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Go for the thing you actually want to do.  

Many students, teachers and family told me studying 2D animation in school from 2009- 2013 was foolish because there were already no more 2D animation jobs, and that I should study 3D animation. But I hate rigorous, technical work, I honestly hate computers all together. I’m not built for that kind of thinking, and I’m not interested in it. I was and am far more interested in drawing and film making than mastering technology. I’m almost four years out of school now, and have now had far better career opportunities than many of my 3D classmates because I am passionate about what I do.

My senior year of college,  I narrowed the parts of the animation process that I am most interested in to writing and storyboarding. But, I was afraid to pursue those jobs because I knew from interning in studios that they were highly coveted positions. So, I went for cleanup and animation jobs, hoping to work my way up. I even got lucky and landed character design work down the line, though I’m not particularly interested in design. It was only when i started taking storyboarding classes, making storyboards in my spare time, pursuing storyboarding jobs, calling myself a storyboard artist, that those opportunities started to become available to me. And it turns out, I’m far better at storyboarding than I was at those other positions, because it’s the thing I enjoy the most. This is not to say “don’t take that cleanup job that pays the bills.” Take that job, and do online storyboarding classes at night, and read storyboarding blogs on your lunch break, make storyboard samples and comics in your free time on nights and weekends… Then, ask for storyboard tests, and test and test and test. It might take a while, no worries. Go ahead and put ‘storyboard artist’ on your website in the meantime instead of ‘illustrator’ or 'cleanup’ or whatever your more accurate fallback job is.

Don’t work in a studio in your fallback job and wait for someone to give you the opportunity. You might think because you are hard working at your compromise job, the management will reward loyalty with the job you politely asked for, or maybe were even too polite to actually ask for. They won’t give you that job. They probably won’t even help you get that job. So test within that studio if they’ll let you, and apply other places in the meantime while you keep paying the bills with that job.

There’s no excuse to me. Even people who want to direct can direct their own animated shorts in their spare time and build up a commercial directing portfolio from those shorts. You can do the same thing making crappy live action films with borrowed equipment in your spare time. It’s costly and time consuming, but you can throw your musician friend a couple bucks for the score, get a compositor buddy to throw effects on your short in exchange for some animation she needs, and buy a bunch of friends pizza to help you clean up scenes or hold lights or whatever. I’ve done it before.

I used storyboards as an example above, (read blogs during lunch, etc.) but apply that same tenacity towards whatever you want to do: vis dev, character design, comic penciler, stop motion fabricator, 3D modeler, whatever. I want to be a writer now, that’s the next hurdle for me. I’ve written two pilots and I’m taking it seriously, going to writing events, talking to people, refining my work and writing new material, and generally conducting myself as a writer. I have no idea how long, or even if this will take, but I’m pursuing it like it’s real because I enjoy writing, so I think I’d be good at it. Please don’t be one of these people that talks about all the stuff you’re “working on”, when you are really just thinking about working on that stuff. Too many of those in the world, please just go and get things done. “There are those who write, and those who talk about writing.” An adage I like. Apply it to whatever you like “There are those who design characters, and those who talk about designing characters…”

So please, everyone, go for what you want, don’t stop short now. You’ll be a lot better at your job when you’re doing the thing you like.

5 a.m. [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Inspired by the one time me and some friends went to McDonald’s at 5 a.m. The reader, craving junk food, drags a sleepy Lin out of bed, way too early in the morning. The breakfast menu isn’t up yet. Chaos and shenanigans ensue.

Word counter: 4,474

Warnings: None, just a really sleepy and grumpy Lin. 

Authors Notes: @sunshinemiranda - i cannot believe i got to the chance to collab with ren again??? you guys, this honestly all stemmed from this really cute story she told me and then me (being pushy and annoying as per usual) needed to get in and then this came into being!! we got so attached, we made headcanons for this, unbelievable. i still want to make a prequel. enjoy.

@alexanderhamllton - i got to collab with my girl again, can you guys BELIEVE??? I am so happy with how this turned out, we made a whole lot of headcanons (hence the mixtapes) and we really hope you guys like it! If you want more from this universe PLEASE let us know, because we would love to wirte that! 

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Lin wasn’t expecting his phone to ring at 5 in the morning. He wasn’t expecting anything but a solid sleep that he desperately needed after too many late nights full of work. Funny thing was, life had a screwed up talent at ruining expectations.

His phone lit up in the dark, vibrating against the wooden bedside table with a vicious energy. With a groan, he stabbed a button blindly and brought it to his ear without even bothering to emit a greeting. It was too early for that.

“Lin. Listen, it’s 5 am. You wanna go to McDonald’s with me?”

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Guys, I’m really sorry, I know some of you thought I could make an Apritello flag for Apritello Week, but… well, Mikey kinda beat me to it. And frankly, I don’t think I could top it.


A whole week of Apritello fan art, fiction, or whatever! It’s your choice if you want to post stuff or just enjoy and reblog the art of others. 

Be like Mikey! Paint Tumblr purple and yellow!


September 23-29, in honor of the show’s premiere back in 2012, and thus the day Donnie and April first met. Looks like it’s going to coincide with the show’s end as well… *wistful sigh*


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And very importantly, please tag your NSFW content appropriately^^


You’re free to draw or write whatever you like, but if you’d like some inspiration, here are some prompts!

***These are the themes I’m going to use day by day (probably), borrowing from others’ ideas and adding some of my own. You are all free to use them as well! :D

  1. Purple and Yellow
  2. Salt and Pepper: battle couple
  3. Chemistry
  4. Protect your loved one
  5. Glucose overdose (bring on the cheese)
  6. Crossover
  7. Anatomy lesson

***Other themes people suggested (and that I might use as well…)

  • First date
  • Alternate Universe
  • Hurt
  • Memories (About how they become a couple sept by sept)
  • Goofing around (Dorks being dorks) 
  • Happily ever after 

The only rule:

Be respectful! That includes other ships as well. Spread the love!

And signal boost this so other fans can see! :D Thanks peeps!

Rating: PG

When we were younger, Luke and I would hide from our parents in the tree house that was in my backyard.

We would sneak off after filling our plates with food climb up the wooden ladder to the top. We would always get in trouble because we knew we had to eat at the table. That would result in luke getting sent home but we would do it again the next day.

That was also the same tree house luke fell out of when we were 8 while racing to the top. I was the first person to sign his cast when he got home from the hospital.

Luke and I have been best friends practically since birth. It was weird being grown up and living on our own. Luke was going to a university close to his apartment while I just finished my program for the art.

Calum, Ashton and Michael who Luke and I met in secondary school were another one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. They knew how to have a good time, we were constantly getting into trouble. It was the kind of trouble that made you feel like you were really living.

None that really got us in trouble. Except for the time we all snuck into the aquarium and quickly set off the alarm. Michael took the fall for that one, he got arrested while all of us had already ran blocks away.

“Hello?” Someone waves their hand in front of my face.

I snaps me out of my thoughts and back into reality, which was Ashton’s basement with the boys.

And Arzaylea. Who was standing in front of me.

“Do you have any mascara with you?” She asks me.

I can hear Michael chuckle and I look at the other boys.

“No. Sorry.” I say shortly.

I wasn’t the type of girl who wore make up. I could never get it right and I just didn’t see the need for it. It’s not like I didn’t keep up on my looks. I plucked my eyebrows obsessively and always make sure to do my hair but that’s about as much effort as you’re getting from me.

She clicks her tongue, frowning slightly before take a seat next to Luke. They have been dating for almost two months now. We were friendly with each other because she is dating my best friend and Luke wouldn’t let her be any other way. But her and I have never really connected.

I slightly feel like it’s that was with all the boys as well but Luke. If Luke ever leaves the room, even for just a second it’s very awkward when she is in here.

“Can I borrow some lipstick.” Calum leans over to me, using his high pitched voice to mock Arzaylea.

I laugh quietly before smack his arm. Michael and Ashton are playing FIFA while calum and I make conversation trying not to pay much attention to Arzaylea and Luke who are bickering about going out to dinner tonight.

“I’ve got a big test tomorrow. I can’t be out late tonight.” Luke says annoyed.

“Yeah, why would I even think we would do something nice like that. Whenever we hang out it’s always with your friends. When are we going to have spend some time together. You know? As a couple!?” She says back to him.

I can’t help myself from listening in to their conversation. Luke and I never really talk about her. They haven’t been really getting along lately but none of us really mind because she isn’t the best to be around.

“We will. Just not tomorrow.” Luke looks like he’s paying more attention to the game then her which would make me upset too.

“Whatever. I’m going home.” She gets up and Luke sighs. He looks like he’s about to stop her but we make eye contact and I shake my head. “Bye guys.” She says to all of us before walking upstairs.

“God Luke! I just feel like, you don’t even like me anymore!” Calum uses the same voice to mock her again.

Saying it just loud enough so I can hear. I try to stifle my laugh but like notices and glances at me. My face turns red as he raises his eyebrows in confusion and I shrug.

The boys and I hang out until it gets dark. Calum and Michael end up staying the night while Luke and I head home. I offer to give him a ride back and he gratefully accept.

“So you’re coming to my first art Debut right?” I ask him as I drive the winds back to his apartment.

“Of course.” He smiles at me. His blue eyes taking my mind off the road until I feel the shaking of the divider under my wheels. I redirect my car back into my lane and he laughs.

I apologize embarrassed but he just blows it off. We learned to drive together, I think we have both seen the most embarrassing moments we’ve had.

A few short minutes later I pull up to his green apartment building that catty corners an old market we use to spend all of our money on candy at.

“Do you have time to come in?” He asks and I look at the time. It’s not even dinner time yet and I love spending time with Luke.

Lately we haven’t really gotten best friend time because of the other boys and Arzaylea. I nod and pull into a parking spot.

His apartment is just as I remember it. The living room and kitchen were very neat, almost untouched. As soon as you stepped foot in his bedroom it’s like a bomb had gone off, dishes and clothes everywhere.

I smile and pick up a picture of us from graduation. His arm is hooked over my shoulder and our smiles are real. His blond hair is peaking out from his cap while I complained that day about how I looked bald. He has just gotten his lip pierced and loved how it looked.

We went together to the shop, I got my nose pierced while he got his lip.

Things seemed the same but they were also much different. Luke changed a lot after he met Arzaylea, he took out his lip piercing and was a lot quieter. I almost feel like he is unhappy but then I’ll see him and her together and he will look like he is enjoying himself.

