and somehow this turns into zombies

The Types During the Zombie Apocalypse

INFP: Somehow never noticed that shit was going down. Wanders into a group of zombies one day and is miraculously rescued by a valiant ENTJ. They ride off into the sunset, somehow finding a fairytale ending amidst the apocalypse

ENTP: Definitely caused the apocalypse

INTP: Holed up in the mountains by themselves, made a list of essential supplies but forgot most of them on the way out the door

ESFP: Followed an ESTP into danger. Was abandoned and turned into a zombie

ISFJ: Sacrificed themselves to save their kid. Ate their kid after they turned

ESTJ: “ALRIGHT LISTEN YOU IDIOTS, follow me if you want to live!” Establishes a town and defenses and sacrifices the rebellious to the zombies because ruling through fear is what these peasants need right now

ISTJ: Grimly does all of the mercy killing for townspeople who have been bitten but not turned because “Somebody has to do it.”

ENFJ: Entertains the children to distract them from the fact that everyone they know and love is dead or about to be

ISFP: Found a good hiding spot and some projectiles. Busy building a dead zombie wall around the town for added protection

ESFJ: Establishes a school because “The kids shouldn’t neglect their education just because the apocalypse is happening. Think of the future.”

INFJ: *Sigh* Well, I guess this is just how we live now. Might as well keep going

ENTJ: Establishes a competing town to ESTJ’s, strikes out quickly to gather and hoard all of the surrounding resources so they’re in the best strategic position

ISTP: Zombie-killing volunteer in ESTJ’s Army

ESTP: Indiscriminate-killing volunteer/raider in ENTJ’s Army

INTJ: Knew what ENTP was up to. Debated whether they would interfere, but ultimately curiosity won out. Set up a secluded area with a view of the crazy and a lifetime of supplies. Secreted their family away 6 months ago. Chillin’ and sipping a martini

ENFP: If anyone can befriend a zombie, ENFP is the one to try! Unfortunately nobody can befriend a zombie so…

NCT as Horror Movie character stereotypes

Taeil: the weird little nerd guy you expect to just accidentally fall off a cliff but somehow manages to turn some sticks and a string in his pocket into a trap for the thing chasing them. saves the day. gets the hot barbie girl in the end

Hansol: that one guy that gets revealed to be the killer and you’re like ‘tf he was there the entire time! how!?’ and you rewatch the movie and realized he disappeared after the first 3 minutes

Johnny: the big tough guy that logically would be the one that would survive but is really slow and gets fucked up by a zombie but doesn’t tell the group he’s been bit until his skins falling off 

Taeyong: the attractive nerd that is immediately put in charge when shit got real. makes sure everyone eats. doesn’t know how to stab someone tho. nearly gets killed every time something happens but gets saved by his buddy.

Yuta: the buddy. the dickhead everyone kinda wants to trip and get jumped by Jason but he just keeps on goin and survives the whole film unscratched. massive douche but is redeemed by saving everyone in the end miraculously 

Doyoung: the complainer. whines about the shitty food and places they have to stay in when its literally an apocalypse outside rn. dies half way through the movie trying to grab a can of spaghetti-os while zombies are breaking down the door

Ten: weird, nature dude. lives in the city but somehow knows exactly what berries will kill you in 2 minutes and how to track and hunt. no one questions how city boy knows it but yeah. really good hunter. basically Daryll. 

Jaehyun: the second buddy. comedian dude. cant shut up to save his life. keeps attracting zombies with his loud ass mouth, but hes the one making sure yall dont have a mental break down over the end of the world. dies last minute of the movie after the final comedic break. rip.

WinWin: basically the baby. little brother of one of the group. got dragged along and now hes trapped with yall while the world falls apart. doesnt really talk. doesnt really do much. kinda just a lap dog that you cant really get rid of. 

Mark: Little nerd boy no one knows how he got in the group. he’s not a friend or a family member. he was just there one day. no one questioned it. just accepts it. the groups secret weapon, uses his cute lil face to persuade people to give him supplies. really good fisher. on fishing duty 99% of the time.

Haechan: tiny buddy. mark n him go hand in hand. practically brothers. mark brought him back to the group one day. no one questions it. nearly gets killed on the daily but mark always got his back. only job is putting worms on mark’s hook. basically a puppy.

-Mr. Karate juggles F̶i̶r̶e̶b̶r̶a̶n̶d̶ Red Arremer with the first 2 hits of his Exceed super. The third one hits Red Arremer’s little zombie instead.

-Somehow this turns the zombie into another Red Arremer, who presumably “dies”, thus ending the round immediately. Neither character actually died, and can still move around until the next round starts.

-The word “Winner” appears on the Player 2 side of the screen, which means Red Arremer somehow won the round.

SVC Chaos is super mysterious, I cannot comprehend it

anonymous asked:

I'm bored and I wanna draw something cool. If you were to design a superhero, what would their theme and powers be? Folk heroes are an acceptable alternative.

Ooh, hmm. I know this is going to sound way too Lumberjanes, but I was always big into the idea of being able to possess animals, and I think that some kind of camp/scouting themed super hero who could possess local wildlife for attack/reconnosaince/whatever purposes could be pretty cool. Or maybe that’s just years of camp coursing through my veins and it’s actually a bad idea.

