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Brigitte Nielsen did some makeup/costume test shots for an unmade She-Hulk film in the late 1980s, when Marvel was bought by New World Studios.

New World Studios, best known as the guys who brought Godzilla to the US thanks to funding from Dr. Pepper product placement, bought Marvel in late 1980s…and it’s believed they did it by accident. Their attempts to bring the Marvel characters to screen were far from successful. As a critic once said, “shockingly, the company built by a soda-swilling lizard who bought Marvel by accident didn’t know what they were doing.”

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“I’m in a bookshop and I really need to get that book but I'd rather get on my toes and jump at the shelf and do every single ridiculous thing to reach it than ask for your help, oh wait, you've read that book, let's have an aggressive in-depth discussion about it." for nessian au, pretty please :) (bc height difference and bookworm Nesta are life!)

(they really and truly are. Okay i had a go??) 

Azriel emerges from the backroom with a large box full of new books to put out onto the shelves. He and Cassian had agreed to watch Amren’s book store for a few hours while she ‘did things’, which was all the information either of them had gotten on the matter. Az doesn’t mind, he enjoys working in the shop. Cassian sets up at the front of house and talks to the customers and deals with that side of things, leaving him free to sort out the backroom which, inevitably, is always a mess. 

Glancing over at his brother as he begins to set up the display at the front of the till he notes the way he’s standing. Both elbows are braced on the desk in front of him, his chin propped on his hands, gazing across the room with unwavering focus. 

Azriel spots the girl who’s become the unfortunate object of Cassian’s attention and frowns. A few years younger than them, by the looks of it, petite, brown hair that turns golden when the light hits in the right way, a neat dress on. Pretty, he supposes, but not worth the intense focus Cassian is levelling her way.

“You’re staring,” he says pointedly, hoping this will direct Cass’ attention elsewhere. 

It doesn’t. He only gets an irritable wave of one of Cassian’s massive hands, he doesn’t even turn to look at him as he does so. “It’s a slow day,” he says, as though this explains anything, “She’s very entertaining.” 

Frowning, Az sets down his box and pads noiselessly over to the counter for a better look at the woman. She seems to have her eyes on one of the books on the top shelf but, coming in at just a little over five feet, she’s having some difficulty getting the one she wants. 

Az sighs, “Why don’t you go over there and help her?” he suggests, shaking his head. 

Cassian turns to him with a look on his face that implies he’s just said the stupidest thing he’s ever heard in his entire life. “But this is much more fun,” he says, a wicked grin spreading across his face. 

“She’s going to hurt herself,” Az says, casting a wary eye over her again, fearing for the straining muscles in her shoulders as she reaches for the book again. 

He makes to slide out from behind the counter but Cassian grabs his wrist. “We’re right here,” he says, that annoying smirk firmly back in place, “She can ask us for help any time she wants. You know Amren’s policy is not to bother the customers.” 

Azriel glowers, “I’m sure she wouldn’t want us to have to send a customer to hospital because you miraculously decided to start following the rules,” he comments drily. 

Cassian irritably flaps his hands again in a shushing motion, then gestures back towards the woman, now apparently looking around for something to stand on. Cassian slaps a ten pound note down on the table, “I give her five minutes before she’s over here begging for one of us to help her get her book.” 

Azriel eyes her again with an appraising look, then rummages in his own pocket and pulls out a ten pound note of his own, far less creased than Cassian’s and lays it neatly on top, “Not a chance,” he says simply. 

As predicted, Azriel is correct. Five minutes later he scoops up the money, Cassian grumbling irritably with his hands shoved deep in his pockets, and the woman is still doing everything she can think of save simply asking for their help. When she gets to the stage of piling books out of her bag on top of one another to reach the shelf above, however, Azriel nudges Cassian in the ribs and orders him to go and help her. Now. 

Huffing, and throwing Az a vulgar gesture over his shoulder, Cassian moves towards her. 

