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hi leda! did you see the jethan clip? what do you think?

Unpopular opinion apparently, but I thought it was fun as fuck. 

Aside from Stiles’ FBI bit, that scene was the best part of 6b so far, and it felt like earlier seasons before the show thought it was dark and gritty. They actually had fun with it, and now I really want a show about Jackson and Ethan arguing about everything while classical music plays in the background. Will they ever actually make it to one of the shows they’re constantly buying tickets to? Probably not! But they’re going to keep buying tickets just in case.

(I also fucking love when huge fights are going on and the characters only care about their furniture getting wrecked. That’s one of my favorite tropes and I relate to it so hard when I watch action movies where historic buildings are getting destroyed.)

(I also really fucking love classical music or ballads playing over very violent things, so that scene was targeting my exact demographic.)

Is the relationship a little out of left field? Sure, but it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility. Jackson always seemed just as concerned with being attractive to men as Stiles did, and it makes sense for Danny to have told Ethan, “Dude, you’re a werewolf and my best friend is going through some werewolf shit alone in London. Here’s his number. I’m going to MIT.” 

Also, I can’t wait to write these two bougie assholes into everything. @petals42 and I have already had a grand ole time coming up with fun bits based off this, including:

  • Jackson and Ethan My Fair Lady-ing werewolves who need help, getting them in control, classing them up a bit with lovingly snobby comments, and sending them on their way
  • Super snobby Jackson having to work with FBI Stiles whose life outside of work is a mess, and judging everything about his shitty and cheap apartment and belongings
  • Stiles’ apartment getting wrecked by the monster of the week and Jackson replacing his cheap IKEA stuff with really nice dishes and furniture, not because he’s nice, but because he knows that Stiles will be so fucking pissed about having to take care of them
  • Lydia studying abroad at Oxford, and on Sundays, she meets up with Jackson and Ethan to have brunch and they take the most obnoxiously bougie selfies they possibly can to send to Stiles just to annoy him
  • Sometimes they pop down to Paris to meet Isaac, and he’s bought a bourree specifically for these selfies because he knows how much Stiles will hate it
  • Stiles raising his eyebrows at Jackson, who glares back and says, “I’m bi.” Stiles nods and says, “Cool, me too.”

And one last bit that’s been bugging me: 

No, it’s not the bi Stiles everyone has been hoping for, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing if Colton’s experience with coming out influenced this part of Jackson. Dylan’s anxiety influenced Stiles’ character, they wrote his pillow into the show and everyone thought that was adorable. 

I don’t see it as a slight to his acting abilities, or blurring the line between character and real life. I see it as a nod to what he went through being in the closet while on the show, and how that affected him. I’m sure they talked over everything with him, made sure it was something he wanted to do, and if it gives the guy some closure on a difficult part of his life? Great! The show’s a genuine clusterfuck this season, might as well do one positive thing with it!

(Also this fandom has been insisting that Jackson’s bi as fuck ever since that scene where he was grinding on both Erica and Isaac, so I don’t know what the fuck we’re all complaining about here.)


Uuh… have a half-finished proposal for an alternative Teenage Dadvid AU I guess?? Werewoof!Teenage Dadvid AU!! Working on flawed logic, wolf!Davey decides that the best way to keep Max safe is to run away with him in the middle of a full moon! He wakes up a few hours later, realises what he’s done, and gets the fuck out of dodge, and it’s basically the same au from there, but with more dog puns.

Meanwhile, an insomniac Jasper is having a panic attack because he nearly got run over by a giant bear-sized wolf.

Bonuses for this au include:
- Max’s first ‘word’ being “wooooo!” when trying to imitate David, making the poor bean cry with happiness
- Sloppy dog kisses for everyone
- A lot of wolf hair on the couch
- Nerd Gwen
- How to babyproof a werewolf? Knit big mittens for its feet and get a big muzzle then knit a teacosy-type contraption for that!
- Ten-year-old Max trying to start a reality tv show called ‘My Dad is a Teenage Werewolf’ or some shit
- And tons more!!

13x01 Nothing Else Matters

So the opening song for Lost and Found was “Nothing Else Matters” by Mettalica. Through a wiki search I found out the song was written by James Hetfield (the lead singer) for his girlfriend! So, this shit’s romantic already!

