and some will be real life couples or pairings

As a new era starts, we’ll never forget Doctor-Clara

Later today, a new era begins. Of course, the Doctor-Clara era technically ended some 16 months ago on TV, about a year ago in other media like comics and audio books, and we’ve already had two post-Clara specials since she left in her TARDIS in “Hell Bent”, but, as we enter into the Bill Potts and Nardole era (which I’ve seen referred to on Twitter as “Life After Clara” 😢 ), this is one of my last opportunities to post an appreciation of this remarkable, and I think we’re going to have to start calling it underrated, pairing before this new era begins.

Right now, we do not know if we’ll ever see these two together on screen again before Peter moves on. It should happen. It may happen. Or it may not happen. There are just as many reasons why it might not happen as it may happen. Some are creative - Jenna herself has said she doesn’t want to pick away at Clara’s finale and Steven Moffat may not be able to come up with a suitable return scenario; some may be logistical - Jenna also may simply not be available due to her Victoria commitments (timing, her contract may not allow it, etc).

But even if it doesn’t happen, we will still have had close to 40 amazing episodes of the Doctor and Clara (including minisodes). Were they all perfect? Of course not. I feel Twelve and Clara were separated far too much in Series 9 and I think the powers that be did make a few mistakes. I am of two minds with regards to Danny, for instance. On the one hand I think it was a mistake attempting to break up the Doctor and Clara in this way; on the other hand - Danny was a catalyst for two of the season’s most remarkable episodes, “Listen” and “Dark Water,” and was indirectly responsible for Whouffaldi shooting into high gear at the end of “Mummy on the Orient Express.”

There were also moments that I felt at times the powers that be displayed a bit of a tin ear to what the fans wanted - and despite the attempts to rewrite history by the media and some fan critics, a lot of people were pulling for them - such as building up Clara and Eleven into a full-fledged romance and then seemingly falling victim to ageism attitudes and taking that away with Twelve. Remembering that at this point as far as everyone was concerned River’s story was done, with Eleven even agreeing to River being described as his ex in “The Name of the Doctor” - the show all but had Clara on the fast track to become for all intents and purposes the Doctor’s next wife. (Watch the “She Said He Said” prequel and listen to what Eleven says about Clara.) It took them to Series 9 to start building that back up again, just in time for Clara to leave. In his interview with Wil Wheaton, Capaldi said depicting the romance this way was “more fun”. Perhaps, but it was “more frustrating,” too, remembering that once Danny was out of the way there were only six episodes, out of the 13 including Last Christmas, in which the Doctor and Clara were actually together for a substantial length of time: Last Christmas, Under the Lake, The Girl Who Died, Sleep No More, Face the Raven and Hell Bent (even if that wasn’t Bonnie in the Zygon story, the two would have only been on screen together for about 5 minutes out of the 90 not counting the speech). The rest of the time they were split up.

But that’s yesterday. Today, we look back on things like the Hammer pastiche “The Crimson Horror,” the modern-day remake of “The War Machines” that was “The Bells of Saint John,” the uber-romantic holiday specials “The Snowmen” and “Last Christmas,” “Listen,” “Mummy on the Orient Express” - which even had skeptics saying “Get a room, you two!” - “Dark Water’s” amazing volcano scene, “The Caretaker” and “Robot of Sherwood” showing the Doctor in full green-eyed monster mode, the Second Doctor throwback “Under the Lake”/”Before the Flood” (except Zoe never challenged the Doctor to prove his love for her by changing history), Jenna’s BAFTA-worthy villain turn in the Zygon storyline, and of course the Raven Trilogy which needs no further introduction.

And I could write forever on the towering chemistry between Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, and between Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman. This wouldn’t have worked if Steven Moffat and his team hadn’t chosen perfectly when they cast Clara, who clicked so well with Matt that I remember the rumours back in 2013 that they were dating, and they later found in Peter an actor who managed to match and exceed the chemistry shown between Matt and Jenna, to the point where if you didn’t know he was married, they could easily have been mistaken for a real-life couple.

