty shot back, squinting through the rain to glare helplessly in his direction. “Now, are you going to help me or are you going to let an entire week’s worth of homework get ruined by this monsoon?”

“Alright, but you owe me,” Jughead sighed, pulling his jacket tightly around his body as he stepped out into the rain. “I actually conditioned my hair this morning and it’s gonna be ruined by my valiant act of heroism.”

“Just get over here,” Betty yelled, not having the energy to point out that he was wearing the same beanie that he always wore over his conditioned hair, making his point completely moot.

Jughead jogged over to the Coopers’ yard, already scooping up papers and books as he made his way to Betty.

“Last chance to bust out in song and dance,” Jughead pointed out once he had picked up the last piece of homework from the front step of Betty’s house.


“Suit yourself,” Jughead shrugged. “But I can totally rock a mean shuffle-ball-change so I would say you were really missing out on-”

“Inside, Juggie, go!” Betty pushed Jughead forward as he fumbled to open the door, nearly knocking him to the ground as they stumbled over the threshold.

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how neurotypicals think triggers work

  • i had a traumatic experience but i’m 100% fine and never think about it
  • unless i see a neurotypical-approved trigger
  • then i will remember it all of a sudden and have a horrible panic attack

how triggers actually work

  • i had a traumatic experience and the long-time effects of trauma influence my life every day
  • seriously, no one forgets about a traumatic experience
  • (unless they repress those memories completely)
  • a trigger is something that makes those memories resurface
  • triggers can be anything; words, phrases, smells, symbols, colours, things that seem ridiculous to you but to me have a connection to my traumatic experience that i am not obligated to explain just because you think i’m “tossing the word trigger around like it’s nothing”
  • reactions to triggers can range from slight discomfort to severe panic attacks; none of these reactions are less valid because they’re not ‘bad enough’
  • my general mental health influences how i respond to a trigger. the same trigger might not bother me on a good day but make me suffer from paranoia and anxiety on a bad day. it is still always a trigger.
  • veterans are not the only ones suffering from ptsd. “war” is not the only real trigger. 
  • mocking triggers (no matter how silly they seem to you) means mocking and disrespecting everyone who had a traumatic experience and asks people to tag triggers because they don’t want the memories to resurface more than they already do anyway
  • you’re not my therapist. you have no say in what triggers me and how i am supposed to deal with that. 
  • so if i ask people to tag penguins, but don’t feel comfortable telling everyone that the reason for this is that they are my abuser’s favourite animals which they often talked about (when they weren’t hitting me, locking me up and letting me starve, and telling me i deserve it), you have absolutely no right to make fun of that
  • bye
Defense Mechanism

Summary: Everyone deals with life in their own way, sometimes you’re smiling through the pain, other times you’re an ass. Park Jimin is far better at the latter.

This is for the request that my lovesly @g-d0818 sent in to me so long ago!!




Jimin couldn’t help but stare at you as you practiced up on stage; it wasn’t because you were beautiful–you were average, flawed–and it wasn’t because you had amazing talent–he’d often told you that you were talentless–and it definitely wasn’t because he thought you were worthy of attending the same prestigious university for the arts as him. Rather, Jimin stared at you because he was an artist who strove for perfection and you had a run in your tights.

How the hell was he supposed to sketch what was happening on stage if the subject matter itself wasn’t already perfect?

He was an artist, someone who strived for perfect technical abilities–someone who never once created something that wasn’t admired by all professors and students for its formal qualities, even if few (practically everyone) thought that his subject matter was boring and lacked originality/ purpose. So, when looking at you, the OCD running through his brain could only focus on that stupid run in your tights, and now he was noticing even more things about you that he hated. It always started like this, he would be doing something and you would be loud even if you never spoke–you would walk into a room and he would feel the compelling desire to point out all your faults. You irritated him in a way that he didn’t know was possible.

He ran his pencil across the paper, one of the few from his advanced III painting class that had decided to go to the auditorium during the interpretive dance class in order to sketch out poses and ideas for compositions and models. Once again he was distracted by your lack of care–you weren’t even wearing shoes and now your tight-clad feet were blackened because of it. He hated those tights. So much. You would have to toss them, though he knew you wouldn’t. You had once told him that it seemed pointless to get rid of something for one small flaw, as if he was a monster for suggesting that you better yourself and your appearance. You’re a dancer, how could you be so careless? How are you supposed to create a work of art without an already perfect canvas?

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Chocobro Scenarios

So a cute little idea I thought up the other night, and I thought I would write up. It got me thinking to all the different kinds of reactions people would have in this situation. But we know we can always trust in the Chocobros to support their s/o in whatever crazy plans they drag them into.

SFW with suggestive themes

Chocobros x Reader (Gender Neutral)

The Chocobros take a trip to the lingerie store with their s/o.


