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a super secret sordid romance between two eternal rivals who hate each other so much that they take literally every opportunity they can to stand together. and bicker. and hold hands. and smile about one another like a pair of idiots.

but not because they like each other or anything geez what even gave you that idea

Fun book facts about Stan Uris
  • He can bust out way funnier shit than Richie without even trying
  • He’s the first to deter It with the power of belief, and this helps inspire the later courses of action The Losers take against It
  • He loves bird-watching, and bonds with his father over it
  • It’s his idea to clean Bev’s bathroom, he actively walks into it and points to where he can see the blood so she knows she’s not crazy, and when they go to the laundromat to wash the rags they used, he insists on paying for it
  • He’s not reluctant to fight It because he’s afraid. At all. It’s a very strange, complex psychological issue related to being very ordered, perceptive of the world, and “adult”, and almost unable to except any of it is real, but it’s not cowardice.
  • He later makes It fuck off when It’s in the form of a giant bird dive-bombing them in the sewers by standing there screaming at It that no bird like that has ever existed and he doesn’t believe in It, then brushes it off with humility when the other Losers tell him he kicked ass
  • He’s implied to have a better understanding of It than the other Losers did for some reason, intermittent memories of their encounter even before Mike calls, and is theorized to have realized It was pregnant. This is implied to be why he commits suicide rather than go back to face It. He also displays some kind of sense of precognition
  • The chapter of his suicide is told from his wife’s PoV, and paints him as extremely kind, supportive, and loving
  • It was his idea to swear the blood oath in the first place, not Bill’s, and he cuts everyone’s palms (before briefly making a “joke” about slashing his wrists with the piece of broken bottle, which disturbs Bill so much that he almost makes a move on him because he seemed serious)
  • He’s the best love him god damn it

im rewatching some quality red team moments from s4 and i live for donut and simmons bickering with each other oh my god


Hairstyles with R!Genji! And a bonus canon Genji because he is beautiful and I love him

Today’s Third Years : Those Who Wait

Their videos are getting so long and weird now, I feel like translating doesn’t even help.  

But basically, Justin left early (to go see an Urawa Reds game), so here we have Ken-chan dramatically waiting for Justin.  Hiroki shows up to say that “Justin’s not coming back, you know.”  Honestly, they make it sound like he’s died.  Especially as they start getting into the shout fest.  Ken-chan is like, “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!” but Hiroki keeps going, “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!”  Ken-chan keeps hitting himself because he’s saying, “Tell me!  I can take it!  I can take it!!!” 

But in the end…

Ken-chan: Tell me where he is!!  
Hiroki: You’ll regret hearing it.
Ken-chan: That’s fine.  I’ve been waiting for him all this time!  I’ve been here ten days now!  Mopping this wall!

And Justin, at the Urawa Reds game.  They won, so he was happy.

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OKAY SO I just went through and read a bunch of your writing because I’m lame lmaooo but PROMPT IDEA: so Eddie gets a “secret admirer” that leaves him letters and gifts and stuff but whoever it is slowly turns into more of a stalker and they’re crazy and leaving threats in Eddie’s locker etc etc and Eddie refuses to tell the Losers club because he wants to handle it himself but they all find out anyways ( everyone being super protective *cough cough richie* over Eddie is my jam )

Okay first of all THANKS FOR READING MY STUFF you’re rad as fuck for that. Second, this is such a great prompt the losers being protective is???? amazing. Third, I am sorry I am a terrible human and this took so long for me to put out?????? I suck???? forgive me

Warnings: stalker is a stalker and makes threats and is creepy so please please please don’t read if you’ll be triggered by that behavior!!! 

This is just a little over 2.5k words

It started out innocently enough. In all honesty, Eddie was flattered. He’d gone to his locker one day after third period, and there was a note there, all folded neatly, that read “you’re adorable, Eddie Kaspbrak.” For about two weeks, he wanted to believe that his secret admirer that signed his notes as “your future boyfriend” was Richie. He was just waiting to ask him. He thought about it more and more as the notes kept coming: complimenting his clothes and hair and even his freckles.

His suspicions were solidified when he scratched up his knees at the quarry one day and he received a note the next morning telling him to be more careful when he swam with his friends. Only the losers had been there; it must be Richie! He planned to ask Richie about it after school when they biked home together (as always). However, a second note appeared in his locker after lunch.

“Stop spending so much time with Tozier. You’re starting to make me jealous, Eddie,” Eddie read in a whisper. He felt cold all of a sudden. None of his friends would write this. Richie certainly wouldn’t. He crumpled up the note and tossed it into the nearest trashcan, wanting to be rid of it. Holding it felt like holding a threat.

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(( @doppio-daily Hey it’s-a me, I just wanted to make some legitimate fanart for you because I’ve wanted to for a while. And since I actually have an ask-blog now and we’ve somewhat interacted I feel a lot more comfortable to give some to you! They’re transparent so idk do what you want with them… if you feel like it? Love ya!!! ))

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Funny Hat Facts: Hats are going back to 30,000 BC, so they've been there for a really long time. In 1797 a man named John Hetherington was given a £500 fine for inciting riots in the streets, because he was wearing a top hat. It is said that it's great height and shiny silk luster incited terror and panic. Honestly Black Hat would probably, as soon as he heard of this, decide that the top hat will be his main look.

BH was probably like “this is it. the most villainous hat ever. i n e e d it.”

