and some random dude

Nikola Tesla is the greatest b/c he loved pigeons and science and wanted to provide people with electricity at low cost but he was also lowkey trying to build a death beam. 

elderly bandom memories:

  • ryan ross doing cocaine with some random girls ON INSTAGRAM
  • that dude that tried to scam people claiming he had ryan’s ep
  • brandon urie and ryan ross ending up at the same haloween party and pretending iT NEVER HAPPENED
  • when propertyofzack broke the news that fob was coming back two days before their grand announcements and everyone was like omg zack u such a liar
  • paramore’s revolving door of members
  • josh (formerly) from paramore’s cringy blog post
  • brendon urie’s vine fame
  • pete and patrick’s solo efforts
  • kim kardashian in the thanks for the memories video
  • alex from all time low and tay jardine from we are the in crowd drama during warped tour
  • when of mice and men were relevant
  • what even happened with sleeping with sirens
  • guyliner, the manbun of emo
  • pete on one tree hill
  • andrew mcmahon two to three bands ago
  • mikey way cheating on his wife?????? 
  • the RUTHLESS bracelet that summer everyone had
  • TAI TV
  • the original jagk shirt and glamour kills??
  • gabe saporta’s purple hoodie and the single with blair waldorf that actually did good???
  • jeffree star???? singing????? at warped????? 
  • long fall out boy song names (make fob song names great again)
  • you me at six? and the fact that no one knew how to spell josh’s name
  • travie mccoy’s marriage to katy perry?
  • the long island bands - tbs, brand new, etc
  • stage gay

ya’ll i can not handle another News Story™ about some person swimming at the beach suddenly seeing a shark and being like “I was SHOCKED to see a shark in the water”







Mixed emotions
  • Tv show: *some random dude/gal dies an emotional death*
  • Me: oh poop, that just got real. Dang
  • Me: *sees a picture of otp*
  • Me: *starts crying*
  • Friend: what? What's wrong?
  • Friend: ...?

how do people even notice when they run into celebs? like tbh i spend as much time staring at gifs of these ppls faces as the next tumblr loser, but honestly? i see pics of these celebs in photos taken w fans and i barely even recognize them. fuckin daniel radcliffe could pass me by and i’d be like ‘lol this kid look like frodo’

  • Kanan: *changes his whole name, wears different clothes, uses a blaster if the lightsaber isn't necessary*
  • Ahsoka: *also wears new clothes, goes by a super secret codename does stuff anonymously*
  • Obi-wan: *only changes his first name, wears his same jedi robes every day for 19 years, openly uses lightsaber on some random dude in a bar*

tbt to when rbb posted a pic on twitter hanging out with some random dude in front of a wall and we some how found out that he was at a gay club in the gay district of Newcastle and that same night louis was publicly seen at another club across from where rbb was via fan pics like … iconic.

andreil: flower shop au
  • okay so andrew and neil are neighbors right and neil has two cats that almost never stay in when he’s not home
  • so they’ll wander around the street and everyone knows they belong to that short guy with angry red hair who lives with another much taller cheery guy
  • anyway people are okay with the ugly cats wandering into their yards and chilling and just having fun with other pets
  • but there’s one neighbor who is getting Tired of this shit

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anonymous asked:

You can choose to write this or not but consider! :0 a bully shoves Jeremy against a locker which causes his nose to bleed and then protective Michael

I’m not going to write a really big thing for this, but I’m going to write a thing. 

Setting: Freshman Year (It’s okay if you sang this in Rich’s voice in your head because I did too)

High school, Michael thinks, is far too big and far too confusing for a mind that is still trapped in the comfort of middle school. He’s spent the better half of five minutes trying to navigate around students far larger than himself in order to find Jeremy’s locker. 

When the masses of students begin to dwindle, Michael realizes he’s running short on time, but he has to find Jeremy first. They made a pact on the first day to always meet up after every class no matter what. To them, this isn’t just high school; it’s also survival. 

