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Can you do a napping with Zoro, Luffy, and Law scenario! Sorry if its a bother requested by @voidygal

A/N: I hope you like it! I didn’t really do napping ALONE, idk i had to think of something else like storywise….i hope that’s Ok… tell me what you guys think wohooo (and btw its not a bother don’t worry im very happy about requests!!!)


You never were the kind of person to just go and nap somewhere. It didn’t quite make sense to you; why waste the day to sleep, when you have the whole night to do so? You’d rather lay somewhere and watch the sea or do something productive, maybe talk to your friends but sleeping when the sun was out? Never. At least before you meet a certain someone.

That someone, a green haired someone to be honest, was the reason you caught yourself sleeping day after day in the daylight. It was not that you wanted to sleep, it was just the warmth that came from his arms or the smell that lulled you into a light sleep and before you could catch yourself, you fell asleep.

Zoro didn’t mind though. Actually, he really did like to see you sleep, it was something that calmed him down and ever since the adventures of the strawhat crew got more dangerous by day, he found himself longing for something to calm his nerves, something that could make him relax, make him feel safe. That something was you.

“Zoro…”, you whisper from the side of the room he was currently in. “Don’t you think it’s enough? You’ll hurt yourself, if you don’t stop.”

You were worried sick. A few days ago, your boyfriend had gotten into yet another fight with Sanji, but this time, he must have said something that made his ego hurt. He had been training for days straight, barely talking to you, barely talking to anyone, actually.

“No, I won’t.”, he mumbled back, not bothering to look up to you from where he was seated, lifting weights as if his life depends on it. His skin was glistening with sweat, a sight that made you gulp, but you pushed those thoughts away quickly. Angrily you walked into the room.

“Yes, you will! Why do you suddenly care about what Sanji says to you?”, you crossed your arms over your chest. Yes, Sanji was your friend and one of your crewmates, but honestly? Both of them are just completely senseless when it comes to fighting each other. “Just, I don’t know, at least take a break from whatever you’re trying to achieve.”, you added a bit more softer.

“Cant.”, he whispered back, put the weights away and looked at you. For a second you could feel him muster you, his eyes wandering from the top of your head to your toes. “I need to show him that I’m better. And stronger. And better.”

“Seriously?”, you rolled your eyes, this was just too childish. “Please come and take a break, just ten minutes.”




“Please?”, you tried again, this time trying your best to make him give in. “Let’s take a quick nap… just a tiny one.”

He hesitates, you stay silent. His gaze starts to wander, as if he’s trying to find an excuse to stay, but after a while you break the silence. “I won’t leave, if you don’t come with me.”

He stands up, sighing. He takes a towel and dries his sweat, but doesn’t care to do something else. The both of you leave the room, you smiling happily and him right behind you, groggily walking along and a slight blush on his cheeks.

The both of you enter your room, a bed in the corner just big enough for the both of you and a lot of plants all around you. Raindrops were quietly hitting against the little window, making the room look even cozier than before.
You let yourself fall down on the bed, feeling the mattress shift from the weight on the right side of you, after he lets himself down as well.

“Just a few minutes.”, he reminds, his blush turning into a deeper color and his eyes staying glued onto the ceiling. “…not more, right?”

You hum quietly and lay your head onto his chest, your arm hugging him lightly from the side. For a second he freezes, even though he’s been in this situation with you for a million times now. After a while, he relaxes and hugs you as well, pushing you closer to his side. His hand slowly starts to stroke your hair carefully, afraid to break you.

“Just a few minutes…”, he mumbles again, barely making a sound as his eyes fall closed. You snuggle closer to him, inhaling his scent and humming quietly afterwards.

You don’t really care about him being a bit sweaty, you don’t really care about the footsteps echoing around the ship as your captain runs from one room into another. The only thing you care about is his steady heartbeat, how it speeds up every time you plant a little kiss on his chest and how his rhythm seems to match yours perfectly, even after you both fall asleep. Just a few minutes turn into half an hour, half an hour turns into one hour, one hour into two…


It had been a horrible day. A very horrible day, to be honest.

You were seated somewhere on the deck, watching the waves for what felt like hours now, even though it had only been about twenty minutes since Franky had left. The sun was glaring at you from above, making everything feel just a tiny bit worse.