  • He gets into immediate rivalries with anyone who’s hat is tALLER THAN HIS–
  • “uh boss i think he just likes wearing hats?” “Don’t be ridiculous Flug do you see how stupid that looks? What kind of moron wears a hat that tall!?!”
  • (Said hat is like. an inch taller than BH’s. Flug kinda stares at BH’s hat, then at BH, then back again. “really.”)
  • BH probably sells villain fashion tbh; branding and appearance are just as important for a client as the actual weaponry.
  • “NO CAPES. CAPES ARE SOOOO EARLY 2000′S– Have a coat instead. This is much, much edgier more evil.”
yoongi as a boyfriend

  • the partly lazy boyfriend
  • unwilling to do anything, unless he really feels like it
  • you don’t mind, so you often have a lot of lazy days
  • just lying in bed, or on the couch, holding each other close
  • you’d think he’d want silence, but he actually loves talking to you about things
  • whether it’s just about his day or problems he’s having with a project
  • he knows that he’s able to easily communicate his feelings with you
  • underneath the hard, cold surface is a fluffy boy who wants to be loved
  • but doesn’t know how to express that, so sometimes what he says is entirely different from what he’s thinking
  • thankfully, you understand him well and don’t take what he’s saying the wrong way
  • if he ever snaps or yells at you, he won’t do anything at first
  • but then he begins to apologize over and over again, all with a slight pout
  • likes having you in his lap when he works
  • it’s his source of comfort and also a way to get feedback on his work
  • “yoongi, try adding background vocals during this part.”
  • wardrobe only consists of sweatpants and hoodies
  • majority of what’s in your closet is probably his
  • but he doesn’t really care
  • claims you look better in them anyway
  • don’t often go on dates, but if you do he makes sure the whole night is specially planned for you
  • you bring each other lunch with some type of note on the bag
  • “hey loser, don’t forget to eat. love you  –Yoongi”
  • attempted having a streak with you
  • has lost it many times due to being lazy lmao
  • S T A R G A Z I N G 
  • it’s an activity he loves doing with you
  • he’ll set up blankets and hot chocolate for the two of you
  • drags you outside to just enjoy the night sky
  • deeply cherishes these moments with you
  • always recommending each other music
  • or making playlists for the other person to listen too
  • because of you he doesn’t seem as cold and usually has a smile on his face
  • still hates doing aegyo, even if it’s for you

[requests for blurbs are open]

alternatives to LGBT/MOGAI

with help from @elfcourse and some other losers 

LAGABATIO+ - Lesbian Asexual Gay Aromantic Bisexual Agender Transgender Intersex Omnisexual + whatever else you wanna throw in there

NOHOMO - Non-heterosexual Orientations, Heterosexual Orientations, Metrosexual, & Omnisexual

FLAMERS - Furry, Lesbian, Asexual, Metrosexual, & Erotic Repressed Sexualities

STFU - Sexualities, Transgender, Furry, Unknown

UMAMI - Unlabelled Marginalized Asexuals, Mogai, Intersex

IDGAF - Intersex, Discriminated Genders, Asexuals, & Fujoshis 

OROMASHI - Omnisexual Repressosexual Omnigender Metrosexual Asexual Sapiosexual Hamilton Intersex

GASPER - Gay, Asexual, Sapiosexual, Piss-kink, Erotic Relationships

PDTMS - Polysexual Demisexual Transgender Metrosexual Sapiosexual, or, alternatively, Please Don’t Take Me Seriously

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Consider: stozier where stan is quieter after the fight with pennywise and rolls his eyes at richie even more but one day richie says something completely absurd ( he’s trying so hard to get any kind of reaction from stan ) and it’s something that makes all of the other losers roll their eyes but for some reason stan thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world and he’s literally crying from laughing and richie is cant stop himself from being like “I love you”

so this is set in the months following the 2017 film but includes some elements from the book and the mini series !! sry this took forever, school is Hard but i hope u like it aklsgha