  • Noctis had a rare free day to himself and his s/o asked if they could do a little shopping in the morning. Promising that they would be back by afternoon to relax for the rest of the day, and that they could even take a nap.
  • Excited about the prospect of spending time with his s/o, making them happy and getting what he wanted was a definite okay in his book. So he agreed.
  • It wasn’t his favorite thing to do, but he knew they enjoyed it, and he would never admit it. But he enjoyed spending time out in public with them, because he was able to show off what an amazing s/o he has.
  • They went into a few stores, just browsing mindlessly before his s/o decided it was time to go into the store that they had set their mind on even before the trip.
  • “Hey Noct, I want you to help me pick out a new outfit. You can pick whatever you like, okay?”
  • He gave a nod in reply and let them take his hand and bring him into a store he had never been in, or really noticed, that was across the street.
  • Walking in, he immediately knew what his s/o had dragged him into, and his face went beat red.
  • He tried to make an excuse of why he had to leave, but they weren’t having it.
  • “I thought you might like to pick something out for me to wear. Whatever you like. Just for you to see.” They say with a wink and a smirk.
  • Noctis takes a deep breath before pushing away his embarrassment and deciding it was an offer he quite liked. So he marched further into the store with confidence and started looking around.
  • Once finding something, he walked back over to them as they ideally browsed, and handed them a lacy blue and black set, complete with a corset and matching panties, along with a garter belt and black thigh highs.
  • His s/o nodded their approval before taking it in hand and going to the register to buy it.
  • Noctis followed along quietly and stood behind them, before the cashier made a comment to the prince and he took their hand as soon as they were done and took their bag, walking as fast as he could before making it outside.
  • Walking away from the store, his s/o looked up at him with a smile. “Sorry for dragging you in there, but I thought you might like to pick something you wanted out.”
  • “It’s okay, you’ll just have to make it up to me tonight.” He said with a light smirk, leading them back in the direction of their shared apartment.


  • Ignis needed to go out to the shops and get a few things, and his s/o decided to accompany him.
  • Going through some food stalls and in and out of shops for possible potions and materials the prince or their group may need, his s/o followed behind patiently. Making idle conversation as they walked alongside him.
  • Noticing they would pass by a certain shop that peaked their interest, a small smile came to their face before turning to Ignis as he glanced at some fruit in front of a shop.
  • They grab his hand to get his attention before he turns to them with a quizzical look.
  • “Can we pop into that store over there? There’s something I think we may need to get.”
  • He looks up to the shop that they pointed to, not having remembered been there before, but not seeing any harm to take a look, especially if his s/o showed an interest. “Of course, let’s go have a check inside then.”
  • They lead him to the store and walk inside. He is quickly aware of what kind of shop it is as he looks around at all the intimate attire.
  • He just chuckled to himself as he looks at his s/o, who has a smirk on their face, knowing exactly what they would be bringing him into.
  • “I thought it may be a good idea to take a peek in here, see if there was anything you may like that I could get for you.” They say with a knowing look in their eyes.
  • “I think you made a very fine choice. I think I’ll go do just that.” He says before walking with them through the store, taking things from their place on the pegs. Holding things up next to them to see how it may look, checking for good colors and sizes. Taking this opportunity to pick something he knew would be perfect for them.
  • Finally deciding on an ensemble, one which was a matching red set with silk bra and panties, along with a little silk and transparent robe to go on top.
  • Happy with his pick, he went to buy his selection for his s/o, insisting on paying for it himself. Before it was put in a bag and handed back off to him.
  • Exiting the shop, he heads back in the direction to their apartment.
  • “Are we heading back? I didn’t think you were done shopping.”
    “It seems I have more important things to attend to back home. I’d like to sort and look at the purchases we made before I assess what else I may need to buy.”
  • His s/o was just happy Iggy was as excited as them to try on their newly bought articles. He was bound to love it. And it made them even more excited to think Ignis planned to purchase more of the kind, in the future.


