and somehow this turns into zombies

A Genie has somehow remained bound to their master even though it is the zombie apocalypse and they have been turned into one. Desperate to be free of this near-mindless creature the Genie has tried every trick in the book to get it to make it’s final wish.


“is that your way of comforting me?” “maybe”

this was supposed to be some kind of zombie apocalypse/the walking dead au requested by @sigh–onara but honestly i don’t even know anymore

Joker Imagine - Zombie Virus

Anonymous said:hi can you do joker x reader where he kidnapped her but then there’re this virus that started to turn people into zombies. joker and reader are the only two people who didn’t get infected. reader is an innocent girl who didn’t know how to fight or protect herself so the joker has to protect her from the zombies and they ended up falling for each other? this would be fun xx love your blog

AN: Thanks for the request. I’m glad you love my blog haha AND SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT :C

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Joker’s P.O.V.

What a fucking mess.

Somehow the entire city of Gotham was a complete destruction. The CIA had tested something here secretly and failed miserably. A virus started spreading through the city and the lucky people managed to leave before it was too late. Now the entire city was isolated from the rest of the world. It was a huge city, but millions of people escaped. Now we were here, but still about hundreds of thousands of people were left here, spreading the virus and turning soulless braineaters. Leaving would be very hard since literally zombies were lurking around everywhere. I even lost my henchmen and my only friend, Frosty. It hurt, but I had to stay strong. I had hope that I could get out of this city that would probably get burned down someday.

I was alone in my big block of flats ,packing bags so I could fill my car and flee. I was so pissed at the CIA and overall the government for letting this happen. Gotham City was never going to be the same. Everything would have to be destroyed completely to get rid of the virus and it could take tens and tens of years. I’d be lucky to get out of here.

Suddenly I heard something. I froze on the spot and grabbed my gun tightly. I looked around the dim hall and tried to find whatever was moving. That’s when I saw a reflection of someone behind me from the mirror, causing me to turn around and point at the person with my gun before I’d get bitten. ‘’No! P-Please don’t shoot me!’’ A girl whimpered and stepped back, raising her arms in surrender. My grip loosened on the gun and I looked at her in surprise. A fucking healthy person.

She had Y/H/C hair, put into a ponytail and she had some wounds, but she didn’t seem infected. I looked into her pretty E/C eyes and saw how scared she was. ‘’Please Joker..I’m not infected. I thought..I thought you weren’t either so ..maybe you could help me’’  She admitted very nervously while staring at my gun. ‘’Me? Help you?’’ I laughed at first and lowered my gun. Damn she had guts tho!

‘’Please! My friend is at the borders so we could pass easily. But I can’t get there by myself’’ She admitted and held back tears. Now we were talking. ‘’I can’t fight and even less protect myself. If..If you want, I can get us both out of Gotham’’ She tried to make me listen to her. The deal sounded valid and good. I looked at her darkly and tried to think. She was trembling in fear and I knew she was relying on me. How bittersweet.

‘’Fine’’ I sighed and put my gun into my jacket. Then I reached out my hand so we could seal the deal. The girl grabbed my hand nervously and so we shook hands. ‘’What’s your name pretty?’’ I asked and then looked around us to make sure no zombies were hunting for us. ‘’I’m Y/N’’ She let me know and then looked at me. She was very beautiful.

‘’Well Y/N I’m honoured that you came to me’’ I giggled, even tho I bet she only came because she was pretty sure I wasn’t infected. So what, at least I knew that passing the border would be easier now. ‘’Thank you so much for not shooting me’’ She thanked me and sounded very grateful. Something told me that this would be more fun than I thought. It didn’t suck to be with her because being alone made the voices in my head get stronger. I had pretty much lost everyone I ever had also my home.

‘’Let’s start by packing my car with guns, bullets, loads of water and first aid kits’’ I said with a bossy voice and walked to the stairway. Y/N followed me closely and I knew she was probably scared to death. She seemed innocent, like a good girl and I, an evil villain was her last hope

                      Two days passed somehow slowly. We had packed the car and I taught her how to shoot. Her hands were shaky and she shot far away from the target, but she was getting the grip. Our targets were zombies we shot from the windows. First she was terrified, but she grew to like it. It’s not like zombie lives mattered anyway.