So in some respects for me this is a “final” goodbye to Whouffaldi, Whouffle, and any of the other shipping names associated with these two, and to Doctor x Clara in general - the best pairing this show has seen since Tom Baker and Lis Sladen were in the TARDIS, but only because as of tonight it becomes the Doctor and Bill (and Nardole) show. Which is as it has to be as this is Doctor Who, where even the lead actor is only around for a few years. But of course it won’t be the end. Just as Steven Moffat couldn’t let River Song rest in peace (with the repeated references to her sounding more and more forced as we go along), I have no intention of letting Doctor/Clara fade away. Even as I watch and hopefully enjoy the Bill Potts era, I still hope to find more things to write about here on Tumblr about Twelve and Clara, and I have no less than a dozen Whouffaldi fanfic stories in some form of progress for eventual uploading to AO3. And I know the fan artists, the gifset makers, and others will continue to find new ways to commemorate this pairing. Whouffle/Whouffaldi is going nowhere.

And who knows, maybe sometime in the next 12 weeks - or 8 months from now as the Christmas special approaches - we’ll be pleasantly surprised. I mean, after all, John Simm, a well-known actor, apparently managed to film his return as the Master without anyone knowing about it, right? 

((a sequel to the android!eren drabble))

Levi wakes up with the scent of freshly brewed coffee tickling his nose.

For a few moments he thinks he might’ve died overnight and gone to heaven. The sheets are soft and warm against his skin as he burrows deeper into their embrace, his gaze drawn to the glowing red numbers on his alarm. It’s ten minutes to six, ten minutes before the damn thing will start ringing  He can’t remember the last time he’d woken up before his alarm, but that’s not the only strange thing here.

He can hear someone in his kitchen, opening cupboards and clinking utensils together, and when he sees the faint light shining from the doorway, he’s awake in an instant. It only takes a second or two to grab his phone from the nightstand, and just as he’s about to dial 911, he remembers Eren.

It’s just Eren, he realizes, tossing the phone aside with a yawn. Still, he could’ve sworn he hadn’t specifically assigned Eren to make breakfast. Unless their discussion in the car had counted as assigning Eren to it, though Levi has his doubts.

All these questions escape his head as he steps into the kitchen, because somehow, inexplicably, Eren’s standing there by the stove wearing a fucking apron.

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Could you do a analysis on heatstrid relationship in this season? They seem to be more close now and I ship them so much. ps: your blog is amazing


First, a preface: Astrid and Heather are the relationship. Bear in mind, relationship =/= romance, though they’re plenty rife with that for those who want to see it. These are two well-rounded individuals who have come to care about each other and work with each other without questionable, outside forces (i.e. writers deciding someone needs a reciprocated love interest or the like).

Heather’s goal has always been one thing: Family. Years ago, she wanted to save her family and would do anything to manage it–stepping on toes, lying to faces, burning bridges–if it meant their safety. Astrid saw through her first layer of deception, she was astute like that, and despite the minor threat it posed to her plan, Heather pressed on the mind games. Almost like she was pleased Astrid could level out with her. But when everything came crashing down around her, Astrid was the one to put herself on the line to help her. After their unpleasant beginning. After the insults and scrabbles. (It wasn’t the first time Astrid has shown this virtue either)

Heather saw such character in Astrid, an almost fairy-tale sort of honor that, I believe, this was the moment when her small circle of loyalty expanded to include Astrid.

Then they run into Heather years later and Astrid finds Heather on her level. Blades and battle and that fun, fiery energy still blazing between them. (Though, while Astrid sees her growth–while Astrid understands the evolution Heather went through in the wake of tragedy–Hiccup sees the loss and mourns the girl she used to be).

They’re both so adorably excited by each other. Here is another person who clicks on so many levels–someone they rarely get to see. It’s like there aren’t enough hours in the day for them and they know their respective life choices will force them apart sooner or later so they might as well catch up and enjoy until the next time.

And Astrid seems to know there will be a next time just as she knows Heather will leave again. Hiccup can beg and needle and offer a place for Heather amongst them until his voice dies, but Astrid doesn’t need to be told no twice on this. She gets it. 

Heather has a vice for vengeance. She has a penchant for layers and lies as a first defensive mechanism. Astrid is more tempered by the likes of Hiccup, she’s more clean-cut and confrontational than deceptive. But despite these differences Astrid understands. She understands that there’s something unsettled inside of Heather that would never allow her to feel safe and quiet on the Edge. She knows that Heather needs to do this for herself, and she wants to protect Heather, she wants to help her however she can, make her as safe as she can, but she understands that her meddling has a limit.