Anyway the first line is “So close, no matter how far” we’ve got Dean hugging Mary then Lucifer in the president. The next line is “Couldn’t be much more from the heart” and we’ve got Kelly there speaking and stroking her baby bump w Cas. Next we’ve got “Forever trusting who we are” In that we have that Saileen (!!) hug! Then that one motherfucking Destiel hug from 12x01 (yzgddgfgvdsvf) more Saileen and Destiel. Then we have “nothing else matters” we get a mini Mary montage!! Now for a meta kicker ( @tinkdw this is mainly for you & perfoming!dean !!!) “Never opened myself this way” We have memoryloss!Dean, then Dean’s “I hate you but I love you” with Mary (!!!!) and then Dean breaking down the bunker wall with the grenade launcher!!!!!! After that we get a quick shot of Lily standing over Ishim’s body. Next line is “life is ours we live it our way” we get Dean loading (the colt I think) then Dean punching Crowley and some hunting shit. Next is “all these words I don’t just say” we got BMOL stuff. Then “nothing else matters” again with Lucifer stabbing Crowley’s unpossessed body, then Cas stabbing Ishim and finally Sam killing the prince of hell from 12x12. (I cannot for the life of me remember his name) Then we jump to “never care for what they say” and we got Sam shooting the bullet for the alpha vamp then we have Dean yelling “noooo!” on the ground in 12x19?) Then “never cared for games they play” we’ve got Ketch and Eileen *juhgvyhsdfbgfh* then Sam staring at Eileen being dead. Then Cas and Kelly just as the portal was created.  “Never care for what they do” just has some BAMF shit then werewolf!Claire and Crowley saving Cas. “Never cared for what they know” we have Kelly holding Cas’s hand and killing Dagon “And I know, yeah!” We have the portal and le boys going in the portal. Then we got Bobby’s reveal. Then in the instrumental we got Kelly giving birth, Crowley killing himself, Cas dying, Mary punching Lucifer and getting pulled into the AU, Sam following the bloody footprints, Jack’s glowy ass eyes and Dean over Cas’s body.

I have officially died writing this all out but let’s move on to a little symbolism!! For starters, Jack wouldn’t have been good without Kelly’s heart, as she was good and spoke to him and stuff! (I know i’m shit at this) Then we got Saileen v Destiel! We have some other stuff but it’s not really worth explaining as it’s pretty fucking easy to interpret. :) @elizabethrobertajones @super-sootica @margarittet @gneisscastiel did I do good?? (at least a little?)

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Kinda basic, but a werewolf significant other headcanon? Only they're in their werewolf state always, please.

Basic but still some pretty good shit, my friend.

Werewolf s/o

  • Hope you like hair! Because it’s literally everywhere. Your furniture? Check! Your clothes? Check! Your car if you have one? Check! Honestly your werewolf s/o sheds so much, it’s unbelievable. However, that is to be expected with a werewolf who is always in their wolf form.
  • They love it when you pet them (even if your werewolf s/o happens to be stubborn and denies this claim every time). Them leaning into your touch and the wagging of their tail is always a dead giveaway of how much they’re enjoying the action of you petting them.
  • You love going out with your s/o as much as the next person but the thing you don’t like is when it starts pouring it down with rain while you’re both out. The reason for this being that your s/o is all fur. Fur which gets absolutely dripping wet (it really doesn’t help when your werewolf s/o walks about the house soaking wet and gets water everywhere) and this leads to a really strong smell of wet dog all throughout the house.
  • The good thing about rain is that you get the opportunity to blast your s/o with a hairdryer (one that you purchased especially for your s/o) and watch them poof up, looking like nothing but a big ball of fluff.
  • Also, a bit of an issue you may have with dating a werewolf is that most don’t seem to get along with other canines. So if you have a pet dog (or dogs), don’t be surprised to see your s/o growling or snarling at them. They’re trying to warn off the other dog and let them know that this is their date mate. Just tell your s/o to knock it off if it’s really bothering you - they’ll actually put in the effort and try to get along with this other canine in the house if you do. Only because it’ll make you happy though.
  • Your s/o is also pretty warm, which is nice and pleasant. They’re perfect for cuddling up with on cold nights (and every other night actually, because who wouldn’t want big warm cuddles from their s/o???) or when you’re both lounging about on the couch watching a movie or binge watching entire Netflix series.
  • Also, a big bonus; LOTS OF WET NOSE KISSES!!

Based on an RP @new-king-of-boomtown and I had a good while back.  Mabel’s trying to be a mom and do mom stuff. 

  • Peter: Transforms into a werewolf
  • Roman: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
Light of the full Moon

Egotober, Day 05

Egotober list by @ego-surveillance-squad

The moral of the story is that they need to get some fuckin blinds

I wasn’t gonna write much for this challenge, but none of my drawing ideas for this day were good enough, so here, have my shitty writing instead. Though I might actually draw something for this fic at a later date.

Hey @magic-marvin-protection-patrol may I interest you in some fluff?

Characters: Marvin, Jackie

Word count: 1.1k

Warnings: none. It’s just a big bunch of fluff. Also, they’re dating.