  • Having gone out on a lunch date with his s/o, they were wandering around the town, just browsing the surrounding shops.
  • Prompto seeing a thing or two, or a store that they would check in to see what they may have to offer.
  • Before he asked his s/o if there was any store they had wanted to look into.
  • They had just the idea.
  • It was a little bit of a distance, but since it was a nice day out, and Prompto loved spending time with his s/o just walking around and talking with no plans to be had, he didn’t mind.
  • They walked up to a shop that had no indication to what it might be, but as far as Prompto could tell, it was a clothing store.
  • But he didn’t mind either way, happy to go wherever his s/o wanted to go.
    Hand in hand, they led him into the shop.
  • It was instant realization as soon as they walked in the door exactly what kind of store it was. And it was just as instant the Promptos freckled cheeks lit up in a deep blush.
  • Standing stock still, his s/o had to convince him to walk further into the store with him, but he was so nervous he found it hard to do anything but stay still.
  • “Pick out anything you want, I want to wear whatever will make you happy, whatever you would enjoy the most. And I’ll buy it. This is all for you.”
  • He needed a minute to collect his thoughts that immediately went to a less innocent mindset, before he nodded slightly and bravely walked further in the store.
  • It took some prompting, but he eventually wasn’t so embarrassed as he saw other couples probably with similar intentions as his s/o’s.
  • And after some thought, he had decided on an outfit that he thought would compliment them the best, and could only think about how much he wanted to see them in it.
  • Picking a forest green, lacy and transparent one piece, he paired it with a darker green short skirt and white thigh highs, before handing it to his s/o to take up to the register to purchase.
  • Although he was nervous to be there, he could only think about how amazing they would look in what he picked out for them.
  • After paying and bagging the new outfit, they head out the door. Prompto grabs their hand and starts off to home at a faster pace than their leisurely walk they had been on before.
  • “Someone in a hurry?” They say with a chuckle.
  • “Of course! So let’s hurry home.” He says with a slight blush to his cheeks again, but you weren’t gonna complain. When you surprised him with things like this, he was always easily excited to see them through.


  • Unlike most, Gladio was very straight forward and wasn’t afraid to show his attraction for his s/o, even in public.
  • So that morning they had asked if he’d like to accompany out for a little shopping, being they had a day to themselves for once.
  • Gladio shrugged, not minding the idea of strolling through town in the shops with them, he hadn’t much else planned for the day.
  • So the both go into town around noon, walking through the streets with his arm around his s/o’s waist, pointing out things of interest.
  • As they walked, his s/o noticed a little shop up ahead that they knew would be a good idea to check out again with a certain boyfriend that had accompanied them today.
  • “Hey Gladio, I thought we could go check out that shop over there.” They say, pointing to a store Gladio didn’t recognize. But he agreed nonetheless, seeing no harm in looking inside, and it was his s/o’s idea to walk around and check out shops anyways.
  • They stepped inside and as soon as Gladio got a good look around, he let out a hearty laugh before turning to you with a wide smirk that showed off his teeth.
  • “Its like you know me too well babe. How did you know I wanted to get you a new outfit?”
  • “You mumbled something the last time, the other night, so I thought we could come check out this shop, and I’d let you pick out whatever you want.” They say with a wink, motioning to the store with a wave.
  • “You’re the best.” He takes their hand and walks along, scouring through the store for possible new choices he had yet to see them in.
  • There was a large selection but in the end, he found something he had the most pull towards. A black, lace up corset with matching black panties, and fishnets that he just couldn’t say no too.
  • Knowing him well, as his s/o passed by another section, they picked up a pair of heels to before heading to check out and buy their items.
  • And once his s/o’s items were bagged, he took it for them and headed back outside into the street.
  • All the while, Gladio whispered things he would do once his s/o got back home and was able to model their purchase for him.
  • It was his s/o who grabbed his hand and walked in a fast pace to get back to their apartment.
  • “If you end up ruining this new outfit like the last, you’re buying me two new pairs.”
  • “Well you better start deciding what you want when we go back there again in the next few days babe. Because you know I won’t hold back.”
  • There was no objection from his s/o as they hurried home.


Clint Barton: CW #Dadfail no. 1: Or the One where The Brainwashee Adopts the Brainwasher

I have read a lot of posts recently on Clint Barton in Civil War - so I decided to make one of my own - because Clint is one of my many issues with Civil War. And look at that - I picked this post to make add photos. Isn’t he special?

Why did I do this? It’s because a part of the fandom appears to see the relationship between him and Wanda as adorable. My reaction to this: What? What are you ON?

It is apparent that at some point between the middle of Age of Ultron and the beginning of this one, he and Wanda have become very close. I have an issue with this. Because Wanda Maximoff brainwashed every single other Avenger – much like Loki did to him.

Remember this?

Yeah, me too. 

Now let’s make a comparison, shall we?

I picked Natasha for the illustration because she is Clint’s best friend, and she was right there by his side during the Avengers. And she’s the one who knocked him out of the brainwashing.

Since this post is about Clint - let’s have his part too, despite the fact that it failed:

Also throughout the course of Ultron, we go from the above post, to this:

I understood that at the time, up to a point. Clint is notorious for giving out second chances. It’s how he befriended Natasha to begin with, and it was a bad situation. Clint understands that some people come from a bad place and make bad choices. Presumably, Wanda had changed sides and was now trying to do the right thing. Like Natasha. So he’s mentoring her, fair enough. For now, let’s set aside the fact that she mind-fucked his best friend into her worst nightmares of the Red Room.

