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Started playing Skyrim again. Wanted to practice around with some characters so I borrowed @vanusgalerions vampire-bard Caladurin and @pimsri altmer-mage Moor alongside my own breton-werewolf Angeles

truly my ao3 account is wild and will continue to be wild during the 10k Challenge like i don’t think i’ll ever be posting this much fic so quickly lmao

while i’m here it’s a good time to mention that if you’re in any common fandoms with me and want to send me a prompt (here’s my prompt tag to get you started, but if you have any specific things in mind those are great!) there’s a good chance it’ll be answered in the next 10 days and there’s an even better chance that it’ll be at least 2000-3000 words long because y’know, i’m trying to write literally 10,000 words every day for 10 days

i write for Craig!Bond (00Q and 00Silva are my main boys but i literally ship anything tbh and i love me my rarepairs), London Spy, Kingsman, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (and loads of other more obscure le Carré works) and i also love me my crossovers and AUs so like, if you have any prompts on your mind now’s your Chance

  • Peter: Transforms into a werewolf
  • Roman: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

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I love this blog ! it gives me so many cute ideas ! Could you please do some werewolf and humans aus?

  • i bought you a silver pendant oH sHIT are you allergic I’m so sorry
  • “so when are you introducing me to your parents?” “oh you mean my pack?”
  • you told me you were a werewolf, afraid that i was going to break up with you but i love you no matter what
  • the day after the full moon, you had finished a rough transformation and I’m here with a blankets, clothes, a first aid kit, and hot chocolate come on let’s get you home
  • i’m a vampire and you’re a werewolf and for the longest time neither of us were aware of our supernatural status oops
  • demon hunter/werewolf significant other



i gave some of my werewolf oc’s human forms FINALLY. idk what era i want them to be in so they’re just wearing rags for now. they might grow shit for alchemy/potions or something. illegal fungi or moss or some shit. 

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Hmm werewolf!mingyu?

i love werewolf!seventeen so much i am in such desperate need for their fics so i will gladly do this also hmu so we can talk about werewolf!seventeen, also this is like a preface for werewolf!mingyu so if you want part two for this just hmu and i will deliver

  • okay so i feel like mingyu would be like a just-turned werewolf
  • the kind where they’re not 100% fully in control of everything yet
  • but in mingyu’s case like
  • he’s not even used to seeing his eyes flash yellow when he looks in the mirror sometimes
  • or even when he gets so mad at soonyoung for just not shutting up in class
  • that he can feel his teeth elongating to the point where he’s got to cover his mouth and duck out of the classroom
  • which usually results in the teacher screaming
  • kim mingyu get back here at once!”
  • and a lot of puzzled looks by his classmates
  • and so once he hits the bathroom his hands are gripping the edge of the sink trying to remember whatever seungcheol told him about not going all wolf in public
  • it was some way to calm down but mingyu didn’t think counting to ten was going to put him at ease in the slightest
  • and most of the time when mingyu figures out some way to make his canines disappear, and  leaves the bathroom there’s notable dents on the sides of the sink
  • which he pretends he has no idea about, mainly because he doesn’t even realize how strong he is either
  • and most of the time mingyu doesn’t even go back to class because his friend wonwoo always gets his stuff for him, so with someone to fall back on for that
  • also wonwoo’s been dong this research about werewolves and he’s basically mingyu’s right hand man to try and understand what’s going onto him
  • but when all this werewolf lore talk goes straight to mingyu’s head
  • he runs
  • although mingyu hates to admit it, he thinks the only positive thing he likes about being a werewolf now is how fast he can run
  • of course he can’t go as fast as a wolf just yet, but he’s reasonably faster than he was prior to this “gift” as seungcheol likes to refer to it
  • usually he gets so far until he hits seungcheol’s little make-shift house in the woods
  • mingyu’s been crashing there from now on because
  • a) he couldn’t risk going home and hurting someone
  • b) it was just easier for him to deal with these changes with people who have already experienced them
  • there was about four other pack members who resided there
  • mingyu 100% didn’t know them all so well but he knew their names were
  • vernon (this is me putting vernon in because werewolf!vernon is some good shit), jihoon, chan, jisoo, and seokmin
  • they were all fairly nice to him, but all definitely had more control even then maknae, chan, was more in control than mingyu thought he’d ever be, and chan’s a good bit younger too
  • but today was a bit different
  • everyone seemed a bit more on edge than usual
  • more jumpy
  • more alert
  • mingyu was about to ask what the big deal was when seungcheol clapped a hand onto the taller boy’s back
  • “forgot to mention beta, but tonight’s your first full moon”
  • great
After a day of browsing through Marauder tags and headcanons I finally pieced together a big combined list of most of them.