But I mean, controlling animals is neat, and turning into animals is neat, but the complications of having to leave your human body (if they had one) or only be able to interact with the physical world through animals (if they were a ghost/spirit/something) would be more narratively interesting. Can they possess roadkill and be a horrible zombie stag? Who knows!

So, uhh, noncorporeal camp counselor who possesses deer and raccoons and stuff, I guess? That’s a superhero, somehow, right?

Glowing End of the Stick

aka I love @careamorran‘s meta!Jason and gardenhoe!Tim world where instead of being dead Jason glows green and chats with plants. And she was wonderful enough to let me take a stab at writing some based off her super cool idea. 

More to come, but as a teaser and starting point… 

“What did you just do?” Jason swallowed and squeezed his eyelids, blocking out any trace of sunlight for half a second before letting go of the tether to the plant life around them. A shiver ran down his back as he settled into the isolation of his own skin.

“Intel, babe,” he responded. Jason stood and brushed the dirt off his hands and onto his pants before shoving his gloves back on. The soft leather stuck to his skin slightly in the humidity. When he looked up he found himself swallowing again as he was on the receiving end of Tim’s intensity. He had forgotten how scary the guy could look just standing still and watching. It was unnerving. “East side, c’mon.”

Jason started off left, ducking around and under leafy branches. He was careful about his boot placement. He knew his guns were basically useless here, so he kept them holstered but left the clips undone just in case. Hopefully this would stay a search and… rescue? Chat? He wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when they found her. Roy hadn’t really given him a briefing after the all-distress.

“What did you do back there?” Tim’s voice was just behind him. Honestly, his was silent enough Jason a little surprised but he had long ago suppressed that startle response. It didn’t look good in their professional circles. “Hood, what did you do?”

“Heard ya’ the first time,” he let the branch snap back, hopefully thwacking Tim, although there was no follow-up thud or sound of irritation.

“Then answer,” Tim said. “Your eyes just started glowing, then little… cracks or vines in your skin, and then the tree you seemed to be having an intimate moment with. So, I think I need to know why for this mission to make sense.”

Which. Was actually pretty fair. Jason did drag him into the rainforest to hunt down a powerful alien in an angry mood and then use his own powers with no explanation. That was a lot of unknown variables for his own personal control freak. Anyone else in the family would have hit their breaking point before leaving the house much less a full day into their tropical vacation.

“Hood,” Tim was still going. Tenacious. “It looked like you had m-”

The smaller hero, the only objectively true hero in the present company, was cut off when Jason tightened a hand over his mouth. He tapped the fingers of his free hand on Tim’s ear. He could almost hear the gears click into place as Tim pushed something at his wrist before nodding.


“No, Jay,” which was reassurance enough since Tim was a stickler for the no-names-in-the-field rule. “I’m just an idiot. It wasn’t connected before but it’s totally down now.”

“Even to B?” Tim snorted which, yeah okay, he did have an entire computer network separate from Bruce. Jason sighed and swallowed, gaze focusing in on the bromeliad in front of him. “Okay, well, it all kind of… back when I came to life. Apparently, in between physically coming back from the dead and Talia dunkin’ me in the Lazarus Pit I was just wanderin’ the streets the Gotham as a mindless husk. Which, as you well know, isn’ exactly the safest position to be in. Luckily - God put that face away, I’m fine - luckily, Ivy found me. And rather than let me wander zombie-style through the alleyways she took me in. For…  quite a while. I was sort-of-alive a lot longer than I originally thought. Or, B thought.”

“At least Ivy took care of you. That’s good,” Jason looked up to see Tim’s awkward half-smile thing happening. He must have paused longer than he realized. “But I still don’t get the leap between being all glowy and living with Pamela. Harley and Selina seem fine. Or, at least normal. For them.”

“Yeah, well, story ain’t over,” Tim arched a brow and Jason shrugged. “Pam spent a while tryin’ to get through to me. But nothin’ worked so she figured it, I, couldn’t get any worse. Which was pretty true, I mean husk-zombie is no way to go through a second life. So, she tried her own plant-meta powers. Which didn’t really do anything, or so she thought. After the Pit, when I became me again albeit the extra angry aggressive edition, somehow they showed up.”

“What does that mean?”

“I… I’m not Ivy,” Jason said as he turned around and started walking again. “I can kinda communicate… like, listen in, on plants. I can’t grow the kind of new, cool, and scary types she does..”

“Is-” Jason turned when Tim’s voice choked but he seemed find beside a little pink. “Um, do you always glow like that then?”

“Yeah, when I’m using ‘em.”

“Ah, yeah, ‘kay,” Jason glanced back again to see Tim glancing around and following. Maybe he was freaked out by it? The silence stretched as they made their way East - Jason graciously holding the branches aside for Tim. Because he was only part asshole. When they reached a ring of trees with purple flowers stretching between them Jason stopped.

“Okay, babe,” he looked down at Tim and tried to ignore the swooping as the pale blue gaze snapped to his. “I gotta… commune with the plants again so if it freaks you out, which makes sense-”

“It doesn’t freak me out,” Jason watched as Tim drew his eyebrows together and pressed his lips together.

“Out with it then. You’ve been all quiet and pink since I used the power last time. It’s really fine if it makes you uncomfortable but I gotta use it to find Kori so you can go stand over there if that’s the case.”