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BTS reaction: you getting a facial piercing

Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me this long! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

I don’t think he is very into piercings, except for earrings. It might depend though. Like, I’m pretty sure he’d be completely fine with a small gem on your nose wing, but all other piercings would probably not be his cup of tea. And if it was something that he thought was a bit extreme, like a septum, bridge, or dimple, he would probably try to talk you out of it tbh. So, it really depends on what kind of piercing.

Originally posted by jinmini

Suga/Min Yoongi: 

Again, it depends on what kind of piercing. But his reaction would be vastly different from Jin’s. If it’s a piercing he approves of, he’ll love it and really compliment you on it. If it is a piercing he doesn’t really like, he might tell you that it looks cool, but not mention it more than that. He wouldn’t mind though.

Originally posted by notjustaphase

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

His first reaction would probably be to ask you about the pain, and how to make sure it doesn’t get infected, rather than the piercing itself. And then he’d be more like Jin. A lot of piercings aren’t really to his liking. But, I think that he wouldn’t try to change your mind. I feel like he’s more the type to tell you that it wouldn’t have been his first choice, but that you should keep it if you liked it.

Originally posted by gotjimin

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

He’d honestly just think it looks badass and, depending on the piercing, quite sexy. He would definitely compliment you on it, doesn’t matter what piercing you got. He doesn’t care, as long as you like it and it doesn’t get infected.

Originally posted by rapnamu

Jimin/Park Jimin: 

I feel like he is very similar to Jin. Jimin probably prefers cute and innocent people, and piercings wouldn’t really go with that image. But, I feel like he’s too sweet to tell you to get rid of it, unless it’s something he really doesn’t think suits you. And, he’d probably come around eventually if you just give him some time to get used to it.

Originally posted by parkjiminer

V/Kim Taehyung: 

He’s another one to think of it as badass. He would definitely fawn over it, because it looks awesome, and you’re so brave to get it. And I have a feeling that if you have chubby cheeks/dimples, he’d love it if you got dimple piercings because they’d make you look even cuter in his mind. But pretty much any piercing would go down well with him.

Originally posted by agustddarling

Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

I feel like he’s more of a tattoo kinda guy, but he definitely likes piercings as well. So he’d be very much like Namjoon, and just find it badass and hot. He would definitely show you off to the members, and other friends, whenever he can. And if it’s a piercing he really likes, he might even suggest that he gets one, so you have matching piercings. But that would only happen if you had been in a relationship for several years, and if his career allows it.

Originally posted by purelyjimin

anonymous asked:

the confusion konoha would face under the 'coup' is so funny. like, does danzou freak out about it, but hiruzen thinks the whole thing is funny and is like "nah let them be"? this is completely cracky and something they'd probably never do, but honestly all i can see in my mind when thinking of this uchiha clan plotting its 'coup' is someone standing at the front of their secret meeting place and shouting "what do we want?" and the rest of the ppl present yelling back "the r&d building!"


Oh god, I can’t see it but I also can and just. Yes. This is a coup I approve of. 

I was just thinking about how last night while replaying “Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts” as Sene, she was so busy exploring the library with veilfire above the courtyard that she missed the third bell and was just completely late to the party. This has never happened to me before. I didn’t even know there was a third bell, and at first I was pissed because I lost like 15 court approval WTFUCK.

But then I realized that this is exactly what would happen to Sene. She would be so proper and prepared for the first part of the evening. Perfectly on her guard, but then she’d get so lost and distracted by the beauty of something so fancy and strange and big as the Winter Palace, that she’d end up just entirely late to the affair, and her hair is all messed up from rushing, and she’s this tall, vivid red-headed elf standing in the middle of a ballroom full of masked assholes, and like, everyone is looking at her and whispering behind their hands, and she’s like, “FUCK FUCK FUCK.”

“You’re late,” says Josie.

“Well what the fuck?” says Sene.

And then of course Solas is there to clandestinely pluck one of the pins from her hair. He sets it between his teeth and then he gives her a smirk. “Inquisitor,” he says and shoves his hands in his pockets, and then he saunters off without a fucking care in the world.

“Solas was here on time,” says Josie.

:monumental sighing: says Sene.

It’s Our Hearts that Make the Scene

Josh Dun x reader

Summary: You are a recording artist who is in the process of creating a music video for your new single. Rather than having a random actor play your love interest, you have other plans.

Words: 1,614

A/N: Shoutout to @joshduns-purplehair for the title (I tweaked it a tiny bit)

Originally, I envisioned hiring an actor and an actress to play the couple in my music video for my newest single but the video director insisted that it would be cool if I were in the video.

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Olicity: Return to Me

normalisjustafairytale said: On the prompt front, 4 n 1 quickie of four times Oliver tried to win her back and one time he succeeded. All the fluffy things that make Felicity weak at the knees.

