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I’ve only shared my SW fanart here on Tumblr so far, but art is really just a side-hobby to my real passion - costuming.  I mainly focus on historical costumes, so when I first watched TFA, I instantly noticed all of the similarities between Kylo’s outfit and women’s fashion from around 1909, especially since there was a big fad for pleated sleeves and collars around that date.  So one of the first things that I did after watching the movie was to doodle this little dress idea and start looking for historical garments with Kylo-esque elements. I made my Edwardian Kylo costume last summer, and I got to wear it to a con with some friends who designed their own historical versions of Star Wars costumes from a wide variety of eras. I think we confused a lot of people, but it was a ton of fun!  The dress on its own can pass for an authentic Edwardian gown pretty easily, but I also made some more obviously Kylo accessories - like the saber-hilt parasol, belt-buckle, and a First Order enameled purse - so people will get the joke.  

Helping those you care about with Schizophrenia

I hate those “how to deal with ____” types of things, but as a schizophrenic who has faced countless misunderstanding and dehumanization, I feel the need to make this post.

How to support someone close to you who has schizophrenia

First, it is important to understand not every schizophrenic is the same. Not all of us hallucinate, not all of us have delusions, so it is important to understand your friend’s symptoms particularly. But please, if your friend experiences paranoia or distrust, do not force them to tell you their symptoms especially in those cases. Usually asking paranoid-types if we have paranoia is fine, or otherwise very obvious. 

You must be patient, and allow us to open up to you, but do not infantilize us. We are very human, and we are very much the age we are. We are not children, and do not need to be coddled–and in my case (Paranoid-type), it causes extreme distrust and paranoia to do so.

These are just a few symptoms that I decided to write about. There are a wide variety of symptoms that differ from one person to the next.

Symptoms of Schizophrenia + How to Help

  • Hallucinations

Auditory, visual, sensory, sometimes even smell–but not everyone experiences hallucinations.

Helping: Do not hold your friend down unless they have told you before to do so. In auditory cases, it is important to speak softly and try to divert our attention from what is happening. Ask if you could play some music, or bring us out of the room/area immediately if possible. In visual cases, be sure to speak clearly and softly aswell. Maybe even asking what we could be seeing, and offering to get rid of it in superficial ways could help. Do not press on the “its not real” “you’re just seeing things”. We know that. Instead, say “what are you seeing/feeling/hearing” “what can i do to make it go away” Keep in mind though not all hallucinations are extreme, and it is always best to ask how you can help before doing anything.

  • Disorganized speech

People with schizophrenia tend to have trouble concentrating and keeping a line of thought. This could be from quickly switching topics that have no similariies, making up words, and repetition. I’ve even heard of some people rhyming words that have no correlation to their thoughts whatsoever.

Helping: The best thing to do is just to tell us if you’re confused. Just ask us to explain what we meant, and in time you’ll probably learn how the individual’s train of thought works enough to understand things easily. Another thing to do would be to help us in strengthening our vocabulary or word use. Writing stories is a great way to start.

  • Disorganized behavior

Decline in overall daily functioning

Helping: If needed, reminding your friend to eat, shower, brush their teeth, etc would be wonderful. In my case for example, I forget to eat, sometimes for days straight. Motivate your friend.

Inappropriate emotional responses

Helping: Explain yourself. Please, just explain yourself clearly. Ask us to explain ourselves. Listen from our side of the story. LISTEN. We likely don’t know why we’re acting the way we are. Help us figure out why. Listen.

Strange behaviors that seem to have no meaning

Helping: Ask us why we’re doing it with genuine curiosity. Sometimes it might be a tick, so it’s best to observe before asking, because ticks can be embarrassing to be pointed out. If we are making strange choices, just ask us what our line of thought it. 

Trouble with impulse control

Helping: Tell us not to, tell us the consequences. Impulses are things you feel that is needed to be done even though they are bad. Explain to us that we don’t need to do it. Come up with alternatives.


Help: Tell us we are real. The world we are in, is real. Answer any questions we ask you. Be patient. Say their name. Tell them who they are. Tell them who you are.  

imagine yoongi as your cat familiar.

Originally posted by jitonic

– i immediately thought of sam riley in maleficent.