The day had started perfectly: the sun waking you up, a deliciously made breakfast from Sanji, a beautiful little song by brook, a cute peck on the cheek from Luffy.. everything had been perfect. But then it happened.

You were walking around, not doing much in particular when you felt the first cramp. Stopping your walk, you hissed, but ignored it anyways, deciding that it probably wasn’t something to worry about. But you were wrong. The second cramp followed shortly after, the third one right behind.

Groaning in pain you had held onto your stomach. Something was wrong. You thought for a second, could it been the food? No, Sanji would never give you something that would hurt you. It must have been something else, a virus maybe.

After a while, you decided to walk to Chopper, maybe ask him for his opinion, but a few steps later, you realized that it wouldn’t be that easy. Your stomach started to turn, your head started to spin and your feet dragged you to the side of the ship, where you emptied your stomach quickly. It was horrible.

Franky, who had been standing a few feet away from you, quickly came running to you. “Oi, Y/N! Are you alright?”

Not being able to say anything, you shook your head and decided to sit on the little chair not far away. “I’ll go and get Chopper and Luffy! Don’t go anywhere!”, and then he went off.

Even in your state, you couldn’t help but shake your head. Of course you won’t go anywhere, you are barely able to stand on two feet. Time kept passing by, and soon, minutes flew by like the birds in the sky. Hell, how hard could it be to get Chopper and Luffy? But as if they had heard your thoughts, the two of them ran towards you, Franky following close by.

“Y/N! Franky told me you were dying!”, your boyfriend yelled. He crouched down next to you, his face showing his worry for you.

“I’m not dying.”, you said, your voice hoarse from the pain. “I hope.”, you added, trying to make the situation a bit lighter, but it didn’t work. Luffy was worrying even more, his eyes staring at you deeply and you felt your heart jump.

“Let me see,” Chopper said and pushed Luffy a bit away from you. He started to ask you questions, what you ate, what you did, what you did yesterday and so on. After his questions had stopped, he nodded. “It’s nothing bad, you just need to stay in bed for a while.”

You nodded as well and tried to stand up, but lost your balance shortly afterwards. Luckily, Luffy caught you. He hugged you close, using his devilfruit skills to wrap his arms around you not just once, no, eight times.

He brought you to your room and sat you down on the bed. “Thanks.”, you mumbled.

“Do you want me to bring you some meat? Maybe this will help?”, he asks you. “Meat always makes me feel better, I’m sure it will work!”, he adds brightly and turns around, ready to leave and get the food when you grab his arm.

“No, I think I just want to sleep for a bit.”, you say and try to bring him closer to you, but instead of him coming closer, his arm just starts to get longer.

“Oh. Okay. I’ll tell Sanji to make you something delicious for later then!”, he starts to walk again, his arm stretching more and more.

“No, L-Luffy!”, you yell, your stomach turning again. “Please, can you come lay down with me?”

He looks at you curiously and confused. “Will this help make you feel better?” You nod slowly and he smiles, his huge sunshine smile. “Okay!”

The both of you lay down on the bed and yet again Luffy wraps his arms around you a million times, but you can’t complain. It feels nice to be in his arms like that.

You bury your head into his shoulder and try to concentrate on his smell, the feeling of his skin against yours and his breathing, anything but the ache still prominent in your body. After a while, you start to feel tired, your eyelids growing heavier by the second and your mind slowly drifting off into the clouded world of dreams.

You still register Luffy snuggling closer to you however, rubbing his head softly against yours like a little puppy and you smile. You think he must have been tired as well, because shortly, his breathing starts to even.

Time passes by and the last thing you hear, is him whispering something about how good you smell, almost better than meat. But just almost… and then you fall asleep.


Being a member of the heart pirates was amazing and you loved lots of things about it. You loved the bond between you and your crew mates, how you could always count on them and your captain, no matter what happened. Even though it had a lot of good aspects, it also had some bad ones.

You being completely stressed, for example.

It wasn’t your task to help all of your crew mates, it really wasn’t but also… it kind of was. You were the one they always came to with their problems and questions and honestly… it was exhausting.

