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kibuto replied to your post “I’d like to point out that as much as Kamui seems to hate Seishiro,…”

I admit I have to smile when you end up finding Seishirou better than someone else for whatever reason XD

I never thought I would see the day, and YET HERE WE ARE. IT’S TRUE.

A Short List of People I World Trade In For Seishirou:

-Vampire Kamui

-Evil Wolverine

-Perhaps both? Just take them both. 

Aah you noticed?? I’m wondering if you’re the first one. I understand that Scrooge and Donald are the same height. Actually, I always draw him shorter because of a very personal reason. A long time ago I’d read that when you start to get older, you start to get shorter too. And Scrooge’s a rly old bird. Plus, I like the idea he helped raising Donald somehow and, idk, it sounds cute for me that his lil nephew is taller than him now. So yeah, I headcanon Scrooge shorter than Donald. Call me dumb. Here, have a very quick and very messy doodle:

It explains this better than me.


“You know of me all I can bear to be known.”

Silver may be cagey about his past, but these are some of the moments throughout the series in which I’ve stopped to wonder if John is speaking from a place of experience and hard-learned lessons.

Peace & Quiet | SLBP

A/N  - Based on this & this and I regret nothing - modern reincarnation AU

The first package had only taken a few hours to show up.

They hadn’t been fighting, exactly, but nonetheless, it had been blisteringly apparent to you that Saizo was at his limit for dealing with your…perhaps at times overly earnest fiancé. That he had deigned to openly show his annoyance had been the first indicator. That he had disappeared completely as soon as Yukimura turned away to answer a teammate’s question  was the second.

That the delicate, luxuriously expensive contents of the delivered package fit perfectly was the third.

You turned in the mirror, watching silk cling and curve like a second skin. 

It ought to bother you, you supposed, that he knew, but, well, it was Saizo. Of course he knew. Just as you knew that it had been him, despite the absence of a note, or a return address, or any other indicator the sender had been anyone but a shadow. No, aside from silk and delicate tissue paper, perfumed with the signature floral scent of the Uesugi Exclusive collection (Even their department store brand was an indulgence for you—mostly because if it did the job right, it usually didn’t survive for a second round and who had that kind of disposable income—but you could spend a month’s salary and still be unable to even find, let alone afford the luxurious, couture silk of their exclusive line) the only other item had been a schedule.

Yukimura’s schedule.

With two less-than-subtle workout time slots highlighted.

You considered the full-length mirror again, indulging in the impulse to slide your hands down your waist and hips in admiration. A simple movement, turned to sin in silk by the artful arrangement of assets in a flawlessly fitted ensemble. 

On the one hand, helping your fiancé’s best friend manipulate him to get a break in which to take a nap or something seemed…well exactly like it sounded.

On the other hand…you turned again, unable to stop the sigh of satisfaction.

Right. Focus.

On the other hand…you couldn’t prove it had been Saizo that sent it. Not officially. And even if you called the Uesugi offices to ask, they respected their clientele too much to reveal those sorts of things.

And it wasn’t returnable, anyway. You’d sighed over glossy photoshoots enough to know that.  

And Yukimura had been spending all that time working so hard…you missed him. And…he probably missed you too, surely, he just got so focused before a big match.

And you looked killer.

You bit your lip in thought—and found that even that, a simple expression of consternation, became a bed-ward beckoning if you tilted your chin, and let your hair fall over simple, barely-there straps…

Screw it. (Literally, you supposed, grabbing one of the orange, oversized shirts kept in your apartment, belting it as a dress and sliding your feet in shoes you could get off quickly).

You paused one last time to glance in the mirror, admiring the now-invisible assist one last time with a smile as delightfully, deliciously wicked as you felt.

Yukimura was going to get his workout.

(And Saizo was going to get his break).

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“Thank you for the ride home.” The woman hesitates, studying Westley’s face for clues, but his dark, hazel eyes reveal nothing. “Would you… Would you like to come upstairs?” she smiles, her voice as sweet and smooth as honey.

Westley blinks, his mind churning with excuses. In all honesty, he had expected this. Tonight marks their fourth date, and he would have been disappointed if she hadn’t suggested it. But even so, Eugenia, or Gena as she prefers to be called, still feels like a stranger to him, and the idea of sleeping with her seems somehow hollow and unsatisfying.

“You don’t have to,” the brunette frowns, a slight pout in her words. “I just thought… It might be fun…”

“I’d love to,” Westley cuts her off with an abrupt kiss. “Just let me grab my phone.”

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Ren-senpai is a very popular student. He gets along with almost everyone, thus gaining him a large following. There’s even a fan club dedicated to him somewhere in the school… He is the president of the cooking club and secretary of the “MB” club.

Lawrence-senpai is popular as well, despite his sulky demeanor. A lot of the male students are jealous of his popularity (saying things like, ”How can a guy like him be so popular?” “He’s so weird…”). He is the president of the gardening club and the treasurer of the “MB” club.