  • a black cat, how predictable.
  • needless to say this was not what you had in mind when you summoned a demon companion.
  • yeah, you got a demon in cat form.
  • it takes you a while to realise that’s what he is though, at first you just thought you’d botched the summoning and went on with your day.
  • but now this cat has been chilling in your garden for a week and it keeps trying to get in and it doesn’t have a collar or anything.
  • also instead of shooing when you tell it to the cat just gives you the ugliest look and that should be possible for a cat to be so expressive???
  • eventually you let him in though because he’s not going anywhere and it’s cold and he’s probably hungry.
  • and you think, fuck it, if you’re gonna be a witch you might as well have a black cat, right? why not
  • so you take him to the vet to make sure he’s healthy and vaccinated and he almost scratches their eyes out.
  • but other than that he’s a pretty chill cat, sleeps all day, pitter-patters around the house all night. lowkey loves to cuddle.
  • you name him suga.
  • he doesn’t go out much? but likes to follow you around when you go out.
  • or anywhere else for that matter.
  • but not in an obvious way like he’s not always on your heels.
  • tsundere cat. 
  • most of the time he acts like he doesn’t even know you exist.
  • but he keeps turning up wherever you are.
  • included, but not limited to, on the bus, inside the library, bathhouses, at the dentist, the supermarket, and your mom’s house ?????
  • basically anywhere except church.
  • eventually you just start talking to him because it feels,,,,,,, natural.
  • like i said, he’s very expressive, and a lot of the time you almost feel like he’s really understanding you and to a certain degree giving you answers.
  • you’re starting to suspect him because honestly some of the shit this kitty gets into should be impossible.
  • like he once put out a fire ????? just casually spilled some water and saved your life and your house from burning down ??
  • keeps “accidentally” knocking your things over and has saved you from making some pretty bad magic mistakes that way.
  • eventually he just gets enough of your clueless ass and pulls up a wikipedia page on witches’ familiars for you to find the next time you use the computer.
  • it’s kinda embarrassing it took you this long to find out.
  • you try to communicate directly with him after that but he won’t have his sleep interrupted, refuses to “meow once for yes and twice for no”, and leaves you no other choice than to look for spells to make him talk.
  • bad idea.
  • yoongi has been a cat for a veeery long time, he’s grown quite comfortable and then you have to come and make him human.
  • a very naked human, in desperate need of a wash and a haircut.
  • he doesn’t like being without fur and bundles up nice and cosy immediately in his usual spot on the couch.
  • but also hasn’t had a bath in this form in probably centuries so he agrees to have one but you have to promise to turn him back or at least make his human form optional.
  • let’s not forget this also puts you in a very awkward position, trying to think of all the things you have said or done in front of yoongi when you thought he was just a cat.
  • things are kinda tense, to say the least.
  • but for the next few weeks you experiment with spells and potions in hopes of making things right again, or at least better.
  • after a while it becomes apparent that you are hopeless at this and yoongi helps you out reluctantly.
  • also because he’s having some real trouble getting used to his human form, not able to balance like before without his tail.
  • hilarity ensues when you work your way through a wide variety of failed attempts.
  • yoongi’s personal favourite being the one where he has cat ears, whiskers, and a tail, but is otherwise human.
  • he stays that way for a while. it’s,,,,,,,,,,,,, fine. or whatever.
  • also he doesn’t fit on the couch anymore, so he shares your bed, but that’s fine because he’s usually up at night.
  • except for when he isn’t. like in the very early mornings.
  • and as you gradually warm up to each other and things get less awkward, you just kind of slip into this comfortable intimacy.
  • and when you finally find the right potion for yoongi to shift between forms at will, things between you get easy, and playful, and flirtatious.
  • before you know it he’s sharing your bed all hours of the day and even night if you know what i mean wink wonk.
  • in the end, with yoongi’s watchful presence and sarcastic guidance you’ll grow to be an accomplished witch some day.
  • in the meantime you can set the house on fire and he’ll find a way to put it out, turn him into a frog and he might even forgive you some day.
  • in the end he’s more of a partner than a companion.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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One of the hardest parts of AP Chinese is the speaking portion! There is a wide variety of topics that it could cover. Here are some topics that you can prepare for!

Western vs Chinese

-  Western vs Chinese habitual differences (i.e. holidays, names, family structure, greetings, gender roles, time management, etc)

- Western vs Chinese clothing

- Western vs Chinese foods

- Chinese vs Western names 

- Chinese vs oil painting


- What to do when going to a Chinese person’s home for dinner

- Four great inventions - compass, gunpowder, paper, printing

- 2 idiom stories (i.e. 叶公好龙、拔苗助长、守株待兔、刻舟求剑)

- A riddle

- A poem (i.e. 鹅鹅鹅、静夜思考、etc)

- Beijing opera

- Characteristics of Chinese characters

- Confucius

- Zheng He

- A Chinese short story/tale

- Martial arts

- Paper cutting

- Chinese chess

- The Great Wall


- Describe a food (i.e. fried duck, dumplings, etc)

- Story about a food

- Regional Chinese foods


- Chinese New Year / 春节

- Lantern festival / 元宵节

- Mid-Autumn festival / 中秋节

- Dragon Boat Festival / 端午节/龙舟节

- Double ninth festival / 重阳节

- Qing Ming festival / 清明节


- Travel Plans

- Current Events

- Your idol

- Common signs (road signs or labels) in Chinese

- Introduction of your school

- What you would do in Beijing

- extracurricular activities

- Volunteering activities

- Ethics (i.e. benefits and consequences of using phones, the internet, phones, etc)

- Favorite movie

Other things to do for fun:

- Watch a Chinese movie. I recommend: Red Cliff, Back to 20, The Witness, Mr. Six)

- Listen to Chinese songs. I recommend artists like Jay Chou, JJ Lin (his song Twilight is soooo good), Jane Zhang, and newer idols like LuHan and ZTAO. 

- Watch a Chinese drama. I’m currently watching Fighter of the Destiny/择天记 but there are a tonn out there!

- Watch a Chinese variety show. I recommend 奔跑吧 (Running Man China), 极限挑战 (Go Fighting), 快乐大本营 (Happy Camp), 非诚勿扰 (If You are the One), Where are we going, Dad? (爸爸去哪儿). 


Videographer tries to rethink astrovideography and timelapse with some amazing work. I’ll let them explain in their caption below:

You are lying on a blanket on a clear summer night and gazing at the dark starry sky. You are trying to spot the big dipper, Andromeda, or maybe Orion. However you are noticing strange bright patches aligned in a band across the night sky and realize they are not stars: it is our home town, our own galaxy, the milky way. That’s how all star-gazing experiences, hobbies, but also the history of astronomy began: from naked eye observations thousands of years ago, to the finest and biggest telescopes today, capable of unravelling the most intriguing secrets of the universe. As the hobby or science grows and evolves, we always want to go deeper and zoom in. You are now seeing not only our galaxy, but billions of them!
> With the first opus of the short film series ‘Galaxies’, I wanted to experiment and take the astro-timelapse technique to the next level. There are a lot of sumptuous short films and very technical time-lapses featuring the milky way, but I found very little variation in this field. Most of the time they show a wide-angle view of the milky way, albeit majestic, rising or setting against various foregrounds. This is the reason why I wanted to rethink the whole process, find different angles, get more detail. Why not zoom in? Why not consider other deep-sky objects like other galaxies? Why not show our very space home address and neighborhood in a very different way?