Sirius Black is a giant fucking drama queen, and don’t believe him if he tells you otherwise. Can’t spell Gay without Ayyyyyy, am i right ladies and gentlemen? His long ass dark hair that he just genuinely forgets to cut sometimes and he’ll pull it back into a bun on top of his head and hot damn. Got into muggle Rock and Roll thanks to Lily, thought he’ll say that he discovered it himself and his tastes are very diverse and “shut up lily I swear to god I’m a very surprising individual.” Dates Remus because yes. Grey eyes? Flirts with anyone to get his way because that boy is finnnnnne and he knows it. Suave and sexy and jesus leather jackets and fucking boys yes. Leather jacket covered in patches and probs given to him by James or Remus. Sirius is a fucking sex bomb. Plays the piano and is multilingual because it was expect of him when he was little, and now him and Remus just whisper to each other in French because it pisses off everyone else, but nobody realizes that they are saying the dirtiest fucking things. Likes to fight because it’s a muggle thing and it disgusts his family and he is a little shit so of course he does it.  Doesn’t quite understand muggle technology. Likes to dress messy, and wear his tie undone and tear up his clothes, but when he dresses up all designer and expensive and his hair down and he could set loins on fire with just his eyes and the flick of a wrist. Of course he smokes, it’s a muggle habit.


Remus Lupin. His name is basically Werewolf McWerewolf or some shit. Is the mastermind behind the Marauders plots, and is painfully intelligent but god help you when he gets drunk he is the biggest fucking dork and Sirius fucking loved him for it. Don’t fuck with him, do not be fooled by his nerdy exterior, he will kick your fucking ass and then his boyfriend will join in on it. I repeat do not fuck with Remus Lupin his friends are fucking insane and you will die. Bi? Bi.  Not only his physical phase that would change at the full moon, but his emotional one would strain as well, he’d enter intense bouts of depression and have panic attacks and Sirius would always be there and never leave his side and help him because Sirius loves him with all of his everything. Third tallest.


James Potter can’t fucking sing and he loves Lily Potter, it is not a crush he did not want to shag her he fucking loves her I will fight you. Panromantic Heterosexual. Sirius always steals his glasses to do bad impressions of him, or he loses them, or Lily charms them to disappear so he hardly ever sees anything he is fucking blind. Is he black, I think so, I can’t find anything saying otherwise. Hates spider so much he’s is a giant baby. Sirius/ James is the Brotp of all of Hogwarts. James Potter is a fucking national treasure I will fight you over James Potter.  Dubbed Lames by Sirius. Tallest of the Marauders. Smokes with Sirius but doesn’t tell Lily because she thinks he quit.


Peter Pettigrew is shy and quiet but I swear to god he looks up to his friends and swears he is the luckiest kid in the world and they protect him like a little brother and he is severely under appreciated in the Marauders fandom but he was THEIR FRIEND MOTHER FUCKER. Aro Ace and loves to educate others on gender identity and sexuality and teach them that they are essentially bigoted assholes but don’t need to be.  Shorty McShort boy and its adorable. He is cute as shit and just genuinely loves everyone. I’m going to bring up he’s loyal ( fuck voldemort peter just needed someone to follow and look up to and it happened to be the wrong person so suck my ass peter is great)

Lily Evans did not hate everyone, she was not a bitch. Lily was a sarcastic kickass mother fucker who liked to tease Potter because he was a nerd who danced like he trying to put out a small fire. Honestly great friends with Sirius and they like to chat, but her and Remus have their monthly, ‘My Boyfriend is a Bloody Idiot Send Help.” meetings in Hogsmeade. Will devour any and all chocolate in her path.




shit. shiiiiiit it’s been like a month, what the hell happened last time I did this???