Tim blinked up at him for a second before taking a step closer, “actually, I was thinking you look pretty hot all glowy like that.”

Jason had been gone for a month. So when he showed up on his boyfriend’s doorstep and asked him to come on a trek through the rainforest to find his ex-girlfriend he wasn’t totally sure how that was going to go over. Add in the revelation that he had been withholding superpowers for their years of partnership and friendship and five months of dating and he had been pretty sure that things were headed in a downward spiral. As per usual, his fault.

This, Tim smiling up at him with slivers of blue around dark dilated pupils, was a very different reaction.

Not that Jason was complaining.

“Oh,” he swallowed. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Tim leaned up, hovering just millimeters away and Jason thought about saying something about the rush they were in but it had been a month and he was only a metahuman. He slid his gloves along the bandoliers crossing Tim’s chest and pulled the smaller man the heartbeat closer to press their lips together. A second later, just long enough for Jason to get the picture that Tim really wasn’t lying about the whole ‘glowy is hot’ and ‘I missed you’ unspoken vibe, they parted. Jason pressed his forehead down against Tim’s, sighing as the tension that had been snaking around his ribs since he first knelt at the tree an hour ago melted away.

“Okay, go talk to the plants and ask where she went.”

“I’m a meta, not a fucking fairy, Tim,” Jason sassed as he tugged his glove off and briefly debated throwing it at his smirking sweet smartass of a boyfriend. “I don’t ‘talk to plants’.”

Ask Compilation #10

Great question, thank you for that! <3

We planned to take a break from the comic so far (which is why we labeled it as ‘Part 1’) in order to open asks again and continue a bit with the main story. During that time, the next part will be scripted and then we’ll know how to proceed next. As soon as we get to work on the next confession part, asks will be closed again (because let’s face it, we cannot reply to most of them anyway while working on the comic since it takes quite a bit longer to prepare). We don’t mean to burn ourselves out on this blog, so we make sure to not pressure ourselves too much, which is why updates are also random and not on schedule. 

(Also whaaa? What rings? They’re not married, they didn’t even had their first kiss OMG AAAAAA)


Well, as you can see in the comic it’s certainly hard for Error!

And to answer your second question - no, there’s no singular vial that triggers Ink to feel love - it’s a mixture of all of them. 

Love is a very complex emotion (like many other) and requires a large section of possible emotions. 

Luckily if Ink balances his vials like usual, he gains all required emotions to feel love. 

He just…. wasn’t expecting Error’s confession. At all.


I KNOW RIGHT?! What are we even doing on this blog, like, how?? Why?!

(But yes, their relationship really isn’t that simple. But that’s exactly what makes it so interesting)


Phew, that’s a REALLY tough one to answer! I mean, we are just interpreting them, just like everyone else. We never claim to have a 'correct’ interpretation and that other people are 'wrong’. Also shitposts that are out of character are absolutely allowed, too! But that people are telling us that we’re actually getting them close to the canon makes us super proud! Thank you, it’s one of the highest praises we could think of! ^u^

But a lot of the stuff we do is actually just that: interpretation. What really helps of course is: Knowing the characters. Which basically means nothing other than 'do your research’. There is a lot of fan content out there, and a lot of this is not in-character. The only trustful source on this matter are the creators themselves, so searching on @comyet’s blog for info about Ink (and also reading the FAQ about him) and reading through the whole @askerrorsans comic is a must! The next step would be to think about WHY the characters are who they are. Understanding the means behind reactions is helpful, as in reading between the lines and, of course, thinking about it a lot. The gaps need to be filled by you, which results in your interpretation. IDK how helpful this is, but it’s really all we can think of…? ^^;


Those are stories for another time~

@jupiter-505 @crystalchryssi @charonnetale

Sure, Error has collected a lot of souls up to now. However they’re all human souls, not monster souls.

And monster souls turn to dust instantly. 

In addition even if Error somehow found a persistent monster soul, it would still not work because Ink is practically an undead zombie after destroying his own soul.

BUT we forgot the most important part: Ink WOULDN’T WANT a stolen or offered soul. He just wouldn’t accept it.



Confused and irritated would be a massive understatement for your current mode and even John looks like he can’t figure out what’s going on.
You were chasing a witch and in the next second you’re in the middle of the woods, surrounded by a group of men and women.
And their leader who looks like John. Only a little bit older and skinnier. Not to mention the hair which is slicked back and the clothes.

“A demon.” John hisses towards you.
Seems the most plausible explanation and you nod, preparing yourself for a fight.
“A demon? You fuckin’ high?” The leader chuckles and a few men join him, laughing quietly.
Even when they seem as confused as you, looking from John to the leader and back.
John scowls, his hand reaching for the gun in his waistband and you follow his lead. Instantly the other pull and aim theirs guns at you.
“Easy on there.” The leader comes towards you, but looks at John. “Or you want me to bash her pretty face in with Lucille?”
“Who’s Lucille?” You ask as John let out a throaty growl.
You regret that you asked as the man puts the baseball bat with barbed wire on your cheek, almost in a gentle stroke.
“This.. this is Lucille.” He purrs, but there’s
something in his eyes.

Like he knows you.