“Need a hand, sweetheart?” Is how Cass chooses to open proceedings and Az groans, shaking his head. He resists burying his face in his hands only because he wants to fix this moment perfectly in his memory for the rest of his life. 

The woman gives him a truly withering glare that would have caused any man save Cassian to shrivel before it and then replies with forced, terse politeness that no, she does not need help from some overlarge, hulking busybody, thank you very much. 

Azriel’s eyebrows raise in approval even as he watches his brother cock his head at her, sizing her up, a new worthy opponent to distract him from the slow day they’re having. “By all means, knock yourself out, sweetheart,” he drawls, crossing his arms over his chest and stepping back to watch her struggle, smirking. 

“Don’t call me that,” she snaps at him, eyebrows narrowing. 

“Well if I knew your name, I wouldn’t have to resort to it…Sweetheart,” he replies with a casual smirk, laying a delicate emphasis on the petname. Azriel is thinking he should have started another bet before Cass left him, namely on how long he could pull this shit with her without having his head ripped off, which she looks altogether too capable of doing. 

She isn’t forthcoming with her name, she only turns away from him, as though he isn’t worth the breath it would take to spit out a scathing reply, and turns back to the bookshelf with renewed determination. 

Cassian simply watches as she climbs onto her teetering pile of books, reaches, stretches, jumps, snarls, and mutters a string of highly amusing curses that Azriel has never heard before in her attempts to reach the book. 

When, however, she actually starts climbing on the shelves in her bid to grab the damn thing however, Cassian starts forwards in alarm. Not a moment too soon, either, as a second later her foot slips and with a gasp she topples from the shelf, right into Cassian’s waiting arms. 

He sets her gently on her feet, looking a little shellshocked and she manages to grit out a stiff, “Thank you,” not looking at him. Before she can attempt any more dramatics in the pursuit of fine literature, Cass reaches up and tugs a copy of the book down, pressing it into her arms. 

Amazingly, she opens her mouth to snap at him but he cuts her off firmly, “You have good taste, sweetheart,” picking up her pile of books he carries them towards the counter, “Why don’t you go home and read it rather than ending up in hospital trying, okay?” 

She glowers at him but salvages her pride, lifts her chin, and marches towards Azriel. Cassian trails her like a lost puppy, watching her now with hungry eyes. He elbows Az out of the way to ring her up himself, studying the book she’d picked, “Let me know what you think of it when you’re done,” he says, “It’s a good read.” 

“I’ve already read it,” she says coolly, digging in her bag for her purse, having replaced the pile of books she’d attempted to use earlier as a footstool. Then she looks up at Cassian, eyes slightly narrowed, “You’ve read it too?” 

He grins almost wickedly, leaning casually against the counter, “Of course I have,” he smirks. When she further narrows her eyes, as though she doesn’t believe him, he launches into a debate about one of his favourite characters who was brutally killed off far too early, in his opinion. 

She fires up at once in response to this, seeing red and ranting at him about how necessary that death was, how it had to happen, how the story would have been flat and meaningless without it. After fifteen minutes of hot bickering back and forth, neither of them stopping long enough to breathe in between bouts, she catches sight of the clock behind the counter and jumps, blushing faintly. 

“I have to go,” she mumbles, pulling the book off of the counter and stuffing it into her bag. 

Daringly, in Az’s opinion, Cassian reaches across the table and takes her hand, staring straight into this beautiful blue-gray eyes, “I’m free at five,” he offers quietly, “There’s a nice little coffee shop just down the street we could continue this in.” Azriel isn’t sure if she catches it, but he can hear the hopeful note in his brother’s voice. 

She stares at him for a long moment, weighing, considering, then, “My name is Nesta,” is all she says, before turning and heading towards the door. 

The smile that spreads across Cassian’s face in answer might have implied that he’d just won the lottery, rather than potentially secured a date with a woman who seems just as likely to devour him as to get on with him. Az just claps him on the shoulder in a universal gesture that implies he’s going to need a lot of luck to get through this, then shuffles back down into the storeroom, leaving Cassian standing at the till and grinning from ear to ear. 