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Because I love the way you put feelings into words, could write about what aspects of the show made you ship Steter?

Originally posted by fyeahpeterandeveryone

Peter Hale is a fascinating character, basically. (Disregarding the last few season’s clusterfuck of character development on everyone.) He’s the villain, and he seeks power. He killed his own niece to get it, and then used it to take revenge on the people who killed his pack, and the one question that’s never been answered is just how crazy was he? 

That alone makes for such a wide variety of Peter-centric fics. Was he crazy and mad with power and grief when he killed Laura? (It’s been six years, but the fire only happened yesterday from his POV.) Is he better now, or is he playing some sort of long con? Peter is the villain, but is he a monster or is he redeemable? I’ve read convincing fics that support either stance and, I hope, written a few that do. 

And then we bring in Stiles: 

That moment on the lacrosse field when Peter makes Stiles stand with just a claw under his chin? Holy crap. That was intense. And it’s followed by one of the most interesting scenes in the entire Steter dynamic, when Peter asks Stiles if he wants the bite:

I think that’s the moment we know that Peter sees something in Stiles. Peter hasn’t asked anyone else if they want the bite. Peter has ripped and shredded anyone who gets in his way at this point, but not Stiles. Why not Stiles? 

And when Stiles refuses, Peter doesn’t force the bite on him. Crazy villain’s got something going on underneath that stereotype. I mean, we don’t quite know what, but it’s something and it’s so much fun to explore. 

Steter is a fascinating dynamic that I love in a very different way to Sterek. Steter is inherently unhealthy for so, so many reasons, but in a very weird way they’re a good fit. It’s no coincidence that so many fic writers make the connection that Stiles is Peter. He’s smart, he’s ruthlessly pragmatic, he doesn’t forget injuries, and he will burn the world for those few people he thinks are worth saving. Stiles is Peter plus a moral compass. Sure, it’s more than wonky at times, but at least he has one. 

Stiles and Peter together is a balancing act. Who’s going to win? Is Peter going to encourage Stiles to become a sociopath, or is Stiles going to teach Peter how to be a better person? It’s a constant push and pull. 

And when it comes to the show, I love that Stiles is one of the few characters who can sass Peter, and that their relationship just basically turns into bickering. 

But also I think that Peter and Stiles understand one another. It might not be respect or even friendship that they have in earlier seasons, but it’s recognition. And by Season 6, it’s definitely more: 

From the very beginning though, Peter treated Stiles differently. Creepy and murderous as hell aside, Peter valued Stiles, or at least saw that Stiles could be valuable to him. And I think there are very few people in Beacon Hills who could keep Peter on a short (figurative) leash, and that Stiles is one of them. 

They’re both sarcastic, snarky assholes, and they bounce off another another so well. And it’s that chemistry that I think it the main reason I ship Steter. It’s a very different dynamic to Sterek, but one that I enjoy easily as much. 

There are many different forms of stimming! Stimmng is something that Autistic or neurodivergent people (people with ADD or ADHD, OCD, anxiety, etc) do. There are several different reasons for stmming and they include:

-regulating sensory input

-calming oneself down

-the person is stressed or upset

-it may just be pleasurable!

Stimming can take many forms, and today I will elaborate on them below.

Auditory stimming

This is a form of stimming where a person repeatedly listens to a particular song or noise. It can be repeated many times, I’ve listened to a particular song 10+ times in a row. You may see Autistic or neurodivergent people who wear large headphones or earbuds seemingly all the time, they are probably engaging in auditory stimming. They could also be blocking out unsavory noises that could result in sensory overload.

Tactile stimming

Tactile stimming is stimming through touch. This can be accomplished through certain fabrics, surfaces, or textures. An Autistic person may rub a swathe of fabric, or stroke the top of a counter to receive sensory imput and calm down.

Verbal stimming or echolalia

Echolalia is the repetition of certain sounds, words, or sentences. It may seem like meaningless drivel to those who are not Autistic themselves or are uninformed on Autism, but echolalia is not only a form of stimming: it can also be a form of communication. For example, an Autistic person may repeat the phrase “House on fire! House on fire!” or make firetruck noises when what they really mean is that they would like the air conditioner turned on because they are too hot. On the stimming side, Autistics may simply enjoy the diction of the words, and repeat them over and over. I used to make animal noises, and today my sister and I will often repeat phrases from old Spongebob episodes.

Pressure stimming

Similar to tactile stimming, pressure stimming is accomplished via touch, and includes putting weight on a part or all of an Autistic person’s body. This can be done through heavy sweaters and thick clothes, weighted blankets, or squeezing. This is usually done more to regulate sensory input and avoid dreaded sensory underloads, at least in my experience.

Visual stimming

This form of stimming is done through looking at pleasing images. These images can be blurry lines, colours, moving objects or shapes, and just about everything in between. Visual stimming is good to help calm down in times of stress. I personally enjoy looking at blurry watercolours and fluid acrylic paintings.

