and some other losers


a super secret sordid romance between two eternal rivals who hate each other so much that they take literally every opportunity they can to stand together. and bicker. and hold hands. and smile about one another like a pair of idiots.

but not because they like each other or anything geez what even gave you that idea


Hairstyles with R!Genji! And a bonus canon Genji because he is beautiful and I love him

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We know, we know. Excellent comparison, AntifaInternational. Alexander Bissonette and some other loser, together having like 10 victims. Compared to over 100 victims in France alone, thanks to radical Islam. The real threat is obviously lone neo nazis, you're right.

Oh we’re sorry!  We were just pointing out two white supremacist acts of terrorism that have happened in the last six weeks.  We thought you, like 99% of our followers, would be intelligent enough to understand that without us having to make it explicit.  Silly of us to assume that, huh?
(and btw, these attacks committed by these two neo-nazis had 17 victims - ten dead and seven injured).

So you want to go long and cover all terrorist attacks in Europe?  Maybe you should read this study released just last year on that topic.   Which found that neo-nazi loners/losers are responsible for murdering 5x more Europeans in terrorist attacks than religious extremists.  

And that nearly half of all fatalities from terrorist attacks in Europe were from attacks by neo-nazis, white supremacists, and other right-wing extremists.  

And that the victims of terrorism in Europe are most often ethnic and religious minorities, asylum seekers and immigrants; and that a large majority of religious targets were Muslim.

Facts, Anon: find an adult that can explain to you what they are and why they’re useful in understanding how the world works.
Will California secede if Trump wins? Some are calling for it
Some are talking about seceding from the United States if Trump pulls through.

Half of the country may be celebrating the possibility of a Donald Trump victory, but others are talking about seceding from the United States if Trump pulls through.

Are they being sore losers or opportunists? For some people in California, and other western states that went blue for Hillary Clinton, the road forward is clear: Cut their losses and make a go of it without the rest of the country.

Um… Was thinking about expression sheets while animating so I tried a few with these two corporate nerds (instead of my own characters). Please excuse me and my messy scribbles. They’re directly scanned from my sketchbook and I got real lazy to clean so… Here.

I’ll just be on this other side yelling at myself for doing this. eheheheh.

THAT SPOT IS MINE numerous rt employees x youtuber!reader

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the roosterteeth gang was enjoying comic on when a fan told them something that surprised them all. 

“ so, which one of you guys will be playing with y/n?” they asked and their eyes went wide. 

y/n was probably one of the most popular youtubers there was. doing gaming, son covers, short films, and just about everything there was to do on youtube. and they had all met her one way or another, and many of them had fallen for the lovely lady.

“ i.uh..erm…what?” miles stuttered and the girl laughed. 

“ well y/n sent out a tweet talking about how she’s gonna be gaming live, and she’ll be playing prop hunt. but there are some spots open since pwediepie and some others couldn’t make it.”

“ and thats when i said you losers would LOVE to play with her.” burnie said with a smirk, knowing how many of his employees had fallen for the h/c youtuber. “ so what’s it gonna be guys? who’s going?”

there was a moment of silence before ray jumped up and leaped over the table, raising a hand in the air and shouting. 

“ TUXEDO MASK WILL!” before running off. 

“ no you don’t! that spot is mine narvaez!” barbra shouted and ran after him, meg hot on their tails.  miles and kerry stumbling over each other on their way. 

burnie laughed and geoff grinned. “so, when are you gonna tell them that they’re all playing?” gus asked and burniedchuckled.

“ they’ll fine out on their own.”

“you are evil.”

“ thanks jack, it helps me sleep at night.”

so….i don’tknow if im gonna make more parts to this orrr………i dont know man. i mean if you guys want me to them go ahead. but only if yall tell me who you want to end up with, seriously. you tell me then i will. cause i had fun writing this thing. so please reblog with with who you want to win, or 

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I can’t stop laughing!

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This loser, is going to be voiced by Bryce Papenbrook.


Is also the voice of 

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This loser

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This loser

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This loser

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That loser

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And of course, THIS MASSIVE LOSER!

As well as some other losers you probably love.

Char Noir is in good hands.

 Imagine Stiles saving the girl that has a crush on him from drowning

She stood on the sidelines of the pool, waiting for her younger brother to get done with changing. She didn’t dare getting near the pool… It was that she was scared because she was, but that wasn’t the point. 

She just didn’t want to tempt fate. She found that when ever she did? Fate loved to kick her in the ass. 

“Why you always hanging on the sidelines, Rose?” Captain of the Swim team: Trevor smirked at her, some of the other teammates following after him. “Too much of a loser to actually make friends?”