And Heather knows Astrid understands.

That’s why she trusted Astrid immediately with her plan to smoke out Viggo. Heather trusts Astrid above anyone else in that group. She appreciates the Riders. She’s likely forever an ally of them and she loves Hiccup in her own way as well, but nothing trumps her relationship to Astrid. Astrid is on par with her in ways no one else is–physically and intuitively. Despite their differences in values, in tactics, she and Astrid both understand acts of necessity, and sacrifices, and the very notion of an End Game. They both accept the ins and outs of war without idealism getting in the way.

So Heather knows Astrid is her Girl. Astrid is the one to correspond to as she works the Trappers. Heather can see the distress Astrid endures in ‘omitting’ information from Hiccup, she understands it’s hard–especially hard for Astrid, and she regrets what she puts her through–but both girls foresee the same reaction from him. Astrid’s on Heather’s page here, and it’s a testament to how right Heather was to choose her, though there likely hadn’t been much doubt to begin with.

Astrid is, for all intents and purposes, Heather’s best friend. Astrid is a sister. Maybe a crush. But she’s the closest human Heather has in her life outside of whatever relationships she has left.

And that’s probably why they’re my favorite pair in any interpretation: their relationship has nothing to do with the protagonist (Heatcup was the biggest red herring in the history of hilarious red herrings. Real Satanic Panic situation right there) and it has nothing to do with furthering some gimmick or drama. They’ve genuinely, and rather seamlessly for this franchise, come together.

For subject of them as a couple: They’re fantastic. They’re fantastic in that they compliment each other so incredibly well–from their meeting, to their resolution, to their trust in each other, to their joy around each other, to their every interaction…which is both sweet and intense and I’m sure the writers have a field day with that. Also, when you operate under the assumption that no one’s sexuality is determined, their relationship is told as strong than any other romance on in the series. You can chant “Hiccstrid is canon” as much as you want, but it won’t change the fact that its brick-laying is less stable than a sea-sick viking.

Heatstrid was the sort of chemistry that was ‘shown’. Not ‘told’. I’ll always be grateful for that.

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why won't you just make multiverse shipping available instead? or AUs for when your muses are involved with other people? multi-shipping exists too, you know.

//I am fully aware it exists, and I have written Imani to be so–but only Imani at current. There are many reasons why I largely choose not to multi-ship unless the muses are polyamorous.

  1. Some of my romances are co-written with my real-life boyfriend/future husband. We work together on projects often, including fact-checking, story brainstorming, world-building, and so forth. Among other things we also write together are our romances, and our couples aren’t always composed of characters we created separately; sometimes both characters of the pair are written by him (such as Rob/Lin and Vermille/Cecilia), sometimes they’re written by me (Frascona/Abena, Gi'utoh/Ezamina, etc). We just contribute ideas on what we think is a good story between the two, regardless of who is writing who. But we also have plenty of couples who are created separately and we ended up pairing them together; such is the case with Ruixiong/Helen, Isaac/Alice, Giovanni/Sophie, and so on. So to create AUs where some outsider just shoehorns themselves to get their rocks off on someone they find attractive without taking into consideration of how much blood, sweat, and tears Cappn and I have shed to write the romances the way we do…. no. Absolutely not.
  2. I am not really fond of shipping canon characters. I do have lowkey ships, some of them even crack, but that doesn’t mean I want to RP them. When I RP, I try to stick as close to canon as much as possible, and that includes romance. Why am I so adherent to canon? It’s because I don’t want to RP the characters the way they’re not. Now, I am fully open to alternative interpretation, and I will not force people to write fan material a way I agree with; many fandoms have canon material that are extremely loose and, thus, are very open to being as loose as the fans can want (hi there, Punch-Out!!). But romance and pairings between canon characters who probably never even met each other just isn’t my thing. You do you, I do me. I’ll support you, but please, return the favor and support my decisions on my views regarding shipping canon characters that are otherwise noncanon in relationship. The Tiger-Hondo thing is a one-time thing, and while I did enjoy the experience, I do not wish to replicate it.
  3. Really, I am a victim of the horrendous ship-wars of the early 2000s. While the ship-wars are NOWHERE as bad as today (I mean, no one sent razorblade cookies or cyberbullied artists to the point of attempted suicide, to my knowledge), I still remember, as an impressionable and naive young 14-15 year old girl, when harassing others for not supporting a ship was a norm. In fact, the concept of ‘multi-shipping’ is extremely new for me, and I really wish I came across this concept sooner. But it’s too late for that. Far too late. The recent fiasco with Samurai Jack Season 5 confirmed I want to stay far, far, far, far, far, far, far away from fandoms when it comes to shipping especially canon characters, and the same applies to RP. I can even predict being harassed for OC couples I wrote. No. I will not give you ammo to harass me with. I’ve learned my lesson, and I do not wish to expose to that kind of toxicity again. I deal with enough of it in real life regarding my own love life.