Stim toys

Stim toys come in a wide variety. Some common ones are rubber bracelets, putty, bottles of glittery water, and spinner rings. These things are helpful when a person is on the go, and needs something to do with their hands.

Rocking, hand flapping, chewing, hair twirling, leg bouncing, etc

All of these things are called bodily stims. They are just like the other forms of stimming, and accomplish the same things (see top of post).

Stimming is often neccesary for Autistic and neurodivergent people to focus, concentrate, and accomplish what they need to accomplish. You should NEVER stop a person from stimming, unless they are harming themselves or others. Self harming stims are a thing, and include head banging, skin picking, chewing skin, and many others. These can be very damaging, and should be gently redirected to another form of stimming. Some suggestions for stimming are:

-listen to your favorite song

-wrap up in a weighted blanket, or a soft quilt

-chew some gum

-finger knit

-fill up a water bottle and gently tilt it back and forth, and watch and listen to the water

-drip food colouring into water and slowly watch it spread

-listen to nature sounds like rain, bird noises, or thunderstorms

-play with a slap bracelet

-play with a soft piece of fabric, or a scarf, or a ribbon

-look up ‘stimming’ or go to the 'actuallyautistic’ tag for ideas

Hope this was informative!

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Been seeing some Fallon Fox things recently and it gives me this thought. If you think Fallon has no biological advantage like upper arm structure or bone density ect, are you for the complete elimination of gender divided sports leagues? (Now I think about it I can say the fallout of it would be interesting.)

No.  Your logic doesn’t really follow here.  The biggest thing that provides advantages in athletic competition is the presence or absence of testosterone, which increases hematocrit (red blood cell count, and thus oxygen carrying capacity and waste elimination) as well as increases in muscle mass.  In the absence of testosterone Fallon doesn’t have an advantage.  The NCAA and the IOCC back this up.  I think your ‘ask’ here is predicated on the assumption that a trans woman maintains some sort of athletic advantage from having been shaped by testosterone, but science shows that once the testosterone is gone, the advantages are gone.  When athletes and bodybuilders use huge amounts of steroids, they get bigger and more muscular than is possible without it, and when they stop taking it they lose all of that unnaturally large muscle mass.  Without the presence of the excess testosterone the body can’t keep that advantageous musculature.  Same with a trans woman who undergoes HRT–once her hormones have shifted to the cisgender female range, her physiology does as well, and those ranges are averages.  Arguments that trans women have denser bones than cisgender women have been debunked (and I believe the same bone density argument was used in the past to prevent black women from competing with white women in athletics as well).  Claims that trans women have longer bones, different muscle insertions, and different leverage are similarly silly as those attributes have a wide range of variety across all human beings regardless of gender and the differences in male and female skeletons are so minute that determining sex (birth or assigned sex in this case) on the shape, size, density, and appearance of a skeleton is not an exact science.  Many skeletons known to archaeology are assumed to belong to people of one sex or another until dna testing reveals them to be of others.  A recent example in the news were some of the “maidens” from the excavations at Pompeii.

Anecdotally, I am myself am still a very strong and fairly athletic woman (physically), but I believe that has more to do with quirks of my genetics and upbringing than my birth assigned sex.  When I started HRT I lost thirty pounds of lean muscle.  My endurance has decreased.  My strength has decreased.  I might be strong, but I can’t deadlift the back end of a car anymore.  I was a natural athlete as a child and I had a childhood that involved what is now not a socially acceptable level of hard labor, and even after transitioning I was a blacksmith for a year and a half, and I attribute my relatively high levels of strength and athleticism to a lifetime of being a runner, laborer, weight lifter, and special forces soldier.  I’m trying to get back into more athletic shape and I will say now that pre-transition working out was easier and I had far less difficulty in shedding body fat.  I’ve also always had relatively wide hips and narrow shoulders (in terms of skeletal structure), though my heavy musculature pre-transition concealed that fact.

I do support men and women competing directly in most athletic competitions to be honest, but at the absolute highest levels of sports that depend on muscular strength and endurance men and folks with levels of testosterone in the standard cisgender male range (or above) tend to have an advantage.  

That being said, I think women’s athletics still have a lot of room to improve and find greater heights of performance than can be achieved due largely to social factors.  I think men are encouraged to pursue athletics and sport and physically vigorous activity from birth and women are actively discouraged from these pursuits.  Even when women are encouraged in athletics, their culturally perceived femininity is seen as more important than their pursuit of athletics.  Without the enormous amount of money, science, technology, and active cultural pursuit of female athletic performance potential that we see in men’s athletics, I think it’s going to be a while before women (as an overarching group) actually maximize their athletic potential at the absolute pinnacle of sports because there is so much cultural pushback against it (example:  the recent elimination of women’s bodybuilding from the Arnold classic and the Olympia) .  I think we have a long time to go before we can definitively say what the peak of female performance is and whether or not sports should be segregated by gender in the long run, but for now I would say gender segregation should remain in place. 

(Although the presence of weight classes in combat sports does seem to mitigate some of the advantage issues–an episode of ‘fight science’ a few years ago showed Lucia Rijker–a female championship boxer weighing 140 pounds at 5′6″ tall, punched harder than Moe Ganyu–a male olympic boxer of identical height and weight.  Additionally, she punched as hard as the 6′ tall, 203 pound mixed martial artist Houston Alexander who was known for his knockout power).

At any rate, I’m not an expert, but I would suggest you look at the IOCC’s guidance and studies on gender, performance, and trans inclusion.

EnChoi Your Fridays: Roadtrip

Hi~ here’s another adventure with the twins! By the way, we realized we never explained. We alternate who is with MC romantically each week. This week is Saeyoung x MC. Hope you like it!

