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a super secret sordid romance between two eternal rivals who hate each other so much that they take literally every opportunity they can to stand together. and bicker. and hold hands. and smile about one another like a pair of idiots.

but not because they like each other or anything geez what even gave you that idea


Hairstyles with R!Genji! And a bonus canon Genji because he is beautiful and I love him

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Funny Hat Facts: Hats are going back to 30,000 BC, so they've been there for a really long time. In 1797 a man named John Hetherington was given a £500 fine for inciting riots in the streets, because he was wearing a top hat. It is said that it's great height and shiny silk luster incited terror and panic. Honestly Black Hat would probably, as soon as he heard of this, decide that the top hat will be his main look.

BH was probably like “this is it. the most villainous hat ever. i n e e d it.”

  • He gets into immediate rivalries with anyone who’s hat is tALLER THAN HIS–
  • “uh boss i think he just likes wearing hats?” “Don’t be ridiculous Flug do you see how stupid that looks? What kind of moron wears a hat that tall!?!”
  • (Said hat is like. an inch taller than BH’s. Flug kinda stares at BH’s hat, then at BH, then back again. “really.”)
  • BH probably sells villain fashion tbh; branding and appearance are just as important for a client as the actual weaponry.
  • “NO CAPES. CAPES ARE SOOOO EARLY 2000′S– Have a coat instead. This is much, much edgier more evil.”
I hope I’m educating outsiders about the long time existence of fatphobia in the African American community.

So many people believed and still believe black women don’t experience fatphobia because of the myth that most African America men like curvy or thick women. This belief ignored years of fat black women or bigger black women who’ve suffered through body image issues, and eating disorders. Every time there’s a study it’s perpetuating the myth that all of us are happy with our bodies because our culture loves bigger girls. That’s complete rubbish and I know that with a fact. That’s not true and has never been true. 

What they don’t know is that our culture’s definition of “thick” is a skinny girl with an acceptable amount of butt and boobs, and has always been.

I mentioned the video model/urban magazine era and how I’ve been around long enough to remember it, and how many believed that era supposedly highlighted the belief or myth that black men preferred bigger women because they were using video models in their videos. In Westernized America where Victoria Secret models are the standard, in black culture video models are equivalent to my size.

If you Google Ki Toy, Melyssa Ford, Vida Guerra, KD Aubert, Bria Myles (some of their pictures are NSFW, and I can’t think of anymore, those are the most popular one’s I remember right off the top of my head), and see what I mean by slim girls with an acceptable amount of butt and boobs. 

And over time the girls got thinner, and the actual thick girls got called too fat, and turned away from videos. Even in old school Hip-Hop videos (Baby Got Back for example), and R&B videos the women were slim not “thick” and definitely never fat/plus size.

There has never been a time in our culture where bigger black women were actually celebrated. The only time we did feel a litte reassured is when another fat black woman made it possible for us to feel comfortable (comedian/actress Monique). And plus size/fat black women always got/get the short end of the stick. We were always seen as the symbol of failure in the black community. The poster child of poor decisions. We had to go through years of being told how fat we are compared to other races of women with some loser pulling up outdated information about our bodies.

If you look in black culture fat black women are always people’s punchlines, it started way back then, not just because social media exists. Those hurtful images and comments turned into memes to bash fat black women have always been there. Joke upon joke comparing us to animals or inanimate objects in the most brutal or antagonizing way.

In our music and in film or t.v. like Big Momma’s house, Friday, Norbit, Martin (character Cole’s girlfriend Big Shirley where she would never be shown, but they’d play up horrible stereotypes about her size and weight by making loud footsteps sounds with the floor shaking indicating how big she was)and many other representations, it’s extremely prevalent to see fatphobia in black culture.

Our fatphobia also comes with racist perceptions about fat black women and black culture so that adds to the burden. Racism is a driving factor of fatphobia.

Fatphobia and eating disorders target black women too.

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We know, we know. Excellent comparison, AntifaInternational. Alexander Bissonette and some other loser, together having like 10 victims. Compared to over 100 victims in France alone, thanks to radical Islam. The real threat is obviously lone neo nazis, you're right.

Oh we’re sorry!  We were just pointing out two white supremacist acts of terrorism that have happened in the last six weeks.  We thought you, like 99% of our followers, would be intelligent enough to understand that without us having to make it explicit.  Silly of us to assume that, huh?
(and btw, these attacks committed by these two neo-nazis had 17 victims - ten dead and seven injured).