  • beverly moves to portland following the fight with It but she writes often, even if the letters are three words long (which becomes more frequent as the school year progresses, though they still receive the occasional three pager. sporadically, she’ll include pressed flowers, postcards, and polaroid photos of her, of portland, of her friends; the losers have a cork board of all of these photos and souvenirs and keep her letters in a box)
  • sometimes she calls; she usually calls richie when she does, late at night (or early in the morning, depending on whose timezone) and they’ll smoke cigarettes out their respective windows and talk about everything. mostly, she calls him and they work out a plan for her to call when the rest of the losers are all together and they can enjoy each other’s company, even if she’s thousands of miles away
  • bill accepts georgie’s death. maybe accept isn’t the right word, because he’ll never make peace with it, and sometimes he still wakes up tear stricken and gasping for breath, but it gets easier every day
  • ben writes a poem in black marker on the wall outside the pharmacy: “bad things happen, but you can still live.” 
  • they don’t notice stan until december. 
  • at this point, it’s been about three months; they’ve been slowly building up, on their own and with each other, back to functional human beings whose hearts don’t pound when they see the color red
  • (eddie once straight decked a woman in the uterus because she looked like a clown out of the corner of his eye. richie still hasn’t stopped laughing about it)
  • mike had successfully convinced his grandparents to enroll him in public school and his steady presence made The Healing much easier
  • they were all Quiet for a while, it’s easy to say, but stan was the Quietest and he didn’t stop being Quiet
  • richie half noticed that stan hardly laughed at his jokes anymore and that his eye rolls were no longer fond; at first, richie thought maybe they were annoyed. irritated? hostile?
  • but there wasn’t hostility in stan’s eyes when he rolled them or when he didn’t. there wasn’t anything.
  •  this makes richie Panic™ and gather the losers together for an impromptu “y’all are seeing this shit, right?” meeting, even managing to catch beverly on the phone for her advice
  • “we’re all getting better, why isn’t he?” and bill, quietly, responds “It didn’t try to k-k-kill any of us, ruh-richie”
  • bill, who’s fucking brother was taken and killed by It, and beverly, who had been kidnapped by It, are Healing when stan isn’t and richie had never considered that bad things happen and you can still live… but you also cannot
  • because how is what stan is doing living? wake up. eat. school. study. eat. sleep. repeat. he’s wasting away. when’s the last time stan’s said more than a few words? when’s the last time stan spoke without being spoken to? richie’s positive it was before stan had a ring of scars around his face
  • the rest of the losers try their own methods of helping stan along with The Healing:
  • beverly makes an effort to call him and write him personal letters; she often includes photos of birds she tried to capture with her polaroid camera and crude sketches of ones she didn’t manage to get, as well as pins she picks up that reminds her of him
  • mike starts telling stan, in great detail, incredible stories of the past; he tells him about billy the kid and the american old west. he tells him about the french revolution. he tells him about stonewall. he tells him about woodstock. he tells him and tells him and tells him until mike starts placing themselves in the stories, asking questions like “if we were outlaws, do you think we’d be a team” and stan says “yes” and his lips kind of twitch, it’s kind of something, but it’s not all of something
  • ben shows him his favorite poems. he’s got a massive stack of library books taller than him that takes the two of them to carry to ben’s house and they spend hours looking through the books together. stan doesn’t say anything when ben underlines parts of the poems he likes. ben reads him walt whitman. he tells stan that stan reminds him of walt. 
  • eddie buys an extra hot chocolate for stan at lunch. he saves him a seat on the bus in the morning. eddie bikes to stan’s after school with a stack of comics and he inhales all the snot back into his own nose despite the way his stomach turns; the cold is dangerous, but stan not living is a greater threat to the world. 
  • bill asks stan for help writing a story. he’s writing a series of myths, you see, and they’re about seven different people and their adventures. he asks for stan’s help writing a fable about a sparrow with a broken wing. stan doesn’t think the bird will be able to fly again. bill writes that he does.
  • richie … is something fucking else
  • if anyone thought he was a trashmouth before, wait til they get a load of him now; he ups his antics to the nth degree, getting bolder in his words and more brazen in where he says them
  • teachers? adults? bullies? fellow students? fellow losers? everyone’s getting fucking roasted and the talk about his wang is a lot more prevalent than it was before, and that’s saying something
  • stan won’t budge
  • in fact, he just rolls his eyes more often or he doesn’t react at all, even if everyone else is howling with laughter
  • the hole in richie’s chest is burning
  • richie’s getting fuckin DESPERATE like ur boi goes after eddie “i’m incredibly tall and you’re freakishly short” for no fucking reason; he gets popped in the face by an eleventh grader after insulting him, and the detentions are piling up
  • a few days after new year’s 1990, it happens
  • the losers are basically discussing hopping a bus or taking a plane to portland with all the money they’ve managed to scrape together shoveling snow and between their couch cushions; stan hasn’t said anything so eddie asks him “what do you think, stan? you think we can make it there and back undetected?”
  • and stan says “it’s illegal for us to go without an adult, and plane tickets are too expensive” barely looking up from his bird spotting book (he’s been staring at the same page for the last twenty minutes)
  • and richie quips: “i see you know a lot about aviation and government regulation… you aren’t a practitioner of bird law, are you?”
  • it’s a stupid fucking joke. definitely not his best. pretty low tier on his comedic ranking. the other losers roll their eyes but something happens
  • something fucking happens
  • stan’s lips twitch, first. then he smiles. then he fucking barks out a laugh and he has to cover his mouth because he’s literally fucking losing it
  • the other losers gape for a beat, maybe two, but stan’s laughter is infectious and they’re so overjoyed that he’s fucking laughing, LAUGHING, after months of basic radio silence
  • they’re jumping all over each other in elation, all of them smiling, all of them laughing, repeating “bird law!” and making random bird calls
  • stan’s deadass crying laughing, there are tears streaming down his face that are going to freeze over in the january temperature, and richie finds himself bouncing from loser to loser until he’s got stan by the shoulders, and then he’s pressing their foreheads together, and his chest is burning, but there isn’t a hole there, not really
  • the hole is Healing
  • richie feels dizzy and he’s looking at stan, curls wild, eyes crinkled from laughing, scars outlining the perimeter of his face, and richie can’t help it
  • you see, a trashmouth is someone who can’t fucking hold their tongue. it’s richie tozier, making crude jokes and dragging anyone without provocation. it’s someone who can’t hold their tongue. he can’t hold his tongue.
  • “i love you” he breathes and it’s Loud in the chaos; everyone feels it
  • everyone fucking feels it
  • that string connecting them all to each other, that string of fate keeping them inextricably bound, hums
  • the tie between stan and richie burns like a fever; it melts away whatever had prevented stan’s Healing like a popsicle on the fourth of july; their hearts are burning and the Loud is when richie says it again
  • “i love you, i love you, i love you”
  • the chaos has stopped; the losers are all looking at stan and richie with their foreheads pressed together and how both of their ears are red
  • richie’s looking at stan’s eyes and stan looks back at him
  • then he rolls his eyes, but it’s different this time
  • there’s something there and it’s whispering back: “i love you, i love you, i love you”