  • Getting Saeran to accompany you guys anywhere was a hassle, so you had no idea how you were going to convince him to come on a roadtrip
  • Saeyoung reassures you that he has a good influence on his brother, so you let him deal with it
  • Saeyoung asks Saeran one day if he wants some ice cream
  • Saeran agrees and hops in the car with you and Saeyoung
  • He gets a little disgruntled when Saeyoung drives by their usual place
  • It isn’t until he passes the third ice cream parlor that Saeran says anything
  • “I thought we were going for ice cream.”
  • “We are,” Saeyoung replies. “The shop is another 1,000 miles away.”
  • “1,000 what?!”
  • Finally, you intervene and tell Saeran about the roadtrip and plans
  • You try to make it as exciting as possible, but he doesn’t grow any less angry
  • For obvious reasons
  • He starts complaining about clothes, and Saeyoung says he already packed Saeran’s clothes the day before which leads to more shouting
  • At one point, Saeran is banging on the windows, “This is kidnapping!”
  • He eventually gets tired when you and Saeyoung show no reaction and calms down and accepts his fate
  • Saeyoung suggests playing some music, but as soon as he turns the bluetooth on, it connectso to Saeran’s phone
  • Saeyoung pulls over and slowly turns to his brother, “Have you been driving my car without telling me?”
  • Saeran avoids the question completely and starts playing his own music loudly as revenge
  • No matter what he tries, Saeyoung can’t disconnect it
  • You’re both actually intrigued by Saeran’s wide variety of music
  • You ask him some questions about it, and Saeran suddenly gets really passionate and excited
  • You and Saeyoung take turns driving through part of the night
  • Saeran is knocked out in the backseat, but you two stay up and keep each other company
  • Whether you’re driving or not, Saeyoung likes to hold your hand on the gear shift
  • Eventually you have to stop at some hotel and get a room for the three of you
  • You and Saeran have forgotten that Saeyoung barely sleeps and he always plays some stupid prank
  • You guys stop on little mini sight-seeing trips on the way like little museums or historical sites
  • If there’s any statues with a big head, Saeran will point to it and tell Saeyoung, “Look…it’s you.”
  • Saeyoung will then point to the grumpiest looking one, “It’s you.”
  • You and Saeyoung will try to take selfies with any statues
  • Or if there is a painting with a couple, you and Saeyoung will imitate the pose
  • Of course that ends up in quite a bit of PDA, to Saeran’s chagrin
  • After your few days are over, you start heading back home
  • Saeran’s phone falls to the floor of the car while he’s sleeping, so you pick it up
  • You and Saeyoung hack it and start taking pictures
  • You’re looking through them and accidentally swipe to far and find a selfie of Saeran including the two of you posing candidly in the background
  • You know it’s wrong, but you keep swiping and you find more and more pictures of Saeran actually enjoying himself
  • You and Saeyoung just exchange knowing glances before tucking the phone back in Saeran’s hand
  • The roadtrip was a success after all

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Hello pocarovna! I was looking at your posts and I find those costumes beautiful but what do you thinnk, wasn´t it just so boring and monotonous to wear the same thing whole life?

Hello anon!
That´s a good question you´re asking. Yes, in the past, people were basically wearing the same costume type with little variations for their whole life. 
Other thing is, we tend to look at this fact through modern people optics.

First of all, let´s try to think about it in the manner of a person who owned two or three complete sets of clothing, whether they wore a costume or not.

Point one: In fact, the traditional costume was more than “just clothes”. It was a symbol of belonging to certain community and certain social group.  There are some remains of this sense of belonging in some cultures that are preserved until today - imagine kilt, a cross pendant or a simple turban. Some of the symbols do not carry their original meaning, but help you link the person to a certain community anyway. 
In this sense, the costume was a way to declare that you belong somewhere. 
(Of course, the background of this fact is rather rational - one area costumes usually depended on local supplier of certain fabrics). 

Point two: yes, people did wear one type of costume for the whole life. However, old pictures may confuse you. The variety throughout the life could be rather wide. 
Let me show you an example of a costume of a village in western Slovakia.
First of all, this was a festive clothing for unmarried woman: 

This could be worn for religious festivals, weddings and similar occasions. 
Of course, the everyday costume was different. Unfortunately, the working costumes were usually not preserved so well, and I don´t have the appropriate picture for it. 

Then, there was a wedding dress. This does not mean it was worn only on the wedding day - usually also up to few weeks / months after the wedding, depending on the region: 

After this period, the woman switched to a different costume, the one for married ladies: 

The older the woman was, the more the colors differed, gradually getting darker. For some areas, the embroidered ornaments also changed according to the age of the person. 

Last of all, there is a costume for the widowed woman: 

Now imagine, each of these costumes could have different embroidery, different colors, different ribbons to decorate. After all, it´s not so monotonous, is it?

(Note: I used the pictures of Ms. Hela Miklova, which she proudly presented on Facebook. I find it so I amazing that I had to share)

Model!Yuri and Photographer!Otabek
Happy belated birthday @makariaartsabout :D
Happy Birthday, Yuri Plisetsky, you angry, russian nugget.

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Otabek had never planned to go into fashion photography, but as fate would have it, he has an eye for camera angles that fashion magazines highly favor. Now he’s done this so many times that it’s second nature.

He already has his cameras and lenses set up behind him, the preliminary camera in hand. He focuses the lens on the lights, on the background, on the people milling about, on the clothing that hangs on the racks around. Snaps a few pictures here and there. He likes having images of the setting for himself, to remember where he was, how he’s progressing and where he’s going.