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So I've been planning on writing my StS fanfics soon, and I remembered that while I was writing an argument scene for the Losers (it wasn't a funny one, yet) that all five of them could easily get at each others throats in the drop of a pin. I had this plan that by the end of the fic, at least they start to trust each other. But before the Power of Friendship saves everyone... I wonder how the Losers could get on each other's nerves... it's character growth and I'm in the mood to talk.

Okay! Finally getting to this and sorry for the wait!

A little disclaimer, I’m going to be going off my own headcanons about the Losers Five, which I know sometimes differ from yours, but here’s some thoughts on Losers getting on each other’s nerves, starting with my baby:

Jabu: I always see Jabu as a pretty moody bloke. When he gets into one of his grumpy funks the other’s wouldn’t always want to deal with him, especially if their efforts to try and cheer him up are met with rudeness, which definitely happens half the time. Geki’s probably a little more immune to this than the other four, but even he has his limits.

On top of this, Jabu’s got a cocky streak to him, which can rub the others the wrong way at times, especially in the early days when they didn’t know each other quite as well.

Geki: Geki sometimes doesn’t take into account the fact that he can be too much. Like, there is not a quiet bone in his body, he never seems to tire and he’s just always going. He doesn’t always stop, even when the others tell him he’s starting to get on their nerves which can lead to arguments.

Ban: Kind of in the same vein as Geki, Ban can be a bit overbearing (or well, over-lioning XD). It’s usually involved with him looking out for the others, you know, checking up on how they’re doing, or trying to help them with this or that. He can just be a little smothering, and a little too quick to offer advice when it’s not always wanted.

Nachi: I’ve always headcanoned Nachi as being a really smart guy, but also a little full of himself. He’s not afraid to tell someone he thinks he’s smarter than them, and he’s rarely polite about it, even to the other losers.

He’s also blunt as blunt can be. He doesn’t mince his words or try to save people’s feelings, and tells you exactly what he’s thinking, which can unsurprisingly lead to kerffufles.

Ichi: Ichi just doesn’t know how to people okay? He just has zero social skills and really doesn’t know how to read people, and tends to do things that set people off without meaning to at all. He also does a lot of little things that can get on people’s nerves, like I don’t know, leaving dirty dishes all over the place, or playing his music full blast when someone’s looking for some quiet.

I’m sure you’ve got some ideas of your own on how you think these guys would set each other off? Care to share?

I can’t believe kids my age this day are doing

Their own Disney Channel Show

Doing their own series of performances

Doing something talented

And im here like

* watching reruns of boys over flower, watching some losers rapping and dissing at each other and making fun of verbal jints meme*

Coming out?

So.. I searched the tag  #coming out and I was surprised at how many people actually came out as bisexual and were so nervous. 

Let me tell you something.

I am bisexual. 

And I’m not even sure that this is named coming out. I mean… really now…so many people are nervous about coming out as being bisexual to their friends and family and here I am… let me tell u a story.

It was my second day of highschool. I was sitting in a park with all of my classmates (after just 1 day of knowing them), and one of them brought up the subject of being gay. And he said ‘’One of my friends just came out as gay to me. Fucking loser. They need to die.’’ And some of my other classmates actually agreed to that.. and I just sat there and said ‘’Well..I’m bisexual.’’ And then silence. It was actually pretty funny. Anyway… I don’t speak to those homophobic guys but seriously now. 

That was one thing.. another thing is … as I said in my previous post, my bff just came out to me as being gay (knowing that I was bi). So basically… a month ago he told me that he has to tell me something really important, but it has to wait till after Christmas. And I waited, and yeah..he told me he was gay. He was also really nervous! And I actually asked him why was he so nervous? I mean… 1 year ago when I told him I was bisexual… I still remember how it happened. We were talking about sex and stuff… and the theme about lesbians came out… and then.. I didn’t even think about it.. I was just like ‘’I like girls too. I am bi.’’ and he was like ‘’uhh..ok. thanks for telling me.’’ 

Also let me tell you that my parents are homophobic. And I still brought it up naturally. We were eating and my mom was telling dad and me about a friend of hers who was bisexual and how much she hated him and stuff.. and even knowing that, without thinking too much about it.. I just said ‘’I am bisexual too.’’ Well they didn’t really liked that but who cares? I am who I am. I mean…c’mon people…it’s almost 2016. WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK?

One more thing… if you are homophobic… please unfollow me. It makes me really unconfortable knowing that people like you follow me. 

That’s all I wanted to say. Thank’s for reading all of that.