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i love those things where it’s like “the five times this almost happened and the one time it did” so maybe something with reddie in a secret relationship where it’s like the few times the losers -almost- caught them kissing and the one time they did?? sorry if that’s too specific haha

1. It was the last day of school and The losers were finally not freshman anymore. Eddie had stayed back for a few minutes in his last period class in hopes that he would miss Henry Bowers gang when he went out to find his friends. Eddie’s last class of the day was the only one that he had that didn’t have at least one other loser in it, so you could say that it’s been a pretty lonely year in his eight period Spanish class. After, about 10 minutes of waiting he figured that the coast would be clear and Henry would be gone “Is his life really that dull and empty that he would hang around at school on the last day just so he can mess with some asthmatic kid that can’t defend himself” Eddie thought to himself as he picked up his bag that was now light with a few empty binders and notebooks with hardly any paper left in them. He exited the classroom and stepped into the hallway scattered with papers and locker doors left open. There wasn’t really anyone left in the school even the teachers were eager to get away for there summer break. Eddie sighed in relief as he made his way to big doors, knowing that his friends were just on the other side waiting for him. “Hey you little fucker! Did you really think that you could hide from me.” He heard any angry voice hiss from behind him. Eddie turned around and there stood Henry Bowers, he was all alone which was unusual since Henry never seemed to get to far away from the rest of his gang, but Eddie just figured they were off harassing some other helpless kids, while Henry had business to tend to here. “I’m talking to you, you little bitch” Henry said getting closer. Eddie didn’t know what to do, he new he couldn’t run he wouldn’t make it far before he ran out of breath. besides Henry was much faster then him. “I-I was, I was um just-” Eddie had suddenly developed a stutter one that sounded quite similar to Bill’s. “You what” Henry spat out as he pushed Eddie against a locker placing an arm over his chest, holding him there. “Leave me alone dickhead” Eddie spoke trying to sound as brave as he possibly could, given his current situation. Eddie then brought up his right foot and kicked Henry as hard as he could on the shin. Henry cried out in pain but did not loosen his grip on Eddie. Instead he just pressed his arm harder into Eddie’s chest to the point to where it was getting hard for him to breath. “You’re gonna die, you little fagot” Henry said as he brought up his fist, Eddie clenched his eyes shut and prepared for the pain. “Get away from him you redneck asshole” Eddie heard a voice say from down the hallway. It wasn’t just any voice, but the voice of hid boyfriend Richie Tozier. “What the fuck did you call me, four eyes” Henry said as he let go of Eddie and started to walk towards Richie. “I said that you were a redneck asshole. and that you should probably be getting home. Daddy’s dick isn’t gonna suck itself” Richie said looking directly in the cold eyes of Henry Bowers. Henry did’t say anything, he just brought up his arm and collided his fist with Richie’s nose. Blood immediately gushed out and Richie’s hands went up to his face “Dick!” Richie yelled as he held his nose in his hands. “Richie are you okay.” Eddie said gently as he walked to his bleeding boyfriend “You’re next you little prick” Henry said as he grabbed Eddie’s shoulder roughly. “That’s enough Mr.Bowers” a teacher said entering the hallway.”School is over, you have no farther business here. Now leave before I give your father a call.”  Henry tensed at the mention of his father and let go of Eddie. “I’ll see you pussies later” he said before he walked out of the school. The teacher walked away to without even asking if Richie was okay. “Fucking dick” Eddie thought as he bent down to help his still bleeding boyfriend “ Are you okay Rich”. “Yeah don’t worry about me, I’m fine.” Richie said while whipping the blood from his nose on the back of his sleeve. Any other time Eddie would comment on how unsanitary that was but he bit his tongue because he knew that Richie was in pain and it was pretty much his fault. “I’m sorry you got hit” Eddie said while grabbing Richie’s hand in his own. Richie chuckled slightly. “How did he mange to be so damn cute all the time” Richie thought looking into Eddie’s sad brown eyes. “Ed’s I told you I’m fine. It doesn’t even hurt.” he lied. He then kissed Eddie’s cheek and brought him into a hug, thankful that he got there i time before it was his nose that got busted. Then the doors swung open again and the two boy’s parted fearing that Henry had returned, but instead in was the rest of there friends all with worried looks on there faces. “We were wondering what was taking so long” Stan said looking at his two friends. “Shit Rich you’re bleeding” Beverly said walking over to the glasses wearing boy “Really Bev I hadn’t noticed” Richie said sarcastically then flinched when she touched his nose. Eddie and Richie went on to tell them about what had happened, and the losers were so enthralled in the story and the concern of Richie’s nose that they had completely forgotten about the hug that they had witnessed between there two other friends.

