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Here it is…

The last special I’ll be doing for a very long time. Celebrating the Chinese holiday, Qingming. My holiday specials are fun and enjoyable for me and many others! I love being the director of my very own projects, working with other amazing people and getting to know them! But these specials are alot. of. W.O.R.K. They give me so much stress and feed my over-perfectionism. To post my weekly WingSpiral story updates (done completely by me) AND do these collaborative specials on the side… it’s just draining for me :c

Anyway, anyone who ever thought of joining in on visualizing my short lil moral-driven stories is welcome! There won’t be any more for over a year so now’s the chance if one is interested! If you have me on Skype or discord (all of my lovable squad peeps do!) I literally never sleep so feel free to send me messages! ;D or use Tumblr hehe ❤

We’ve got ask-nurse-bloodshot as usual, who designed three gorgeous new characters this time around! She’s a master!!
A NEW panel line artist ask-peachy-pop (I love this gal so muccchhhhhhh!! Super excited to work with her)!!!!!
And whatacorn because this bab knows Chinese culture way better than me! 😂 I also have some help with my tedious script! 

**Previous Holiday Specials the team and I have done!!**

Thank you and enjoy this final special, everyone! Written and scripted from my heart, to yours❤


Buffy 11 #08Part Eight: Ordinary People

Publication date: June 21, 2017

Out in the real world without their magic, Buffy and Willow are facing challenges in a new way. As normal girls, getting back into the Safe Zone to release the residents feels impossible – but they aren’t alone. The Scoobies are reunited and have some special backup!

Script: Christos Gage; illustration: Rebekah Isaacs; colors: Dan Jackson; cover: Steve Morris; variant cover: Rebekah Isaacs, Dan Jackson. 

10 Things You May Not Know About ‘The Doctor’s Wife’

“The Doctor’s Wife” is the kind of story idea that draws all of its emotive power from being entirely unrepeatable. An episode in which the Doctor’s iconic mode of transportation is given its own human body and allowed to express emotions, it’s the sort of tale that is supremely fascinating for Doctor Who fans but could easily have missed its mark with casual viewers unless given a very special script and some particularly fine actors.

Luckily it is blessed with both, with a script from Neil Gaiman that proves to be a total geek-out for fans and a delightfully fresh tale for first-timers. And then there’s the palpable chemistry between the Doctor (Matt Smith) and Idris, the personification of the TARDIS (Suranne Jones). Small wonder it became the first Doctor Who serial to win a Hugo award for a story that was not concocted by the showrunner.

Here are 10 points of interest, some of which may be new to you:

1. Whereas Richard Curtis (writer of “Vincent and the Doctor”) was already known to Steven Moffat as a Doctor Who fan, Neil Gaiman’s feelings on the topic had not been made entirely clear to him. But having read his novels over the year, a certain shared point of view became apparent, as Steven explained to Doctor Who Confidential: “It occurred to me—not for the first time, knowing Neil’s work—I just thought ‘this guy’s a Doctor Who fan. I can tell, I can smell it! He loves Doctor Who. He’s practically writing Doctor Who in disguise.”

2. Neil’s idea for the story came from a key moment of confrontation, as he told Doctor Who Confidential: “The central idea of the story was what would happen if the Doctor and TARDIS actually got to talk. I thought there has to be a point there where the Doctor would say, ‘Y’know you have never been very reliable. You didn’t always take me where I wanted to go,’ I thought if he said that, then I know what the TARDIS would say: ‘No, but I always took you where you needed to go.’ And knowing that, it’s like the entire episode grew around that conversation, like a pearl around a piece of dust.”

3. The location of the story, in which the Doctor materializes in a junkyard of TARDISes outside the known universe, shares some similar ideas with a 1989 Seventh Doctor comic book story called “Nineveh,” in which he is confronted by a killer of Gallifreyans called the Watcher of Nineveh, having been delivered there by the TARDIS. The story ran in “The Incredible Hulk Presents” issue #12, but there’s no distress cube, no sentient TARDIS, no “sexy,” no Uncle, Auntie and Nephew, and none of the exploration of the TARDIS corridors towards the end.

The Doctor’s Wife airs tonight at 9:15/8:15c on BBC America as part of the Doctor’s Finest. The rest of this article however can be read at any time of day. 

MCL: Castiel & Candy’s Fight - Rewritten

NOTE: This is a rewritten fight between Candy and Castiel at the end of episode 16 in the Deborah arc per a special request. All characters and some script belong to Chinomiko and My Candy Love. I am mostly doing dialogue in this piece and not from either person’s point of view. Enjoy!