Marvel Avengers Academy focused on 8 characters during their Winter Event. 50% of them were LGBT Status. 100% of them were ladies (if you consider that Loki, who is gender fluid and identified as a Lady during the end of the event)

  • Angela, Queen of Hel: Lesbian
  • America Chavez: Lesbian
  • Singularity: Agender
  • Lady Loki: Gender Fluid
  • Captain Marvel
  • Thor
  • She-Hulk
  • Sif

Hell to the yes and then some.


Hasbro released a bunch of promo images to go along with TF2017, some of the figures weren’t shown, but have promo images and I went from impressed to MIND BLOWN. They’re checked off SO many of my wants at Toy Fair this year. These are the promo images that really got me. Mary Jane Watson from an upcoming 2 Pack, Jane Foster Thor from the upcoming Thor wave, and a Toys R Us exclusive box best that contains some of my biggest wants in She Hulk, Lady Loki and Lady Sif. SIF!!!!

The 2017 Beauty and the Beast finally solved the biggest plot hole left by Disney in an animated movie of all time and I’m so relieved...

FINALLY we know how the beast got onto the fricken horse after that wolf fight, I’ve been here all these years thinking she just hulked out with some serious peasant-powers or something and heaved him up on her own and I’m so glad that’s been cleared up


For @isamaegreenleaf…reader is Bruce’s daughter as requested, enjoy! (Also, I feel as though Halsey’s “Control” would fit really well with Bruce.)

Y/N smiled to herself as she heard her dad’s voice over the car’s phone.

“And don’t forget…wait. Are you on your cell phone?” he asked realizing just how long he’s been on the phone, “I told you. Nev-”
“Never use my cell phone while driving. I know dad,” she cooed, “I’m using the wireless phone Uncle Tony put in my car.”
“Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.”

Y/N smirked to herself. It had been awhile since she had last seen her dad. For the most part, she stayed with her mother. Bruce didn’t want the chance for the Other Guy to hurt the two people he loved most. The only reason she was on her way now was because she finally convinced him she could take care of herself. Plus, it helped that Tony and Steve said they’d stay back. Not that she knew about Tony and Steve acting as security detail.

“I’m excited too,” she told him.
She could hear his smile. “I really think you’ll like it here.”
“That’s what I’m hoping,” she teased, “I should be just about there. I see the tower from he-”

Y/N was cut off as her car threw her forward. The sound of folding metal, breaking glass, and screeching tires filled Bruce’s phone. His smile was quickly replaced with worry and the worst kind of fear.

“Y/N?” he called frantically, “Y/N, please, answer me! Y/N? Y/N!”
“What’s wrong?” Tony asked.
“I…I don’t know,” Bruce stated, heart rate increasing, “She’s not responding.”
“JARVIS, I need a quick scan of all the police scanners in the area.”
“What am I looking for, sir?” the AI inquired.
“Anything relating to Y/N. She’s in her car; the one I put a cell phone in.”

Bruce began to pace back and forth. His breath was increasingly ragged. His chest heaved as his nerves, and others things, began to take over.

“This is why I told her not to come,” Bruce ranted, “I told her she’d get hurt. Why wouldn’t she listen to me?”
Tony stepped in. “Whoa, calm down Banner. JARVIS is working on it.”
“Calm down? She’s my daughter! I can’t calm down!”
“You’ll have to,” Tony shot back, “Otherwise your best pal is going to burst through you like bottle rocket.”
Bruce nodded. “I know.”

Despite being aware, Bruce couldn’t seem to calm down. The longer the AI took to respond was agonizing for the father. His mind raced a thousand different ways. He gripped at his hair to keep the Other Guy inside. He couldn’t afford to switch with his daughter’s life at stake.

Within an instant, Tony turned back around only to widen his eyes. He watched as Banner’s rage took over, ripping his clothes. Soon, the Hulk stood where Bruce had been. The green man glanced back at Tony before jumping out of the window.