We were packing the last food I had in my penthouse and I knew we were going to leave. I loved this house so much, but  I had to say goodbye. It made me feel so empty it was ridiculous. I never thought that a place could mean so much. ‘’Do you know where you’re going when we pass the border?’’ Y/N asked me while drinking some clean water. She was obviously more comfortable with me know. We both kinda relied on each other so we had to get along.

‘’Yeah, I’m going to New York city. Reminds me most of Gotham’’ I told her while looking out of the big window. The penthouse was so high that I was sure no one could get up here, but the danger was still there. The streets were trashed, full of bodies and then zombies. The sky seemed to have a dirty red colour and the city smelled like shit. Everything was destroyed.

‘’Well what a coincidence’’ Y/N said somehow happily. I turned to look at her. She had taken a shower earlier so her hair was still a little wet. She was wearing all black jeans, a top, combat boots and a leather jacket. She also had a gun that I gave to her even tho she sucked at shooting, at least so far. ‘’Well you won’t get rid of me after all then’’ I chuckled, feeling kinda happy that she was going there as well. At least our ride would be longer together.

‘’So..When are we leaving?’’ She asked me, putting the glass down. I sighed and looked at my golden watch. ‘’In ten minutes. We could already go down into the car’’  I explained and the same empty feeling took over me. I would really miss Gotham City. Y/N nodded and grabbed the last bag with food. I grabbed my gun and led the way out of the penthouse. Goodbye my home, the place of amazing memories..

Just as I opened the door, I saw a zombie in the hall, in front of the elevator. It was growling and shaking. It’s skin was rotten and I could see that it’s cheeks were hollow. The zombie saw us and tried to attack, but I shot it three times in the head until it fell on the ground. It tried to crawl to us, but it was unable to move. ‘’Let’s go’’ I growled and glanced at Y/N who looked scarred for life. We got into the elevator and I pushed her in the corner to keep her safe.

The elevator took us down and the doors slid open. The parking hall was very risky because anyone could come here. Before stepping out of the elevator, I looked around the dark parking hall. I saw a few abandoned cars, but my car was nearly right in front of us because I left it there. It was pretty full, but the front seats were there for us.

‘’It’s clear’’ I whispered and walked out, gun first. Y/N was obviously scared, but she trusted me enough to follow me. First I opened the car door for her and she sat in. Just as I shut the door for her,she screamed. I turned around and started shooting. A zombie had tried to sneak up to me, but now it was on the ground. ‘’Fucking hell’’ I spat and then hurried to my side of the car. I shut the door and then locked all doors so no one could open them. My heart was beating hard in my chest and I felt adrenaline pumping through my system.

That’s when I heard heavy breathing. I glanced at Y/N who was finding it hard to breathe calmly. ‘’Hey -relax. We’re okay’’ I reminded her while starting the engine that growled loudly. ‘’I thought it fucking bit you’’ She admitted and rubbed her eyes. I didn’t like seeing her  like this. So I put my hand on her knee and rubbed it gently. ‘’I’m fine, okay? Let’s go now. Freedom is awaiting’’ I tried to make her calm down. Y/N looked into my eyes and then nodded slightly. 

I started driving and I headed straight onto the highway. I had to be careful because the zombies threw themselves on the road and it was full of weird things. I looked at the buildings I once knew well. Now they were broken, burnt and full of living dead.Even my club was a big mess. It was the last time I ever saw Gotham, the city I loved yet terrorized every night.

After driving for a quarter, I decided to turn off the radio. A woman was speaking, trying to reach those who were uninfected. I had heard that speech a trillion times already. ‘’Did you lose anyone?’’ I asked Y/N and tried to start a conversation. ‘’Yeah..’’ She started and then swallowed. Oops, I probably asked something wrong. It wasn’t my fault I wasn’t the best guy to talk to. All I ever discussed was crime, not normal topics.

‘’I lost my daughter’’ She admitted and that’s when my heart made a weird thing happen. I glanced at her again and saw sorrow on her pretty face. ‘’I’m sorry’’ I muttered and then kept my eyes on the road. ‘’It’s okay Joker.. The night the virus spread, I was out with her, playing in the park. She was just four’’ She started, but teared up and sounded completely devastated. But talking did good so I let her open up to me.

