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you know what baffles me? that sometimes i realize that i’m alive and an actual being who’s put on earth for some wacky ass purpose and given free will from some higher power cause idk why else i’m here. why does this higher up fella make you VIEW certain things? FEEL certain things? LIKE certain things? there has to be a reason behind it all. like why are ya making me look up specific people, what’s the purpose here? why do i feel connected to folks i never met before? WHAT’S THE REASON? 

i’m dissociating so bad right now oooh boy

Somebody that I used to know

Summary: Bucky and the others get shot back into the past where Steve isn’t Captain America, Bucky isn’t captured by Hydra, and their friends and family are alive. The others are trying to get back to the future, but part of Bucky doesn’t want to. His family is here, he can finally remember who he use to be and stop himself from becoming the man he was in the future. (Y/N), his girlfriend, is in the future trying to figure out how to send everyone back to the future, but will Bucky join them, or will he stay in the past so that can never become the Winter Soldier?

Note: Nothing 

Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1005

“Everyone just calm down.” Natasha snapped angrily at the others who were freaking out. They were currently hiding in an alleyway, clothing was made to fit the era that they were in. “How can you be so calm about this? We shot almost Eighty years into the past!” Tony hissed when she clamped a hand over his mouth. “Shout louder why don’t you. Attract someone and let them think we’re crazy. Good plan Stark.” She snipped back when Clint placed a hand onto her shoulder. “Alright, let’s just sit down and think about this casually. We’re obviously in a time where Steve and Bucky live right?” He asked as they nod. “Well we should go see them. Figure out what the hell to do, because standing here quarreling isn’t doing us much good.” He said.

“Wait..” Tony said looking at them with a weary expression. “Now what?” Natasha asked quirking an eyebrow. “Well think about this for a moment. We were shot back into the past, a time where Steve isn’t Cap and Bucky-Bear isn’t the Soldier…. Would they even remember us, or are the preset when they were shot back in time?” He asked as everyone grew silent for a moment. “He has a point.” Clint shrugs. “Well what other option do we have?” Natasha asked. “I guess we have to take that risk. We can’t just assume without knowing the facts.” She said before cursing. “What?” Tony asked crossing his arms. “I have no idea where they live.” She huffs as everyone murmured their agreement. “Good thing I go on runs with him.” Sam pipes up.

“Why?” Clint asked as Sam rolls his eyes. “Because I know where he lives, apartment and all. We went that way the one time and he was telling me about it. Him and Bucky used to live their together, Crappy place, but it was theirs is what he told me.” He grins. “Well bird man, led the way.” Tony gestures as Sam frowns. “You know, you’re lucky I don’t have my suit or I’d have flown away by now.” He grumbles walking down the alley and out the entrance. Clint pulled Natasha against him as she looks at him with a frown spreading across her lips. “Men in the day was very grabby with ladies, and I know you can defend yourself, but I’m protecting them so you don’t break their nose into their skull.” He said wrapping an arm around her waist as she smirks.

Tony had a look of concentration across his features when Thor taps him on the shoulder. “You look burdened my friend.” He said softly. “I was just thinking.” Tony waved it off. “Care to explain your thoughts?” He asked when Tony bit his lip gently. “Well… I… I just realized that in this era my mother and father are alive. My old butler Jarvis is here, it just seems crazy to me.. I know I shouldn’t want to go see them, but if I could I’d tell my mother I loved her and hug Jarvis just a little be longer.” He said when his gaze fell to the as everyone looked at him in silence. “Let’s just find Steve and Bucky to make sure that they actually remember us and we’re not trapped here with no help.” Tony cut the moment short as they continued to walk with Sam leading the way towards the boys’ apartment.