On one particular day, you couldn’t bear it anymore. “How do you ask someone out?” - “Do you think I would die, if I ate only pancakes?” - “What’s the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’?” And your absolute favorite one for the day: “Y/N, is Captain a good kisser? Please don’t tell him I asked you that!”

After a few hours of you trying your best to help everyone, you decided that you needed a break. Exhausted and a bit annoyed you left the deck and went inside the submarine, a slight headache thumping evenly against your forehead.

You went for the kitchen, ready to make you a nice, warm cup of tea but decided against it. Your mood will probably affect the others trying to eat, or worse, your presence will make someone think of a weird question again, which they’re dying to ask you. So, nope. You won’t go there.

Your feet dragged you to your own room, your mood falling more and more, so much that you didn’t even realize you were walking straight past Law, who was asking you if you were alright.

You opened the door to your room and let yourself fall down on your bed, face first when you finally heard Law.

“Y/N? Are you alright?”, he asked and walked into the room. He didn’t wear his hat, which you didn’t see, because your face was buried deeply into the pillows.

“Yeah. Just exhausted.”, you tried to say, but your words got swallowed by the pillows underneath you. You sat up and repeated yourself, this time looking straight at him.

“Hm,” He sat down next to you on the bed. “Maybe you should nap for a bit. It will make you feel better.”

“Will you join me?”, you asked. He was already here with you, he might as well stay and spend some time with you.

“Do you want me to?” You nodded. “Alright then. I guess I can take a little break.”

He pushed the blanket a bit down, enough for him to get inside and let you lay down right next to him. You were laying face to face, your hand grabbing his shirt tightly and your head snuggled into the blanket.

He put his hand over yours and started to slowly stroke his thumb down your hand, making you relax instantly.

“Tell me what was bothering you.”, he said softly and even though your eyes were closed, you could feel him staring at you.

“Nothing, I wasn’t feeling well, that’s everything.”

“Don’t lie, Y/N.”

You huffed. Of courses he knew you were lying. You snuggled closer into the blanket and opened your eyes a bit.

“The crew… they were asking me so many things.. it was so, ugh, I don’t know. I was feeling weird.”, you let your eyes wander down his face, studying every little detail about him. “It wasn’t weird because of them, it was rather weird, because sometimes I didn’t knew what to answer.”

To your surprise, his lips started to curve slightly upwards. Trafalgar Law was not someone who was easy to make smile, it was very hard actually. Sure, you could say you were the best one in doing so, but still.

“You’re…”, he started and his eyes turned a bit brighter, a bit warmer, a bit… more in love. “…adorable.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Sure.”, he brought his hand to your hair and started to massage your scalp, which made you close your eyes again. A deep sigh left your lips. “What kind of questions did they ask you?”

You snorted. “Someone asked me about your kisses,” you said. “Guess who it was.”

“Bepo.” Instantly.

You laughed. “Bingo.”

You could hear him shake his head. “So, what did you tell him?”

“Told him they were horrible.” You teased and giggled right after. Of course you didn’t say that, but it was fun to tease him.

“You’re the worst.”, he mumbled and pushed you into his chest. You inhaled his scent and hummed in content. Yeah, you were definitely in love. “What did you really say?”

“I didn’t answer, it was just too weird.”, you laughed again and felt your body become more tired by the second. You just wanted to sleep.

Neither of you spoke for a while, both of you just enjoying the company. You fell asleep first, he didn’t. You didn’t know Law liked to watch you, when you sleep. To be honest, he didn’t want you to know, it was weird.

But he still did it, because it made him feel good. It made him feel safe, it made him appreciate who he was, simply because he had you with him.

When you woke up again, about two hours later, you were alone. You touched the side of the bed, where Law had been laying and felt it to be still a bit warm, so he must have left not too long ago. You were about to turn around and sleep some more, when the door to your room broke open. You screamed.

“I told you to not tell him about my question, Y/N!”