So there. You want to bang my otherwise unavailable muses? Too bad. Tumblr RP has a huge pool of romantically available muses, go find someone else to get your rocks off of. Sorry for coming off as rude.

Ichi/Ruki fans are so gross. Claiming that Kubo, the man who created Ichigo and Rukia, the man who created and wrote Bleach for 15 years doesn’t understand Bleach. All because Ichi/Ruki didn’t get together, even though he said years ago it wasn’t going to happen. Newsflash! There would be no Ichigo or Rukia or even Ichi/Ruki (which never existed) for you to ship if it wasn’t for Kubo. And not only do they say he doesn’t understand his own story (which he wrote himself) but they encourage, condone and brag about harassing him and then expect him to give into them and give them the pairing they want? The pairing he never wanted. Pathetic. I really wonder how some of these people function in real life. Are they going to school, work, family get togethers  just constantly making people listen to them bitch and moan about a fictional couple an a man who lives in Japan who didn’t give them what they want. Again it’s pathetic. What are they teaching or are going to teach their kids if they have any? That if someone doesn’t give you what you want you are entitled to bully, harass and threaten them?

“But people in Japan are doing it so it’s okay” For fuck’s sake. Just because some otaku assholes are harassing him doesn’t make it okay. Stop using Japanese people as an excuse to act like idiots. You’re doing a fine job on your own anyway.

Grow up. We know many of you are out of college. You have English degrees!

Even more disgusting is how I/Rs claim to be bigger and better fans of Ichigo and Rukia that non I/Rs. Yeah, sure. Turning the characters you love into adulterers even though it doesn’t fit their personalities really shows you understand them so well. There are fans out there who truly respect Ichigo and Rukia, who don’t care about shipping in the least but no these are the better fans because they foolishly believed the whole story of Bleach was about Ichigo and Rukia someday screwing.

Sad thing is, there really are good, wonderful and decent Ichi/Ruki fans out there who are against the Kubo harassment, against the cheating fics and art and against the destroying of Bleach merchandise but they are being told to shut up and are greatly outnumbered by the horrendous toxic ones.

We also have the fact that some Ichi/Rukis have actually claimed many times that they don’t give a fuck about Ichigo. Calling him worthless, weak, stupid, the worst shonen hero ever, And that was even before the ending. Now they added lazy (no), fat (ummm what?), ugly (hahahaha). Some have even now started attacking Rukia. Calling her a failure, a coward a trash character, all because she’s not riding Ichigo’s dick and because Kubo said he saw Rukia as Ichigo’s (non romantic) partner and Shinigami protagonist and not the heroine. Fuck these people. Ignoring all the amazing things Rukia did on her own, like work hard as a Shinigami to become a lieutenant, achieve bankai and later became captain. But now I/Rs wanna destroy their Rukia merchandise just because she didn’t end up with Ichigo. The same Ichigo many of them have been bashing for years and only want her with him because he’s the main character.

Real talk; if you can’t cheer for, respect and love both characters in your OTP as individuals then they’re not your OTP

Asexuality and Aromanticism do not mean you cannot ship pairings!

I keep seeing the falsehood that if you’re an Aro or an Ace that you cannot ship fictional couples. I think this goes back to the implication that Aro means Anti-Love and Ace means anti-sex, which is NOT CORRECT

Let me put this in a real-life situation and see if it makes sense that way. Say I’m an A (Aro, Ace or both) and my friend is in a healthy romantic/sexual relationship with someone and wants to marry them. Am I going to try to break them up just because I’m an Aro or Ace? Am I going to rush into their wedding and go “STOP YOU CANNOT DO THIS BECAUSE I AM ARO/ACE AND THIS IS WRONG!”? No. No I’m not. What I feel personally about my need for romance/sex does not mean I police other people’s choices about romance/sex. I can be very happy for others who are in romantic or sexual relationships that are good and healthy for them.