‘’I heard her screaming and I..I saw someone biting her..I didn’t know what to do..It..It happened to fast’’ She started crying. I felt bad for her. Losing someone important hurt, no matter who you were. ‘’Then t-they said that we had to evacuate and anyone who was bitten should be left behind. I waited in hopes my daughter was fine..but she wasn’t. T-Then it was too late for me to escape safely..I had to kill her’’ She let me know something so deep. Ouch.

‘’I’m sorry Y/N..I really am’’ I admitted while driving towards the borders. They were extended for safety reasons. She was crying now so I grabbed a tissue from the hand box and gave it to her. She mumbled and thanks and then wiped away her tears.  Based on what she told me, she was a single mother. Or else she would have said something about her boyfriend as well.

After a while we started talking about more ‘normal’ things. That made time pass quicker as we drove. Before we knew it, we saw the heavily guarded borders. ‘’ friend is at the 37th district right there. They..They would probably not let you go but I’ll make her do that’’ She said and pointed to our right. I drove there and then put on the hat and sunglasses I took with me. 

I slowed down and suddenly a redhead walked over. She was wearing a very protecting suit, almost like she worked in a lab or something. I rolled down the window and let Y/N do her business. First she showed a pass to her friend. ‘’Leave quickly, okay? The second you get through, just speed like there’s no brakes. Or else you’ll be stopped. I’ll reassure the other guards that you weren’t infected so you should be safe’’ The redhead told us quietly.

Y/N and I thanked her in unison and then I rolled up the window. I watched as the gates opened for us. ‘’Hold on tight’’ I told Y/N and then hit the gas pedal, making us go quickly The other guards stepped aside and we were long gone before they could do anything. We were out of Gotham city. I looked behind us through the mirror and watched the gates closing. That’s the last time I’d ever be so close.

‘’We’re safe now’’ I breathed out and got on the big road. Immediately I saw more traffic, but not that much. People were just driving far away from that living dead city. ‘’Now what?’’ Y/N mumbled nervously. ‘’What?’’ I tilted my head curiously and glanced at her quickly.

‘’What are you going to do to me? You don’t need me anymore..’’ She muttered nervously and looked at me. I sighed and tried to make up my mind. I couldn’t just let her go now. I hadn’t even taught her how to shoot properly yet! ‘’Well we’re going to New York city together, right? I got millions of dollars so we can stay at hotels while driving, then when we get there I’ll start teaching you how to shoot. I’ll start a new gang there’’ I explained rather casually. Y/N looked nonplussed by my words.

‘’Aren’t you going to dump me somewhere?’’ She nearly gasped. It made me laugh at her. ‘’No dummy, you’re with me and I won’t let you go. You know me too well to just walk away’’ I warned her and then sighed deeply. Instead of making her cry, she smiled. ‘’Good. I kinda always found you fascinating Joker’’ Y/N admitted and that’s when her crazy side was peeking through. No sane person would ever find me anything close to good.

Time to start a new ‘evil’ revolution in New York city with someone by my side!

anonymous asked:

Hiya, so I am doing a rather stupid fic(kinda like writing practice thingy) about some super sarcastic teenagers surviving a demonic invasion on their high school (as in zombies mutated bulls skeletons and stuff, and somehow everyone has guns) and I am asking what would be more dramatic: one of the cast gets possesed and they have to fight him, or one of the cast dies by a fireball or gunshot or acid or impalement and whatnot. Thanks in advance.

Hiya :)

Sounds definitely interesting! I can only speak from my own experience, but I think that it’s extreme dramatic when one of the group gets possessed or turned and then their friends have to fight against them, even though they don’t want to hurt them. And you can still kill this person by one of their friends which would probably be the maximum drama.

- Jana

The reason Korosensei’s relationship with his first apprentice ended up being so messed up was because Korosensei never truly acknowledged his pupil, treated him as a tool, and didn’t allow him to grow and follow his own path. What other relationships in the show are like that?

Hiromei doesn’t acknowledge Nagisa as his own person and treats him as a girl, and uses him to live through. 

The Chairman doesn’t acknowledge Asano as a son, and trears him as a tool for his education methods.