The mug finds itself a home on her desk with a minuscule ‘thud’ that she almost misses beneath the furious hammering of her fingers against the keyboard. They’ve been searching for Darhk so intensely the last few days that she’s not entirely certain she’s slept in the last forty-eight hours, which would be far easier to work out if she’d paid attention to the time they actually started this insane manhunt. Now, all she knows is that she’s exhausted, that she can’t remember the last time she went to the bathroom, and that she’s not entirely certain if that smell is coming from her or not.

But she knows that she’s under-caffeinated and thirsty as hell, so the acknowledgement of the mug at her side comes at the same moment the delicious aroma of coffee sends a wash of relaxation through her, however temporarily. 

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Yo so Power Rangers was actually fucking rad and had no right being that enjoyable. But I feel like I gotta address a thing. I’m seeing a lot of people on blogs or on this site negating the queer representation in the film, citing it as being not enough or shying away from what it’s trying to do. And personally I think that kinda sucks and really hurts?

I saw this film and felt completely and justly represented. There was a superhero on screen who was subtly confronted with a situation where her sexuality was questioned and she expressed a feeling of being unsure of her sexuality and explaining that her issue is her “overly normal” family not approving of her past relationships. On screen there was a character, confirmed to be queer (her orientation wasn’t clarified), who’s sexuality wasn’t her defining character trait and was treated with equal sincerity and respect on screen as the others.

Now the scene itself “not being enough”. Realistically, this is how this kind of discussion can take place. I’ve lived it. People who see the film will understand more specifics but this is how people talk. Not all people sure, but the point is it’s casual. Not emphasising a casual aspect of a persons being. Her main topic of discussion was her parents not approving of her, the sexuality aspect was part of this. I felt it flowed and was completely justified existing in the dialogue and performance exactly how it was portrayed.

My point here is, I felt represented on screen, pretty well. It felt real, and meaningful without making it the defining or “tragic” moment of the scene. CASUAL representation. Something I think is super important, especially with something as high budget and main stream as this.
What someone might think isn’t appropriate or significant representation, may actually mean the world to someone else. Why should a particular type of representation be universal to every single person who relates to that demographic? We’re individuals right?

So. Don’t negate this film because of what you may or may not have heard regarding its handling of certain topics. See it. Support it. Casual moments like these in films like these can make all the difference. For the love of god, see something and do your own research, before making a judgement. I see too many films and works of art being boycotted and criticised on this site without an inch of consideration going towards an individual opinion, the truth, or the respect of the artists.

See Power Rangers, it’s a rollicking fun time at the moving picture house, and it’s important to support casual representation like this.

The Best Prey

I always wanted to make my dad proud.

My dad was what people would consider a man’s man. Had a lot of big guns and a lot of animal heads up on the walls. He was really proud of the ten point buck he nailed when I was three. He even bragged about one day having the funds to go to Africa and nail some of the big game over there.

And of course, with that tiny little wife of his, he wanted to have a son to take with him.

Of course things don’t work out like that. After a complicated pregnancy and birth, he had no wife and a tiny little daughter.

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anonymous asked:

May I ask what Bad Karma is? Is it a story you're making, and, if so, will we get to see it at some point?

Bad Karma is a story I’ve created for my thesis project! I’ve spent the last year working on the pitch packet for it. Unfortunately I have no immediate plans to make anything with it, as I’d like to pitch it to a few studios one day. But if you’re interested, I’ve stayed pretty active over on instagram! (@cottonprojectt) I want to post something a bit more cohesive once it’s all done and approved, but right now that’s the best way to follow the project. 

The story follows Karma and Roman, two grumpy anti-heroes who take on the city of Portland’s unsavory characters in order to complete a pact they struck between them. Karma, a celestial agent of bad luck tasked with punishing individuals who have made too many selfish choices, has blackmailed roped high school gossip king Roman Gates into doing a sizable portion of her job for her. If she starts turning out good numbers, she can get a promotion to be an agent of good luck, which she wants more than anything. Desperate for his life to be normal again, Roman uses his talent for digging up other people’s secrets so that he can fulfill the pact they made as quickly as possible.

Mostly they’re just grumpy buttheads who have a whole lot to learn about what it means to be honest, open, and fair. And I love them very dearly!*

* this is old art–Roman is pointier these days.

anonymous asked:

Could maybe write number 5 of the kiss theme prompt for Jerza? Only if you are not too busy and are inspired for that prompt of course.

5. The characters both belong to the same friend group, but somehow they are left alone just the two of them on a camping trip/road trip/etc. Character A can’t stop thinking about wanting to kiss Character B and are afraid Character B can tell.

Setting: Canon - during the guild’s disbandment.
Genre: Romance.
Rating: T for smooches of the steamy kind.