As if on instinct, the Hulk landed, cracking the concrete, and headed in a direction. The Hulk hustled through the streets, cars swerving to avoid him. It wasn’t long until he came upon a crunched and flipped over car. A semi truck was bent behind it, a fire hydrant nearby having burst. The Hulk noticed the driver limping next to the truck. He looked at the mass of green in horror. The Hulk huffed at him, only focused on Y/N.

The Hulk ripped the car doors off and crouched low. He saw Y/N, unconscious, inside the car. Some blood was falling from her temple and into her hair. With a roar, the Hulk reached in and gently pulled her from the wreckage. Her limp body swung slightly as he did so.

Without warning, the Hulk burst from the car and headed back to Stark Tower. Y/N groaned quietly as she regained some consciousness. She lifted an eye to see the Hulk, her dad, carrying her to safety. She smiled softly while drifting back into unconsciousness. She just hoped she could remember to tell her father she wouldn’t be in danger with the Hulk. Even the Other Guy cared for her.

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Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat! AND MY ALL TIME FAVE MAIN SQUEEZE, She-Hulk!!! This series is gonna be good.

Anyhow, yesterday some water spilled on my tablet and this is all jittery. I probably have to replace it, line quality is shot. And I was starting to have so much fun with Sai! What a bummer. This could have turned out way nicer, but I lost my patience fighting with bad tech. Alas!

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My stony holiday exchange fic! Based on that backsmith outfit saga on AvAc, starring Sam, Nat, T’challa, and Loki :D

Word Count: ~2500
Warnings: None

Steve is not jealous, he’s curious.

It feels like a natural enough reaction to have upon spotting Tony Stark on the Avengers Academy quad, dressed in a pile of leather straps and little else like a…a—

Steve must look as curious as he feels because Tony lifts his chin proudly and exclaims, “I’m a blacksmith!”

And Steve, who by now is past curiosity and well into nosebleed territory at the sight of the outfit to properly think, replies with, “That was my second guess.”

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for @ilovebeingintroverted 

I hope you like this follow up to my first gajevy smutty story

Read more of my Gajevy at my Fan Fiction

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Levy had no idea why she had agreed.

Why, why, why, why, why had she thought it might be a good idea?

Levy rolled on her bed, with her face smushed into her pillow, kicking her legs. She was a ball of completely-freaking-out emotions.

Today, she was going to meet Gajeel.


Her sexting friend, Gajeel.

The guy who she accidentally messaged a revealing photo of herself to and then proceeded to flirt, play with herself and continue to sext for days on end.

Somehow in that time, they had become sort of friends. More than just sexters. So, obviously, the next step was meeting in person. Which apparently Gajeel had no problem with because it was his idea.

Levy groaned. She was so nervous. Her heart was beating so fast she felt like it was going to leap out of her mouth. She sat up and looked at the clock. It was 8:30 a.m. She had two hours to get ready and look good. She could do this. She could totally do this. She sat up, slapped herself lightly on her cheeks and tried to feel determined.

The problem, other than the overwhelming nerves wracking her body, was Levy had no idea what to wear.

She had been portraying herself as some kind of experienced or sexy woman. But she wasn’t. Levy had never even kissed a boy, despite what some of the text messages she’d sent might suggest. And she certainly didn’t think she was sexy. She was short, had basically no breasts, and looked more like a child than a seventeen year old girl.

She wanted to look good. But really, what Levy wanted, wasn’t to disappoint him. She clutched her fingers around her arm and stared at herself in the mirror. Would she be enough? Just her, the way she was. Would he hate it? Levy bit her lip.

After a moment, she took a deep breath. She would have to be enough. So she put on the dress that Lucy told her she looks beautiful in, an orange sun dress with off the shoulder sleeves. She slipped on some brown and white sandals, showing off her painted light pink toenails. Her hair she wore down with loose curls, and a white headband.

She dashed some mascara on her eyes, a little blush on her cheeks and some lip balm to soften her lips. She checked herself out in the mirror again. She smiled, and although it was fake, she kept smiling, trying to make it real. Her mother told her to fake it until she made it. So she was going to do that. She would be happy and confident on the outside, even if she was a total disaster on the inside.

