and some super off coloring

And finally, that Amarantha portrait :)

ACOTAR series by Sarah J Mass

I’m now intrigued about this, until now we had only met Homeworld gems that seemed to know there was still life on Earth, but apparently most of Homeworld thinks the Earth is a dead planet now.

I wonder if the true effect of the “Diamond attack” is something common Homeworld population is not aware of, or if maybe the “Diamond attack” would have normally destroyed all life on the planet (or gem life at least…?) but something went wrong when used against the Earth, and corruption was just an unnexpected consequence.

Why I like Pink for Aphrodite

I’ve seen a comment on here before saying that pink is not a color for Aphrodite and that he or she does not understand the reason why a lot of people use it for her so I’ll describe my reasoning for it and the other colors I use for her. (if you don’t care about the other colors go to the last paragraph)

Yes, I use red (actually rarely) but I find this color for some reason to be too  harsh sometimes for me to put everywhere, but for me with her it represents blood (mainly menstrual) as well as passion, Then there’s blue this really depends on the kind, I like a light blue like powder blue to represent her sea side and I pair it with white to represent the foam and also semen, this is what I’d use if I didn’t have any pink at all but my favorite combination is a very soft pink, gold, and cream, gold because well it’s literally a part of one of her titles and there are a couple of other reasons I could say and cream is in my opinion more relaxing than white most times, sometimes a shade of white can be too harsh believe it or not, for me the kind of cream color I use represents her skin as the way I mainly see her, and now to pink.
Soft Pink can be one of the most soothing colors period and when I go to Aphrodite I don’t want to feel super constricted or tense as some harsher colors can give off, to me it’s like that extra soft filter that you see in a lot of vintage type videos similar to some of the scenes in Lana Del Rey’s Love video, but there’s a big reason for this color that may or may not be obvious, flesh, now there’s two parts to this, 1) the inside of both male and female genitals are pink this is mainly for the female to me because I connect more to the Goddess and she is a Goddess and 2) this is the BIG reason of this, we are all pink inside (ignore the blood part) no matter what skin color you are we are all the same on the inside for the most part, Aphrodite is the Goddess of union, yes sexual union but the union I’m talking about is the union of people coming together, we are all of her we are all the same on the inside and we are all beautiful, outer beauty fades but the beauty within remains,  this is why I use pink for Aphrodite.