2. Richie and Eddie were always trying to find paces to sneak around but since there town is so small it’s really hard for them. One day the losers were all going to the quarry to swim and Eddie and Richie saw this as there opportunity to get away so they both came up with excuses as to why they couldn’t go. So they ended up going to the movies because Eddie wanted to see “Dead Poets Society” and Richie thought it would be nice to cuddle with Eddie in a dark movie theater for two hours. So they walked in with there popcorn and candy and as soon as they sat down Richie grabbed Eddie’s hand and Eddie put is head on Richie’s shoulder with a small sigh of content that made Richie smile. Richie pressed his cheek to the top of Eddie’s head and just as he started getting comfortable they heard the movie theater door swing open. Richie’s head shot up and they both quickly released each others hands as they looked over and there stood the five other members of the losers club. “What are you g-guys d-doing here?” Bill asked. “Yeah I thought you guys said that you weren’t feeling good.” Stan added. “Yeah well we were both feeling better and uh-” Eddie started, “And we were gonna go meet you guys at the quarry but we figured it was to cold to swim so we came here instead” Richie finished for his boyfriend, hoping that they bought it. “Oh well us to” said Ben, “The water was freezing so we figured we’d just hang out here”. “How lucky that you guys were here to.” Bev said with a smile as Mike plopped down beside Eddie and playfully through his arm around him.The rest of the losers took there seats next to there friends as the movie began. “Well so much for cuddling with my boyfriend in dark movie theater for two hours” Richie thought.

3. It was one of the hottest days of they year and the losers were all gonna go to the park to get some ice cream to cool off, they all agreed to meet at Eddie’s house then go to the park together. Since they knew that Henry Bowers and his gang would be driving around looking for kids to harass they figured that there was safety in numbers and were better off going to the park together then showing up at different times alone. When Richie heard about this plan he decided to get to Eddie’s early in hopes that he could get to spend some time with him without the other losers around. Don’t get him wrong he loves his stupid fucking friends but he misses getting to do stupid gushy stuff with Eddie, like holding his hand, kissing his cheek, running his fingers through his hair as his head lays on his chest while they listen to whatever lame song Eddie is obsessed with that week, and all that lovey shit that Richie loves doing with him, but he would never say out loud. They hadn’t had much time alone together because it seemed like every time they get a moments peace someone always barges in on them. So when Richie knocked on Eddie’s door and Eddie opened it he wasted no time stepping inside slamming the door behind him and taking his smaller boyfriend into his arms and pressing his lips to his. Eddie’s lips always felt so soft they usually tasted like cough syrup which you’d think would bother Richie but it never did, the faint bitterness on the asthmatic boys lips was his favorite taste in the world.”God Richie” Eddie gasped as he gently put his hands on his taller boyfriends chest “You know you can’t kiss me without warning like that” the small boy said while taking small gasps of air “You could cause me” gasp “to have an” gasp “asthma” gasp “attack” Eddie said taking big breaths between every few words. “Come on Eds you know you love it.” Richie said with a smile as he used the one hand that wasn’t wrapped around Eddie’s waste to ruffle his hair. The smile on Richie’s face quickly faded when he noticed that Eddie’s breath had began to quicken. “Fuck Ed’s” Richie exclaimed as he quickly walked Eddie to his couch sat down and pulled him onto his lap. He reached into his pocket to grab the inhaler that he always carried around with him just in case the smaller boy might need it. He quickly popped the lid off ,stuck it in into Eddie’s mouth, and pushed the button. He felt Eddie’s body relax as his hands reached up to take over and take another puff off the inhaler. “That’s it baby breath” The glasses wearing boy said gently while he rubbed circles onto Eddie’s back. Eddie pulled the inhaler out of his mouth and put it on the table “You okay” Richie said wrapping an around Eddie’s waist hoping that he wouldn’t want to get up. “Yeah I’m good” Eddie said wrapping his arm lazily around Richie while pressing his forehead against his boyfriends,much to Richie’s delight. “Thank you” Eddie said softly “For what? Giving you a fucking asthma attack because I can’t keep in in my pants?” Richie said with a small chuckle. “No dumb ass” Eddie said rolling his eyes but keeping his forehead pressed against Richie’s. “For getting me the inhaler. I think it’s really cute that you always carry one around for me.” Eddie said wrapping his other arm around Richie’s neck. Eddie blushed at Eddie’s words and quickly tried to think of something witty to say. “ Yeah well I can’t have you dying on me Kasprak. Then who the hell would I make out with?” Richie said pulling Eddie even closer “Whatever you carry it around because you loooovveee meee” Eddie said, while singing the last part. “ Maybe a little bit” Richie whispered his lips just millimeters away from Eddie’s. Just as there lips touched they heard the dreaded knock coming from the other side of the door. “Come Eds let’s go” “Yeah hurry” they heard there friends shout from outside “One of these days Kasprak” Richie said with sigh “One of these days”