“Wait, what do we do if they don’t remember us? Shouldn’t we have a game plan in case that’s an outcome?” Clint asked looking around to the others. “Wow Legolas, I’m surprised you thought of something.” Tony grins as Clint rolls his eyes. “Well if they don’t remember us we’re totally screwed.” Sam commented crossing his arms. “What are they going to do if they do remember us? They gonna wave a magic wand and presto we’re back in modern day New York?” Tony asked quirking an eyebrow. “Well if they remember us at least we have someone who can help navigate through this era. We have no idea where to go or what to do.” Natasha said when Sam points to an apartment complex that looked more than a little run down.

“This is where Captain America use to live?” Clint asked in shock when Natasha rolled her eyes. “He wasn’t always Captain America Clint, it seems people forget that. They see the tall Super Soldier, they never met the scrawny kid from New York. That’s why Steve cares so much about James… Because he’s the only piece of Steve’s past that links him to a time before Captain America.” She said softly. “And vise versa. James even told me that he had forgotten his own name before he forgot Steve’s. They are inseparable.” She explained to the others when Sam opened the door for them as they all walked into the building looking around. “It’s very warm.” Thor points out when they go to the steps. “He told me they were on the sixth floor apartment D.” Sam said as he started up the staircase while everyone trailed behind him.

“Well this is great, knock on their door and say hey do you remember us, or have you never seen any of our faces before? No, that’s cool we’ll see ourselves out. Wait, what if this disrupts time?” Clint asked when Natasha looked at him. “We have to at least try.” She huffs softly before they walked up to the door looking at the ‘Six-D’ in gold print on the grey door. “Wait.” Thor said as everyone huffs looking at him. “What is it?” Natasha asked when Thor gestured around them. “Where is the man of Iron? He was right behind me, but now he isn’t..” He said as everyone’s eyes widened. “What!” Natasha looked around before cursing under her breath in Russian. “He’s going after Jarvis.” She whispered looking down the hallway when the door opened up. “Hello may I help you?” A woman asked to them as they froze in place.

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The computer

wisdomandsass submitted

When my brother was born, my family decided to create a room for me in the basement of our house. (I had just turned 5) Aside from having to learn to live with and kill spiders, I also had to learn to live with the unknown. Basements are always creepy, dark, damp. When I was probably.. 8 or 9 (maybe before) I would hear the computer. In the basement was my room, as well as another open space where my mom worked from home. She had a work computer, that went to sleep like every other computer. Before the computer went to sleep, a Screensaver would come up. Many a nights would I hear typing, and repeated vigorous clicking of the mouse. Most times I was too scared to leave the covers. But other times I was brave. On one occasion I had been listening to the clicking of the mouse on and off for about 5 minutes when I hopped out of my bed, opened the door and went to investigate. Upon opening the door I knew something was spooky- the computer was lit up. As I reached the computer, it was on the login screen. Something- someone had been clicking the mouse and triggered the computer to bring up the login screen. On other occasions after hearing the clicking or typing and waiting for silence for an extended period, I would finally get the courage to go look. And there the animated screen saver would be, lit up and playing.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 6/10 I wonder what the ghost or whatever needs the internet for. Maybe he was checking out this blog. Thanks for sharing the scares!

In other news, this is my list for inktober which is a mashup of inktober, drawtober, petyr baelish week prompts, and things I’ve had planned to draw/songs that gave me ideas!

I’m on vacation for the next week after this, so the first post is actually going to be queued up.

Most of this is petyr/sansa centric, maybe some other things will be thrown in, but based on what my blogs look like I think we can predict what is going to happen lol


I PRESENT…CASTLE WHITESTONE! Open these in a new tab for the full effect - the files are real big and you can zoom in and read everything. There are also captions clarifying which floor is which.

Based/somewhat traced from the picture of the castle in the Tal’Dorei campaign guide, I have created a vague idea of what the inside of the castle might look like (post-Briarwoods), because I am like this. If you like this and wanna ask me about any other details, shoot me an ask! I’d love to talk about this more. This is also free for anyone to borrow as a reference for a story or whatever, should the need arise.

More details below the cut, because a lot of thought went into this!

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