Heart Break {Mike Wheeler x reader}

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summary: the reader goes to the snowball only to find her long time  crush , mike, kissing eleven. she is divested so runs off but finds herself with someone else.

a/n: i think i may make a pt 2 of this

(Y/n) sat in front of her vanity getting ready for the schools snowball.She puts on her red knee-length dress and her mother soon calls her downstairs to leave.She was super excited to see her friends tonight and her crush. Who was her crush you might ask? Her crush was the one and only Mike Wheeler.She has been friends with him for as long as both of them could remember. Eventually though ,in the summer of 1983 they grew distant. She didn’t know why but she felt maybe it had to do with her getting a boyfriend, Riley. Riley was a good kid, never got in trouble, turned in his homework on time, and never dared to miss a day of school. You would image Riley to have a  super nerdy appearance but he was in all honestly quite adorable. When he confessed to liking (Y/n) she couldn’t say no.Mike never understood what she saw in Riley. He would always ask her why she dates him but it would always be the same reply. Mike and her stopped talking 24/7 like they used to, but they would still have a conversation once in awhile. Riley and (y/n) broke up after a 2 month relationship, which was somewhat long for their age. After those 2 months (y/n) realized she had feelings for Mike. She was planning on telling him tonight at the snowball but who knows. She might chicken out or something.

She walked inside the schools gym and noticed all the different decorations. She also noticed her friends Will,Dustin,Lucas,Max,and Mike sitting at a table.

“Hey everyone” (y/n) squealed as she sat at an empty seat.

They all greeted her as well and complimented her on her outfit.

“Thank you” she smiled back at them.

After awhile everyone , except for her and Mike ,started finding dance partners. Her and Mike awkwardly sat at the table waiting in silence.

“So uhh,long time no talk?” Mike looked over at her.

“Yeah..” she mumbled out.

“So whats up? We haven’t talked in forever” he responded back.

“Nothing much you know the usual.” she replied bluntly back.

“What happened to us?” he asked in a more serious tone.

“I don’t know. We just stopped talking.”(y/n) said looking up at the boy.

“I really wanted to tell you something tonight but i don’t know if i can anymore..” she sighed.

“You can tell me anything,anything.” Mike looked (y/n) in the eyes.

“I kinda have a cru-” she was cut off by Mike leaving the table.

She looked over to where Mike went and saw him and a girl beginning to dance.

‘Who is this girl?’ she thought.

She watched them dance and something that broke her heart happened.

They kissed.

Something (y/n) would never have wanted to see.She loved Mike.She quickly got up and rushed out the gym doors. She was about to enter the girls restroom when someone grabbed her arm. ( spoiler alert its not mike!)

“(Y/n) is everything ok?” She turned around to see her best friend Will looking up at her.

“Yeah its fine..” she said through tears.

“Then why are you crying?” he asked again.

She couldn’t respond all she could do was cry.

“Hey its ok. Here take this.” He handed her a tissue , which she kindly accepted and patted it where her tears were.

“Thank you Will” she mumbled out.

“No problem. Would you like to go back to the gym and dance?” Will looked up at her.

“I would love to” she smiled as they walked back to the gym.

Once they entered the gym they started to dance along to the music that was softly playing.

“Do you wanna kiss?” Will asked.

“Umm” she looked around and noticed Mike was staring at the two. She found it odd but quickly shook the thought out of her head.

“Sure.” she pressed her lips against Wills lips and quickly pulled away and they both were blushing messes.

Little did they both know, there was a pissed off Mike leaving the gym.

How You Two Meet

Kai Parker: You were helping Elena and Caroline set up the birthday party for Bonnie. You three wanted everything to be perfect for Bonnie. You were on cupcake duty. Caroline of course wanted there to be like 20 different kinds of cupcakes, you tried to tell her you don’t need that much but she wasn’t hearing it. So you just gave up and started making the different kinds of cupcakes. You were in the process of putting icing on the cupcakes, when someone comes up and takes a cupcake. “Yum, Cupcakes!” “Hey! They are for the party” “The party doesn’t start to I walk in, I think that’s what they say” “No ones says that” “I heard it in a song on the radio.” “That song is from like 2008” “I just heard it for the first time” “What? Where you trapped inside a prison world or something.” “Actually, Yes I was, excuse my manners, Hi, I’m Kai.” “So you are the famous Kai everyone is talking about?” “ Most likely, I’m the only Kai that I know of, are you going to tell me your name?” “Oh yeah sorry, its Y/n” “beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” “For a sociopath you have some moves.” “I learned from watching Baywatch.” “I have never seen that but ok.” “What its a classic?” “Well for starters I was 2 when that show came out and I’m a girl so…” “Yeah I totally didn’t think of that.” “Its cool Kai, well I better get back to making these cupcakes before Caroline flips her lid.” “We don’t want that to happen! Do you want my help.” “Kai Parker wanting to help someone without getting something in return.” “Who said I wasn’t getting something in return?” “Oh well in that case I can do it myself.” “I’m just kidding, just tell me what you want me to do.” “Yeah sure you were, ok you can icing these cupcakes.” “I was, I’m on it boss!”