I set the frame down and Luke shoves a controller in my hand. I smile at him, “Why even try Hemmings? I kick your butt every time.” I smile before jumping on the couch and taking a seat. He puts in the FIFA soccer game that he can never quite seem to beat me at.

“Let’s just say I’ve got a good feeling about this.” He sits next to me.

After while of playing I have to stand to me feet because the restriction of standing is too much with the pressure.

“No. No!” I yell as he gets a penalty shoot-out which will win him the game. He makes it and jumps up in joy, I fall to my knees.

He laughs while standing over me, I glare at him playfully before trying to kick him. He grabs my foot and I try to wiggle it free. He just watched in amusement as I flop like a fish out of water.

I finally give up, my hair sprawled all over my face. He still holds onto my leg, a last attempt to make sure I don’t kick him. I just lay there, attempting to smooth out my unruly hair.

I start to feel a bit uncomfortable when Luke’s eyes are locked on me. He seemed to be in his own little world but his gaze was fixed on me.

I wiggle my leg, “Can I have this back?” I smile.

He seems to return to present day before letting go of my leg.

“For now.” He smiles, almost flirting with me.

I shake that idea out of my head. He doesn’t see me that way. He told me he really likes Arzaylea. We haven’t talked about her in a couple weeks but he sees me as his best friend. Nothing more.

I wish I could say the same. Since grade 10 I started thinking Luke was attractive. We were each other’s first kiss in grade 6 but that was just to get it over with.

I started really liking him the grade we graduated. I started seeing qualities in him that I wanted in a boyfriend.

He met Arzaylea a couple months after graduation and by the way he looked at her I knew. It got even worse, seeing how good of a boyfriend he could be broke my heart.

So I let it go. Tried to just see him as a friend and not make it obvious. I guess I wasn’t doing as good of a job as I thought be the other boys found out soon after.

He kicks me lightly, still leaning over me. “Get up before I spit on you.” He jokes.

Spit dangles from his mouth and I open my mouth jokingly.

He starts laughing and I move out of the way just on time. The spit hits the floor and i quickly stand to my feet.

“Lucas!” I gasp at how close he actually was to spitting on me.

He doubles over in laughter. His hair, that has gotten quite a bit longer, falls into his eyes. I smile, his laughter is very contagious. I start laughing as well.

“What’s so funny?” I question even my own laughter.

He looks over at me, taking a deep breath of air in before laughing again.

It’s impossible not to laugh with him.

I push him over and he lands on the couch. Soon enough he pulls himself together, swiping a tear away from the corner of his eye.

“Come on. You know my spit has been in your mouth before.” He chuckles again.

“Not on purpose. You do have a habit of spitting when you talk though.” I cross my arms.

“Oh yeah. What about grade 6?” He brings up our first kiss.

I scoff, “Please. That barely counted, it was closed mouthed and lasted like half a second.” I try to play off how much that actually meant to me.

Luke and I kissed, he wanted to kiss me.

He shrugs and stands to his feet, yawning.

“You’ve got a test tomorrow. I’ll let you study and get some good sleep.” I start gathering up my things.

“Agh, I don’t want to study. I want to hang out with you.” His whining makes me smile.

I know I mean a lot to him but I worried when Arzaylea come into his life that another girl would be put in front of me. It sounds selfish but it’s really relieving to know he didn’t want to go out to dinner with his girlfriend but wants me to stay and hang out.

“Goodbye, Luke. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I smile, putting my hand on his shoulder before exiting his apartment. The air outside is cool but it’s light and easy to breathe.

I walk out to my car and glance back up to his apartment while unlocking the door. He is standing in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe.

His eyes are watching me from across the parking lot. He smiles widely and waves at me. I start my car and wave at him while driving away.


More College AU Headcanons

-Taako sings 24/sev but canNOT hold a tune to save his life.
-Noelle: “Y'all’d’ve”
-Lup has lots of small tattoos, some of them stick n pokes, but Taako is like “This body is my fucking temple okay? I’m not inkin’ this masterpiece.”
-When Taako is too tired to get ready but has to run errands/go to class, he goes full Celeb-Hiding-from-Papparazzi. Huge ass sunglasses, big shawl, and an enormous hat.
-Kravitz is perpetually overdressed but makes it work, secretly runs a fashion blog that’s like health goth-meets-business casual under the name Modern Mortician.
-Magnus works on his friends’ cars, and always tells them they can “repay him later”, usually Taako’s because…
-Taako drives an absolute junker of a car, but it’s got a ludicrous paint job and about twenty trinkets hanging from the rear view mirror.
-Lup is the Queen of Bumper Stickers and also jacket pins.
-The way that you know you’re officially Lup’s friend is she has somehow managed to permanently “”“borrow”“” one item of your clothing. She has a tie-dye shirt from Merle, a pair of Magnus’ basketball shorts, and one of Killian’s flannels. One Saturday she wears them all together.
-Carey helps Angus make friendship bracelets for everyone.
-Lucretia secretly has the voice of an angel, which is revealed at a post-exam karaoke night that has resulted in some truly amazing blackmail footage.
-Killian is a Birkenstock Lesbian.

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what would kakashi, kiba, and itachi be like as best friends with a female shinobi? thanks :)

No problemo, hope these are okay! Thanks for Requesting!

HC’s on Kakashi, Kiba, and Itachi Being Friends with a Female Shinobi 


Originally posted by hichamkiy

  • Kakashi is the greatest Best Friend ever tbh.
  • He and his bestie are going to always request to be on the same team for missions. This is because they work well together and would feel better in each others company versus being with some random stick in the mud jounin. God help anyone else who’s on their mission because they will have to endure hours of non-stop conversations. Kakashi turns into a Chatty Cathy when he’s with his best friend, it doesn’t even matter if they talk on a frequent basis, he cannot shut-up.
  • I feel as though that one of the requirements to be Kakashi’s bestie (regardless of gender) is to be a book worm. He enjoys breaking any and all books down with people and really likes to hear their opinions. And his bestie is also required to have read the Make-Out Paradise series, even if it’s for the soul purpose of laughing at the cheesiness, she needs to have read it. I can kind of imagine the two getting into an argument because his gal pal is going to find it “sexist” and that “women are not always thinking of sex.” But Kakashi would come back with, “Regardless, it is still good writing.”
    • This will lead to very casual talks about their sex lives, they know porn preferences, kinks, who they’ve done it with, where they have done it, they know it all about each other. 
  • His Ninken LOVE her, they like her over Kakashi. She smells better, her skin is softer, and she carries treats with her. It almost makes Kakashi sad, but if his ninken are going to like anyone over him, he’s glad it is her. And she would be the only one he lends his ninken to. 
  • His friend will always be there for him while he competes with Guy. She has the job of timing things, calling out who won, and sometimes picking the challenge.
  • Kakashi is going to be the big brother to his girl best friend. Did some scum bag just catcall her? Not on his watch, he does not care if she can hold her own and could easily kill the person, he is going to step in. Is she going on a date? He will interrogate the person and make sure they are good enough for her and he will definitely send Pakkun to follow her. 
  • When she comes back wounded from a mission he is the first one to visit her in the hospital. He brings her flowers, her favorite candy, and some reading material. He then scolds her for how stupid she was being on the mission and tells her to be more careful next time. 
  • She is the first one to see him without his mask and borrows his mask from time to time for giggles.


Originally posted by prism17

  • Kiba and his female best friend are going to be the most competitive people you will ever meet. Morning, noon, and night, they will compete doing whatever one of them suggests. They are like the teenage versions of Kakashi and Guy. Watching the two of them compete is almost unbearable but once someone points out that they are like a married couple all is well. Here is an actual conversation:
    • “I don’t care if you are a girl, I’ll still kick your ass!”
    • “i DoN’t CaRe If YoU aRe A gIrL, i’Ll StILl KiCk YoUr AsS!”
  • The two of them like going on missions together, they can tolerate each other and always have the best of times. However, they will carry over some bickering, so other members on the mission better buckle up because they are in for a bumpy ride. The two often critique each other on missions, often saying “this jutsu would have been better” or “you executed that poorly.” But they do this because they care for each other and not only want the other to be safe but to succeed as a ninja too. 
  • He does have a habit of flirting with her, and she flirts right back. You would think they were in a relationship and don’t be surprised if he ends up dating his girl best friend.
  • The two of them bond over joking, but the one joke that makes Kiba laugh but his gal pal let out a deep sigh is the “that’s what she said” joke. Every time he says that, she punches him on the head.
  • Kiba’s mother sees his gal pal as a second daughter and will frequently comment about how she prefers her over Kiba. This drives Kiba up a wall and will usually trigger more bickering. Kiba’s sister adores his best friend and typically has pleasant conversations with her. And you can bet that they are shit-talking Kiba during exchanges. I can picture Kiba’s best friend going over to his house quite often, either to hang out, have dinner, or to simply crash there. 
  • Akamaru LOVES Kiba’s bestie and will always be there to either comfort her or protect her. She is also one of the few people Akamaru will let hold him (pre-shippuden) and ride him (post-shippuden).
  • Kiba’s best friend acts like she has superior fashion knowledge over him and always drags him for wearing a hoodie. It’s one of their many, many inside jokes.
  • The two of them often go to each other for dating advice. Kiba asks what girls like, his bestie asks what guys like. And in the event that the other person gets an s/o, older sibling instincts kick in. Kiba will keep an eye on his friends new s/o, and if he even catches a whiff of something fishy he’ll beat the crap out of them - no question. Same thing with his friend, if she does not like Kiba’s new s/o, she will shut that shit down.
  • In the event that his friend gets hurt he will be the first one to arrive to the hospital, but not with flowers, he’ll leave that job to Hinata. He will greet his friend with a smartass remark like, “Nice going dumbass.” But will then press them for details because he really is concerned. 