As he clicks through the photos, he pauses to zoom in on the fabric. A wide variety of tacky, overdone animal prints. He grimaces. He’s seen some bad fashion in his time in the industry, but this one is definitely high on the list of things he’d never wear. How could anyone look good wearing what looks like dead, dyed animal skin?

With a sigh, he lowers the camera. A door opens off to the right and he hears one of the managers ushering the model in. Otabek tilts his head backs and hopes for a model who will listen, who will take his non-verbal queues and cooperate. He’s not a talkative photographer and works better when the models understand that.

“If you’ll just head over to the–”

“I know where the fuck to go.”Otabek grits his teeth. Great. A model with an attitude. He doesn’t think this shoot with last.

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ASTRO’s reaction to their s/o doing aegyo on a variety show

As requested by @icanparkjimin ^u^ I chose some weird gifs for this one xd

San Ha

He’d be caught off guard, and would let out a quiet exclamation, like “Oh!”. San Ha would be very pleased by the natural aegyo of his s/o. As soon as they were done, he’d start clapping with too much enthusiasm, in that adorable manner that involves his fingers only.

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Internally both cringing and fanboying, he would overreact, doing wide movements with his arms. To be honest, he’d probably fall off his chair, and try to pass it off as nothing, while avoiding eye contact with his concerned s/o.

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Moon Bin

He would grin widely, bringing his hands up to his face, overwhelmed by his emotions. Binnie would try to distract himself by looking at his members, but they’d all be staring at his s/o. His joyful expression wouldn’t fade until the end of the show, because 50% of his mind would be filled with the image of his love’s aegyo.

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I saw your post on executive dysfunction and was wondering if you could explain the differences between executive dysfunction and procrastination please? I want to no more.

In the simplest terms, executive dysfunction is not being able to do something while procrastination is not being willing to do something. However, lets look further into executive dysfunction to see the differences. 

Executive function is a broad term that includes a wide range of brain functions. Some of the abilities controlled by executive function are:

  • Planning and organisation
  • Flexible thinking
  • Monitoring performance
  • Multi-tasking
  • Solving unusual problems
  • Self-awareness
  • Learning rules
  • Social behaviour
  • Making decisions
  • Motivation
  • Initiating appropriate behaviour
  • Inhibiting inappropriate behaviour
  • Controlling emotions
  • Concentrating and taking in information
  • [source]

As you can see, executive dysfunction (ED) can have wide reaching effects and will affect each person differently. One of the most common areas that people with ED struggle is with initiating, organizing, and completing tasks. This can present in a variety of ways. 

Someone may know what they need to do but be unable to get started. For instance, Jane spills a cup of water. Jane knows that it needs to be cleaned up however she has no idea how to get started. To many this may seem like a simple task, but it actually requires several steps. 

  1. Figure out what you have available to use to clean up the spill
  2. Find whatever is being used
  3. Return to the spill
  4. Bend over
  5. Wipe up the spill
  6. Dispose of what was used to clean up

For tasks more complex than cleaning up a spill, there are even more steps and it can be even harder to figure out where to start. 

Similarly, someone may be able to get started but struggle to keep track of the next step in the activity. This can easily lead to becoming overwhelmed when trying to figure out what to do next which can result in not completing the task at hand. 

These aspects of ED can look an awful lot like procrastination, however the internal experience is very different. For someone with ED, they may want desperately to do something but be unable. Some have described it as feeling frozen or stuck. It can be immensely frustrating to want to accomplish something, especially something important, but be unable to start or continue it. 

Procrastination on the other hand is a more conscious choice. Procrastination is being able to do something but pushing it off until a later time. Typically, people procrastinate by pushing off undesirable tasks in favor of more enjoyable activities. 

Now, many people who have been told they procrastinate actually have ED due to autism, ADHD, or mental illness that has gone unrecognized or are unaware that ED is a part of their disorder. 

TLDR; Executive function is wanting to do something but not being able to while procrastination is pushing something off because you don’t want to do it. 

I hope this helps!

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what is the difference between Gestalt and Jauria? Are they interchangeable terms?

Gestalt are the overall post-human species that inhabit the Anova-verse. They are the byproduct of a cataclysm that nearly wiped out humanity millennia ago and became the bridge species between humanity and corrupt bioconstructs known as Biotektons. 

Gestalt are not exclusive to Frontera and there are more outside of this planet in different colonies, Frontera just happens to be unique since it’s been isolated for centuries and with the uniqueness of ylem and the chalkurite cataclysm ravaging the planet it allowed its gestalt to evolve into proficient and deadly species.

Jauria are part of a race of highly refined military gestalt, self-dubbed as the noblest of races they’ve harbored quite the dislike of the other gestalt and humans of Frontera as they set out to conquer most of the world and recently dethroned through the combined numbers of free nations and the intervention of outside human federations. 

While Jauria might as well be categorized their own–sort of, Babel of races (their considerable amount of variation within castes can make it hard to believe they all belong to a same species and can breed amongst themselves without trouble) there’s features that stand them out from other races, first and foremost, they look like furries.

Also they come in an unimaginably wide variety of castes, just within the dome itself there’s a couple few (not including them all in this pic)

But yes, Jauria are their own species. Separate from other gestalt, 

So far the ones I’ve devved are , Amanuensos and Altes–with some other couple minor species that fall more into ethnicities rather than their own range of races such as Moretos. I try to keep worldbuilding vague and not too detailed out of paranoia but I hope this helps illustrate.

