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I'm so tired why won't they speak up, or shut everyone else up. Like if you aren't going to talk about it but show it to other musicians who give interviews tell them, hey you know just don't mention this anytime soon? I haven't said anything, but he obviously doesn't do that let's them talk about it and he remains quiet.

I do think it’s interesting that his team is allegedly allowing multiple people to listen to the music but we have yet to have any of it leak. When are they going to let Julian listen and hit us with 6 second audio clips?

When I first came out as trans, and even now, my parents point out the way I acted more or less androgynously as a kid. 

The thing is, I never wore my hair short or played with boys or did “masculine” things because I knew I was a boy, I did them because I liked having short hair and playing with boys and doing “masculine” things. That was it. And yet, for some reason, people seem to use my childhood tomboy stuff to justify me transitioning now. 

Honestly, when I was younger and doing the androgynous thing, I didn’t understand gender, at least as anything other than a black and white way to sort humanity into two even halves. My choices didn’t have anything more to do with gender than my little scraggly rattail did.

And, as much as it’s been brought up, it shouldn’t matter. If I at five years old had refused to wear non-pink clothing and painted my nails every day, I would still be just as much of a man. 

The “I always knew” narrative is valuable for some people, but sometimes it doesn’t really apply. No one’s gender presentation should be used to validate or invalidate their identity.

i fully understand why some trans people don’t like trans fics or art but the reason i do like them and actively write those sorts of fics and read them is because it feels really nice to see something of a character you like and to be like “hey, they’re just like me” like even if it’s just a headcanon, it still makes me feel normal and i like it. i like to see the person i already am represented

but yeah some people also just don’t like to be reminded that they’re trans and don’t at all want to see it in the characters they love and relate to, and would Much prefer to see the person they want to be, you know? but both are good stances on it all in my opinion at least

This just in

Your gender and sexuality are valid even if others don’t understand or find it strange

To be honest, the tumblr witchcraft community taught me more than any book on witchcraft I ever read.

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy

You know that last post got me thinking: what is up with the these alleged fans who don’t think Star Wars is funny? Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely am here for the Skywalker Family Drama (because hello I have a pulse) and the Kenobi Sads and the Lore but like…at the end of the day? Star Wars is ridiculous! It’s so delightfully humorous. How do people not see this?! Who are these guys and why don’t they want to actually have fun with any of this nonsense?

Situation in Chile

Some of you probably know this but anyways i’m going to explain what is the situation. 

(In this picture you can see the comparison of hectares lost last year and right now from the fifth region to the worst one, the seventh region / where I live) 

Chile is going through the biggest wildfire in its history. Thousands of Thousands of  hectares are gone and despite all the effort and help , the fire seems to not stop any time soon. Houses have been burned down, animals are hurt and dying , and people have lost everything and we cannot see or breathe because the smoke is covering everywhere. It hurts me to see all the beautiful places I visit often, burned down to nothing. It breaks my heart to watch the news announcing more wildfire in other places and hear the fire truck sirens every 10 mins. i can’t take it anymore, and all i can do is send water to the fire station and pray. 

Chile has been through many earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and many other natural disasters. I’m sure we will stand up again and build up our lives from the scratch.

So please keep us in your prayers 🙇 

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them

The thing with CCs writing isn’t that there a just like two or three problematic things in her books because that really wouldn’t be a basis to hate the stuff. I’m pretty sure most books and movies, even with generally good presentation, have their problematic factors here and there. It’s human, sometimes we either don’t know better or simply didn’t think and as long as we are willing to learn how to do better that’s not a bad thing. The bad thing about her writing is the fact that there is such a big amount of problematic stuff that it’s impossible to even keep track of. Not to mention the shit she herself can be associated with. It’s not just about “oh, so he cheated, it happens in real life too” but about ALL of it piled together connected to how it’s handled.

Nobody hates on the books because of one or two things, that would be ridiculous. It’s about the big picture and the fact that there are constantly problematic actions displayed and that wouldn’t even be so bad if they were at least handled accordingly - if the books would point out that the things are bad and wrong, if they would make an effort to do better and let the characters develop into better versions of themselves. But they don’t learn from their mistakes, that aren’t even depicted as such, and they keep on doing shitty things.

The problem is that you could write a whole damn book or even book series listing the problematic thing surrounding CC and her work. THAT is why people react negatively because they have more than just one reason to and everyone defending CC with the argument of “well, it happens in real life too” clearly needs to get a reality check because if you don’t even get the problematic factors of a fictional world I don’t even want to know how you see the real world…

Look, Sharena has pink tips in her hair, like how Alfonse has blond tips, only you can’t see it well. I just wanted to make them more visible. I just wanted everyone to know she has pink in her hair;;;

So I’m reading Days Without End by Sebastian Barry at the moment and it’s giving me a lot of emotions about, like, landscapes and crossdressing.

I have been reading a lot lately and I keep meaning to do some sort of book roundup, except mostly I don’t have much to say about the books I read unless I feel fannish in which case I will say it in fic. But, like. This book is pretty good. It has sky in it.

Generally, I personally am not a fan at all of headcanoning ALL clone troopers as ace. It feeds into desexualization of nonwhite men (especially seeing as they are basically the majority of our nonwhite characters), it touches into asexuals are artifical beings and especially if the headcanon comes out of ‘ace because reproduction would be inconvenient’ asexuality is manufactured (i.e. less of a real thing), if it goes the asexuality to save off reproduction that is a little too close to sterilization/forcibly taking away reproductive rights of nonwhite persons for comfort. It also gently stumbles into the association of asexuality and the ability to commit terrible acts, even though the clone troopers aren’t necessarily villains, they are a huge portion of Order 66 and the Clone Wars and the horrors associated with them.

There’s a difference between some or many are ace, and every single one of them are. While I totally understand the desire to represent a group, it just becomes extremely uncomfortable to me because it intersects with a lot of harmful tropes and stereotypes surrounding nonwhite people and aces.

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Uh hi sorry to bothered you but about the CH+ pics you post, I don't think it's right to repost things from CH+ channel, maybe you should removed it, ppl paid to CH+ for that and it's illegal to bring it out, so please deleted the post, thank you.

hi! thanks for being so polite but i’m not going to delete the two posts i’ve made. if everyone follows the rules and doesn’t share the things they’ve paid for then we won’t have any content 

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Do you ever feel like you don’t really belong anywhere? Not with your friend group or family or clubs, and it’s not the people there it’s you. Like you’re just sorta there and missing out on some joke everybody gets but you and it’d all be okay if you never were there