A shudder runs down your spine as you look at him coldly.
“Leave her alone.” John presses through his teeth, his body tenses as he somehow tries to get between you.
For a moment it’s quiet as the both men face each other.
John angry and the man amused. Even when you can read in his face that the situation is also weird for him, his eyes shifting to you.
“You both don’t scare easy. I love that.” He smirks slyly. “I’m Negan.”
“(Y/N), that’s John.” You feel pressured to say as Negan cocks mockingly his brow.
John and you turn around as you hear groans and the shuffling noise of footsteps.
“Is-is that a zombie?” Flabbergasted you stare at the creature in front of you as an arrow bores through the skull and it falls to the ground.
“What was that?” John asks, gesturing to the body on the ground.
Negan looks at him like he told him the biggest joke ever, but the grin fades as he notices that he didn’t joke at all.
“I’m fuckin’ jealous of the shit you’ve smoked.” Negan murmurs to himself, shaking his head. “Would be nice to forget the fuckery from time to time.”

Somehow Negan, let’s say, convinced you to follow him to his camp which he called the Sanctuary. Now and then he kills one of these zombies with his bat.
John tries in the meantime to shield you from Negan what doesn’t stop the man from speaking with you.
“So, you guys are a thing?” He smirks and a slight blush creeps over your cheeks.
A lot of people assumed this, because of John’s protective instinct. But there was never something between you.
Not even a hug.
“We’re friends.” John responds before you’ve the chance to open the mouth.
Stunned you look at him. That’s the first time he says that you’re friends and not partners.
“You never popped her jewel case?” Negan asks in disbelief and you snort a laugh. “I’m fucking disappointed.”
John looks like he wants to strangle him with his red scarf, his knuckles turn white as he makes a fist.
“But you thought about it?”
“No.” John snaps, a little too quick and Negan snickers, not believing him.
It’s not like you never thought about it and you can imagine that John maybe feels the same way. You hunt and live together and in the past few years none of you were with someone.
“Maybe I should try…” Negan starts, smiling dirty.
Before Negan can finish his sentences John lunges forward, tackling him to the ground. His people reaching forward to help their boss, but Negan holds them back by raising his hand. Like two little boys who fight about a toy, they roll over the ground, fists meeting skin and bursting them open. The bat, Lucille, lies next to them and you notice the glare Negan shoots it.
You get the feeling that Lucille is maybe not just a name and pick her up before you go to the two men to separate them.
“Stop, it’s enough.”
John sends you a furious look as he stands up, blood trickles from his lip while Negan sends you an undefined gaze, taking Lucille from you.
“Let’s go.” Negan barks and in silence you follow him.

Soon you reach an old factory which is surrounded by a fence full of zombies. Or walkers, how Negan called them earlier.
“I can’t believe the world is full of them.” You mumble, feeling how John squeezes your hand.
“We’ll get back, I promise you.”

Friends in Dark Places [Ch.3]

Characters: Virgil Sanders, Patton Sanders, Roman Sanders, Logan Sanders, Sander Sides (technically Virgil Thomas, Patton Shea, Roman Patrick, and Logan Christiansen)

Pairing: platonic moxiety (could be read as romantic but it is not explicitly that), platonic prinxiety (could, again, be read as romantic, but it wasn’t written that way; totally up to your views)

Word Count: 2345

Warnings: self harm mentions, depression mentions, panic attacks, suicide mentions and attempts, blood mentions, hospitals, and IVs

Story Summary: (Humans!AU) After struggling with suicidal ideation and loneliness for years, a teen decides it’s time for it all to end… that is, until someone tries to save him.

A/N: guys I’m on a roll!!! This chapter is really nice, I swear. It has some funny little things in it and I’m super excited to show you what I’ve done. Comments and reblogs are greatly appreciated!!!!

Tag list (send me an ask if you want to be added): @milk-withtwosugars @abstractedthinking @gotta-love-dem-sides @ashrain5@waste-disposal-unit @evilmuffin @taki-random @1datmlp


Teaser  -  Chapter 1  - Chapter 2

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“is that your way of comforting me?” “maybe”

this was supposed to be some kind of zombie apocalypse/the walking dead au requested by @sigh–onara but honestly i don’t even know anymore

Good (Thomas Jefferson)

AN: ah, yes, this is supposed to be a writing blog. This is @whatinfreenation ‘s contest prize! (I’m halfway done finally lmao) 

Tag Crew:  @iluvnialljameshoran @hamgurlphangirl @stillcooli0 @coozls  @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @tayahqr @usnavens @sweet-thoughts @hmltntrsh51 @megabooklover18 @abi-sans05 @pickledpisces-13 @letthememeslive @kanadianwithashippingproblem @nanjexo @mefromukraine @omegasmileyface @cinnalin-roll @villagecrazypeggy @drbagels123


  • Anonymous- TJeff×Reader lazy weekend together where they are just being those two greatest dorks in love of all times. Really. It should be ilegal He loves her so much and he just adores her hair Sarcastic Reader, Sassy Thomas Prompts: 47, 2, 35, 31
    • 47.“Hold my hand until it’s over?” 
    • 2.“You love me as if I deserve you.”
    • 35.“If a zombie bit you, I’d be heartbroken, but I’d also shoot you twice in the head.”
    • 31. “I’m yours, in every way you’ll have me.”
  • Anonymous- Request for 25 from list 4 with Jefferson?
    • 25. “Did I stutter?”
  • Anonymous- Could you do a smut with Jefferson where it is readers first time and Jefferson is really kind and gentle. Like reader is younger by like 5 or so years. Thanks, also eight MesSEd M e Up! It was so good!