The same works for fictional pairings. While some Aros and Aces do not feel as invested in fictional couples because of their identity, that is not true for all of us and should not be used as a blanket assumption about any Aro/Ace. Some of us are very invested in the romantic or sexual relationships of fictional characters AND IT DOES NOT INVALIDATE OUR IDENTITY AS ARO/ACE. My identity has nothing to do with me wanting to see others in happy relationships, be they platonic, romantic or sexual. This applies to both real life and fictional couples.

No one thinks that heterosexuals cannot ship m/m or f/f pairings because they aren’t that sexuality, and the same should apply for us Aros/Aces as well. Just because I’m Aro or/and Ace does not mean I don’t enjoy seeing others in happy relationships. Just because I do not want that type or relationship myself doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy writing or drawing or talking about it. 

So, TL;DR- Do not assume that Aromantics and Asexuals dislike romantic and sexual relationships that involve others, whether in real life or in fandom. We can appreciate romantic and sexual relationships even if we have no personal need for them ourselves.


This isn’t gonna be short but I don’t give a damn cuz I’m annoyed, so if you don’t wanna read keep scrolling.

Also I am on mobile and can’t use the ‘keep reading’ link so suck it up.

I’m honestly so sick of going in the Kaisoo tag and seeing posts about people disagreeing with shipping and how ppl are just delusional and in denial and want their otp to be real, like honestly get over yourselves. If you don’t like what people post on here just don’t read it, it literally is that simple like I don’t understand why people are making a big deal when they aren’t forced to read sh!t like tf?? People aren’t saying that they hate Jongin/Krystal and there are legit understandable reasons why some people think their relationship isn’t real and that’s OKAY. Its okay to question things and not be a naive pos that believes whatever people say.

And before y'all try to come for me and say I’m a “delusional 12 year old shipper” check the facts:

- I’m 25 years old (will be 26 in a couple weeks)
- I’m married (so don’t throw the “you’ll never marry your oppa” crap at me cuz I already married the love of my life :)
- I do not ship idols whether same sex or opposite as I am not a fan of pairing, with the exception of kaisoo. (there are reasons for this)
- I’ve only been into exo since overdose era but didn’t start paying attention to kaisoo until after I went to exoluxion Chicago in January.
- I love f(x) and Krystal as well

When I first got into exo ksoo was my bias and then slowly Jongin stole my heart. I’d always known about kaisoo but as I wasn’t a fan of pairing I never really thought much of it. Then exodus era happened, I officially became an Exo-l and learned more about Jongin and his personality/heart as well as his interactions with ksoo and just like that I understood why people shipped the two of them. The way they are with each other is honestly like nothing I’ve ever seen within any other kpop ship which is why I ship only them.

Now when the news broke about Jongin dating, even after seeing the way he is with ksoo I was happy and made jokes like “Ksoo is not gonna be happy with this hehe.” The fact that Jongin wasn’t covered in the dispatch pics was odd to me, but even still I was prepared as a fan to support his relationship and protect him from hate at all costs so that he wouldn’t have to endure what baekhyun went through.

But then April 1rst came, and as soon as I saw that tear in ksoo’s eyes and how Jongin looked like he’d been crying for hours I suddenly felt like something wasn’t right and been feeling that way ever since.

And that’s why its annoying when people act like its unreasonable to be skeptical of the legitimacy of this, like r u srs? The article said that he and Krystal met up in Korea on a certain day and that was proven wrong, all the pictures and receipts were proven wrong, this on top of the fact that the two literally never interacted besides for that photoshoot with Taemin, the 2012 insider post predicting they’d be paired and SM’s less than ethical treatment of Idols and y'all really can’t understand why people are questioning this and think its just cuz of an OTP??? I’d be questioning this shyt regardless, hoe!

In the dispatch photos Jongin and Krystal weren’t disguised. Jongin, although he is open with his emotions, is known to be an extremely private person, the fact that he has no public social media accounts reinforces this. Why would someone like him, who is private, who has a lot of sasaengs and anti-fans, who is followed by cameras 24/7, and MOST IMPORTANTLY after seeing what happened when his fellow band mate was in a dating scandal…go on a PUBLIC date.. With a woman.. With no disguises.. To a restaurant where SM idols frequent.. With the possibility of getting outed, put in a scandal and receiving hate? Why do you think someone like him would be careless enough to put himself in a situation like that?