When The apprentice thinks of his own ideas, they are always shot down by his Korosensei. When Nagisa tries to stand up for himself and stay in E class, Hiromi drugs him and tries to get him to burn down the school. And When Asano denies his father’s education methods, his father somehow turns his friends into zombies.

  Because Korosensei never acknowledged his pupil, he is still desperate to be like Korosensei, so they both symbolically and literally end up becoming ‘monsters’.They both end up destroying each other all because of their dysfunctional relationship- The apprentice resents Korosensei, but wants his attention in equal measure.

This is how Hiromei + Nagisa, and Asano + the Chairman could of ended up, but in the end, both parents acknowledged their children and stopped trying to control them.

The Signs And How They Ruin The Holidays
  • Aries: Sets something on fire.
  • Taurus: Shows up with cursed pirate treasure.
  • Gemini: Ends up reenacting scenes from old Godzilla movies in the living room.
  • Cancer: Tries to hit on literally everyone. (And some pieces of furniture.)
  • Leo: Turns the living room into a pillow fort. Somehow things are better this way.
  • Virgo: Insists on practicing witchcraft at the table.
  • Libra: Burns the food. That's it. That's all they do. Pizza ends up getting ordered and it arrives late but everything is kind of okay.
  • Scorpio: Everyone suspects them of secretly doing witchcraft the entire time even though they (probably) didn't do anything.
  • Sagittarius: Locks themselves in the bedroom with all the animals and refuses to come out.
  • Capricorn: Shows everyone their weird fanfics.
  • Aquarius: Bees.
  • Pisces: Forgets the phrase required to retrieve the Necronomicon and unleashes an army of the undead. (Remember: "klaatu barada nikto")

“Ah, beloved siblings,” Kol grinned, opening his arms wide to his family. 

“Kol, brother, why have you called us so urgently?” Elijah asked, looking over you with something resembling caution.

“It seems that during my quest to bring Y/N here back to life, I have somehow turned her into a zombie.”

The room fell even quieter. You would be able to hear a pin drop.

“Don’t play games with us, Kol,” Klaus hissed, obviously not impressed with this ‘waste of time.’ “There is a coffin and a dagger with your name on them, remember.”

“I remember well, thank you,” Kol hissed back just as angrily.

“I’m telling the truth. I found her in an alley feasting on some homeless man’s brains!” He exclaimed. You sighed, bowing your head in shame. It wasn’t your proudest moment, that’s for sure and you hated being reminded of it.

“Would I have any reason to lie? Would she?” Kol asked, sitting down with a loud thump.

“I don’t know exactly what has happened but for the sake of my brother and the love he bears for you, I offer my assistance,” Elijah said, smiling grimly. You nodded in thanks, glad someone believed you.

“You are not a member of the Mikaelson’s,” Klaus stated. “But my brother would attempt to have me killed if I did not comply. I will, regrettably, also try to help you figure out what exactly this is.”

“Thank you,” you said, tears of gratitude in your eyes. “Thank you so much.”

For Anon. 

(a/n: Part two of the Zombie!Reader request I got a while back. I hope you enjoy it. xx)

They made me drink the Kool-Aid today. Literally. We had another initiation ritual in the woods and this time the counselors were required to participate. “Don’t make me drink the Kool-Aid,” I said, and my boss dumped the mix all over my face and poured water on it. Lacking running water, looked like a zombie for the rest of the day.

Worst of all: the twins, who turn 11 tomorrow, are too worldly by half and somehow already knew about Jonestown. They kept snickering and saying stuff like, “Boy, this Kool-Aid is making me feel funny!” and then pretending to die.

They’re horrible people. I love them.

Okay, just to be clear…

Debate over Stan’s IDENTITY is not the same thing as debating justifications for his PERSONALITY.

Stan being the twin’s grandfather does not “explain” why he loves them.  No one is making that claim (at least that I’ve seen). We know why he loves them, we were shown that, we saw it happen. We saw them grow from people who didn’t really know each other into a family that battles zombies and teases one another and laughs together and will make sacrifices for each other.  We don’t need a theory to explain his love for the kids.  He simply loves the kids.

If it somehow turned out Stan wasn’t biologically related to them at all it would not invalidate the fact that he cares about them in slightest.