4.  The next time that the two boys were almost caught the losers were all over at Bill’s house for movie night. they were already halfway through ‘Back to the future part 2′ when Bev had proclaimed that they were out of popcorn. “o-okay” Bill stuttered “I’ll go g-get some m-more” he said as he started to get up. Richie quickly hopped off the couch and gently pushed Bill back down “Not to worry captain Bill” Richie said using his “army guy” voice “I will get the popcorn” he finished dramatically placing his hand on his chest. “But Ed’s it looks as though I will be needing your help, for I can not handle this mission alone” Richie continued looking at Eddie who was sitting on the floor next to Ben. “ You can’t get it yourself?” Stan asked looking at him. “Do you want the damn popcorn or not Stanley?” Richie spoke to his friend. Eddie and Richie then walked out of the living room and into the kitchen. “Real smooth drill Sargent, that did’t look suspicious at all”  Eddie whispered to the taller boy when there friends were out of earshot. “I’m sorry Eds but I saw my opportunity and I took it” Richie said putting his arms around Eddie and pulling him closer. “No Richie we can’t” Eddie said only half struggling to get away “Our friends are right outside” “Well then I guess you’re gonna have to be quiet then” Richie said before pressing his lips to Eddie’s. It didn’t take long for Eddie to start kissing back and to wrap his arms around Richie’s neck. Then they suddenly heard footsteps entering the kitchen and Eddie pushed Richie away from him and against the cabinet. “You guy’s haven’t even put the popcorn in yet?” Mike said as he entered the kitchen where the two boys were standing “Well hurry up you’re missing the movie” He said before walking back out again. “Well that was close” Richie said with a sigh “You think” Eddie said hitting Richie in the chest before stomping back into the living room.  

5.The last time that the boys were almost caught was at the quarry. The two boys had road there bikes down there hoping to spend some time alone together without any interruptions. They had only been there for about five minutes and  Richie had already made his sixth joke about Eddie’s mom.Eddie started to walk over to were Richie was standing ”if you don’t shut the fuck up Tozier I swear I’ll-” “You’ll what?” Richie said with a sneaky smile on his face as he wrapped his arms around Eddie’s neck. Eddie had the right mind to push over the cliff and into the water, but as he looked through the through lens of his boyfriend’s coke bottle glasses and straight into his big brown playful eyes, he couldn’t help but smile and melt into his touch. They both smiled as there lips touched and Richie’s hands went down to Eddie’s waste to pull him closer while Eddie’s fingers ran through Richie’s soft chocolate brown curls. “Hurry up guys let’s go!” a faint voice yelled, one that sounded strangely like Bev. “No. it could’t be”  Richie thought as he loosened his grip on his smaller boyfriend. “They’re all supposed to be at the library working on an English project” Richie’s thought continued “Oh no its them” his fears were confirmed when Eddie let go of Richie entirely and ran both of his small hands through his hair. Richie looked over and saw five familiar bikes coming out of the woods with five even more familiar faces riding them. “What do we do?” Eddie said looking to his boyfriend with wide eyes. Richie sighed. he hated seeing Eddie panic. “Just stay here” Richie said as he quickly grabbed his bike and headed to the opposite side woods, as fast as he could without being heard by the others. He hated leaving Eddie there all by himself, forcing him to come up with an excuse as to what he was doing there without any help, but Richie figured it would be easier to explain what one of them was doing there alone than what both of them were doing there together. They had been caught alone together a lot lately and were starting to run out of excuses. So Richie hid out in the woods for about fifteen minuets until he figured it was safe to emerge. So he rode in casually as if he had just arrived “What’s up fuckers” he said as he saw his friends sitting together laughing about whatever it was they were laughing about. “You losers thought you could have a party without inviting me” he said as he dropped his bike and walked to his friends. “We couldn’t find you smart ass” Stan said with an eye roll and a smile.”I wasn’t far” Richie said while he took a seat in between Mike and Ben he also shot a small wink at Eddie that the losers missed when they went back to there previous conversation, But Eddie caught it and smiled faintly hoping the blush wasn’t to noticeable as he felt it creep onto his cheeks.

6. The losers had been at the quarry almost all day swimming and having a good time, but it was past seven and was about to get dark, so they figured that they should be getting home. “Hey wait have you guys seen my inhaler, It’s not in my fanny pack” Eddie said while digging through his bag. “No. Did you look in your other fanny pack?” Ben said while hopping on his bike. “Yeah but it’s not in there.” “It’s fine Eds I’ve got an extra remember?” Richie said while he started to dig in his pocket to pull out the backup inhaler. “No Richie I need my inhaler.” Eddie said firmly looking Richie directly in the eyes, hoping that he would get the message. “I need my inhaler and I need you to stay here and help me look for it” Eddie continued. “Oh.” Richie said looking at Eddie. “You need me to stay here and help you look for your inhaler. Got it.” “Okay well see you g-guys later then.” Bill said while giving them a strange look. “Yeah good luck finding it you guys.” Mike added. As the rest of the gang rode away the boys immediately crashed there lips together. “Couldn’t find your inhaler huh?” Richie said in between kisses. “Hey it worked didn’t it” Eddie said while entangling his hand with Richie’s. “No” they heard coming from behind them. The boys turned around and saw there friends standing there with smiles on there faces. “I knew it.” Bev said happily “I knew that there was something going on between them.” “Yep. Ya know what ya caught us.” Richie said, letting go of Eddie and throwing his hands in the air. “Congratulations. Now will you losers please get the hell out of here so that I can make out with my boyfriend.” Richie practically screamed and Eddie’s face turned bright red. “Yeah no problem” Stan said picking up his bike again. “You two have fun” and after a few laughs and couple innocent jokes the Losers said goodbye to there friends and rode home. “Well” Eddie started “ At least now we might be able to get some time alone” To this Richie smiled and kissed his cheek, happy that they no longer had anything to hide from there friends.

Sorry this took so long.

Thoughts on IT

(spoiler free unless you don’t want to know ANYTHING)

- I’m about to do what I disliked about other reviews, say who I thought was best in the film….sorry other cast members!