This kiss is something I can’t resist. Your lips are undeniable. This kiss is something I can’t risk. Your heart is unreliable. Something so sentimental you make so detrimental. I wish it didn’t feel like this ‘cause I don’t wanna miss this kiss.

;Kiss And Tell

‘Are you worried about them?’

Jellal glanced up from the fire, the flames casting an eerie glow upon his face. He studied her eyes a moment, as though trying to figure out how she’d done it – read his expression so perfectly – and then let out a long breath he’d been holding in.

‘I’m not worried about them,’ he said. ‘I’m just not entirely sure how we lost them to begin with.’

He was right. To a point. Everything had been going so well – the trek through the woods, the location of runes, the gathering of information. All of it had gone to plan. Until they’d decided to walk back to base. One moment Meredy and the others were behind them, the next they’d vanished. Poof. Like something in a magician’s hat. 

‘We have enough information to infiltrate Avatar,’ she reassured him. ‘We’ll find the others and get to work.’

‘I’m not sure I’m okay with you infiltrating the group, Erza,’ he said, his eyes narrow in the dim firelight. ‘It’s not safe.’

‘I never said it was,’ she agreed. ‘But someone has to do it.’

‘Then let me do it.’

Erza choked back a laugh. ‘You? They’d recognise you the moment they saw you. You’re a fugitive, remember?’

Jellal cast his gaze downward. ‘I suppose you’re right.’

Erza’s lips quivered. This was the first time they’d been alone since she’d rendezvoused with Jellal’s group. She didn’t want to spend that time dredging up his past. 

‘It’ll be fine. Any trouble, I’ll contact you right away.’

Jellal smiled. Erza’s gaze fixed on his lips. For a moment, reality slipped away. She remembered the day he’d lied to her about having a fiancee. Remembered the sound of her heart breaking as he pushed her away. Remembered the way it had thundered mere seconds before, beckoning him closer.

Letting out an uncharacteristically high squeak, Erza drew her knees to her chest and quickly hid her face among them. 

‘Erza? Is everything all right?’

‘Fine,’ she mumbled. 

‘Are you cold?’

Erza glanced up at the sensation of his coat being wrapped around her shoulders. His face was too close, bringing his lips – and her memories – back into focus. Her face warmed. She hoped with all her heart that he would blame it on the fire. 

‘Sorry,’ he said. ‘I didn’t mean to startle you.’

His expression softened. He wasn’t moving back to his former position, either. Erza narrowed her eyes. 

‘What is it?’ she asked.

‘It’s quite surreal,’ he said, ‘that we should stumble into each other at a time like this.’

Erza forced herself to smile. ‘Without the guild, I wasn’t entirely sure where to go. I want to do something useful. To help people. But that’s a little difficult without a mission to complete. I couldn’t bring myself to join another guild. That was my home. It was…’

Jellal wrapped his arms around her, drawing her in close. Erza could feel her heart breaking a second time as his warmth washed through her.

‘You have a home here, if you’ll have it.’

Of course she did. Jellal had always been home. ‘I don’t think your Fiancee would approve.’

‘I don’t have one,’ he said.

Erza glanced up at the admission. A mistake she wouldn’t be able to rectify. Their faces were too close. She found herself occupied by his mouth and sorely wished he would let her go. 

And then he kissed her.

Erza’s body went numb despite the warmth emitting from the fire. Her fingers tingled with a foreign need to reach up and embrace him. He hesitated a moment before pulling back.

Neither of them said a word.

And then she kissed him. Combing her fingers up into his hair, Erza drew him against her with a kindling passion, letting her mouth kiss his in a way that raised the hairs on the back of her neck. It was clumsy and warm and wonderful, and led her to believe that all things were possible in the world.

They went on like this for some time, exchanging their worries and doubts in the form of an embrace. He kissed her and she kissed him. The sensation of his lips on her neck would carve their way into her mind, replacing the glimmer of heart ache and the sadness of being apart. 

The next morning, Erza stirred awake to an intruder in their camp. Gray was staring down at them both, a knowing smile on his face. Erza cast Jellal’s arm aside and quickly scrambled to her feet.


‘Erza.’ His gaze flit from her to Jellal, who was still, to her disbelief, sound asleep. ‘So this is what you’ve been–’

Erza smacked him before he could finish. 'What I’ve been doing is none of your concern.’

She took a moment to look him over. He was covered in eerie black marks. The kind of marks that would serve well for the infiltration of a demon guild. 

‘Your appearance…’

‘Just a consequence of my magic,’ he said. ‘I’m learning to control them.’

Reassured by the sincerity in his eyes, Erza leaned back on her heels and offered him a telltale smile. ‘I have a job for you, if you’re interested.’ 