Jake Riley: (Before the virus outbreak): You have just moved to Atlanta, Georgia from (your hometown). Of course you had no one to help you unpack. So you had to do it all by yourself. You were taking a box out of the moving truck when you see a very fit guy across the street. You drop your box and you hope it wasn’t something important because when it hit the ground it made a loud noise, which made the fit guy look your way. You stood there awkwardly smiling and you waved to him and he did the same back expect he comes running over to you. Oh great, this should be fun, you thought. “Hi, sorry I made you run over here because I dropped something.” “Its ok, Do you need help carrying boxes in your house?” “Yes, I would love some help. I’m y/n” “Nice to meet you y/n, I’m Jake. Sorry I made you drop the box, I hope it wasn’t something important.” “ Nice to meet you too Jake, Wait what do you mean?” “You dropped that box because you saw me.” “Wow aren’t you full of yourself there Jake.” “No, I saw you looking at me and next thing you know the box falls.” “Maybe it was just too heavy.” “I don’t think so, its ok, I think you are cute.” “Thanks I guess, Can we just start carrying the boxes in before this gets anymore awkward?” “I don’t think it can get anymore awkward than it already has but I like awkward.”

Mon-El: You were bring lunch to your brother Winn at the DEO. You walked over to Winn’s station, and he was on his computer so he didn’t notice you. So you walk up behind him and scary him. “Y/n did you really need to do that?” “Yeah I enjoy picking on you.” “I’m the big brother, I’m supposed to be picking on you.” “You aren’t doing a very good job of it Winnie.” “Please don’t call me that.” “I’m going to call you whatever I want to call you.” You were too busy fighting with Winn that you didn’t see a cute guy walk up to the two of you. “Winn, I need help with something.” “Mon-El I’m a little busy right now.” “Oh sorry, is this your mate?” “Eww, no she is my sister.” “Well in that case, Hi I’m Mon-El and you are really beautiful.” “Thanks Mon-El, I’m Y/n you aren’t too bad yourself.” “Thanks, I will see you around, I gotta go back to training.” “Ok, it was nice meeting you Mon-El.” “The same goes for you.” Mon-El disappears down the hall and you have a big smile on your face. “NO NO NO.” “What you do you mean no?” “You are not getting involved with Mon-El” “and what is that Winslow?” “Because he is alien.” “That is not a good enough answer, you wanted to date Kara and she is an alien, what’s the real reason?” “I guess I just don’t want to see my little sister get hurt.” “Aww Winnie, thanks for caring but Mon-El seems like a puppy dog, I don’t think he would hurt anyone, I got this.” “I know, just looking out for you.” “Thanks for that Winnie.” “You are welcome y/n”

Chris Wood: (when Chris was on The Carrie Dairies): You were texting your best AnnaSophia Robb who plays Carrie on the Carrie Dairies. She was telling you about the new guy on set who happens to play her love interest on the show and that he was perfect for you! She has tried to set you up in the past with her coworkers and it never worked out so you just thought this was going to be the same. AnnaSophia asked you to come to set so you could met this guy. So you got ready and headed over to the set. You were walking to AnnaSophia’s dressing room and you weren’t playing attention and you bumped into to someone. You look up and its a really cute guy, maybe this is who AnnaSophia was talking about. “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” “Its ok, its not everyday that you bump into a beautiful girl.” “Thanks and that was really smooth.” “You are welcome, I thought I would give it a shot. I’m Chris by the way.” “Its nice to meet you Chris, I’m y/n” “Nice to meet you too, y/n…” Before Chris could say another word, he was called to set. “Well I guess I will see you around Y/n” “I sure hope so.” Chris leaves to go to set. AnnaSophia walks over to you . “Hey Y/n, I see you meet Chris, I told you, you two would hit it off.” “Hey girl, what he is the guy you wanted me to meet?” “Yes, He’s cute huh?” “More than cute, he is the most beautiful man I have ever laid my eyes on.” “I knew you would like him, he seems to like you two, I will set something up.” “Please do!” “I can see what I can do” “Thank you, you are the best!” “Just thank me at your wedding.” “Shut up AnnaSophia.”