- Richie/Finn: Oh my god, Richie was fucking hilarious. I laughed so much, along with the whole theatre. He definitely stole the show, Finn is so talented. Its been a day and I’m still laughing at his lines when they come into my head. His sense of humour has become a lot less offensive and a hell of a lot funnier.  It feels like Richie had the most screen time and some of the other Losers suffered due to it, but I just can’t imagine cutting any of his scenes or lines

- Ben/Jeremy: I love Jeremy, but I didn’t expect to enjoy his performance as much as I did. He and Richie were my favourite losers in this film (even though Eddie and Mike were my favourite in the book) and I don’t understand why more reviews aren’t calling out Jeremy for an excellent performance like they are for Finn and Sophia. His introduction scene is probably one of my three favourite in the whole movie- another hilarious scene but it had such heart behind it and Jeremy was just brilliant, as was Sophia

- Bev/Sophia was also excellent. Bev is a really enjoyable character in this movie, she is a love interest and the film avoids making her a sexy lamp or a plot device by really adding to her character and giving her some strong individual scenes.  She’s definitely romanticized but she definitely is a lot more than a love interest. There is one scene with the whole ‘everyone is in love with Bev’ schtick but it was funny enough that I didn’t mind. I think the film also avoided the damsel in distress trope pretty well. Bev is a really interesting, well defined character and Sophia did a great job!

- I don’t have much to say about the others but they were all great! Great performances from all, they just didn’t stand out as much as those three

- I really enjoyed the Losers Club and their dynamic as a team and as a friendship. I wish we had gotten just a little more scenes like the swimming one, where they are just having fun (after all, they played games in between fighting IT in the novel) but it was pretty clear that the film was cramped for time…

- the film did feel at times like it was rushing through a checklist of scenes that it had to get through, to set up the plot or characters. The film lacked some stuff (particular losers suffered from a lack of screen time, see next point) Maybe this sounds odd considering IT has such a long runtime, but I got the impression they struggled with actually narrowing it down to that time. They definitely cut a few scenes, one pretty important one that was seen in multiple trailers (I was disappointed to see it go and I’m definitely not gonna be the only one). There was one sequence where it suddenly jumped to a different person nearby and I don’t know whether they cut a scene in between or edited it poorly but I still don’t know how they got there or what they were doing or where they actually were? It’s hard to explain without spoiling but yeah, that scene confused me

- Stan and Mike, particularly Mike, definitely didn’t get enough screen time. Stan probably had more actual screen time then Ben but Ben just felt more present, since he had more importance in the story and an important relationship with Bev. Stan was one of the original 4 losers but he had the least dialogue out of all of them and its a shame, Wyatt is really talented and I would have liked to have seen more. I can tell Stan was the victim of a few cut scenes. I also feel pretty sorry for poor Chosen as Mike, who was under-utilized and just…. joined the losers. There was no scene of him getting to know them, no bonding scene for the whole seven. He just joined the Losers and went with them to kill IT. He did have his own character arch, which I enjoyed but he still had the least screen time, which is unfortunate, especially considering how important he is in the sequel

- As for the horror, I wasn’t scared during the trailers and I wasn’t scared during the film (horror films just never feel real enough to genuinely scare me) The audience members did react to the film positively, to the jokes and to the scares. Personally, I thought the horror was a little lazy because (KIND OF SPOILER) nearly every scare was a jump-scare. It was effective but I guess I just expected more. My favourite scary scenes included the first group trip to Neibolt Trip (probably another one of my favourite overall scenes) and the projector scene

- As for the couples, I’m trying not to be biased here but I think people who exclusively ship Bill/Bev after the trailers might just be swayed by Benverly who have some brilliant scenes, their dynamic is great and I can think of one small, hilarious moment they shared which really stood out. They didn’t have any moments in the trailer but they had plenty in the film. A combination of the two really talented actors and a great dynamic made it the superior couple in my mind (then again, I always preferred it to Bill/Bev. To be fair, they had a good dynamic and Jaeden is obviously also very talented! I’m not a fan of the love triangle in media but I could stomach this one.

As for my other IT ship, Reddie did not disappoint. The banter that we saw in the MTV grey water scene was a gift that kept on giving. We also saw a couple moments which showed the genuine closeness between them (one adorable shot made me want to write a fluffy AU immediately, certain scenes in Neibolt Street made me feel very angsty). I don’t mean to overhype this, they definitely aren’t ‘canon’ and I don’t believe their scenes become so overt it nears queerbaiting, just a well written dynamic which is pretty damn shippable. Also Richie/Bill and Richie/Stan shippers will have some moments to enjoy!

- The movie strays from the book quite a lot, I personally didn’t mind but if you’re a book purist then prepare yourself

- I know I did mention a few negative things but overall I really enjoyed the film! I recommend it completely, I had a great time and I can’t wait for everyone else to see it

Summer haze - Stan x Reader - part 1

Hope this is good enough haha

Enjoy <3

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The sun was almost blinding and the weather was perfect for what was going on, July 4th. You and your boyfriend Stan were sat in the park watching the 7 year olds running around laughing. Even with everything evil running through this town you two somehow managed to get some downtime from searching for Georgie.

Sure, you loved hanging out with the losers to pieces but moments alone with Stan was everything to you. Just talking to him, joking around and him telling you about what amazing bird he saw the other day was amazing.

With head in his lap you almost drifted of to sleep from the for once peaceful setting until you saw a oh too familiar car pull up into the parking lot, Henry Bowers’s. Suddenly you were sat straight and watching the bullies’ every move.