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the last lot i had left empty in newcrest just got filled. i got an apartment building that fit the area (gayborhood section) from the gallery and filled it with dudes, two of whom are me trying to use cc and the vampire mechanics to create sort-of werewolves. posting the album since i made one to show rowan anyway

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I love this blog ! it gives me so many cute ideas ! Could you please do some werewolf and humans aus?

  • i bought you a silver pendant oH sHIT are you allergic I’m so sorry
  • “so when are you introducing me to your parents?” “oh you mean my pack?”
  • you told me you were a werewolf, afraid that i was going to break up with you but i love you no matter what
  • the day after the full moon, you had finished a rough transformation and I’m here with a blankets, clothes, a first aid kit, and hot chocolate come on let’s get you home
  • i’m a vampire and you’re a werewolf and for the longest time neither of us were aware of our supernatural status oops
  • demon hunter/werewolf significant other



i gave some of my werewolf oc’s human forms FINALLY. idk what era i want them to be in so they’re just wearing rags for now. they might grow shit for alchemy/potions or something. illegal fungi or moss or some shit. 

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Hmm werewolf!mingyu?

i love werewolf!seventeen so much i am in such desperate need for their fics so i will gladly do this also hmu so we can talk about werewolf!seventeen, also this is like a preface for werewolf!mingyu so if you want part two for this just hmu and i will deliver

  • okay so i feel like mingyu would be like a just-turned werewolf
  • the kind where they’re not 100% fully in control of everything yet
  • but in mingyu’s case like
  • he’s not even used to seeing his eyes flash yellow when he looks in the mirror sometimes
  • or even when he gets so mad at soonyoung for just not shutting up in class
  • that he can feel his teeth elongating to the point where he’s got to cover his mouth and duck out of the classroom
  • which usually results in the teacher screaming
  • kim mingyu get back here at once!”
  • and a lot of puzzled looks by his classmates
  • and so once he hits the bathroom his hands are gripping the edge of the sink trying to remember whatever seungcheol told him about not going all wolf in public
  • it was some way to calm down but mingyu didn’t think counting to ten was going to put him at ease in the slightest
  • and most of the time when mingyu figures out some way to make his canines disappear, and  leaves the bathroom there’s notable dents on the sides of the sink
  • which he pretends he has no idea about, mainly because he doesn’t even realize how strong he is either
  • and most of the time mingyu doesn’t even go back to class because his friend wonwoo always gets his stuff for him, so with someone to fall back on for that
  • also wonwoo’s been dong this research about werewolves and he’s basically mingyu’s right hand man to try and understand what’s going onto him
  • but when all this werewolf lore talk goes straight to mingyu’s head
  • he runs
  • although mingyu hates to admit it, he thinks the only positive thing he likes about being a werewolf now is how fast he can run
  • of course he can’t go as fast as a wolf just yet, but he’s reasonably faster than he was prior to this “gift” as seungcheol likes to refer to it
  • usually he gets so far until he hits seungcheol’s little make-shift house in the woods
  • mingyu’s been crashing there from now on because
  • a) he couldn’t risk going home and hurting someone
  • b) it was just easier for him to deal with these changes with people who have already experienced them
  • there was about four other pack members who resided there
  • mingyu 100% didn’t know them all so well but he knew their names were
  • vernon (this is me putting vernon in because werewolf!vernon is some good shit), jihoon, chan, jisoo, and seokmin
  • they were all fairly nice to him, but all definitely had more control even then maknae, chan, was more in control than mingyu thought he’d ever be, and chan’s a good bit younger too
  • but today was a bit different
  • everyone seemed a bit more on edge than usual
  • more jumpy
  • more alert
  • mingyu was about to ask what the big deal was when seungcheol clapped a hand onto the taller boy’s back
  • “forgot to mention beta, but tonight’s your first full moon”
  • great

Monster, Spooky, Stocks (Days 6-8)

I’d long since given up trying to get out of the web. I was dozing when I heard footsteps and jolted awake. I realized I was no longer in the web. I was sitting in a dark room with spooky shadows and immobile. My hands were above my head and my feet were in front of me. I happened to catch a glimpse of some deep red eyes and choked on a scream. The light flicked on and I saw the witch with the weirdest creature in existence. It stood like a human but had feathers like a bird, claws like a cat, a brush like tail, eyes like a fucking nightmare, feet like a monkey, a nose like a mole, and the mouth of a vampire or werewolf or some shit. “Meet my friend,” the witch grinned. I remained speechless. “Spooky, the Tickletober Monster!” I blinked in shock. “Wh…who the what??” The witch cackled. “This is Spooky, the Tickletober Monster.” I stared at the weird being in wonder. “What exactly is he?” “A Tickletober Monster.” I shook my head in confusion then squealed when he drug a claw up my sole. It was then that I realized I was in stocks!

(Another shorty but I’m trying to catch up on lost days xD anyway, @tickletober2017 )

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