Warnings: smut, swearing 

Word Count: 2,417


Jenna was running a brush through her hair for the fourth time that afternoon when the doorbell rang, signaling Thomas’s fashionably late arrival. He almost never arrived anywhere on time and it drove Jenna crazy. She always felt like he was standing her up, which made he incredibly anxious, hence the excessive brushing. It wasn’t hard for Jenna to think that way with Thomas’s wealth and looks. Every day since they had started dating, she woke up wondering why someone so successful and mature was still with her.

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you know what i love about riverdale is we’re only 3 episodes in and it’s already pretty nuts- nuts enough that i think it’s time i sat you all down and told you about the afterlife with archie. there are major spoilers for the series ahead, but even knowing this spoilers it’s still a wild ride and i recommend reading.

so basically the afterlife with archie starts when jughead’s dog, hot dog, is hit by a car and killed. and jughead takes him to sabrina and is like, please save my dog, and sabrina is like well i’m not great at necromancy but i can try???

well it brings back the damn dog as a zombie, hot dog bites jughead, jughead shows up to the fall dance and just fucking tears into ethel, and all hell breaks loose

so now we’ve got the archie gang on the run from the hordes of the undead in the woods of westchester county, and there’s a lot of weird side plots like cheryl killed jason because he was creepy and abusive and killed her dog and how veronica’s butler is like, possibly part of the occult and wait, there’s more

as punishment for her black magic, sabrina’s aunts remove her mouth and sentence her to the netherealm for a year- but her interdimensional travel is somehow interrupted and she wakes up in the realm of the elder gods- you know, the elder gods. those kooky folks. and so now, in this actual comics canon, sabrina is the actual bride of actual cthulu, and the leader of the undead horde- i wish i was making this up. i truly do 

josie and the pussycats are 100 year old vampires. this is not related to the main plot.

it turns out the person that hit hot dog was reggie- and reggie, out of guilt, is like, im going to turn myself over to the horde, i’m going to end this- and it WOULDVE WORKED, it ACTUALLY WOULDVE BROKEN THE SPELL, but fucking sabrina, teenage witch, bride of cthulu, is like- reggie. my man. my main guy. if you kill betty cooper, i’ll give you midge and she’ll love you and you can be with her forever and reggie is like well sure that’s worth more than humanity, yeah

this series started in 2013 and is only on issue 11 it’s a fucking disaster and you all have to read it

also they call zombie jughead “jugdead” and somehow everyone is like yeah thats tonally appropriate

I was having a party in my room at like midnight. Only I wasn’t me… I was Spongebob. Suddenly everyone at the party turned into zombies and I threw up on the floor. I went to the kitchen to get some paper towels to clean the mess, but when I looked out the window I saw someone slowly walking up the sidewalk to my front door. Somehow I knew it was Belarus (from the anime Hetalia) and that she was there to kill me for reading x reader fanfic about Russia. I wanted to tell my mom, but I was trying to keep my fanfic reading a secret from her. I decided to tell her that some random stranger was at the door. When she turned on the outdoor, light the person outside whom I believed was Belarus was actually someone who looked like a mix between my uncle and my best friend.

A Pair of Mittens

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it’s sleepover saturday :) send us drabble requests or questions

56. Are you flirting with me?

67.  Stop being so cute.

Seungkwan wandered through the park with you, one of his hands casually brushed against yours by “accident” ever so often. The conversation you kept was casual, but still remained with special to each of you. “I’m not saying that you’re not built for the apocalypse, I’m just saying that if a zombie came out of nowhere I’m 99% certain I would have to carry your ass out of here myself.” Seungkwan glanced over at you for a moment, the sunset made soft white crescents float in his pupil allowing you to see a glimpse of a moon before the real one actually rose into the sky. It was winter and by now the butterflies had already migrated, but somehow you were still feeling them in your stomach everyday you spent with Seungkwan.

You gave him a teasing smile, laughing a little. “Are you flirting with me?” His cheeks turned an ember red, a soft ember that started a fire on your own cheeks. It was funny how quickly these things could spread. A part of you had known from day one that Seungkwan had a crush on you, you had definitely known since the first second that he would have some type of impact on you. You might not have believed in love at first sight, but the moment you saw Seungkwan you believed in something like that.

He kicked the snow in front of him, staying silent. It was not as if he felt anything but quiet however. If you could somehow install a microphone in his brain it would be loud enough to hear in the back of an amphitheater. The last bit of the sun began to kiss the horizon and you two watched thoughtfully waiting for the other to speak up.

“Here,” he took the bait. He reached into his pockets and pulled out a pair of mittens that he had saw in the store earlier that day. They were a soft white fleece with small hearts embroidered onto the thumbs. “I saw these at the store earlier and they made me think of you.”

You looked over to him with kind eyes, filled with sweet emotions. Your heart might have just swelled three sizes too big. This crush, these feeling really might kill you one day. You smiled at him sweetly and laid your head on his shoulder.