Her phone buzzed. With trepidation, she looked at it, but breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn’t from Gajeel. It was from her friend Cana, the only person Levy had told about her texting escapades. Or more like, Cana had stolen her phone after getting suspicious and Levy had been forced to explain it.

Good luck today, Lev! Don’t worry, he’ll love you. And if he doesn’t, I’ll post his pictures all over the internet!

Levy smiled and sighed. She responded with a thank you, and then, it was time to go.

They had arranged to meet at the Founders Statue in Fairy Park. It was a pretty area and the sun was shining, so Levy was encouraged that it might be a good sign that the day was nice.

Levy arrived fifteen minutes before the time they had arranged. She stood beneath the statue, back straight, shoulders tense, lips biting and hands unsure of what to do. She shifted from foot to foot, her arms crossed and uncrossed. She had never felt so nervous before.

But she refused to look up. Levy stared at one spot on the pavement in front of her, terrified of making eye contact with anyone just in case the moment arrived and she was meeting eyes with Gajeel. That Gajeel. With the eight-pack. And pierced nipples. And large…

Levy felt her cheek heat up and burn. She covered her face with her hands and shook her head.

“What you doin’, Shrimp?”

Levy froze. It was him. Gajeel. His voice was breathtaking. Gravelly, deep, and sexy as hell. Exactly what she had been imagining. Her heart slammed against her chest. She didn’t remove her hands from her face, but she peaked through her fingertips at the shoes in front of her. Black combat boots. Tucked into black jeans. She kept her face covered as eyes eyes trailed up his body. Grey singlet. Very muscular arms on nice skin.

When Levy got to his face, her hands dropped.

“Gajeel,” she breathed.


Gajeel watched her as she put her hands to her face and started shaking her head. She really was a Shrimp. Just a tiny thing waiting for him. He suddenly felt big and awkward. Levy, that girl he had come to think of as his Shrimp, was actually here in front of him. His heart started pounding.

She was so pretty. Like a pixie. The dress she had on made her skin look milky and soft, her legs looked slender and her hair was pretty, back in a headband. He took a deep breath and looked down at himself. He felt so simple. Black and grey, big clunky boots. He looked like some kind of gangster compared to her good girl appearance.

He could leave now. He could just go. She hadn’t seen him, she wasn’t even looking. He could tell that she was nervous. He could just go and she’d never know. But then he would have to stop messaging her. Stop talking to her. Avoid her forever. And that was something that he just couldn’t bring himself to do. She was so… she was just so interesting. He wanted to know everything about her.

So he took those last few steps and stood in front of her.

“What ya doing, Shrimp?”

His throat felt dry, and he wanted to cough, to try and get the cobwebs out of it so he wouldn’t sound so stupid but he couldn’t. He stood and waited while she opened her eyes and peeked at him through those small, delicate hands. His heart thumped, she didn’t realise that she was being so cute it was almost unbearable. But he was terrified. He wanted her to like him, but he knew that he wasn’t like the people she’d known. Probably she was used to pretty rich boys. He wasn’t like that at all.

“Gajeel,” her voice was light, like a breath of fresh air and when she said his name without a hint of disgust, of anything but amazement, he felt like a weight lifted off his shoulders.

He started to feel hot, with her staring at him like that. Her hands had dropped from her face, revealing a perfectly beautiful girl with big, shining eyes and lips that made him want to kiss her immediately.

And then she held out her hand and her face looked funny in her embarrassment.

“Sorry - Levy. Shrimp. I’m so-, Sorry, I’m Levy, sorry,” she stammered and stuttered and her cheeks became pink. Gajeel stared at her hand in amusement before he took it.

He laughed. “Gihi, Shrimp. I know who you are.”

Levy’s face flooded with red and embarrassment. “O-of course you do,” she said.

Gajeel like the feeling of her hand in his.

“Ya know,” Gajeel looked down at her, grinning. He felt really happy. “You’re shorter in person than I thought you were. Definitely a shrimp.”