Now that there aren’t what feels like thousands of students crowding around, it doesn’t take Michael long to spot Jeremy at his locker, but Jeremy’s not alone.

In front of Jeremy is a towering red-head who does not appear friendly at all. Michael watches as the red-head shouts at Jeremy, but then the next few seconds appear to Michael’s narrowed eyes as if in slow motion. 

Jeremy turns his back on the red-head to open his locker, but the red-head doesn’t leave. Instead, he shoves two palms against Jeremy’s back, forcing the brunet face-first into the locker. 

Michael’s blood begins to boil, and a dangerous red colors over his normally welcoming eyes. Time shifts back to normal just as he starts toward the two. 


Both Jeremy and the red-head look toward Michael, and Michael allows a brief moment of fear when he spots the blood seeping out from Jeremy’s hand that’s cupped over his nose before anger takes center hold within his chest once more. He stalks up to the red-head with his hands curled into fists at his side, and then he swings. 

Here’s a perk of being left-handed: people never see a punch coming. Michael’s knuckles crash against the red-head’s cheek, and said boy stumbles backwards, eyes wide in surprise. 

For a moment, no one moves, and the three fall deathly silent, save Michael’s harsh panting as adrenaline courses through his body. But, after a few moments, the red-head laughs. 

“You’ve got some serious balls, freshie.” 

Michael steps around until he’s planted in front of Jeremy as a human shield, and he narrows his eyes, staring dangerously at the red-head. 

“Chill, dude. I’m leaving.” 

Michael and Jeremy watch as the red-head turns on his heel and walks off, and it’s only when the guy is out of sight that Michael spins around pushes up slightly on his toes to get a better look at Jeremy’s nose. 

Despite the blood and bruising, Jeremy smiles, and Michael frowns at this, briefly wondering if perhaps Jeremy hit his head. 

“Dude, that was so awesome! Thank you.” Jeremy says, voice a spitting image of someone in awe. 

Michael rocks back on his heels, and his lips curl up into a wide smile. “I’ve got your back.” 

Shape of You

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Y/N (Reader), Jared Padalecki (mentioned), Misha Collins (mentioned)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Objectification of reader (sorta - he means well), Implied smut, smut, Dry Humping, Oral (69), unsafe sex (wrap it before you tap it), training kink (is that a thing?), rough(ish) sex, NSFW gifs under the cut.    

Word Count: 3500ish

A/N: This is me proving to myself I still remember how to smut. I haven’t written anything smutty for the longest of times and I have been feeling like it lately. It was harder than I thought getting back into the saddle though. Sorry if it is a bit rough - pun not intended.

It is somewhat inspired by the Ed Sheeran song Shape of You - and maybe a little by the video too.

Thanks to the sweet amazing @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this for me.

“Fuck,” she breathed out, instantly drawing Jensen’s attention. He was sprawled out his couch, waiting for Y/N to return to his side. It was movie night and she hadn’t bothered leaving the room to take the phone call. Jensen never eaves dropped and even if he was to overhear something it wouldn’t matter. There was nothing to two of them hid from each other. Literally nothing.

They had both been single for a while and some drunken night they had come to the conclusion, that helping each other blow off some steam when either of them needed it was much prefered from picking up some random dude or chick at a bar.

“If you want I am game,” Jensen teased her, throwing her his best Dean smirk, making her eyes roll so hard he was sure Jared would hear it across the hall from Jensen’s apartment.

“It’s not funny, Jensen! They offered me the part. I’m gonna be Wonder Woman,” she complained, making Jensen shoot from the couch and wrap her in his arms, spinning her around the air not caring one bit about her objection.

“That’s amazing Y/N/N,” he laughed putting her down but not releasing her from his hold, “what are you so worried about?” Jensen gently stroked her hair away from her face, studying her face and trying to figure out why she wasn’t over the moon about this. She had a tendency to overthink things. He knew that. He literally spent 2 hours on the floor of her bedroom leaning against her bathroom door trying to talk her out after the first night they had slept together.

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