…Something involving the Felt and profanity, if these strewn about post-its are anything to go by?

Alright, something about a demon, and Sollux’s virus, and Karkat being an idiot, and, oh, okay.

I remember now.

Back to crying, I guess.

Sounds like your lusus is agitated about something up there. You already gave him his serving of honey today. If he thinks he can get more, well that’s just greedy.

You wonder what could be bothering him?

Well, I don’t want to alarm you, but, following the current trend, probably a severe case of Headexploditis

That, or the imminent death of millions of people via the first batch of meteors

Or both

Quite possibly even the loss of your Lusus CAUSED by wayward civilisation-destroying meteor

So many fun options hahahaah (థ - థ)

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ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS FUCKING LINE FROM THE TRAILER “a person with multiple personalities [sic] can change their body chemistry with their thoughts” and was showing James McAvoy doing some werewolf shit like holy FUCK i mean i’m not even gonna start to stick my face into the fucking hornet’s nest surrounding the science behind DID but i think it’s generally agreed upon in the scientific community that dissociating cannot turn you into a feral beast-man with superhuman strength you frothing twat

i was doin some research for my werewolf book and hhholy shit guys look at this do you know what this is

this is a promotional poster for the 1913 silent short film “the werewolf”

which was the first werewolf film ever created

which has been lost since 1924 when all the copies of the film were destroyed in a fire

do you realize how fuckin cool it is that theres still a poster out there somewhere


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Being in love with a werewolf is hard. Wondering if he will come back from a fight okay, wondering if you need to be protected from the supernatural. Derek knew that it wasn’t easy. Hell it would never be easy.

 So he took what he called, vacation days. Vacation days were days where you and him would just be together, not worrying about the supernatural. The only rule for the vacation days were that for one day, a whole 24 hours, there would be no talk of supernatural things. 

Those were the days you both looked forwards to. 

Today was suppose to be a vacation day, but when you woke up and read the note Derek had left next to you, explaining why he wasn’t in bed, you knew that it was canceled. Derek had to spend the day with Scott’s pack training. 

Sighing to yourself, you puled yourself out of bed, slipping on some clothes and checking your phone. You smiled as you read Derek’s good morning text  he sent you. 

Hitting send to your response you made your way the kitchen to make breakfast for one, very lonely girl. 

“Honey,” You heard Derek call into his loft, shutting the door behind him before taking off his shoes. “I’m home.”

“Cool.” You really weren’t in the mood to talk to him. You had been looking towards today for a long time, wanting a day alone with you and your boyfriend only to have it canceled before you were even up. 

“You okay?” He asked, walking over to where you were sitting on the couch, a glass of wine in your hand while you watched (Your favorite TV show). 


“I’m sorry Y/n. I know you had been looking for a day of rest. It’s just Scott need me to help-”

“Yes I get it. Teaching teen age werewolf is something you enjoy more than spending time with your girlfriend of three years.” You cut him off. Not wanting to hear his excuses. 

“Babe.” He said, trying to get you to lighten up on him. “It’s not like-”

“What? It’s not like that? Well its not like I have been spending the past two weeks either by myself while your out doing some werewolf shit, or I have to take and clean after them. Next time when you leave, your going to coming home to an empty house.” You told him before walking off into a spare room to get away from him. 

Am I the only one who kind of wished for some difference in Lydia. It didn’t even have to be directed towards Stiles just something to remind us that she went through some pretty messed up shit! LIKE U DIED U LITERALLY DIED AND UR JUST JIM DANDY. LA LALALALA JUST GONNA GO AND DO SOME MORE WEREWOLF SHIT NOT LIKE IM EMOTIONALLY TRAUMATISED OR ANYTHING. That was all I wanted from this episode all I wanted

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The thing that really gets me about this otherkin stuff is this: if you want to define yourself as a bunny rabbit or a crocodile or whatever, fine, but don't go around crying oppression all over the internet cos someone looked at you a bit funny when you told them you actually think you're a werewolf or some shit, while real, violent homophobia, racism, transphobia ect. still happens all around the world.