Levy pouted and Gajeel felt that familiar thumping in his chest.

“Well, it’s not my fault you’re like some hulking giant,” she said, sounding like a little girl.  

Gajeel laughed and he saw that Levy was smiling. A glint on the ground caught his eye, and after a moment he realised that there was a small camera aiming straight up Levy’s dress. Gajeel was almost surprised at how quickly the anger and rage welled in him. He knew Levy was saying something, but he couldn’t hear her. Some pervert was trying to upskirt his girl.

He stepped around the confused Levy and slammed his foot to the ground, feeling the camera crushing beneath his boots. He heard the shriek of the perve and reached around the statue, grabbing the man at his collar and lifting him, straining his body so he could look this disgusting guy in the eyes and punch his lights out.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Gajeel asked, trying and failing to keep his emotions in check. “You some kind of a pervert?”

The man looked like he was going to piss himself. Gavel was disgusted at his pathetic whimpering, “No, no, please I - ”

“Don’t lie to me,” Gajeel narrow his gaze, intimidating him. “Were you taking photos up her dress?”

Sweating and afraid, the man nodded and the anger that coursed through Gajeel needed to come out with a heavy punch to the perverts face.

“Wait, Gajeel.”

Levy’s voice brought him out of his trance of anger. Gajeel looked at her in surprise.

“Let me talk to him.”

Gajeel, confused, but not daring to disobey the suddenly very determined Shrimp, shrugged, trying to contain himself and roughly shoved the man back against the statue, not letting him get away.

“He’s a pervert,” Gajeel growled, trying to figure out what the hell Levy was doing.

Levy nodded, “I know.”

Gajeel watched as her facial expression changed from angry to a strange and frightening calm as she walked towards them. Her eyes were locked on the perve in his grip. She walked to him, clenched her fist and tensed her body and then Gajeel watched in amazement as his little Shrimp threw her entire body into the punch that broke the man’s nose.

He let him go, and the pervert fell to the ground, screeching and clutching his nose. But Levy wasn’t done. Gajeel watched with wide eyes as the calm exterior turned into a rage.

“The only person who gets pictures of me is him,” Levy’s voice was lower and more threatening than Gajeel had imagined it could be. But what really got him is what she said. That he was the only one. It made him feel strangely proud, and like he’d won something. That feeling of complete and total success and relief.

“You perverted old man.”

She sounded so disgusted that Gajeel, all his anger forgotten in his awe at this tiny girl, had to hold back a laugh. She seemed to have forgotten that he was there at all. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and called the police, while she retrieved the memory card from the camera he had crushed. Once she hung up, she turned around and Gajeel was just staring at her.

He couldn’t help but think that the accidental photo she had sent time was something like fate. She was amazing. She was just everything.

Her face turned red again and Gajeel grinned.

“So I’m the only one that gets photos, yeah?” He asked.

Levy’s face turned a deeper shade of red.

“That’s - I mean,” she bit her lip and Gajeel held back from taking her and kissing her then. “Yes,” she said quietly, shyly, in a way that made Gajeel almost tremble.

Gajeel leaned against the statue and looked at her.

“Ya know, Shrimp,” he said. “I reckon we’re gonna have a real good time together.”

Levy looked back at him, her eyes were shining, but they were filling with tears. Gajeel frowned and walked over to her. She looked down at her hand.

“I think I broke it.”

I hope you enjoy this :) 


I don’t know what kind of supplements they have in brazil, but damn I wish I could put my lady on some, this she-hulk is simply dazzling and intimidating, I’m awed by this woman

considering my blog is at least to some degree about comics i probably have some followers who read marvel regularly

do any of you have recommendations for good runs/serieses of marvel comics

(marvel i have read: some spiderman including superior spiderman, lotta she-hulk, jaime reyes first run of blue beetle, kamala khan’s first run as ms marvel, all of rom spaceknight, most of original howard the duck, fair amount of X-23 comics, spidergirl, some black panther)