So you want to go long and cover all terrorist attacks in Europe?  Maybe you should read this study released just last year on that topic.   Which found that neo-nazi loners/losers are responsible for murdering 5x more Europeans in terrorist attacks than religious extremists.  

And that nearly half of all fatalities from terrorist attacks in Europe were from attacks by neo-nazis, white supremacists, and other right-wing extremists.  

And that the victims of terrorism in Europe are most often ethnic and religious minorities, asylum seekers and immigrants; and that a large majority of religious targets were Muslim.

Facts, Anon: find an adult that can explain to you what they are and why they’re useful in understanding how the world works.

I was playing The Sims 4 with my cousin today. Totally cc free game - no mods, no cas ‘improvements’, no decor and recoloured furniture. I can honestly say that it is possible to actually play and enjoy this game after adding 3 expansions, 5 game packs and 10 stuff packs LOL

and zeus for once hasn’t stuck his dick in anything hera knows about but now she’s mad because paris picked aphrodite over her which wow fuck you paris??????

and she’s like if you support the greeks zeus so help me and zeus really doesn’t want to put up with that so he’s like yes dear and some crap happens and now ares is mad so he’s like ddaaaaAAddy and zeus is literally like everyone shut the fuck up for five minutes and just all the gods are fighting with each other because of these fucking mortals and their fucking problems and he’s 500% done

and eris is sitting there laughing her ass off its amazing

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Python being adorkable and affectionate with Ava please. I needs this, there's so little him and jfjsojfjs (dying). Thanks so much!! :D

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You weren’t entirely sure what to think when you felt Python’s arms around your waist, much less when his chin rested on your shoulder and planted plenty of face-warming kisses along your skin.

In fact, you were so shocked you erupted in a fit of giggles and tried desperately to get away from the shower of affection. That only spurred him on, more.

“P-Python! What are you doing in here? This is my tent!!” You gasped between giggles. Python grunted, leaning up to press another kiss to your cheek.

“I’m not allowed to come visit my lady when I miss her?” He mused, “I can’t help it if I’m feeling lonely. You’re always ditching me to work with Lukas or Alm or some other Deliverance loser. What’s a guy gotta do to spend some time with his kickass lady?”

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Stop Trying to Hit on Me

Synopsis: The reader works as a bartender, but she misses someone terribly…
Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean (mentioned - bc i can’t deal w/o him.)
Words: 1237
Warnings: zero plot, gross drunk ppl, this could be called fluff???
Prompt: “Stop trying to hit on me you douchebag. We’re already married.”
Tags: If you want to be tagged in anything, ask me!

A/N: This was written for my gal @sammyisapuppy ‘s  Sam’s birthday / Fluff appreciation challenge I hope you like it my dood! xx

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“Hey, sweetheart. Throw me another beer would ya?” The gross drunk at the end of the bar shouted at you for the third time that night. You were half way through cleaning a glass when his slurred words reached you. During your career as a bartender, you had learned how to deal with drunks. Especially those that seemed to lose their minds after one too many drinks. They would take one look at the tight jeans you wore and suddenly think they owned you. But you always handled it – too many people left the bar with bloodied noses and alcohol-stained clothing.

You took a drink from underneath the bar, dangling it over the man’s head as he reached for it eagerly. “You call me sweetheart again and the beer gets thrown over your big head, understand?”

The guys surrounding the drunk erupted, slapping him on the back and calling him a loser or some other worthless name. You winked, hoping that taught them all a lesson before you turned back to the dirty glasses you were attending to.

People around you seemed to be talking amongst themselves and sharing drinks. They were all laughing and smiling, while you simply took people’s orders and brought them drinks. You started to clean the glasses, looking between the front door and the clock as you worked, waiting for someone special to walk through those doors. You were just about to start cleaning another glass when a familiar voice startled you from behind. The glass almost slipped from your hand, but you caught it rather quickly.

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Um… Was thinking about expression sheets while animating so I tried a few with these two corporate nerds (instead of my own characters). Please excuse me and my messy scribbles. They’re directly scanned from my sketchbook and I got real lazy to clean so… Here.