Author’s Note: I’m going to do preference series with Chris Wood and His Characters. If there is a character of his that I didn’t do and you want me to do, just message me and you can also send in request too!

Sneak peek at another RP I am currently still doing >3< one of my personal favorites


*sighing I walk in through the front door and stand there, the cold crisp, autumn breeze coming in. Using my left foot I swiftly close the door and shivers from the absence of warmth.* god damn, I hate this weather. *I mutter to myself and walk over to the couch, dropping my bag onto the floor beside the couch as I then plop on the couch and pull the thick afghan of the back of it. Growling softly I fight with it until I position it correctly so I can start to get warm.*

{Jezabel the futa elf}

*I was at your front door fixing my skirt slightly because of how crooked it was.* damn this stupid thing always does this to me *I huffed and slid my messenger bag in front of my legs for some slight warmth from the warm material it had and pulled out my gloves before knocking on your front door with my left hand while holding my gloves in my right* excuse me I’m in need of some help. I got lost and I don’t know where I am.


*i growl under my breathe and throws the afgan off of me, it lands in a puddle on the floor. Getting up off the couch I nearly kill myself as I trip over the blanket. Walking up to the door I open it and glare.* hi…


*I looked at you and backed up a little nervous by the look on your face as you glared at me* i… ummm I’m lost.. I’m sorry to have uh.. bothered you like this *you could see I was shaking from the cold but also the way you were glaring at me like that so suddenly*


*I lighten my mood slightly and open my door wider.* come in, I’ll help. *I grumble softly and wait for you to walk in, my body slightly stiff as a sharp wind sweeps into the living room, instantly stealing the warmth from me.*


*I hurried in to your quaint little home and took off my boots slowly since they were hard to untie to begin with* my names jezabel. I’m supposed to be moving in… Well somewhere near here and I got lost in the cold weather  *I made my way inside looking all around me*


*I quickly close the door behind me and rubs my arms, holding the friction would warm me up slightly.* I’m Jesiline but everyone calls me Jessy, and I don’t really talk with any of the assholes around here… *walking back over to the couch in pick my afgan up and wrap it around me.*


*I smiled at her as I went through my bag looking for the address before coming over your and placing the paper in your hand. You could feel warmth coming off me when you felt my hand touch yours* it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m looking for this address. I’m moving from two states away and trying to get away from certain people.


*as i take the paper from you, my hand softly touches yours. My hand feeling like ice against your warm one, pulling the paper closer I push my glasses up and reads it.* oh shit, yeah your no where close to Kennedy. You don’t wanna room with her anyways, she’s the whore of the town… I have an extra room if you wanna stay here. *re-reading the paper I sigh and shake my head.* they her ask me to room anyone cause of past events.


A whore? *tilts your head slightly in confusion* what’s a whore? And sure I’d love to stay in the extra room. Jessy you have such a lovely home by the way *I hugged her suddenly out of pure excitement before dropping my messenger bag over by my boots I took off. I started wringing out one side of my skirt that got wet while I was outside. You almost got a peek up it a few times*


*I swallow thickly as I watch you.* a w-whore is someone who can’t keep her legs closed. *after the hug my bod instantly wishes to steal your warmth once again.*


So it’s a person who sits funny or always walks? *I was still confused about all of that. I stop wringing out my skirt and sat down on the couch and looked around to see if you had a remote for your tv on the wall but decided to read the book I had. I pulled it out from the back of my skirts band*


No~ its someone who likes being fucked 24/7 *I tilt my head curiously as I watch you, my glasses sliding slightly.*


Fucked? *I stared at you* hmmm I guess that’s pretty bad then *you could easily tell I was to innocent for my own good*


Yeah, intercouse, sex, the horizontal hocka pocka. How ever you call it “making love” she loves it….


