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Collide Prt. 9

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Riley Matthews is a struggling writer who works as a bartender to pay off her student loans. Lucas Friar is a rich kid from Texas who’s lost his way. One night fate brings them together causing their two different worlds to collide.
A/N: Chapter 8 left off with Lucas’ POV and the advice he was getting from his older sister so this chapter I wanted to be completely in Riley’s POV where she gets advice. This part is Riley centric. It’s basically a filler part before the final chapter 10. I hope this is okay. 

Word Count: 1,884 (short one)

Part 9 - “Courage & Fear.”

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The last 24 hrs. haven’t exactly been my favorite. Somehow in a days’ worth of time, I’ve managed to embarrass myself in front of a bunch of wealthy strangers, lost my boyfriend and to top it all off, I’m pretty much homeless now. My roommate is finally moving in with her boyfriend and while I was expecting, waiting even, for this day to come, it still hit me like a ton of bricks.

After Isadora and Farkle broke the news to me about moving out, I just wanted some time alone. For the past few months Lucas had become my safe haven, whenever I was having an off day I’d call him up or ask him to come over but I couldn’t do that this time. I had to find a new safe haven.

I know if I go home, my parents will pressure me into moving back in with them which is the last thing I want to do. I still wasn’t comfortable enough to turn to Maya and I knew Zay would be there with her, so he was out of the picture too. Josh was busy crashing on mom and dad’s couch and Uncle Eric lived too far away to visit; but there was one person left.

I snuck back into my apartment when I knew Farkle and Izzy would be sleeping, grabbed a bag with spare clothes, my toiletries, purposely left my phone, grabbed my wallet and headed off into the night.

The three hour car journey from Brooklyn to Boston wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. Driving offered a clear mind which was exactly what I needed. Once I arrive, I do my best to find my destination based on memory. Eventually I see it.

The Museum of Fine Arts.

I quickly check my appearance in the car mirror, making sure I actually still look human and nervously shuffle out the car.

The museum is different from what I remembered. I used to come up here in middle school to visit my aunt and in my mind it was a lot bigger. But still just as intimidating.

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anonymous asked:

if you're still taking prompts, maybe something with yuugi and kaiba being increasingly competitive over atem's attention (not in a sexual/romantic way on yuugi's part, but in a 'he's my platonic soulmate and will always love me best' kind of way). atem doesn't even notice the competition because he's too busy being happy to be getting so much love and affection from his two favorite people, which somehow makes kaiba even more annoyed.

Here you are! I went a little off the prompt. I give the specifics in the notes ^^

3 + 1 = Rivalry


The highlights of my time on ASC with Jae… The faces he made, being called pretty by THE park Jimin, making Jae tear up, making him choose chipotle…. And somehow getting the entire internet to ship this

But my favorite part:
“I’ll see you soon, Shannon!”


LisAni TV Premium: Aoi Shouta (10232016)

Shoutan talked about DDD and WonderLab DVD release and answered some fast questions. There was also one question about what he does before he sleeps and he said he wears a shirt and pants (I’d like to think he said he takes off his pants lmao okay dont mind me).

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Wow, this was kinda sad…this whole issue was, in fact. Him was somehow more terrifying than he used to be! This last page is one of my favorite parts. It’s the most “aww” moment I’ve seen with Princess involved. Fuzzy is so adorable in that last panel! And oh goodness the Gangreen Gang…so much cuteness and angst in this one shot. And Snake…you adorkable baby! ^^ I’m left curious about Sedusa though…she was probably the second most despised adversary, behind Him. How did this event leave her?

My favorite part of Deadpool may be the fact that he got the same cab driver to come back because I am 100% imagining him somehow digging up this guy’s phone number from the cab company to say “Hey wanna come drive me and my friends to the big boss battle?” and he was just. Cool with it. Like, “Yeah, man, let’s catch up and then you can go murder people it’ll be a fun time.”


Kaleidoscope Chords by @cupcakemolotov

A KC celebrity AU in which Caroline meets a stranger at an art gallery…and discovers he’s none other than Klaus Mikaelson, rockstar god and renowned playboy. 

↳ Happy belated Birthday, Ravyn!

Favorite Scene From Each Episode of Veronica Mars: Day 17: Kanes and Abel’s, or, Forgiveness Check

Part of me wants to write something fun about Caz Truman in “Kanes and Abel’s” for susanmichelin’s Favorite Scene thing because somehow I love the guy even though he’s played by a Home Improvement has-been and looks so old that even the Fitzpatricks think he should just graduate already. Caz is just such a moron and a jock tool (he was awesome in “Ruskie Business,” too) that he makes me laugh. In retrospect, Caz would not have been such a bad choice, huh Meg?

My “fun” posts seem to turn out better (I didn’t say “good”) than my attempts to be serious and whatnot. Despite that, I am going to try to write something interesting about Veronica and Logan’s “check scene.”

The scene in which Veronica tears up the check (or “cheque,” for those of us living in those parts of the Anglosphere hanging on to the remnants of British Imperial glory) is clearly a significant landmark in the re-establishment of Veronica and Logan’s friendship, particularly given its proximity to “Weapons of Class Destruction.” (What happens in that episode? I can’t remember. Nothing big, I assume.)  