Gray’s lips twitched up into a smile. ‘I’m listening.’ 

"Septiplier is dead"

I hate that term. I hate it so so much.

That entire sentence makes me feel terrible, like complete and utter shit.

Because of the way people use it.

“You can’t post that art! Septiplier is dead you fucking idiot!”

“Eww you ship septiplier? That died ages ago how disgusting.”

“Mark and Jack hate septiplier because of people like you! You’re the ones who killed it!”

Now, I understand the whole “please don’t draw us fucking” thing because that’s you and your friend and that’s kind of weird, but Jack said that the fluffy stuff is fine.


YA KNOW THE WHOLE “its fine as long as you don’t draw us fucking” THEY FORGET THE “its fine” PART!

Now the fandom has to suffer for this, they have to deal with all the hate because of Jack and Mark announcing that whole thing, no I’m not saying its Jack and Mark’s fault I’m saying its the fandoms.

Because they changed Jack’s words and manipulated them into something so different from what he said.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: PLEASE BE KIND TO THE SEPTIPLIER FANDOM.

Though Mark and Jack don’t approve of smut, I know they wouldn’t approve of you all ATTACKING the fandom for posting completely appropriate pictures that you guys don’t like.

I’ve had friend’s who run septiplier accounts that get hate from people who ship other things and fans in general EVERY DAY.

Every post gets a comment asking them to take it down because “Mark and Jack don’t like it” or “Jelix is much better”

My friends let this hate get to there head and several have scars from thinking they were so alone, my friend Theo carved “useless” into her leg yesterday because someone kept calling her a “useless trashy bitch” for posting and shipping septiplier.

So please, stop the hate.

New York, Jasmine Cephas Jones x Reader

Prompt: Loosely based off of ‘San Junipero’ from Black Mirror, minus the crazy ass technology.

Words: 1,614

Author’s Note: My first fem! slash full fic! Hope you guys all enjoy! This was originally supposed to be a Pippa/Reader with a completely different plot but I had to quickly abandon that idea due to lack of motivation. Hope this will do!

Warnings: Some NSFW talk, but no actual sex.

Askbox | Masterlist | HamWriters write-a-thon | My fics from this week!

You had never been to a club in the city before - a general lack of wanting to be tipsy in a dangerous street and with no one to go to - it was easier to stay home.

Adjusting your thick rimmed glasses (why did you let the doctor helping you pick them out convince you to get this pair?) and tugging at the hem of your shirt (was a shirt too casual for this club?), you stayed on the outskirts of the dance floor. 

It was warm, almost enough for a fog to cover your lenses, but you were still able to make out every detail. Bodies bumping together haphazardly, drinks being passed from person to person.

Then there was you, sticking out like a sore thumb. With another glance around the place, you decided tonight wasn’t your night. A group was lingering by the door as you tried to make your escape. You had to weave between their bodies.

You should have kept your hands tucked closer to you, your hand grazing against someone as you tried to duck out.

“If you wanted to cop a feel, all you had to do was ask.” A flirtatious grin was shot in your direction was whoever you bumped into stepped a bit closer. Her chopped hair danced at the perfect length, long neck exposed.

If anyone else had tried that line on you, you would have cowered and bolted before another word could escape. Her grin, though, had you captivated.

“Cat got your tongue?” She laughed. A musical laugh that caused a clenching in your stomach and you suddenly wanted her singing another song entirely.

She continued to giggle at your silence. All you could do in return was sheepishly smile, eyes trained on the upturn of her lips. She stepped back, neck craning to where you had been headed.

“Calling it a night already?” She pouted at your nod.

Jasmine!” A man shrieked across the club, and she cursed back a response. 

“See you again?” She asked, teeth shining under the flashing lights. You couldn’t say no. “Maybe wear something a little shorter next time.” She reached over and tugged at the hem of your longer skirt. It didn’t hug your frame as well as Jasmine’s dress did. “Something easy to dance in.”

She winked and disappeared into the crowd without another word.

You had no choice but to return the next night - a new shirt clinging to your skin just above your knee. She was nowhere to be found.

You sipped on a fizzy drink, wanted a sober head to fully take in her beauty again in case she stumbled back into the club. The bartender - who had called her name the night before, stealing her beautiful eyes from your - watched as you continued to glance at the door.

“One of her groupies?” He asked, conversationally.

“I’m sorry?”

“Jasmine. Always has a posse. They’re all in love with her - worship her. I can see the attraction.” He shrugged. “She’s not coming tonight.” He mumbled something about her work as he searched behind the bar.

You tried to mask your disappointment at the information. Her smile had made you feel seen for the first time in awhile - maybe she just had a really nice smile.

He slid a paper across the bar to you, along with a refill of your drink. You hadn’t noticed that you had been sucking on the ice cubes for ten minutes.