Divination through Casting of Stones

A while ago I devised a simple divination method of casting stones on a board and interpreting where they fell. I ended up writing an entire ritual around this concept and performed it as a public ritual after teaching a class on the magical properties of crystals and stones. If I’m going to be teaching class and running a ritual afterward I like to tie the ritual into the subject covered in the class, so people can apply what they learned.

I decided to divide a reading area into three sections, for the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the Element of Earth, which would be marked with the colours associated with those aspects - green for physical, brown for mental, and black for spiritual. To really drive the Earth symbolism home I put the alchemical symbol for Earth on the centre of the reading board, and decided that if a stone fell inside that triangle then it had a stronger influence in the reading.

The three areas would break down as follows:
Physical (green): The body, the home, physical concerns, structure, ‘real life’, wealth and finance
Mental (brown): Control of thoughts, memory, discipline, patterns of thought
Spiritual (black): Religious community, buildings, heirarchies, grounding, obedience and duty, moral and ethical issues, foundations

In order to make the board I went to Michaels and got the biggest wooden disc I could find, then carefully determined the centre and divided it into thirds which I painted with acrylic paint. I wanted the brightest colours possible, as I’d be doing this by candlelight. Two coats did the trick. At some point I may varnish them.

I gathered some of my collection of stones and decided to go with tumbled ones to minimize any possible damage. I wanted a wide variety of possible meanings for each reading, so my choices on what stones to use was heavily reliant on the symbolism I attach to them. I went with the following:

First row:
Clear quartz: Clarity, power, wisdom
Carnelian: Fire, strength, physicality, the body
Hematite: Grounding
Second row:
Lapis lazuli: Divinity, the Gods, the sky
Moss agate: Friendship, growth, the Earth
Fluorite: Peace, inner calm, structure, learning
Third row:
Abalone: Inner beauty, secrets, Water
Tiger’s eye: The Sun, power, protection, strength
Moonstone: The Goddess, motherhood, the Moon, the psyche, magic
Fourth row:
Malachite: The Earth, growth, love
Rose quartz: Love, pace, acceptance
Amethyst: Sleep, dreams, peace, magic, the psyche
Fifth row:
Labradorite: Dark Moon, hidden secrets, new perspectives
Amber: The God, the Sun, strength, power, healing
Jet: Earth, night, grounding, stopping negativity

A sample reading:
Physical: We have lapis lazuli, malachite, and jet, although the jet is partly on the spiritual side as well. Note the carnelian rolled off the board and as such doesn’t matter for this reading. The lapis is far from the centre, so has a weak influence here - the Gods and Their worship are not primary concerns for you right now as there are more important things going on. The malachite right on the Earth triangle tells us that growth is on the way, probably financial - the querent would have what they need to be fulfilled. As for the jet, its placement here implies that Earthy concerns are currently important to the querent, and it’s possible that they are feeling 'in the dark’.

Mental: Abalone, right on the Earth triangle. There’s a foundational part of your self and psyche that you’re not revealing to others because you’re afraid to do so.

Spiritual: Moss agate outside the triangle tells us that the querent is making spiritual connections, be that to Gods, Elementals, some form of spirit, or connections in a religious or spiritual community. These connections lead to growth, but not in a spectacular way. The borderline position of the jet between physical and spiritual shows that the querent is a little uncertain about the connections they may be forming.

Of course, the stones used could be different, or a different reader may have a different interpretation of each stone, but still, I found it to be a useful method of divination and others seemed to appreciate the readings.

Gradence Fic Rec Time

Greetings friends! As I am sure many of you have noticed, I am currently in Gradence hell, and honestly having a pretty fun time of it. Considering the fact that I have consumed way more fic than I probably want to admit to, I figure it’s about time I put together a fic rec list of some of my favorite fics in the fandom.

Pretty much all of these are long fics or series, largely because that’s been what I’ve been super interested in reading lately. Some of these are finished as of this writing, some are not. Anyway, here we go!:

  • Other People’s Poetry by oppisum - Explicit - Unfinished - Okay, so. This was the fic that really sold me on the ship. I’d been casually reading fics in the fandom for a wide variety of ships, but this was the fic that dragged me into Gradence hell. The characterization is largely enjoyable, the author takes some pretty fun creative liberties with canon, and it’s one of the few fics I’ve read that actually includes Percival’s father. Even though it’s unfinished as of this writing, it’s still worth a read.
  • A Wizard’s Devotional by Polymathema - Explicit - Unfinished - Listen. Listen. I am a simple harpy with simple needs. These needs include painful, agonizing slow burn; religious guilt; and Credence and Graves having to lean on each other as they deal with PTSD. Poly absolutely, 100% provides. If you, too, are a simple creature with these same, simple needs, do yourself a favor and read this fic.
  • This Thing of Darkness by maggiedragon - Explicit - Finished - Listen. I am still a simple harpy with simple needs. These needs include Graves suffering a lot emotionally and Credence acquiring a pet. :P No, but seriously, this fic has one of my favorite interpretations of Graves, and I cannot express how emotionally compromised I was in the last couple of chapters. The payoff was totally worth it, though.
  • autumn dusk at central park by brawlite - Explicit - Unfinished - Is it cheating to put this on my rec list? I feel like this fic has already gotten a lot of attention in the fandom, but that’s for good reason. It’s got a fascinating interpretation of Credence, and I greatly enjoy the way that Credence gets to know Graves after canon. I can’t wait for the third chapter to come out. :B
  • We Get What We Deserve by maggiedragon - Explicit - Unfinished - Yes, I know Maggie is already on here. Yes, I know this is an AU and I don’t normally do AUs. To both of those objections I say: I really enjoy Maggie’s characterization of Graves, and this AU is just that good. I am enjoying the heck out of this even though, as of this writing, the author has left us on A HORRIBLE CLIFFHANGER AND IS A MONSTER. ;)
  • credence barebone and the king of the faeries series by saltpans - Mature - So do y’all remember that AU idea that was floating around, about how wizards/witches were all somehow (even if only tangentially) descended from the fae? Yeah, this fic series totally explores that, with some fantastic world-building and one of my favorite characterizations of Tina.
  • Do We Live series by lyonet - Teen to Explicit - This series isn’t strictly Gradence, but it features fairly prominently in many of the individual works, and I feel like I’d be remiss for not including a rec for this series. The character voices are fantastic, and the way the author has chosen to explore the greater magical society in New York is pretty interesting. (Also, the most recent work focuses on Queenie and frankly her inner monologue is just heartbreaking.)