His love for the kids does not “prove” his status as their biological grandfather nor does it discredit it.

I just get so confused when people talk about Grunkle4Grandpa like it somehow ruins something about Stan or changes who he is.  His familial status to the kids and the issue of whether or not they’re his grandspawn doesn’t change Stan’s personality.  We’ve known from the beginning he was a huge liar, we’ve known from the beginning that he was hiding something. We just didn’t know what. 

He may have been lying about being their Grunkle Stanford, but that doesn’t make everything they went through the whole summer and his affection for them invalidated, any more than him being their grandfather would somehow “explain” that affection as if it needs explaining.

What makes it compelling isn’t the fact that he’s their grandad.  It’s the fact that he’s been lying about it to people that he grew to care for.  That he didn’t trust the kids with the truth when he had the opportunity and they have to decide without the benefit of a proper explanation if he deserves their trust after they realize they’ve been lied to.

If you hate the theory or just want to wait and see what happens, that’s fine. Keep doing that. But can we at least agree that Stan’s place in Pines family tree doesn’t change who he is as a person or change what he feels for those kids.

Bleach characters, you have just learned the Giselle and Bambietta are dating! How do you respond?

As requested by anon. :)

Meninas: Wow! So Bambi and Giselle are together, even after Bambi’s death?

Meninas: That’s so romantic!

Candice: Romantic?

Candice: Giselle murdered Bambi and then turned her into a zombie.

Candice: How the hell is that romantic?

Meninas: It’s romantic for Giselle, isn’t it?

Liltotto: Well I figured they were a thing.

Liltotto: Considering that I walked in on Giselle eating Bambi.

Haschwalth: Um, isn’t that a little explicit for this manga?

Liltotto: No, I mean literally eating. 

Haschwalth: …somehow that’s worse.

Bazz-B: I knew it! I knew Bambietta was a lesbian!

Cang Du: Why, did she turn you down or something?

Bazz-B: No I meant because she likes to cut dudes in half.

Cang Du:

Cang Du: What do you think a lesbian is, Bazz-B?

Yumichika: I can’t say I’m very impressed with the way Giselle handles a relationship.

Yumichika: Using Bambietta as a human shield ‘n’ all.

Ikkaku: Not to mention a zombie meat puppet.

Kurotsuchi: Got something against zombie meat puppets?


Ikkaku: Please tell me you’re not dating your zombies.

Kurotsuchi: Of course not!

Kurotsuchi: I’m not a monster.

Giselle: I don’t think I like what you’re implying!

Giselle: Bambi loves dating me!

Bambietta: It is pretty nice.

Bambietta: Except when you get too rough with me.

Bambietta: I like to have some blood left.

Giselle: Shut up! You like it rough!

Ichigo: This relationship seems problematic. 

Closed RP W/FazbearSecurityGuard

Warm Bodies AU

As a child, Doll never would have expected to be spending her days walking the deserted streets of a town she once called home. However, she was now a seventeen year old who had seen just how badly the zombie outbreak had effected the world. No one could have ever expected such a preposterous thing to happen, but somehow zombies truly had brought about what seemed to be the end of civilization.

Doll lived with a small ground of humans in a fortified part of town. The base was simply called home by all who stayed there and no true name was given. The people there worked together to keep some form of civilization together. Doll had seen just how had some people struggled, but now it was her turn to help their little home. This was her chance to mean something and help the place she called home.

Today would be her first mission outside of the base. Her and a group of friends were going out to collect medical supplies from the town. The base was desperately low on bandages, pills, rubbing alcohol - basically anything related to first aide. The group was expected to check some nearby pharmacies and come back with supplies. Each teenager was give a gun and some ammunition before they were sent out of the base. The large iron doors closed behind the teenagers before they were off.

With a small sigh, Doll lead the group silently. Bulky brown leather boots silently walked upon the crumbling streets of the deserted town. Besides these boots, Doll also wore simple blue jeans which were tucked into her boots. A green t-shirt was hidden under a black hoodie in hopes of keeping some sense of warmth in the rather cold town. Brown eyes scanned the horizon as her hand moved to push her short choppy hair out of her face.