Originally posted by objto

  • Congratulations to the person who was able to become his best friend after Shisui
  • Itachi sees his best friend as the little sister he never had, the two have THAT kind of relationship. He will spend his days teaching her all of his techniques (or what he can without the use of a sharingan) and hope that that is enough for them. He does not care if she’s a fellow akatsuki member, he’s going to teach her all that he has. He is definitely the most protective out of the three men listed.
  • Itachi is very talkative to his best friend, but only when they are in private. He spills all his darkest secrets to her because he knows that she will understand him and honestly that is so refreshing to him. So yes, she does know about why he slaughtered his clan and knows about Sasuke. Which by the way, is another thing he likes to talk to her about. 
  • He likes Kisame for missions but would not necessarily mind if she tagged along. It’s nothing against her, it’s just work and when there is work friendships are pushed aside. Although he does enjoy hearing Kisame and his best friend argue, it makes for high quality entertainment. 
  • Whenever Itachi comes back from a long meeting, his friend will take him out for tea and discuss what happened on the mission over that.
  • I could definitely see Itachi being the type of guy who fakes being his best friends boyfriend in awkward situations. If they’re at a bar and some asshole tries flirting with her he will throw and arm around her shoulder and glare the man down. 
  • These two are the king and queen of two a.m. talks. They will stay up for hours talking about life’s greatest questions, political opinions, etc. They also know each others ideal types for BOTH genders, what job they would want, how many kids, what kind of house, they know EVERYTHING about each other. 
  • The two of them automatically become the rivaling parents against Pein and Konan. 
  • If his best friend gets wounded on a mission he will personally help treat their wounds while scolding them about “being responsible.” But on the other side of the spectrum she scolds him about over using his eyes.
    • I can also see her teasing him by holding up a number on her hand and asking him what it is. 
      • “Well?”
      • “Four. It’s fucking four. I am not THAT blind.”

How we met Floriana Lima

So I’m going to skip the unsuccessful Saturday, where we were waiting for her outside the hotel for like only 3 hours or so :D Sunday was way better ;)
We camped outside from like 11 am, knowing that “you-know-who” :D has red carpet and some program at 2pm. So we were hoping she will go out with him. So we were waiting, but they didn’t came out :( We found out on the internet he is already at his program, but Flo was not on the pictures with him. I tried twitter, hoping for anything to give us hope she’s even inside and I found her instagram story she uploaded around 1:30pm. Her instagram story was a video of her room view and she even recorded us standing down there :D So we knew she is in the hotel and we also knew which window was hers!! :D
This put new energy inside of us and we decided to just stay there and hope for the best, “you-know-who” had another program at 4:30pm so we hoped she would come out then :D
After another 2 hours of waiting, we came up with a lot of theories how we could catch her attention (beside tagging her on twitter and instagram that we already tried) - like train a pigeon to flew with a note up to her open window, borrow a drone with a written message or even shouting her name from top of our lungs :D. Shortly after 4pm we decided to wait another 30 minutes until the mentioned program started and then we were going to give up. We were sad and totally sure it wont work out.
And then I saw her. She came out from the hotel, and was waiting for her car to pull over. Luckily while I was barely able to breath my friends who were with me shouted her name and she just looked surprised at first that she has some fans waiting for her there. She had sunglasses on which she immediately put down which was nice, cos we were able to see her in the eye :)

She came to us smiling, autographing our prepared Maggie photos. I vaguely remember her doing something like “aww” what she saw we have Maggie’s photos. She signed and took pictures with us, smiling her dimples off. She looked genuinely happy she has fans there, she was very nice and I really wish i could remember this whole meeting better :D.
She signed photo of Sanvers, where she drew a little heart over Alex (of course she did ❤), and she commented on the bts photo from shooting the 221 with the shotgun “that was an amazing day” :).
When her car was waiting for her for a while already, she finished all the signing and selfie-ing with us and she had to go :( But when the car was leaving, she pulled down her window, waved and us and thanked us for coming ❤❤❤
I’m more than sure I don’t remember like half of things that happened, but i think you can understand that :D

I would love to thank all of you guys, who were rooting for me, this was a dream come true for me and I’m so happy right now. Thank you for all your kind words!
And the biggest thanks from them all goes to @raven618 and @reginaisthegoodone for taking all those photos of me and Flo and especially for those amazing 3+6 hours of standing in one place and still having fun doing so :D ;)

And to answer all of your questions… :D She is smol, but not so much as I participated :D I don’t know if she smells good, cos since we haven’t hugged it would be weird for me to try and smell her :D Her voice is even more sexy and hot than in the TV and her head pressed against mine in our photo? That was all her ❤

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Prompt: Inspired by the song "nights with you" by Mø

Sorry this has taken so long anon! This right here is my oldest prompt (and probably my first) and from the moment it was requested I’ve had the song in my head and been toying with how to write a Bechloe one-shot for it.. so.. um.. here we go..

Beca Mitchell tapped loudly on the apartment door and waited patiently, a pack of beers in her hand. The kind of beers she liked and the kind of beers she knew were the only beers Chloe drank.

Tonight was Chloe’s annual ‘Bellas Get Together’. The fourth one in a row since graduating from Barden four years ago. They were always held with great intentions of going out to a nightclub after ‘pre-drinks’ but the Bellas always ended up staying at the apartment, drinking and dancing and partying until morning.

The door swung open and Beca grinned as she saw that beaming smile and bright blue eyes that she’d missed so much, “Beca!! You made it!” Chloe exclaimed, flinging her arms around her and squeezing her tight. Beca found herself chuckling at her friend’s reaction. Alright so she’d flown all the way from LA for this. And yes she’d missed the previous two annual Bellas Get Togethers. And yes Chloe had always had a tendency to get crazy excited whenever she saw any Bella. But she couldn’t remember Chloe being this excitable…

“Already started drinking there Chlo?” Beca asked with an amused grin and the redhead pulled out of the hug, bringing her index finger up and bopping Beca lightly on the tip of her nose.

“Nope!” Chloe said sweetly, her smile still beaming and she turned on the spot then dragged Beca into the apartment. She always had been a weirdo. To the point where it was difficult to gauge whether the redhead HAD started drinking.

Beca glanced around the apartment, impressed with how Chloe was doing. Or rather, impressed with the kind of apartment her parents had hooked her up with here in Atlanta. It was all open-plan save for two doors towards the back which Beca presumed led to a bathroom, and one to a bedroom. There was music playing in the background from a set of Bluetooth speakers.

Beca placed the beers she’d brought on the kitchen counter and smiled softly at her friend who was on her tip-toes, trying to reach the highest shelf for some plastic cups. The brunette tried her hardest not to check Chloe out, but her eyes did glaze down her figure, from her long red hair down to her slender toned legs.

Beca found herself swallowing loudly. This was another reason why she’d been a little reluctant to attend any previous Bellas Get Togethers. Because since the end of their senior year Beca had developed this massive crush on Chloe. And she’d never found the confidence to ever tell her. Not then. And sure as hell not now.

“You know I’m good drinking from the bottle..” Beca said with a smile and Chloe blushed slightly as she brought the cups down. Actually blushed! And Beca couldn’t quite work out why. It was just her. Just Beca.

“Oh…I just figured now you’re this big hot-shot DJ you drank beer from a vessel…” Chloe said with a grin, holding a yellow 'Barden’ cup up but Beca shook her head.

“Nah. Same old Beca. Still drink from the bottle!” Beca said as she pulled out a beer, twisting the top off and swigging back some of the liquid. She paused then motioned to the cup in her friend’s hand “Besides, if I remember rightly that’s your cup.”

Beca watched as her friend looked down at the plastic yellow cup, her beaming smile now softening, “Well you borrowed it from time to time?”

Once. Beca had borrowed it once. Back in her freshman year when she’d had to audition for the Barden Bellas. She hadn’t even known it was Chloe’s.

Beca rolled her eyes and handed the redhead a bottle of beer. Chloe’s eyes widened, “Ooh my favourite!” she said with a broad grin, stepping forward and taking the bottle from her friend, pouring the contents into her yellow plastic cup. The two stood side-by-side, their backs leant against the kitchen worktop, looking at the rest of the apartment before them.

“So Aubrey got here an hour ago but went out for more alcohol so she’ll be back soon. Fat Amy texted me to say she’ll be late - of course, she’s never been on time…” Chloe began gushing, waving her hands animatedly. Beca just stood in silence, watching her with a soft smile on her face, “Flo’s getting seven buses here - how crazy is that! Emily’s meeting her on the last one from the inner-city. Stacie’s god knows where. Aubrey said if she happened to bump into her while she’s out then she’ll bring her back with her. Cynthia-Rose isn’t able to make it until later. That’s when her flight gets in. And Jessica and Ashley are…wh…what?”

Chloe hesitated and Beca jumped as she realised she’d been staring at the redhead. There had always been something so captivating about her and Beca hadn’t realised how much she’d missed her.

Beca cleared her throat, “Uh…nothing…I was just listening.” she said with a shrug and took another swig of beer.

Chloe’s smile grew and she nudged the brunette with her elbow, “You wouldn’t be crushing on me right now Mitchell..?”

“Ha! You wish…” Beca said, nudging her friend back, and taking a long swig of beer.

She furrowed her brow momentarily as she heard Chloe mutter “Mmm I do…” but she chose not to look at the redhead and instead looked down at the beer bottle in her hand. They’d both been single for a couple of years now. She’d never put Chloe down as crushing on her though. That’s why she hadn’t ever dared brooch the subject with her friend before. But that comment got Beca thinking…

“Oh my God I LOVE this song!!” Chloe cried out in excitement, dashing over to the Bluetooth speakers and raising the volume. Beca swallowed loudly and looked over at Chloe sharply. Chloe, who had been swaying and singing to the opening of the song, stopped abruptly, “What?” She asked curiously, but Beca was stunned.

“How do you know this song??” Beca asked.

“It came up on my 'Discover Weekly’ playlist a couple of weeks back. How do YOU know this song?” Chloe asked with a smile on her face, clearly thrilled someone else knew 'Nights With You’ by 'MØ’ other than her.

“I wrote it!” Beca blurted out. She was in shock. She never imagined she’d be in the same room as the girl she’d written this song for. God it had been, what, two years since she wrote it? She’d sold it to Kaz to use in this song when MØ had recorded it at the beginning of the year. Her only stipulation had been that she got to produce it. So she had. This was Beca’s song to Chloe. She just never planned on telling her…

“Oh my god!!! You WROTE this?!” Chloe squealed, and Beca found her face scrunching up slightly at the volume of her friend’s voice, “Beca this song is AMAZING!!”