“Wh-what is it?” Stanley asked before seeing the four boys walking towards the two of you.

Run” you said quietly as you made eye contact with Patrick. The second after you said that you both bolted towards your bikes. You had parked them against one of the benches a little further into the park wich you regretted now since the older boys had more time to catch up.Stan reached his bike before you reached yours and when you where up it was off and away, to as far away as you could get. You felt a hand trying to grip onto your shirt

“Don’t think you’re safe yet you fucking flamer. When we get our hands on you and your little bitch you two will eat shit!” Henry shouted and soon after that you heard the squeaking of rubber and asfalt and already knew that this was going to end badly.

You and Stan pedaled like crazy down along the pavement. He was a little faster than you but every once in a while he would look backwards to check if you were okay.But when you heard the sound of wheels close behind you you sped up even more if that was even possible. You felt something grab your polo shirt but this time it held tight and didn’t let go. As you let out a yelp your bike disappeared from underneath and now your feet weren’t even touching he ground.

“STAN!” as the scream let your lips he looked back at you and never have you seen him look so angry, worried and scared at the same time. You looked to your left and there the one and only Henry Bowers was sat with the smile of a sadist as he just watched you struggle.

“Enjoy your trip downwards you loser.” He said with a smirk on his face and then he just let go. The first thing to hit the ground were your hands and not soon after your knees and side was down on the ground as well. Once again you screamed for your boyfriend, the tears were starting to build in your eyes both from the shock and the pain that rushed throughout your entire body.

The car just continued forward and slowly you felt the hot tears roll down your cheek. Before you knew it Stan was by your side helping you up. As soon as you were up on your feet and had brushed down your bloodied skirt you flung your arms around Stan and started sobbing. He just held you close and snuggled his head into the crook of your neck and started rubbing your back to sooth your sobs.

“Are you okay? Can you feel your hands? God I wished we had Eddie here with his fricking second fanny pack” he said as he walked you over to the edge of the park. You didn’t really walk though it was more like a limp, the tears had started to settle and your breathing was back to normal though so you let Stan take a look at your wounds.

“This is all my fault, I should have waited for you. If I just stopped or, or, or… ” Stan muttered under his breath and folded the inside of his shirt to clean of your knees and hands which had gotten badly scraped in the fall.

“Stan” he stopped to straighten you and now he looked into your eyes “This is all Henry’s fault, he’s the one who thought it was a good idea to come after us and I was the slow one who gave him the opportunity to get me. You are my knight in shining armor who turned around to save me, none of this is on you okay? I love you.” you said gently while caressing his cheek and looking into his eyes with your red puffy ones.

“I love you too Y/N” he said and leaned down to kiss you on the lips, it was very sweet and pure and just for that instance you had forgotten what happened just minutes before. But your little moment was soon interrupted by a very familiar voice.

“DUDE, we’re in public” Richie said before looking at your knees and leg. But when Richie went somewhere you were bound to see at least some of the other losers with him and sure enough, the rest of the club was now standing in slight shock over your cuts that traced down your figure.

Eddie was the first one to say something.

“This is why we need my second fanny pack Y/N, sit down over there on that bench you need to get these cleaned up RIGHT NOW”

Suddenly you heard wheels against the road again and you all whipped your head around to see the Bowers gang once again.

“So the whole pack is here, ready for round two you little shits?”


Part two is in progress!

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(eddiesrichie) hehe congratulations !! So proud of you :) hmm I pick 🤡 + reddie at the fair headcanons

thank you so much??? ❤️❤️

- you know richie is SO excited about the fair (mainly ready to gorge himself on greasy food) so he practically forces the losers club to come along with him

- the losers ride a few rides together (with eddie squeezed against richie’s side during the spinning apple ride) but eddie gets queasy pretty quickly, so richie takes him aside from the other losers to play some dart games at the booths

- eddie is a little embarrassed that he couldn’t hold his own on the rides but he soon forgets about it with how many games richie challenges him to, and soon they’re laughing with each other, out of breath from trying to beat each other at the basketball booth

- when richie puts all of his tickets together to get eddie an oversized stuffed turtle eddie is breathless for a very different reason

- they meet up with the rest of the losers and get the gross fair food that richie’s been begging for - but eddie doesn’t complain about it too much when richie brings them both vanilla cones to share (its a tradition)

- once the sun is almost set, ben begs to go on the ferris wheel and all the other losers agree - except for stan who was never too big on heights so he hangs back (this means eddie makes him hold the giant turtle and mike feels bad so he keeps stan company) 

- eddie of course tries to time it so ben, bill, and bev sit in their own passenger car and he and richie can sit in their own - it works and he nearly chokes when richie grasps his hand to help him into the car

- on the second circle around, their car gets stuck near the top. their knees are knocking together where they sit across from each other, and eddie’s hands are tightly gripping his knees. 

- richie goes in for the kill and lays his hand on top of eddie’s white knuckles

- eddie slowly turns his hand over to hold richie’s hand back, staring at the sunset and hoping (in vain) richie thinks his blush is just the sunlight

- ben bill and bev are all watching them since they’re in the cart above theirs

- they all get off and head towards the exit, but eddie hesitates long enough to leave a quick kiss on the corner of richie’s lips without anyone seeing

- it tastes like powdered sugar and richie cant move until someone shouts his name

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