The two series are technically unfinished, as they both have a fic in them that is currently in progress. If you’re not into reading unfinished things, you can have a satisfying reader experience by just reading the finished works.

Anyway, this is just a small sampling of some of my favorite fics from this pairing. Happy reading!

Instead of gross asylum AUs, have you considered disabled!AUs like

A special ed program AU?  If it’s set in a high school, you get to also work with school AUs and not to mention, not all disabled students are in programs that baby them.  There’s even some school districts with programs explicitly for students with a wide variety of disabilities!  (I should know, I attended one from age 11 to age 17.)   Adaptive technology is awesome and really fun to geek out on.

Support group AU?  Addiction is a disability as well, and having support networks allows both for how you can introduce characters to each other and for how to help people communicate.  Or cause drama.  You’ve seen groups act.

A veterans AU?  People discharged from service, allowing for well, angst and comfort fic as they deal with PTSD and readapting to a world that is far different than what they were used to.  THIS IS CANON FOR MARVEL AND ANY SUPERHERO UNIVERSE.

Special Olympics/Paralympics AU?  Or wheelchair sports.  (They are really neat!)  Come on, sports.  Showers.  Getting to bitch about equipment.  Travel to the events.  And know that with athletes in Special Olympics, ADHD and being autistic do count.  (They are developmental disabilities!) For the love of everything bright and shining, do not go for inspiration porn, it’s disgusting and creepy too. 

Activist AU?  Politics and rallies and standing up for yourself and others, and who knows?  Maybe you’ll get to learn what you can do to help!  Why let the Les Mis fandom have all of the fun?

ALL OF THEM?  Any AU can easily slide disability into the mix, by a simple acknowledgement of a character having anxiety or PTSD or being autistic or deaf or needing a brace or a cane.  If you really can’t decide on a disability, you can provide more than one.  Most of them aren’t mutually exclusive.  Comorbidities are a thing and research is your friiiiiend.

Canon? Disability exists in reality and we’re not all locked up in some institution.  And we’d appreciate it if you remembered that and didn’t try to use us as a vehicle for that sort of creepy thing.  And that goes for the ‘it’s all in their head’ AU too!  YOU HAVE THESE BIG SHINY UNIVERSES, WHY WOULD YOU TRY TO USE MENTAL ILLNESS TO ERASE THEM?!


anonymous asked:

For that last anon, what helps is to sometime mix cliches/tropes that you don't see together. Sometimes it leads to some interesting character dynamics. Using writing prompts and OC questionaires is a personal favorite method of mine. Putting that character in a wide variety of situations to help figure out their personality helps a great deal too.

Wonderful advice! Thank you so much!

On that note, one thing that just came to mind is interviewing your characters, just like you would read in a magazine. Pick a topic and go from there. This should allow you to learn more about your character.

And last, but not least, remember to let your characters be themselves. Let them lead. It sounds a bit weird, but just trust your creativity to guide you.

My Opinion on the Zodiacs
  • Aries: Crazy bitches; lovable but god sometimes it's hard. Don't know whether they are about to yell or cry.
  • Taurus: Super awesome great perfect. A lottle materialistic, kind of stubborn, and makes friends when they are given food.
  • Gemini: I love Gemini's. Complicated on the outside, simpler on the inside. Don't talk about feelings bc they have so much they couldn't possibly describe.
  • Cancer: The perfect parent. Caring, protective, but catch onto and don't put up with bullshit. Usually funny and already know their zodiac sign
  • Leo: These fireballs go from gentle warmth, nurturing the Earth, to damn near roasting it in a second. Emotional, and yet deny emotion. Usually fun and flirty.
  • Virgo: The nerd friend who gets most of what they know from books or other people. Plays an instrument, reads the instructions but substitutes something different if they know better.
  • Libra: Not as balanced as you may think, they search for it more than find it. Indecisive and patient; hard to frustrate. Loves to care for people and will often sacrifice even needlessly.
  • Scorpio: Also emotional, but has no trouble hiding it. Come in a wide variety and it's often hard to point one out. If you want to get close to a Scorp be ready to be more open than them.
  • Saggitarius: The party guy of the zodiacs. Likes to have fun, go on adventures, and take risks. Never holds a grudge, and is usually an open book.
  • Capricorn: The perfect blend of capri-sun and corn. Maybe you like it maybe you don't. That is all.
  • Aquarius: Argumentative grammar Nazi's who can never keep an opinion to themselves. Some how still lovable. Frustrating yet funny.
  • Pisces: All you sweethearts out there, a thumbs up to you. If you've been hurt, it's okay to take a break but remember who you are.