The redhead proceeded to sing along to the chorus, completely unaware that Beca had written those lyrics as a secret message to Chloe. A message she hadn’t wanted Chloe to really know was from her, and Beca wondered just how in-tune Chloe was with very subtle hints,

“I just wanna spend the nights with you.
Do it like your mother said not to do.
Every time I hear the phone ring, I feel the same thing, I feel the same thing.
I just wanna spend the nights with you.
With you. With you. With you.” Chloe sang over the song, dancing as she looked at Beca with a huge grin on her face.

Chloe made her way over Beca and sighed, “Ugh this song is the BEST! It’s exactly everything I’d wanted to say to you back in college!” Chloe said with a giggle and took a slurp of beer from her yellow plastic cup. But Beca had frozen. Chloe’s words were now rolling around in Beca’s head as the lyrics to the song she’d written began ringing home:

“I’ll take you out tonight.
Throw away your phone.
Don’t care about your boyfriend waking up alone.”

Back in college she’d always felt awkward being around her boyfriend when Chloe had been in the same room as them. Back then she couldn’t work out why, but now it suddenly made sense. Chloe had been jealous of Jesse!

When Beca had been writing these lyrics she’d been referring to Chloe’s boyfriend at the time. The guy she’d stayed in Atlanta for post-graduation. He’d been a total jerk and Beca had hated him. This is why she’d written this song. As a way of telling Chloe that she’d treat her so much better if they were together. That she wanted to spend all her nights with her. And all her days for that matter.

“I wrote this song for you, you know…” Beca found herself saying and Chloe stopped singing mid-verse, turning to look at the brunette, swallowing loudly. Beca’s breathing increased as she stared into Chloe’s bright blue eyes. God she loved her. Loved her so damn much.

Chloe broke the eye contact, dashing over to her phone which was by the stove. “Wha-?” Beca began but Chloe held a finger away from her cup as if to get her to wait a minute, and the song started playing from the beginning again. Then the two stood in silence, mere inches from one another, face to face, but listening to the lyrics as they stared into each other’s eyes.

“Girl, you’re gorgeous
Even though you might not always feel like it, but you are
And you’re worth it
I assure you I will dye my hair in crazy colors
Just to make you smile

I’ll take you out tonight
Throw away your phone
Don’t care about your boyfriend waking up alone
I’ll take you out tonight
Leave it all at home
Don’t care about your boyfriend waking up alone

Whoa, oh, oh
I just wanna spend the nights with you
Do it like your mother said not to do
Every time I hear the phone ring
I feel the same thing, I feel the same thing
I just wanna spend the nights with you
With you
With you
With you”

Beca’s breath hitched in her throat as she saw a smile grow on Chloe’s face. The redhead placed her yellow cup down on the kitchen surface then brought her hands over to Beca’s hips. She smoothed her palms from Beca’s hips around to the small of her back and pulled her petite body slowly until it was against hers. The whole time the two women’s eye contact remained locked, and they smiled softly at one another as their faces slowly drew towards each other.

Beca felt her mind go blank as she closed her eyes and felt Chloe’s soft lips on hers, and the petite brunette wrapped her arms around her friend’s neck, tangling her fingers in her red locks as their kiss slowly deepened as the song played on.

The music was so loud they didn’t notice the door to the apartment open and Aubrey, Stacie, Flo, and Emily freeze in the doorway, stunned to see two of their best friends friends gently making out in the kitchen. They also didn’t notice the four Bellas take several steps backwards, back out into the corridor, and close the door again. Giving Beca and Chloe some privacy.

Different Together

Vision x Child Reader
Science Bros

Children have baffled Vision, so when he meets Bruce Banner’s daughter who is a particular child thats already considered different, he finds he has a connection to her.

“I don’t know what to do Tony.“

“I don’t see a problem.”

“That’s what my wife says but… Sammy’s too much like me… I don’t want her to end up isolating herself the way I did.”

Bruce gazed over at his daughter who was sitting out of ear shot on one of the couches, silently reading a college level philosophy book.

“Is it so wrong that she’s so much like you…?” Tony said softly, placing his Starkpad down and focusing on Sammy as well. He hated when Bruce got into one of his self loathing moods and he hated it more when Bruce projected it onto his kids. Tony turned his attention to Bruce and frowned at his expression.


Bruce felt a small shock and turned to Tony, seeing the small buzzer in his hand.

“I wish you’d stop doing that.”

“Well I wish you’d stop moping around. She’s fine!”

“She doesn’t have any friends Tony.”

“She doesn’t seem to want friends so again how is it an issue?”

“She’s already different Tony, I just want her to have some sense of normalcy.”

“You need to get your mind off this, come help me look over some blueprints.”


“Hey Pumpkin pie!” Tony yelled out, interrupting Bruce before he could disagree.

“Yes Uncle Tony?” Sammy said softly and looked up from her book at him blankly.

Tony grinned and slapped his hands on Bruce’s shoulder, pushing him away from the counter. “I’m gonna borrow your dad for a while!”

She simply nodded and went back to reading as Tony shoved Bruce out the door.

Not long after Vision phased through the doorway, it had been a long time since he was able to return to the tower being so busy with various missions. He glanced down at Sammy when he noticed her quietly perched on the end of the couch. “Oh, hello little one.” He smiled at her and sat beside her at a respectable distance. Vision hadn’t had any chance to interact with children, he had hoped this would be a good chance to change that. They were such fascinating little creatures.

Sammy looked up at him and nodded towards him as a friendly gesture.


“I am Vision. What is your name?”

“Samantha Banner.”

“You are Banner’s child?” He smiled at her. “I believe I met you when you were quite small.”

“Yes I remember.”

Vision’s eyebrows raises in confusion. “I did not think children had the capacity to remember things from that small.”

“I am… Different from other children.”

“I am different too little one.”

Sammy closed her book and shifted her body weight slightly as she turned to him.

“My father worries about how different I am. He tries to hide it but I can tell. I do not wish to disappoint him but my mother says l shouldn’t change who I am.”

“Your father worries about many things little one. I wouldn’t believe it stems from your attitude but rather because of what he is. I imagine he does not want you to be hurt in life.” Vision tried to explain as best as he could. He knew interaction with a child would be hard but didn’t foresee having a conversation on this level of intellect.

Sammy was silent for a moment, looking at Vision before looking back down at the thick book in her lap. She shifted closer to him and placed the book open on his lap.

“Will you read with me?” Her voice was small as she looked up at Vision, blinking almost owlishly at him.

“Certainly.” His small smile grew and became more genuine as he nodded. He was pleased with how this interaction went and he found he already liked this young child’s company.


Sammy held Bruce’s hand, swinging it slightly as they waited in the elevator as it descended down.

“Can we come back to the tower tomorrow?”

Bruce looked down at her confused for a moment. Sammy didn’t often ask to go out, more content with staying at home or letting her younger brother choose their outings schedule.


“I want to play with Vision again.”

Bruce let out a small smile as he nodded at her. “Of course sweetheart.” Maybe he shouldn’t be so worried after all.

Wait, she understands? (College! AU)

Jun x reader (ft. Minghao)

synopsis: Jun and Minghao were having a conversation in Chinese and indirectly told you that Jun has a crush on you -without knowing that you had Chinese lessons since the age of 6. “(Chinese to English translations are in the brackets)”

word count: 1329

genre: fluff fluffy fluff // College! AU

It was unusual for the library to be this packed during school hours: sounds of doorsteps shuffling across the floor, students whispering to each other, padded bangs of books closing, and the dull beeping sound of books being borrowed. Nobody ever care that this place existed before, why is there suddenly so many people today? You thought as your gaze wandered around the library hall, searching for your friend who asked you to join her in the library to finish some homework.

Grabbing your shoulder from behind, your friend had already spotted you, she called “Y/N! Hey, we’re sitting over there.” She greeted you while pointing towards the table around the corner, with only two empty seats. “Ugh, the library is so packed today. All because of that new foreign kid.”


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Vets X-ray Pets, Not Wallets

Early on in my career I saw an elderly Golden Retriever owned by a single mom with 3 kids. The entire appointment she kept saying how she barely had money to feed her kids and she really hoped this visit wouldn’t be expensive. Her dog ended up having multiple abdominal masses, one of which appeared to be bleeding into his abdomen. She was devastated by the news and then said her mother would be coming in to help cover the cost of the visit. When she asked me what we should do the first thing I thought about was how difficult it would be for her to pay for surgery and chemotherapy. I thought about her kids not getting new school clothes because all the money went to pay for their dog’s surgery. So I told her the best, most kind option was euthanasia. She agreed and we euthanized the dog, they took the body home to bury it.

Several days later my hospital manager got a very angry phone call from the owner. She had been speaking with a friend whose dog had many of the same problems and had undergone surgery. The owner was furious that I had not even offered surgery as an option. She would have borrowed the money from her mother had she known. I euthanized her dog without discussing other options because I thought I was helping her and her children.

I have never made that mistake again, much to the chagrin of some clients. When presented with an estimate for care some people become angry and ask me what makes me think they have X amount of money to spend on a hamster. Other people laugh because to them, it’s just a cat and they would never imagine spending that amount. But lots of people don’t even bat an eye and tell me to proceed.

My job is to offer the absolute best care for animals, not to try and guess what people can and want to pay for. There is usually a plan B, C, and sometimes D and E if A is too expensive. Always keep that in mind when going to the vet before you become upset at the cost of something. There is nothing wrong with saying you just cannot afford it and you’d like to know the next best option.

Also remember though that sometimes, there is no option B. Unfortunately there are some cases when it’s either option A or euthanasia. Not because the vet doesn’t want to help but because the nature of the disease or problem requires a certain treatment. Euthanasia is far from being the cowards option or the option of someone who doesn’t care, sometimes it really is the kindest choice.

Discuss all of your concerns with your veterinarian and be honest about what you can and cannot afford and we will do our best to help you.

Rockabye (5) - Jackson

Originally posted by juxghoseok

pairing: jackson x reader
rating: mature
genre: angst, romance, smut
warnings: none.
word count: 
summary: life isn’t easy being a single parent, especially such a young one. but you do your best to make him happy and make sure his life is better than yours was, even if that means ‘exotic dancing’. he’s your entire world; the only man you’ll ever need. until you meet a certain idol who changes things almost as much as your son did.

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I’d like to submit a post I made from a throwaway account. Here it is in its entirety:

So I’m not sure if this is the right time or place but it’s 1 AM and this has been keeping me up ever since I learned about it. A friend tipped me off recently that Yandere Dev is no other than EvaXephon, and knowing what I know about him…I just want this information out there so people can make informed decisions about this person and whether or not to support his game.