“Oh my god!” He groaned, making you quickly lift your head off his of it. Had you gone to fast? “Stop being so cute! I think I’m going to pass out!” He laughed and handed you the mittens, which you put on thankfully.

Hopefully these will warm your hands until I get the courage to hold them. He thought quietly to himself.

Bts falling in love during the Zombie Apocalypse


You and Seokjin had been left back to protect the children while the rest of everybody went out to hunt for food.
Normally it was a safe and calm job, that most of the time just meant having a day of and just playing with two adorable babies. You had always liked Seokjin, but he had lost his girlfriend in the first wave of this shit storm, and you knew that he still had nightmares about it so you pulled away not wanting to push him into something new so early on.
What you didn’t know was that Seokjin also had feelings for you, while he still missed his old girlfriend, it had been over a year at that point, and he felt he was ready to move on. You had just gotten the children to sleep, both of you outside hanging up laundry, zombies never came here, since you had made home here with your group 8 months ago you had yet to see a zombie.
You both reached for the same piece of cloth at the same time, trying to pull your hand away quickly, but Seokjin grabbed it and hold it close looking into your eyes.
As you both leaned forward, and you hold your breath while thinking that this would be your first kiss, until you felt something throw it self on your back, plus pain in your neck and Seokjin screaming, falling backwards away from you. Fuck, you knew what had just happened, the one time that neither of you had been aware of your surroundings, you knew that this was it for you tho… but it didn’t have to be Seokjin’s.

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You and Yoongi were part of the same group of survivors, things had gotten bad recently and the two of you were send out to look for ammo, being the only two who could fight without guns. Yoongi with his bow and you with your swords.
You had both been trying to avoid talking about the feelings you had for each other, but the days where the two of you were alone together trusting each other to have each others back made it harder and harder for both of you to ignore it.
It was one close call that finally made it so you couldn’t keep it inside anymore, you were being you natural overly brave personality, and had engaged no more than 3 zombies in a close combat, the first easily fell head removed by your right sword, and as you were about to send the second the same way the ground under your feet, wet and unstable from years of decay gave in.
As you were hanging on the ledge you thought that this would be it, that this was how you would go, you regret never telling Yoongi the truth about your feelings, but you also hoped you had created enough time for him to get out of there. At least only one of you had to die today.
While you just hang there you heard noises, until Yoongi finally stuck his head over the ledge, and told you to hold on he would get you up. Turned out that the stupid idiot has engaged in melee combat and somehow won cause he refused to accept you dying.

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“Don’t you ever fucking do that again! What I’m I suppose to do if I loose you, I.. No! I refuse to think of that! Please… Don’t do it again, I were so scared that it was all over.”


Over all romances during a zombie apocalypse might not have been the best idea, you should have known this. You had meet Hoseok very early on after it all started, both of you having lost the group of people you traveled with, and now alone and scared.
You ended up striking up an unlikely friendship with the happy Hoseok, the good thing bout traveling with Hoseok was that he was happy and go lucky even in that shit show, on the less bright side… He was scared of most things, which was not a good thing trying to sneak through a zombie filled placed.
Over all it worked for you guys, you were happy and you managed to survive, slowly falling in love with each other, both of you thought about how it would have been if you had meet without the apocalypse going on.
Then how you guys would be after all of this was done, sadly you guys never got to experience it, your wasteland struggles ended with both of you hugging each other in a cellar zombies scratching on the door, there were no escape… This was the end

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”You know I love you right? I know I never said it enough, but you mean the world to me, and these 4 months have been so much better than anything I would ever have expected. Thank you.”


You were Namjoon’s second in command, it wasn’t that you guys always got a long, actually you guys go into fights more often than probably necessary, the thing was that Namjoon sometimes were more about doing the peaceful option when it wasn’t the right one!
That was why you were the second in command, you were ready for action when Namjoon much rather think of a way to avoid it, and when you wanted to rush into danger Namjoon was there to be logical and stop you from doing it.
That was why you two no matter the arguments worked perfect as a team, your romance started as a rivalmance, but all it took was you to not manage to comeback with recon group you were out with. Nothing had happened to you of course, but that didn’t stop Namjoon from worrying so much, and when you finally got back, tried and covered in mud, he hugged you so tight that you were worried that he was going to break you already bruised ribs.

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“Fuck this! I am not letting you go again, do you have any idea how worried I were when you didn’t come back with everybody else?!”


Both you and Jimin were the poster children for people who die the first day of a zombie apocolypse, but somehow you didn’t somehow both of you managed to survive until meeting.
Jimin had started out in a group with his friends, and while they had lost two people on the way rest of them were still alive, when they found you you were alone half starved and more or less waiting to be eaten.
They made the decision to take you back to their hideout and Jimin was in charge of nursing you back to health, that was where you connection stared that and maybe you half confused asked him if he was an angel, but he had promised you to never speak of that again. Neither of you knew what the next day would bring, so you just lived every day like it was your last.