My bias story in NCT
  • Me: *Watches Firetruck, The 7th sense, and chewing gum*
  • *Donghyuck becomes bias*
  • Me: Wow Donghyuk is such a strong bias for me, my bias will never change. Bless.
  • Winwin: *kicks down my door*
  • Me: ???
  • Winwin: Have you ever heard of China Line?
  • Me: Oh shit...
  • *Winwin kicks Donghyuck to the curb. Kun, Chenle, and Renjun becomes my bias wreckers*
  • Me: Well at least I can be a loyal China Line stan right...?
  • Me: *watches NCT Life season 3*
  • Mark: *climbs through my window*
  • Me: ???
  • Mark: You know how you always thought I was cute?
  • Me: Yeah...
  • Mark: and talented?
  • Me: Yeah?
  • Mark: and absolutely fully capable?
  • Me: Yeah but..?
  • Mark: *kicks China Line to bias wrecker zone*
  • *Becomes my official bias in NCT*
  • Me: At least the pain is over now right...?
  • Donghyuck: *Climbs through my window to find Mark.
  • Donghyuck: Hey, it's the bitch who let China Line kick me aside
  • *become another bias wrecker*
  • *Johnny and Hansol pop out of the air conditioning vent*
  • Me: Where the fuck are you all-
  • *Both become bias wreckers*
  • Me: How many bias wreckers do I have?
  • Everyone: Seven
  • Me: Why the fuck do I have that many? Is that even a thing??
  • Everyone: Cause you're a NCT hoe.

(x) has this been done yet? (๑•̀ㅂ•́) ✧ ? LOLOL

idek what this is supposed to be. rhys has enough memory for the both of them BAHAHA there’s a reason i dont draw xD SOMEONE ELSE DO IT BETTER PLZ ;3

Don’t re-paste/copy/save for yourself and then forget the original post and upload it yourself later/be a fuckin’ douchebag or i will come after you. :)

I wanna make a diss track for Madeleine. Who wants to see that? Also, what exactly do you want me to diss her on? Give me ideas! 

BTS: How they react when their S/O accidentally hugs the wrong member when they get scared while watching a horror movie

(it takes them a second to realize and then they awkwardly move to hug the right member lol)


When Namjoon saw you jump and cling onto Jungkook instead of him he’d be so amused. He wouldn’t say anything at first and would try really hard not to laugh when he saw you awkwardly slide away, Jungkook looking shook, and coming to him instead. Would just cuddle you tight so it didn’t happen again, repressing laughter.


When you jumped into Tae’s arms, Jin would be too busy trying to recover from his own mini-heart attack that’d he’d probably not even notice. When he saw you quickly slipping out of Taehyung’s arms and coming to him, he’d burst into a fit of laughter, unable to even cuddle you bc he was too amused and also scared. 


He’d be playfully sad (lol really sad) that you didn’t cling to him when you got scared but instead Jimin. When you realized your mistake and hugged him instead he’d smile to himself, wrapping his arms around you and holding you tight so you wouldn’t be as afraid next time. (And you’d cling to him for comfort and not someone else, even accidentally XD)


I don’t actually have to write anything bc this wouldn’t happen with him for one of two reasons. 1 - he wouldn’t even watch the horror movie lol, or 2 - because he would be clinging onto you the entire time so you wouldn’t have the opportunity to mistake someone else for him XD


He’d find it so cute. When he saw you jump and hug Namjoon, he’d giggle his sweet little high pitched laugh and would pull you away from him, hugging you and nuzzling against you. “Hug me next time!! That’s what I’m here for, Y/N!!” *cute soft hug, squishes and giggles*


When Taehyung saw you hug Jin at a jump scare, he’d playfully judge and tease you. Would be so amused that Jin just eyeballed you awkwardly as you slipped away, wrapping your arms around him instead. “You were so scared that you didn’t know the difference between me and him? I bet you just wanted to hug him instead of me, didn’t you?” 


When Jungkook saw you hug Yoongi instead of him, he’d find it so funny and would just watch as Yoongi awkwardly glanced down at you. He’d just giggle, waiting for you to realize. When you did, he’d be such a little shit, teasing you way too much about it and letting everyone else know what you did until everyone else was laughing too. He’d even grab onto one of the other members the next time there was a jump scare lol

Since it’s common knowledge Claire is in Resident Evil: the Final Chapter, I’m not gonna feel too leery of posting this now.

Did anyone else completely get the feeling that Claire and Alice’s reunion and full-on way they related to each other throughout the movie was like past lovers seeing each other after not knowing the other was alive anymore? I almost screamed out loud in the theater, “Oh my god they’re acting like exes!!!!!” for heaven’s sake!

kimbre  asked:

Pretty Please translate the Book of the Atlantic special chapter with Bassy in Grandma's nightgown! It would make me month!

Sorry, but I won’t & can’t! For one thing, I don’t own my own copy (I haven’t ordered mine yet), and for another thing, I don’t have any scanlation (typesetting, etc) skills! xD I guess you’ll need to wait for someone else with their own copy to scanlate the bonus chapter. (*_*)

That said, I saw some spoilers of it and there was a very funny conversation between Ciel and Sebastian which went like…

Ciel: Do demons recover from exhaustion with sleep and meal [like humans]?

Sebastian: Well, I, for one, don’t get any energy from human’s food. Though, it might be different, if it were a human’s soul. (*makes scary face in grandma’s nightgown & cap*)

Ciel: I assume you’re trying to say something scary but because of your look it just sounds funny.

Sebastian: Please stop saying such a thing so calmly. It hurts.

> It hurts <
 ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^ ̄

Go, Ciel! Roast him!