About eight years ago, I was fourteen and Eva was twenty-one. I was in eighth grade, finishing up middle school, and loved to hang out at his “vidya revolution” stream after school. I went by the name sisefs. I was not quiet about my gender, and when he found out I was a girl he just went nuts in the way internet creepers do. Being fourteen and shy as hell in real life, I enjoyed that attention, not realizing how wrong it was. So when he wanted to “date” me…I went along with it.

Now, I want to point this out: Eva knew I was fourteen. He was well aware for the entirety of our relationship. His justification - and I remember this clearly because it struck out to me as strange - was that since he was home-schooled, he had missed out on the experience of dating girls in high school and this was the perfect opportunity to make up for that. I reminded him I was in middle school, not high school. He said, “Same difference.”

Here’s a list of shit that happened at that point:

  • He asked me for nudes, which I took and then provided to him via an image hosting site that’s probably long dead by now. He asked me to pose in specific ways for some of them.
  • We sexted over Skype. (worth noting, I think, is that he made excuses not to reciprocate text-based oral. Seriously?)
  • He masturbated on webcam to me while I made moaning noises over my mic at his request.
  • I borrowed my friend’s webcam to video chat with him. He asked me to strip, but my friend was in the room with me. Instead, when she wasn’t looking, I flashed him.

That’s as much as I can dredge up from memory; a lot of this had been repressed and only came up over the past few days as I thought long and hard about it. Our relationship was a pretty short-lived affair, anyway.

Some other things he did, while not illegal/pedophillic, were skeevy as hell:

  • saw flat-chested girls as deformed, similar to an amputee
  • dismissed me/brushed me aside whenever I spoke up about something not related to sex
  • told another girl in chat that he would keep her in a cage and love her
  • begged me to stay with him, offered to change himself etc. when I ended things, then when I refused, banned me altogether from his streams and began to spread vitriol about me
  • lied heavily to cover his own tracks

I’m under the impression that his version of the story is as follows: I was some desperate girl who sent nudes unsolicited to everyone and anyone, and he deleted the disgusting pics and banned me as soon as he learned I was underage. Believe who you want; I’m not here to garner attention or stir up drama, hence the throwaway account. I just want the truth out there.

I don’t know if I’ll even return to this account but if I do, I’ll try to answer any questions this may bring up.

And if you’d like proof, I’m sorry, I don’t really know how to go about proving any of this. The pictures are long gone, the Skype account is no more, the livestream account is inaccessible. Just know that I have nothing to gain from doing this…I only want people to know. And, to an extent, the story is out there already - told by various people from the chatroom who witnessed some of this as it happened - but no one knew the full extent of what was going on. Well, now you know, straight from the horse’s mouth. :/ Thanks for reading.

Yandere Dev/EvaXephon/Alex is a pedophile - or at least a former one

So I’m not sure if this is the right time or place but it’s 1 AM and this has been keeping me up ever since I learned about it. A friend tipped me off recently that Yandere Dev is no other than EvaXephon, and knowing what I know about him…I just want this information out there so people can make informed decisions about this person and whether or not to support his game.

About eight years ago, I was fourteen and Eva was twenty-one. I was in eighth grade, finishing up middle school, and loved to hang out at his “vidya” stream after school. I went by the name sisefs. I was not quiet about my gender, and when he found out I was a girl he just went nuts in the way internet creepers do. Being fourteen and shy as hell in real life, I enjoyed that attention, not realizing how wrong it was. So when he wanted to “date” me…I went along with it.

Now, I want to point this out: Eva knew I was fourteen. He was well aware for the entirety of our relationship. His justification - and I remember this clearly because it struck out to me as strange - was that since he was home-schooled, he had missed out on the experience of dating girls in high school and this was the perfect opportunity to make up for that. I reminded him I was in middle school, not high school. He said, “Same difference.”

Here’s a list of shit that happened at that point:

  • He asked me for nudes, which I took and then provided to him via an image hosting site that’s probably long dead by now. He asked me to pose in specific ways for some of them.
  • We sexted over Skype. (worth noting, I think, is that he made excuses not to reciprocate text-based oral. Seriously?)
  • He masturbated on webcam to me while I made moaning noises over my mic at his request.
  • I borrowed my friend’s webcam to video chat with him. He asked me to strip, but my friend was in the room with me. Instead, when she wasn’t looking, I flashed him.

That’s as much as I can dredge up from memory; a lot of this had been repressed and only came up over the past few days as I thought long and hard about it. Our relationship was a pretty short-lived affair, anyway.

Some other things he did, while not illegal/pedophillic, were skeevy as hell:

  • saw flat-chested girls as deformed, similar to an amputee
  • dismissed me/brushed me aside whenever I spoke up about something not related to sex
  • told another girl in chat that he would keep her in a cage and love her
  • begged me to stay with him, offered to change himself etc. when I ended things, then when I refused, banned me altogether from his streams and began to spread vitriol about me
  • lied heavily to cover his own tracks

I’m under the impression that his version of the story is as follows: I was some desperate girl who sent nudes unsolicited to everyone and anyone, and he deleted the disgusting pics and banned me as soon as he learned I was underage. Believe who you want; I’m not here to garner attention or stir up drama, hence the throwaway account. I just want the truth out there.

I don’t know if I’ll even return to this account but if I do, I’ll try to answer any questions this may bring up.

And if you’d like proof, I’m sorry, I don’t really know how to go about proving any of this. The pictures are long gone, the Skype account is no more, the livestream account is inaccessible. Just know that I have nothing to gain from doing this…I only want people to know. And, to an extent, the story is out there already - told by various people from the chatroom who witnessed some of this as it happened - but no one knew the full extent of what was going on. Well, now you know, straight from the horse’s mouth. :/ Thanks for reading.

kittleimp  asked:

My fav headcanon is that Julia survived Raven's Roost. She was out getting groceries and when she realized that everything else was gone, she borrowed a horse from a friend and went to find Magnus on his trip to get him to come home. She wasnt able to find him before he returned to Raven's Roost and has been searching Faerûn for him for all of canon. He finds her helping with clean up after the Hunger is defeated and can't believe his eyes. They live happily ever after because they deserve it.

I’m not crying. Just some… sawdust in my eye.

Stomach aches [Kai Parker x Reader]

Request: could you maybe do a kai parker image where the reader hates kai and kai hates the reader but they are forced to lay on each other and hug and shit because damon (or whomever) made y/n get these stomach aches by using a spell if she is not close/laying on kai (it was a side effect of another spell that should have made kai less of a killer) so now Kai needs to be close to y/n or she could die. They both hate it at first but then one day her stomach aches get even worse and so they kiss to see if it helps

Warnings: none

A/N: I modified it a bit but I didn’t stray too much.

Originally posted by babyblueeyes1864

Damon Salvatore was mad at you. You may or may not have ‘borrowed’ his car to go out with some old friends and got it trashed. Okay, maybe you did… Your old friends from where you grew up had decided to come to Mystic Falls to pay you a visit. You had chosen to take the to the Grill but, some of your friends went overboard and had a little too much alcohol. So, on the way back from the Grill, your friends may have puked in the backseat and spilled some… a lot of beer in the car. When Damon saw the state his car was in the next day, he when from cool to livid in half a second. Damon knew that you were going to regret it but, he wanted to make it worse.

Damon was like a brother and he acted like one: doting on you at one moment, then ruining your life at another. I was all very complicated but you both loved each other no matter what. The feeling that you had sparked in the vampire made him more inclined to ruin his life. Rapidly, he thought up a plan that will kill two birds with one stone but for that, he would need a witch. So, picking up his phone, the eldest Salvatore brother called an old friend, knowing that Bonnie wouldn’t want to hurt her friend, especially for him.

You were lounging on the couch of the Salvatore boarding house, engrossed in a book when Damon entered the room, “Hey (Y/N)!” he smiled mischievously at you, “I brought someone over so be nice.” He told you as Kai Parker entered the room.

You and Kai had a reputation for disliking each other, you never really acknowledged each other’s existence until today. Neither of you had any idea about how it had started but it had never ended. Knowing that this was Damon’s revenge for the car incident, you acted like it didn’t get to you.

“How about this Parker,” you said, “you stay out of my way and I stay out of yours?”

“Perfectly fine with me, (L/N).” he replied, walking towards the stairs and farther away from you.

Suddenly, you felt a sharp pain in your stomach and groaned loudly. Simultaneously, Kai kneeled on the floor, grabbing at his head. Then, Damon vamp-sped the siphoner to the couch and confess that this was his way of getting revenge.

“You and little weasel here are going to have to stay in close contact like hugging or otherwise the pain will come back.” He chuckled at the sight of you and Kai’s face.

“You mean that I’m going to have to stay with that?” you both yelled at the same time.

“Yes.” He grinned.

“For how long?” you asked.

“As long as you find the cure.” He laughed.

Furious, you launched yourself at him but the pain rushed to your stomach and you collapsed on the floor in agony. Kai, who somehow had some strength left, pulled you back to him and ended the discomfort.

“Don’t move again.” Damon scolded you, “Now, I’ve got to go, see you later you lovebirds.” He popped his head into your line of sight, “By the way, that was a clue to the antidote.” He smiled, leaving for real this time.

“Sooo… What are we going to do?” he asked, lying down on the couch and pulling you over him.

“How about we watch a movie?” you suggested, picking up the TV remote and turning the screen on, “What do you want to watch?”

“I’ve just come back from the Prison World (Y/N), what movies are recent and good?” he asked

“How about the Avengers?”

“Sure, whatever that is.”

You were captivated by the movie on screen and Kai was using your lack of reflexes to wrap his arms around you.  He didn’t really get the emotions he was feeling right now because of his merge with Luke. His heartbeat was playing like drums in his ears and sensed that you were a zone of comfort where he could be himself.

“I’m sorry.” He blurted out.

“About what?” you asked, pausing the movie in the middle of the scene where the Chitauri were coming down from the whole in the sky.

“For acting like a jerk towards you all the time, I don’t know what took me.” He said, surprising you. “Sorry, this is weird I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.” He said walking away towards the kitchen.