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“you know, before I met you I almost gave up on everything, I just wanted to be free of this, now you make it all worth it”


You and Taehyung had fallen in love before this shit storm all started, you never really got to confess to each other, but had slowly been getting there, but then this happened.
You had thought Taehyung had died in the initial struggle, which you were kinda happy about, he was such a nice and sweet guy he would never have survived with what he would have been forced to do.
You had joined up with a raider group, not that you had much of a choice it was either that or try to survive alone, which that would never work. You were ashamed of what you were forced to do, struggled with nightmares ever night, you hunted humans to steal there stuff and often kill the group.
It was horrible and you hated yourself for it, but you just wanted to survive, that was what lead to the horrible event. Your scout had found another group, you would attack at dawn.
The attack was quick and you easily overpowered the camp, when you went to look for survivors between the corpses, you found something you never expected to see… Taehyung almost drowning in his own blood.

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“y/n? You have to run… they will kill you please!” oh… he died not knowing you were part of the group.


You and Jungkook’s relationship was… different, mostly cause he was different, when your group found him, he had a large wound in his side that looked like he had been clawed by a zombie.
He was so young that you guys didn’t want it to be true, and the worst part was that Jungkook had no idea how he had gotten it, which was what lead to Jungkook being tied up with chains in your guys basement. You were the one who fed him each day and you talked to him…. and you fell in love with him.
The thing was that nobody was completely sure how long time it took to turn into a zombie, so you guys waited… and waited… And each day nothing happened both you and Jungkook himself got more sure that he was safe.
Small kisses, hugs and hand holding was what you dared to share between you, but you were hopeful.
Until that hope was torn from you as your father woke you up on that fateful day, telling you the truth… Jungkook had turned into a zombie over night…

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“No please… Please tell me you are lying! It’s not true! He was showing no signs! PLEASE!”

Authors note:

I hope you enjoyed this! If you have any reaction or anything else you would like to see our requests are currently open!

- Prussia

Anything for You (Ten x Reader)

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Admin: Mimi

Prompt/Ask: Could I please have a fluffy scenario with NCT U’s Ten??? Thanks!!! (:

Fandom: NCT U

Genre: Fluff, slight angst?

Pairing: Ten x Reader

Warnings: vague mention of sex

Word Count: 2845

Authors Note: My first NCT request, and for one of my biases! (Well, my bias from NCT U, and I say one of, because I honestly can’t choose just one from NCT altogether) I absolutely love Ten, and I’m so happy I got to do this request. I’m sorry if it doesn’t seem as fluffy as you had hoped, but let me know/send in another request if you want! Let me know if there are errors, and happy reading ^^

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Imagine breaking up with Ravi because you turned into a zombie at the boat party and you don’t want to hurt him. (Part 1)

Not My GIFs GIF 1: @aerivaille | GIF 2: @lindir

It’s funny how quickly your life can change, one minute you are living your dream: dream job; dream apartment; dream boyfriend, then the next minute it is all gone.

The night of the boat party everything changed, there was an attack and a lot of people died. As far as I can tell I am the only survivor, my body sustained gashes from the attack and somehow it changed me into what only can be described as a zombie.

It’s weird though because I still have conscious thoughts, I’m still me, I just happen to like brains now. The only changes I gained apart from my little cravings, and the fact the my hair and skin have paled dramatically, is that I can turn someone into a zombie or maybe kill them… to be honest I don’t really know how it works just that a scratch from me is lethal.

Which leads me to why I am here now.

I’m stood infront of my loving boyfriend, Ravi, about to destroy our relationship so I can’t hurt him. “Ravi” I begin.

Ravi and I have been dating for three years, we moved in together within our first year of dating.

“I don’t know how else to say this” I continue, wanting to tell him everything whilst also wanting to protect him. “I think we should break up”.

Ravi had been looking concerned and nervous but now he just looked heart broken causing me to want to take everything back. “W..What?” Ravi stutters. Right I’ve started it now, just rip the plaster (band aid) off.

“I just feel trapped, I need to just have space, okay?” I say more harshly. “I’m sorry, I’m the problem…but I need to leave”. I feel like I was breaking inside as I lied through my teeth my first love. I get up and whilst giving an apologetic look to Ravi, I back away towards the door and leave. Leaving my heart with Ravi.

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amethystamarante  asked:

1 of 2. Hi there, me again :) I found another soulmate au I thought sounded nice. "Imagine that soulmates just have this ability to dream together/meet each other in your dreams regardless of whether or not you two meet in real life. Your dreams could then be like a real-life video game, for example, you two could be in a zombie-apocalypse type of dream and you both would try your best to help each other out. If one gets bitten/dies you wake up and your soulmate is there to tell you everything -

“ 2 of 2. - is alright or tease you how you couldn’t shoot fast enough and then you’d both go back to sleep and maybe start round two.“ So may I request this type of au for Hitoshi, Tamaki, and Mirio?{”

- - -

Hey there! Sorry I took SO long getting to this but because I knew it would take awhile, I got through the headcanons in my ask box and then I got myself ready for this basically! I hope you like it but because it’s such a big format for a drabble sort of thing, I’m going to do two headcanons and one drabble as a response if that’s okay, I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you but I also don’t want to accidentally have the scenarios so similar it feels the name is the only changed thing…but either way, I hope you enjoy this a lot!!! But wow, got a bit Angst-y at the end…haha…

- Mod Eclipse 🕸️🕸️🕸️


🐱 You’ve definitely met your soulmate, somehow or another, when you both went to U.A. you ended up in the same class!