Previously on My Candy Love:

Candy has been blamed by everyone for allegedly dumping toilet water o Debroah. But little do they all know that it was actually Amber and her friends doing. After Candy is berated by the school principal and given detention, Castiel approaches her in the hallway, absolutely fuming.

Castiel: “YOU!!!”

Candy: “What?! C-Castiel? What is…?”

Castiel: “Toilet water?! Seriously? I would never have expected this kind of behavior from you. Ever! You could have hurt Deborah! What is going on in that head of yours!?”

Candy: “Hey, that’s enough! It wasn’t me!”

Castiel: “Are you kidding me? So the water fell on Deborah all by itself? Or are you going to pass the blame again like you’ve been doing all day? Actually no, you’ve been doing that she arrived!”

Candy: “IT WASN’T ME! It was Amber and her friends! I was trying to sto-”

Castiel: “Don’t start! I warned you not to pass blame. Even that stuck up little harpy wouldn’t stoop so low! Just leave everyone alone! I didn’t think you were capable of such antics to oust a girl you think to be a rival or whatever!”

Candy: “Are you joking!? You’re sticking up for Amber now?! What the heck has gotten into you?!!”

Castiel: “I asked you first! And the reason I have a hard time believing you didn’t do this is because a lot of other people saw you in the window with the bucket next to you! So yeah, for once, I guess I am taking Amber’s side.”

Candy: “Castiel, I swear I didn’t do anything! If you would only listen to me, you would understand. Deborah manipulated you, and she wants to do it again! She is manipulating everyone! I’m trying to expose her so that everyone opens their eyes. Especially you! Because I don’t want her to hurt you again.”

Castiel: “…So let me get this straight, just so I’m hearing you clearly. Another girl, whom we’ve all known before you arrived here, have known longer than you in fact, somehow makes you obsessively jealous with all the attention she’s receiving now that she’s back.”

Candy: “THAT’S NOT TRU-”

Castiel: “AND you fight with her which, was recorded on a voice recorder, you stalk her around the school, you make Deborah cry and then to top it all off you dump toilet water on her…all to ‘open my eyes’ on what a terrible person she really is? If anything, you’ve opened my eyes and the entire school’s on what terrible person YOU actually are. You’re the one who is hurting everyone here.”


Castiel: “YOU HAVE HAD PLENTY OF CHANCES TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF! And so far all you’ve been doing is trying to cover your actions with lies. And really bad ones at that. No one is buying it!”

Candy: “I’m not lying! And no one will listen! You know me, I’m NOT capable of all these things I’ve been accused of. It’s all bad luck and coincidence! And you’re so blinded by Deborah’s offer and your past with her, that you can’t remember our history. I’m here for your well being. She’s here to use you for fame, and then she’ll break your heart again and leave you behind once she gets it. Just like last time.”

Castiel: “SHUT UP! That’s not true and you know it. I thought I knew you, I’ll admit that. But these past few days have been a very rude awakening. I’m not falling for it anymore, I’m not stupid.”

Candy: “If you accept Deborah’s offer to join her band, you’ll be the stupidest person I’ve ever known. And a fool.”

*Castiel stares at her, a look of utter rage and disappointment*

Castiel: “….Go away.”

*she was beginning to cry now*

Candy: “No. Not until you listen. Please…please hear my side of the story, please…no…I didn’t do it, I didn’t do any of it…but…but…I just wanted to…I just wanted to get the truth out in the open…a-and you, you…you…”

Castiel: “Enough. Go away now, stop talking to me, don’t even look at me, and leave Deborah and everyone else alone. You haven’t helped anyone lately. You’ve only burned bridges. And now, you’ll stand your side, alone while the rest of us move on. You’ve brought this upon yourself. You can only blame yourself.”

Candy: “…………….you’re such an IDIOT!!!”

*Candy runs off down the hall, sobbing*


Happy Halloween dudes

I was asked a while back by a group for permission to add Russian subtitles to the series, and it looks like they started with the halloween special. They’re cool guys, show them some love.

The script for the next short is done, and once I get another project out (hopefully this week, not bionicle related), I will be posting an update video about the future of RB/other stuff(I’ll try to make it funny). If you’ve been paying attention to this blog you know what I’ll be talking about, but not everyone does that, it seems.

After some thought I don’t think I’m going to enter RB into the chronicler’s convergence. I talked about possibly doing that before, but I dunno if the series would fit there. Instead I’m gonna post part the second scene to “Anonymous” here on this blog since it’s been so long without new bonkle content.

See you guys soon, and try to show some love for my next project when it comes out. It’s my first real endeavor in a while that isn’t bionicle, and I’m excited about it. Been wanting to make something like it for 6 years.

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