“Wait! Kai, no!” you exclaimed. But it was too late, a searing pain shot through his head and a similar one to your stomach. Kai, seeing you in agony made him forget all about his. He crawled, heading to you, adrenaline rushing through his body, willing himself to get to you. He was on the floor, a meter away from you when the adrenaline rush disappeared and was replaced by raw determination. He got up, strode in your direction and stopped pushing the pain down his throat only when it left due to him wrapping his arms around you in a hug.

“I’m so sorry, again.”” He said an apologetic look in his eyes.

“It’s fine, you had forgotten, just don’t do it again.” You reproached him teasingly.

Suddenly, Kai had an idea. This idea may have been influenced by his new emotions but he still thought that he should tell you.

“I think I know the way to stop the pains.” He said, immediately catching your attention.

“What?! How?” you questioned, desperate to know the answer.

“I need to kiss you.”

You looked lost, “You need to kiss me.” You repeated, pointing at him and at yourself.


“Could you please develop?” you asked still confused about what the sociopath had said he needed to do.

“Damon said ‘lovebirds’, insinuating that something romantic is involved. Then, the fact that he picked a ‘curse’ which consisted of us hugging and keeping close contact. I determined that he might want us to kiss. And, anyways, a kiss never killed anyone.”

“True,” you admitted, acknowledging that he had some fair points, “Bu-” you were interrupted by Kai’s soft lips pressing against yours. Surprisingly, you enjoyed it and kissed him back. The kiss was short but sweet and full of love. You admitted to yourself that; for a sociopath, Kai was quite the kisser.

When the kiss broke and you were both left short of breath, Kai’s said, “How about we try staying apart and if it doesn’t work then we kiss again? And, if it works then we kiss again. What do you think?” he joked.

“Great plan.” You laughed.

Nevertheless, the two of you put in action the first part of his idea and nothing happened. The both of you laughed at Damon’s weird way of setting the two of you up and you wrapped your arms around Kai’s neck to complete the second part of his plan, making out.

The Mom Friend

Headcanon that all the X-Kids have called Jean “Mom” at least once.

-Kurt’s the first one to do it.  He’s in the lounge, looking for his jacket, and he sees red hair out of the corner of his eye and thinks it’s Raven and “Hey, Mama, have you seen my-“ and then he actually looks up and sees that it’s Jean and turns bright red.  Jean’s a little embarrassed too, but she brushes it off.

-Jubilee accidentally spills the contents of her eye-shadow case and borrows some from Jean.
“Here you go.”
“Great, thanks Mom!”
Jubilee doesn’t realize what she’s said until after she’s already walked away.

-Peter thinks it’s the funniest thing.  It doesn’t matter that he’s nearly a decade older than Jean, he won’t call her anything but Mom.
“‘Sup, Mom?”
“Mom, can we have ice cream after dinner?”
“Hey Mom, can I go to the Rush concert tonight? I promise I’ll be back by eleven.”

-Ororo gets Jean a “I’m a mom, what’s your superpower?” t-shirt for her birthday.

-“Warren, it’s below freezing outside!  Put a shirt on!”
“Whatever, Mom.”

-Scott’s the only one who absolutely refuses to call Jean Mom.
“We’re dating! It’d be too weird! People are gonna think I have a mommy kink or something!”
“Wait, so if Scott and Jean are together, does that make Scott the dad?”
Much to Scott’s annoyance, his new nickname is now Dad.

RFA reacting to MC who is a big Killing Stalking fan


° you were re-reading Killing Stalking while sitting infront of the TV

° as captivating as the Story is, you didn´t recognize Yoosung enterd the house

° it was the chapter where Yoon Bum got hung up at the ceiling

° your entire Focus of Attention was on your Screen and  so you sqeaked in suprise as you heard Yoosung speak up

° “Hey Babe, what´re you reading?”

° oh shit, he saw

° “Ehh, just some new manwah” (^^ゞ

° please look away, please look away, please look away

° “Oh god why is he hanging from the ceiling? Isn´t his friend going to help him??”

° inside of you was the battle of telling him the truth or leaving him in his sweet, naive thoughts

° while you were in thoughts you didn´t notice him, now interested in how it might turn out, swiping to the next page

° there he met the holy glowing d*ck of Sangwoo

° “ What is he doing?! Is her jerk- is he really doing that to the other one hanging??!”

° you had the Feeling there´s a LOT of explaining to do (;´д`)ゞ

° “You see, that´s a Thing now between me and my friends.”

° what a bad lie

° it took almost an hour for you to convince him that you´re not mental unstable

° or have some weird fetish Σ(TωT)

° it takes him a while to accept that you like that kind of stuff but he has to

° nevertheless he is still worried about your mental health from time to time

° poor, uneducated, naive bby XD


° since your computer broke she was nice enough to lend you her private one

° but even with a borrowed PC you just can´t live without your weekly dosis of korean thriller-yaoi  


° but after you got a new/fixed PC you just gave Jaehee her one back without Clearing the browser-history

° which is like the worst mistake a human being can make btw

° so being the super careful office worker she is, she checked the browser history Σ( ̄□ ̄;)

° she was Born to, check browser-histories

° when she saw a link leading to a thing called killing stalking she thought about you having some serious issues


° luckily she decided to talk with you first before calling a therapist ヘ(゚∇゚ヘ)

° “Hey MC can we talk for bit ?”

° you were a Little confused, was something wrong with the computer you returned?

° “Sure, what´s up?”

° “You know, I´ve bee looking at the browser history on the other Computer. If you think about harming yourself please talk with me and we´ll find help.”

° by the end of her sentence she started to cry ( ˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ )

° “But there´s nothing wrong with me. How can you think that.”

° you suddenly felt the urgent need to hug her and pat on her head

° “But why are you reading those things then?”

° after a second or two you got a Feeling to know what she´s talking about

° “Are you thinking of Killing Stalking?” ∑(⌒◇⌒;)

° all she could do was nod and continue sobbing

° “But that´s just the name of a manwah I´m currently reading.”

° after you said that she asked a Million questions

° why is it called Killing Stalking

° do the characters have some issues?


° so you show her……aaaaand she´s gone

° jk she just states it isn´t her type of Story and then she never talks about it again

° maybe she´s distusted……. or horrified XD

° but she still has the number of the next therapist on a sticky note inside her calender ∑(O_O;)


° he was at a rehersal so you just sat in the living room and chatted with your friend about the latest chapter of Killing Stalking

° but being the lazy-ass you are you switched to voice messages in the middle of it

° since this is thing you´re very passionate about you don´t notice somebody entering the room

° “Yeah, it was so stupid when he was like let me suck your dick -No you´re too creepy, and now he´s like didn´t you want too suck it? I mean can´t he decide?!”

° Bam!

° you heard a bag drop on the ground and then silence

° you were frozen for afew seconds and then slowly turned around

° only to see a very confused/perplexed Zen

° “Oh, hey. Didn´t know you´re finished early today babe.”

° he´s still at a loss for words and just stands in the hallway

° “What were you talking about?”

° OMG a complete sentence, that must mean he´s back to consciousness

° it then hit you that he must have heard your last message

° “Oh, just this new manwah me and my frind are currently reading. nothing special.”  ( ̄ω ̄;)

° Sure MC, sure 

° “But what for my sake is this about?”

° so you showed him a chapter, and another one, and another one

° by the time you were done explaining he was as white as his rat tail

° “ You sure you don´t need to throw up Zen?”

° “No, I´m alright.”

° he then threw up

° but since it´s fictional he doesn´t mind if you read it

° I mean he as an actor knows some fans are into weird stuff

° nevertheless you are now more conscious of your surroundings while reading those things XD


° he was in a meeting and you were in front of the conference room waiting for him

° beacuse he knew you´ll be bored he gave you his phone to entertain yourself

° your´s was still in the car with Driver kim

° so you thought why not catch up on the latest Killing Stalking chapters when you have the time now

°  but right when you were captivated by the chapter´s climax the door opend and Jumin stepped out

° to his disappointment your attention wasn´t on him but on his phone

° being the sneaky Daddy Person he is he just snatched it away from you

° “MC, please come home with me I think we need to talk about …this

° you felt like one of your worst nightmares just came true

° you were very nervous the whole ride back home and neither of you spoke a word

° by the timeyou entered the penthouse you just knew he would be nagging you nonstop about this

° “So, Jumin what do you want to talk about?”Σ(TωT)

° “Would you care and explain to me just what you were reading on my phone?!”

° to our suprise he was very calm but you somehow felt very arfaid

° “This was just this new manwah I´m reading andthe new chapters are out so I wanted to read them while I waited for you to finish your meeting and-”

° “It´s okay I wasn´t going to scold you, please don´t be afraid”

° It was only then you realized that you sounded very terrified

° “I´m sorry, I just thought you were angry at me.”

° “Why would I be angy at you I was just interested in what you were so fascinated with. But depending on the Images I saw I´d like for you to explain the plot to me.” 

° so you did as asked and when you were at the part where Yoon Bum got hang up by Sangwoo he just told you to stop XD

° “Not that I mind but should you really be reading those Storys?”

° when you told him about your Passion for it he understood that he should just leave it at that

° to your suprise he manages to get you an autograph from Koogi (the creater of Killing Stalking) and it was the best day ever

° and by day I also mean the night ( ° ʖ °) if you know what I mean


° the new chapter was out and since Seven was busy working you decided to change into fangirl-mode and read it

° bad for you Seven observed everything you did while using his wifi

° so when he was on a break he glanced on the tab where youre browser-history was displayed

° “MC why are you reading the new chapter without me?!”

° you were so suprised you almost dropped your phone on the ground

° “Don´t shoch me like that I almost dropped my phone!”

° That´s all you´re worrying about MC?

° but before you realized what he just said you already felt the matress sink in and another persons presence by your side

° “Go back to the beginning I want us to read it together. <3″

° now you were really confused (・_・ヾ

° “You know Killing Stalking?”

° “Of course I know. Who do you think I am?” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° you just kept quiet and both of you read the new capter together

° while reading he was suprisingly concentrated and focused

° you expected him to make bad jokes every 0.07 sec, but he didn´t

° but this moment of peace only lasted till the last page

° “OMG MC did you see that glorious dick just now?”

° “Saeyoung keep you voice down Saeran is next door!”