I’ll just be on this other side yelling at myself for doing this. eheheheh.


parts one and two:

i’ll keep playing that one song until the cd burns! that’s a promise

i watched logan with a friend and it tore me up inside

i kept thinking about nothing for a change, and it felt nice

tonight [this day] as my back hurts and my shoulders feel strange and my eyes crystallize i make a promise to myself: i’ll stop looking

for your smile whenever i see a new pair of lips

i’ll stop hoping to catch you in a crowd, i’ll stop waiting for you

to explain yourself and tell me truly why you left the way you did

i’ll stop hating you

i’ll just stop, and funny enough, i’ll keep moving on at the same time

i’ll send you love, like julia roberts did to her ex in that one julia roberts movie, and then i’ll let you go

like a dove or a stone thrown into the ocean’s maw or something like that

tonight [this day] i’ll make plans for car rides and neon nights taken up by smiles and not tears, no more tears unless they’re perfectly necessary!

and that’s a declaration, baby, that’s a manifesto, my own

i don’t hope to be the voice of my generation or anything like that, there are poets and creators out there with way more insight and talent

i just hope my oeuvre might be able to help someone in emotional, heart-break recovery, someone who’s been through the same shit as me

that’s all

i remember days when i had puke stripes down my chin and beard and when my chest was exploding with every purge and i just couldn’t see anything better happening to me

but guess what? it did

i’ve been through so much shit i don’t wanna bore you with it

but things really do get better

after all, you can’t puke forever

and yeah, your favorite songs won’t play forever either but the cool thing about THE WORLD is that you’ll be able to find NEW favorite songs

to replace those old burned cd’s, those cd’s on fire, those now-forgettable ones, yeah

i’m not aiming for a masterpiece, i’m just a self-proclaimed loser and poet on living on the same hunk of rock you are, trying to make sense of every little thing

maybe i should stop trying so hard and just pray for the sun to rise

[after all, it’s going to, anyway]

and with that, and a wink, and a smile, ala superman, i bid you goodnight or goodmorning, wherever you may find yourself)

the epilogue:

true friends have helped me see the golden light that’s been trying to make its way to the place in the tunnel where we are, the light isn’t only at some magical end

true friends have helped me see the beauty in this world and the beauty in myself and in the work i do tonight

my sneakers have paint stains and puke stains but i’ll wash them and i’ll shower and put on a new suit and tie and i’ll stop pretending for once

i’ll unfurl my wings, put on some new shoes, get my walkman, and dance with all the other “losers” – winners, in my eyes

Persona 5 - 3 (4) things

I think I should perhaps stop attaching a heading to everything I write. Hmm.

I think, overall, Persona 5 is a good game and very fun. I did enjoy much of it. However, I do have some major problems with it (3 as I stated above with a fourth which is a lesser concern). These keep it from being a Great Game to me. Now I’ve never played Persona games until Persona 5 so, I hope, the trend is towards fixing these instead of making them worse, but I cannot be sure.

1) The Cheating/Female Agency in general: Does Persona 5 have some great female characters? Yes, yes it does. I mean Ann, Makoto, Haru and Futaba (to name the most important) are truly enjoyable. They are interesting and actually are for the most part strong characters. Which is why the ability of the protagonist to essentially cheat on them (and more) with little to no repercussion hurts so much. It makes it almost impossible for me to respect them as much when I know that, according to the game, even if my character is blatantly caught cheating on them with no remorse he can still pursue a relationship with them and suffers a comedic scene as his only punishment, with no lasting harm to the trust between parties. This does three things which truly upsets me; firstly it portrays that, apparently, cheating on your significant other is not a substantial breach of trust (instead your comedic punishment almost seems to imply it is ‘cool’). Secondly it reduces the likeability and agency of the female characters by portraying them as, apparently, gullible enough to somehow believe no cheating is going on even when it is blatantly happening in front of them. Thirdly it feels horrible that the game seems to still, despite its hard work, at the end of the day take the position that the girls are effectively all into the protagonist at the expense of their dignity. I am not a fan of many ‘harems’, they are difficult to do well, and when I see them in Persona I fear they are there to appeal to base interests, not to make any kind of statement about the fact that genuine polyamory is as valid as any other relationship so long as all parties are consenting. Honestly, Persona 5 could simply of excised the capacity for cheating or, rather, made it that cheating always results in the extreme destruction of your relationships. Not just with the involved parties, but with all your friends. When I was watching the cutscene (on youtube since I’d never be willing to stomach doing it in my playthrough) my first thought was “In a setting in which Ryuji knows the protagonist has cheated on Ann and treated her like trash, how would they possibly go on as friends?”. The protagonist cheating, being willing to lie like that, should have MAJOR negative repercussions for all his close relationships. Sae, for example, should be pretty furious at someone who treats her little sister like trash.