🐱 When you have dreams, it’s quite often a zombie apocalypse situation and yes, you are the one that dies the most.

🐱 After you get up for school and get there, Hitoshi likes to pick on you, though he keeps the conversation between the two of you, he thinks it’s cute how your face goes bright red from embarrassment.

🐱 If however, he’s the one that dies or more often; gets turned into a zombie, then by all means, the bragging rights are yours.

🐱 Poor boy can’t even look at you for the first half of the day, claiming that your beauty distracted him and that it doesn’t count.


🐙 You’ve never met Tamaki before, not in the real world anyway.

🐙 Since your dreams are normally revolved around your desire to go see the country more, they’re filled with exploring new landscapes, complete with all their natural horrors – weather/animals.

🐙 When you first met Tamaki in your dreams, he was trying to beat a tiger with root-like fingers, when he eventually won and noticed you, his face went bright red and he turned to face a tree, pressing his head to it.

🐙 Slowly, through each dream the two of you shared, he began to talk to you more and more, opening up to you, his future soul mate, slowly; it made you happy!

🐙 The day you met Tamaki in the real world…was the day you went to work as an intern for Fat Gum, a pro-hero that had shown interest in you due to recommendation, poor Tamaki, the moment Fat Gum found out what the two of you were to each other, he didn’t let up the teasing, causing Tamaki to mutter quietly to you “Things are so much easier when we’re sleeping…I want to go to bed…”


 Mirio sat up quickly, his heart racing while cold sweat ran down his body, fumbling for his phone which was now ringing, your number flashing on the screen, willing him to answer straight away.

 “Mirio! Y-You’re okay! You are right?!” Your panicked voice reached his ears instantly, causing him to blink and wipe the sweat away; the dream the two of you had just shared was horrible, the villains had won…the world was going to ruin and you had to watch them slaughter Mirio slowly while unspeakable things had been done to you.

 “Shh, shh, I’m okay (Name), I am…I’ll send you a picture after to prove it…it was just a bad dream! I’m still here for you” Mirio soothed, a smile subconsciously building on his lips, training for his days of heroic work, he had to keep a smile on his face, no matter what.

 “I’m sorry…” You whimpered, tears obvious to Mirio even though you were talking over the phone, it made his heart ache to hear such a horrible noise from you, his beloved soul-mate.

 “Should I come over?” He questioned, already getting up, using one hand to pull his boxers on, knowing what the answer would be; besides, she wasn’t the only one that needed to know the other was alright, he wanted to see her safe and sound too.

 The nightmare was pure torture.

 “U-Uh huh…hey…Mirio…” You whispered as Mirio pulled on his pants, a hum leaving him as a response for her to continue talking.

 “No more horror movies unless you’re sleeping over” You instructed, pulling a pained chuckle from the blonde haired man who knew you made perfect sense right now.

 “Agreed (Name), I’m leaving now, you wanna keep talking on the phone?” He asked, pulling a top over his head before walking out of his room, ready to see his soul-mate, ready to calm the both of them down.


OctoberFicFest Day 11: autumnwinter

For the inktober prompt seasons

It didn’t feel like fall.  Fall was fifty degree nights if she was lucky, and leaves spiraling gently off the trees into the Potomac.  Fall in Montana was fifty degree days if she was lucky, with freezing nights and trees already bare.  Maybe she’d missed the week of what she would have considered autumn, lost it to the dog days of September when they were still baking in Texas and she once bought an ice cold bottled Coke just to hold against her pulse points.

It set her off-kilter, the way summer had slammed into winter, instead of easing back and forth between humid and hazy, smothering and invigorating.  It took thought to reach for clothes appropriate to the actual weather rather than her conception of the season.  Montana wasn’t pumpkin spice and decorative scarves.  Montana was snow boots, baked potatoes with extra chili, and coats rated to -20.  “You know that’s not going to do you for the winter,” the clerk at the store had said dubiously, and Mulder had made his skeptical face.  

“We’re just visiting for a few weeks,” she’d said, and she’d paid and they’d left.

“How much worse can it get?” Mulder had asked.

“I hate when you say things like that,” she’d sighed, and leaned into him as he slipped his arm around her.

There would be no jack o’lanterns, no trick or treating.  It was too cold for bonfires or corn mazes.  It snowed and melted off every few days; even clear days were freezing at best and muddy at worst.  The closest she would get to a haunted house was the way the cabin’s wooden floors sighed at night, as if she hadn’t had enough ghosts in her life already.  She hadn’t celebrated much of Halloween, but she’d always seen it in the stores: fake gravestones, Martha Stewart’s best tips for turning one’s spotless house into a simulated abattoir, witches and zombies and cheap chocolate.  Children.  She would miss the children in their costumes, their faces shining behind plastic masks.

She bought candles with flavors like falling leaves and pumpkin chai and lit them as she read.  It helped, although she could still smell the snow outside.  It fit, somehow.  She and Mulder were in limbo, just as the seasons were, suspended outside of the norm.  But here was the cabin.  Here was the snow.  There were people who lived like this, for whom her mild autumn sunsets would feel out of season.  

“It feels like we changed gears too fast,” Mulder said once, blowing out her candle as he leaned over her chair.

“It does,” she said, turning and wrapping her arms around him, laying her cheek against his belly.  “And it doesn’t.”