° guess who opened the door just in that Moment

° he somehow looked a bit disappointed

° maybe he expected to see his brother without pants and looked forward to laugh about him

° as soon as he saw you being alright he left

° your head was as red as Seven´s hair and you kept throwing pillows at him

° in the meantime he just laughed his ass off

° the next time the new chapter was out you made sure to either besomewhere else or locking doors and Windows

° poor Seven ( ≧Д≦)

Dear Lord forgive me, for I have sinned

That´s it for now, maybe I´m going to add Saeran and V but I´m not sure yet       o(^▽^)o

If you enjoyed reading or are a fan /victim of Killing Stalking leave a like or a comment , which wold make me very happy (/^▽^)/

Also if you have a request for a HC don´t hesitate and just ask(。>ω<)。

whatever shit you get yourself into,
no matter how fucked up everything is,
if you’re failing that class (or several),
or your girlfriend is screaming at you from the staircase,
and your brother has stopped answering your texts,
or the answering machine on the other end of the line is just a reminder that you’ll never hear her voice again,
or you’re staring at razor blades or a canister of blow,
or you’re staring at your hands and you don’t remember the last three years,
or you’re sitting alone on a saturday night
while your roommate gets dressed to go out with some friends
and she asks you if she can borrow your boots,
no matter how over it all is,

something starts tomorrow.

it’s the second law of thermodynamics, entropy.
some systems need the chaos, the disorder,
to increase over time,
for there to be a future.
it is the reversibility of natural processes and the account for the asymmetry of the past and the future.
something has to end,
because something starts tomorrow.

—  last call by i.stein
5/3/17: FIRE WALK WITH ME vs PHENOMENA - The Comparative Analysis No One Asked For!

TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME (1992) and PHENOMENA (1985) might not occur to most people as a pair, but they have two obvious things in common: They are products of two of the world’s best loved genre filmmakers, and they were thought to represent the nadir of each director’s career at the time of release. Incidentally, they are also both predicated on a sort of Alice through the looking glass format, and as such, they may have more to offer as a duet than a cursory consideration would suggest. 

At the time of its release, after David Lynch’s groundbreaking television series was cancelled, the former suffered a lot from the preciousness with which audiences regarded Twin Peaks. A show fan (as opposed to a Lynch fan) might accept cutesy kookiness but not psychoanalytic abstraction; they might welcome a few good scares, but not being subject to constant terror and misery; and importantly, they might enjoy the idea of a cheerleader with a dark side, but sicken when the facts of Laura Palmer’s life are laid bare unromantically in all their R-rated glory.Topping all that off with the absence of most of the show’s beloved characters and/or actor (many of who expressed bitterness over Lynch more or less abandoning the program in its oft-maligned second season), it is unsurprising that the film met with boos, walkouts and scathing reviews upon release.

After a fashion, FIRE WALK WITH ME enjoyed a favorable reappraisal by its public, but no such forgiveness would come for Dario Argento’s PHENOMENA. This grisly fairy tale in which Jennifer Connelly uses her psychic connection with insects, and the aid of Donald Pleasance’s wayward helper monkey, to solve a series of murders, was understandably considered by many to be the beginning of the end of Argento’s already outrageous career. Up to that point, fans delighted in the logistical acrobatics of manic detective stories like PROFONDO ROSSO, and happily accepted the relatively anemic narrative of a fever dream like SUSPIRIA in light of its astonishing aesthetic powers. (Wiser sorts might even call this lack of “sense” a virtue) However, even these adventurous viewers had a hard time with PHENOMENA’s delirious dialog, its hysterical score that blends opera with heavy metal and surf rock, and its entirely preposterous premise. I have yet to come across a piece of critical writing that values this film as more than a collection of extreme examples of Argento’s defining characteristics as an artist. With that said, I have preemptively congratulated myself for attempting to say something about it as a story.

Both FWWM and PHENEMONA tell a little girl lost tale, in which the girls are specifically lost in a world of intimate violence and betrayal, with supernatural overtones. The mountain town of Twin Peaks, where prom queen Laura Palmer will live and die, is bathed in a searing white light by day as if to parody the pretended purity and simplicity of its people. A similarly blinding daylight bleaches the eerie environs of the Swiss Alps where a movie star has sent his beautiful daughter, Jennifer Corvino, to a fancy boarding school. By night, a cursed darkness seeps out of the pines surrounding both settings, laying cover for libidinous young men and bloodthirsty murderers. Our schoolgirl heroines have to battle both the mundane evils of ignorant adults and predatory peers, and real monsters disguised as loving fathers, upstanding school teachers, and even innocent children.

Although FIRE WALK WITH ME is a prequel to Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer is already in deep trouble at the beginning of the movie. Because she’s the most popular girl in the world, no one in a position to help thinks to wonder about her erratic behavior, nocturnal flights from her home, and often transparent misery. Laura’s fate is therefore determined by the remaining men in her life–her boyfriend Bobby, who is more a rabid dog than a person; her secret boyfriend James, who doesn’t have the humility to imagine that anything could be more powerful or important than his shallow teenage love for Laura; and Jacques, the owner of a bar on the wild Canadian border, who feeds Laura’s cocaine addiction and her compulsion to endanger and degrade herself. As in real life, Laura’s relationships are patterned after her relationship with her father, who in this case is essentially the devil.

Jennifer Corvino is also haunted by the specter of her father, which has a huge impact on her life, even though he never materializes. When she arrives at the elite Richard Wagner Academy for Girls, she is burdened with the stigma of having a rich, famous, and desirable daddy. Her social life basically has two facets, which her new roommate Sophie demonstrates efficiently: Jennifer is either subject to other people’s sexual obsession with her father, or subject to their sadism and jealousy. When Jennifer reveals that she knows movie star Paul Corvino, Sophie mindlessly assails her with a lustful rant about his body, and an invasive question about whether she has fucked him yet. Jennifer patiently explains that Paul Corvino is her father, but it’s hard to blame Sophie for her reaction, since Jennifer has brought armloads of pinups of her dad to decorate their dorm. The oedipal vibe of this scene (and the movie in general) is underlined by a weird comic touch in which Jennifer, hungry from her long journey, eats a jar of baby food left behind by Sophie’s family. Throughout the film, Jennifer will pine for the father who has abandoned her for a foreign film shoot, and have to fight alone against even less caring adults.

Of course, where Jennifer’s character is colored by this subtle form of romance with her father, Laura’s life is entirely ruined by the very real affair that her father carries on with her during the twilight fugue states shared by both of them. Her awareness of this ongoing trauma bubbles up to her consciousness in the form of hallucinatory visions of a demonic older man called Bob, who has been raping her since childhood. Laura sees him lurking behind her bedroom furniture, blames him for pages torn out of her secret diary, and believes he that he intends to fully possess her and thereby incarnate himself as her. Laura has only one real friend in the world, who she can’t possible tell about Bob: Donna Hayward (played here by Moira Kelly rather than Lara Flynn Boyle, to pretty much universal dismay). Donna loves Laura with the kind of unconditional love that most often occurs when a person doesn’t really know anything about their loved one. Donna’s innocence is so comically total that Laura must shield her not only from the story of Bob, but from her crippling drug addiction and frightening forays into prostitution. Inevitably, Donna martyrs herself on the cross of their friendship, attempting to prove her devotion by borrowing some of Laura’s sluttier clothes, getting wasted and almost screwing a young tough in the middle of Jacque’s bar. The harrowing sequence concludes with Laura, who has been perfectly evil to Donna all night in an attempt to ward her off, giving vent to a shattering scream at the sight of her friend being molested. Still, she is unable to experience or express actual love, screeching at her best friend, “DON’T YOU EVER WEAR MY STUFF!” 

Donna’s love for Laura is as deep as her maturity allows, as FIRE WALK WITH ME and Twin Peaks frequently touch on the way in which teenage relationships are, paradoxically, exactly as passionate as they are shallow. PHENOMENA takes this a step farther, describing the corrosive, sadistic social environment that tends to sprout up between girls. After Jennifer tells the heartbreaking story of her philandering mother walking out on the family on Christmas (which, apropos nothing, has a curious similarity to Phoebe Cates’ dead santa story from GREMLINS), Sophie says, as if she hadn’t heard a word, that she’s glad Jennifer has arrived because she gets so lonely at night. Throughout their entire conversation, in fact, Jennifer’s dialog and Sophie’s dialog never seem to quite match up, as if they were in two separate movies. This makes for an acute description of the way in which young women readily perform the drama of being best friends forever, while not really acknowledging each other as individuals, or even liking each other very much. Shortly hereafter, Sophie absconds with Jennifer’s black and gold Armani pullover (all of the apparel in this film is provided by Armani, which contributes excellently to the film’s slick, icy look) to rendezvous with her boyfriend along the treeline. First she brags about knowing the daughter of a celebrity and stealing her clothes, but when she realizes that her boyfriend is now interested in Jennifer, she changes her tune. “She wears her hair like mine,” Sophie boasts, as if she were the influencer, and then cattily divulges that Jennifer sleepwalks, and must be crazy. PHENOMENA being essentially a slasher movie, Sophie isn’t long for this world, but Jennifer responds to her gruesome murder with a spirit of vengeance for her supposed friend.

PHENOMENA also boasts the mother of all mean girl sequences, a psychotic update of CARRIE’s “plug it up” scene, in which Jennifer’s classmates have cottoned to the fact that she “thinks” she can speak to bugs. A fabulous swirling tracking shot gathers a growing gang of girls around Jennifer, as they taunt her with insect noises which transform into a chant: WE WORSHIP YOU! WE WORSHIP YOU! Naturally, Jennifer’s insect friends descend on the school, threatening to crash through the windows as she declares messianically, “I love you. I love you all.” Of course, the grownups at the academy are partially to blame for the atmosphere around Jennifer. This revelation about her powers came to light because, guided by the psychic voice of a firefly, Jennifer wandered into the night to retrieve from the trees one of Sophie’s gloves, which contains a helpful maggot. This is another one of the film’s great and powerful scenes: Jennifer, cherubic in a white nightgown and dwarfed by the cold luminous cube of her dorm, glides across the pitch-black lawn as if in slow motion–while, in stark contradiction to this dreamy image, the soundtrack blares with a massive, speedy metal anthem. It’s a fascinating aesthetic device that Argento will employ again later in the film, accompanying slow, quite action with crushing, thrashy music. In any case, when Jennifer naively surfaces the fact that a maggot told her about Sophie’s murder, the domineering headmistress (the astonishing-looking Dalila Di Lazzaro, who is no Alida Valli, but she gets the job done) calls the men in the white coats. Jennifer is subject to a number of humiliating experiments and tests to evaluate her mental health (“Do you take anything? Like, do you understand…DRUGS?”), on which she storms out. Where Laura Palmer is almost totally alone in the world due to her perceived perfection, Jennifer Corvino is isolated by constant scrutiny.