2) The protagonist as Gary-Stu: This can be averted by a player intentionally choosing to sabotage themselves at points, which is fine, but at the same time the game can sometimes become infuriating to me with how I, the protagonist, am some sort  of perfect entity who never makes mistakes and always solves everyone else’s mistakes. I honestly would have enjoyed a game where the different Phantom Thieves help each other through their issues more than a game in which I, the protagonist, am seemingly just the appointed perfect being who knows all. To be honest I think I would have prefered a more scripted protagonist, with set narrative and personality, than an avater self-insert who at times bordered on too perfect for my tastes. A Fire Emblem-esque system by which I could rank up the relationships of my fellow Phantom Thieves also would have been enjoyable, helping to create the idea that the Phantom Thieves are a group and not simple a collection of individuals who all care about the protagonist.

3) Abuse is okay if its a ‘loser’ male: Imagine Futaba being physically beat up for doing something stupid. Imagine Shiho came back as a wet-blanket-ish female character and virtually 90% of all dialogue directed at her was just ‘pssh, what a loser’ to some or other effect. None of this happens, thank goodness, but the game does think its a-okay for it to happen to Ryuji and Mishima, even though BOTH HAVE BEEN PHYSICALLY BEATEN AS CHILDREN. The game’s seemingly cruel delight in torturing Ryuji and Mishima baffles me. Particularly since neither of them are as bad as the game wants us to believe. This part confuses me; if the game wanted me to enjoy Mishima and Ryuji’s near constant suffering why did it go out of its way to make them so pitiable and good-hearted? If their purpose was for me to laugh at their pain then I’d need them to be pretty horrible people to justify it but, instead, most of the time the two are surprisingly good-hearted and kind, particularly Ryuji who is willing to sacrifice himself for us within minutes of our first meeting. I found the game’s treatment of these two characters deeply unsettling. Worst, though, was perhaps how the game kept seeming to give some indication it could do better…but then just didn’t. Now for myself a thing which is good…but then lets me down is always much worse than a thing which is just plain bad (worse here  meaning my experience of it, not objectively, its still better than a plain bad thing objectively). This happened a lot with Ryuji. A small example to demonstrate; after our first journey into a Palace with Ann she texts the protagonist a thank you, I of course responded with ‘you should thank Ryuji too’ since I am accustomed to games like this making it that the ‘idiot’ character never recieves any gratitutde for anything. BUT to my immense surprise Ann shoots back with an immediate “I already did”. I was so impressed and happy. Not only did the game subvert my normal expectations of anime tropes by having Ann thank Ryuji, but the game also recognized that seeing as Ann and Ryuji new each other at that point better than either knew my protagonist character it would make sense for her to thank him first. That was good, gave me hope that the Ann/Ryuji friendship would be the first ‘Girl scolds idiot boy a lot but I am meant to think they are friends’ relationship I’ve ever seen in media I like. But then…then…as if determined to destroy this good will Persona 5 proceeded to muck things up. So after we finally destroy Kamoshida’s Palace and everything we are texted again by Ann to thank us. This time though, when we remind her to thank Ryuji, her honest answer is “I forgot”, as if us remininding her is the only reason she’s going to do it. It is particularly hard to swallow if, like me, you had Ryuji as the one to knock of Kamoshida’s Treasure. The fact that Ryuji tripped and almost died also makes it hard to imagine Ann can somehow forget to thank him. And this applies for Morganna too, she never thanks him either. And it really just gets worse from there. Abuse is not okay. Beating Ryuji up physically is horrible.

4) This is the obvious one which many people have said better than me but I still would like it enough to put it down here; why no relationships other than male/female are possible?

That being said it was still a fun and good game. I only hope that if the series continues these issues are not present in later versions. I’d enjoy a redone version of P5 which removes them as well, but I do not think that is a realistic expectation at all.

i honestly think it’s wild how every time some shirtless white loser gets called out for being disgusting some other ugly loser comes to their blog off anon like “don’t know what all the hates about just ignore them :):):)” like… when will people stop letting guys who go to the gym say whatever the fuck they want lmao