Resting her hand on the gun strapped to her thigh, Doll glanced at the group before nodding in approval. Everyone took the nod as a silent okay before carefully entering the first pharmacy. The building seemed to be devoid of both humans and zombies alike. Sighing in relief, Doll whispered, “Alright, take everything that is full and has labels on it. We need to move quickly.”

Zombies are people too(AKA ITF)| {CLOSED} @revolutionaryofthepeople

{ revolutionaryofthepeople }

It had been two years since the dead started rising, since the government began rounding up those who rose and started experimenting on them, eventually medicating them.

Marius had been in the facility since the second week of the breakout. The specialized teams had found him in a super market all alone. He had turned when it first started, and somehow he still managed to be on his own. He managed to turn and move away from the herds in the center of the city.

No one claimed him, no family, no friends, so he was released with a government ordered caretaker. Those who had no one to help them had to have a caretaker for the first 4 months after their release.

Once he got home, he sat in his room looking down at the living children playing in the streets, watching people who hadn’t changed just going about their lives until he saw someone he recognized, Feuilly.

according to the arrow fandom:

  • laurel is a terrible person for wanting to put sara in the pit and bring her only sister back to life. because nobody who’s lost a loved one, if they found out that there was a magical pool that could literally resurrect them from the fucking dead would just go for it. especially if they had living proof right in front of them that a) it works and b) that while there are some side effects, the person is still mostly themselves, most of the time. (srsly it’s not like thea has turned into a zombie. 95% of the time she’s just plain old thea, with nothing wrong. why would this deter someone from trying to resurrect their only sister?)
  • somehow oliver isn’t a terrible person for putting thea in the pit, he’s just a loving brother.
  • laurel is manipulating thea into going to nanda parbat and lying about it being to help thea, just so she can put sara in the pit. because any time you have two reasons for doing something, obviously you are being manipulative. so if i offered to take a friend to the store to get something they needed and while i was there, i planned to buy ice cream, i’m manipulating them for my selfish ice cream purposes.
Ok but Imagine Pokemon Go in Abel

Like someone somehow somewhere manages to fix/turn on the servers and people are able to play again

Touch screen phones that were previously thought useless are put back into the hands of Abel Township residents

Everyone is a wandering around the township catching Pokemon and loads of people use incense because they can’t leave the walls of Abel

All the runners getting cool Pokemon on missions

Runners offering to carry people’s phones in their bag to hatch their eggs

The break room filled with geeky debates on which is the better team and it always ends with Jodi screaming about Valor

Simon of course fucking uses all his incense straight away

Sam is team Instinct and is constantly reminding everyone to stay safe whilst playing (basically to look where they’re going and TO STOP CATCHING THAT PIDGEY THERES 20 ZOMBIES BEHIND YOU!)

Everyone assumes Five and Janine don’t play because neither of them mention it but it turns out Five caught hundreds of Pokemon and Janine is leader of all the gyms around Abel



Today was loads of fun.

Got to make goofy faces in the backseat while @breakthecitysky and @juneofthemoon led the front as we wound our way through southern Minnesota, the scenic bluffs of the Mississippi valley, and the the backroads of middle of nowhere Wisconsin (there was some legitimate concern about zombie cow attacks among other things). But somehow we made it here and met up with @feralwavestohermind. Turns out hanging out with cool Tumblr parent peeps in real life is even better than virtually hanging out. And hey, the weekend just started! Woooooooooo.

Some of you may have seen posts about how Yahoo is dropping pieces of itself like a decaying zombie, and that has raised questions about Tumblr’s future. I doubt anyone is giving up on Tumblr any time soon, but it got me thinking about how much might get lost if the servers were somehow turned off. When Autistic Tumblr was smaller, closer-knit, and more political/activist, our networks were smaller, but they ran deep. They existed on more than one platform, and people had many ways of contacting each other. That was helpful when our accounts got shut down, which happened all the time. Remember that we are not so much renters here as squatters who could be pushed out whenever. Never depend on one network. Connect with each other in other places. I am:

Larkin Taylor-Parker on Facebook and LinkedIn

@ltaylorparker on Twitter

We used to have a closed Facebook group that basically backed up Autistic Tumblr. I looked for it last night but did not find it. Would anyone be interested in a new group?