And as far as the shipping of him and ksoo and how this might be a coverup for the two of them… Again please tell me how tf this is not a logical possibility as well? Jongin has called him ‘Honey’, has spoken to him in a flirtatious matter, they’ve slept in the same bed with one another, he tells him he loves him numerous times, they sat and ate food by themselves even with the other members being in the same restaurant, I mean they literally have done tons of shyt that could be taken as more than just friendly even in a place like S.Korea.

And it cracks me tf up when ppl say “oh shipping them is disrespectful don’t force your ships on them!” we don’t even have to force anything on them because they literally ship themselves, like wtf are you on?? If its disrespectful how come every time they see shipping signs at concerts they smile about it, even with Jongin not liking to be paired up? What’s disrespectful is spreading rumors that he bangs his gf with studded condoms and receives blowjobs from her in a public pool. Once again get over yourselves.

Like I’m not telling people what to believe, Jongin could be dating Krystal or ksoo or another man or another woman or maybe no one at all, literally anything is possible, but a lot of things aren’t adding up and until they do I will forever be side eying this confirmed couple. All I’m saying is at least look at the damn evidence before saying someone is just a delusional shipper and if you can’t do that then just stay tf out of the kaisoo tag so we can have our moments in peace!


Fellow Jonerys fans.

I had no idea the Jonerys fandom was so huge for the books as well as the show! I’m totally happy! I thought it was going to be a small little group where hardly anyone shipped it, but I was surprised and delighted to finds TONS of people and countless gif sets, images, and wonderful works of art of them.

I’m new here but I’m totally glad to find others who love the same pairing as me. So if you love Jon x Daenerys or Emilia Clarke x Kit Harington (I love them as a real life couple too not just as characters in the show!), please be my friend :D

More bonus (some spoilers) pics of them under cut! ^_^

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Movie Night

To distract Steve from yet another blind-leading-the-blind lecture on technology, Tony pulls out a movie Peggy is sure to love.

Features most of the Avengers, minus Thor, who’s still got shit to do.

“It’s for music, like a record.”

“But surely a needle would scratch it.”

“That’s just it, the needle is some type of laser!”

“I don’t understand, wouldn’t a laser just cut through it?”

“No, apparently not. Some sort of…science.”

“Okay, I’m going to have to stop you there,” Tony cut in, and Steve and Peggy looked up from the compact disc they were examining.  “This is actually physically hurting me.  Aun–Peg, take it from me, Scuttle here is not the person to talk to about modern technology.”

“Scuttle?” Peggy asked with a frown, and Tony sighed, shaking his head.

“Tell you what, you want some entertainment from after your time, follow me,” he said, beckoning toward the common area.  “I just got a new copy of this movie, apparently there was a bit more demand following the party in New York.”

“Why do you keep calling it a party?” Nat asked.  “That wasn’t a party.”

“Shindig, then.”

“Shindigs tend to be less violent,” Bruce put in, dropping on to the couch.

“You haven’t been to enough concerts,” Tony said, tilting his head a little.  “There was one time–nevermind.  The time capsules even missed Beatlemania.”

“Was that some sort of…illness?” Peggy asked curiously, and Tony glanced back as he put the DVD in its tray to see her cuddle up to Steve on another couch.

“Not quite.  Anyway, we had schwarma afterwards.  That counts.”

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hi! quick question! i know there's a general consensus on the larry side that harry and louis will probably come out when the band is under new management, probably next year, and i was just wondering what the speculation is for zayn and liam?

Hey buddy! 

First off: I’m fairly certain Louis and Harry will ultimately come out, but I’m not convinced it’s gonna happen in the next year. Yes, they’re interacting more, yes, they’re gonna be leaving Modest behind, but this Babygate scandal has sidetracked Louis’ potential coming out in a big, big way. Even if they end Babygate by saying the baby isn’t his, the implication is still that he a) had reason to believe it was for months, meaning he slept with Briana, and b) he was single and fucking around enough to have that type of scandal even blow up in the first place. 