Veronica tearing up the check is an obvious callback to the scene in Mars vs. Mars in which Logan told Veronica, contrary to what she believed (and clearly hoped) that it was just a job, that they were not friends. Tearing up the check clearly signals that they are now friends again, no matter what Logan thinks. On a superficial level, I simply like Veronica’s bossiness here: “Too bad, we’re friends, deal with it.” However, I can never leave well enough alone.

The theme of forgiveness runs throughout Veronica Mars, most obviously in Veronica and Logan’s relationship. (Note: I do not pretend to be an expert on the psychological or intellectual notion of forgiveness, so please do not take this to be a technical treatise, as if anyone could mistake these disjointed rambles for such.)  Veronica sees herself as hard and unforgiving, and she often is. On the other hand, in the Mars vs. Mars “friendship bracelet” scene, it is clear that she wants the friendship with Logan back without dealing with the difficulties of forgiveness. Pretty early on in the series, we see that on some level they both want the friendship back. In “Wrath of Con,” Veronica lingers in his presence while he is trying to make the video, even after he is rude to her. Logan shifts between hostility and helpfulness during their one-on-one scene in An Echolls Family Christmas.

I have written before about the Veronica and Logan’s two-track path (back) to each other. One track is Logan’s developing crush in relation to Veronica 2.0’s attitude, smarts, and deviousness, and Veronica’s (much-repressed) attraction to his charm and dangerousness. The other track, one that connects more closely to their former friendship and the need for forgiveness, is “deeper” and more emotional. Veronica is often the lone witness to Logan’s vulnerability, especially as she begins to see, much more clearly than she did in earlier days, who he really is, culminating in his collapse in “Ruskie Business.”

Perhaps most fascinating in relation to this second track is Logan’s side. Yes, he is attracted to Veronica’s smarts, no-longer-Disney-Princess looks, and general badassery. On the surface, he goes to her at the end of Lord of the Bling (or the beginning of “Mars vs. Mars”) because she is an investigator and he knows she can help him out. But on a deeper level, one that he may not even be aware of, Logan is also looking for an emotional connection. Whatever one makes of his relationship with Lynn, she is gone, Aaron is clearly out, and as “Ruskie Business” makes clear, Trina was not going to be much help. Moreover, one need not be a Duncan hater to see that Donut is not really there for Logan, either: his general zombie-esque behavior (and Duncan’s narcissism), his immediate suspicion of Logan in “An Echolls Family Christmas,” Duncan’s not-much-more-than-obligatory response to Logan’s behavior at Lynn’s funeral, and his merely puzzled response to finding out Logan was camped out in a hotel lobby in Los Angeles.

Logan’s world is so devoid of real people that the only person he can imagine helping him or even caring about him is the girl whose life he had spent the last year making a living hell, yet he goes to her anyway. Having seen his vulnerability (mostly without him knowing), Veronica agrees to help. Logan is seeking emotional warmth in the arms of a self-styled ice queen. That dynamic, I think, is one of key elements that make Veronica and Logan so compelling throughout the series.

Veronica’s eagerness to be doing a friendly favor for Logan and her disappointment in finding out that Logan saw it as just a job stands in stark contrast to her statement to Meg in Betty and Veronica:

I’m not programmed to forgive and forget. I can’t just start chumming around with people who’ve ignored and mocked me for a year.

But is Veronica really that eager to forgive? Veronica clearly wants the friendship with Logan back. What Veronica so often seems to miss, as in the scene from “Mars vs. Mars,” is that forgiving and forgetting are two different things. Veronica seems to simply want to forget the past year and go back to “normal” without dealing with actual forgiveness. The word “normal” is used deliberately. With Duncan in the second season, she simply tries to forget the reasons she should be angry with him, and she goes back to him pretending everything is fine, yet they never connect, too much water is under the bridge. Veronica may have thought she had forgotten, but she could not. She needed to forgive, but she pretended there was nothing for her for which to forgive Duncan. True to form, Duncan certainly did not act as if he believed he even needed forgiveness from her.

Contrast this with Logan in “Mars vs. Mars” and “Kanes and Abel’s.” In the earlier episode, he rejects the notion that he and Veronica are suddenly friends. Part of it is that, yes, he is probably still holding on to his anger at her, however weakly. I believe Logan is also, on some level, thinking that they cannot be going back to friends because of the things he has done to Veronica. Whatever image he may project outwardly, Logan does not hold an exalted opinion of himself. Logan believes Veronica should not want to just forget and be friends. Whatever the roots of it, Logan instinctively seems  to possess a better sense of the dynamics of forgiveness than Veronica. The past year cannot just be brushed under the rug, no matter what Veronica tries to do, and Logan knows that.

By the time we get to “Kanes and Abel’s,” Veronica has held Logan during his collapse in Los Angeles and helped him out during his drunk antics at “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” She might think that after all that, they were friends. It was not easy but there they were. Logan still tries to pay her. It is, of course, the proper thing for him to offer. Nevertheless, Veronica looks surprised. Once again, Logan somehow has a better sense for how forgiveness works – it is up to Veronica, the victim (which he surely recognizes by now), to decide whether or not to forgive. He cannot demand it. Logan, literally and symbolically, puts it in her hands. It is up to her. And she tears the check up.