Ok. I know what the last one is. *I smiled at her brightly before opening up my book and pulling my legs up to the side of me*


PRODUCE101 SEASON 2 [이자리에] - Always ( Final Stage )

samuel, you did well! 고생했어 우리 아가 ㅠㅜ as someone who’s been around since you 17TV days i can’t even express with words how proud i am of you right now. although you didn’t win this time, watching you perform on stage happily is good enough for me. i won’t tell you to forget the hardships because you’ll learn from them soon, but keep you sights towards the front. your future awaits.

let’s walk the flower path, samuel ♡

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Hello Ally💞😽 idk if you stan wannaone or not but would tell me if theres someone you bias & who is he ((srsly i would die to see you talking about pd101guys/wanna one again) HOPE YOU HAVE A NICE DAY AS YOU 💞💞💕🎉✨💜🌈

OOOOO they were holding a concert here yesterday AA it’s funny but i watched the premiere of 101 in korea and fell in love with daniel kang at first sight i always knew that he was the one…… sungwoo jisung and taehyun are my second faves hehe

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I dont mean to offend or hurt you but I'm curious as to how you reason when it comes to shipping boys who are quite a lot younger than yourself?I dunno it's just, sometimes I get uncomfortable when I see ARMYs who are a lot older than the boys talk about them in a suggestive manner/hard-core ship them.Maybe it's stupid? I've been thinking about this for some time now and I haven't been able to ask someone in your situation about your own thoughts.So if you don't mind telling me, please do.(1/2)

Ah ok I see. Thanks for re-sending this. Don’t worry it’s fine, it’s a good question.

Well, first of all. As for MY personal case, I wouldn’t really say that I ship them? As in, I just take what is given to us while watching BTS stuff and this is just a conclusion that I’ve come to? And I support the idea that they might be more than friends based on what I’ve seen? But there is really nothing more to it? I’m not attracted to them like that, it’s more like watching over my baby brothers. Even tho, I wouldn’t say my age difference with any of the boys is THAT big either so…

But I see what you mean. I just dislike it in general when people are disrespecting the boys, even if it was fans their own age. As for shipping, I don’t mind what kind of hc bdsm fan fiction people write or read about them either, as long as people are safe and civil about these things. Shipping can be a way for people (especially teenagers and young adults) to deal with their own personal emotional and mental struggles and issues, and using fictional or real people (in fan fiction real people kind of become characters too) in order to process these things. Or some people just like bdsm and whatnot, but these things are usually very strict about rules and put safety first. It’s nothing bad really. 

But like I’ve said before, people need to have basic common sense and manners when it comes to shipping. That’s why tags and warnings etc exist, so people who don’t want to engage can stay away in their own safe space. 

And if you ship real people, which in my opinion is fine, just, stay civil about it. Shipping is for you, not for them. Also keep in mind that shipping also isn’t really that serious business either.

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When I was growing when it came to certain things that society wanted from me and I didn't agree, when I encountered this thing in media I felt immense pressure inside to be that way to the point of "you can't be otherwise it's your fate". And in order to avoid this I needed to watch only something that said the opposite thing very vigorously. So I wonder if someone saying "fic made me think it's ok" have similar problem? Maybe they have this pressure inside and if they don't see 1/2

if they don’t see NO!NO!BAD!THING! signs everywhere then they feel that pressure? Or if they don’t see for example gay people being pastel happy but see more dark version than it triggers similar fears, as if someone telling them that it’s what awaits them. That being said therapy helped me with such thing way more fast than trying to read only right stuff. 2/2

I’ve had this sitting in my askbox for ages.

Honestly, I’d believe it. this sounds like a form of compulsion that can stem from certain mental illnesses, so probably some people do feel a terror that they will experience or become anything they view.

And the concept of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ that stems from a massive oversimplification of certain principles from Christianity probably doesn’t help. The idea is that you spend time on what you value and you will speak and act out of that value - so if you spend time on ‘bad’ things, you will speak and act on ‘bad’ things. Enjoy a ‘bad’ show? I guess you value that! now you’re going to copy it. that’s just how it is. garbage in, garbage out.

Humans are more complicated than that. Sorry.