Laura has just one, tragically ineffectual source of aid–generically, forces from the Black Lodge. The backwards-speaking Man From Another World seems to try to warn her, and Agent Cooper, of her fate, but he speaks only in poetic code. Dale himself tries and fails to advise her through her dreams, and Laura also receives strange messages from one of her Meals On Wheels recipients. Mrs. Chalfont and her grandson, a mute junior magician who hides behind a disturbing pagan mask, try to intervene with Laura, but only manage to terrorize her further. A person’s ordinary sources of support are absent or utterly corrupt, including Laura’s mother (the always excellent Grace Zabriskie), a terminally nervous chainsmoker who exists in a state of fragile, attenuated silence, unable to confront what she seems to know is happening between her husband and her daughter. Although Sarah Palmer also receives visions from the Black Lodge, she retreats from them in terror and resigns herself to her circumstances. She even accepts, tremulously, an obviously drugged libation from her husband before bedtime, when the trouble begins.

The great power of FIRE WALK WITH ME, and also Twin Peaks, is that Laura’s father is not pure evil. Even if you were to start totally from scratch for the movie, you could never in a million years cast a more perfect individual than Ray Wise as Leland Palmer. Wise’s limitlessly expressive face, physical vitality, and unpredictable vacillation between warmth and violence lend the perfect depth to Leland, who simultaneously inspires pity and fear. He truly loves his daughter, frantically trying to console her when they are shockingly confronted by the One-Armed Man in traffic, and even appearing tearfully at her nightstand in a display of emotion that amounts to a tacit admission of guilt. He evinces a genuine desire to be close to his daughter, which is unfortunately inseparable from his desire to be with her as a man. Leland is much more than a good guy by day, and a bad guy when witlessly possessed by an evil spirit. Within David Lynch’s supernatural fable is a completely authentic story about mental illness and incest that strikes all the right psychological chords.

While Jennifer’s father never becomes more than an idea, she does attract a separate father figure in the course of mission to identify Sophie’s killer, who probably also murdered another schoolgirl in the recent past. Donald Pleasance plays a paraplegic forensic entomologist who happened to have been close friends with the original victim. Jennifer meets him after one of her somnambulistic excursions, during which she narrowly escapes being gang raped by some virile college men. She is surprised in the woods by a chimpanzee, who she trustingly follows to the safety of Dr. John McGregor’s eccentric home in the woods. McGregor, who apparently has a way with teenage girls, quickly determines that Jennifer has a special connection to insects–specifically, he notes that a certain beetle in his care is trying to get it on with her: “You’re arousing him, and he’s doing his best to arouse you.” While McGregor is meant to be charming, and never does anything explicitly inappropriate, his role in the story contributes to a feeling that Jennifer can never escape her freudian circumstances, whether she is being accused of having sex with her father, actually pining for her father, or being eroticized by the nearest father figure in her life.

Whatever it may lack in psychological realism compared with FWWM, PHENOMENA takes much stranger strides in examining the role of the mother in this sort of saga. Already we have been introduced to the idea of Jennifer’s deadbeat mom, and the angry, jealous-seeming headmistress who tries to have her committed, but there is a third figure in play who the audience may have counted out at the beginning of the movie. Dario Argento’s erstwhile creative and romantic partner Daria Nicolodi (from whom he separated the year of this film’s release–and whatever it means, Argento cast his daughter Fiore, from another partnership, as the first victim) plays Frau Bruckner, an employee at the school who seems pretty dismissible at first. She suddenly becomes relevant toward the last act when McGregor is murdered by the mysterious killer. Seemingly sympathetic, Bruckner invites Jennifer to spend the night at her home–but once they’re there, the older woman suddenly becomes strange and threatening. Noticing a profusion of shrouded mirrors in the house, Jennifer prompts her hostess to deliver a disturbing monologue about her “sick” son, who we find out is the product of a rape. Whatever is wrong with him, she considers him a burden and a constant torment. “These things can happen in a woman’s life,” Bruckner observes darkly. Indeed, even a normal pregnancy is something that happens to a woman, something she cannot share with her husband nor her children. The child is under no natural obligation to empathize with the trials of motherhood, and inevitably, the person that the child becomes is under no one’s control. This can be pretty bad news on the part of the mother, but from the child’s point of view, if you are primarily identified as something that has happened to your mother, then what can you possibly expect from her?

For Jennifer, this type of logic leads her in an unfortunate direction. Things escalate quickly with the obviously bad-news Bruckner, leading to a chase that includes one of the gnarliest images ever to grace a screen: Jennifer, clad in her white-on-white uniform, plunges into the basement dungeon, which is occupied mainly by a pit that is brimming with a stew composed of putrifying human remains. Jennifer struggles to tread water in this rancid soup as Bruckner taunts her; nearby, an interloping detective is chained to a wall, and uses Jennifer’s diversion to break his own thumb and slip out of his manacles, attacking Bruckner with the chain. Jennifer flees the scene, and finds herself in the room of Bruckner’s little boy. Foolishly, she identifies with him, perhaps from one abandoned and stigmatized child to another, and tells him that he is finally free of his evil mother. When she removes the shroud from a mirror, the child flies into a rage, revealing himself to be indescribably deformed and equally violent. He chases Jennifer out to a lake and onto a motorboat, in a scene curiously reminiscent of the end of FRIDAY THE 13TH. She summons a swarm of insects that skeletonize the boy, and makes her way to shore, only to be confronted by Bruckner. The madwoman confesses to murdering McGregor and others in order to hide her son’s taste for schoolgirl blood, and nearly decapitates Jennifer with a piece of sheet metal–before she is attacked by Inga, McGregor’s helper monkey. This is preceded by the most ludicrous segment of the entire film. It is comparatively acceptable when Detective Jennifer went out into the countryside with a stylized glass box containing a corpse-sniffing fly, but it is truly hard to excuse when vengeful Inga goes on the trail of her master’s killer, finding a discarded razor in a garbage can, and presumably, tracing it back to Bruckner. Here at the end of this wild ride, Jennifer watches Inga slash Bruckner to pieces. As Wikipedia eloquently puts it, “With the ordeal over, Jennifer and the chimp embrace.”

Even detractors of PHENOMENA will usually admit that its high camp is extremely entertaining. FIRE WALK WITH ME has hardly a shred of humor, unlike the frequently kitschy and nostalgic Twin Peaks, making it a constant stream of wrenching terror and sadness. Laura’s appalling fate is sealed by a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy: She is being raped by her father, which produces in her a suicidal self-loathing, which leads to her become a whore, and then when her father discovers this activity, he chooses to murder her. Although FWWM is much easier to identify as a work of art, its finale has problems that are not dissimilar to PHENOMENA, and I personally find it less easy to like. Half-possessed by Bob, Leland drags Laura and another young sex worker off to a disused train car. There, he savagely brutalizes both women in an aria of sadism that forms the peak of the film’s grueling progression. The sequence is punctuated by hysterical confessions from Leland and Bob about their collaborative, lifelong victimization of Leland’s child. It is hard to watch, and even harder to look away. This is all well and good, but then, as if Lynch had painted himself into a corner, something utterly untrue to the world of the film takes place. Referencing a corny religious painting in Laura’s bedroom, an actual angel appears to the dying girl. As her soul leaves her body and is relegated to the Black Lodge for eternity, this tacky, cliched angel figure appears to give Laura some solace. If it is meant to be a hallucination, this is a lousy place for it, since Twin Peaks literally features ethereal figures all the time. If it is meant to be taken literally, and I believe it is, an angel is a lousy choice, since the Black Lodge is mainly dominated by (pseudo-) Native American ideology. There is a single reference to a guardian angel in an especially terrible piece of the second season, but I would refuse to accept that as a reasonable excuse for this. Just to pour some salt in the wound, the angel is accompanied by opera music, making a jarring aesthetic departure from the entire rest of the film and the show, which is characterized as much by Angelo Badalamenti’s jazz score as anything else. Lynch could at least have cast Julee Cruise as the angel to help keep us in the mood, but no such luck. This interruption makes it hard to stay focused on the film’s concluding image of Laura weeping in terror and relief, under Dale Cooper’s benevolent gaze, in the Black Lodge.

By this late hour, the reader may be wondering how I came to the conclusion that FIRE WALK WITH ME and PHENOMENA should be paired. The truth is simply that I watched them together one night, with no particular intention, and was totally startled by the way that they mirror and compliment one another. The excoriating sunlight, the ominous winds, the lumber, the simple savagery of youth, the special brutality of women, the unavoidable victimizing effect of parenthood on both parties, it was all there. PHENOMENA may present a more abstract account, compared with FWWM’s confrontational emotional realism, but a special synergy exists between the two films, in their address of their shared subject matter. Each presents an individual lens on the material, but together, they form a kind of piercing microscope that reveals profound truths about lost girl fables. I strongly recommend this double bill for all serious students of these tales.

Before I cut myself off, I would just like to make one further remark about FIRE WALK WITH ME. It is a serious shame that people remember Laura Palmer better than they remember the actress Sheryl Lee. Even I sometimes have a hard time remembering her name, and I do find that fans who can easily name Lara Flynn Boyle and Sherilyn Fenn have a hard time calling Laura Palmer anything other than Laura Palmer. I’m not entirely sure what accounts for this, other than the possibility that the Laura Palmer character is so archetypally exciting to people that she’s more important as a symbol, than as a body of work executed by a skilled performer. It’s completely unfair to Sheryl Lee, who gives us a performance that I wouldn’t even want to live through myself. The woman has to cry throughout the entire film, which seems exhausting to say the least, but it’s not a simple matter of emoting; she makes it so raw that it’s terrifying to watch. Lee takes a simple line like “Who was that man? Do you know him?”, and delivers it with the blistering urgency of a woman mounting the gallows. There is a lot to love about the formal composition of FWWM, but the truth is that without this actress’s torturous commitment to making Laura Palmer psychologically correct, the whole structure might come crashing down. Everyone whose life has been touched by Twin Peaks, even those of us who relate to the more iconic Donna and Audrey, owe Sheryl Lee more thanks than we have given her.