Cleaning up the implications of Babygate will take some time. Because if one day Louis Tomlinson is expecting a baby with some rando chick and a handful of months later he’s coming out as in a relationship with his male bandmate, the public is gonna feel lied to. Which, guess what! They have been! Repeatedly, and basically all the time. They’re just not supposed to know that. Dissatisfied customers, you know? 

Buuuuut when things change in 1D land, they change fast. So I’m not saying I rule out a 2016 CO for Larry, I just currently find it a little unlikely, based on the existing circumstances. Like, I want it to happen, if that’s what Harry and Louis want, but it’s only a realistic prediction if it’s tied to logic and evidence.

Anyway, you didn’t come here for me to breathe my poisonous slander into your ear. On to the big question:

When will Zayn and Liam come out?

Speculation is all over the place with this one. There’s no agreed upon theory that I know of. Mostly because this issue is like one of those matryoshka dolls, in that it’s a bunch of baby questions nestled inside this larger question. So let’s address a few of those little guys:

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Fetishizing is about seeing only sex in a homosexual relationship right? is when you don't respect the rest of the relationship, is when you only like seeing two hot guys/girls making out/having sex, but then you see any other couples and you think it's gross or a joke or whatever, it's when you have them as sexual fantasies but in real life they're not real people to you, they are some kind of joke, is that right?

It’s not only about not respecting the rest of the relationship (though that is a part of it for sure!), but also when you completely disregard the entire story/journey of the characters. If what you get out of watching Skam (or other lgbtq pairings) is sexual/erotic/etc pleasure or satisfaction and that’s it, that’s fetishizing homosexuality :/ When the characters are little more to you than “hot guys/girls making out/having sex” and all you care about are them being sexual, you’re fetishizing homosexuality. If you watch Skam and every episode you think something along the lines of “Jeez, I get it blah blah Isak coming out to Jonas cool.. Now where’s Even and that sex scene?” or “okay okay, cool he talked to Eskild but where’s Even and why are they not making out like all the time i want that, not this?”, again that’s fetishizing. And like you said, if “they’re not real people to you” but you (hyper)sexualize them… Well, then you’re fetishizing :/
If you have little or no respect or concern for the struggles and issues the characters deal with because all you care about is seeing them have sex/make out, you are a part of the problem. LGBTQ people are not here for your pleasure. They are not objects here to please or satisfy you. So yes, anon! You’re right :) That’s pretty much it, I guess? ♥ 

Favourite TV Ships (2/?)

Beth and Daryl (The Walking Dead)

“You’re gonna miss me so bad when I’m gone, Daryl Dixon.”

There are some ships that put a little smile on your face when you think about them.

However, the flip side of that is that there are some pairings which have you clinging to your pet, bawling into their fur about the unfairness of it all. This works well with the dog, but the hamster’s not so keen.

Beth and Daryl are both for me. That, mixed with a good dose of being supremely pissed off.

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Meryl Davis & Charlie White = real life Disney couple

Meet Meryl Davis and Charlie White! 

They are the top ranked US ice dancing team heading in to the Winter Olympics. (Learn all about ice dancing here!) They won Silver in Vancouver in 2010 and since then have been leaving their competition in the cold! They have had one heck of a winning streak in the past 4 years, we are talking world champions, breaking records and undefeated seasons. They are incredibly talented athletes and very classy representations for the US.

They met when they were 8 and 9 at their local rink and started skating together not long after. They have now been partners for 17 years spending all day every day together. 17 years!!

As much as I love watching them skate and dance around the ice, what I love even more is that they look like a real life Disney couple!

Can you guess which one?…

Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

Beautiful couple here…

Beautiful (albeit fake, animated, human conceived) people here too!

Strong strapping lad with curly light hair and a beautiful dark haired girl in a purple dress embracing eachother here….

Strong strapping lad with curly light hair- oh well you guys get the idea!

Some Meryl Davis sassiness 

Some Meg sassiness

Now I already know the questions that will come so let me just answer and say no he is not gay and no they are not dating. Sorry! No Olympian Greek mytho love story here! (Yet!) Follow Charlie and Meryl to see what they’re up to before the games take off!!

I hope you will be tuning in to the Olympics to watch this pair compete and to cheer on the rest of USA’s incredible athletes. GO USA!! Phil would be so proud to see how hard you train!