Hey Stranger! Wearing a better skirt tonight? Don’t even think about getting on the dance floor without me. Rain check tomorrow?

x Jasmine

You bit your lip, mind whirling for any way of getting out of your own shift at work so you didn’t disappoint a woman who didn’t even know your name.

She was already dancing the next night when you sheepishly made it past the club bouncer and into the cesspool of the club. Her neck glimmered with sweat - or maybe that was just a natural glow - and was at your side in a second.

“What’s your name?”

You provided it quietly, her having to step closer and crane her neck in your direction to decipher in through the loud music. She tested it out, grinning as you nodded in approval. Without a word, you were on the dance floor. Her body pressed close to you as her friends all cheered to tease her.

At first you didn’t know what to do - how to move your hips and where your hands went.

“We can stop if you want?” She whispered, quiet enough to avoid her friends’ intruding ears.

Your hands found home on her hips, tugging her closer as the music continued to blast through the club. You could feel the bass in the floors, encouraging your hips to push into hers.

You danced for hours, drinking in each other’s giggles instead of actual alcohol. Without a glance at her friends, she was tugging you out of the club and into the cold city street, hailing a cab and providing her address to the driver.

You knew where the night was headed, and your heart pounded a similar beat to what you had heard in the club. Her lips were on your in the back of a dirty New York taxi and you had never wanted to be anywhere more in your life.

She pulled back and you pushed forward, eager and willing and wanting nothing more that to elicit the quick gasp she provided again.

The next morning was filled with groggy greeting and searching her apartment for articles of clothing. She provided coffee and merely hummed at any suggestion of seeing each other again.

Nevertheless, you continued to dress up every night and sit at the bar, hoping with all hope that her and her friends would find their way back in. Your skirts got tighter, you started drinking beer instead of carbonated drinks. The beer quickly turned to hard alcohol as five nights turned into six.

You promised yourself one more night before abandoning the idea of Jasmine. Suddenly her short hair wasn’t as appealing and the bright red of her lipstick was duller. You bitterly threw back another shot before a commotion at the door stole your attention.

She stumbled in, the firm arm of a curly haired man tugging at her waist. She laughed, a giggle you had before familiar to you and you for one night a week ago was caused by you. She froze at the sight of you at the bar, pushing the man gently in the chest and whispering an excuse.

She waltzed past you, nodding her head discretely in the direction of the bathroom and you were on your feet, trailing behind her.

She closed and locked the door behind you, exposed back pressed against the metal of the door. She looked at you in pity, which was the last thing you wanted in that moment.

“What are you doing here?”

“You don’t own this club.” You mumbled, harsher than you had intended.

“You know what I mean.” She stayed planted against the door, head tilting in sympathy. “We had a really fun night. Can we leave it at that?”

You shrugged, eyes drifting across the expanse of her neck again and wondering how you could ever feel like her skin wasn’t the most perfect sight you had ever laid your eyes on.


“You were my first.” You admitted, taking your place at the sink, adjusting your skirt as it hiked up your thigh.

“You didn’t tell me-”

“Sorry I didn’t have virgin tattooed right next to my vagina.” You sneered, “I want to be with you and-”

“This wasn’t supposed to happen.” She groaned, head falling forward as her voice quivered, “We were supposed to have one good fuck and that would get you out of my head and I could go back to-”

“Your boy toy?”

“His name is Brandon.” She told you, as if it mattered. “I wasn’t supposed to come back you weren’t supposed to want more.”

“I do, though.”

“Me too.” She laughed, light and barely audible. She laughed at herself, upset she had let this girl with a terrible sense of fashion and too-thick glasses get such a hold on her.

“So?” You asked.

“I’ve never slept with the same person twice.” She mused, eyes raking over the expanse of your exposed thighs.

“Me neither.” She let out a single loud, uncontrolled laugh. Completely real, unfabricated.

“Can I tell you something?” She whispered, though the privacy of the restroom provided her with enough cover for her to not need to, “I hate this club.”

Your hand was in hers and you took the lead, throwing the bathroom door open. Much to the approval of the gaggle of girls waiting in line. You dragged her past her posse, who all called for her. She ignored the calls in favor of squeezing your hand tighter.

You hailed a cab on the first try, your loud whistle forcing the car into a halt before you. You provided your own address and your hand was up her dress as the driver cranked up the radio.

The next morning you didn’t stop at coffee. She offhandedly mentioned a craving for pancakes and you were in the kitchen whisking batter as she showered.

She scavenged through your closet, pulling on the outfit you had worn the first night you went to the club. The skirt, which had been an odd length on you, fell just right on her frame. She ate your pancakes and tried on your glasses as she ignored the buzzing of her phone.

Neither of you ever went back to that club.