As the rest of the series makes clear, Veronica and Logan had a long way to go for forgiveness and trust to truly take hold (and they do not fully do so until the movie). That is to be expected with such deep wounds. Veronica is still someone who would rather just forget than forgive those things she would rather simply see as “not real,” and this repeatedly causes problems between them. Still, they have to begin somewhere .

Despite Logan’s apparent grasp of forgiveness (and Veronica’s lack thereof), when Veronica tears up the check, she exhibits an understanding of a significant aspect of forgiveness that Logan does not. Logan believes she can never forgive him because he can never make things up to her. For Logan, the check is just a check. Logan has to pay her because they are not friends, and thus not worthy of doing things for each other just because they are friends. Logan thinks he has to earn forgiveness, but since there is no way he can do so, he can never be forgiven, and they can never again be friends.

Veronica’s actions show that she gets at least one aspect of forgiveness: forgiveness cannot, in the end, be completely deserved or earned. While the transgressor is not simply a passive recipient of forgiveness, true forgiveness always involves an element of excess grace on the part of the one bestowing it. When Veronica tears up the check, she defies Logan’s attempt to reject her forgiveness, and she does so via an act of grace. It is an act of grace that Logan, whose sees himself as worthless and unworthy, cannot comprehend (thus his wordless exit), yet one that ultimately changes both of his and Veronica’s lives.

[Previous installment: Favorite Scene From Each Episode of Veronica Mars: Day 16: Betty and Veronica, or, A Snickerdoodle Too Far]

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I think my favorite moments are when Stiles says Lydia’s name. 

Throughout the series, whenever he’s said her name, it is the one true constant in their relationship, which is constantly changing and devloping as Stiles and Lydia do. 

There’s Queen Bee Lydia Martin from the early episodes. He said her name and didn’t have any true connection to it– nothing beyond a small inkling that this girl was supposed to be a part of his life somehow. When he thought of Lydia, he probably thought of the time they had to do a cloud project together in elementary school or the time she fell off a swing and he got a band aid for her. He was probably thinking of the girl that he watched rocket away from him in middle school, officially out of any possible realm of friendship despite the fact that three months ago she had smoothly cracked an egg over his head after beating him at the egg event during 6th grade field day. 

Later in the show, he was saying the name of something new and tentative and breakable yet so magical simultaneously. The friendship between them was fresh and delicate, yet whenever Stiles said Lydia’s name, it was like he was pulling himself up into the new relationship that they had. Lydia looked at him when he said it. Acknowledged it. Stiles wasn’t just shouting it into a void– there was a pair of green eyes staring back at him after he said it, considering what he had added on after it. Respecting him.  

Eventually, he could say it in a million different ways. Teasingly. Exasperatedly. Imploringly. Excitedly. Fearfully. Every time he would say her name, it would signify the back and forth of their friendship. The way they weave in and out of each other. The intricacies of what they mean to each other. Not only could Lydia hear him saying it, she could probably pick that voice out of the crowd if he was calling to her. She could use his voice to soothe herself, or to comfort herself, because as long as Stiles was saying her name, he was there for her. Such a long way from the first time Lydia Martin’s name is mentioned by Stiles in season one, episode one. 

Currently, Lydia’s name stings a bit. Because she is what he is trying to save by untangling himself from her. He would rather pull away from her than have to spend a lifetime trying to keep himself afloat as he drowns in feelings that will never be reciprocated. He hears her name and he forgets, very briefly, that he isn’t supposed to feel that spike of excitement from the acknowledgement that Lydia Martin is alive somewhere in his world. He says her name and he keeps his breathing even because your heart isn’t supposed to speed up when you think of your friend.  

Now her name has nuances for him. He can remember a slew of recent memories attached to it. When he says it, he knows that it is irretrievably entwined with her. He’s never going to be able to wiggle the name away from the girl. 

But he isn’t going to need to. Because one day, Stiles is going to be able to say Lydia’s name with the exact mount of tenderness he wants to. He’s going to say it in the morning as he hits her with a pillow to wake her up. He’s going to say it in the evening when he’s standing at the stove and she stops to give him a hurried kiss before heading to their bedroom to change her clothes. And he’s going to say it standing up at an alter with the stupidest grin on his face while Scott stands right behind him and Allison’s presence seems to thump in his heart. 

And when Lydia murmurs his name back, he’s going to know that it means the same thing to her as it does to him. 



Screenshots from GONE FISHIN | Gmod: Prop Hunt (Funny Moments)! :)

Yay more Prop Hunt! ^_^ 

My favorite part of the whole video was the end when Jack somehow didn’t get killed by Mark’s grenade and then Jack getting off of the table as like a hot dog or sausage or something and while he’s running away from Mark and Bob he just yells wiener. I seriously laughed way to hard at that whole part of the video! xD I like when Jack, Mark Wade and Bob play games together it’s nice to see their friendship in videos and it’s fun watching them get pissed off at each other. :)