Thought I’d post this here too, and maybe explain why I drew it.
I know everyone doesn’t like this pairing. And that’s ok. It’s weird and they’re old and I know it would never be canon in a million years. And it’s gay. So very gay. But I like it. A LOT. Too much. And I don’t know why, but that doesn’t matter.
I had a Twitter user (who I blocked) that did not like this pairing. They asked about my icon and I thought they were interested in my art.
They told me the art and pairing made them want to puke and I had also mentioned that the art in my icon was drawn for a friend (and if was? Wtf) and they said ‘yeah, sure. A friend’ like I would need to hide behind that to like my old man slash?
Don’t be rude guys. Instead of trying to make someone feel bad because they have weird taste, maybe you should go tell someone who’s art you do like and give them love and compliments. Why would you ever want to be that person that ruins someone’s day because you’re an asshole? You don’t like these two? Don’t wanna see them cuddly? Ok awesome. Don’t watch me. Watch art you do like.
So I drew this because… Because I can. Because I wanted to. There’s nothing wrong with two bad ass bounty hunters being rivals and at the top of their game and also occasionally enjoy each other’s company or want to take it farther. Sorry if I’ve ruined these characters for anyone. Not my intention. They’re fucking fictional and you know how to block people if you are bothered by it.
So thank you again for anyone who does like this and even those who don’t! Be respectful guys.



The following text contains shitty English grammar and may contain spoilers for the forth season of Sherlock. So SPOILER ALERT everyone who has not watched it yet.
Some of these were put in our three sick heads by other people and some of these are our guesses that were build after two days of NON-STOP RAGING CAPSLOCKING.

This post is just to collect everything together, because our heads is so SO messed up right now.

Ok, let’s start with..

1. That video of Moriarty in the end of “Behind the scene” on PBS or wherever. By the way it was noticed after downloading 15 hours later. Come on people, we can do so much better!
It cannot be the creator’s last kiss to the audience, it would be stupidest shit EVER.

2. What’s next? We were promised the television history, the groundbreaking expierence. However, no matter how much I liked it, even I can’t deny there are too many plot holes and questions occurred. And also there are 20 min cut out of every episode (they were promising 100 min/ep) 

3. This wierd show Apple Yard Tree in prime time on BBC ONE, which, by the way, changed it’s synopsis from tomorrow - added details. And this what they also added a couple of hours ago:
Amanda Coe
Louise Doughty
Emily Watson
Ben Chaplin
Mark Bonnar
Susan Lynch
Steven Elder

4. The piece of news with wierdly unprofessional for news language: “THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES ARE HAVING A FIELD DAY” - YOU CAN’T JUST SAY IT ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!!!!!

5. Ok. Also this news piece about leak suspiciously mirrors that unathorized third party… thing (here)

6. Oh yes, about that story: you’ve noticed, it’s called “The Lost Special”. I mean come on.


8. THIS: 

9. AND APPARENTLY YAHOO KNOWS MORE THEN WE DO (look at the Episodes section)

10. This season there always was something leaked some time before the episode premiere. Of course Russia had the worst one. Because who would not trust it - oh that bad bad Russians! I really would not be surprised if it’s Mofftiss who seeded the episode on Piratebay or whatever. 

11. The tricky number 3 (watch the second episode)

OK. It MAY be a great number of coincidence, but come on! Is there any when we are talking about Mofftiss?

The game is still on and as Gatiss said “It’s good to play games on people” 


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I watched eurovision with a huge group of swedes and let me tell you, when you didn't give us point, there was a ROAR of anger and confusion. Someone even shouted out "TRAITORS". It's on, Norway. It's so on.

ok but,
A) your song wasn’t good
B) you’ve given us max 4 points the last few years


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hi! um so I'm new to the 5sosfam (i just started watching interviews and getting to know the boys and their personalities late november, but i started to like their music back in august??) and i really want to start writing fanfictions but i feel like people are gonna get mad at me because i "gave them the wrong personality" and i was just wondering if there are any links that could help me better understand how the boys act? It's ok if you don't because i just really needed to tell someone. :-)

so fan fiction is basically fiction that is written by a fan & stars a famous person. You don’t necessarily have to put in their personalities. But the best thing you can do is watch interviews and see how they interact with each other as well as others.